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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (3h 11m)
    • 1. Meal Planning For Any Diet

    • 2. Instructions

    • 3. About Us

    • 4. Frustrations

    • 5. Samantha's Reasons for Meal Planning

    • 6. Emilio's Reasons for Meal Planning

    • 7. Overview

    • 8. Step 1 - Awareness

    • 9. Is Your Kitchen Ready?

    • 10. Step 2 - Inventory

    • 11. Step 3 - Favorite Meals

    • 12. Step 4 - Food Inventory & Grocery List

    • 13. Step 5 - Sourcing Food and Budget

    • 14. Step 6 - Food Preparations

    • 15. Step 7 - Storing Food

    • 16. Step 8 - Maintenance

    • 17. Step 9 - Enjoy Your Food

    • 18. Food to Go

    • 19. Tour in New Kitchen

    • 20. Watch us Decluttering Our Own Kitchen

    • 21. Our Meal Plan

    • 22. Sourcing Food at the Grocery Store

    • 23. Sourcing Food at the Farmer's Market

    • 24. After Grocery Shopping

    • 25. Cooking for the Week

    • 26. Preparing Fruit

    • 27. One Pot Pasta

    • 28. Delicious Grilled Sandwich

    • 29. Making Spring Rolls

    • 30. How to make aioli mayonnaise chipotle aioli garlic sauce in just over a minute!

    • 31. 14 Days Cabagge Salad

    • 32. Mango Salad

    • 33. Broccoli Salad

    • 34. Greek Salad

    • 35. Salad In a Wrap Or Fresh Spring Rolls

    • 36. Using Tools to Make Mealtime Easier - TV Segment

    • 37. Next Steps

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About This Class

Learn an organized approach to eating food that you love.

Mealtime can lead you to feel overwhelmed, stressed about your choices, and feeling like you’ll never be able to keep up. This course aims to overcome all 3 of those challenges, by introducing a tested method creating your own Organized System for Meal Planning for Any Diet designed by two Professional Organizers who have been in the industry since 2012!

This course covers:

·        Discovering what kind of chef you are and your preferences

·        Creating your ideal kitchen and workspace

·        Real-life case studies with before and after photographs

·        Sample menu plans that can be modified to suit your tastes

·        Industry best practices to follow for maximizing desirable results

There are many benefits to developing a meal plan.  You become a healthier and relaxed person to be around, especially in our fast-paced society. You will develop successful habits that reinforce this new way of eating, so it's a life-long investment of your time spent learning.

Your ability to be open-minded and change your current behaviour will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life including your energy levels, fitness, and overall mental health.


This course contains over 1.5 hours of content. It's designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to create an organized system for meal planning!

You'll learn how to properly set up your kitchen and the practical steps you need to create any meal plan.

You will see the examples applied in real life case studies in a variety of homes.

By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skills that will help you feel confident that meal time will never be stressful again!


If you are interested in diving deeper into other areas of your life you can find more in-depth classes about home organization, paper management, finances, selfcare, meal planning, lifestyle design, and more on our profile


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KW Professional Organizers

Organization | Minimalism | Self Care


 ... aka Emilio and Samantha.


Our most popular courses include How to Declutter & Organize Any Space, What the Heck is Bullet Journaling?, and Meal Planning for Any Diet. 


