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Northern lights in Watercolor - Learn to paint northern lights in 4 different ways

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. 1 Welcome to my Class

    • 2. 2 Art Supplies

    • 3. 3 Let's Practice

    • 4. 4 Northern Lights - Technique 1

    • 5. 5 Northern Lights - Technique 2

    • 6. 6 Northern Lights - Technique 3

    • 7. 7 Northern Lights - Technique 4

    • 8. 8 Final Thoughts

    • 9. 9 Thank you for Watching

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About This Class

Each one of us love to gaze at a magical northern lights sky! How about painting your own dreamy northern lights? Join me to paint a beautiful northern lights sky. This is an easy class which can be followed by beginners as well. I have broken down the steps in a way it suits everyone. 

I will take you through all the techniques you will need in this class which will help you in paintings other ones as well. We will be practising various techniques first and also 4 unique northern lights with the techniques practised . All the techniques learned in this class will make you a lot confident in painting any kind northern lights sky with watercolour. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

If you like this class, please leave a review that will help this class reach more students.

Happy Painting!

Z :) 

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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1. 1 Welcome to my Class: Have you ever watched the northern lights? It is one off the most phenomenal tree to your eyes on witnessing this spectacular sight remains the top on my bucket list my cells And in an appeal, I'm an artist and an instructor currently residing in Dubai, originally from India. At least some off you would know me by my instagramming Aurora. Busy Not on light is one off my most favorite subject to paint in watercolors. I love painting the night sky. So today I'm gonna take you through a series off vibrant northern lights. We will start the clouds by learning the various methods How you can paint a not a light on with the techniques we learned will be painting full different northern lights. No, don't worry. If you don't have any pride knowledge in watercolor Once you finish the practice Ishan, I'm very sure each off you will be geared to paint is turning northern lights each and every detail involved and painting this not a light has explained in real time. So it makes it easy for each and everyone to follow. I cannot be to take you through all my tips and techniques. It's gonna be a class packed with full of information, which helps you paint beautiful daughter lights. I hope you guys are as excited as I am to diving into this class, so be ready to explore the northern lights. Let's paint him, enjoy the magical lights and a wide range of colors. Are you guys excited? So without any further ado, let's get started. 2. 2 Art Supplies: Let's have a look at art supplies that you'll need to follow this class. It is absolutely okay. If you don't have the exact same material that I'm using. You can go with any of the brand or any shade, which is kind of similar talking with a watercolor. I'll be using leader shades from various print. I'll be using some to pains and some off the pan tort ical respite. So this might in pilot, where I have squeeze stone good amount off watercolor from thes tubes. So in between you will find me using the cess ful. I will be talking about the shades in detail file. Be pained. So other than watercolor, the next set of pain to you need in this class is any kind of white wash or Eckel a car or their color. I personally prefer using a white wash over Whitewater. Glor, as the glass pane, is 100% a peak, and it doesn't feed. But if you don't have a white glashow or act like it is absolutely okay to use your Whitewater color in between, I'll be using a wide Children as well again. A dis absolutely. Okay, if you don't have a white Children. You can use your detailing brush on your bite, quash or watercolor. Just to add in the bigger stars. You will need a piece of board to fix your paper. So this one here is a cardboard piece, which I took from all package on. We will be working with our boots, said a turn and glove about 30 degree, so you need to keep something under your board so that you get that 30 degree uncle. Now let's talk about the watercolor brushes that you'll need in this class. So this one here is my wash brush by Princeton as fun off my most favorite Bresch. You can create nice wide flat washes with this brush. Honored is one of the most important brush that you'll need to paint northern lights. This one is craft normal air addition. Brush size number nine. This is also for medium sized flat washes. This is my another favorite. It is from the Princeton headed eight cities. It is a round brush size number six, so this one will be used to paint the mountains and the pine trees. So those are the three bridges that I will be using in this class, you can go with any flat brush on a medium size strong fresh. Now let's talk about the workload paper. To me, it is the most important part off any particular project and I will be using. My arch is rough paper, which is 1 40 be, and it is 100% Cartoonist Phil. Now I'll show you a quick comparison of the string grade paper on artist greed, watercolor paper. So this one here is my cans and political A pared, which is also 1 40 l b. It doesn't seize at this 100 person carton. And that is a mean difference between a student greed paper. Because you could see this is flat and there is no