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PROCREATE: Manga drawings, step by step

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      DragonBall character


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      Manga girl


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      A manga warrior girl


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      Naruto draw with procreate


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About This Class

In this course, you are going to see how to use Procreate to draw manga drawing, with coloring, shadows, sketch, and all of this, step by step to make srue you can reproduce yourself every drawing. The purpose of this course is to show you have it could be simple to draw nice illustrations with very simple tools that are already proposed by the software Procreate. You can also follow that course with simple white paper and pencils, as you can reproduce all the lines and sketchs I'm showing you on my screen with classic tools.

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1. Presentation: in this course, I'm going to show you how to use for create to draw manga characters. I mean to show you very simple tips to draw your characters from the sketching to the inking, and one example is going to be about the color you can then use the different examples Teoh use and take the different tips to exist as yourself to no matter if you take a wide paper to use with a pencil. If you use your own procreate software with your tablets, you can follow the different examples, draw them and finally increase your drawing skills. 2. DragonBall character: In this first example, I'm going to show you how with procreate you can create a mango character. I'm starting with the first step, which is the one of the sketch. So to sketch a character, I always using a pencil option you can find on the right options on your interface. And then I'm starting to draw the basics lines where on constructing the face to make sure that we have a kind of correct a proportion for the right and left science of the head. So think character is being very simple to draw that if you respect the different rules, I'm starting with the outlines of the face and starting, then with eyebrows, as this is a main character, the eyes bro. My bro's very simple to draw, but you have to respect this symmetry. Difficulty here is going to be the symmetry of your drawing, because if a knife or a NY bro is having a different signs than the one on the other side is going to be something weird on your drawing. So as an exercise can try to do the same. What I'm doing here, reproducing every step and every lines and trying to get something very similar. So I'm working here on the eyes, making sure that the orientation of the eyes are the same. Two. Because if the right times looking at the different direction, that the left one is also going to give a kind of weird aspect, and your character, instead of being very cruel, are serious, he's going to be having a kind of fun attitude, and it's probably not what we are looking for. So now I'm during this sketch of the mouth and starting to place where the hairs are going to be a draw, you have to observed any any problems you can encounter when you're drawing. Just by having a global vision, you can zoom in and zoom out on your drawing, but making make sure that you're always trying to draw the sketch with the large view on first. To make sure you are, you are feeling all the space available on your working space on your white page and not falling in the problem off. Not having enough space to draw the rest of your character, so now I'm drained. The hairs on very simple forms were no still in manga character so you can get very simple forms. I'm using their basic geometrical forms, and from there you can try to draw like this. You see, I'm trying to do very simple geometrical forms. It would not change when we're going to add the thinking. It's not going to instant going really to change allowance. I will just draw the lines, the black lines that are going to be the final result off the black and white drawing. First, we have to place with a sketch all of these forms that are being to be finalized in the last step of the drawing. So your first thing to see is the global composition of drying if the global composition. If you feel there's something wrong, find this and corrected immediately. Don't wait to be at the last step of the coloring off the inking to realize that you have to change something on the position, are on the form. Try to be very organized when you draw such drawing, especially because here we have the were started the thinking and it's very pure and clean lines were drawing. If there is any mistake, you can hide it with some kind off shadows are hatching techniques and so on. You cannot cheat with this technique, so make sure your sketch is very clean before starting the So Now we are starting the thinking, always starting with outline of the face because it's like in the sketching. This is the basic point from which you are drawing your then on during the eyes. The intensity off the site of the character is very important. So we're during this, and from there we are continuing with the rest off. The eyes are going to do with nose, and probably the mouth is not big enough, so I will probably have to change something here. So drawing it and we are going to see even satisfying enough or not. Probably we're going to let it like this right now, and I continue to draw the main outlines so you can if you have some difficulties to draw with your tablets. For instance, if your hand is sticking on the screen, which is probably not happening too much because of screen of your iPad is very good quality. But if it happens, I'm suggesting you to use the globe. You have global specialized glove for a