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1. Meal Planning For Any Diet: welcome to the meal planning course for any diet high demand for Stop Person to be with. We have vast experience of working with our clients one on one in helping them create ideal kitchen spaces and a meal planning system that supports their lifestyle. So if you want to save time, if you want to be better, if you want to lose weight on, if you want to eliminate all their frustrations around me, planning these courses for you, we take you through 1/9 step method that's going to help you understand what your particular kitchen or food preparation area is all about. The foods that you want to eat and then how you can execute back in a simple way, using a basic planning for the week. There are no requirements for this course. He sees our system that can work for anybody. We're going to help you create your own system when it comes to me planning. So we're gonna If you wrote a failure as a lot of practical solutions that you can get in your way, don't pretend to be the experts, but we do know that this system has worked with hundreds of people and it is something that we use ourselves in our own home. So we're going to draw from a variety of examples in and outside of our kitchen toe. Help you see a source, food, prepare food, store food and eat something. So have a look inside of the court. See the previous videos and see if this course is the right fit for you. We have shared the results of what we started in depth so you can have a pick and then hopefully we can see you said. 2. Instructions: welcome to our meal planning course. We are thrilled to have you here. It's our pleasure to be able to share some time with you. We hope that you enjoy the scores on. I just want to make a quick video to show you how to make the most off the course thesis. Emilio on one of the half off family professional organizer's on to get started when you're watching videos are. If we mentioned resource is or links, you can find them on their parades and resource is here on the top on. Then you can find the resource is on the right hand side on. Then you. Can we invite you to join our free our private faithful group by clicking on this link. By doing so, you can get accountability and support from us on a weekly basis. We are doing faithful life videos on a weekly basis, answering questions, sharing content on it, a community for you to help you in your journey off, getting organizing every area off your life. Our meal planning is is a very important one, so when you are access to course, one of the things that would recommend these make sure that you click on the follow so that you get updates off new content that we create when you are watching the videos are there is the speed option here that you can play with. If you are a fast learner, you can speed up the video on. If you want to slow it down, you can also do it to you can add notes toe to the video. This is very cool. You can basically add a public know that everybody can see or are only me. Note is just for you. You can buy whatever you want at that point of the video on, they know it will be saved and you can. You cannot find them after by going to the right top corner here. Bu my note. If you click in there, all the notes that you have created will show up. You can save these cars by clicking here. You can add it to your calendar so that you can create time to what's these videos and put the content into actual on. You can also share the scores with other people by clicking on this bottom if you like it when you were through the course. If you like what you're seeing, we would really appreciate if you can leave us a reveal by clicking on the reveal. Stop on. If you have any questions are you can use the discussion. Stop here and then you can write whatever you feel like. A question, a common suggestions, anything and we will make sure to answer you can also, as I say, join our free friends who grew by going to pray it's and resources and clicking on this link on. We will be very happy to have us. Remember when you finish the course, you can create your project. We have an example here. This is the board that we're using our current kitchen and we explain how we use it. So we will really love if you can share something that you took away from this course and you implemented in your life to make your meal planning easier on faster. So could be a four of your meal plan. Afford off how you are if you have a board your grocery shopping list. Whatever you feel inspired, it will help all their students to get inspired, and we will be very happy to see what you do. Okay, So if you have any questions, we're here for you. Enjoy the content. We will see you at the end of the course. Okay? Happy learning at the US. 3. About Us: Hi, My name is Samantha Kristofferson. My name is putting together we're kw professional organizers and we are going to be your instructors leading me through this course about how to meal plan for any diet. We know how frustrated he could be for a lot of people when it comes to me planning when when it comes to have everything really that you need when you are arrived home and you're tired and you don't have time. So that's why we put together these cars, my experience of being in hospitality and being the primary single cooker for herself for over 10 years. I have a lot of experience with preparing single meals but also preparing for large quantities with, such as weddings and banquets. My experience with me planning started when I moved out of my parent's house and then I didn't have enough time. I didn't have access to a car. I have a really, really limited budget on basically a really want to spend a lot of time cooking, but I wanted to it well, so that's when milk planning came in place and then I designed a system that worked for me on after that I have used me running for the rest of my life on its mean, like left transforming. So we really believe that meal planning contains your life. If you are looking to be more effective, producing more males in less time, that's these courts can be for you. So with our clients, we've witnessed that one of the main things that they suffer from is not having enough time , but also not having enough energy. And we believe that if you have a healthy meal plan, something that you enjoy eating and something that doesn't cause stress when it comes to what's for dinner, you're able to do a lot more things that you know you don't have to think about because you're well fed and you have good, positive energy. So we think that if you can take the time and go through a meal planning course, no matter what you eat, you'll be able to design something that works for you. And meal planning will no longer be a hassle or stress event. We're looking forward to see you inside the course 4. Frustrations: today, we're gonna talk about the things of the reasons why you might be looking for a reason to meal plan. So in every household everywhere, you probably have heard what's for dinner, and this could cause a lot of frustration. If you're living in a busy household, it's really easy to neglect or oftentimes forget about what it what it is that you're going to be consuming for that day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. And it caused a lot of frustration. So we want to find out what your current frustrations are. What we've heard from our clients when we're working with them about meal planning is that they often cite a lack of time as being the number one cause for why they can't meal plan or why they're not eating the foods that they want to eat. Or maybe they're spending more than they need to be. So lack of time We all have 24 hours in a day. It's just about how we set ourselves up for success, and that's what this course will aim to do is to set you up for success so that meal time, whether it be in the morning, afternoon or night is always ready for you to be able to make something and enjoy something that makes you feel well. Another reason that people often seek out meal planning is budget. Maybe you're constrained to, ah, limited source of income. Maybe income isn't a problem, but you'd like to start diverting money to potentially a traveling vacation instead of, you know, impulse purchases at the local restaurants. So budget could be something that comes into play. If you're always working within a limited budget meal planning is actually the number one way that you can save a lot of money, and we'll prove that to you over the span of this course. Prepping is another reason that people have a difficult time with meal planning. They often find or have seen videos that say, You know, it takes hours upon hours to prep foods or make cut, uh, heart shaped cutouts of your sandwiches for your kids lunches. But prepping is actually one of the most simple things when you make it a routine. So after your purchasing your food will talk about the different ways that you can prepare your foods in a quick and easy manner so that they're easily accessible. And you're often doing it at just one time at the beginning of the week, as opposed to several times, over and over. Another frustration is the planning itself. What do we plan for? Does that mean I'm not gonna have any diversity and what I'm eating? I don't want to be that person who eats rice and beans every day for dinner. But planning is actually something that's really exciting for me. Personally. I love I love meal planning. I never used to be like that. I actually thought that it would kill all of my creativity. But my partner, Emilio, who will probably share with you, had a really hard time understanding what it was that he was going to make when it was hurt his turn for dinner. So we compromised and we started doing meal planning, and we'll tell you a little bit more about that story. But the planning is actually something that over time the more you meal plan, the faster you become at it, and the more it just seems like second nature, as opposed to a chore. Another frustration that people have are finding the right recipes. So what do I want to eat? What if I'm trying a new diet, or what? If I'm trying to eat certain foods, how do I find the recipes? I know that with today's technology, many, many of us might search on a phone for a great recipe. But then you're inundated with tons of different options for for recipes and things to cook , and that can be really overwhelming. So we'll discuss some of the things and ways of mitigating those frustrations. So variety. We also talked about that not having enough variety. But again, that's all part of building out your meal plan. Maybe in the beginning you're working with a few set of recipes that are your favorites, but over time you can start to build in variety. I know a lot of people who like to eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner a week long, because it makes it really, really simplistic. But if you're someone who's worried about variety, don't worry. We've got your bases covered. Another frustration that can lead people to meal planning is the actual health concerns. So maybe you've had a health concern come up and you now have to modify your diet. Maybe you've been diagnosed with diabetes or you're no longer allowed to eat gluten because you found out that you have an intolerance. All of those kinds of things can really throw up. Throw a stick in your real when it comes to what you're eating on a regular basis. But the fact of the matter is, one of the best ways to make sure you're eating the foods that you want to be eating and that are good for your health is by setting up a really great plan. And sometimes that means learning new ways of cooking new ways of eating new foods that you've never touched before. But that can also be very exciting. So I encourage you to take a few minutes right now. Think about what your current frustrations, our because we really want you to identify that before you jump into the course, because we'd like to solve those frustrations. So take it a couple of minutes. Think about it, write it down and we'll see in the next video 5. Samantha's Reasons for Meal Planning: So I just want to tell you a little bit about why I got served with meal planning. I was forced into it. It wasn't something I wanted to dio. I actually believed that it was going to make everything that I made shitty. And I'm sorry for swearing, but I just wanted to say that because I know a lot of people who are really opposed to meal planning, but the reality was that I had to make a compromise for my relationship. My partner really struggled with not having a meal plan, and he made a lot of good arguments of Why can't we try it? And so we got started with just planning for mealtime. We weren't doing breakfast and lunch. We didn't want to make it complicated, but we wanted to know What were we gonna have on a weekly basis Sunday to Sunday? Um, And what was that plan gonna look like? Who was gonna cook in one. So when we first got started, it was a little bit difficult. What was I supposed to pick out? How am I supposed to know how I'm gonna feel and what I want to eat? But the reality was that everything that I objected to quickly just turned into know that really didn't matter. So as we got meal planning, I actually kind of got excited about it every day. I was less stressed, even though I considered cooking to be a really fun activity. I didn't actually realised that there were times when I was tired and exhausted after working that I didn't want to decide what it was that we were gonna be eating. And meal planning saved me from that. When I was tired, I just had to look at the board that we created and was like, Wow, okay, tonight we're having spaghetti and that's the sauce has already made in the freezer. I just have to pull it out, and I have to cook some past and make a salad. So it was really simple. So as I kept going, I'm now six years into meal planning. Thanks to Emilio, it's actually something that I really look forward to, and I'm now the one who motivates him to meal plan. So it's actually a kind of funny thing that I'm a big promoter of meal planning. I've seen a lot of changes and I've seen changes in our clients and her friends and her family who started to do meal plans, especially people with really busy lives. Eso I encourage you to write down all the reasons why you might not want a meal plan and then test it and see if those reasons actually become things that don't that don't matter anymore. Another reason why I love meal planning now is because it I I grew up in a family where every month I got paid $5. This is when I was young. I got paid $5 to clean the fridge, maybe once a month or once every two months. And that chore actually had me filling up a black garbage bag with things that had expired . Gone mouldy old, soggy lettuce that you couldn't eat cause it was brown and that was my normality. So it was something that, you know, that was just normal to throw up food. Now, when I meal plan, there is no waste and I'm not lying to you. There's no soggy lettuce. There is nothing that goes bad in our fridge. The only thing that we might throw food wise is because we made something really bad, and it's just not edible, which is very, very rare that occurs. But I'm just letting you know that just because you've been living a certain way for a while and that feels comfortable if there are things that you want to change. If you've watched the current frustrate ins, what are your current frustrations? If you have any of those Neil planning, most likely is going to solve them for you. It certainly has. For me. It's changed my body. I've lost weight. I am more energy consistent throughout the day because I'm eating regular meals. I'm not skipping meals is often, and I definitely don't have stress when it comes to What are we gonna have at meal time? So I encourage you have a peek up meal planning and give it a try. 6. Emilio's Reasons for Meal Planning: in this video I want to share with you why I would started with me planning It all started when I finish out school. And then I lived by myself with my partner at the time, Laura. And then we moved into an apartment together and we didn't have a lot of time. I was studying in the morning. I was working in the evenings on. I love doing activities. I was doing a lot of hiking. So weakens for me. That wasn't the right time to do anything at home. So I really wanted to get everything done during the week and then cooking meals, buying food. It was a struggle. We didn't have a car at the time. We live kind of far from work. So what's happening is that every week I was making poor choices because I didn't have enough food or I didn't have the time to go. Or when I heard the expiration to cook something, I didn't have the right ingredients. So it was very, very frustrating on I honestly had activities every single day, so I had to find a plan. I had to find a solution to make these work on the solution for me. Waas A few things. One of them was to make a list off all the things that I wanted to it from Monday to Sunday , and then I did for four weeks. I know that sounds a little bit overwhelming, but I didn't do four sets off meal Planning week, one week to Week three and Week four on. I used to do the shopping. Try some off and I didn't go to the store I was or the name on line. Why? Because if you go to the store first, you need to carry everything if you don't have a car that has struggled. Second, it's very easy to get distracted on to buy things that you don't need on. It's very difficult to keep track off how much money you are spending, so you put things in your car shopping cart, but you don't know how much money you have in there unless you have a calculator and you are kind off doing the math. So it's very frustrating. I did try that, but I didn't like it. So for me, the solution was to shop online and to have that meal planning that allow me to know the ingredients that I need it on when So that allowed me to be very, very efficient with my time. I was doing Meal prep on Fridays evenings. That's when the shipping was coming with the food. And then that same day I used to spend one hour to two hours doing all the prep, cooking, all the meals. And then everything was ready in Tupperware in the fridge for the week, so that were really well, and that's how I've been rolling since then. So when I met Samantha, she's really within the kitchen. Her background is the hospitality, so she's very good with chopping things in providing, making meals from I opened the fridge and I don't see anything. And then she opens the freedom. She sees 15 different recipes. So for me it was a struggle when I came here and lived with her on. That's why I introduce her to the mill planning idea. And I talked her like, Why don't we just test it? Because I will feel better and then I can participate, because if if you are forcing me into doing something that I don't really know how to do it . It's cannot be very difficult, and I waas dropping the ball a lot of the times, and then she was getting upset with me. So the funny thing is that six years later, now it's kind off the opposite. Now it's funny because I know how to go where more recipes island hello from being with her and now I can improvise way more. So some weeks I'm kind off Lacey. I don't want to meet planets matters, I usedto. But now Samantha is the one that is. She's 14 me all the time to do it, so life evolves. I mean, planning can solve a lot of the problems, but it all depends on your needs or your specific situations on for some people meal cooking. It's great and they love it, and it's a self care time. I said meditation every day, and that's great. But some other people, they don't really want to invest a lot of time and energy so that when meal planning can help you, like safe time, be more effective, safe morning and have more tend to do the activities that you love. So those are my reasons for why I could study with me planning on. I'm pretty sure you may have some in the next video we're going toe the final, the steps that we follow on that we're going toe talk about in this course. 7. Overview: in this video, I want to share with you the nine steps that we're going to follow. In this course, these steps came from us working with a lot of people on also from our own experience. If you follow these steps, we can't say that you're going to be successful with whatever may planning you are planning toe to approach. So the step number one is understanding yourself. Step number two, its inventory, your tools. And it was that you have around the kitchen is very important to know what you have access to. Step three. We're gonna life into recipes and creating a plan that you can follow. The Step four is going to be the grocery list on inventory your food and eat food that you may have in your country on anything that you may need to cook the recipes that you have planned. The step number five feet Sourcing your foot on creating value if you need to step six is going to be the actual preparing the food, getting the food ready. The step seven is going to be How are you going to start this food? One of the reasons that may be planning work is that you can cook more quantity, and then you can store the leftovers for for another day. So how do you store those things? Number eight is maintaining the system. When we are organizing, we are always creating steps, creating a system. And then it's very easy that some of the things are not perfect. So feel free to tweak things, and we're gonna help you do just that on the last one is going to be Enjoy your food. So I hope you can follow these steps. And in the next videos, we're gonna die deep into each of these 19 steps. See you in the next video. 