texture or any roughness to it. The street great people is mostly made from wood pulp, and that is how they introduce the cost. Now I'll show you the Arches paper, which is 100 books, and Carter, so you can easily see the cranes and texture calls this piece off paper here now and show you a quick test off these two paper on my left is the student agreed paper and on my right is my 100 person carton artist. Quick paper. I'm gonna try a vet on vet. Well shown these two pieces off people with the same brush on the same paint. Now I am placing my board at an ankle. I'm a plank of its goto water the same way on board the paper as there is no texture are any grain to the sofas? The student grade paper is not able to absorb the water. You can see how it is floating down. So that is a mean drew back off this paper, people doesn't have the capacity to hold a lot of water. Now you see the arches 100 person carton people, it is not floating. The paper is kind of absorbing the water we have applied. So if you're using a technique where you need to apply multiple layers of watercolor, you have to go with 100% cotton would declare people as the people absorbs a good quantity of water on it doesn't try that quickly. Now I'm gonna apply a stroke off blue with the flat brush on to board the paper and let's see how the colors are plenty. You can see the blending of the student Greek paper as just limited to a little area there as my artist. Paper the color as blending beautifully with a small plant outside and with the student agreed. If you closely see the planting is quite sharp. It is not a smooth bland, so you can see how smooth is the blending on the 100% cartoon with the club paper and how sharp at us on the student. Great paper. So that's it with watercolor paper. Now you will lead a masking tape to tape down the four sides on people. Total is your best friend, Miley. Work on watercolor. You have to have a piece off. People travel or a court include last but not the least. You'll also need to jars of water. One has to stay clean, and the other one is to Bush of the pain from your brush so that summarize all the materials you need to follow this class, grab all the materials and join me in my next video 3. 3 Let's Practice: I hope you all have your material is really. Now I'm gonna show you some quick examples of how to do, though not on light. I have already divided my paper into different sections with my masking tape. So in the station you will get an idea how you can paint your northern lights invaders technique. The 1st 1 I'm going with the Grady int Wash. I'm betting my paper first, but off flat brush, I'm using a 300 GSM 100 books in court on watercolor paper evenly. But the 80 are very gonna apply the color. I'm going with the blue competition. It is totally up to you. This is just a practice peace. We just need to get the techniques right. So you can go with any off the color which you like. The color Amusing us ultra marine blue. Now, for my second color, I'm going with Cabal green boot off these closer from sin. Earlier, you could see how easily I'm able to blend the colors as my flat brushes quite wide. So to get evenly blended, Grady and wash, it is very important to have a wide, flat brush. This one here is my loft brush by Princeton. Now I'm applying a bit off into on the top to make a darker, so that's the first way off painting a sky. You can either live it acid er's or you can add a milky way to it. This one is one painting, which I did with a Grady into wash without a Milky Way on. This one here is but a Milky way. All right, so that's the first and PCV to paint a sky. It is recommended to use a flat brush if the area is more on if it's a smaller peas, you can also do the same thing with your anguish. Now on to the 2nd 1 I'm applying a bit code of water onto my paper. Now for this one. I'm using a round brush and I'm going with loose washes. I'm using my silver black velvet purse size number 12 and I'm simply applying pained onto my paper. It is a simple lose washes. The shade you see here is dioxin purple. Now I'm going with a bit off Carmine. Simply fill in the rest of the areas with your second sheet, and this is the second type of sky. There is no order. There is no rule you can add on as many as Colosio wound. You can mix them, blend them, just keep on adding your color. Maybe you can make some idiot darker. Czar Media's lighter So to this type of sky, also, you can add a milky Way and make it more beautiful. So these two applications are very common and these are the types which we mostly use for our night sky. So this one is where I tried the loose pushes without a milky we. This is also loose washes with a milky way, so those who are two most commonly used methods to paint a sky. Now let's go to the 3rd 1 This is quite tricky. I'm starting by applying overcoat a water onto my paper. So all the type of sky which we are attempting in this class is that on wet. This one is gonna be a green sky. I'm starting with brushing blue on the top with the same brush on making Grady and rush off blue on lemon jello. Make a good grade Ian. Wash off any two or three shades off your choice Now with the same brush. I'm gonna live down the pain from top to bottom to create an effect. There should be done only in one direction, either from top to bottom or from the bottom to the top. If you do it in either direction, the colors will mix up together and you won't get that effect of the light rays. So all these do it in one direction, either upwards or downwards with watercolor. Timing is the key, so this has to be done before your pain completely dries. It