tablet drawing where you have to finger free and the other ones are in the glove. This is a very useful to amusing personally to drop, and you are making sure there is no false contact with your hand and your tablets. Because sometimes when you put your hand on the tablet, the software is recognizing a kind of typing, like if you was typing with your finger, we should done the case, so it's going to draw something on your screen, and you have to erase it and so on. So try to find a good grove and try to draw with it. So now I'm using Ah, the black and white taking. I'm throwing some spaces. The spaces are supposed to be the shadows bill the hairs below the neck, and we're going to put a couple off shadows that are going to be very efficient to make your drawing more powerful. So when you are done with it, you can continue to put some, um, shadows and also adding some details on the skin like if he had a fight recently and he'd still have some traces of it. So take the time you need to draw these lines, the black lines take the time to find the right brush you need and to draw these little details. Um, I can't you can see in this video couple off brushes I'm using. This is the basic brushes of the software off pro creates, but if you need to find out a creature on verses, you can do it. It's not a problem, but I like to explain that you can work immediately with tools. Offer it with the basic options the software. Because if you have to create your own brushes, we are entering into more complexities. That could be not very interesting if you are starting drawing with this software, so I can tell you that I'm drawing with basic options. Always and usually it's really enough. So now I'm putting the shadows very black shadows on the hairs just to give more volume on this and adding some tried to create that should not too much. You don't have toe overwhelm your drawing with the things that could be useless, especially if you are intending to to add some color on your drawing. If there is too much black and white and too much colors your drink is we're going to take it really a lot of time to do. And if you are creating a comic book is going to be very painful to and very intake in. You'd really too much time to draw every frames off your comic book with too much quantity of details. So here, with this Mangus style, we are lucky that we can have stand. It is very easy to draw, but as the out loud down Klein's of these drawing are very simple. You nevertheless have to respect the kind off esoteric by adding the correct shadows at the right places. So in this example, you can see how it could be correct to draw. This shatters. So this is just an example in which you can draw yourself. I'm showing you every step, and by taking even, even not a tablet, you can just take a white paper and a pencil and just reproaches what we see here to do. The main outlines the shadows and trying to do every step. I'm showing you to get habit off, drain current proportions and well placing shadows. This is a very good exist side, by the way to do so So you can also find couple off and interesting exercises like this. All these videos are going to show you such things. You can reproduce some example many examples to first reproduce. And if you were going to go, the further you can first. Reproach is what you see here in this video. Then you you don't use the video to do it again and you compare all your drawings. My advice is to keep all your drawings on the chronological orders and after many days or weeks or even months, you can place your illustration in the chronological order and see the improving our your drawing a skill. You can really do that. You will be sure there were impressed that you're the increase of your ability, your skill to drop. - Then as a final step, I can add some great values on my drawing. If you're using a natural in our pencil, you can just reproach disease with normal bank and normal pencils by filling the spaces with that. And if you are using this procreate software, you can find the color on the right corner off your software. 3. Manga girl: and does he do? We're going to see how to create a minger character from the sketch to the final step of the inking. When a green to add any color, we're just going to draw step by step this character. So first we always stopped by this kitchen, and this example is very interesting because we're going to see a different point, including how we can do the sketch by what element of the body we have to start and how we can create also a character that has very interesting movements, not a very big movement, but something that is just enough to make this character life. This character is a woman holding a bowl in one of her hands, and we start by the very beginning, off drying geometrical forms and looking for something in the form. When you start drawing, you try to find, and in the first place, the basic the main position off body so you can start drawing. I'm even not drawing the arm first. I'm just getting old the body without the army. When the body seems correct, Then I'm creating the arms, trying to find a position for the arms. It is important to start with the position of the body itself first and then to continue with the position of the arms. Then I decide where the bedroom is. Going to the ball is going to be hope on the right side of character and the continuing to look in the other direction. So the change of direction, holding the bowl in one hand and looking in the other direction is also getting some. Um, we can say some movement. The movements not necessary something broad, like a character jumping are catching, doing something very wide with its members. You can just create a few movement, and it could be enough to get some to give this Paris to this character something alive. So now I'm done with the first sketch