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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Numbers in German - Telling the Time


    • 2.

      The 24-hour clock


    • 3.

      A look at German train time tables and TV programmes


    • 4.

      The 12-hour clock


    • 5.

      Practice the 12-hour clock - a listening exercise


    • 6.

      The 12 hrs clock part 2


    • 7.

      How to say the years in German


    • 8.

      Your project


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About This Class


Do you know how to tell the time in German? In this class you will learn how to use the 24-hour clock, the 12-hour clock and also how to say different years.

This class is ideally for beginners and intermediate learners and even advanced learners might find it useful for revision. It does, however, assume that you know your numbers in German, at least up to 60.

If you know your numbers, but don't really know how to say in German what time it is, then come and enjoy these videos and the listening and reading exercises.

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Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

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1. Numbers in German - Telling the Time: welcome to my numbers in German classes. This class covers the times, the easy 24 hour clock on the more difficult 12 o'clock and also the years. There are some reading and listening exercises and, of course, a project interested and carry on watching. 2. The 24-hour clock: in German, as in English. We have two ways to tell the time. 24 hour clock on the 12th art off 24 hour clock is the one that's used in business. Andi. It's also the easiest. So that's the one we'll look at now because basically, all you need to know is your numbers and the word work. Now you actually means clock, but it can also mean O clock as in eight o'clock nine oclock. So let's imagine it. Waas 9 45 then all you need to do is you need to say the first number and ignore any zeros which may be in front of it. So in this case it is just the nine. So that will be nine, followed by the word or where the code on ISS. You need to add the word work. I'm like in English, where we just say 9 45 We do need to say the word war and then the minutes, and in this case it's 45. So that would be from one fee, etc. So therefore, the time would be nine or fun. Fun. Fitzy. Let's over. Look at another one 12 23 12 is both 23. Is Diet on small Insee So therefore, this would be it's worth were Dion's fancy. What about this one? Now I have to admit in English I'm often stuck on this one on our properly end up saying 8 p.m. Cause it's something like 20 100 or something about this, which I think it's more really army talk. But in German, it's nice and easy. 20. The number is 20 and zero. You don't need to say because there are no minutes, but you need to say the word or so. Therefore, it's seven c that saves all the hassle of trying to think what's 20 100 20 or one is fine. 2002 What about 20? Your turn. I'm going to give you a time and you have a think what That waas on The 1st 1 is Z been woods worth and I repeat again z been were worth And this is what I said Z even for seven, remember not to worry about zero in front of it. Oh, uh and then 12. It's worth Z been words Well 12th 7 12 on another one. See musics axinn were ZX Andi, I'm about to show you, and it's 18 06 So again, because we're saying the word whore. We don't have to worry about the zero IQ and in English, you would say 18 06 but in German, because we always at the word you're it's Axinn or six. I do one more. You ready? No annoying, No were knowing. What could that be on? The answer is zero again. Zero first zero doesn't count. The 2nd 10 is known, and then it's nine minutes past midnight. So no or knowing and basically that's it for the 24 hour clock. All you have to do is know two things. One is you need to know your numbers well up to 59 at least on you need to remember to include the word whore were the cone illness and that's it, you can now say the time in German, on other said. In the beginning, it's mainly used for business, but also timetables. Ah, I thought I show you some time tables in the next video. I'll see you then 3. A look at German train time tables and TV programmes: As I said in the last video timetables on TV programs are always in the 24 hour clock. So I thought I shoes. Um, Now, this 1st 1 is a screenshot. I taken from a website, which shows you about the trains from Heiner to Minster. Now, of course, when you're reading it, it doesn't really matter, because you really a 13 08 and it derives at 13 33 so you don't need to worry about how to pronounce the numbers. But I just wanted to show you