8. Step 1 - Awareness: Let's do anything to stay. Well, stay one is understanding yourself. This is probably the most important step because the meal planning is going to be. It's gonna look very, very different, depending on your specific situations. So when we talk about understanding yourself, we're going to help you dive into these are step with a few questions. One of them is like, Do you enjoy grocery shopping? It's that an activity that you enjoy or do you want to do it as fast as possible? How much standard you want to spend cooking? Are you a patient that relaxes while cooking or your patient feels frustrated with while cooking? So it depends on on that, like you may enjoy more recipes, more complicated recipes. Or maybe you want more simplicity. Do you have you for cooking again? I think it's important to understand what kind of chef are you? Are you, Ah, a daily chef that you like cooking every single day? Do you like cooking maybe once a week and trying to have everything ready for the week? How many activities are you planning in your week? How much time really do you have? So that's really important because that's kind of changed. The plan on every person is going to be different. How much started space do you have? So it's great if you can cook quantity, but do you have enough space to store that food? In our case, we have an extra like freezer. It's a full length, full size freezer that allows us to start a lot of food. But if you are maybe living in an apartment and your freezer is very tiny, you have to take into account. How much food can you start? Because if you cook a lot, but then the food goes by because you don't have enough space with story, that's not a good idea. Also, when you buy food and supplies, cans and things like that is very important to know how much pantry space and cover space do you have in your kitchen. Because over buying things are not having enough space to store them can cause a lot of clatter in your kitchen because you don't know where to put things. They don't fit and then things start to pile up, and that's when problems get started and then you one use your kid's in us as much as you want it because it's no convenient on. Then you will feel frustrated. What kind of kittens can do you have? Do you know how to go? Basic recipes are Can you cook more elaborated? Recipe. So are you more a simplistic person? This may change the recipes and you will choose. And this may change the amount of time that you will spend cooking. So these are the questions that you can as yourself to, like, try to understand. What kind of person are you? What kind of chef are you? How much time you want to spend? How many times do you wanna go grocery shopping? All these leaders are going to affect in the meal planning that you're going to create. And they are really, really important. This is the first step on the most important one because we want to help you create a meal plan that suits your specific needs. I hope you enjoy this video on Samantha would do the next one 9. Is Your Kitchen Ready?: in this video. I want to talk to you about one of the most important spaces that happens to involve what the meal planning is, and that is your kitchen or the space in which you prepare your food. Now, not everyone has a large kitchen. Some people just have a small space. Some people have a common space in which they share, but we want to talk about the importance of Is your kitchen ready? Because meal planning is going to mean that you're changing a little bit of your lifestyle , and that means your kitchen might evolve with you and change a lot. So as you can see from those, these photos thes air clients, photos that we've worked with in their kitchens and often times a very common display is that we see over crammed cupboards. We see cupboards with lots of different notes and reminders. We see covers that have food in them at the very back that you can't see anymore that have gone expired. And so one of the things that we want to encourage you to dio is to start fresh, get your kitchen ready for this new step that you're going to be doing. And don't worry if that seems a little bit intimidating. We can talk a little bit about how you can go about doing something like this with a client story that will share show you the step by step of how we helped him to clutter the kitchen before he could start with the new meal planning system. So in this next image, you can see the junk drawer, the utensil drawer, and I think this is a really common display for a lot of people is that oftentimes we get a lot of those tools that we think are gonna be really handy. But over time we build up a lot of them, and then they start to clutter our space. And then it actually becomes impossible to find the potato peeler or the flipper that you need. Or, you know, the let's, say, the garlic grinder. Anything like that. It could be something that's very difficult when we have too many tools. So it's important to know what tools are going to be your best tools for meal planning, and we'll talk about that in a later video. The next image that you're going to see are just no counter space. So this is going to really hinder your ability to move forward with your meal planning when you don't have the space to be able to prep or to be able to cook. So we really encourage you. Have a look at your kitchen. Do you have a clear working space that you can lay out your cutting board that you can bring your groceries home onto and lay them out so that you can get started cooking because that's going to motivate you to keep moving forward? If you come home and you're looking at a counter like you can see in the image here, you're going to be pretty frustrated that Where do I put the groceries? Where do I cook? I have toe move all of this to the side so it can be something that actually d motivates you for moving forward with meal planning. So let's talk about how we can get started by using a client story for an example. This client's home, one of the first cover it's we showed you he had some common frustrations, and so when we're decluttering, we always encourage you to touch everything in that space on. I know you're thinking that's really overwhelming. We actually have another course about de cluttering and organizing any space that dives into all of the details and really detailed videos that you can watch in another time if you're interested. But for this example, we took everything out of the cupboards and we identified what were his goals, because this is the most important thing, understanding what it is that you want to achieve before you get started with decluttering . So his goals were to have a clear countertop to create a breakfast station because we've all been zombies in the morning and you want to make it really easy for accessing the things that you want to eat in the morning. He wanted to improve the flow of the kitchen, and he wanted to have easy access on all of those cupboards and shelves. Okay, so once we had those goals, we also wanted to know, Why are you making these changes? Why did you call us what's what's really motivating you? And he said to himself, Or he said to us that he found himself eating out too much, so a lot of expensive food bills. He also throat threw away a lot of expired foods. So that's never feels good, right when you spend the money and then you don't eat it and you just it's basically like taking money and putting it in the garbage can. But he also want He loved cooking and he wanted to feel more comfortable. Innocent kitchen. So that was his Why. So I encourage you to take a minute here. You can press pause on the video. What are your goals when it comes to your kitchen and what's your Why why are you doing this? Why are you meal planning now? And why might you want to get your kitchen ready? Afterwards, you can see the covers and we've created zones. So if you look on the bottom left of the picture, you're going to see the can zone. We used a little half split shelf that really inexpensive solution so that you can store multiple cans on top of each other without having to lift and move off things. We put all searches together in the shelf above. On the very top shelf there. We have soda pops because he liked having soda drinks um, for mixing and all that kind of stuff. But we put that a little bit higher because it's not something that he's eating all of the time on the bottom, right? You'll see this is the coffee station in the T section. He loved warm bedroom beverages, was always having a cup of coffee in the morning, always having tea throughout the day. So we've put the sugar, honey, coffee, tea all in the same place and then above that, some dry condiments and then above that baskets with handles for ease of use so that he could store his spices and, you know, extra sauce packages and things like that. Here's a close up of what the of the after looks like. You'll see that the coffee station, the coffee, the grinder and the toaster is all right below that zone that we set up for the coffee station. So you got your breakfast zone ready to go, and you'll also see, you know the bins with handles makes it easier for people who are vertically challenged to be able to reach those upper shelves Here. We've done a little bit of more maximizing and optimizing of the space in the cover. We just used inexpensive solutions to add some height and use the depth of the cover so you've got plates on top of plates, but you don't have to do that lifting offing. And these solutions are anywhere from 2 to $7 it's always really important to measure your cupboards before you go out and buy products you always want to declutter before you make any purchase is because these things often times you don't need to buy anything. And here's a couple other solutions that are gonna help with the meal planning in the cooking. Ah, lazy Susan turntable so that you're able to find the sauces that you need without having to do this kind of dig and and dive through, and also a tiered spice rack so that you can see the spices at the back because they're smaller and you can see those elevated. I want to show you another example of a kitchen on this client called us because after unfortunately of the loss of a job she had spiralled into always ordering in and bringing take out home, and it was something that was really affecting her health and something that she wanted to make a change for. So you can see in the kitchen we've got a pile up of things and don't make Don't be too quick to judge. She wanted to make change. She wanted to have a kitchen that looked sparkling clean, ready for her to cook. So if you look in the image now, you can see it's a much brighter space. We've used green painters tape as temporary labels because we change some of the placement of where things were we went through. We touched every item in the kitchen and assessed. Does it belong here? Is it still useful? If it's not, where else can we put it, or can we donate it or sell it on? Then we set her up with the station so you can see on the little covered or the shelf below the window. We've got her slow cooker and a rice cooker there on. Then we're going to show you in. The other image is how we set up the dishes to be a little bit differently. You can see before that there's a lot of different dishes inside of the cupboards, but in fact, she wasn't using all of them and the beautiful gold dishes or orange dishes that you see at the top. Those were just sentimental items that she had inherited from her grandmother that she didn't want to let go of, but she didn't use. So we took them and we moved them to the very top of the covers, which is, you know, really hard to reach. And we kind of stage those dishes. So now when she opens the coverage, she always sees thumb. But they're not taking up prime real estate. And we helped out by staging the big serving plates in behind those dishes so that the things that she wanted to be able to use maybe every so often weren't taking up prime real estate where potentially the glasses or the plates could be. Also here is a really important space. As you walked into her kitchen, you could see it became kind of a dumping ground in and around the space. It had a lot of things that didn't necessarily match what she wanted. She had cookbooks hidden down below in the in the left hand side. You can see, and she wanted to start getting back into those cookbooks. So we we called through them. We looked through them and decide which ones were her favorite. We put them in a nice basket up on top of the microwave. So now it's really easy for her to get inspiration when she needs that. She's got a nice box of wine there. So when she comes home, she can just fill a glass, relax and get started. After a long day at work on. We've put her step stool there. So anything that she needs to access, that's a little bit higher up. It's nice and easy for her to be able to grab safely. So right now, I want you to do a little bit of an exercise. Okay, um, take a minute and walk. Walk through this exercise with me. I want you to rate from 0 to 10. How you feel in your kitchen right now. Zero means you're down in the dumps and you don't feel great about it at all. You'd be happy if you never had to go back into it. 10. You love your kitchen. There's nothing you'd change about it. Everything's great. Think about that. And Rachel kitchen space for the place in which you prepare food. Now, after you've done that exercise and feel free to pause if I'm moving too quickly, I want you to rate again from 0 to 10. How you feel about your cooking right now. Zero. I'm not enjoying my cooking. I don't even cook. I'm only eating to survive, and I always buy out 10. I feel great about my cooking. I'm making great recipes. The food is giving me lots of positive energy. Give yourself a rating. 0 to 10. How are you feeling right now? This is going to change over time as well. Sometimes during periods where we feel really, really good about our spaces and the food we cook. Sometimes we don't feel well at all. It's really important to use this as a tool of reflection so that you can make changes so that you're not feeling down anymore. And then lastly, I want you to think about what would you like to change if you could snap your finger and change one thing and it would give you so much? Um, joy? What would it be? So think about what that ISS and write that down. We've attached a worksheet for you. It's a pdf that you can print off at your leisure and we call it your kitchen worksheet. And the reason why we have this is so that you can keep your ideas all of one piece of paper. So, as you can see through the pdf, we want you to give your kitchen project a name. We want you to give yourself a timeline. When would you like to accomplish these things By If you need to get your kitchen ready, how much time do you need to do that? If you want to start meal planning, when would you like to start meal planning? And it could be one year from now. It could be one hour from now. When you finish the course. What do you love about your kitchen? Definitely want to write down all those things that you love? And what do you hate about your kitchen? Fill out those steps, and then from those pieces of information you can start to pull it. What are the tasks that you need to dio? Well, maybe one of the task, for example, is I need to clear off my countertops, so that's a task. Maybe another task is to I need to go through and I need to look at my food and see what's there. I need to sit down, and I need to think about how I feel in my kitchen right now. I need to rate myself out of 10 about how I feel about my cooking. These can all be simple tasks. Challenge is the reason why we want you to write down. What the challenges might be is because if you're able to name them and visualize what those challenges are, write them down your then more likely to succeed in overcoming them. So the challenges that you could have are maybe budget is an issue. Maybe you share the space with someone who's not on the same page with you. That could be a challenge. Maybe you can't have food out because you have a pet that just loves to, you know, destroy and consume anything that is left out on a counter thes air, all different types of challenges that you could have. So take some time now, think about this worksheet, fill it out and then we'll see you in the next video 10. Step 2 - Inventory: they're starting to step to inventory your tools. This step is the one that is going to allow you to recognize and become aware of all the tools that you have accessible in your kitchen. Tools are anything that will facilitate the process off cooking meals like knives, cutting boards, carport, ports, pants any any appliance that you may have like on open toaster. The open, the actual stuff. Rice cooker, magic, bullet blenders. Anything that you may have, it's going to be very nice to become aware I make a lease off them because that's kind of help you make. You may plan way more effective. Okay, in our case, for example, I can share the ones that I use on why I use them so that you can have an example. I like to cook several things at once. So if I'm putting aside a couple of hours, maybe on a weekend or on an evening on, I'm planning on cooking. I tried to cook a few things at the same time. Why? Because I like cooking, but I also love doing other activities. So I'm not the kind of person that loves cooking every single day for two hours. That's not me. I could Yeah, but I get more inspiration from doing other activities. Like going to the gym, playing squash, biking, spending time with friends, reading you name it, whatever activity you like. In my case, I like to cook a few things at once. So in my case, I use the stuff I make. Cook something on the pan. I may have something in the open like our potatoes. So something roasting there, I may put the crop put at the same time. Maybe I'm also doing like coal things like her Mazar Mountains. So sources prepping vegetables on the cutting board with with my knife. So those are things. A few ideas that I used to make the meal planning war for me. So in your case again, make a little folded tools that you have the ones that aren't relevant or you no longer need a Samantha says, Let them go. And yes, half they once a dual, often are using all the time you are planning on starting to use. Have them accessible and have them conveniently located in your kitchen. If you are a person that likes your phone and you like APs. There a few ups out there that can help you with the meal planning. We have no big there something in using ups in the kitchen. I have tried to redress it base, and then I find it very annoying having to my phone goes blank. I have to, like, put my pattern and then I have to look in the screen. It's really distracting. And then I get a loan notification showing up, so I get interrupted a lot. So I don't like having my from what I'm cooking. But if you like it, you can use. You can try some of these chaps. Some of the leads are cook smart. Plan to eat paper plate. Say please on paprika again. Test them. If you are are mobile person, give it a try, see if some of them help you. They can help you with the pressure released toe. I know that there is another up for fliers that you can use if you are. If you want to become a word of flyers and what kind of things are going on on what store? So tools are something that are very important to be aware off I invite you to make the exercise make our lives off all the tools that you have tried to think about. What kind of recipes and meals can you make with each of them? And then if you are the kind of person like me that you want to be more effective, spend less time and cook more things at the same time? Maybe you can match. What kind of tools can I use at the same time? And maybe you can cook a few things all I want. I hope this video was helpful on. We will see you in the next one. 11. Step 3 - Favorite Meals: all right. People were on the step three. This is an exciting one. And I hope you've already eaten something. Because if you haven't, it's gonna make you a little bit hungry. Ah, Unless you don't get excited about talking about the different types of foods you're gonna eat, I definitely am going to start salivating a little bit. So Step three. Let's talk about what your favorite meals are on. Let's create a basic plan. I know you're thinking that's step three. How can we already be creating a plan when we didn't even talk about these things? But it's actually supposed to be a lot more simple and not as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be Okay, So first things first. What are your favorite meals? Pause this video, Take two seconds and draw it down as many of your favorite meals as you can right now. Okay, Once you've done that, we're going to be talking about the ideas for recipes. Where do you get new ideas for recipes? Is it online? Is it by typing in an ingredient? Say, sometimes when I have, you know, a piece of broccoli, eggplant and cheddar cheese. I might type those three things into Google and just see what recipe comes up because, most likely, someone's created. A recipe for those three things all together in one place is not always necessarily good, but it's a good way of finding out how to use up the things that you've got left over in your kitchen when you're going through and you're saying what your favorite meals are. If you're planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner, start thinking about what your favorite meals are for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And after we make that list, we can kind of divide it down into How long do those things take? Are these quick meals? Are they more complicated meals? But what's most important is that you're just talking about what your favorite foods are. Your favorite food could be a simple as I like tuna casserole. So can a tuna can of mushroom soup and some pasa. Throw that together, put it in the oven and call it a day or could be something as simple is toast. There's a whole movie that's just called toast about a famous food critic in the UK Toast is a really nice thing that a lot of people have at breakfast time. Maybe it's a simple is throwing a baguette into the in the toaster, putting some olive oil or butter on that and jam. And just having that for breakfast. That can be a favorite meal, and that can be on your meal plan. So create that list. When you're creating that list, I want you to think of variety. You can see here a few of the images if you have a crock pot at home or you've ever used a crock pot before, you know that it's a really great tool for throwing things together, letting it cook throughout the day. While you're making that list, I want you to think about the variety. As you can see from the image here. Crock Pots could be something that's a really handy tool for people who are a little bit busy and don't want to be there observing and watching something on the stove. So here we've got a nice little dish that a keen wah dish that you've thrown peppers, chillies, black beans, corn and spices into add some water. And then you've got something that's gonna cut, cook up all over the over the course of the day, and then when you get home is gonna be this delicious kind of Mexican keen wah bowl that you think scoop out and serve maybe with a little bit of sour cream or something cool like yogurt on top. Um, another thing you could do is, ah, Powerball. I tend to give suggestions that arm or gluten free vegetarian options because everybody can eat those things. Just because you're eating something that might be vegetarian or vegan doesn't make you a vegetarian or vegan. Eating. These types of Powerball's can be really exciting because you can put anything that you want into it, and you can make it really colorful so you can have fun. Kids tend to like things that are a little bit colorful, a swell, because it's kind of like playing so here in the image you can see you've got a plate of homis with some chick peas, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, avocado. Put it all together and you've got yourself a really nice snack plate for lunch time. Smoothies are a great way for consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables that you might need to eat, but you're doing it in a liquid form, so it's easy to take it on. The go and Mason Jar works really well, which is just a glass jar with resealable lip. You can take those things on the run, keep them in the fridge. They also store for a couple of days, depending on what your ingredients are in them. And as you can see by the rainbow of color, you've got lots of different options to be able to consume those fruits and vegetables and feel really good about it. Um, other things that you can think about are what are easy. Take out things so it could be a simple as an omelet. Or maybe some cut up chicken over some rice noodles, lime onion, anything at all. Think a little bit outside the box and have some fun with the variety and diversity of it. Let's make a basic plant just for fun. You've got your staples, you've got your favorite meals. You've got the things that you know how to make and are really simple and basic. You've got a template attached to this court, so I want you to go ahead and print that off or just draw it on a piece of paper because it's very simple days of the week and then breakfast, lunch and dinner. So in the template, I now want you to fill in the blanks. You basically just need 21 idea. So if you're a list came up to 21 you're good. If you don't have 21 things, you can duplicate things you could also put into south some of the blanks reasons to maybe not make something at home. Maybe you're going out for dinner with a friend. Maybe someone's invited you over. Maybe you can plan to have a leftover day eso as you can see from the template. It's very simple in the fact that you just need to fill in what some of those favorite meals are. Then, from that plan, we're gonna move forward into the next step on and keep watching 12. Step 4 - Food Inventory & Grocery List: it's nothing to step. Number four. This tape is all about doing an inventory of everything that you have at home on also creating a shopping list off anything that you may need to cook the meals that you have planned. It's very, very important to make an inventory of all the things that you have in your freight in your freezer in your country, on anywhere around your house. Food wise. Why? Because if you don't do that, a lot of people are serving away a lot off food because it gets expired because they don't know they have it on its very easy to show from home. We have a really fun exercise, and it's like every month we try to go down to almost zero. So we tried to empty the freed. We tried to empty maybe the pantry not completely, because we have some canned goods. But we try our best to use all the greens to use all the things that can get but quickly, like in a few days. And then we go down to Cedo, and that allows us also to be way more intentional on. It's very easy to open a fridge and have a few options. Dreaded an open of freedom, half a no overwhelming amount of things that you can't even access even to the back. Okay, so the first thing is take out a part of paper that can look like this and then a pencil, and then you can write down everything that you have in your fridge. If everything that you have in your freezer, everything that you have in your country for free, certain items, we normally use our this kind of tape with a market, and then we've right what it is, because if you don't do it, you don't know what it is. After a few weeks, you will forget. I tell you I do all the time, Okay. And then once you know the ingredients that you have, you may want to create that plan using the ones that you have. If they're something missing, that's when you can do the shopping list. That's when you're going to bright. In our case, we use something similar to this is like a board that you can write and you can erase in our kitchen. We have a piece of glass on the world that works the same way you can use whatever system some people use their phone. Some people use our notebook. It doesn't matter as long as you can find it on as long as you can keep track off everything that you need. So this is really important. We really, really recommend to do this step because if you skip it and you go on by new things, most likely you will know what you have on. Most likely, food will go about quickly. I want to share with you before I go the shopping list that we have. Why? Because everything that you go shopping, you kind of like the same kind of recipes. So you end up buying a lot off the same things over and over. So by having a shopping list that looks like this on inclusive things that you always buy, it's a really good reminder. In case you forgot to write something down, you will really here and you will remember very easily. We normally click the things that we need, and then we take that with us to the grocery store. We also try to use the phone, but again, we are not very form people, I think because looking at the form when you are trying to do the grocery is very distracting on. I can see things easily on. I cannot do that. They kind of think so. Maps allow you to