Painting Birds in flight using watercolors | Birds and Landscapes | Shanan Subhan | Skillshare

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Painting Birds in flight using watercolors | Birds and Landscapes

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies required

    • 3. Understanding the shapes

    • 4. Techniques 1 - Brush Strokes

    • 5. Techniques 2 - Details

    • 6. Techniques 3 - Advanced techniques

    • 7. Practicing Backgrounds

    • 8. Exercise - Birds

    • 9. Project 1 - Dense forest

    • 10. Project 2 - Ocean and birds

    • 11. Project 3 - Night sky

    • 12. Project 4 - Lake and birds

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About This Class

Painting Birds in flight using Watercolors.


This class includes:

  • basic understanding of shapes and sizes
  • how to simplify the figures
  • Painting birds in varied sizes of brush strokes with a single brush.
  • Different techniques to paint birds in simple and easy ways

Once you complete practice sessions, you will be confident enough to paint a good variety of birds in flight.

Next, you will quickly learn to paint 8 colorful background. These paintings are designed with a motive to make every student discover and compose elements of painting that complements the birds in flight.

Later we will paint 8 colorful backgrounds that help to come up with composition in the paintings and practice birds in different styles. 

Moving on we will have 4 unique class project:

  1. The first one is a “Dense forest with gorgeous white birds”.
  2. The second project is an ‘Aerial view of oceans and birds” here you will also learn how to paint ocean that complements the presence of birds.
  3. The third one is a “Night Sky with the moon and pines” in the foreground.
  4. The last one is a lake view with white birds. Here we will paint with negative painting techniques and achieve these amazing results.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my skin check glass. I'm Shannon and act is based in India. I paint with varieties of mediums like watercolors was accurate links. I put my lead. This works on Instagram by the Andon watercolors. Please do share your thoughts and news on them. This is my dwelt in share glass on being England watercolors. If your New York will have a look at my other classes. So this class is all about painting voids from different perspectives and angles. That glass includes techniques suggests basic understanding of shapes and sizes. How does simplify that triggers bending modes in readied sizes of brush strokes with the single brush. Different techniques to pay involves in simple and easy with one to complete this technique session, you will be confident enough to be a good variety of worlds in flight. Next, you will quickly learn probate eight colors and backgrounds. These buildings are designed with a motive to make every student discover and compose elements of paintings that compliments the balls in play. Moving on, we have four unique class projects. The first one is Mencius, modest with gorgeous whiteboards. The second project is an aerial view of ocean and bought. Your, you will also learn to paint ocean that compliments sublists aims of words. The third one is a night sky with the moon and binds in the foreground. And the last one is a lake view with whiteboards. You all we will paint with negative painting technique and achieve these amazingly types. In this session, I will be sharing all my tips, tricks and secrets are required to be in these radius fingers of birds in flight from different angles. I'm sure you'll find it very helpful in boosting your confidence and bending modes that you always luck. Also, feel free to reach out to these inequities on if you need help in achieving particular finger of your interest. So without any further ado, let's get started. 2. Art supplies required: In this step. So we've been talking about the art supplies that you would need for the class. 3. Understanding the shapes: In this tab, we're going to learn how to understand the shape of boats. I think on rough she toss the ball and draw up quadrant. That gives a water can no horizontal line. Next, mock on the angled. Now, imagine that is a board here. So I'm drawing this board. Draw a simple sheep, and then I'm losing of black marker to draw the board. Can do simply MarkovWordOne. It need not have a mock. Good. Now, I will find out the angle between the ring and the horizontal line. As you can see, that is at 13 degrees from both sides. So you need to keep this in mind whenever you see a reference image. This hedge suite or draw the shapes of the boards or any object very easily. Whenever I find some reference picture, I draw this imaginary quadrant in my mind. I measure nine lives between them. That is maybe easier to replicate the image. There could be many movies, but I oppose moving. Follow this whenever I have to pay him some object. Here, I'm drawing a board. So both the links are in the first quadrant, the head