again that this absolutely make sure that that first train on the screen there leaves at eight minutes past one in the afternoon and not at eight minutes past one in the morning. So writes into asked, and it arrives at tights in or dry, and I see on the last one leaves. It fits in or fear, and it arrives at fits. In were nine and 20. Now, if you actually standing on a platform in a German station, you'll find huge posters with lots of numbers on their looks. A bit like this now, I tried to take a picture. It didn't come out too well. It looks a bit blurry on by my guess is you probably won't be able to see much, but because it's behind glass and of it reflection there a bit smudgy where it's dirty. But hopefully it will just give you an idea. So imagine you're standing on platform five on dure trains Supposed to leave at 16 or four because you're going to Muenster and you have been worried because there's nobody else standing on the platform. Have you got the right one? So you go to the map, go and find 1600. You see the big black line now from that black line to the next one. Those are all the trains that go between four o'clock in the afternoon and 50 clock in the afternoon. And there we have the first train, which I hope you can see 16 or four, and it leaves to Muenster and it goes from platform five. So even if you are the only person you're still on the right train and the right for the right train on the right platform and the same applies to the arrivals as well. Now the departures look yellow. The arrivals are white on the same thing again. It shows you the timing's really nicely. There's the block between 16 and 17 so you know, that's in the afternoon and you can see where the trains come from. So if you're picking somebody up, I'm trying to read thes things myself. No, I think it says nor deny the first train after four o'clock, uh, zests in What's why I think it says arriving from North and I on platform five. So if by any chance you're standing on Platform two, you won't be able to pick up your friend. You need to move to platform five TV programs. As all the TV programs are in the 24 hour clock. We know that form Alliance Formula One is at eight o'clock in the morning because it says war 0800 on the life one starts 1/4 to 9 newly act foreman fear T V, etc. There's no doubt this one is definitely in the morning. Or is this one here shows you that Deutsche lands often Superstar is at 24 15 and that's in the afternoon, so it makes it nice and easy. But of course not everything is nice and easy. And for that we have the next video. See you then 4. The 12-hour clock: right then here we go, the 12 hour clock. Are you sitting comfortably? Let's start. Start easy. Assist Ein War. Now that's nice and easy. One oclock so eine, not lines, although the number one is IMEs. Remember, it's fine because it's followed by the word work, which in this case means oclock as this fine work and therefore now assists fight war. And that's how it carries on with the full hours. I will feel, well, fun for sex was even more were nine. What's in were as what's very for, just like in English. No, anything past is enough. So in English, this would be five past two, so we follow that pattern. Food enough. Survive nice and straight forward, isn't it? Yes, £10 to seen now, so I we don't need the word or no, just like we wouldn't say 10 past two o'clock. Well, I think I have heard some people say, but generally we don't and it's the same meaning in German. See enough to buy. That's enough. We don't need to say, or 1/4 is fear, too. You could see the word fear in their 1/4 so 1/4 is future so therefore as East Fear to now serve I quarter past two on 20. Pastor Is this sun See now that's why so straightforward. Full of knots. Why say Knox by federal Nats by It's one thing, that's why or of course, any of the other hours. Yeah, I've moved over to 24 die. You'll find out later on. Why now? Four means to So again it follows the straightforward pattern it's Muncy for Hi 22 3 You could probably know. Guess what? Quarter to three years. Yes. Fitted for high quarter to three, 10 to 3 therefore would be seen for the lie 10 to 3. Same photo I on 5 to 3. You absolutely ride fun thought high and that is everything that's in easy. So if you remember past is now two is four on we're following the pattern five past 10 past quarter past 20 past So five past nine would be fun, fun are annoying. Can to nine would be seen for nine quarter past seven fitter knocks even quarter to eight. Settle for act that easy, isn't it? So what does she say? It so difficult, huh? Miss Nell? Three have a nice off missed out half past 25 fast and 25 2 and that's where the fun begins half past two. If you imagine you've got the whole clock on, you've