do that, but they're not as convenient. But if you are a phone patient and you love, perhaps maybe that works for you, so the system doesn't matter. The important thing about the step is to have a clear inventory off everything that you have on. This is something that you may repeat every week or every month because you may forget. Or maybe one day you don't keep it up up to date, but you can always go back, spend a few minutes and then do it. I hope you enjoy this video on Stay tuned for the next one. 13. Step 5 - Sourcing Food and Budget: So we're here at step number five, which is sourcing your food and preparing a budget. We've only got nine steps in the whole plan, so we're halfway through. First thing I want you to think about when you're talking about sourcing your food. Is that the first place you should always look for your food when making any kind of recipes or making a meal plan is to shop at home first on the reason being, if you've got food and there that you've been kind of bypassing, like what is this weird can of turtle soup? I'm never going to make that, but it stays in your Kupper. One of the reasons that we ask you to shop at home first is if you're coming across some of those items that you just aren't really using those air really great items for your local food bank. OK, go ahead and take those out of the cupboard and just give yourself the space and clarity of seeing what it is that you want to cook. Okay. It can also be very helpful if you've done that decluttering step of getting your pantry or getting your food areas ready before you actually start meal planning, but shopping at home first really helps you avoid buying duplicates So you're going out because you want to prepare the chicken carbon era. Ah, and you buy against a package of spaghetti noodles. But when you get home, you look in the cover and you're like I already have four packages of spaghetti noodles. Maybe someone else picks them up or you forgot you had them. Eso. It's really important that you have a look through your home. First on have a peek just because the more that you have and the more that you build up, sometimes it's nice to have stables in the cupboard, but if you have too many of them, there are actually going to prevent you from being able to use that food that you've got stored away. The thing that we want to talk about is, where are you sourcing your food? Where do you buy your food from? Ah, Sometimes there are people who are getting for multiple places. Maybe you are just getting from the local shop that's closest to your home. Maybe it's what's most convenient on the way home. Maybe your shopping online and you're getting it delivered. But there's a lot of alternatives to grocery stores that I wanted to just quickly let you know about. We're very fortunate here in Ontario, Canada, that we have options for in the summer time getting local produce, getting, see essays. But C s a. What is that? It's community shared agriculture, and what it is is generally a farmer or collective of people who are purchasing bulk items . So lettuces, carrots, potatoes, all of that kind of good vegetable produce, and then they create boxes for people. Now they can create boxes for a single person living on their own, or they can create boxes for families of eight s. So it really depends on how much food that you are purchasing for yourself. But see, essays can actually be a very affordable option for getting really fresh local produce shipped to your house or shipped to a place where you have a pickup location. Ah, and the nice thing about that is it encourages you to use the local produce. It gives you items that maybe you not necessarily always by, so it gets you to be a little bit creative. But there's also kind of ah, back set to that is that normally you have to pay for that. That C s a membership right up front. So it could be a few $100 to buy your produce for the entire summer. But then you don't have to spend any more money for the rest of the summer. It's just coming to you on a weekly or biweekly basis. Ah, so those are the kinds of things you can investigate around community shared agriculture. Another service that you can look for is food delivery services. So when we're often talking to people who are in retirement homes or in, um, spaces that are a little bit more difficult, mobility is an issue to be able to get to grocery stores. Food delivery services can really help you get the foods that you need, but bring it to your door. Often times there's a small delivery fee charge anywhere from 5 to 25 Canadian dollars to get it delivered to your home. But what they do is that they go ahead and they do all that shopping. You give them what it is that you want to buy. They put into a box and they deliver it to your home. So that's a really nice option for people who are time strapped and have a little bit of extra disposable income to put towards sourcing the food. Ah, local market is another really great place to source food, even local pre made foods. So there are a lot of vendors and restaurants who will often times on the weekends, or, if there's a day of the week that you're city or community, has a local market, will make prepared foods may be fresh bread or on Panetta's that you can put into the freezer Perot G's or things like that. Jered items like pickles, jams. But they also have local produce that you can normally be getting so you can get a lot of bulk purchases if you've got a larger family. Or sometimes you're lucky you're just able to buy one item at a time. So as opposed to a grocery store, which tends to put things in bags and give just one price tag. If you're at a local market and you're cooking for one person, you can say I just need to carrots and one onion. Can I do that, and almost every single time the producer or the seller is going to say absolutely all saw that two U. S. Oh, that's another option is local markets. We personally use a local market, probably every two weeks, on a Saturday. We like to make an experience out of it. So whether we're bicycling there or taking the car will generally have a nice kind of pastry and coffee, maybe out at a local coffee shop or something from a market vendor. And then we'll go around and will pick up the produce that we can get. And I personally like canning So local markets are actually the best place for me to be able to buy. Ah, large amount of food so potentially, if I'm making pickles, I could buy a whole bunch of cucumbers like a court of them for such a small price on then , of course, I have a lot of work to do to get those ready. There's also direct purchases from farmers or producers of food, so if you are is somewhere out in the country or your have a connection to a local farmer or producer, Ah, you live near fruit orchard it's always worth it to stop in at those places. If they have ah store and they allow for visitors, stop in and say, Hey, you know, I'm really looking Teoh get apples on a weekly basis. Can I? Can I come here and can I purchase them? Oftentimes they'll have deals or they're there already open to the idea and doing it for other people. So going directly to the source for your food is also a nice option if you're someone who's in the middle of Metropolis and you don't have those options to those didn't direct connections to farmers. Don't worry. You're still getting really good produce. You're just going to have to seek your food out in a little bit different way. So one of the things that I wanted to talk about is a very popular store like Costco is someplace that sells bulk items, bulk food for very good prices. You pay a membership to be a part of their of their store on. Often you're rewarded with deals and bulk purchases. There's something that I want you to consider, though, when you're buying bulk or you see a sale of an item and you're going to be buying multiple storage space can become a problem. So even though it could be a really good deal, is it a good deal? Because are you able to actually store the items where you're going to put them? Will you be able to consume them in time before they go expired? So avoiding that waste issue that you know asparagus when it's in season, maybe you're able to get, ah, whole bundle full of it for only $5. But are you able to eat a lot of spare gas? Can you take the time to chop it up and put it into the freezer? Do you have space in your freezer? What are the things that you're do you have time to prepare those things? So know that sales and bulk item purchases they're not always what they're. They're not always as good as they might seem, because they involve you to either do more work or require more storage space. Sometimes it creates too many options, and oftentimes, even though it's on sale, it's going to cost you more money up front if you know it's a good deal and it's something that you consume on a regular basis. Go for it. But I just want you to consider those things. As Emilio mentioned in a previous video, he was talking about an application for your phone that helps with flyers. So I just want to talk a minute about flyers. Flyers can save you a lot of money. Conceive your family a lot of money and not just grocery stores, but maybe pharmacies as well. But it comes at a cost. It's going to take your time and energy to make sure that you're organizing and cutting out and starting those things. But where the application is really helpful, is that it? Actually, if you've got favorites or you've got stores that you already and look at, it can save all that information and correlate it, and you don't even have to cut anything out. You could just show your your coupons to the cashier at the beginning, and then they apply those changes. You can also use sometimes other stores flyers to have people price match for you at the grocery store. But there is a flyer trap. So we had a client who came to us and they were looking to get more organized. One of the ways that they want to do that was in their kitchen and with meal planning. They were, ah, family of four with also pets and a very busy household with two young girls. One of the issues that they had was a sourcing food, so they were very proud of the fact that they could save a lot of money using fliers and cutting coupons. But when we actually probe deeper and we asked, how much money are you saving? On average, they couldn't answer that question. And then when we asked how many, uh, how much time are they spending going to each store to get these special deals on how many kilometers or miles, how much mileage are they spending in in going to these different places? And they couldn't exactly tell us that. So when we did a little investigating and finding it, how much they were saving versus how much time they were spending because they they suffered from a lack of time, they found out that they were actually spending more time and only saving 5 to $10 on average by using these coupons. But they were spending to upwards of four hours, sourcing all of their food. So when we made this realization and we had that reflection time, they actually looked at flyers and coupons in a different way. It wasn't necessarily saving them enough money to make it worthwhile to commit 2 to 4 hours of their time when they really needed that extra time to be doing other things in and around the home preparing food. So be careful of the flyer trap. That is something that can occur. I want to show you a few images of what we use when we go to the market and why we do some both purchases. So we normally by both potatoes, carrots, onions because those air basic staples that we use and in based soups for eating roasted vegetables having a starch, you might have some other basic needs. But these are some of the things that we get from the farmers market, so we have a shopping basket. We generally start with our purchases of the heaviest first after the potatoes. That's when we add in our carrots and onions and these things we just store in her pantry with covered with cardboard bag on. They just a kind of open to the air on but in a very dark place s so they're not easily able to rot and carrots we keep in refrigerator. And then after we've put those heavy items into the basket, that's when we start to add or other produce. We bring her own shopping bags. We can put lemons, peppers, tomatoes, fruits, other vegetables, cucumbers that we buy and they go all on top. So that those really heavy items Birgitta, bruise the smaller items when we get started. And now I'm just gonna talk a little bit about zero waste with an example that we use because we eat a lot of bulk foods. So carrot or sorry, Not carrots, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, peanut butters. We always go to a store that's called the book Burn. And as you can see here from this image, the both burn used a system that you would just use plastic bags. But the plastic bags we would bring home and we would dump into our mason jars or glass jars that are in her cupboard, and we would be left with all of these plastic bags, and they didn't have a system for it. We started asking and we weren't the only ones. There were more people who were saying, I don't want all this plastic bag. And the store actually changed their system to have a clean jar recycling program. So now when we go to that same store, we bring containers at all, match their clean and washed. We go up to the cash register, they weigh them all and put a sticker on it. So we know how much they wait. And then we go into the store and we just fill up all of those jars in the store. They weigh them again, deduct the weight of the actual journey, and then we pay. So no more plastic, no more waste. And this is just one way that you can go about asking people for change if you don't want to have those waste associated with it. Zero waste is something that is coming to the forefront because we see things like climate change, and we see the waste and the impact that we can have. But we can make small little differences that actually don't need to affect us so greatly that we're spending a lot of time or making a big investment of things, but we can make a big difference when it comes to how much were using and how much we're not wasting, so stay tuned for the next video. 14. Step 6 - Food Preparations: So let's tap into step number six, and this is the actual preparation of the food. As you can see, I'm wearing my apron on. As you can see, there are a few things here. So let me tell you that if you're a pretty screen, you are not a real chef. I'm just giving. Sometimes you have stains in your apron and they just don't go away, and that's fine. But I like this in an apron because the way I don't have to get changed. And sometimes if I'm cooking with my like, nicer clothes, I don't have to worry about stains getting on my own, my cross. So it's very helpful to have an apron. Okay, so a few tricks and tips for you to prepare food more efficiently is like optimizer Effort has always tried to have far fewer ideas. If you want to make the most of your meal planning on, do you want to go several things at once? Make sure that you have all the areas on. All the ingredients are no the appliances together. If you are taking it easy, relaxing and yes, cooking just to relax, then that's fine. You don't have to rush and you don't have to be productive. And that's okay, too. We don't have to always be productive. If me planning is your meditation, that's great. We always always use a timer. Why? Because if you are boiling passed on, it takes seven minutes. If you are doing Port X, if you are having something in the open, even if we're doing laundry at the same time that cooking having a timer helps. You know when things are ready on that way you don't you won't burn anything, and then you can take out of your mind. And then you know that when that baby apes it's ready, you just go do it and then use the time for the next tax. We actually have to. Time is because sometimes we have several things at once, so it's very helpful toe to use the timer. I know that I think that you can do to make this fun. If cooking a meal prep is not like your passion or you can make the most use off your time , I usedto listen. I listened to a lot of like both cars music. Sometimes I watch even like funny videos on my computer or my TV. I I use my phone sometimes if I want to call someone, I use these headphones that half a microphone here and I can put the phone in my pocket and I can talk with my familiar with a friend. No, so you can make it fun. Minority off the times a family turned into podcast. I used my iPod. Why? Because that way I don't get distracted like the phone. You have access to all social media emails. Everything is here. But this one is just for playing whatever you have decided. So I use this one quite a bit, and then a few more things are half a bind there or somewhere that you are keeping all your recipes together. It's very helpful because that way you can refer to the ingredients on the the proportions that you need. Maybe if you need a little scale like this one, have it handy on then, when you are them with the cooking and you are putting things away. Using some tape to label things is very helpful because if you don't do that, you may forget what inside, once it's is frozen make it social. We love cooking with friends, and we have a lot off part like sometimes we cook a portion off the male. Another friend cooks under the portion of the male. Everybody brings something and we have, like a little feast on. It's pretty amazing, delicious things. We have really good friends, and they always cook amazing things, so it's very nice. We also have our neighborhood, but like we call it on, basically we live in a house on then we have neighbors upstairs on. We have neighbors on the houses, so running us on once a month, we try to get together. In the winter time, we do it indoors. In the summertime, we do it outdoors and we may have a barbecue and we always try to find a thing like the next one is like Italy night. So it's gonna be passed on pizza they won before Waas Cooley night. So everything about Corey's s so you can get very creative. You can make it fun. Last year we had a curry competition with some friends, so we all cook one kind of Korea and then we have people eating one off them and then boarding, and it was so much fun. I need a way for you to get introducing to the cooking. Explore any recipes on Have fun with friends on as always, make sure that you are using all the appliances that you have. Like if you want to use meal planning to save you time, make sure that you use the crop put at the same time of using the open on a sentence that you are cooking some rice in the rice cooker. Try to elaborate your appliances as much as you can, and then fill up your fridge with beautiful myth that you can eat throughout the week. I hope you enjoy this video on stating for the next one. 15. Step 7 - Storing Food: So we're here. It sets seven where we're storing our food. This could be something that's a little bit troublesome, depending on how much space you have, what kind of containers you have to store them in. But just know, just do your best with what you have, and we're going to give some suggestions of things that potentially could be things that you want to invest in later, or maybe source from secondhand stores. Or maybe do a collection of family. There's always a surplus of extra containers that you can I kind of find. We always recommend storing things in glass, for the reason being is that it's much easier to clean. And it doesn't tend to leach anything into your food, which sometimes plastic containers can. However, you might not have the same flexibility as when you're pulling things out of the freezer or out of the fridge to be able to heat them up as quickly in your microwave oven. So we just recommend that you use what you have and do the best of what with what you have . So as you can see here from the image, you can see a bunch of different varieties of ways of storing your food. There are dry storage containers that you can use even in your refrigerator for keeping fruits and vegetables. There are little small size half leader containers Ah, that you can use for storing small items like sauces or pest owes in your freezer. You can do the bag method where you may be cooked large portions of meal and you put them in Ziploc bags and lay them flat like you can see in the top left image. And, of course, when you're storing your items, one of the most important things is properly labeling your food. I grew up working in the hospitality industry, and this is one of the most important things for the reason being is that you might not be the only one consuming that food so someone could help you out by getting things out of the freezer. But they could do it a lot easier if they knew what things were eso putting a name to whatever it ISS and a date, The date should always be the day that you put it in, not the day that you think it's going to expire. So if you've created something on June 20th. You're going to date that food with, You know, this is passed a sauce june 20th 2018. So go ahead and make sure you're doing that and cannot be simple, like Emilio said, with just a masking tape in a marker. They also do have pre made stickers that you can get for your bottles that are easily washable and able to come off easily. That already has the day of the weekend them, but that's more for commercial uses. You can do things for dry storage, such as having all uniform containers as well. Ah, in our home, which you'll see in a bunch of our examples. We use a lot of mason jars because their universal. So if something breaks, you know the lid can be used on a different jar or so on and so forth. If the lid is damage, you can still get a different lid, and it fits the exact same thing. They're also very inexpensive and made from glass. We also use a variety of plastic containers that we've sourced just kind of reuse. So when I used to work at, um, he was a sandwich Food place. When I first came back to Canada in 2012 I worked at a place that they had really large salad dressing containers on and those you know they would use every week and then wash them out and throw them out. So I catch a couple of them to store oats and flowers and things that don't have ah, high moisture content in them on and can be kept dry and just put new labels on them and peeled off the old ones. Eso will go through examples like that in other videos. Here you're seeing an image of our actual freezer, so we're very fortunate that inner basement it's unfinished. It has electricity, so we are able to plug in a nice tallboy freezer. The reason why I, like tall standing freezers instead of chest freezers is that you're able to display the food and access the food a lot easier. Here you can see our system that when we eat a lot of soups, a lot of chillies, especially in the wintertime in Canada, and when we make them, we make larger portions of them so that when we're making chili, we not only can eat it that night, but then weaken. Generally eat it 4 to 6 more times in a meal. We use one leader containers. They could be old yogurt containers that you're reusing were in this place. We use clear plastic, see through ones that are universal. All the lids fit the same on that so that we can see our food. But it's also a perfect portion size for two people. So again, you want to think about portion sizes when you're stalking about storing your food. Because if you're a large family of four, maybe using two containers is the perfect amount of portion size. Or maybe if you're a single person own only doing single meals, you'll want to do 1/2 container size for that so that you're not wasting any food on inside . You can see that we've got our meets lower to the bottom, and we've got our vegetable stored up top. Um, and that's something that will talk about how to best store things in your fridge and freezer to prevent contamination. A cross contamination between foods. I've also been trained in food safe handling it by the region of Waterloo and that taught me some really great skills and just really good information about how long can foods Dale before it becomes dangerous. Where should things be stored in the fridge? Aerator so that they don't get cross contaminated Because, as we know, having something like a foodborne illness is never pleasant. We spend way too much time in the washroom, and sometimes it can lead to hospitalization. So we want to avoid that. And here and here in the refrigerator, you can see just a basically out of how we we used to use our fridge. We're going to show you a real example going in and out of the fridge with fresh produce that we get from the market so that you can see what it looks like now. But here we're using our fruit and storage containers on the bottom. There is no meat in our fridge other than thanks. So you see that our eggs are up top on then all condiments have a permanent home on the side door of our our fridge aerator having permanent homes for the staple items that you always have. So if you always have mustard, it should generally always be going to the same place in the refrigerator. If you always have eggs, they should probably always be going the same place. For the reason being, If you're always buying those things, you always need to have space for them. So knowing the shelves that are gonna be your temporary leftover shelves are really handy and helpful and also easier to keep clean. Now here's a challenge for you if you'd