is in the second quadrant, and David Bach is in no loss or so. By doing this, you get an idea of where to place the elements. So I'll demonstrate some examples for you. When you want to draw a bond, you can measure the angles between the wings and it's more deeply. This is very simplified way of getting the angles light. So you can perform some of the exercises evil and see how I draw these billboards or in Hawaii to measure the angle between them. He had the first mean is at 60 degrees. And the second thing is at 90 degree. And the body is on the horizontal length. Alright, I have taken an image from your explanation that awesome books in this image. You can see how I measure the angles to easily understand the shapes. So you can take any difference image of your choice. You can simply take some photographs of birds and then make an imaginary line in your mind and draw the core engines. Byod didn't different bards and see if it really helps you to draw it in a better way. Similarly, you can follow the same and brought the fingers in an easy way by just simply drawing a quadrant and measuring the angles between them. In the next step dough, you will learn about some techniques and we will also practice some boards before moving on door class projects. 4. Techniques 1 - Brush Strokes : Alright, let us have a look at the techniques that we will use to being bought. I have some rough papers for demonstration. Okay, so let's start. The first technique is thin brush technique or didn't brush stroke. I will be using the IP of the brush to achieve thin strokes. And I'm using a size four long brush. Note that I'm applying very less amount of pleasure, which gives me Tim and need length. The second one is think brushstroke. Arm using my same round brush of size four and creating thick lines by applying pressure at maximum level. The third one is mix brushstroke, which means a combination of Tin Man to brush strokes. Here I am altering the size of the lines by reading the amount of pressure on my brush file right? Next we will move on to paint on boards. I request you to grab some people's. It could be it off papers or building people's anything. And you can practice these brushstrokes. Okay, let's go ahead and bring some modes using thin brushstrokes. I will start off with the simple board. Carefully observe the shape of the boards. I'm building them in simple ways, mostly using the alphabet V and in what did we. And then adding a dot in the center. You can paint the boards in different shapes and sizes. It depends on your interpretation and how you see things. I usually therefore to the nature around me and absorb the shape of the boat when they are in flying motion and instill position. I pay attention today shapes and sizes and then try to imitate the same on paper. So if you notice at some places I'm building the vault using straight lines. And at some places, and painting the board using code length. You can bend them in, initiate that you're like, you just have to make sure that it looks like bored when you finish the painting. Right? Okay, so the boards that I've been doing now looks like alphabet x in chip. Metabolites are intersecting at 1. You can paint them in several angles and try out different chips. So next is painting the wings of the boards in different sizes here on one of those things at Bjorn, smaller insights and AD1 IPOs bingo. Because we are, we have Indian from different angle. Alright, so these were some boards painted using single brushstroke. Let us go ahead and being bored with did brushstrokes, I load my brush with beans. So initially I will start with very less pressure. I'll draw a thin line and then gradually increase the pressure to achieve the core shapes. And finally, the reducer Pleasure. Next whether wings, I will start painting with high pressure and then gradually reduce the pressure to create sharp dip. Similarly, I will paint some more boards carefully. How I really don't pressure and achieve good friend strokes. Practicing it two to three times, we make it easier for you. You need to have nice grip or what your brush to have control strokes of flames. I will let you absorbed up restaurants. You can factors along with me. You'll make boss, I'm deeply that we DO DO beans. I by yourselves. No. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. 