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"Now What" Series: I've Created a Pattern, Now What?

teacher avatar Samantha Wilson, Illustrator & Fiber Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Hello & Welcome


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      Patterned Fabric


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      Digital Pattern Packs - #1


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      Digital Pattern Packs - #2


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      Digital Pattern Packs + Products


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      Products #1


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      Products #2


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      Clothing? Fashion Line


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      Art Prints + Home Decor


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      Class Project


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      Thank You!


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About This Class

So you've worked hard and created a beautiful pattern...now what? 

In this class, I will show you lots of different ways to turn your patterns into passive income! Whether you dream of adding your patterns to fabric or creating a home goods or stationery line, this is the class for you!

I'll show you step but step how to create products, some digital shop options, and even give you the lowdown on which sites pay well as well as the pros and cons! 

If you are interested in learning to create patterns and do graphic design work from your iPad pro - be sure to check out my series - Designing on the iPad Pro Graphic (101,102,103 & 104) as well as my iPad Pro Class -Creating Repeating Patterns!

Necessary Requirements:

  • Knowing how to make repeat patterns
  • laptop or tablet

So what are you waiting for? Click on the enroll link and I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samantha Wilson

Illustrator & Fiber Artist


Lets be friends on the Inter-webs: check out my social links and like + follow!

Samantha Wilson is a Hand Letterer, Calligrapher & Illustrator living in East Texas with her Hubby, Daughter & 3 Pups. The sole designer behind Oh So Illustrating, Samantha spends her days adding doodles and lettering on everything using ink, graphite, paint and digitally with a stylus! She aims to spread love, happiness and humor through her designs worldwide!