like to choose to accept it. One of the things that Amelia and I do that he mentioned earlier is that we've tried to practice eating everything that we can before we go out and make really big purchases. Eso before we load up on all the staples before we go out and buy more, we try to make sure that we everything out of our fridge as much as possible. Except for, of course, the mustards and pickles that are kind of always in there. And the reason being is that not only is it easy to then clean your fridge on a regular basis, so once a month you're able to wipe down those surfaces. Just vinegar and water works really well, and then that you're keeping the smell on the cleanliness of the of the shelving. Really nice. So there's nothing sticky. There's nothing unsightly, and there's also no cross contamination of potentially anything that could cause vegetables or produce to go bad quickly. So that's one good reason for choosing this. But you're also able to get a little bit creative in the kitchen. So when you're down to the bottom, you know you've got 1/4 of a cabbage laughed and maybe one egg and and something else. Next thing you know, you're making a recipe that you've never done before because you're using up everything that you have in your space. So it could be a really fun challenge if you want to do that. So I hope you enjoy this video. Enjoy the extras that we're providing for you and we'll see you in the next video 16. Step 8 - Maintenance: so Step number eight is maintaining the new system. So you have put a lot of time on energy creating good change in your life. You are creating a mill planetary system that is going to be looking very different of what you used to do before. So maintaining that system is very important when we'd make change in our life, especially with organizing. I think that we always tend to go to what's familiar to what we know how to go on when we're trying to do something on a different way. It may take a little bit of time on tweaking. So if some people say that it takes up to 21 days to create a new habit to break up on old routine that you may have with the meal planning is the exact same thing. So don't get frustrated if our if maybe day two day three is no working really well for you . Maybe you need to drink something. Maybe you just have to push through that uncomfortable feeling off. I don't know what I'm doing. Decisional new to me. It's not gonna work. Just keep moving through it. If mu planning, If doing breakfast, lunch and dinner is too overwhelming for you. You can always get started with one meal a day. Let's say I'm gonna get started with dinner, okay? And then I only plan my dinners for week Number one. I'm just kind of playing the dinners, and that's it. Don't worry about the rest. Keep doing what you were doing in breakfast and lunch and try to put your energy only a dinner time that make like the change is always like a muscle. The more you use it, the more you can exercise it right. Maybe I'm weak to you feel more comfortable. And he said, You know what? I have dinners under control. I feel great. I think I can incorporate lands now. Now you're doing lunch and dinner on then maybe be Week three. You can incorporate the breakfast. That's how we kind of did it at the beginning. We didn't used to plan Black. First on now we do, but because it seems comfortable for us so again, it's always very important to reflect what working what's not working. Tweak the things that you need to tweak on. Push through that process off through that change that you're creating because your life is going to change for the good. Okay, this is an example off aboard. This is something that you can use in your kitchen. You can have the days on. Then you can half are the shopping list on then. This is a system that one person is using, that yours can look different, and you can create whatever works for you. But it's important that you analyze those steps. And if they're not working, if you sense any any sort off frustrations, just try to reflect why you're feeling that way. What can you change? What steps can you incorporate or remove to make the system better for yourself? But I want to share with you, for example, the thing that we use in our kitchen, we just have a piece off clear glass that we put on the wall. I'm basically on the right hand side. We have our Monday to Sunday. We have drawn those lines with permanent marker. So that way we don't have to draw them every single week. And then with our green color, we bright the activities that we may have in all those days because if we are away from home, we may not need to cook for that specific day on. Then in a different color, we write all the meal planning ideas that we have, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you see here, for example, we really have lunch and dinner. But now we have a new column that is black first so you can plan, as matter, US leader. As you want. As I was saying, This is very personal, every system is going to look different for everybody on the left hand side. If we need something that we need to buy, that's where we will write it there. When we do the meal planning, we normally do this. Every Sunday evening, we try toe, see our inventory. What do we have? What came we used that we already have, And then we only write the things that we need to buy, and we try to grocery shop, maybe once every couple of weeks. That's our idea, because that way we don't waste a lot of time going to the grocery store. But again, if grocery shopping is something that you love doing, maybe you want to go more often. That's totally up to you. At the end of the day, the system that we're creating is all about you. I needs to cover your needs on to make you feel great. So if you're not feeling great after use in the system, make sure that you tweak it. Make sure that you change it on. Make sure that you keep testing ideas until something thinks on something. Work for you. Okay. We'll see you in the last step. Step number nine in the next video. 17. Step 9 - Enjoy Your Food: we're already at the end. We're at Step nine and this is the most important. Enjoy your food. We created this meal planning course for any diet, meaning it's a system of how you can plan to meal plan. It doesn't matter if you're vegan or carnivore or you're on the paleo diet or the key toe diet. Whatever it is that you eat, you can meal plan it and you can do it using this system, so enjoying your food is the most important. But how do you have fun? It's important to make it fun, so we have some ideas to share with you to make it a little bit fun in terms of the planning of it. Rotating responsibility is the number one thing to make it fun because you literally delegate the responsibility away from yourself for a short period of time. So, for example, in our home, Emilio and I rotate weeks on the first week of the bombs. It's my turn second week Emilio back to me and then back to Emilio. So it's almost like I get a week off of not having to do the planning. If you're a single parent or you're living on your own and preparing your own meals, it's hard to rotate responsibility, but rotating responsibility doesn't necessarily need. It means to be another person. Maybe that means you look up someone who sharing a meal plan that's already created for you . And that's one way of just taking the week off and saying, Listen, this person posted a free meal plan, and it's all the things that I could make, so I think I'll be all right and that's rotating responsibility. Trying to use themes is a great way for families to meal plan and have a little bit of fun . Everybody's heard the famous saying Taco Tuesday. There's a reason for it. Sometimes just having a seem makes it easier to decide what it is that we're going to eat. So whether it be meatloaf Wednesdays or fish fry Fridays, whatever that means to you, using a seem convey a little bit of fun. If you're exploring new ways of cooking, maybe you're having a Mexican fiesta night and you're going to do a Mexican inspired food. Or maybe you're using meal plans from Scandinavia eating a lot of pickled herring. You can get inspired and use themes for different countries. Or you can even say, You know what? Tonight we're celebrating Shrove Tuesday, so we're only gonna eat pancakes. Whatever it is, using themes can make it a little bit more Fund of meal plan. Taking a night off is another way to make sure that you're having a little bit of fun. It's OK to plan in a night off. So, as Emilio said, as you're creating your plan, you're generally looking at your calendar to say, What am I doing this week? If there's an evening that you know that you're super busy, you're dropping people off at swimming lessons or you've got a meeting that's going to go until eight o'clock. That might be a great night to meal plan in a night off meeting. That could be something that you're going out and getting something you're meeting up with a friend to have a dinner or you've got something out of the freezer coming up that the special treat for you taking a night off is really important, involving others in the input is also really exciting. So you're often surprised sometimes by maybe asking family members or roommates about what their ideas are for a good night of meal planning, and I know that sounds kind of geeky, but it's it's true. People love food if you get them talking about that kind of stuff, maybe watch a couple of videos on YouTube about easy recipes that you can make. Getting other people input into your meal plan can be a lot of fun, so reach out and look around. Another way to have fun is to host a potluck. If you've never heard of the word potluck, essentially, it just means that everybody who you invite is bringing a dish to eat. It doesn't have to be anything specific, or you can make it really organize and say You bring the salad, you bring the main dish. I'll bring the appetizer so one and so forth. But hosting a potluck can just be a great way. Everybody's got to eat, so why not bring something in? For example, in the wintertime, we don't see our neighbors very often, so one of the things that we did is we said the first Monday of every month. No matter who can come, you just come if you're available. We host of neighborhood potluck, and then the house rotates. So there's about five of us who do it. And on the first Monday of the month we get together at oftentimes will use a theme like Pass Tonight or barbecue. Um ah, barbecue theme. So it's a lot of fun. It's a great way to be social, and it's a great way to have ah, variety of food see what other people are cooking. Enjoy a variety of of good eats. You'll have a lot of fun with that, and then probably the last one is starting small. So I know that a lot of what we talked about today, if you've never meal plan before or you've been really against the idea like I was when I got started, starting small is really important. It could be as simple as just planning one meal of the week, So maybe Monday nights you're planning a dinner start. That way, If you start with one meal and you've got it prepared and you've got it ready, you're on a great step to moving forward and being able to take on more. It's also a great way to make sure you're not overwhelming yourself trying to do too much too fast and then just giving up on the idea. So anything that works, even if it's just snacks throughout the week, planning those out can be a lot of fun. So just to go through really quickly the nine steps again, you need to understand yourself. You need to inventory your tools. You want to create a plan with the recipes that you love your favorite. Go to meals. You want to create a grocery list and set a budget. Then you're gonna go out and source your food. You're going to prepare your food, store your food and then you're gonna maintain that system. Now. How long does it take to maintain our system? We do it on Sundays just because that kind of is the beginning of our week. It tends to be a day that we don't plan a lot. We normally prepped food on the same day as well, because we go out and we get it on. The Saturday and Saturday's tend to be a bit more busy. So on Sundays, about 1 to 2 hours it takes to prep the food, but it only takes 10 minutes to meal plan. It wasn't always that fast in the beginning, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the more it's like a muscle that you're just constantly flexing so you can do this, review them, use the exercises in the templates that we've given you. And if you have any questions, concerns or comments, things that we didn't answer in this course, we encourage you. Please leave us a review and give us your criticism because we do want to improve it and make it better. But we also might be able to answer your frustrations. So if there's something we've missed, please let us know and we hope you enjoy this course. 18. Food to Go: So what happens when you have all the plans set up? You have your meals ready in the fridge, but then you don't come home to it and you have toe take your food away with you. So that's what we do a lot of the times because we work with clients and then we are out and about on, Sometimes we have to pack our lands because if we don't what happens? We get hungry on. Then we may go and eat something. And if we have to do that every single day, that means that we have to spend more money. We have to wait things that we don't. We don't have a lot of choices because you just have to leave whatever it's available, wherever you are. So that's why we pack our land in something that looks like this is like a little cooler that we can take with us inside. As you can see in the photos, you can feed a lot of different kinds of containers. I have my coffee mark Are you have are like a calorie. Everything that you may need can feeding here. The size is good for two people like Samantha on myself. We just uses one on. You can play around with the things that you have to see how they feed. But this is a great solution to pack your lunch. Okay, It's very important that you make sure that you eat well. And if you are always out for lance time, for example, it's very important that you plan for that on if you prepare these the night before. Sometimes I put everything inside and I put the whole thing in the fridge. It sounds crazy, but sometimes I I'm not a really morning persons. Or sometimes I like to get up. Get ready, grab these on go. I don't want a cut. I don't want to prepare anything because I don't have the energy on the inspiration to do it. So because I know myself, I do this at night time. The minority off the times and I put it in the fridge and it's ready to go some other date . I do it in the morning on some other day. Someone fallacy for me, that's great. But this is basically one idea. You don't have to use this. This solution could be any other thing But this is an area for you to pack things to go to bug your meal, to go. I hope you enjoy this video on if you have any other great solutions, please our share them with us through social media. And if you attack us, we will be able to see them. 19. Tour in New Kitchen: So let's happen to to this kitchen. For example. This is a kitchen from a friend's house. They let us use this space to record this course. It's a brand new K 10. They build it a couple of years ago. It's beautiful. We love the colors on. Everything is very functional. As you can see. One of the most important things as a month, I was saying in one of the videos, is to have the kitchen ready for you to be able to do the meal planning. What does that mean? Counters that are empty that you have space to work on. You know where things are. You can use things properly here as you can see our beautiful seeing. And then if you do the dishes you can put into dry here. The dishwasher is right here, very handy on convenient. So the location is very, very good. Recipe books are key are because they love our cooking. So that's something that they have in there in that corner. And then, as you can see here we have this stuff. They have a beautiful got stuff that they use their really good cooks, by the way, unless you can see this is the things that they use on a regular basis, day to day basis, that that's where they have been here, These maintained without every person again. This is not about magazine photo. This is about having the things that you need, where you need them. Another thing that is really important for a lot of people is having a breakfast station on . In this case, the breakfast station is here. They have coffee, they have honey, they have, like, the coffee mark and then they the coffee grinder. And then the coffee maker is here. So as you see the coffee marks, so it's very convenient. You just open these. You can make your coffee here very easily. When you are done, you put everything away and then you shut the door. Another thing that I love from this kitchen is light out. If you have the budget and you are renovating your kitchen, glide out in, especially in countries that are very deep, are a great solution. Why? Because allowed you to read things very easily. You can slide them all the way out and then I can reach the stuff from the from the back very easily. If I did 1/2 if they didn't have great out here, I will need to do this. And that's very inconvenient and sometimes is just not not easy. For example, if I want to grab something from here, it's kind of challenging. But if I have the great out, I can just do this and then I can just do this so it's very easy and convenient. You can use them for to store appliances, to store your oils, cans, anything they support a lot of weight on. They are very safe, and you have different companies that can make them. Even if your kitchen covers don't have tried out, there are companies. All data will come. You can measure the cabinet and they can start him for you. So great Out is a great solution. You can see all the spices are here very nicely. A combination off base on Mars with with the label on the top, the important thing here is not how beautiful it looks is about how functionalities can you find what you need when you need it, and if you can say yes to that, that's great in this case. This is the appliance drawer they have, like the food process or a mixture, and everything is very convenient. Everything is together. A lot of these machines, they have a lot off, like small pieces. It's very important to keep them together, because if you have them one on its drawer, it's very frustrating to use them. And most likely you want to use them. And this is basically they have a beautiful island here with a lot of different kinds of glide outs. Every cried out. They have the things that make sense for them, like tea towels on like more tea towels. And, of course, they have, like a tool drawer like we'll do on This is the things that you used, like a screwdriver or things that you need around the house. You can have them in here like a tape measure. It's very convenient. On the kitchen is always a place where every time we have people over well, with Howard in the kitchen on the my unity of our time is spent in the kitten. So kitchen is one of the hot spots in the house, for sure, So this kitchen is beautiful. This is a brand new kitten, but we're gonna show you our kids in our kitchen is very old on the covers. Half they have nothing to do with this one's. But using a few simple solutions and tips, you can make them functional. So what's the next video? Because that's gonna be about our kitchen. 20. Watch us Decluttering Our Own Kitchen: not long ago we went through our own kitchen. So with the clatter, everything we do that normally once a year we made our due to video that you can watch. So we're including the video like after these are intro We just want you to see how we said everything up. You will see our Mason jars. You will say all Ah, fear of the solutions that we used to make the most off our kids and covered we live in a very old house on our kitchen is really old But you can still make a no kitchen very functional by having a few things. So in depth in this video that we're sharing we're going to show you everything that we use in our own kitchen to make those cabinets work really well for us. I hope you enjoy it. Today we are going to organize on maybe the current a little bit our own Cajun. Yes, we do need to do that. Sometimes there are few things that we are bothering us. I will kitchen. It's a very oh, kitten. We're leaving a very old home. But we lost our home. We are really happy that we're here. But as you can see, the cabinets are really old. But that Yes, I mean that you cannot make them functional. So from here they will continually with frustration. Is this area right now? Because we used to have 43 or four things, but now we have too many. So basically, I can take how appropriately without moving things around. So that's an area that is causing me frustration. This one is good suicide. Everything is accessible. The assets are okay. We use them. All spices are good. That's good. This one. I would say It's good. Everything is accessible. We use everything here. These one is one off. Okay, I'm gonna show you. This is the doctor would miss. We want to see we organise our picture. Maybe a year ago, we went through all the Tupperware. But the truth is that when we put it back, we put it back so perfectly that when we're using them every day, we don't get the time. We don't take the time to put it perfectly back. So basically, what it means is that we don't have enough space for the topic where that we want to keep As you can see, there are different sizes on. Everything is very difficult to access the later all mixed up. So we need to find a solution for the scores here. For sure. There is something here that we don't. You. So we're gonna try to rearrange things around this one. Is it okay like this is when we make granola? We put it in here on the rest about someone tell me that Really good job labeling everything. So we tried to have a lot of different kinds of nuts, so that's working well in here because we don't have enough space. We have a few jobs that are on the way. I will say, but we can still read things. So, honey, this area doesn't bother me too much. This area vaccinated of it. I feel that we have a lot of things that that were not using. We have a lot off glasses just in case on Samantha is laughing because some of the stuff is hairs on. I'm gonna take the cover on. She's kind of you to buy. Basically, we have. This is the onus. We have wine glasses. We don't rewind anymore. We don't read article. Why do we have them? Yes, in case we have visit and we want to entertain them. But if we have limited space, I don't know if it's worth it To have them to use them maybe once a year. Honestly, I don't know. I would ask. Okay, so the seas, they told me that's what we store things that we don't use on a regular basis. These are the areas that you normally need a step, so to access. Honestly, the stuff worst. I'm gonna be honest with you. This is what I do. I watched them. We tried to reuse them. And then I do this and I hope Torino to come down. So that's what I do. And I'm being honest with you. So that means that is not accessible. And then that's that Some of that stuff way have to talk about that. Some of that's have to We have to talk to way, have some calorie. This is really, really good. We don't have a lot. We really have. What were you So I'm happy with that down here. We really have pants and boots. We use them also. That's OK. And there more or less excessive way are still young, so we don't need cried out yet back soon. This is okay. Shopping back. We used all the time extract lasted backs that we used on then vinegars and some cleaning products. We don't have not not cleaning products. He just on hand soap and dish soap. Someone, fellas, I really would you go about cleaning because she or he uses vinegar baking soda. And that's basically what she uses for the whole house. And the little bottle is mineral oil for the wood. Yeah, it's not a chemical. So these when he said it would be again, I think we have a few things that we don't use all the time. But the truth is that when we are going to put locks on things, we use the white trays. We use these for open. We maybe have too many balls, but we used almost all of them, but we can probably downsized for you. Okay, so that's he had to finish out. This is not bad. This juicer, Honestly, we someone gave it to us and we haven't used it, so I think it's gonna be the nation. But the races, we use it and it's more or less accessible. Girl put on race, making their use alone. So this part is not too bad. We are still Djokovic, and we can still get down now. But if you are, if we get a little bit although we have, like anything, I feel I'll be probably a challenge. But for now, that's fine. Okay, so that's for the kitchen. This is the country you want to be on the punches? Another? Yeah. Okay. This is what we have the garbage ensure you that And then we use out of the time we use a walk on. This is the glass that we used. We do our Miss Planet here on. Then we write notes or something that we need to remember. Here. This is our shopping list on on Desire. Yes, market some things that we used. So that's fine. And any here we have like spoons. This is pretty good. I would say that on the country's whole not eso. I didn't know we were making a video today, so I just wanna say that this is on the fly. Show them the minutes. Um so basically what you're seeing is our behind