5. Techniques 2 - Details : In this chapter, we will learn to paint slightly in detail porch using simple techniques. So first I will load my brush with concentrated pains and I will start painting the lines one by one. The big thing now Fido's I'm being, being the wings with God lines in different angles. The easier me to immediate the shapes is to absorb the angles between them. And they Initially jack Doc, I have explained everything about measuring and imagining the different angles and prospector. So yes, you can practice along with me. Then you will know radial make mistakes and you can shrink it all, want vaults mesh for you. So I lead to absorb and practice some brush strokes with me so that you'll feel confident enough. In any BMD. Right? Next I read being some Dong's using beams Good h and someone darn dot Gaga Galois fields, slaughter being deemed white, Butch, renewal, Bain, Dwight books. It is usually good to have darker backgrounds. It will give you a nice contrast. It's hoping Dean White books, I would need white color. So you can use white contemplated watercolor on gosh color or accurately pinch whichever it is available with you. You can go with that using what the colloquial not stay bright after drying. So you need to be careful about that. In order to make it bright, you have apply multiple layers. Reading these words in same style as black color, but you are, I'm using white colour. Alright, let us move ahead and practice some bigrams that would be helpful for creating paintings. 6. Techniques 3 - Advanced techniques: In this chapter, I'll be showing you two more techniques to paint the boat. The first one is negative painting technique. So I have taken draft shields again. Let me quickly draw some boards. In negative painting technique, your bending outside the focused area. Your, you will not apply beams on the boards in certainly we'll be applying it outside though sketched idea. So take some Dhaka around those guest, our desired ATO. So as you can see, the wide Danielle gets highlight date so brightly. And each starting Null tool and a real, I'm going to repeat the same for the adiabat. And finally, some games on doffed those. Next time and show you another technique of painting board. I'm using watercolor paper to demonstrate this. We initially paint on board when diluted color. You can take very small amount of colour in water and then start painting the desired shape of modes using TIG brushstrokes. Load your brush with concentrated themes and gently apply the themes from the corner. On the head range in either tail region. Now you will see the kalos and flowing monarchs on creating new to some shape and texture. I have explained this one in my previous class as doctors, Misty landscapes in one of my class projects. And this is why Nelson like same decrease it assaulted if you've watched the kalos flow on its own. So these resonances, that big 10Ks. Next one practice session. 7. Practicing Backgrounds: In this chapter, we will learn to paint different backgrounds for painting. But here I have a larger size people. And I have divided it into eight parts for creating manipulate things. This will be an exercise for you if you are not so strong in painting landscapes, this will be helpful to create any backgrounds into entropy. Alright, so let us start. So asleep, Alberto paper with clean water, I'm using a flat brush to evenly distribute water. Analyze brush will work. Then I'm applying diluted serial in blue and random places, leaving some blank areas inbetween. Remember that you have to leave some white spaces in between. And then layer of solute in blue. Next I'm applying diluted beams grave, which we all lab w x some places. We really get to use fluffy Josh. No. All right. Our first background is done. Moving on to a second, we need painting. I will start off by applying bond number on the upper edge of the paper. I will be using wet on dry technique, which means I'll be using red pins on grade paper. Then next I will apply orange color in the center, just below the bond number. And I'll blend the two colors. Val Going forward and apply a local node in the bottom most byte of the audience and local law so that we have a nice soft blend between all the kalos. Ok, so this looks like a beautiful sunset sky. And we are done with this background. Let us faint dot third bag. Don't even use spacetime framed and brains crave while this guy, I'm applying based on being in the bottom part of the people. Blended when using rainwater to us off blank. So as you'll see, I have applied water on the top part. Now I'm applying Payne's gray on the same media. Apply NMDA layer of spins are good aid and blend them with an area. So now when you blend these two colors, you will get a bowl police shared in between. Ok, so this is done. Well we mondo fourth one. I really apply potion low on the upper edge of the paper and blended relevant clean water. Off go, which I will apply orange color in the ball park. So now, as you can see, there is an MD ADL that this blank space in between don't mix these two kilos or else you will get a Mardi shade when you'll mix audience. I'm blue because these two are complimentary colors in the color wheel. So Renewal makes the store the, I'm going to give you a muddy sheet. So avoid doing that. Moving on to our fifth painting. It is, as he's keeping P. I will apply concentrated potion glue at the edge of the paper. Then I will paint it when diluted color. So I'm going to create a graded effect from darker to lighter color. Finally, I'll drink a dry brush when very less color to create this texture. So when your brushes dry, you get this kind of effect. Next, I darker color. You