step. I'm going to create a new layer, just did a new layer, and this nuclear is going to be against some pencils catching, but with more details. I'm leaving very rough sketching, and I'm playing with additional details like heart. I'm going to draw the eyes, the nose, the hairs and so on. It's very important to if you would, I'm not sure how to jury character to work this catching in two steps First, the very rough sketch and Cygan, the details catch and all of this before to start thinking. We already said wherever you already heard this in one of my videos. But this is important that the sketch is well done if you try to end or to add colors on your drawing while you are not certain about the sketch, you may create mistakes. Like if the the arm one of the harm or one of the are you Draw is not at the right side, right size. You may create a mistake by inking this Mr You didn't correct. So now I'm completing these schedule by the hairs. Drawing the heirs in the longest time is very simple, but you have to make the hairs going down from the top to bottom. You work from the top of the head and drawing like waves. These wave especially be she has long hairs. It will make like waves, going down the shoulders and being very simple, don't go into too much detail, especially for the youngest time. You are not going to to do something very detailed. Make sure you stay very simple and in your If you want to do something more realistic, you are going to leave the mangga and reach something more. Ah, more close to arresting. Drawing is probably not what you're looking for right now. It's possible that maybe in another course here, we have looking for just very simple lines to draw. You can see this vital to do this Cygan sketching step especially, for instance, for the hands you can see that the fingers in the hands are something very hard to draw. Andi, this is important to focus on this. Ah, as much time is necessary. So now I'm almost done with this kitchen and also take the time to zoom out a little bit to see the overall administration. And I can see here. Probably the shoulder left shoulder of this character is between weird, maybe 22 large. It's very something small that this is enough to make anything that we can correct this soon. Let's see, maybe later I will great this so respect the promotions, respect the position, and when this is done, you can be sure that you hear, For instance, I'm changing over giving more, uh, the leg more more difference. Yeah, changing a few things. So now I'm decreasing the open city of the single sketch layer. I hide the first cancer that is now useless, and I can start drawing the thinking. So when you start hearing the in came dunes pray with too much. Don't increase increase too much outside of the brush again from the man gets time, we were not going to use very thick lines. You play with thin lines all around the connectors inside the characters and for all the details of the crime office and the eyes, the mouth and details of the face, this is a graphic stands that is not using much. Think lines Don't don't increase the size of the brush, then construct you start with their re clear lines Should don't do hatching in the outlines . You keep drawing, you take the time. You don't need to run to be faster. You just take the time to draw very clear lines all around character. You can take the example of the eyes and doing here too. Exercise also on during highs. My guys that are sometimes very special to go so we can keep drawing this now bring the mouth. So this man gifts. I is very simple and hard to do because this is hard in this simplicity because we have to represent asthma's emotion as possible in very simple lines. And we don't know sometimes if it's enough or too much or not enough, this isn't a practice that you can find the certainty off how your captors are being draw. So right now you can just reproduce every step. I'm showing you here and you will see that by practicing again and again, you will find the way you will use your own from you within your own inking technique, which could be good. And you will see here I'm drawing the shoulder and I'm also adding some clubbers details on you. See, I'm zooming in a little bit. I could see that his shoulder is probably tour. Maybe it could be changed. I don't know what you are thinking that this that's definitely if you see something we're you can If you have a damn, you can just continue if you are walking in tablet. This is great because you can erase anything the way want it could be different if you work with the classic tools like China. And because if you apply China ink on paper, then this is don't cannot raise it anymore. You have to use some white products and could be not very beautiful failure, drawing and probably damage of paper anyway. So here, with the procreate program, you can use the razors problem. So, counting you, the two drove his outlines and then a playing in new, uh, layer. And this layer is flying a new mode. Um, and this is, as you will see, created kind of transparency effect. It's transparency. Effect is just created with the multiplying mode. You can see just ago that all the other months and this is very something I recommend to you if you want to create the transparency we have here. So I'm applying some gray values to represent the shadows, and I claim the shadows to complete the details like departs. Behind the hairs behind are in grey the details of the half of the ball and so on. So this technique is very simple. Don't and too much shadows just want is necessary on what is realistic somehow and you will see all in arms is the way I'm playing here. Give you a good example how you can do this 4. A manga warrior girl: this time I'm going to show you a warrior girl stealing the manga style, and we're going to draw the first sketch with blue ink. So this