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1. Hello & Welcome: Hello and welcome. My name is Samantha Wilson, and I am a calligrapher, illustrator and graphic designer. Welcome to my new series. It's kind of got a weird name. It's called the Now Wet Siri's and I know you're thinking Would you be know what? Um, so this particular class is called. I created a pattern. Now what? And the idea behind this series is that as artists, sometimes we're so involved in the process of creating ah, pattern or an illustration or, ah, hand lettering, calligraphy. And we finished creating this this beautiful design. And then we sit there and go great. I can put this on paper, and that's the extent of it. And there are just so many other opportunities out there for artists to create passive and semi passive income. And so this class is going to focus on patterns, illustrations, hand lettering and some other things on how to start. You know, after you've created a design, what to do with it so that you can create that passive income. So some of the things you can look forward to is learning the pros and cons of a lot of thes sites. I think I've got, like, 12 different places that you guys at the end of this will know how to sell or picture products on. And so that will be a wonderful way to really open up shops and get your name out. There s Oh, if this sounds like something that you want, um, go ahead and click down below the joint and I can't wait to have you in class. 2. Patterned Fabric: so the first place that I want to talk about is called Spoon Flour. Spoon flour. Is this great place where you can take your patterns that you have designed, and you can upload them to this site and other people can jump on here and purchase them. Um, so, as you see, they've got you know, where they're all broken down. Um, but it's a great site now. They've totally expanded since they initially started, because when they first started, they just had fabric. Now you can get yourself printed on fabric on wall paper on gift wrap, and then they have started these two new websites, one's called Rue Story and the other one's called Sprout Patterns, and I'll go into them a little bit more later. But roastery actually allows you to first design your designs directly. I'm here and you upload them to spoon flour, and then you connect, um, your spoon flour account with your roost ary, and it allows people to actually buy home decor products with your patterns on them and sprout patterns is a great is a place where you can actually upload your designs, and it works a little bit like Reus Torri where you connect. But then people can actually purchase your fabric. And, um, they have all of the's pre made s sewing patterns. Eso basically in the mail. You would receive the pattern as well as the fabric and be able to make your own leggings. So that's kind of cool. But they also have now started offering products that are already cut and sewn and can be delivered. So kind of a cool concept on there. Eso to sell on here. The first thing you do is you go to spoon flour dot com. Um, and it's spelled exactly as it sounds. And you would go up here on the top bar and you would click cell. So once that opens, make money with spoon flour, so it kind of walks you through on, um, you know, selling it. Your products can be on fabric wallpaper in gift wrap and that it's really cool and that professional designers, hobbyists and pretty much everybody uses this and that. You do get to keep the rights to your work. So that's a good you know, point toe point out there. Ah, you earn 10% on every cell every day. Um, but then they also have bonuses. So if your sales in a total month are 3000 to 10,000 you'd get an extra 1%. If it was 10,000 to 15,000 of the sales, you would earn a new additional 3% on top of that 10. And then if it's 15,000 plus, you would earn 15% total, Um, versus the 10 they have where they're talking about enjoy payouts every two weeks, with as little as 10 in earning and no delays and waiting periods. Which is great, because when you go freelance, you definitely want to start having, um, you know, ways to potentially have a study income. So this would be like having a little paycheck, um, and then always earned the max. They're saying, you know, with their commissions and bonuses, you can always calculate what you're going Teoh. You know what you're going to earn? Um, as they're saying, gain visibility, create your shop, and they've got over 600,000 shoppers per month. Um and then they've also they've been featured on Martha Stewart HD TV today, Cosmopolitan, Ellie decor and Country Living, which is awesome. because if you are trying to break into the pattern industry and create surface problems, this is a great way to, ah, potentially between this and social media be found. Another thing that I was mentioning in the intra video is thes weekly design challenges. So those were really cool. Um, if you're already designing and you're looking for a way to design with purpose, um, and have kind of a design schedule, they have these really cool design challenges. And they have teamed up with some really cool places to have these challenges. Like there was one for a company called Bucket Feed, which I'll talk to you guys about in a little bit because that's another place. Um, you can't really sell on there, but if they accept it, it's really cool. But they had a challenge and your design. The winner got their design printed on shoes, and then those shoes are advertised like worldwide. So I mean really, really cool options there. So start selling today. Basically, if you wanted to start, you would you would create your account, and then you would create your design. Now, one of the cons to spoon flour is that even though I could say already had, like, 20 repeat patterns that I wanted to add to this so I could immediately create my, you know, help load my design, create my shop and all that kind of stuff, but you are required to order your designed to proof it. So I'm gonna click on this little help. Here's that they can you explain a little bit more, but basically, you have to order a sample of your design. And so you have to order a swatch of either the fabric wallpaper, gift wrap, whatever. Um and the reason they do that is they want you to check the color image resolution. Repeat, and I get all of that. And I think those are all great options because obviously you don't want to be selling your pattern. And you're like somebody wears it and shows it to you. And you're like, Wow, that red is not the red that I had intended to use. But it does mean that it's a little bit more delayed, and it's ah, more upfront costs because, um, when you order thes swatches, they you know the price of a swatch sampler depends on the number of design. So 1 to 5 design started $12 to get, you know, x amount, which, you know, means that you have to have some working capital. But if you're starting a