can be only done when your background is bet on. These are two buildings, which I attempted with the same technique. We'll be doing a painting with this technique and in the same color competition. So watch out for that now, on the 4th 1 I'm starting with vetting my paper on this one. I'll be applying a similar technique, but in an ankle our way, the one which read it before who's in a linear manner? Amusing Cabal green on with my flat brush. I'm applying angular lines. I'm taking a bit off light green as well. I have filled up the entire section with ankle lines. Now I'm taking a bit off into go on my brush. You can see how am applying the integral. I'm taking my brush in an uncle line. I'm just taking it from the top to bottom are not taking my brush back. So what's this? Carefully. I'm taking my brush only in one direction. So this technique will give you does Uncle Idris or fly to Northern Lights? You can experiment with any colors. You can also look for reference pictures where you can see this kind of northern lights. This one is one example Off those angled race off light and making it a bit lighter by taking my brush in the opposite direction. All right, so that's the food one. Now I'm gonna go. But a swirly Marjorie color dancing lights that your paper. So I have applied and even coat of water. Now I'm loading my brush. But gamble, Jello. Now we're applying the paint with my flat brush and a swelling way. My background is vet. Remember, you have to use 100 books in court on watercolor paper to get the proper effect of this one because the paper has to stay back for a longer time. You can see how the yellow is blending automatically. Relax on. Don't control the way the paint is blending. Now I'm adding in a bit off Carmine. You can see how the yellow and the car minus mixing nicely and you're getting a clean blend . Personally, I don't refer going in with too many layers on top of the 1st 1 So I always tried to get the brightest color on the first layer itself. Now I'm adding in a little off Prussian blue on either side. He could see how the yellow and the blue as blending when you work with watercolor, timing is everything, especially when you're doing a button that technique you have to work. But Boston's Praveen yous I'm adding in a bit off indigo on either side. Towards the bottom corners, you can see how nicely those colors are planting. My paper is still wet, so that is why I'm getting the blend. This muti. This is one of my favorite technique to paint the sky. It was just that you have to do it, but quickly to get a good blend. All right now, on to the last section off the practice and this one I'm gonna combine everything which we did in the other sections. I will begin with applying of it called the water onto my paper with my round brush. I'm applying some loose waters off Carmine. Wow, look at that bleed. Now I'm gonna apply a bit off dioxin purple on the top, right corner more. And I'm taking it down to the carmine the same way we did in the third practice section. Every time you lift the paint down, keep cleaning your brush on a people total and remove the excess paint on your brush. I'm going in with a brighter layer of Carmine as it looks, Bittle. So what I'm doing now is somewhat similar toward we did on the first section, which is right about let me make the Pope Alonso, but brighter the same we'd beaded in the third section. I'm lifting my paint down on wiping off the paint on on people trouble and repeating it. So this one was a competition off radius techniques which we tried earlier. Similarly, you can actually combine a lot off techniques together and paint beautiful northern lights . So this was just the start. Now we're gonna move to our main paintings. We are going to do four northern lights complying The techniques which we learned and this practice issue well, this looks at your gorgeous collection of skies. Actually, you can drew some pine trees or mountains or any foreground subject on make each of these tiny skies a unique painting. This is a sky study which I did earlier on. I I painted little mountains and trees and made them into little paintings. I removed the masking tape and you can see for yourself how cartoons these are looking. So get ready to join me in my next video where we will be painting a break. Northern Lights, Norges one Not just do we'll be painting food. Different Northern lights painting. 4. 4 Northern Lights - Technique 1: Let's have a look at the colors that I have chosen for this particular painting. So it is a competition off full colors. Mainly, my major color is cabal screen, so this is from similar here. All the colors you see in my palate is question from normal tube toward the color so you can either use your tube toward a color are the one in the pants. It doesn't really matter. Try and get some sheets, which is quite similar to what I'm using here. That is cabal green. It is one of my most favorite color. The next year is a mix off cabal green and light green. So you get that nice a course sort of color. You really don't need to stick to the colors, which I'm You think here, most off the water globe Prints has a wide range of colors, especially out. Philosophy has covered most off these kind of colors and their confections, so if you own such a palate, you can really use them. You don't need to make sand Miko acquire green like this. The next year I'm using US ultra Marine blue. The next trade, you would need us indigo you can replace this, but any other dark value. And if you don't have an indigo, you could makes a bit off pain screen to your Prussian blue, and you get a similar