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Performing for Producers: Creating Club Remixes

teacher avatar Uniiqu3 and Nadus Beats, Jersey Club Pioneers

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About This Class

As a producer, your live set can build your following, turn up a party, and most importantly, land you more gigs. In this 35-minute class, join world-renowned Jersey Club Producer/DJs UNiiQU3 and Nadus as they reveal the secrets of how they set themselves apart through sample-based VIP Club Edits. You'll learn:

  • Tips for picking the best samples
  • How to edit your sample once selected
  • Layering it all together to create the perfect party track. 

This class is for beat-makers and producers of all levels looking to add some hands-on flare to their tracks and live sets, whether you're performing in your friend's basement or your town's biggest venue.

Meet Your Teacher

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Uniiqu3 and Nadus Beats

Jersey Club Pioneers


About Uniiqu3:

The Jersey Club movement is being hailed by music authorities like FADER and VICE as the next big wave in dance music. Thankfully, this movement has already found a first lady to guide it into the future. UNiiQU3, began as a sought-after vocalist in the club scene, and has recently solidified herself as one of the most electrifying producers in the game. From throwing some of Jersey's hottest DIY events, to now spreading the genre across the globe from Australia to South America she's definitely leaving her impact wherever she goes.

About Nadus:

Nadus is a music producer from Newark, New Jersey. The THREAD co-founder, Jersey Club and future bass pioneer was co-signed as a Brick Bandits member at the young age of 15. With support from G's like Diplo, D... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey without guys, this is unique And we're here Levity Jersey for the do your part, Ray Ban, Boiler Room workshop Siri's and around the world playing my signature sound called club. And I do it because you inspired me Re here to teach you guys how to make your own a four feet clothe reason why we're gonna teach you guys make a club. That is because us as international DDO we get booked off the club tracks that. So we're gonna teach you how to make a cool live at it. Just answer. You give your audience that little extra while we're gonna be talking a little bit about sampling giving you guys back story about sampling and dance music. You're gonna be talking about layering today. We're gonna be using a sample from one of my songs, you omelet, and we're gonna make a little P I p at it that way to play live. A lot of people just kind of shake myself to build myself up. Allow me toe kind of believe in myself. Help me take just a bunch of way stuff that I had stuck in my head and put it on a platform that it That's a lot of ghetto, and that's why I want to do this for you guys at home. A lot of my mentors is really looked out for me when I was up and coming. So I'm doing this to help you guys, because if you're watching this clue, you being yourself. 2. Picking a Sample: So in this video we're gonna be talking a little bit about sampling, giving you guys a back story about sampling and dance music and just a little run through about what we're going to get into today as a whole for this specific edit. The I p edit. We're gonna be using a sample from one of mine tracks my original tracks called Your omelet . And I'm gonna play the original track for you guys. Just you guys could get an idea of what will be manipulating today. Okay, I'm I'm related. Okay? I'm I'm really okay. So today we're gonna be using my original sample If your producer vocalist DD at home. You guys could, you know, record your own with your own equipment. Or you could go into a studio and record your own. Um, you know, vocal sample. Um, it's all it to you. If you don't have access to that, there's many ways that you could get your own samples. Matus, do you know where like they would be? Get some samples from There's a lot of royalty free samples just all over the place. There's a bunch of databases for sound effects for free plug ins. There's open source Web sites where you can go and find, just like plug ins people make on their own time. There's some of everything. There's a ton of samples online own. There's a few good ones, rubber tracks. Just released a dope little pack that has, like a ton of sounds in there from like a bunch of artists that have worked in the studio, and they kind of just like just allowed it to the public. Uh, I used the drum broker a lot. They have a lot of dope sounds on their from, like different hip hop producers and be makers. Um, but a lot of those air not free. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself that worth it. Most of the time we're out here trying to make a book, so yeah, it's definitely worth the by. You'll have more options to just because I feel like there's a limited source of very clean and quality samples that are for free. So, you know, investing yourself or like I said, you could get creative and you could make your own, which is always cool and always unique, and, you know, it's it's gonna make your trap one of a kind. That's that's basically, uh, where you guys could find your sampling from to make your V I. P Club edit. We're gonna talk a little bit about dance music and why sampling is so popular you want to give your fans that extra experience that they could get in real life. Everybody could listen to a track online, especially now with the Internet, is just so accessible, so giving that person a one of a kind, unique experience in real life by making a cool club. It is something that you