business, you should probably have some working capital. Anyway, um, another thing that's really cool. My studio, because I actually do have an account. Let's see if it'll log me in. Um, que yet remembers all my stuff. So, um, one cool thing is, so once you get in, you'd be able to Now, I don't have anything set up here. Um, I have I've planned to, but, you know, those who don't do teach. And that's why I'm showing you guys, because I should have been doing this all along. But you can create your name. So, like mine up here, I guess not right up there. But my shops called also illustrating. You can manage your preferences. You can put your your little logo here, and then they would give you, like, your order history and, um, all of that kind of stuff and design challenges you could do voting from directly and here and stuff. Another cool thing is, they have thes little Swatch books that you can order, and mine's probably outdated because I think I got it like two years ago. But basically it has each one of their fabrics, so you can actually feel what your designs would be printed on. So that's really cool. You can also get this little color guide, which is cool. It gives you some of the color so you can kind of look at it and be able to compare, you know, Oh, I was using this purple. OK, on the monitor, it looks the same as what they print it. Fabulous. Great to know. You know, um, they also have little samples of their sat in and Matt gift wrap, which is really cool, especially for the holidays. You could create some really cool patterns or birthday or anything like that, so that's pretty cool. They also have wallpaper that you can create your designs. First of people can stick them to their wealth, and then they also have decals. So all in all, I think spoon flour is a really cool option if you're going for, um, you know, wanting to be able to be a surface pattern designer, so I'm gonna jump ever to rue story and show you that. So as you can see, they've got lots of different products. Um, so they've got pillows, napkins, placements, chairs and tea towels. And basically, the way this would have worked is I would go, Well, it's already logged in cause I went to it from here. But if I had had designs, I could go to my designs and I could do the log in, and then I would be able to offer my designs on this so people could actually just come over here in shop and go, Oh, my gosh, I love this chair. And then they purchased this chair, and I'm not exactly sure how the pricing works. I think it's just that you make money off of the fabric. I'm not really sure. Let's let me look at that. Um, Keating did to dio um okay, So says here Well, I get a commission if someone buys my spoon flour designs. Yes. Designers were always receive a credit for products sold through roastery. For the initial orders place, we plan to credit designers for the amount of fabric purchased. This sale will appear, um, as a sale to your roux story in your spoon flour account so you'll still receive the same the same you know, 10% or more if you're if you're in one of the higher levels. But uhm, the cool part is is that your designs get to be on, you know, really cool products. Um, you know, like a chair. And let's be honest, that's that's pretty cool toe. Know that your products could be in somebody's home. So, um, that's the roost tree. And if we go over to sprout patterns, the way this works is they have, um, all different where people can just come and purchase a pattern and then, um, or select their pattern like if they want to make a sure a toad they've got, I mean, all kinds of patterns up here. So lips likely cope energy. They've got dresses, tops, activewear, outerwear, um, all kinds of stuff. Then the way it works is people can go through here and pick their powder. And like if they wanted to do a line zipper pouch and you, could you create your own and then, um, people would be able, you'd get not only the, um, the pattern for this. But then they would also be getting your your particular pattern to go on this pattern so that at home they can They can make this now they do have this white glove service, and that's this really cool thing where all of these people could actually yet where somebody else has already stoned it and send it home, sent ships it to them. So, like, if you were sewing illiterate like I am, I could not. So to save my life than if I wanted a really cool dress, I could go over here and pick this, and so the pricing is quite a bit higher, but I picked my pattern that I want on this, and, um and then I choose the White Glove service, and they will make it completely to my size and then ship it directly to me. So all really cool options. So, uh, this is basically spoon flour 3. Digital Pattern Packs - #1: So the next place that I want to talk to talk about is called Creative Market. And it's an online marketplace of designs from designers all over the world. Um and so basically, this would be a great place from a pattern perspective to actually sell your patterns as seamless patterns. So I'm gonna go ahead and show you how some other people have, um, done that. And then I'll talk a little bit about how you open a shop in such here. So if I typed in seamless patterns up here, as you can see, tons show up and some people have 12 designs. Some have, um, a lot more. This one's got 20. This one's got eight, you know. So it really kind of depends. And as you can see, the prices are a little bit all over the place because you get to name your particular price. So I'm just going to jump into one of thes select this one, catch the wave seamless pattern. So if I click on that one, as you can see this particular designer, Stella, she has created this really fun wave, you know, water type famed. Let me click on this because it might show all the patterns. Yeah, so basically, she's created this thing design that's got 20 different this this pack that's got 20 different, um, paper packs within it. So, as you can see, then you can take them and she's given you kind of a detail and throw them on products and stuff. Um, and here they are on some coffee mugs. So, um, that's how she's packaged it. And so with hers, she's telling you down here that it includes 20 PNG files with transparent backgrounds and she's done them at 33 um, 1000 by 23 or 3300 by 2300 pixels on. And then she's also got a, um, file for Adobe Feder shop. And that's not necessary. You don't have Teoh. I know that A lot of designers on here I've received their patterns in PNG in J Peg. Um, and they've just been the pattern, you know, in a specific a specific size format. Um, so this is one way that you could really take your designs, like if you're working on a series, say you're doing a teacup, Siri's and you have a whole bunch of really cute patterns that all encompass teacups. You could totally create a seamless pattern like this. And the great part is is when somebody purchases from here, you