can take a need OK, on blue, I am using Indiegogo and randomly adding dots at these areas. Now the C is done. For the shoulder area. I really makes Wanda emboldened white color and make it a light brown color. So I left life in the bottom part. Yes, I'll seascape isn't any. Next, Ivan being dense forest. First I will apply clean water throughout the eighties. And next I wouldn't apply diluted Sap Green. In the corners. I will apply darker green color. You can make some brown or green or black and green to assume that green color, red color than you can go with that. Now that light-dark is green at random places to defend God dense forest. So how do you achieve that gives gleam is by adding more black middle green color. And make sure to retain the light green color in the same dot. Moving ahead, we have seven painting. So for this I will apply plain water using left slide brush. Then I will apply peach color at triangle area. Thanks, I will use, so I'm using this light when the painting. Finally, going ahead to the last one. This one is ready sampling. Any color in the center. I'm using a base relevant water to create a graded f x something Dwight on both sides. Add another layer and blended vacuum in water. This is going to win depicted as a leak and the sky deflection. Next you can add another color at all and bought the media. Why do they knew it as it is? Blended well. So i'm applying peach color. So this is done. In the next step, we will add some details and bars to the background skies and see how our brain thing looks like. 8. Exercise - Birds: All right, we've been did some simple and beautiful airbag develops in the previous chapter. Now live in practice some boards and I don't need days on these background. So next gets doctrine. You can use black colored on any bad Glaucon dollar to paint the bars. In the forest we need painting. I've been dynein boats of different shapes. Your Kendra floated up practice sheet and draw your favorite style forwards. Again, we'll go with symphony. Red dots are the data volumes are take scroll funds. It's all up to you. I'm so happy to see that. Oh, disbanding. Look so calm. Peacefulness that I want to see. Again saves this while faked. Next sunset scene. I meant audience Garner. And don't want to media because the light is reflected on them. And they have beyond ADA. And the boards at output ADR, MPR, non-coding conda. And then I add some grasses in the bottom, gave you some desktop is completely option men. You can just get bored and leave jazzy bees. Make Spain, Greece. So some small inviting trees and trees and branches. Mm-hm. This guy, I think some boards which looks like flying back to their homes. I'm imagining that these watch offline daga, daga, da, dao homes in synchrony dilation and that all these things. So I make up stories in my mind whenever I beam. So that would be my beyond imagination and that's how I will. Next, I will add some boards. In the fourth painting. I'm drawing quarters on conveying and bending their wings in upward and downward direction, depending on their distance from the viewpoint that sizes D4. And these books are all from one family and they're going to watch the list. I didn't notice how NP-hard, but I imagine that some fuel see my being things that have some story behind all of those. But the problem is I hesitate to share it with people. Okay, so keeping on that S-I-N, let us focus on access to painting. I remember being being white colored boards. So this is basically an aerial view of the sea. And we are moving the ball Islam top angle. You can use any white-collar you have. For example, watercolor watched accurately, Jelly Roll pen or anything. You could use, anything that is available with you. I'm using Jelly Roll Ben, I'm whitewater color for this mini painting. Next is lagged zombie dance on this. So I'm baking black galore and adding branches, drops off decrease material been depicted as trees. Mm-hm. Then I lacked some grasses in the fall. So dismantle new and old audible cough. The bends fought against some light imaging inside. Here. And again, I'm being, being white colored words. So whenever you paint white boards, make sure you have a dark background. Internally compliment each other, and the painting looks really nice. Next one is Beach and green background, which we painted earlier, to create a refreshing background. So now I will add some grasses in the foreground using bond onboard and sat grip. So have mixed these two colors to create a greenish brown color. And then my Luxembourg shielding single stroke. Some data on the sand, the body off don't boards don't create some sense of shadows and highlights. Right? Last one is reflection. And reflection. Some bars we got on students on these logs. So modifying. Then the horizon line. Things off. Trees and bushes using brown color. Okay, so now the borders non-art visible. So I'm going to add some white collar on this so that when grayish color. Ok, so this looks like a failed attempt, but it's completely okay. After all, we are humans and we really definitely make mistakes. And that's how we loan wild-type. So we're done with this. You can experiment with these backgrounds and boards as many times as you want. You can alter them as per your wish. Try making different colored sky then differentiate boards. I guess that's how you learn by experimenting and making mistakes. It's okay if you base papers, don't worry about that. And take your time to practice. In the upcoming chapters, we will be learning some things and those are our last projects. So yes, let's just dive in there. 