the scenes are pantry is not part of our apartments, the staircase down to the basement. So it's really cold in the winter time. But it's how we access the basement storage and also our laundry. So we like to keep the door shut. And it being cold is a real bonus because we keep a lot of our vegetables like cold cellar things. So potatoes, squashes, onions, garlic that we a lot of it. We grow ourselves. That's cool. So these are out of control. Some of them are serving trays, and some of them I used to make pies, but we definitely have too many of whatever is here up here is like a free for all that the only three cookbooks we have. We do drink club soda Every now and again, we have a fan that we use is an exhaust. But then you see up here. This is our May singers. We do a lot of canning, but we've kind of run out of space, and it's difficult to find spots to put the the Mason jurors. And then, if you look over here, this has become like just a mixed mash of boxes, plastics, jars, cleaning products on the bottom, other appliances that we use. So really, um, it's become a mess, and I cannot wait to de clutter it and make it look great and make it easier to grab things and not dangerous. So when I walk down, I could easily pull something off the shelf and not worry about falling. And then in here, its pretty good. You know, we keep our dry goods and things like that out of the sunlight. In here, flowers can goods. Uh, peanut butter, obviously in mass amount on Duh. Yeah, this is, ah, complete plant based pantry. There's no things, too prepare meets with which is cool. And this is also where our cat's litter boxes kept. So we try and keep it really clean and clean it every day on its right by his cat door. So it means he's out of the apartment and has some privacy on duh. We keep this area clear, so see you on the other side, and Emilio is going to have to let go on some things, too. So it's not just me. Welcome back to our kitchen. This is the after video. If you haven't seen before video, you want to check the link below so you can see what it looked like before. So we're after you don't still our kitchen. It's so makes us feel better. But we were able to declutter, actually quite a few things that I thought we had done that. So now we're on the counter space. We changed a little bit of the glass system because it was causing a bit of frustration. We had some things in front of other things. Now we don't have anything in front of anything. Rabbit that's great and their spices around These were here before, but they're still in the same space because that's working good. Um, same. Same over here we did a little bit of work with are tougher work. Now. Everybody sufferer gets crazy. So we're just trying to build something that won't end up being crazy. All the lids together, all the same size containers here, and these are the ones we use the most. We have our label and tape and markers here. That's for labelling. When we do put, um, leftovers in the fridge. And then over here, Emilio did a little install for us of just that's you didn't insult for us for the and so we built this extra shelf and now we're able to fit all of our dry goods on. We just put labels on the top. We serve them here and that we just really tested so that we could fit Maurin less space on again. We have extra glass fair when company comes over. This is our coffee kind of t station eso we have honey and, uh, these were just kind of little things that I didn't fit in our teacups. So it's it's much nicer. Andi also see that we move some appliances. So we added an appliance which normally most people don't dio. But we use this sandwich maker to grill wraps all the time. And it's so much better to just have it here than to go to the pantry to get. And because we have a big counter space here, This is not normally where we trot vegetables. We chop them on this space here so we don't mind that it's a bit in there. These are bananas ripening to their really cool things that we did in the kitchen we're style. Remove ALS. So Emilio did the 1st 1 here and I did the 2nd 1 there. If you want to see just how we did that, you can watch the video below and it's just kind of a detail of how we actually did it. So now when we open the cover from the handle before the bowl used to get stuck here all the time. Now we get open and this style has been removed. We took that out and attached to the door. So now I can call the booth really easily. You could also put Gwai notes in there now on, get a cover for the full length. So that's really neat again here on the right. And that's the one that I did. And we just made some room down here for kind of appliances, kept all the food processor stuff it had been. So we're really happy that we're able to use more of that space now. Let's see how they function Look like looks like now. So the first thing we need is half. We just kind of feel everybody needs that April. Except so this is the effort that I use all the time on this is the one that Samantha uses all the time. So we can happen here now. As you can see, we carried a load the shelves thesis Samantha's work. She did a great job off finding a lot of stuff. This is looks kind of similar as before. We need a little bit off working here to make sure that everything is accessible and we can see what we have. So not major changes has a little bit of reorganizing. And then one of the biggest changes how we did in the country is our the current leader books We used to have it here on it was taking, ah, a lot of space and waas preventing us toe open desert properly. And it was kind of on the way because I weigh in style are small cattle here. So our little Egreteau, that's his name. He used. He was using the washer here, but then we were thinking, How can we make this better? So what we did is if we installed the solution here. So basically, this is a little window that goes into a share that we have on this. What space that we were not using before. So with a few scraps off boo that I had just carried to fit on, I made, like, a little platform on. Then we measured the space, and we found that this continued that we had really hard work. Really Well, so just put it in. Clear on now. This is stable. I built this little frame with that scrapbook. Yes. Screw it down on now. Little NATO has a little Are there a space? I will say. Actually, he didn't see yet. So let me get him. So we're going to find out if he likes his new bathroom? Make me though. What do you think of a new 30? What do you think? Do you like it? Yeah. Maybe. Have toe. Hey, uh, hopefully she knows that that's his new bathroom. Okay, I guess that will be enough. Okay. And then, uh, as you can see, we use a few cardboard boxes. They're all the same size, and they did really well with the shelf. We use so much temporary labels with Yes, I must take fainter stake in these cases. Cream on. Then we do this because sometimes we don't remember. We change things around a little bit. So I think it's nice to have a clarity off where the winner, the owners they have here. I mean, someone comes on. They are helping us making food. They can come here and they can Fine with what we need. And then we have a few appliances here. It's a month. Has a lot of seats for next year for the garden. Yeah, that's pretty much what we did. Everything is now accessible, functional, and we're pretty happy with interest in the end result on anything. How about you to us for three hours, waiting 3 to 4 hours. I think we spent doing this. That is our within the frame lap so you can see a sort of reading fast moving, but that that was our country session. 21. Our Meal Plan: so I'm gonna show you how we do our meal plan. We do it every Sunday, and it starts with the first thing I always get my calendar, which is on my phone. If you have a paper calendar that might work for you and I start with filling in what days of the week we're going to be at What are the numbers? So this week we're actually in July, so I'm gonna do the first the seconds third all the way to the end of the week. And the reason why we do this is so that we actually know what the calendar day is. It's something that we can glance that really quickly, but that it fits with all of our schedules. And we know what day is what. And I know that sounds a little too organized, but it's going to save you Sometimes when you're looking at that from the next thing I'm gonna do is that we know. Look, where are the commitments we have during the week? So I looked through my calendar. I find those, maybe you have appointments. Maybe you have specific routines that you follow. If you go to the gym every Monday. Maybe you have meetings that go late every Thursday. We're gonna make a note of that on here. I also put a little bit of our work schedule because our work is never the same. It's not a 9 to 5. So when we do have work with clients, I like to put that in. So on Monday, always. We have a gym class, squash and pump. So I just written that in The reason why we're putting these things in is because we plan our meals around that. We know we're going to be a little bit extra tired when we come home from the gym. So we're gonna want something that's ready to eat, not something that's gonna take an hour to prepare. Okay, here we're working with this night. We have a B I A meeting on the morning. We have a family visit and that's going to take breakfast through to lunch, most likely, and then on the weekend, we normally go to the market on Sunday. This is a meal prep day, so I picked a different with a P. I picked a different color just because these are the things that I want to know what's coming up for the week now. I'm actually going to pick a different color, and I'm going to put in what it is that we're going to be eating now. Amelia and I generally eat pretty regular diet during the week for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Is there normally where we change? So, as I said, you get the recipes you like. You stick to what you know. Even if you were to write pizza, pizza pizza seven days a week, that's still a meal plan. And the more you start to meal plan, the sooner you can start to explore different options. So we have hot cereal this day. We do tomato toes. It's summer time, so we have lots of fresh, delicious food to eat. This one is, uh, granola with fruit Wednesday. Um, no, the family visit. We're doing green smoothie because they will have arrived in eaten. We can do another hot cereal here because we like that, and we can change up the way it tastes by what we put it in terms of dried fruit and nuts and things like that. The market we have breakfast out so that's fun. Um, because we're at the market. There's lots of delicious things that we can pick out pebbles next, here and there. It's really nice. And then this is going to be a Sunday brunch kind of thing that we're going to do all the Sunday And maybe we get some friends together to do this. So I'm just gonna put friends. Question Mark. Now we can ask around and see if anybody else is available and see if we can do it brunch either at our home or someone else's home. This one is gonna be leftovers because it's the end of the week and we're also gonna be doing meal prep. So that's nice and easy. And no, during the luncheons, we only have the one day where we're working outside of the home. So this one is going to be salad wraps and the bean salad, because that's really easy to transport for us. And then the other ones. We have a bunch of frozen meals, lasagna. We have passed the sauces, we have soups, we have Curries. So I'm just gonna fill in my blanks with those things from our freezer, and you start to get the idea that the more that we can plant have those things may be packed in freezer away. The easier it is for us to prepare. We just have to pull it out the night before. But you can see I've already done the majority of my week and probably were at less than five minutes. So I'm just gonna take time to fill in the rest here. We're gonna have green curry because it's from the freezer on the night were at the gym on the B I a meeting. We're gonna have lentil soup, maybe plus a salad, because that doesn't come with us much rice and stuff. Here, we're gonna have a kale salad. This one. We've got small portions of lasagna, so I'm gonna put that in on then here, we're gonna do. We've had wraps that we're probably gonna do egg salad sandwiches. The family visit. I think we're actually going to do something like a past up. So we'll do past with tomato sauce on Dhere. We've got another suit that we're gonna dio tomato soup, grilled cheese. This one's gonna be grilled. Temping. I think now all of these things that I'm writing down. We have made many times before. So it's not that I am coming up with new recipes and ideas every now and again. When we realized, like, say, this Friday night, maybe we could do new recipe night on. That's where we're going to pick something we've never made before. But we have the ingredients in her home because we have time to spend some time in the kitchen, enjoy the meal and try something new. I wouldn't do a new recipe on a night where I'm going to the gym, and I know I'm gonna be away from the home or have a meeting outside it. That makes it very difficult and stressful. And then the Saturday because we've had breakfast out lunch. We probably won't have lunch just because we'll just have a snack. So I'm gonna write Snack, and then on the Saturday night, I think what we'll do again is a stir fry with rice. And there you have the week. All planned out in terms of lunch is all the way to dinners for some of you. Maybe you're just starting with dinners. Maybe you're just starting with snacks. Whatever it is, choose what you can. We started out on Lee by doing the dinners because I wasn't really into meal planning as I mentioned before. But here's the thing. Just because this says what it is that you're going to eat, that's gonna help you when you're on those nights when you don't know what you're going to cook. But you don't have to follow this. If at the b I A meeting, someone comes up to us and says, Hey, guys, you know, I was actually thinking of inviting you out. Would you like to go out? Or would you like to come to my house for dinner? Guess what. I'm gonna come home, and I'm gonna say, Didn't need to do that. Went out with a friend. This is just something to help you is not something meant to hold you back or to tell you that you can't do something that you don't want. Teoh. This is here to relieve stress, not create stress. So have some fun with it. Explore with it. And every week you get faster and faster at it, and then it saves you hours, hours every week when you get your planning done because you don't have that stress of What am I gonna eat? So enjoy making it how you feel? OK, okay. 22. Sourcing Food at the Grocery Store: so it's not always easy for people to access fresh fruit for. Markets were very lucky because we have one close to us. But if you're just going to the grocery store, we just want to show you a few things that we do when we go to the grocery store way. Bring all our own bags for the reason being that we don't want to produce based. But it's just easier. They're stronger. They're better than plastic. Uh, yeah, we have different styles. We have a brown paper bag for mushrooms and things like that. Uh, and sometimes the timing is also more convenient for you If something's come up or you're not available when a market is running in, the grocery store is the best option for you. So we're gonna go in. We're going to get some of the things off our grocery store list on follows inside. A good idea to come to the grocery store when you are hungry, because you will make a lot of purchases that you may not need on also having a shopping. This is going to help you not to buy things that you don't need. You don't have any plans to come here hungry up with a plan and then start anything. And then when you get home, you're and I said, Well, it's been a lot of money and I have to do with it I don't have space for people, so 23. Sourcing Food at the Farmer's Market: welcome to the ST Jacob's Market. This is one of three markets in our area, and it's open on Thursday morning. So we've come up nice and early. It's about 7 30 in the morning. Yeah, so we buy out of the Bruce here. We also use the Kitchener market. That question to our house on. As you can see in the video, you have a lot of stuff coming from farms. But now it's summer time. So there is women, so let's go get some vegetables and then we'll show you how you confront them. 24. After Grocery Shopping: Okay, tell me. So we just went to the market. We were a bunch of fruit and table tennis stuff on. I did something that show you guys what we know. What was the question? So, what do you weigh all that stuff? So it's the first week in September. So where we are in Canada, everything is basically harvest time. Eso we did broccoli because this whole head grown in Ontario's a dollar 50. So we did two of those in one cauliflower on. And this is going to turn into soup for the winter time. Um, they'll be like a creamy broccoli cauliflower soup. Some carrot and stuff would be delicious. We bought all our fruit and things. What do you do with cut them? So, like, washed the blueberries? It's Ontario blueberry. So they're a little bit smaller, but there really delicious on them. Rapes were on sale. Organic grapes. I'm They're also delicious. Um, and then we clothe fridges and organized yet video as we go state. Yes. So this is what we do. There's five of these in the fridge. So inside is like half an orange blueberries, whatever fruit we got and then that way. Every morning we can wake up and we can have a little bit of fresh fruit with granola or maybe on yogurt or maybe just a fruit itself. I need a lot more fruit because it's ready. Essentially. And then I cut up the beans. There's green beans. We're gonna be making chicken pot pies because we're both craving those things. My grandma used to make molds time so the beans are ready to go in that. And then we cut up a head of lettuce, romaine lettuce, and I find if you wash it and, uh, cut it with a nice knife. It stays really fresh for the basically the better part of the week, and we eat a lot of salad. So it's nice to have that already ready on. The leftover lettuce is just in a bit of water and a plastic bag, and we reuse older plastic bags, so sometimes they come in handy. Um, and what else? That's so what? This is a lasagna that I mean, this Mom made with Emilio in July. Position label on it, and it's a lasagna. We're going to a friend's house for dinner tonight, so we're having lasagna salad and somebody's gonna bring into certain And then these tomatoes, Because tomatoes are in season, Emilio is going to turn this into pizza sauce. And then we'll also probably have enough to make cream of tomato soup, which is also a winter favorite. So on I Emilio, I just went to buy a book foot. Basically, I got to a place called the boat Burn here in Canada on they allowed me to use our own containers for things. So, as you can see, I've got a lot of stuff. I use our own containers. They're plastic there, one litre containers. And why do we do that? Because in our country here, we designed this system with all the things that we eat. So, as you see, chocolate chips are him heart. All moans beacons. In this case, I have here some some cashews. So we have a yard here that says cashews on. We started doing this at the beginning, but to be able to feed more, we install these extra shelf here so that we optimize the space. So the process here before low, because these glass sharks are very heavy to carry to the store we use the same size in plastic. Basically, we just come from the store. I'm with sporting theme. Aziz. You see, this is perfect. Everything feet in the air so we don't have extras to start anywhere else. Everything that we need is here this last US A few weeks, depending how much weed? 25. Cooking for the Week: What are the things that we do every week? It saves us a lot of time, and it helps us. Women, Effective through in the week is pre cooked grains, lagoons, Andi, quinoa, lentils and things like this. So right now I'm going to cook some key. Noah, the Kino. You can use it for salads. You can use it for stir fries. You can eat it with almost anything. So how we do it? We know money for Samantha on myself because there are two people we know better use 1.5 cup, and then we use double the amount of water. So in these cases, booby three cups of water altogether. So we do one to on three. This is the amount that this rice cooker allows before over problem. So basically, I just like getting and I just keep the cook. So this is very handy because I don't need to watch this. I don't need to be like this will stop on the tour. And if I am not around, it will keep it warm. What? I do normally one Suzanne I am plaque. Did I really cool down a little bit on then? I would put it in the fridge so it will look something like this in here. I precooked planted before on this is the same 1.5 cups. And this is a good portion for Samantha myself. If you are cooking something that requires a little more off time like take peace for maybe beans, we pre soaked him. Why? Because he will take way. That's time to cook. Unless you can see behind here. We just have them soaking. I just put them this morning and then tomorrow they will grow in value. They will absorb a lot off the water. And then tomorrow I will cook them. I always tried to cook them in Canada. Hydroelectricity is way cheaper after seven PM I'm in the morning before 8 a.m. On weekends . So we always try our best to cook in those periods of times because you pay almost half what you would pay cooking during the day. Okay, so these machines have rights. Google. But the truth is that you can cook anything here. We cookie Noah, we cooked lentils. We could take peace. We cook beans. They Yes, take a little bit longer and as I say, you have to pre soak them and I will save you a lot of time. There are different sizes on. If you don't have a rice cooker, you can still use a regular port any port, depending on the quantity that you want to cook, just make sure that everything fit well on. Then they put you need to watch it a little bit, so make make sure that is good. That is not burning things like that. So that's one when having a time, it is really handy because you just put 20 minutes 15 minutes and then when it beeps, you know that you need to come and take it. Okay, So, as you can see, we just keep the staff in containers like these. They are not all the same because we recycle a few that we have, but all the stuff courts in the country. And then when we need to buy something, Neil, we get refill these ones on their very handy 26. Preparing Fruit: another thing that we try to do every week, and it helps us to eat more. Fruit is basically prepared fruit. As you can see, we bought a watermelon, but the fact that having to carry it on pill it sometimes that can defeat the purpose. And maybe you choose not to, because it's not convenient. That's why we are doing the prepping on Sunday night. On the day that you are doing pretty, we tried to get everything and have it ready. So in this case, this is thesis watermelon, Okay. And then, as you can see, this is very convenient. I can just take a piece on, eat it or I can take a piece on. Put it in a continued I'm taking with me for lunch. It's way convenient and I have two carry once, so this is great. Under the thing that we can do, we do our fruit salad. In this case, as you can see, we use Orent apple, and then you can use any food that you like. And there is some Orantes, as you can see. So this is very convenient also, and it lasts a few days in the fridge. This is something that we also though I'm using for breakfast. Music for lunch is on. It's a really good snack. So mother fruits like bananas, mangoes, Andi, strawberries. We can freeze them. So basically, as you can see here, this is our container that we have in the freezer. And then we have bananas that we use for smoothies and banana bread. We have mango, we have blueberries. We have finally. So all these fruit here in Canada, we don't have fruiting season only around. So in the summertime we have access to a lot of different kinds of fruits, beaches, and they are delicious and strawberries. We just went to pick our own. So we pick up the quantity and then we have a big freezer in the basement. And then we are we can't store from a quantity. So depending on what types of free said you have, you can buy more or less. But in this case, this is very convenient because we make ourselves smoothies in the morning. And it's very refreshing because this person, so when we blend, it is kind of fresh and cold, and it's very nice in the summer time. So these are some off. The tips that we use every week on this encourages us to eat more fruit on. They are delicious stacks, so instead off driving to the chocolate or trying to eat chips because there's are convenient. Now this is more convenient than that, because I really have to do this and I can get a piece and it's so sweet and nice. So when we're preparing fruit in this case, out we have a very nice chef's knife is very sharp. We sharpen it every time before using it, and that makes a huge difference. Just doing one time. These are the knife will be way more precise. You can use a stone to I'm basically here. I have a special cutting board that I really used for fruit. As you can see why? Because our if you have really good taste on you can't like onions. Here you cut garlic and then you cut fruit afterwards. Maybe the flavor sometimes get mixed up, and then you are eating fruit that this is a mechanic on. So people like that some people don't in this case out. Some of the others like it, and I don't really notice the difference, but I can tell you that there is a huge difference. So that's where we have our cutting board specifically for canning food. So if you don't like guarded tasting your foot, make sure that you have a cutting board that this just let's talk about waste, which is something that you have to think about. They've anywhere you leave that there may be out for second program. There may be like a compass system that you can use. Maybe you live in a house and you have access to a garden and you can have a compost in your in your backyard, for example. It's very important to know what to do with all their food scraps and you may have. And then all the containers plastics are paper class ers, so understanding they recycle insistent that you have in your location is really important . In our case, we have a garden ourselves, and we have a composer, so basically all the food scraps we can put them in this little container, and then when it's full, we can take it to a bigger one that we have outside, and then we mix it up and then it takes a few months to become a very nice there that we can use in the garden them. And then by using these we are limiting a lot of ways that will go to the outfield. If you don't have a garden in our city, we have a green being system to, and then you can put all these scraps on all the organic waste in that being on. Then the city will create, composed and they would say it and they will make morning for that. So that's what's happening in our community. We also have different things to recycle the class cardboard. So understanding how their recycling system works, we believe, is really important and setting up a pro appropriate Garrett station in your kitten. It's really important because if you make it convenient, you will use it. If you only have one being and then you have to separate everything at the end of the week . Most likely you do it. So think about how you can deal with waste. Think about the resources that you have available. Make sure that you use them. If it's every time is really hot on, you don't want to have the compost in your kitchen because things are food friends up here , what we do, we keep this in the fridge, so we use it when we are cooking, and then we close the lid and we put it in the fridge. If you don't have spacing, you're free to something else that you can do. You can use a boat. You can use a temporary bowl, put all the food scraps in here, and then when you are done cooking, you can take this vault to the bean outside of your house. And that way you won't think a smart Some people also put it in in back, separating the freezer on. Then maybe once a week, they take all that frozen stuff and then put it in the garbage. So depending on what you have access to, you have different tricks to deal with waste. But we encourage you to use the programs that you may have or use your own compass. If you have one in the world 27. One Pot Pasta: Hello everybody. And whatever crazy. I'm just looking in at 1 pastiche and I'm making the recipe so easy to make. So I just cut these things. I guess put it on the port. And then I just put like a tomato sauce token and milk, a little bit of stock nutritional yeast, pasta. I have corrode, read a paper, cauliflower, and own image. I click everything here. I put only done 20 minutes. That is ready. And Samantha Levi very happy to eat this. To be honest. So I'm gonna go, thank you for watching and see you tomorrow in another video. 