have already uploaded this zippered file into creative market. Sorry. So they have it stored for you. So if I was to buy this as soon as I purchase it, they'll send me an email, and I click on this link and I download the files. So the great part about this is creative market is basically a passive income because as soon as you have done the work and uploaded the designs and stuff, if somebody finds your shop, Um, yes, you should probably still do some social media. But a lot of times, people will just use the search or click on one of thes, and they will just start searching through until they find designs that they like. So as soon as they find yet and they buy it, you have just made money, and you have had to do nothing to make that money. So if you get you know, 10 15 orders a week, you know you could be making you know that much money. Now there is a comment section and so you'll get notifications if people have, um, you know, down here asked you questions or stuff like that. So I'm gonna go ahead and show you if you open a shop jump back over here so you would go to the creative market dot com and you click on open a shop up here on the top, laughed and basically like they're saying they have two million members and you earn 70% on each sale. So you get to set your own price is, um so if you, you know, sold something at $10 you make $7. So for that patterns that we have just looked at before, if she makes you know $7 on every single sale and you know she sells 10 of those a week, that's $70. There you go. So that's a great way. Teoh, you know, have a passive income. One great thing I love about creative market is right here. They say no exclusivity lock in. So basically, you can put your products on here, but since you own them, they're just a marketplace. You can put them on other sites if you also want to sell these on it sees. Um, you could also do that or on your own website, and you don't have to worry about it. You always want to look for this because some places do have exclusivity where they feel like Oh, well, even though to your pattern you've uploaded it to my website, I should still have some kind of ownership on it, as they say, instant delivery. Like I said, you've already uploaded the files. So as soon as somebody purchases, they get it assumes their payment clears another thing. No per product approval, which is great. So basically, as soon as you have filled in your design and uploaded it, people could buy it immediately. So that's really great. And then they have down here manage support so you can track your stats so you can see all of your, you know, products. And, uh, look at how long people have been on them and everything you can keep up with your customers. So, um, they make it easy for you to stay in touch with. Um I get emails whenever several of the designers that I follow Ah, whenever they post new products, you can have it set up where, um you know, everyone's notified of that and then manage some more. You gat simple messaging systems. You can respond to requests. So if somebody, um, let's go back to, um, one of those things and I'll show you where where they're talking about for that. So say, I waas here something by one person. So say I was interested in purchasing this. You can follow somebody from right here, and then you can also message them right here so I could contact them if I had questions about this particular. So they make it really, really easy for your, um, your customers to ask you questions, licenses in another big thing. So with your patterns, most people will have them under the standard license. And the standard licenses basically means that somebody can use your pattern, but not just by itself. It has to be within something else. So they could take your pattern and put it on a coffee cup, like in that other image and add text to it. And, um and that would be OK, as long as they claim no ownership on, um, the actual pattern they can use it like that now, the extended licence, which some people offer it. You don't have Teoh, but basically, the extended licence is used for um, as they say up here may be used to create end products for sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times. Um, so personal use. You can use them as many times as you want, but if somebody was wanting to buy, say your patterns and use them for commercial use, they could only use it once. Then they would have to contact you if they wanted additional licenses. Um, so that's something you're gonna have to read up on and learn a little bit more about. They've got a lot of information right here in the general F A Q. Under the licence sings, and I'll go ahead and post a link to this down in the printable that I'll have for you guys . But they really explain, and this is that they do it better than I could, but they explain how licensing should work. You should really take this into account, especially if you plan to sell your your listings on it, see by yourself, because they've already taken all the guesswork out of it so that you know how to set up your license sings directly on it. See, um, so yes. So creative markets really great place. I mean, 70% on every single product, obviously way higher than, um, then spin flower. Um, and a great another way. Teoh, have, uh, another passive income. 4. Digital Pattern Packs - #2: So another option, um, is called the hungry Jay Peg. And, uh, I only recently learned about this shop from another designer friend. Um, but it is set up very similar to creative market. Um, so if you were on here, as you can see, they've got, you know, lots of different shops. Um, lots of different designers. Things air set up kind of the same way where you've got your images, they've got their descriptions. You can comment on it. They've got licensing, um, add to car contact designer, um and so that was all pretty much the same. And when you go down to open a shop, um, they do the exacts pretty much the exact same model as creative market. So earn 70% of every sale. Receive your earnings by the fifth of every month. Now that's different. I don't know exactly the pace. Get the paper. The payment plan for creative market. I'm I can't remember if its monthly or not. But for this one, they do have whereby the fifth of every month you get paid so touching. Here's another paycheck that you could potentially, if you grow your following, rely on. They've got non exclusivity. Also, which is wonderful. Now, one differences they have. Um Oh, well, once approved. Sorry, I mis read that. But they do have just like the other one where you upload you set your own price is, um you can track all your products and all that kind of stuff. Um, so another, you know, great option. You just fill out this Teoh to set up your account and everything, Um, And then you could sell on here, too. So, honestly, if you were planning to go the route of selling, um, your paper and paper packs, I would totally list on both