got to draw the line somewhere. So it's on the six at the bottom. That's half we got. They got the two halfs. No in English was saying, It's half past two, and only when we get just passed that one, we're saying it's whatever the minutes are to the next hour. Well, the Germans start counting towards the next hour on house. So instead of saying half past were saying, it's half to the next hour. But you only need the word hard. This one is help. The high, so half past age would be highly annoying. Half past 11 would be Halaib slows. That takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's not too difficult. Just remember, you need to think towards the next hour, So if somebody says to you Oh, as is high fun's, then you need to remember that that's half past four. Okay, that was a bit tricky, but that's still not it, because when it's 25 past two We're actually saying it's five minutes before half past, so that's already need to remember that half past two is hoped Ally. And then we're adding five minutes before that, which is fun for so s is fun for heart by I mean, if you really stuck, you just walk off on us, somebody else. And by the time you're asking them, the five minutes have gone and it will be half passed through. Well, now that's a bit silly, isn't it? Now, if anybody were to ask you fish beat Istres, they just happened to be 25 past. It's fine if you say for once, want enough. So if you wanted to say as this from front wanted, that's why people will understand you. The tricky bit is, if you're asking a German, what's the time? And there happens to be 25 past because they most likely will say fund four. So 25 past six would be fun for Hub Z. Even full for high. Remember, hyped? I have passed to firmed. Four can, you know, work out what 25 to 3 would be. Yes, it's five minutes after half past two. Food now hot high sons. Now I die Not that difficult, really, is it so just to recap everything again? So while the full hour is just something would fun fours X was even war. I'm work, then passed. It's no so fun. Fna seen. Ah, it's once, you know, quarters future. So future enough. But then 25 past is fun for hope and then hope Remember, you need to go towards the next hour. So hives even south for six. It is 25 to it will be from now, huh? And then four For the rest. It's 24 fetal for saying, for if you struggling with that in the beginning, don't worry too much. It will take time, but just spend some time. Have a look at your watch every so often. Now on, Ask yourself which beat business and see if you can work out based on the 12 hour clock and the next video. We'll do a quick listening exercise, but I thought I'll do it as a separate video because you will probably feel like a break now and you deserved it 5. Practice the 12-hour clock - a listening exercise: have you survived the video about the 12 0 clock? You obviously have. Because you're back Back for a listening exercise. I will read out a time. And then you ever think what it iss So the 1st 1 s ist. So it is. It is as his fun foots worth fun. Fort Worth and I'm about to reveal it. It's 5 to 12. Although technically speaking, that clock has moved on a little bit since I said it. It is now fear Foot toe. Let's do another one as East Hope scene. Hi. Seen Andi? I'm about to review the answer. Hype scene half past nine. Next one s is seen not seen. Seen a scene. Andi, I'm about to reveal the answer. 10 past 10 Seen now seen straightforward. But you could guess you don't just get all the straightforward ones. Assist fun for herb scene funds for help Scene fund for heIp scene And the answer is 25 past nine. Remember, half past nine is hype scene, but it's five minutes earlier. Five minutes before, so fun for hide saying hi buffed hope asked. That should be a doddle Now for you on and half past him. Hi, Bucked Kutz Foot Seen. Now this is something I didn't mention when I told you all about the 12 hour clock. Can you guess what it might be? As is courts for seen? If you've noticed, I didn't give a minute. So what could it be? And the answer is just before 10 o'clock rather than setting, it's a minute to 10 or two minutes to 10. I mean, I've gotta watch, which doesn't actually show the minute. So when it's that short to it, it's actually really difficult to tell. So it's easier to say it's almost 10 o'clock or nearly, and courts mean sort of shortly and four, which we fact before, because it's some minutes before 10 o'clock. So courts fought saying, Which could me anything like one or two? I don't think it would be three minutes, but you get the idea. We'll find out because the last one I'm going to give you could snow hope. Fear could now hope Fear. What time is that? Andi? I'm giving you the answer. Just after half past