9. Project 1 - Dense forest : In this chapter, we will learn to paint a bright morning view in the dense forest. Ok, so let stock. I have dammed all the sides of the paper. I started off by applying water using my Benjamin Rush, which is 1.5 inches wide. Next, I'll take my brush of size eight and apply a local load throughout the area. You can use any local load that you have. The next step I've been doing on Monday, bought three in the middle of default. I just this is where the light comes in. I'm painting with radius here. So from Alan, say one number and buoyancy and while the kalos and vapour is telling it, I will apply Sap Green in it's diluted consistency or lead on the corners of the paper. So I'm replying green color at random areas, but make sure to retain the low area in the middle of the paper and don't apply any pain. Sure. This will be depicted as the morning light in don't dense forest. Ok, so keep on adding the green bands, all that on the car knows whom to pay for and no. Kierkegaard many random. Then add some concentrate can lean over these ADRs to add some depth in the painting. Yeah. I went straight lines using brown and black colour to debate, though, drunk off the trees. Frames now being, being guard Ben squatter scene. So we need to make a deal for more dense. So I'm adding elements one and now I will add the branches In the foreground. We'll add alone in the pathway to give it a sense of depth. Now I will take some dark green color and apply it on the top part of the paper. This will be depicted as, as shadows on the leaves and branches. I have fame dead though branches around the tree drawn to Looping the pine branches. And there is no particular style or any rule as such. I'm building it more like an abstract water spending. Just bring these gov lines and it will look like pine trees. When you finish. Then in the middle ground, I will add some grasses using single brushstroke by applying more pressure, like how we used to take strong bonds. In the same way we are going to apply to cause prose. One enter time. So that really looked like gases. I'm gonna darken these trunk of the trees using darker brown color. So I have mixed want onboard and black colour to achieve a darn good, wronged Gullah. So I'll continue with the grasses and cowardice foreground area. No, I would add the grasses. I'd owned ADLs and about me. Ok. The next step, I realized some darker color. So I'm playing dots in-between gives some mediation. I'm deaf thought of gases. So that when you make a deal to me. Okay. Okay. Next I really, we are adding some knock on doors to their trunks and the branches in rondo don't bring out the contrast in doping. So having only one color will make it non naught so appealing to analyze your by adding doc Gaga Lewis, I'm trying to bring out some that shadows in our being to make stock. They could darker green from your pilot, if not iron black to anybody that does every label the video and start painting an under layer off branches. I'm trying to gradually build up the density in our building. So I am walk up close. We always a goal from lighter to go gallows. If takes more gallows in Laos to reach to that dark guest Nao, Dai to IV stock data from law and then lighter green, dark green and dock is green. Then maybe makes I would not only black color. As I proceed, I add more data, flows through main.main Daimler Benz and guano Street. So I may lead to absorb those more difficult and start passage. I let me just adding some not Gaga law as I go on with DAPI and dig. Okay. Right. Right. We can do is that we want our long procedure can be more difficult. I'm sure. You can straight away. Next, we already been though boards in our painting. I will use my artisan hogwash color to paint whiteboard. So if you don't have a watch or accurately color, then you can take quantum 2 third white colored and apply multiple layers. So I'm putting this sheet, this practice sheet, and you can pick any OFIL favorited boards to paint. So I will start with painting single line after time, depicting the Federals. And then I add the body of the board. I'll paint some motor boards. So these boards are regularly easy. You have to add more domains and then add the body of the boards. Discussed fully absorbed behind movements and treasure that I apply. I Olbia was that techniques stepdaughter. In the techniques upto I had thought you on the simply maize and have good blood pleasure to get ticks, groves and ten strokes. So if you use them, your really easy. It takes practice to go with the flow, right? I will take the same whitewashed law was on the grasses. And then I learned something. I learned to this on these flaws. So dirty looks like light being gun law flaws. So next I'm adding some shadows to adopt boat using color. So this step is optional. If you want, you can go with this. Alright, we are done with this, so let us remove the masking tape. Okay, so here we have 4t being, being, I hope you like goose does move on Bodh. Next chapter. 