the creative market and the hungry Jay pack. I mean, I honestly find that on different places that I have sold or that other people are selling , you will have people that totally only want to buy on one platform and some that by on another. It's kind of like the whole adobe illustrator Debbie, fellow shop. I have 70 friends who jump into Adobe Illustrator, and it clicks for us immediately. Everything just makes sense. And then we get a Nadeau be of photo shop, and it's like a whole new world. And so I really feel like online. There's certain places where everyone likes to order from, like, there's people that are like, Oh, my gosh, I love my target. I have to go shop at Target on other people that are like I'd rather sit at home and shop on Amazon And, um, that's better for me. So I really think that by offering, since neither have exclusivity, you could post on both of them and potentially have clientele and customers coming from both areas s So this is the hungry Jay pay. 5. Digital Pattern Packs + Products: So the next shop that I want to talk about is it, See if you're not familiar with it. See? Ah, it is an online marketplace, particularly for handmade products, vintage and materials. Um, now, the difference between itsy and places like Creative Market is it C is its own shop where you can sell anything you want within, like the handmade, um, vintage or supplies. Um, so people sell jewelry on here. They've got wedding decor. Um, you know, art. I mean, just basically everything eso for this class. Since we're talking about patterns, I actually typed in seamless patterns. And as you can see, I mean, tons of patterns come up just like on creative market. And you've got people who have got them in 12 packs. You know, we've got this one's a single this'll one's got I don't know, a ridiculous amount. Um, we've got some themed ones here, like, here's a Halloween. Here's a Valentine's. So you've really got ah, big mixture. I'm gonna click on this one because it looks really cute. Woodland animals. I mean, how cute is that? So a lot of people, this is how they set them up. So that you, you the consumer, your customers can actually see all of the different patterns in your plat in your pack. So I've seen this set up a lot, and this is a great way to offer this on. And so down here they have 12 digital patterns. J peg Instant download at 300 d. P. I on and I know I showed you already the dp I and all of that. Um so it would be very easy to set up something like this. You could do it, um, a 12 inch by 12 inch canvas. And then just take a little rectangle of each one of your your patterns and lay them out and then at a little banner or, you know, something cute sea in the middle. So this one saying it's gotta zip file containing 12 300 DP i J peg papers and their sizes 12 inch by 12 inch. Now, um, for those of you who are like, Well, why would they pick 12 inch by 12 inch for these packs? Their, um, their end consumer, the person that they're thinking off our scrap burgers or people who like to get paper? So if you went to a place like hobby lobby. I don't know what you guys have in Europe, but if you go to a place that that carries, like craft or supplies, um, and you went into the paper section, you would have potentially 8.5 by 11. But then the sander sizes 12 inch by 12 inch. And that's what scrap bookers use. That's the size of their binders on DSO. This particular person they're thinking of their clip are from the perspective of somebody using it, printing it out on their own white paper and being able to use it inside a scrapbook. Or, you know, I mean, there's tons of other other options you know, of use with the the end product, the paper. But as you can see, they gave a little description. They said what the package included. They referenced other things that they had on. And then this is an instant download. So the cool part is just like on creative market and on the hungry Jay Peg, you can have instant download products on it. See, you can also have, you know, actual goods. But since this is a pattern class, you know for this they can purchase it and instantly download. Now they have theirs at a dollar 95. I'm going to say that you should go with what you're comfortable. There are prices all over the place. There's $5 dollar 87 55 I think that's one bonus of Creative Market, and the hungry Jay Peg is that you'll see the prices are a lot higher for these pattern packs. And I think the reason is that those ones are typically, um, frequented by other designers. You know, you might be a a Nilla straighter and be like I don't have time to make pattern, So I want to go purchase them from somebody else. But it's he is open toe everybody. And so the prices can really be, I mean, just completely all over the place. So you might want to do some research, but also just keep in mind that you should do what feels comfortable for you, um, to set up a shop. The listings are a little bit more complex. Um, so if you're going to add a listing, um, you have a place where you can add different photos. They give you the recommended sizes than they've got. Title. Um, I'm not gonna go into it. See, I, uh, it's it's a hard marketplace to understand and had a title or had a list it because on creative market, you would just be, you know, typing in that it's a seamless pattern and adding a name like we saw in that other one. Same thing with the J Pat hungry Jake Peg. But it's he has millions of people on here. And so your title, you refuse these specific keywords. I know that, um, Melanie Greenwood has an itsy class, and I think it's fabulous. So if you're looking for more on it, see, I'll link her class in here. You should totally check it out. She's got, I think, a couple of itsy classes, Um, but basically, you would fill in your title your listing. You know who made it. You would say I did. What is what is it? You could say a finished product. When did you make it? And you can just, like, put the data in here, and then you can add the category and then if it's in a digital file, you would down here, see how has physical or digital you would click over to digital. And when you do that, they will have a place later on. Um, that has you uploaded the actual zip file. Now, one thing you have to consider about it, see, is the cost. Every single time you publish a listing eso new products to say you were going to upload 10 new products every single time you upload one of those products, it's 20 cents. And that listing only stays active for four months, and then it has to renew again. So you do need to take that into consideration for cost. Um, where is on creative among market and hungry? Jay Paige. There was no cost. Um, but I think the difference is it. See your you know, you're getting more of a chunk, and it's like your own shop so you could have patterns. You could have graphics. You could have physical products that you've created with your patterns, um, like