sort of color. We just need a darker value. You can stick to any other color, which you have, or you can make your own shade. Okay, so those are the shades that you will need in this station. In addition to these four sheets, you'll also need pain screen or black, too. Paint your pine trees. So this is the kind off, not a light were attempting in decision, the one with the ankle Aries off light. All right, so I have my piece of cardboard here. Now I'm gonna fix my paper onto this using a masking tape. Fix the masking tape very firmly. As we are using multiple layers of water. There are chances that the pain can seep in through if there's any cap. And if that happens, you may not get a nice clean line for your four sides, always during your fingers. Three. Our food times around the full sides to make sure it is formally fixed. So get your board first and fix your paper onto the board on Never work fixing the paper on the table. We have to work at an angle to get the desired effect for you, not alights. All right, now I have fixed my paper onto the board. I'm starting with applying overheads. Go the water on my paper. So this is my Princeton wash brush, which I mentioned in the art supply station. You can go with any off the flat brush which you have on That is the main British we'll be using in this painting. There was a little off blue on my brush. Never mind. We're going with the blue combination. So it was OK, This is Cabal Green. I'm loading my brush, but enough off cabal to green. If you don't have a kebab Green go with any sort of greenish blue. But you have got for this one. I'm gonna go with those ankle are brushstrokes, which we practiced. So that is the only kind of brush stroke You need to finish the entire painting. I'm simply applying angular lines using the cabal cream now by mixing a little off light green with cobalt green to make a greenish sort of color. Looks like that's perfect. Now I'm gonna do the same thing using that color. Repeat, making angular lines. Guys, please keep something underneath your board and work at an angle. So the shade is like green mixed with cobalt green. And I'm applying random angler lines. I'm adding a bit more bright devotion off cabal cream and I'm filling up the entire idea. So this is the only kind off brush stroke you need to follow for this particular painting on. If you notice I'm taking my brush only in one direction. I'm not taking it back now. I'm loading my pressure. But indigo, this is integral from sin. Earlier I have loaded enough. Now I'm gonna take my people and I'm applying it in one direction. Don't take you brush back and forth. Apply it only in one direction, as you see here. So that is the basic idea. Applying angular lines only in one direction and creating that northern lights effect. Now you can apply more vibrant colors on to make it more brighter. This is ultra marine blue. I'm applying a bit off that in one direction. Always remember just in one direction If you apply color in a back and forth movement, you won't get this effect. So to get another light effect, always remember, apply it only in one direction. So to get this lines off light effect, you shouldn't blend two colors very smoothly. It has to be somewhere in between sharp and smooth, because your background was wet. If you apply close, it will automatically be between sharp and smooth. Now I'm applying a bit off into go over this line to make it more darker. Do it only in one direction. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is the brush moment. Never make the close together. Just go in one direction and repeating it. Because I know even I used to meet this mistaken between, and I end up losing the effect which I have caught. I used to take my brush down and take it back. Andi makes the lighter and the darker color together and create a mess. So never do that. Be extra careful on. Do it very slowly. Take your brush only in one direction. All right, we are done with this guy. Now let's wait for that to try I'm really loving that colors which I have got here. All right, so our backer has tried. Now I'm going in with splattering the stars. So this is white quashed by royal talents. I'm gonna take a bit off that on the laid on Mix it with a little water. The consistency is a bit thicker so as to get tiny stars and splashing very little only on the top to get tiny stars like this Always maker quash but ticker. If you make it to lose, you'll end up getting big splatters. So if you're not sure about the consistency, always try on a sample piece. Otherwise you will end up spoiling the nice beautiful sky which you have already painted. So I always recommend to work on assemble peace. And if you are confident enough with the consistency and the size of the star's comeback Andi splatter on your main painting Looks like I have got enough off stars. They're now using my white chip in. I'm gonna add some bigger ones here and there. If you don't have a white Children, you can use your small detailing brush and using the same quash pain to you can just make bego stars. It is so easy to manage the paper as we have stuck it onto a piece of cardboard. It made my life so he see that I don't need to teach the camera ankle like and just rotated as I wish. You can just add some stars where you have painted the integral because there is no point adding them on the lighter portion of the sky eight is not visible if you add in there. So just add some where you have the doctor colors so that the stars are possible. All right, so the showers are on, please. Now the next step is to add in some pine trees. If you want to add some