technique of the blue ink comes from the original technique of drawing with blue pencil this catch off drawing and because when we in the time we had to copy upto, scan the drawing with a sketching blue and the ink in black with some copy machine, the blue was disappearing when you were scanning are scanning are coping with machine, and this is why the blue pencil was used for. So I'm just keeping this technique of the blue sketching because when you have a blue color , it's more easy than to work kind of Cygan sketch above with the grape and self. So now I'm putting all the elements off my warrior with the basic basic lines, basic forms, geometrical forms, and we can then stopped drawing the arm. Or so the difficulty here is to draw a woman. So a woman he supposed to a very, very you can say weaken savory lines that they make this character a woman and which is very different than a man. So when this is possible. We have to make the arm or not too big. It has to be Ristic team. The woman forms woman buddies. Woman shape. So we have different elements. And Armel that represents is on the torso on DNA. Too much Armel under arms and so on. So we have to create a couple of details over on the armor's just to make the armor's not to empty adding several things and working more on the scared, forgetting details to make sure we're not missing something. Like, for instance, here on Dream Belt, this belt has to be quite realistic, so we don't means also, some details, like things to that would make the are more not looking like a mo has two looks like a normal not just a thin suit of thin cloth, so it has to be working out with different details where we can see here. - Then I can go a little bit further into detail of this catch, and I started to draw the eyes. Of course, you have to make sure eyes are looking in the same direction, has a space between the eyes that are now thinking face weird. You can also have to take the time to zoom out, zoom in just to have some different view off your drawing, and by moving in and moving out, you can really see there some proportion problems. So when this is done, I create a new layer, and this layer is being the outlines off my drawing. So you can sometime decreased capacity of the sketch, linger to make sure to more more visibility on this and then can start doing very thin lines, all the outlines of the character. I'm always starting drawing the head because it is the main point that's going to be seen by the person reading your story reading your comic book. So you always start drawing the face. And if the face is well done, it doesn't matter if some other details, like the hand, are part of the arm or and so on. Not so good. This is more important to create eyes that are well done than the other. Details of our Moors are off character. - Then you draw the details of the arm or and it could be hard to make this more real, so we're going to see how the color we can create another grocery, the great values and the different techniques off inking. We can make this effect as real as possible when I mean really means that it looks like a normal, not realistic, a spare a photo like looking like food with something that is very the drawing has to represent what it's supposed to be. It means a woman wearing harm so on drawing the lines. And when the outlines the exterior outlines don't I'm focusing on the inside of the arm. Okay, now we're doing this, enjoying the arms, the hairs and with similar technique, meaning that I'm using Finn lines. Not playing with different ah strong's are we can say different, kind off thickness, our density off the back. All the lines are more medicine thickness, and when you do so, you will see that it will be closer to the manga style than for the comics. Type with thickness of the lines is really different from line to another one. - When you estimate that the drawing of the lines and outlines are done, then you can feel some parts with black like behind the hairs and not too much black, just where it seems to be needed so you can see that there is behind the hairs. There is probably on the armor's, but not too much, and then create a new layer and this layer. I'm applying the mill to play mode to get some transparency. Then I choose Gray, and this great is being used to draw the shadows off my character. But first I want my character having dog hairs to do so. I'm feeling completely with one single gray value, and from there I mean to change little things to make some effects on these airs, - I'm going to apply somewhat on the gray color. It's very similar. If you are drawing on the paper, you're going to fill the hairs with some Grey Inc. And when this is when you can draw on this, you can when When it is dry, you can come back with white pen to just suggest this white light. And these white lights are very efficient to give more life. Sure, you're drawing. Instead of having something very flat, you're going to have some additional small details very easy to add to your character that will make all the difference. So to complete you add some great all around some parts of the drawing, not everywhere with just enough to get some volume in some additional details to make this character very life. So now for the ammo, just also something you have to were carefully you can add some gray on different parts of the army, but to get something shiny a little bit, you can add some great like I'm doing here in the middle of the armor peace and leaving some white space around this could. This'd is tricky because this really on the feeling you can do that. And if you think you added too much, just erase. Get on the whites. It's very to have more white than grey. And if you feel you did a mistake, just erase and just put less great on the arm 5. Naruto draw with procreate: Now we're going to see how to do narrow to famous Megan