stickers and stuff like that. So just different things for different people. But if this is the route you want to go, um, it's he's a great place that you'd be able to do that And if you do digital downloads once again, it could be a passive income while you sleep. Um, people could be purchasing from you and you get your money. And with them, they don't have the once a month thing. I think they hold the money for, like, 3 to 5 days, something like that. And then they'll deposit it directly into your bank account. So that's nice, because then you're constantly getting paid versus just like the once a month, So that is it, See? 6. Products #1: So another option, um, for having your patterns are using your patterns and creating a passive income is actually taking your patterns and putting them on products. So I'm sure you've seen this scrolling through, but, um, print full. It's just print full. Um, the print full Sorry that print full dot com, which this will be down below. They can dio on demand, online printing and fulfillment on all kinds of products. As you can see here, you've got T shirts, pillows. They've got, like two different sizes. T shirts. I mean, they've got, like, a ridiculous amount of T shirts. You can pick your styles long sleeve sweatshirt, crop tops. I mean, everything they can do embroidery of designs directly on on hats. You've got mugs, framed posters, canvas regular posters, totes, socks, even iPhone cases and tablet cases, I believe and leggings on DSO. The way this works is you keep your products hosted someplace else. So, um, potentially you could do this with it. See, you could also do it if you have a website on your A shop on your own website. So for me, like, oh, so illustrating dot com. If I had a shop directly on their people could order it. And then I would submit the order to print fall, and they fulfill it and drop ship it for you. So they have custom shipping labels, and they will put your branding on it. It is fabulous, because that way, instead of you having to keep inventory at your house, the product it's printed and then shipped directly to your your end client. Now, one thing I want you, Teoh keep into consideration, though, is if you you do use a service like print full. Um, And you you do this through it. See, you actually have to set up print full as one of your manufacturers. So let me jump back over. Let me jump over to it, see real quick and show you guys real quick how to do that. Okay, So when you're in your shop, um, Let's see, where was it? Shop settings. I saying Patch Kershaw. Okay, So manufacturers. So you would go to your shop and you would go to shop settings. Um, right. That's where was your shop settings? And then you would go to about your shop and, um, in here. I've got manufacturers And so if I click on there, I have several manufacturers listed, and these are places that I actually will get my products printed on, and then they will drop ship for me. So that's something you just need to keep into consideration. If you use a surface like print full with it, see as your shop. But if you're doing it on your own website, then you could do whatever you want. Eso the way it works is, um, they basically, like I said, they fulfill it and then they'll ship it directly to your client. Um, so let me show you some of the products, and they already have pricing all set up and stuff, so it's really cool. So say you want to do mugs, mugs, air, super popular now, and pretty much have always been, I mean, because everyone needs their coffee. So you click on here and they talk about the different models they have, and they give you the pricing so they've got to that are made exclusively in the USA, if that's something that's important to you. But then they also have their standard 11 and 15 ounce, and then they give you the exact cost to ship it in the U. S. A. Canada and worldwide, and then each additional. So the way that would work is say, somebody was buying two mugs from you and you were on and they were in the USA, the end client, not you. So say your customer is in the USA and they're buying to than the The 1st 1 would be 6 95 for shipping, and the second would be five because of their weight. But then they have this great section of retail pricing set up. So they basically show you how much you're buying it at and how much you're selling it at and what your profit is. So that's really great, because that way you can go. Oh, my gosh, if I sold 10 mugs this week, I could make $100 because their $10 each. So it's a really great way to make him, um, you know, to make a profit. They're great. They have guidelines. They have templates that you can actually download into graphic or illustrator or whatever program you're using Feder shop on. Then you can actually look at it and make sure because these mugs. Actually, the design wraps all the way around the mug. Um, and then they even have a mock up gallery where you can upload your product. And when you upload it, it's super simple. They actually show you exactly what it would look like. You could do it three d, so you can look at the design from all the different angles. So they have really thought of everything, and they even give you some mock ups that you can use. So you could totally take these images and download them, and then place your design on them and your pattern and totally be able Teoh to share them off. Um, so that's really cool. Let me jump back over to it. See and dio mug pattern. I don't know if that will show something. Okay, So, like this person, because I know some of you guys are probably like, how do you do a pattern on a mug? Um, so, like, here is a wraparound pattern super cute on this mug. And so, as you can see, it just continues wraparound. So that's kind of what you would be having if you went like the mug route but you could do a tote. Um, like I said, they have tons of different products. Right here. In the great part is like I said, they have everything already planned. Um, I mean, here's some of their products already printed, Like, here's their pillows. Yeah. Let me show you their pillows. The's air. Really cute. So they've got different sizes, and they actually have where your clients can get the pillowcase on lee, which is really cool options. So if they want to change their pillow seasonally, they can do that option and still have your design on it. Um, and like I said so for this one, they've got retail prices. So this is there. Sorry. This is their suggested retail prices. So this is your profit. This how much you'd sell at, And this is what you would be buying it from them at, um, there. Turnaround time is super quick. They also have options like where you can do come integrate with third party APS. So, like, say, you wanted to have your website on, um, or your shop on squarespace or it see your Amazon or eBay. You can actually get an account with ships station and ship station actually allows you to