10. Project 2 - Ocean and birds: In this chapter, we are going to learn doping the ADL view of the ocean. So I have been on the sides of the paper. Let us get started. Firstly, I will load my brush with highly being rendered Bush and blue palo santo blind themes from the top edge of the paper. As you move down gently at nice on water and blend it well. So I will repeat the same step in the bottom part. Ramp length ocean blue, and then blended with water. The reason for applying red creams on bribery fraud is to maintain the vibrancy. I think beams on red background goes us less vibrant colors. So under corners, I want more. Why bring beams? And in the middle, I want some soft edges. Next I read load my brush with make sure those portion Lou and indigo color, which will give me a darker blue gently dab on the paper to create drunk sparks of different sizes. In the bottom part, and adding more indigo color to the mixture to get some radiations in the blobs of paint. I add another layer of darker beans. Creating circular sparks will form this exercise while the paper is still wet. And this happens when you're using a 100% cotton paper. So if it is less than a 100 person gotten, then it might dry very fast. No doubt it is really important. With Facebook. If they bought rice, you won't get us all stages. Unripe report, you will end up getting shot branches and that winning on me. Ideal for our printing. Great Doreen does I swapped and swamps and boom. Mm-hm. Records legal pain, the father's name in the middle area. So we will leave that as a DCE. So once you are done with creating visa, I need NOX. You can know DO brush with SAB gleam and at blight in the middle of the paper. So this is a gulp view of deforest and mood. You will be able to conceive though upward BAD often to use. And then we would have tried to create some radiations by adding some dot-com modes. And so grab some Dhaka codon and random the fabric on this AVR. Next I wouldn't date goddamn launch. Date grew up playing so flawed artificial bear ball. And then leave the book on alpha. So Ivan IV thing done lighter blue color will give some highlights in looking thing. I'm applying very less pleasure on my brush. I'm just shifting the red beams. Okay, so we're gonna let this paper dry completely. And then we'll come back and add the beat greatest and the boards. And metrics loss, I'm Dan goes rifting renders are embark look. This is how it looks after drying and add some date datas are dishonest IV Yup. So I load my brush with green. Shiny docs might leaving some space. So slaughtering there. Make sure our prepaid rent different dawn values of green color. Green, dark green, dark green, jobs green. Give some depth and I live in the forest. Yeah. Okay. So I will use my art dissolve, wash beans, flawed bringing down was you can even use academic auto. I'd walk up under the boss in differentiate on saves lives. You see I've practiced many them by now. You should be confident when printing bars on your own. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. On salt sprinkle some white beams on the blue ADR. By Jan leave tapping on your brush. This meeting is to process the orders on the adn wheel off the ocean being being without any fault. Don't believe Nash, don't print God DOD chopped off. No. 11. Project 3 - Night sky: In this class, we will learn to paint a night sky with the conscious will. Let us start the printing process. I have loaded my brush with beach condo and I will gently apply twin circular shape. You don't tell speech from her, then you can make slight orange Carnot, co-create. Now clean your brush reporter. And Spain dirty anya. Unlike a blind eye neutered beach Carla. Now at blinders dielectric beams hassles, debris of law applied on the dark edges at all. And make sure to leave this peach color as it is. Because that there is still glowing moon that meme and rehabbing in this bing, bing, bam, department color, all land on the moon. So we have the upper part covered with proper color. And the lower house is almost like a diluted peach color. You can go back to you try to fix the kalos and the competition if you have not blinded. So I dreamed up Bhopal is ready. So I'm adding some more concentrated purple color to make it more vibrant. The next step makes lack and Bhopal and make it darker. And we'll apply this darker on the top edges of the paper. And then I will be in these fluffy clouds inner