ever to. But this time we're going to add some color. So I'm starting with this step of its catch. I'm going to add some layers later. First, we started the layer where we draw the main lines. I'm always starting with the left size and drawing right off the right side and trying to respect the proportions and on the fact that the two sides are relatively equal. Um, the symmetry of the current is very important because if you cannot have a part that is different than the other one. So I'm drawing difference lines. And what you can do here is also to two full of this video. By taking your own life, are pensive our paper, and to do the same, try to reproduce every line step by step. So we always try to make this character as ah, similar to the original. There will be probably some difference here, of course, and when you will drove, you will see also differences. That's the more important also to to handle this software and to have the average true draw with it. So if the character is not exactly the same than the original one. It's not a problem. It will come later with practice. And anyway, this is your ability, your skill to use your appropriate secretary. That is more important than just doing simple copy off already existing drawing. So focus on the techniques and this Stickney is also a technique they used among especially for the eyes you can see here. The ice is very simple, with hard to draw anyway, because you have to do have to draw all the detained inside the eyes and there is not much details. There's only one black point, but these two back points on inside of every eyes has to look in the same direction. Don't make them changing a little bit. Are one eyes looking a little bit on the right and the other one and left. Otherwise your capture will looks like a bit weird. So then you complete the global drawing Goebbels catching, and when this is done, you will see gets more realistic, more global vision of your work. So when you're when you're done with this, well, we're going to complete some detail on the sketch before to start the thinking and here we go. We create in your layer and we start drawing very simple line. Don't change the thickness of your brush too much. You just draw with the same thickness all the nine of the character you will see. And it was already set in previous videos that in a manga, the thickness of the lines is very seems similar to one character to another. One thing is when you draw American comic book that will have to play with different thickness is not the case here. So you draw first old do basic outlines all what is around the character inside. And you don't have any hatching or any additional stuff that will make this character too much complex. You keeps very simple this design. - I'm also zooming on the eyes to make sure not creating any mistakes against. See, there is some difference between these two eyes and this is exactly the mister You don't have to do. You have to respect can off symmetry and this matrons to be very important before in the eyes so it later can change it. And I'm drink also, if you have any doubt, it doesn't matter you continue to draw all the parts of your drawing, you know how to draw and you will correct this later. Don't be stuck on something. Just keep going on and continue. We have direct to have a very, very good software. Procreate is very well dumb. You can erase enemies that you have done at any time. So you can't in you the inking. You still have your sketch on the layer below. And you you will see that when inking will be done, we'll hide this sketch layer and we will add the color now to radical on the hairs on taking the selection tool Freehand and I'm selecting the hairs can see. I'm just selecting with the points with the first starting points and doing all the forms with my pencil and joining the first points. When this is done, I'm using a large brush and I'm just fooling in all this hairs. Very simple. So we start to add flat colors, and I'm making sure that I'm using a brush that is not creating a Here's the brush I'm using. If you are looking carefully, it's like it's a bruise. It is like if you was drawing or using uh, painting on the paper. There's kind off effect off paper. Then I'm adding the shadows of the hairs with yellow that beats Docker, adding this and I would do the same for the other side of years, then feeling the color off these parts. And as this part is in metal, I'm going to play with different effects. I'm not feeling completely this form with great. I'm leaving some white space to create this, reflect of the light on it. It's very efficient to really is very simple. Just have to do it like this. And I'm also using ah and now the blue to create another kind of effects off. No kind of reflect on this something nuts more complex than that. You can play with three different colors and just create came off efforts. Now I'm feeling the face to do the face. I'm finished filling it completely before to come back and to complete with the different things we have to erase, especially using the eraser on the ice to keep the ice white and to add some shadows. Now the shadows is down with the dark color. It's a skin color, but Dr Room and I'm adding additional, um, yellow in the first of the hairs I forgot and completing with shows also, as a said it reserved used to. He raised the color in the eyes. So working on the two eyes with adults is in blue inside the ice, and you will see that the sketch is being done rapidly. So what we have seen here is different technique sketching, inking in here in this example off curry so you can go back on the zio, try to reproduce over and over again these different examples just to get habit on, get some easy takings to use your software procreate. And here the videos were a death manga characters, which will see it works with any kind of style.