set up all of the's. You know, pre put your design in how you would want everything done, and they will actually place your order for you at print full so literally, once you've uploaded your design to it, See? And, um, put in all the settings on ships station every single time. Somebody bought that pattern mug from you on it. See, they would immediately place the order for you with print full. And so that's another way. Toe Have a passive, you know, a passive line going. Um, so, yeah, so that's print fall. Love it. Great place Teoh to, you know, have your products and, um, and be able to offer some really cool things and places for your patterns to go on. 7. Products #2: So now I'm gonna talk to you about another platform called Society Six. Um, the way Society six works is you actually, um, upload your products. They do the printing for you. Eso. Once you have uploaded your product, you do absolutely nothing. Everything else is completely passive. They'll take the order, they'll print it, and we'll ship it to the end. Customer s o. They have really high quality products. They've got all different kinds of stuff. Tapestry throw pillows, iPhone cases, T shirts. I mean everything. They have fine art prints. You can get things put on wall clocks. Um, home decor that got beach towels, hand house shower curtains, comforters. I mean, pretty much of you name it and you can think of it. They can print your products directly on. So you would go to society six dot com and then down at the bottom. You could go to selling, and you just click on the selling link. Now, um, the only downside I have with society Sixes. I feel like they're kind of like spoon flour, and in the sense of your income is really low with society six. I mean, like, you get to control your your I mean, they have. They have pros like you can control your rights to your work. Everything you post is still yours. They just make it easy for you, Teoh. Have it printed. Um, and you consent your prices for your art prints. So your art prints You can set the price and and increase your profit. But once you have set it up as an art print and say you're like, Oh, yeah, I totally want this pattern also printed on a tote. Then everything else you get a royalty. So for tote bags, you could be making a dollar 82 to 40 on each one. That's not a lot of profit wears on print full. If you did everything your own way and had your product sprinted for through print full, you could be making 10 plus dollars per tote. I personally would rather do that. Um, but if you are one, but with print ful, there is, you know, a little bit more required of you. So it's only a semi passive income because you would still have to be involved in checked on, check on stuff and and enter clients, information and all that kind of stuff. So if you're looking for a way to do completely passive where you upload and they take care of everything and you'd never have to worry about it again, then society six would be a great option because they have, um, lots of art options. And they give you the resolutions on and they do help you promote. They also have where, uh, your earnings You get paid every first of the month via PayPal with 30 day per purchase grace period from date. So the way that works is like so they have here For an example of somebody bought on January 15th it shipped on January 18th. It will be cleared a month later, on February 18th and then you'll get paid on march 1st. So that does mean that you don't get your income instantaneously. Um, but they they take care of returns and all of that kind of stuff for you. So if you're not really a business person and you're kind of like I want to make my designs and somebody else deals with all that, this would be a great option. But just keep in mind that, um, you know you were your income could be, you know, very limited. But if you make some really popular designs, you could totally be making some really good income on these. Um, but it just It just kind of depends. So that is society six and another option. 8. Clothing? Fashion Line : So if you got into a pattern designed to potentially create your own, may be your own fashion line or your own athletic line. Um, art of wear dot com is probably your one of your best bets to get, um, more fashionable things like leggings, Yogi leggings, skirts, dresses. This imprint full would probably be your two of your best options for offering those kind of products. But art of wear offers um, uh, shorts, capris, yoga, leggings. What I like is that they actually offer athletic clothing that you can upload your designs on. And, um, they do drop shipping. So just like with print full, you could have this all created and then display it on your website and a client can purchase it and they will drops ship it and send it directly to your client. Um, so you don't have to have an inventory. They have mock ups for U. S. So it's a really great way to actually be able to offer lines of clothing without having to have an inventory. If maybe this is a route you wanting to go, This would also be a great option. Four. Say you wanted to start designing like leggings. And then you want to contact boutiques like athletic clothings stores? Um, and try to sell your products in them. This would be a great way Teoh allow you to do that without having to have in inventory and their prices air pretty red. Um, you know leggings. $55 for retail. Now, I have purchased leggings that are $55 if you shop at places like Lou Lululemon and, um uh, at a lot of brands. I mean, even if you're going to places, um, you know, at target, you can be buying leggings that are $2030 If you're buying high quality ones, $55 is really not that high. So the wholesale price, the price that you're paying for it is 30 plus $5 for shipping, so it would cost you 35. But you're selling it at 55 so you would have made $20 potentially on your pair of leggings s. So I think that's a really cool way to consider it is that you could actually make products , um, and offer clothing of high quality like this, um, and be able Teoh to make a product. They also have wholesale, which is great. If you do decide that you're going to go the fashion, uh, route because, um, you know, being able to offer it wholesale means you could get the prices for even lower. And boutiques could buy from you lower so that they're making profit and you're also making profit. Um, so yeah, so that's part of where. And that's another option Teoh, to be able to add your your designs to. 9. Stationery: So if you are looking for a more paper route to go with your patterns, a great option is adding your patterns to things like stationery. You have labels you can dio belly bands, stickers, all kinds of stuff. And so a great place for that is called stationary H Q. Um, and the way they do it is just like the other places you design something, as they say, designed something awesome. Um, you upload it and then they print