mountain or any other subject for your foreground, you can go ahead with that. You don't need to stick to the idea off pine trees. So to do the pine trees, I'm using Ivory Black. I know the traditional artists they don't use ivory plaque the mix and make their own black . So I'm a self taught artist and I wouldn't mind using that. So if you are somebody who don't use black, you could use pains. Crate are a mixture of boned number and Interco and make your own darker value, which is closer to black. So using black just drawing a line like that? No, but oppressing moment, I'm gonna create the full Liege the rock. Quite a lot of metals to draw the pine trees. And if you're somebody who draw the pine tree is using a different method, you still can follow that. This matter is quite easy to fool you. You just need to follow that press e movement and greed the full each while coming down you Can we get more dancer? I'm making it more and more dancer as I come down. All right, so that's a tree with full off for Liege. Now I'm gonna show you a tree where you have very less follies. Using the same prissy movement I'm creating fully each but gaps in between. I am leaving the rest of the stem as it is. I'm not feeling it, so that is ever second type off pine tree. Now I'm going with another type. Very how very less for lead on the top. And as you come down, it is denser. So that's a three different pine trees but radius health status. So the 1st 1 is very healthy and the second and 3rd 1 has ah, little off less full each. So this is what you see in real life falls, right? Not all the trees are all these healthy. Some of them has got less leaves and some of them are very healthy and growing and blooming . So the same way we will be using this three different types of pine trees. And let's Philip, though entire full ground, if you are still not confident but drawing the pine trees, you can drew a simple mountain or any other subject which you're comfortable with. I'm going with my second pine tree, so this would take quite a bit of time. I'll move too fast forward and finish the entire line off pine trees. I never knew how to draw a proper pine tree. I was horrible at it. Oh, wait. I can try to you Alright. There you go. So this is my horrible pine trees. This was done like six months back. Kiss. You have to believe me. This was just six months back, so that was a sad at him to create the misty pines. So here's it. This is what I have done now and would have created six months back. Look what this horrible pine trees, to be honest, bagged in. I never invested any time in learning. And slowly I realized, if I invest a little time on improving myself, I can create beautiful paintings on Since then, I'm investing time on a weekly basis, and I'm trying to learn something every week. So all I wanted to say as invest a little time and learning something and you would never know you might can create wonders in another six months are even before that, even if you don't get a trite at the first time, Never mind. Keep trying. Keep trying until you get it right. I'm adding in pine trees, but radius hides. So that is one thing you have to keep in mind. Never paint them in the same height and the same drool. You always have to mix and master hide and the density of the full age to have a realistic feel to it. Now let me quickly add in all the pine trees on adding fuel in between with less foliage. Alright, that's it we have done adding in the pine trees. Now let me remove the masking tape. Always remember to peel off the masking tape at an angle so that it won't Tehran still paper. I'm supporting with my finger there and I'm tearing it. Do it gently, all dried, so that's ever final painting. I hope you all enjoy this technique. Give a try on paying to your own magical northern lights. 5. 5 Northern Lights - Technique 2: Let's now have a look at the colors that you will need if you are following the same color competition that I'm trying here. As you can easily understand, it is a yellow, green and blue competition for the lower area. You will need a lemon jello. As I always see the brand doesn't matter. Try and get some colors which are similar to what I'm using here. The next year we would need us. As you see here, it is a light green. Next on to the blues, you will need Prussian blue. You can use any other blue. If you don't have a Prussian blue on for the darker shade which you see on the top, I'll be going with integral. All right, so those are the colors that you will need if you're following the same color competition on also, in addition to these colors, we will also need black to pain the mountain and also a bit of white gua. Sure white. A click display to the stars. Okay, so this is the kind of Northern Lights were attempting in this painting. I hope you have chosen your colors for this one. I'm gonna fix my people onto the board first, as I mentioned earlier, it is great if you have a board, very can fix your paper on to so that you can work at an angle. Were this northern lights painting the main brush you would need as a wide, flat brush? Also, just run your fingers to make sure the masking tape as strongly fixed and there's no caps in between. All right, let me start by letting my paper. I'm applying a vet court of water with my flat brush. Always make sure the codas even and there is no pools of water in between. You just need a nice shine, a water on the paper. Make sure you don't overdo it. So the first thing we have to do is we need to create a nice creedy in bush off lemon jello oppression blue and indigo. Next, I'm going with Prussian blue. So once my Prussian