28. Delicious Grilled Sandwich: Good. Yes. 29. Making Spring Rolls: Come on up. In this module. 30. How to make aioli mayonnaise chipotle aioli garlic sauce in just over a minute!: Hi guys. I want to show you how easy it is to make a Jolie aka, aka garlic sauce. So it's basically, as you can see, one egg. Vegetable oil. In this case, I use sunflower oil. And in this example on using R to boldly paper to make it spicy. But you can use a couple of cloves of garlic. And if you don't put anything, just the icon, the oil that will be amount is. So I'm going to show you how easy it is. So you use a 100 and you put it on the yolk of the egg. And I'm going to hold it a few seconds until it becomes to get out wide and dense and then I will start going up. So as you see, now it's a source, it's dense and it tastes delicious. 31. 14 Days Cabagge Salad: Hi, everybody. Samantha. I'm in the kitchen today to talk to you about the five ways to prep the theme this week is salads. So how to prep for your lunches? But I mean, in reality this can go beyond lunches. Maybe you're like me and you eat dinner for breakfast. Sometimes. There are no rules, but we're going to just go through five salads that I picked out there, my gotos. And so I thought that would be helpful to share. We've been asked several times by students to share us cooking. I will share with you their recipes and why I love these. The first one that we're going to make is 14 day cabbage salad. This is a cabbage salad for my great grandmother. So yeah, so we're gonna start with our 14 day cabbage salad. So I've chosen purple cabbage because I think it's super beautiful. And we're also going to use this in the last recipe that we make today. And I'll just point my, my camera down a little bit now so that you can see my workstation. And basically I'm just going to show you what I'm doing with it here is that I use a quote unquote chef's knife. This is the size, it's a larger one. And I like it because there's more control. It's super sharp and I always have my sharpener here. And it was an awesome stocking separate from my parents, it was from Lee Valley. So I really like it. A couple swipes with my knife through that before I didn't add art it. Oh, sharpen my knife. I've got my cutting board here, just a basic cutting board with a wet cloth underneath. And the reason why I do that is that so it doesn't slide and move on. I'm cutting, but I am doing the 14 day cabbage cool saw. It's super fast. It goes with so many different things. So whether you're a vegetarian or you are having a neat, this is a really nice kind of pickled cabbage law that super-simple and goes together and minutes, I am going to use the food processor to shred the cabbage because I don't want to do everything by hand, but you are capable of doing it by hand. So it will be noisy for a second. This salad, I've had many, many types. My grandma always made it with green cabbage. I take my compost and I have my compost right on the kitchen. We always do. It's coming on summertime and it was good. Head into the fridge soon so that we don't have a fruit fly problem like many of you. So I'm just cutting my habit and I won't put my hands. And then I'm going to credit into sections that will fit in my food processor. And we want about five cops. I'm not going to lie to you. I don't follow a recipe. I eyeball it except for the actual Winograd. So I just do about 1.5 of the actual cabbage. So this is how much is left over. And then that last quite a long time for my family, which is two adults and one toddler. And it's pretty delicious, so it's going to get noisy. But you'll see why I use this. It's because it's super fast and it makes a hard process that my grandma used to do by hand, go by in a matter of seconds. This is the cheapest version of a food processor from Canadian Tire. If you're from Canada, I pull a little bit too tall. Um, and it's beautiful, Black and Decker. I use it at the cafe that I worked at. So that's why I knew that it would work. And I would say that we've had it for how many years now, Emilio, if Priya for at least three or four. And that is it for the food processor. It is stored in our cupboard in the kitchen. We've made space for it because it is super handy to have that and be able to use it. So I'm gonna transfer is 0 into Tupperware bowl. It is a glass Tupperware bowl, but it doesn't matter. But if you are going to pour the dressing on it directly, it will go into something hot or sorry, something hot is going into it. So you wanna kinda keep that in mind, whatever container you're putting it into. But we eat pretty much a plant-based like kind of meal grouping. But we did incorporate meat back into our diet after our daughter was born. So that is kind of creeped in. But we, we like exploring all types of foods from all different types of cultures. And solids. Just go universal. Everybody's gotta go to Salad. It's what makes potluck super special. And because you get to try something different, then I will show you how I clean my food processor because it's fast and amazing. And I do run a bit of water, so I can appreciate how important water is. But this means like not taking as much of my time. I do do it right afterwards as well. A nice trick. Use your knife along the edge here to give yourself. Don't try it yourself. So that's how I clean data is Haikouichthys note to let it dry. And then with everything that came off, rub it into the sink here right away. Good assists, sous chef. There we go. So that's that. And I'm going to put the sensor compost. So anyways, now that we have this year, now we're just making the dressing. So you do need to bring it to a boil. I just have a regular pot here. And I'm going to do a third of a top, yet a third of a cup of sugar. Which this is how things safe pickled. Some people have an aversion to white sugar, but you can use syrup. So if you have maple syrup or a Gabi syrup, you can use coconut sweetener. There's lots of different types of sweetener. This is the only thing we're using sugar forum. And the only reason that we use it is because it's important to the pickling process. I'm going to do a quarter cup of vegetable oil. And it's just the regular vegetable oil. You can use sunflower, anything that has no flavor, avocado. We're not making this have a burn or anything like that. So I don't think you have to worry about the toxicity of your oil. And then the last step is a quarter cup of sugar. So once those three ingredients, I'm going to see them again. 1 third of a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of oil, and a quarter cup of vinegar. I'm just going to put that on almost maximum. So just in-between the maximum median, we just have an electric and I'm going to stir it and you can sit with me while we're steering. Yeah. And you can share with me, if you have a go-to salad that you kind of make on a weekly basis. I know a couple of friends who eat the same salad every day for lunch. So it really depends on what it is that you're cooking, what you're eating. But this one, we eat this in the summertime, especially probably once once to twice a week because it's just it's in the fridge, a couple spoonfuls. We really like to have a plate with a lot of different little things going on, almost like typos. Amelia's from Barcelona. We met in New Zealand in 2012, if you didn't know that. And then we came to Canada shortly after inserted our business here. But yeah, so this is a really great side. If you're having fish and chips or anything like that. If you'd like wraps or you want to put it on top of a sandwich, It's really, really good. And like I said, it stays for two weeks in the fridge. My Aunt, Kim sure. This recipe with me, but it was my father's grandmother who shared this recipe. So it's really simple, been around a long time. And the only other thing that we're going to add is a little bit of salary seeds. You don't have to. I just really liked the taste of it. So you do a quarter, a quarter teaspoon and put it in. And then you can also put a little bit of salt. You don't have to have salt if you don't want. But I like it. But we're just bringing this salad dressing oil. And I tried to choose ingredients that were overlapping. So that's why we're doing the cabbage salad, the mango salad, salad rolls the broccoli and cheese in the Greek because they're all similar ingredients. So total for all of these, there are 23 ingredients and our salad dressings almost up to a boil, which is great. Everything else, there's no cooking involved except toasting from sesame seeds, which we'll do in our toaster oven. The toaster ovens are pretty vague, so all right. Oh, can you can you show this? This is what I want you to get it to look like. So you just want it to come to a quick foil. You can turn it off. And that's all we needed to kind of get that sugar into the vinegar and oil, and then we pour it over top of the salad. And we'll give it one little stir. And you can see the color of the, I have the cabbage, which is why I really like the purple cabbage one because it's just so beautiful. So when you put it on your plate, you're like, I feel like I'm getting healthier just because I'm eating purple. So beautiful color. It is, so this is all I do. It's literally all been covered. I would put my lid on that. You can eat it right away. You could serve it for dinner right away. But I personally like it when it's cold, so I'll just seal it. And then it's going to go in the fridge like that. And it's good for two weeks. So it's so delicious. And maybe you have a version of coleslaw like that already. But that is ours. 32. Mango Salad: The next one we're gonna do is mango salad. So I am going to just quickly clear my cutting board. So we're going to need mango. We're going to need a bell pepper. I chose a red bell pepper or Emilia DOT did the shopping couple of lines, red onion. I've got everything, set it on the counter beside me, and then we're just using some chili flakes as well as oil and a little bit of maple syrup. So bear with me. Everybody might peel there Mango a little bit differently. By the way, if you're curious how our kitchen is set up, we've actually done a decluttering of our kitchen a before and after. And it's on our YouTube channel at KW professional organizers. But yeah, so I'm just an appeal. My mango. I start at the top. Well, this one's a little bit brown on the bottom, but we have one last night. It was super sweet. So I know it tastes good. How do you pick out a mango? I mean, honestly you can get them when they're green, but then you just have to be patient, leave them on the counter. You don't put them in the fridge. If you want them to ripen. If you want them to ripen, well, I would leave it outside of this bridge. Almost all fruits I leave out except for berries, tomatoes I always leave out that's technically a fruit, I guess they tell us. So once you get all the skin on, and mangoes are quite slippery. So just make sure I like to hold it in my whole hand, kind of with my finger and thumb locking it in. But it really depends on the size of your hand too. So compost, everything that we're going to make with this solid is a fixed kind of Juliane, which is basically like long sticks kind of idea. So my mango I take with the pin at the top or the pit, the stem at the top. And then I cut a little bit on the inside, so I'm cutting right down. It almost went on the floor. Sweet save alongside the pit. And you can see it's a little bit dark here. We'll just cut that part out. So I'm just going to cut off these bad spots. Don't let the bad spots of fruit vegetables in the sink is okay. Turn you off of something because often it's the seconds the fruit that are damaged that tastes the best. I feel like it's like they're, they're Darwinian trying to survive. So I'm going to cut my mango into long strips. Careful there. This mud pit and I'm going to put that in the compost. Me. There's only slightly intimidating mean by being really close. And I'm going to grab my bul sec. You can add garlic to this, you can add cucumber to this. This is a really kind of delicious salad. If you are not vegetarian or vegan, you can add fish oil. And that just gives it a little bit of a Thai flavoring. And if it was summertime, I would be adding Thai basil and for the solid or mint or something like that. But I don't have any herbs out of the garden right now. And Emilio didn't couldn't find any at the grocery store when he even went. So we just have to make do with what we have. But the good thing about this salad is that it doesn't really need. A lot because you've got like the mango, really simple flavors. You really want to taste. Any of the super brown ones, I probably would just eat those like I want to put them in, but God, you're like, Oh, I'm gonna eat out. Or that's really good. We don't throw anything here. No. It actually changed delicious. It just doesn't look nice. This is, again, just like long kind of sticks. And maybe I didn't talk through how I cut my peppers, but I definitely cut down four walls from the top. And I learned that from Kate. Well, Chuck, because it makes it. So if the peppers like this, I have the stem at the top. I cut down aside, I turn it, I cut down aside. This one came to a point. I would generally like cut this off and use this to is pretty small, so I'll just eat that and put that away. So yeah, so the reason why I do that is that it helps you cut really straight lines afterwards because you're basically working with rectangles. How did it in half? So that we just kind of got like match sticks. And I throw it in here. And this is for about like for adults, I would say. And this is to go alongside, you know, you could do fish, you could do a rice, you could do a curry. You might just want to eat this with some grilled chicken or tofu. My sink tends to be a catch-all. I do clean it on a regular basis, so hopefully that's not grossing anybody else. We're going to do the zest of one line. Now you, Ms. Esther. I want to show it to you too because it's super cute. It's like a Parmesan cheese mini grader. But I use it for his estate. I know that there's other ones, but I kind of like that. This one kind of gives big chunks of zest. So see that. You see, yeah. It smells good. I wish you guys could be in here smelling the lime. How many people are tired of COVID? I'm glad that we're kind of getting our vaccinations. My grandmother's been vaccinated, my neighbors been vaccinated. Hopefully, we will be vaccinated by June. I'm excited about that. I know EPA and other parents are definitely excited. So I've tested the line of one. And then I'm going to squeeze, shuffle that. We do think this is Amelia's purchase from a secondhand store. I love it. He loves it. It comes apart in three pieces, but the juice just falls in below. So the only problem is that you don't get pulp. Which is like kind of I like pulp. Some people don't like pulp. But it is a beautiful little. This one, this isn't our own, these STV there should know. So that one, I actually bought it for lemons because it collects the bits from the lemon four lines. We normally use these ones because line doesn't have paid, so you can just squeeze it right away. But lemons, all the bits, you don't want them in the sonnet. So that's why these guys really good for lemons. So I'm just gonna do that. It was full after 1.5, these word juicy. So I'm going to squeeze the last one. I don't think we need juice for any other one, but I'm gonna keep it to the side here. So once we've done that, I did that now because it's going to help keep the mango from Bali brown. Like the sooner you can add the citrus the better. And then we're just going to use half a red onion. But that didn't just pinch off the end so widespread, no, I like red because of the flavor. If you like onion, you can add more or less depending on your family's preference kind of thing. I'm a big fan, but more the merrier, but the red is colorful. So it just brings out a really nice color. And also I think a cleavers a little bit less aggressive than some of the cooking anions that you might have. But mostly it's because of the color. It's just pretty. So all of these were cut to the same texture and length. And the reason being, uniformity in the solid kinda makes it feel good. So that's probably enough. Red onion. And with the lime juice. And I'm just doing it with my hands because why not? It's it's hard like this is not generally how I would be set up exactly in the kitchen because you guys are here and we want it to have it so that it was easy and fast to teach. But everybody cooks in their own style. I can actually even get rid of this. This doesn't need to be here anymore. And I would put it under the counter, but Jose's there. So yeah. So now I'm just going to pour in a little bit of olive oil. I think I said that I would only use a tablespoon, so I'll measure it just for the sake of this. So a tablespoon and I'll pour that in. I normally eyeball it. So if you're somebody who eyeballs, just eyeball. So it's awesome. And maple syrup, I forgot to get it out because we live in Canada and we have access to it. Oh, I think I said to measure this too. So just a tablespoon. I said, I'm a big fan of a three-part salad dressing. We were just talking about this with friends that I do. One part sweet, one part vinegar oil. That's because I do, I'd like to balance that. It offers things I don't like things to be too Tang here, don't like things to be too sweet. I just like the balance of that. Plus we're supposed to eat more fats and that kind of thing. So that's good. So this is a beautiful salad. This is it. You could add cilantro, you could add mente, a little bit of green, green onion, spring onion. And then that would kinda crossed out these colors, but it's delicious as it is. So I would let that sit for a little bit before I served, but that's it. So I'm going to put it in the fridge. How how would you study it in the Fritz If you're not taking it today? I when I was stored in the same Tupperware style that we did, the cabbage salad. And I just did these bowls because I thought it would make things kind of look, you're ready to have their own individual goal. 33. Broccoli Salad: And this one is going to be a broccoli salad. It's a big hint with my family and myself. But it is a take on one that traditionally is done with bacon. But I don't use bacon in it. I use toasted sunflower seeds, but it uses cheddar cheese, broccoli in red onion, and it's a male bass kind of dressing, so it's really good. So because we're doing the sesame seeds, I always like to toast nuts because it brings out the flavor kind of if you've seen some cooking where they always heat up in the oil the herbs or the spices are using. It's because it brings out a richer flavor and it's the same with the nuts. So this is our toaster oven. I just have them spread on the on the sheet. And I'm not using a timer because it's built-in, but I just do one setting of the toast. So however long I took my toast for, that's going to be the same here. And then I'm going to use that to garnish the top of it afterwards. So what would you say for people who don't have an toaster, I was throwing up, you can use a pan or a pot and toast them on top of the oven. I don't think that you could do something you could use like an actual oven. That's why our toaster oven is super beneficial because we can't just going to get our broccoli salad bowl here. And it goes straight in. And you could also not be fancy at all with the bulls. We can just put it as something like this to serve on the table. We're not big into like making a presentation, but if we go to someone's house, which we haven't done them forever, I would put it in a cooler looking bowl just so that it looks more fun. So all I'm doing with this broccoli is cutting off the crowns. I'll show you what I do to use a little bit of the stem as well. There we go. And so when I get a bigger chunk, I just cut it into four. Because really you do want to find a larger style bites. You could do this in half. You wanted to. Now with IV actually, I would probably cut these all in half because then it makes it easier. But she also likes to just like pick it up from the salad and eat it like this. So just whatever your preference. Did anybody ever have this style of solid that was with the bacon and the cheese and the red onions. Because I feel like if you wanted to picnic or a potluck or something like that, it would have had to have appeared once or twice. So I've cut my, my stem into four because it actually tastes just as good as broccoli. But because of it's like big thick meaty condition, it often is like you who wants to eat that. So I cut it up into nice small cubes and then people don't really notice that they're eating it and they're like, Oh, you can trick people who said, I don't eat the stems into eating the stems. That's what I like to do to people, trick them with food. So doing the same thing, I'm using two crowns. It depends on what season you're buying your broccoli. If it's in season one, crown is definitely sufficient because they can get really big. So just, it really depends on how much broccoli is per head. You that normally I'd have music playing, like to enjoy cooking for me. I need to really not have too many distractions, but I'd love to have music, something I can sing along to. Emilio, I think listens to podcasts and things like, yeah, I listen to podcast. So I put my phone on a tripod and I maybe what something a YouTube video, quarter of an onion. Peeling skin sores interrupt you. Yeah. No. Yes. Whatever you like doing what you are doing chores. Like you can have mysql and you can have your favorite show playing in the background. You can have an audio