want to do. You know it's gonna benefit you in your career, and I feel like a lot of DJs do that. For that reason, you know they'll take your average top 40 song by your favorite pop artists or your favorite hip hop artist and flip it into their own signature dance style. It's done by some of the biggest DJs and producers out here, and it's definitely just something that's cool and fun to do because you're taking one person's body of work and flipping it into your own creative masterpiece is all for the set , all for the fans all for our enjoyment. Keep the creative juices flowing, you know? Yeah, to usual. Also, the programmer using his call able to pretty sure a lot of producers are pretty familiar with this program. But if you're not, you could go and download it costs money. So we're going to start off with you next on and have the just to make sure we have the own occupy locanda just in time and be Matt will pretty much pick it up on the downbeat. And we're locked in on that and start from the account. Uh oh, shit. So unfortunately, after use words, but this shit is the downbeat. So she locked in a locked in ownership. Um, I made sure to downbeat. And then from there, I simply just lining up with the tempo. Some people will automatically warp. I kind of don't because he played with the transience and I kind of hate the way they kind of break up the record. Kind of makes it really computerized and really like, just stagnating. But it takes away the flavor. Yeah, all the time. Be like flavor fold stuff. Keep it spicy. So I let him take the downbeat in the lineup The next downbeat with the but with the but the next bar So basically right now he's be mapping the song to make sure the vocals are in tempo are in the right tempo Because you want to get the tempo that you made the original track out or the vocals might sound a little weird Sound way off the much just kind of Kyushu along with So you know exactly where it is at all points because I don't know what I do it out. Honestly, I'm live. Okay. Sounds good. So far, Almost there. So I had it. I went there. Yea, it sounds about 1 40 So I'm just gonna move with 1 40 We have the session symbol of 1 35 left screen Really up When you play your track live, Um, you don't want it. You wanted to stay in tempo so that when you mix, it comes out clean. If not ill, will throw your mix off your live makes off at one of your shows And tempo is super super important. When beat mapping your vocals Got to be on tempo Go him Okay. So since he got the part that he wanted to be beat map. He's gonna chop the sample because that's something that we do a lot in, um, and club music we chop manipulate the vocal so that we're gonna be getting next. Manipulating the vocal, making it sound how we want to sound making it sound Not even like how it originally sound . It's going to get a little weird What we did there was pretty much beat might be matched The sample we formatted it toe bpm So now whether we decide toe change or alter remove the BPM the sample kind of state face stay intact And now you need can kind of do whatever she wants for his topping I m in it believing 3. Editing a Sample: So basically, what is really popular for us is that we chop up our vocals. We manipulate the vocals, get sound, however, we want it to sound. It's super popular monks dance music. So let's let's play around a little bit. Is is really nothing technical about. It really is Kanda Gist. Just plan off here playing up. Kind of what? You worried how you feel. OK, that's pretty much so. There's nothing really row science behind. It's kind of fun words for you and then kind of just making it worked. And when you collab with somebody, this is a collaborative project. Clearly, I'm not just producing this by my lonely. Um, it's really don't toe be able to ping pong back and forth between you and your partner just so that you guys could catch survive. And, you know, you guys could, you know, hit the ground running. It makes it go a little faster. Like if you feel like you're getting stuck or like you don't have a good idea, just pass him onto your partner. Maybe they have something in that might inspire you, you know? Um, yeah, ping pong. Get back on forever. Just Teoh keep the same vibe. Keep the energy up. We're past the torch passed Fill me So what we're gonna be doing now is just playing around tryingto start off the song, Have a little sound People are good posture Don't get d J back There is a novel Alot Day back is serious producer back a series too downward dog Yoga is important If you have deejay back row right now I'm tapping over vocals because, um, I think I found this, but I really like so basically right now he's just started off the song We just turn off intro, which is, you know, trying to cut survive right now laying out the intro of the song Every song has an intro Battle started off and it's really going to come together. Okay, people, that vaginal has everything in Tom and tune tempo. He's taking that base. Design it out because bases always good. It's always don't toe have basically, like a drum pad and shit and the vocal cause it complements it helps. You have ah, more of a layout. So what I'm gonna do here with what he manipulated of the vocal. I'm going to single it out. So you guys could just Onley here. The Vogel. Oh, shit. Dimensional. Monsey was Thank you. I'm gonna lose this just so okay. Now, I'm gonna go to my audio effects over here, right? And, um, most locals you want to get are going to be dry. You don't want to have any vocals with effects on it. I mean, unless you purposely want it to sound that way. But sometimes it's always easy to have just a simple, dry vocal dry aka paella so or sample whatever it may be. You could be anything. Just you can add your own effects on it, and it'll come out cleaner for you. Everything I do is like based off here. I'm not too technical with anything because I strictly like to keep it about the music. I like to keep it fine. Once you take it, they're all vegetables. All that crazy stuff shot out to people that do that. But that's just not my style. I'm a by ear person cause I'm all feeling cool. Got that settled in because, you know, people going common like, blah, blah, blah. But now you know, they'd be mad, technical, like I know what it's it's trying to make it to scientifically. She's It's just music, you know? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This simple. Okay, cool. So there's tons of other cool things that you could do with your vocals. You could put crazy auto tone on it. You could also put, um, you know, a lot of reverb. You could put a saturate er on it. There's a lot of different effect that you can add to your vocal to make it sound the way that you want it to sound. We're gonna keep it simple, and we're just gonna do a simple reverb. Just add a little, um, Teoh, the voice that doesn't sound so dry. Um, and also, you could like the way the reason the way that you could have vocal offenses that you could download plug ins, different plug hints for whatever type of producer program you're using. Where can they find some cool plug ins? You're gonna give me plug ins today, though? I'm so serious. You brought the fucking hard drive like it's late. Uh, well, I used for the most part. Complete. Used to complete bundle from native instruments. Um, I just found this website, Uh, native home. I just found this website rebirth dot com, which was a lot of free free joints on their but to have a lot of also free, like, nice handful of pay one's own. We just started messing around with Sam a bit, which is kind of cool. Yeah, but kind of Hello, real place. If you're into making music and you I'm pretty sure you guys been time a lot if you're watching this, the kind of everywhere you can't miss it. You probably have them right in the ad thing on the side of your screen right now, but yeah, for the most part, I just use complete. I use a lot of outsourced and third party of complete plug ins. I mean, contact plug ins like contact sound, banks and stuff. So I feel like we're out of good. Please. We got we got, like, a cute little a cute little vibe going, um, with this and I think we're ready to move on to layering. We just took a vocal sample of mine that was original that we made ourselves. If you're not able to record your own, you could find some online, you could purchase some. Or you could even record some in the comfort of your own home or a studio. Um, we, you know, took the sample, manipulated it the way we wanted to buy, chopping it up and at a little everywhere for to make it a little less dry. So we're going to move on and start building actual song with drums and bricks and a couple of other samples that we have to make it sound like actual saying. 4. Layering: in this video, we're gonna be talking about layering, layering, super important. Because that's how you make us on. Um, everything is a different layer of a different sound. Teoh Make it all into one beautiful thing. Natives. My good buddy, Old pal. What's up? He laid of? He manipulated my vocals and he laid down a little drum pattern. So we added some breaks. I took this part of the vocal trio That's a part of the build up in the song. And I took that and I manipulated it Added a little reverb and delay to spice it a wear layer the track and another vocal to give it a little spice. That's what we dio me, man. Yeah, so related that And then just just building the just progress in the song as it comes along We'll play it from the top seed guys to get an idea. Like, what if I was sitting here? Okay, way to be, uh I like this one. So I'm gonna end this clap. You might anxious what you want up? What? You bring this up aboard? Yeah, all you want to do? Basic. All right. Did a basic glad I So we're gonna talk in peace that into the end of our loop, just keeping it simple. And we added this clap gonna sing it out, so Oh, okay. Hey, how's it sound? You guys don't get that. It is gonna be playing around with a kick. Um, chopping it up, making it sound different, Making a sound weird. Um, you know, like we say, keep it, SpaceIy. You know, my name a lake hashtag. Keep it sexy. And I just really want to stress to you guys, like, please do remember to just go based on how you know you feel your vibe because it's gonna make this song really personal to you. You know, that's the whole point of this. You making your own personal via P at it for how you want it, you know, to play it out. So here we go again. Just manipulating vocals. That's our little specialty. That's what makes it different. That's thanks. Sometimes I don't actually cut the sample of Sometimes I just free fade the end of it tell interview just I don't know feels different. Can't really explain. It gives it a different ending. Accent. Um, it just it just gives it more of an accent, so that sample doesn't drag. So he's just gonna loop it, luv that join bullshit, Expand that Expand a little. Go the top though. Yeah, stressed it. So this is the chopping he decided to use. Feel free to go. How you feel. Like we said, there's many different ways that you could chop up the sample to how you feel. There's many different ways to make it sound So just do you do you pull? But this consolidated the simple So like that that lay out of shop. Just one bar now So you can kind of move. You haven't moved each individual part. Yes. Keeping tryingto do make it less work for you, e I tried to