diagonal, we leave some spaces in-between these darker dogs. Keep them. Ok. Also, apply some darker beans or what it is. And then when does seem Rush pointed our beams in the upward direction. So you wouldn't get this by guidlines that depicted as a background trees autosomal thought is, though, which is covered with forest. Makes Baker Dam brush from black and white. So anyone can create a misty look. So I have applied clean water on this gap, some bees to create this box in the moon. And then the next step. All right, so now we're going start printing the boundaries. Sorry, feel pained anything on the red selfies and gets, you wouldn't get sharper edges. So if you aren't any deep theory and rock makes sure that reappoint is completely dry. I read Lord, my brush with contemplated macaca law. So you didn't even lose or black colour are a mixture of scrutiny colors which really give us darker. Draw drunk off the trees and then bring the branches yard, I'm going to Bean some bare trees. It is ready and mainly when you don't have to spend much time on creating these Greece. It's really simple and easy as men. I had some pine trees and then just straight length. Because the project is to focus on books. Yeah. Makes M bending the boards with the darker color. So you can even draw the outlines. Four boards are could even use thick strokes, whichever is comfortable for you. Also absorbs the angles between the wings and the body of the boards, as I already mentioned in the initial chapters. And that how you, how you can imagine though quadrant and then simplify the shapes and all that. Good news worldwide. One's really important to understand the basics of these bards in grove ofs 67 marks. And these are flying along these boundaries. Mm-hm. No. Makes diamonds sprinkling some stars in the sky using wash screamed. So lastly, I relied one board near the moon. Macaws or disclose to moonlight. Ipos, bribed him color. Ipos. Foreign stone beamed with beach Color. And then I will add in the other side and then magic together. All right, we're done with this one. Some are distinct. The masking tape. When this project does well on God last project. 12. Project 4 - Lake and birds: In this class, we repaint the boards with negative painting technique. I'm going to start off by sketching the outline. How smart I scheduled Ready light Lee's density mocks nasa really dominate. So below this and draw horizon line. These aren't the moulds flying together in a group. How to master as a, as a not beamed at oldest Amiel. So I prevent this area from painting and I left my clean water at home just ADR. So I'm fondling where done with technique. That's why I'm applying Waldo carefully applying water all around the boat. I left my want door, dwell upon. Now, Dave, concentrator in indigo or blew off your Joyce. Keep your current born introduced it physician to lender kalos flow to the other side. Gently dab the colloids and legit flow. With the help of your brush gets released. Brenda kalos around these books. Make Make sure silos non-goal inside this AVR, right? Wow, I'm dislodging. The white is getting, so I like it. Once you're done with the awards, this random made up 80. And then they come off brush and gently trying to create a graded effect. As if B's ready mean they re depicting Albright. Next we will apply beams on the remaining a. Beyond that is the other half of W bar mu, a small gap between the lake and the sky. Make go wave-like buttons when zigzag motion. So I'm trying to create or dark colored colored leak. Next I am going with indigo color. Mm-hm. So where once you have been trained to Sadia, you can live some beans from the paper when it is wet. So user damn brush to live speeds and wipe it off with a tissue paper or a piece of fluid. It is always a trial and error because watercolors are so unpredictable. It requires continuous practice to understand the medium and work with it completely. And then we had some deep it was washed Greenland to ad spots in the water. So this is an optional step. So Troodon cow, why? Accurately then you're going to avoid naps monument of white bands who bring this box on new walk-up. Screen, wide range, right? That being underbrush. So this bar DO, DO painting. Sky, Walk, Don't aids. Now let me give some finishing to the bogs. And at night on the front doors of works. So she'll make any mistakes yard you can use so accurate lukewarm wash quite close to carbonic out. Next year lag fuel one box by using black guy in the sky, andre And guys. So we are done with the last projects. Thank you for watching my class. I hope it was beneficial for you in some ways. I'm being bought more confidently. Techniques like disgust. I would rehab reviews and feedbacks. And if you try these class projects, then please do share it with me by uploading it under budget gallery. Or you can even share it with me on Instagram. I really look forward to see you recreations. Thank you once again. I will see you in my next class. Until then. Happy painting.