Paper Crafts: Create DIY Cute Coaster. Wickerwork Magic Step by Step | Raissa Nugumanova | Skillshare

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Paper Crafts: Create DIY Cute Coaster. Wickerwork Magic Step by Step

teacher avatar Raissa Nugumanova

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Tools and Materials

    • 4. Create Paper willow

    • 5. Wickerwork

    • 6. Thank You and What's Next

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About This Class

Paper weaving is an easiest way to try yourself in basketry and a nice way to recycle old newspaper and magazines. It can be turned into some amazing and useful things! Here is an easy DIY project to weave a nice rainbow coaster and start your journey in paper wickerwork craft.


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1. Intro: Hello. I'm Ryan. I live in Los Angeles and I've grade is a literal minded course to share my paper weaker or passion with you. The victory Magic is a course for everyone who loves bacon things. For our projects, we will use inexpensive, recycle Earth free Maderas on This is variety off paper and you don't need to have a private spirits of wicked way. We will start from the Super's form and finally proceed to your own personal ideas, combinations and shapes. Don't let any short comments in your first experience this courage here paper. Wicker work is really very easy, so let's get started. 2. Class Overview: in this lesson will create cost around base. That is very basic element in wicked work. Well, don't some terms and explore how to create the paper below or paper tubes, and you don't have to follow exactly the course when its use paper or tools you can use any type of paper, you can work this. 3. Tools and Materials: for the project, you need Kraft paper or any paper you have at home rule or measure tape to controls a week off paper stripes, Carter Caesar's glue school needed needles, metal rods or barbecue sticks. I usually use their road with two millimeters in diameter. 4. Create Paper willow: Now let's create the paper real. Oh, and I'd like to remind you that you can use a wide range of paper for the project, like office paper, newspaper, Kraft paper, you spring paper, old books and magazines. Free promotional, newspaper and magazines is a good source off paper as well. Remember that using thin lightweight paper is more convenient and takes less efforts to leave. Okay, now we need to card paper shoot in specific direction because in the papermaking process, the fighters tend to align in the one direction. And really, these simple test you can find out the paper grand direction to do it. Take a piece of paper and tear it in two perpendicular directions. If you tear it across the crane, it makes it curry line. On the other hand, when you tear it along the grain, the thorn part looks almost straight, and it's easy to do so. It's really important to check first and then cut and rolls of paper. Elon's green, because this way, when you make tubes, the paper does not end up getting wrinkled, and you can roll it faster and more smoothly. Now we cut out a piece of paper interview strips so weights off stripe depends on thickness off paper use for thick paper like raft papers. Airways off stripe is approximately five centimeters for newsprint paper around 7 to 8 centimeters. You shouldn't be very exact incredible wooden secure. You can use that they need a needle, road or anything similarly long, narrow and round. You can use needles off their wrist size to get tubes off. Different sickness. Now places cool at one corner. Officiate of paper. Place it at a slight angle 2030 degrees. So that's a role to bugle and up trees is longer than the sheet of paper itself, then wrote the paper around the road, making sure to keep it tight. Once I have finished rolling, put a drop off glow on the last corner toe hold their altogether, pulls the needle out. You haven't had managed tubes off paper, so repeat the process for reach. I prepare 20 tubes, but for this product I need 12 to 14 tubes. The language off the tubes is about 12 inches, also two centimeters, and the diameter all rates is about 4 to 5 millimeters, or 162 World waves often inch 5. Wickerwork: Let's get started divides the paper tubes into groups, spokes and weavers. That's better. Little bit. All readers exceptions. Their arms. We need some drive by spreading water. Let's do it again. This atop and lives in for 5 10 minutes until Zia pliable. Good idea. Also to rub them with plastic, leaving their aunts uncovered. Now let's put them aside for life. Take six spokes. I would, sweetie and three others, and I'm going to make cross. I need toe add glued onto the paper between the rails at first town you can use also close being for a couple of minutes to make sure they Gruber. Now we created framework for our cost. How were sold? Klaiber and we should make a loan to buy. Joining talks em together to do it at some glue inside the white aimed to tube and 100 sharp and off the oser tubing. You also can be still, then it in the media. Place it around one group of spokes. We have now to leaders Upper Andrew. This is upper on bases. Brain is the one off the women techniques for use for our two days portrait on this is a process off all this Women's a top well behind the nexpo. So take the top weaver and put down behind and up the next group of sports. Once you do that, the rivers it was on the bottom now is on the top and become the bond you twine behind Cenex roof off Sparks do the same again. Run the next group of spokes Bringing the top. We were down behind it up. You will be doing it automatically later. Ours You improve your skills, rotates a base anti clockwise as you go. So that's the hemline is the same which it's pork. Okay, we finished one droll. Now we're gonna wave between each individual spoke past band the each set of Serie spokes open So there becomes pace like a spokes over wheel and stuck by me It's a very useful to come up with some short stroke happiness to be And my stroke is a top down behind it up told down behind it up So we take the top weaver and put down behind and ups and next pork profit Our previous tips Bistro toe open down behind it up a tall put down behind it up keeps a reverse pulling tight, lest you call continue in the same way, rotates a base anti clockwise as you call. So that's the Hamlin is the same, which could spoke. This will have a lot extensive rivers, as far as you need it to do it at some glue inside the white aim off the tube and sharp and Hossa chipping. You also can't be still. Topa down behind it up toe open down behind it up controls this place between the rows. TB's and close continued wining next rose around the circle until you reach the required size off your coster. It's better to complete that finding when you return to the place where you started. One. There are few lease, how to hide details off years and sporks. But for this project, we will simply caught them and nicely on the base or between the walls. The then you are learning. It's much simpler just to cut trails became some go to keep them in a place, and it's done. It created out costume. Enjoy the results of your efforts, and now I'd like to kill your advice to repeat all our previous steps and create our costs are using different type of paper and then compare the result of war. This way, you'll extend your experience. I made cost her. I'm in new coaster with me newsprint paper, and it's much seen him because the newsprint people is seen compared This crafty also, it was easy to be and I've used more tips. The 6. Thank You and What's Next: Congratulations. And thank you so much for taking the class. I really hope you know a lot from these class. This upload your project into the student projects area because we can't wait to see what you created other happy to give you feedback and help you whatever you ask and what we're gonna do next. You create many men and things in the next licence and your press your skills and confidence in winning. So thank you very much again for being a part of my first we can work magic lesson, phone skills, shirt.