pitch with the transpose pretty much got this now for however, he felt like it, so they just picked up another little kick. Um, he thinks his kick is cool, is I? It's the best cake, so we're gonna use it. You're gonna let your kicks do alright. He's wearing his kicks mayor in them cakes. And as you see, he's using the fate a lot just because why do uses radio, love? Reason for just, for example, couldn't short. You don't want too much going on too much leg. Uh, sometimes, Sometimes certain kicks have front, and sometimes we're kicks out body and you can look for me. At least you can't get those out of like the kicks individually, so you can just tell him on top each other. You kill him when he kind of just kind of fit Good d do you want to pitch on the kick down to beverages like Chile? Because we could do that. So basically, we just copied and pasted the kick pattern and, you know, at assembled accent to it about the consolidate. This real quick, my bad posture. People's posture. Still, it's still, like straight back like you do to be doing that way. Dogs wait so long like this like we had the whole book on. We got something going on here, and, um, we're just going to keep going at some claps. Keep adding these layers, so it could also the soccer progress. What? Uh, I'm gonna do one job. So now we just chopping up the clap. It's a really cool way to kind of make the song interesting. Um without having to do too much with the vocal. You know, the clap kind of compliments. It's I don't like that. All right, So like we said before, earlier in the video, like it's always cool to ping pong back and forth with the person you were collaborating because it keeps it interesting. And it keeps the juices flowing when you guys feed off of each other's energy, all the vibe, e stuff, you know? Okay, Well, like you wanted to double that like tornadoes. Okay, Just tracks. Just because you don't want your supposed to be able to hear everything in your song. Um so feel free to, you know, shift bullshit mess with the volumes on your track where those do you feel like shit? Make it sound good you got dress it up by a book and learn how to you Seriously issue is just all about making a song sound good. And mix is all about making a song sound good, because quality is everything And you want to make sure your treks knocked the right way When you're playing the eso just to refresh you guys memory, We're gonna play the original track where the sample came from and then we're gonna play what we did with it so far. Just you guys could get an idea off how we make our little personal edits. Okay, I'm I'm really okay. I'm I'm really, really we live. I'm lead. Okay? And this is what we did with it so far. Could you Some reverb on wait so far. And as your song progresses, you always realize that they're stuff that you need to change. Maybe you might need some eq you with a little more maybe might need to fix the base. Maybe unite might need to fix a chop or you want to add something some type of effect. You know, this is pretty dry just the basis. You know, we're keeping it simple for you guys. That's basically the beginner's guide on how to make, um, a boot big of the RPI bootleg. That specifically just for you that you could play out live. You know, I feel like I would definitely go back and tweak a little things. We would go back in a cue. Um, that superteam that's a super tedious thing to do that goes based off here. So, um, that's a whole different, you know, type of segment that we might release, but yeah, we just wanted to give you guys a basis and give you a rundown on samples sampling and how to make your own little V i p edit to enhance your live show. This is definitely something that I could start my set off with to build up anticipation for my crowd. Um, and, you know, possibly drop it into the original work. You know, it's all about, you know, just enhancing the show, making it cool, making a difference. It's something that's unique to you that you could have for your show that only you have. 5. Conclusion: So that's right. And, um, thank you guys for watching our video on how to make your own special V I P Club at it, she said, A ray ban boiler room. Do your part Workshop series. Thank you guys for training in, And I hope you guys got some knowledge on how to do your very own at it. V i p Edit for your live show. We just went over the basis about how we manipulated my vocals from my original track. We took the a cappella and we chopped it up the way that we wanted to based off our vibe. And I feel like this track we're going to go back and edit it any cute and all that jazz. But this is definitely something I could see myself, maybe intro in my whole set with just because it was a very popular song amongst You know What I released recently? You know, when you're making edit, that's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to imagine how you would play this out live and make it your own, because it's gonna enhance your set and, oh, make it will excite people to come and see you lie, which will get you more bookings. And that's why people will come see you. And that's why people come see us. Because we go the extra mile. Yeah. They're gonna be able to come on our show and see some. And here's some things that they never heard before. Um, yeah, and that's that's awesome. They deserve that because you come to see you. So, yeah, it's gonna make your show extra special. Extra different. Set you apart from whoever just plays your original track. Because, of course, since you released attracted, expect other DJs to play it. So why not have your own special version of it? Peace. I hope you learned something. Hope we inspired you today past the crown, right?