three member hide fear. Half past three on this time, it's not five past, so I can't say assist film for high Fear because it hasn't got that far yet. It's about a minute or so. So again, just after half past courts now, hard fear. Now I hope that from now on you will spend at least a minute a day looking at a clock. Andi, say what it is in German, have some. 6. The 12 hrs clock part 2: So you finally got to grips with the 12 hour clock. You know, quarter past its fit enough half its hub to the next hour. Remember, On 1/4 to a spittle four on you are in Germany. You are supposed to be a two meeting at three o'clock. You feel you're running late. You haven't got a watch on you on you asking somebody? Vish beatus this on. They say as this fiddled high and you panic. Oh, no. The meeting is at three o'clock. I'm late. So your grabby things you rush out of the house or the hotel and you come past oclock and you see it is caught a pass to Are you saying what's going on? Well, welcome to the different way off. Telling the German time. Some people Andi, They used to say it wasn't west east to divide cues to be people in the east who mainly used this way When I say not too much in the West nowadays is saying it's a north south, I would say, as people are moving around, it is just a case off. Some people used a different way off telling the time on their imagining the clock a bit like a cake eso when we had two o'clock that would have been to my door. And then when it's quarter past, they're saying will be fused off 1/4 off three o'clock. Therefore, they're saying Fiddled High noticed the missing nuff. That's the key word fitter. NAFTA. I would have been quarter past three foetal. The lie is a bit like 1/4 off. Three half past is still the same. Hi Di. So what's quarter to if quarter past was settled? I so he used 1/4 off. Three half past has helped I because we've fused half off. Three. So what do you think they're saying? For quarter to three? Did you guess it? The answer is dry. Foetal die 3/4 off three o'clock as his life. It'll die. So basically it's only those two the quarter past and the quarter to. So if you do hear anybody Andi, you're not quite sure what they said is 1/4 past five or is 1/4 past four. It is the missing now, so future now fear would be quarter past four. Set of fear is 1/4 off for dry fit with scene. It is 3/4 off, 10 so quarter to 10 sit of 14 it's quarter to 10. You're not really required to say this unless you move into an area where everybody uses it and then you'll pick it up anyway if it confuses you. I think now I know it because I've been teaching it. But as a child, my grandmother was the one who used to tell the time like this. She was the only one I knew who did. Andi. It confused me immensely, but ask her What's the time? And she said, Fiddle act. And I thought I was late to meet my mates when actually was only quarter past seven. So if somebody says it to you, just remember, did they say, now or four and you may be able to work it out. Alternatively, go now somebody else. Cora's Gugu 7. How to say the years in German: just to finish off the times. Let's have a quick look at the years now. If this was a number in English, it would be in 1984. But as it's a year, we call it 1984 on the same applies to the numbers or the years in German, so the number would have bean 9900 field access. But as it's the year it's 1900 which stands for 1900 few on RT, which is 84 now half written it down. But you wouldn't really see a number like this written down, although there is an exception because this is actually the title off the film Onda. The film 1984 in German actually has got the whole word written down like I've written it there and not the numbers. But that's one of the own few may be the only I don't really know a time where you would see a year spelled out and not in numbers. So what about this one? What, 1713 in German? Because it's you turn to think on the Ansari's zips, in whom that height sing Mr Another one, 2000 and five. Now we've gone past the 117 16 15 19. What's 2000 and five? Yep, it is the same as in English. 5000 foot 2005. You don't need the AMD in there, so it's my 1000 funds. Well do and then we come to the tricky one. Now I'm making this course in 2017. Andi. In English, we got two choices. There are some people like me who say 2017 but the majority of people say 2017. So 2017 or 2017 in German. It's the other way around. The majority off people say it's my tells and zip seem, and some people also say 2016. It looks to me as if the White House and zipped in seems to be the preferred choice. But who knows? That could still change again. Maybe in the next 100 years, although we don't need to worry about that. And that wraps up the time on the years