and deliver. So they do the blind shipping, which, if you're not, uh, familiar with the term blind shipping, it basically means that, um, if say, you've received a box that you've ordered from, I don't know, you know, a store target or something like that. Ah, lot of times they'll have a packing slip in there, and it says, Target on it. And, um, it gives you the price of everything and all the items the way blind shipping works is it does not say stationary H Q. Anywhere on it. Eso your end customer gets a box that has your products in it and has a packing list, but has no prices. And, um, basically, they know it came from you versus coming from stationary each to. So these are really great for small businesses like myself because I don't have to keep inventory. I don't have to go to the post office and stand in line. They take care of everything for me, and I think that's a great option. Um, so they've got lots of different stuff. As you can see, they've even got some tips. I didn't mean to click on that directly, but they have these little plus marks down here, and you can lock. They've got flat cards, they've got coasters, got journals you can do. Um, and people can purchase just one so you can create these designs, add them to your website, and then as soon as somebody purchases, you can jump over here and, um, and place your order. Um, so, like, I'm gonna jump over to Coaster's just you concede E um, so they've got for cork back hard coasters. They've got paper co stairs. They've got double thick paper coasters and then circle, um, die cut coasters. Um, so you could pick any of those options. They've got menus about journals. We can click on journals and look at that. So they've got a couple of different options of journals, and you can design the like. So we'll click on this one just so you can kind of see how the ordering stuff goes. Um, now I'm logged in already, So that's why it's giving me everything. But basically it's 100 blank pages. 50 sheets on £70 opaque texts, 0.25 white gross gross Clain bookmark were then and, um, and then bans. So basically, you'd be uploading the photo or design for the hardcover part. Um, and they give you the art size, the trim size, the final size. Um, and so you can purchase them one at a time. Um, sometimes they have price breaks if you jump down more. Um, I don't I'm not logged in. Apparently, it says, Okay, I'm not logged in, but they do have wholesale pricing. So this is just everybody's pricing is $38 for a book like this. Um, but they'll probably have cheaper prices. If I had logged in, um, eso that's that's an option. If you wanted to go that route, you know, if you wanted to do flat cards or folded cards. You know, people could be bordering, um, you know, thank you notes or something. And a lot of people, if they're gonna be sending out thank you cards and stuff like that, You know, they'll go and get, like, a whole pack of, um, you know, a two or a six size, um cards that they can Then open up and fill out the inside. Happy birthday. Merry Christmas. You know, whatever s Oh, this would be a great option if you wanted to offer some folding cards. Another site that I didn't post on here is District White Label. They have cards. Um, they're gonna ask me the log in. Now, you do have to have a resell certificate to be able to offer through them, but they have cards, and they do the blind shipping. So they've got a couple of options. They do books, and their books are, ah, lot less expensive. 16 75. Um, and they've got some calendars that they can also do for you. And then they also have mugs and some notebooks, so they've got options. Teoh. There's you can buy individually, you know, ones by one. And, um, and then they also do the blind shipping eso. That's a another option for if you want to go like the stationary and card route. 10. Art Prints + Home Decor: so patterns could also be added as artwork. I mean, think about it. You've if you've ever been to an art gallery, Um, there are artists to their entire canvas is covered in just pattern or design and people they last the money for that s o. Another option for you would be to add your products, toe art. And my favorite place to get things printed is art print Club. Um, as you can see, even right here, here's a canvas and it's in a pattern. The cool thing about Art Print Club is they have a whole bunch of really cool products so you could have your patterns printed on tea towels. You could have them printed on wood. Soc. As I change that, I've said that be really cool. They've got Lennon. They've got hex icon birch panels. Um, and they do all the shipping and packaging for you. So the cool part is like they have. Here's their packaging plant. Let me log in. Sorry. Um, so for their packaging, they actually have where they put everything ready on it for you. So it could be all pretty and have, um have, you know, like they have down here. You can choose your envelope, your stickers, your ties, all of that. Um and so they've got some really great products. They also offer mock ups. Um, so that you can, um, you know, put them on your website, and they take care of everything. So I absolutely love to use them for, um, for selling prints. And, um, and everything's archival. So it's made with high quality products and stuff. So if you want to go the art route on and home decor, um, this would be a great option for you. 11. Class Project : Hey, guys, Thank you so much for tuning in and taking my class. I so appreciate it s o for the class Project. Super simple. I would love to see you guys take some screenshots of your products are your designs on products. So whether you decided to go with spoon flour or you decided to take your patterns and, um, create, uh, stationary packs and you have them listed on it, see or creative market or hungry? Jay, Peg any of those places if you did stationary movie with throughout Off of doing fine prints. But you're going to after your products anti. We'd, uh, tea towels, not tea leaves. Sorry about that. So I would just love to see it, so multiple screenshots would be awesome. Just show me what you guys have created and feel free to add links to your stop so that if any other students are like, Oh, my gosh, you're patterns are so cute. I'd love to check them out. They confined them. So, um great. Thank you so much. I can't want to see your projects 12. Thank You!: so once again, thank you so much for taking the class. Um, and I can't wait to see all of your projects as you guys upload them. And this will be class one of this series. I'm gonna have some other ones I know specifically on. Illustration on, uh, graphic design, Um, you know, designs. And then also on hand. Lettering slash calligraphy. I'm not sure if there's gonna be some other ones, but if you have another idea of a now what class? Go ahead and post it down on the discussion area. And I can't wait to see you guys in my next class. Thank you so much. By