book, whatever you want to be doing, just to make it more enjoyable. And I can hear the sunflowers popping, some flowers popping to me is a sign that I want to check it because I don't want them to cook too much. But I actually think that it's perfect. It's just some like outliers that were popping. So it's not too cooked yet. This is toast driver so that you don't burn your fingers. Life, our firm makes things like that, are used to make things like that with blood. So how do I get this red? I hint you, I just want you to see because I'm going to do a fine dice of this, of this onion. So I'm going to cut it into squares. Probably how most people cut their red onion, but I'm just slowing down so everybody sees. So once I've put them all on its edge, okay, that there's broccoli on them because they're going in the same cell. I'm going to hold it. I'm going to cut into four chunks for sort of small square chunks. When I get to this part on the onion where it's really close to my hand and I can't hold in. I flip it one more time. And then I keep cutting because there's more space for my fingers to be sitting on. Less likely for me to cut or hurt myself. And I always sharpen my knife before I think as a shared because cutting yourself generally comes when your knife is a doll or you're distracted. So the truth is it's better to have a I'm going to put everything into the sink and then I'm going to put it into compost after just because we're doing this. It's better to have a sharp knife. Okay, so now I'm just using an old style cheddar cheese or you can use whatever cheese. Sometimes I'll use her birdie or I'll use like an age setter. But this because we're making this menu, I wept for a cheap fabric. She's, so go ahead and use something like that. I cut how much I'm going to use. I don't measure this again, this is definitely an eyeball, but this is probably the above 200 grams because its 1 third of the bar. So again, I'm just going to shred cheese into this. Nothing special. Very special. Yeah, but I mean, like super basic. Keep in mind, we're already, we're on our third salad and we are 30 minutes into this presentation and I'm talking, I have made these solids before though. So like sometimes when you this bowl is silly. Yeah, sometimes he thinks a few times for you to get familiar with the ingredients on the top being. But once you repeat that recipe a few times, you become way faster and you don't have to think of smart. So you do want it like a good kind of portion of cheese in here because it is like it makes the broccoli creamy and like, kind of like a dip. But I would say that that is key. I will wrap this in the beeswax and put it back in the phrase. But for right now I'm just going to send it over here. Yeah, When you make the solid chef remember that this is personal choice to some people may like more broken knee lift to some people may like most useless brocoli Macedonians, Sonya due Tuesday quantities. And you experiment until you find the and are like honestly, our course was really always about how to set up a meal plan no matter what you were cooking. So it's not about what you're eating. We're not trying to tell you what's the best for you. It's about how do you make sure you're enjoying cooking and enjoying the food that you're making and doing it so that it's stress-free. It's not something that's stressful. Here it is. We always keep a little available jam jar because that's what we shake our dressings into. So I'm just gonna do this one which is a little bit of olive oil. I'm not going to measure it, but I did supply a recipe. I'm gonna do apple cider vinegar. I'm doing double the amount that I did for oil. I'm going to do just a little bit. I'll measure your maple syrup. So that's not overwhelming to taste because you definitely don't want this to be sweet. It's a savory style. But you don't want it to be so tart though, it's the kids won't need it. And Eva really likes this solid a lot. And then I'm going to drink their dressing out of the home. I going to put a tablespoon of Annie's just to make it creamy. I think the original recipe called for quite a bit of Manet's. I'm just going to grow spooning. And this is by adding the vinegar and oil. You're able to cut that down and I'm just going to put a cotton. There are a couple of tablespoons. Got away. And I haven't forgot about my, my birth. Sunflower seeds, but just shake it. And that's good. And then pour it over top. I can't have black pepper right now, but I am going to put a little bit of sea salt. And I would generally put a couple dashes of a barbecue sauce or not barbecue sauce. That's the wrong word. It's a natural like smoke flavor, so it's like smoked water. We use it a lot on Tempe and tofu and things like that. But it just gives the essence of kind of barbecue. So only a couple of dashes oven and it's just like, I wish you could smell it. It smells like delicious barbecue dressing can last for two weeks. Yeah, that bridge in a sealed container. Sorry, we never had dressing going by adding the free time between open a week sometimes. And there's these trees, great. So although they're a little dark, It's actually really good. So I'm dumping all those in. And that's our solid number three, I'm gonna spin it off. And I'll put it back in the nice container so that you can see it. It's nice if you can let this one step because the broccoli really has time to kind of absorb some of the dressing. It's, it's just more flavorful and that she's kinda melts into it, the red onions. It's beautiful. You could even put half cherry tomatoes and here just to give it a pop of color of life, their bread, or a little bit of diced red pepper is another kind of substitution I've seen into this recipe. Raisins or cranberries is also something else. We can sometimes do chickpeas and things like that. So what's his life? He does this feel like it's a Jamie Oliver show or does it feel like it's definitely the SAM Kristofferson and Emilia Jose show. Here's the after ever salad. It's delicious and beautiful. It's going to taste amazing tomorrow. We're going to be eating this one for sure tomorrow, the cabbage salad, we'll wait a long time and probably that one. 34. Greek Salad: Oh, the next one is like this is hands down my go-to because it's a crowd pleaser. It's easy to make and I absolutely love it. It's a Greek salad. So again, using a lot of the same ingredients, I don't think I'm shredding. Look in my saying so everybody can see. This is totally normal and acceptable to me that I would clean up as soon as I'm done making the solids. The sink like Emilio might get hung up sometimes about mess. That is not the case for me. And everybody's entitled to their own way. So that's cool. Has their own. So here we have our Cucumber. I'm just going to grab our I have cherry tomatoes that Emilia picked up. We're doing coulomb auto, all of sliced. I always have these in my cover because I love calamari olives and they're sliced because Eva can't Hopkins. Well, she can, she's old enough. But for right now this makes it really easy for everybody to be able to predict. And a red pepper, sorry. With a Greek salad, you generally have kind of the same ingredients, but you can't feel, feel free to switch them up. But I'm putting mine in a long dish because I think that's fun sometimes not a lot of people think about solids in like kind of long serving trace all the time. I cut my cucumber into quarters. Okay. You know, wipe up this man. And so, you know, people who, you know, meal planning is something that they brought up before. It's great to ask them and know that you probably are holding within you knowledge that would really help them. And I'm talking about when advice is solicited, unsolicited, but it's super fun to share recipes and cooking. Our one friend posts on Facebook all the time. She has a folder, she calls food on filbert and she posts amazing recipes and always shares how difficult they were in or how easy it was, how the family reacted to it. You can use a whole tomato and then cut it up and dice in. But Emilio found cherry tomatoes that are a little bit on the green side. Yeah. But this is what they had. So we were trying to accommodate. So I'm gonna do probably about, I think ten to 15 of them. And then that'll be enough. And again, this is for like for adults as the side dish. And he of these salads you kind of can be up and make into larger size. The cabbage Charlotte is really good on top of solids. So you make a let a solid and then you can dump some of that pickled cabbage stuff on top and it's delicious. We're going to be using this red onion has seen a lot of action tonight. We're going to keep using him. If you don't like onions, you can always substitute for something like a Shalit or just something that's a little bit less aggressive than the red onions. Appeal the schema. But yeah, it's nice when you have the recipes that have come down to you through friends and family that often. I am looking online and saying I have a broccoli and I have this other ingredient, Brussels sprouts. What can I make with it? I don't know if anybody else is kinda like that, but I write onion, I'm dicing bigger. I'm not cutting into small because I want it to actually be a little bit chunkier. So these are like a large square. And I think I indicated. And for some people maybe that's too much anion, but that's just the right amount for me. Yeah, I guess I just want to say you guys have about the dressing like the WIDA we do the dressing into a mason jar, allows us to, we normally makes headlines like this and then we don't put the dressing and decide that if we are not going to read the whole thing, because that way we just put this highlighting, just wanted bolts. And then we use the dosing that independently so that everybody puts as much or as little as they want. And they're salad densities for longer in the fridge. Yeah. I'm doing I think the same thing that I was asking us for something. They don't know what she knows. She's just talking. Yeah. I can see here. So she's been so we've added those ingredients and now we're going to put in all this and I'm going to go before, please. So maybe some of you didn't know this, but I'm going to go and I have been teaching and producing online courses for people that stemmed from workshops that we have given in the libraries, private companies. And so you can find us on things like SkillShare, Udemy, Insight Timer. And we're also building our own platform, as I said called Find your Beta. So if you are on Instagram or Facebook, we would love it if you liked it and subscribed into those channels because that's where we're going to be operating. A lot of our how-to content will still be here under Kw PO. But were and looking at expanding educational offerings that we have before. So probably I put in all of this like personal preference. We like a lot of olives, but I've probably put in about four tablespoons of slice olives. So that's done and then are almost finished. Step is the most wonderful. And you combine this already cubed. You can buy this at the market. What were they have a really nice like goat and cows fed up. But this one is also pretty good. Trace Stella I think is the name. So I'm just going to cut a chunk and it peels apart. So however you get it, you can cut it into cubes if you want, so that you get the kind of a chunk of cheese like this, what you can come up with your fingers through? Yeah. I personally don't like this. I like crumbles. So that's how I make it. I just crumble it in my hands. I think that she's kind of spreads over more of the ingredients that way. And there's a little bit more delicious cheeses, again, a preference. So more or little of it. You can have really good like VGG and cashew cheeses and things like that that are great for grief because they tend to be on the saltier side. Just going to wash my hands after. Feta cheese actually makes my hands kind of crack a lot. So I've started to respect my hands a little bit more and clean up. Look at this. I just wanted you to see that we didn't have a place to hang towels really properly. So we just got some great 3M hooks and we can keep to tea towels here, right overhead. And not convenient for IV at this moment in time. We have to help her with that. But it has been so great because we don't have anything that hangs out. So a good, a good compromise. So the next thing we're gonna do is addressing. I would again use this. And i'll, I'll do it just for the sake of everybody seen. I'll rinse out the last dressing. And we're gonna do equal parts of our olive oil. What hands? So I think I said 1, 1 third of a, or one-quarter of a capsule of the olive oil, the same of the vinegar. Sometimes if you are, I believe the quantities, you can just shake it, give it a try now, but look, see how you can see that parts are now separated. So I'm trying to basically do three parts but less of this suite. So I'm only going to do about a tablespoon. And again, you can still see it. You can see my maple syrup, vinegar, olive oil, and, and add in not seller seats basal. I'll do like a full picture of the herbs into that. Some people don't like herbs in their salad dressing. So in that case, like just skip this. But for Greek salad, it's nice to have some, some of that fragrant stuff. And again, if it was summertime, I be using what's in my garden. I'm also going to put a pinch of salt. Another way to do salad dressings to ease using a magic bullet. Because you can put gala, you can put ginger, you can put pieces of things and then the blender will blend everything. And we have ours. Like one of these guys. Yes, I like that idea of blending garlic in it. Never too much garlic. So dressings done or it over top. Again, this can go into glass bowl and this can set honestly for me, this can't sit longer than two days with the dressing on it because the cucumbers get really soggy. Your peppers, your onions, the tomatoes, they all do really well. But cucumbers, they tend, they lose their crispness and then for me that's like a loss on the solid. So I can prepare this and not cut up the cucumber. But honestly, this is less than an eight minute solid and it's beautiful and delicious and it just tastes so good. So this is our Greek salad. And this was number four. So we're onto our last. We have 10 minutes left, so it's good timing. So many tenets in Lisbon and I will I will cover this afterwards. Yeah. How how would you probate? So I wouldn't cover it. Sorry. I would use just the glass container with a temporary lead or I would put it in a Ziploc bag. I'm going to put the cheese away. 35. Salad In a Wrap Or Fresh Spring Rolls: This next one is called salad in a wrap or aka fresh spring roll. And it's super easy to make and it's just solid in a wrap, in a Race Rap. And some people can be really intimidated by the Race Rap. So that's why I thought let's do one tonight. So in here, this is exactly how I cut it for the salad, wrap, their red pepper. This is how I would cut the mango as well. And I didn't I wasn't going to put right on unit, but I will put a little red onion and k, and then we have our cabbage. We need cashew butter or peanut butter or any kind of knock better that you prefer. And I just need a spoon. Anyways. This is the rice paper. Okay. Maybe some of you have seen it before, maybe you haven't. They sell it in almost every grocery store now. But if you need to go to a special Asian market like t and t are new city if you're local here, here's one. You can see how it reacts. It's firm, it's made out of race. There's no other ingredients. I always like to take two at a time to make every wrap and that kind of guarantees, but you're not going to have anything bus through. And it also is just easier to handle. It holds together better. And that's how we did it at the cafe. So the first thing you need is warm tap water. And ours is already quite warm. You can't if you can't get warm tap water on the go, you can boil some water, just don't let it come to a full boil because you'll burn yourself. Okay. So I have my metal bowl. I have just a little bit of water, kind of like two fingers worth in here. And I'm gonna take my cue sheets of paper and I'm going to dip them in the water. And then I'm going to spin it because it's faster and easier. And I'll notice when it's ready. And if you're like, How do I know when it's ready? It's like you just know it feels limp and noodling and your hands like other things you might know, feel limp, noodle. I'm just kidding. Anyway, an adult show. That's all I'm gonna say about that. If I can do it, guys, you can do it. So here's here's our sheet. Look how loose it's becoming the water. That's perfect, that's ready. Okay. So I'm going to lay it down. So I'm taking my cashew butter or peanut or whatever, not better you have. And I'm just going to spread it along here. Okay? If this was a longer show, I could show you a recipe which is you blend this with garlic and some chili flakes. And then that kind of just helps bring out a little bit more spiciness to the dip, but the nut butters good. So I'm just going with my fingers because I'm going to eat this now. Did anybody else dun dun, dun a home-based. Don't do that at work. You want to think? So I'm taking about for red peppers and I'm putting it alongside the nuts. I'm going to take four pieces of the mango. I mean, four is just a number. You can pick whatever you want, but this is a nice portion and I'm stacking them in together. I'm going to take a couple of our red onions. There we go. And actually I did forget the cucumber. So excuse my reach. I think it tastes really good with cucumber. So again, I'm cutting a cucumber about this length, match tech links. And I just want everything, even when you bite it. Other favorites are mixed up and it's nice and heavy me this before that one time I think you should make it again, but she just due to weather, they don't need to do. So. Here I have my cucumbers, I'm adding that. And then you can use carrot. You can use anything shredded. The purple cabbage looks amazing. So I'm just going to take a pile of that and put it on top. Rinse my hand. And then this is the fun part. Pick up your bottom edge, flip it over, wrap it up like a blanket. It's okay to have little purple pieces here. That's not a big deal. Fold in one side, fold and the other side, and then tuck and turn. And you can be kind of firm because you want it to stay connected. But here's our little beautiful little sausage vegetable friend. And then to be fancy, you can cut it in half. It's amazing. You can play it with some sweet chili sauce. You can make a mango sauce. And you stack that up. And you can do a whole tray of those. It's a great appetizer, but it's a great salad. Just in a byte. Like if I was eating this for lunch, I would eat too is like a side or four is like a main and you just feel so fall. So that was our last solid. Again, you can play around with the ingredients. I go inside of it. If you were to search fresh spring roll, you're going to find a lot of different options available to you online. But this is such a nice tree. The rice paper will only last about a day. So to keep it longer, I can prepare all of these and then put a wet paper towel over top in a sealed container and then pull it out for a dinner or something like that. But they're not the race is going to turn very firm, probably after about 24 hours. So you can always peel it open, eat everything inside, and not eat the rice, but it's pretty unenjoyable after that. So so what do you think I like that the end. I didn't think I was gonna make it. But I mean, it's tiny, it's left cares. 36. Using Tools to Make Mealtime Easier - TV Segment: I'm here with Emilio from K W Professional Organizer's Emilio. So many of us come home every day and ask yourselves what's for dinner? So how important is it to actually sit down and plan your meals? It's really important, and every person is different. So some people enjoy meal planning on cooking every day. But for those who don't have the time or don't enjoy cooking every day, meal planning can help you to be more effective. Spend less time cooking and grocery shopping. I'm making the most of your time. So once you've actually figured out what kind of food you're making every day or even once a week for the week, what are some of the tools to start with to make sure that you're being really efficient? So the first thing that we're, which recommend is to have a very functional kitchen I kitchen where you know where things hot, because if you don't know where things are, you can be effective and it's going to be frustrating. So you have to eliminate all those frustrations. I'm a cooking. Convenient, uneasy sounds great. So as you can see here, these have some solutions that we use sometimes to make the most off our kitchen cabinet space. So double shells are Lacey Susann's baskets without with a handle on. Of course, using timers can have you, like, be on tobel things. So these air very small, simple suggestions and tools that would work great. And also this particular homeowner has a nice little system going in this cover. Tell me about this. So if Well, if you want to take it to the next level, glide out in countries on very deep cabinets. It's always the defense solution, because you can access everything very easily, even the things in the back you can. As you can see you. I can reach them very easily on allows you to use completely every single inch of your cabinet, and they're really smooth on. Do you have so many options out there? There are so many companies that can create a custom solution for you on. This is something that we recommend if if they have the budget on, do they need the space? And even if you don't have the budget, I noticed so many of these ingredients are in separate containers. They're all labelled, and that just makes the process so much easier. Yeah. Again, if you have this kind of cabinets and you don't have the budget for these, using this kind off solutions can help you to have things organized. And then you can pull things out, grab what you need, and then put it back again. Lacey. Suzanne sees something that is very nice, because you can roll them and you can access everything very easily on this kind of solutions. Allows you to useful the vertical space off the cabinet. So, yeah, you can be very creative without spending a lot of morning. All right? And for anyone out there who may need a little bit of help with this, there is help out there. Yeah. So we're members of the professional organisers in Canada. So there is a website organizer in Canada dot com. And then you can find a lot off organizes like us everywhere in Canada. So it's very important to find the right organizer for you, So don't be shy to explore. If are a couple of course toe. A few different organisers were in kitchen it, so we're very happy to help. All right. Thank you. It's all about saving time and being efficient, especially when it comes to meal planning. It's about eliminating frustration. I'm making me panic fund. All right. Thank you so much. Emilio. From K W Professional organizer. And that is your quick fix at five. 37. Next Steps: you Who? You finish the course. Congratulations. You made it all the way to the end. We're so happy to see your progress. We come way to see what you're creating your meal plan. So a few reminders before we leave you make sure that you click and follow are so that you get update if we create new content so that you don't miss out. Please, please, please, please are come to the review Stop and share with us. What you thought about the course? Yes, Aloneness on honest review will be really, really helpful if it's a good one grade. We really feel inspired our money very by those. If it's about one because we Judea and during the course of there is something that we can improve, please share it with us and we will be very happy to update the course and make it better. You can do that through the discussion. Stop to if you have any feedback and you don't wanna braid are negative review. You can also do that Whatever you prefer. We appreciate honesty on Don't forget to create a project. OK, we have an example one here that we created with their border. We using our kitchen to meal plan, we would really love to see what you create, how you made your meal plan Better on if your family is getting together and they are creative. We have seen amazing things that, like Children, have created. So if you create something appreciated with the community because you will inspire others on, you will feel inspired by seeing what other people are creating too. And last remember that you are welcome to join our Facebook group. This is a free private Facebook group that you can access. We talk about organization in every area of your life, so not only for meal planning. So it could be cool for you to explore all the topics. And you can ask any questions you can share your challenges previous that you are doing. You can support or there's or you can ask for support. So it's constantly growing on way. We hope to see you there. You are more than welcome to come. Okay. Ah, we have other courses in skill. Share around organization in different areas. Make sure that you take them. We would love to see you in another one on please. We're here for you to create anything that you need to make your life more organized so that you can enjoy the lifestyle that you always wanted. Okay. Happy learning on hope to see you in another course soon at the US