blue gets mixed with the lemon yellow, I automatically get a band off light cream in between. So for the top most layer, I'm going with a bit off integral, which is my darkest value on this painting. I'll applied over the top to make it darker. I'm not so happy with the vibrancy of the green, which I got by mixing yellow and blue. So I'm directly adding in a bit off grain. Now just blend out to get a good grade Ian. Wash off all the colors, so that's the grilling wash. Now I'm taking a bit off indigo on my flat brush, and I'm going to live the paint down as needed in the practice peas. Remember, you should be doing this only in one direction from top to bottom and never take your brush back. Just keep pulling a dome. I am taking a little off oppression blue on my brush, and I'm in Kane, pulling it down. Never overdo it on. Also, don't take the blue to the bottom. You have to have that nice screen band on the blue lines so that transition area is where it adds the beauty to the northern lights. I'm pretty happy with the effect of the blue. Now I'm loading my brush with a little love here low, and I'm doing the same thing from the other side. So while doing this, you must have a people travel next to you. Now I'm taking a bit off yellow and pulling it down One can you have to keep in your mind? Is that now we are taking the lighter shade towards the dock. 01 So while you take the yellow down, the green will get mixed onto your brush. So every time you live to the pain down, keep cleaning your brush with a paper Travel. Alright, so that's it with the sky. If you look for the rial, not on lights. For the graphs on Google, you can find many photograph very can experiment the same technique. I had published a class sometime back there. I'm painting thes two from a reference photograph there. I used the same technique. So very good confident with the technique. Maybe you can check out that as for in that class you would see how the same technique is used in two different way. All right, coming onto our painting, the next task is just plateau some stars. So I'm taking my white quashed by royal talents at the same technique which I use in all my paintings. I'm splattering those towers. You can use whichever method you are confident, but you can either use a two per Sure, you can just put some dots using a wide help in are. If you don't want any stars, you can even skip this. I'm loving those colors. I think I have done a pretty good child with the sky. Okay, I have got enough of stars there now. I'm taking my wife, Children and putting some because to us here and there there are times where I have spoiled my paintings, splattering too many stars. Onda have got because black doors but stupidly spoiled my sky. So this is one thing that you can always keep because when you're splattering, you have no control that the stars are going. How? Because they are how small, Adi. So while but a gel pin, you have the total control off, so maybe you can just stick to the Children and at stars wherever you want. This one looks pretty fine now. I'm not going overboard with this tires. I'm gonna finish the painting by adding a simple mountain line. If you want to add pine trees or any other subject for your full ground, please feel free and do that. You can also use the same kind of trees, which we painted in the previous painting. Even that will go well with this guy to paint the mountain Amusing. Ivory Black. If you are a tradition artist who don't use black, you can mix and make your own darker color. I don't mind using black as such. Make sure your background is completely tried. I'm going with the Lubell line to the left, and once I go to the right, I'll make its deeper always draw you mountain with little groups and teeny tiny ups and down. So it looks but natural because none of the mountains exist. Nice small Coe. It is only when we draw the paint like that. But then, in reality, resolve these little ups and down to the mountain. You can see how the sky is glowing than the added the Black Mountains. So it is very important to add your foreground subject to make this guy more enhancing. No, Maybe you can add oh, tiny man standing on top of the mountain. I'm not taking the risk coughs fighting my painting. I'm not that good work details, but then I I see many art is doing that on. I really appreciate it cool. That's it. We're done with our second painting. I hope you all enjoyed this one. So experiment with your own color combination are maybe the same color combination. Maybe you won't find a daddy's. Even you do it the first time. But then I'm very sure you're gonna pick it, and you're gonna love it. Next on to the most most, most satisfying part off finishing a painting. Let's be off the masking tape. Well, I'm really loving that yellow light behind the mountain. So beautiful. Maybe I'll experiment the same thing with other color competition. For some reason, I always stick to yellow and blue while I do this technique. Maybe I'll go with, though blue on a red combination. Yeah, Maybe I'll do it and I'll post it into the project gallery so that all can see it. Oops. So that was one painting bridge I did on the backside of this paper. Okay, this is the one guys you see that night is yellow light behind the mountain, loving it all dried. Guys, we have finished our second painting. Stick with me. We have two more to go, and I'm very sure that's gonna be more interesting. 6. 6 Northern Lights - Technique 3: Okay, we have reached the third painting. Now let's have a look at the colors that will require to do this multi Calo northern lights . You can see those yellow, pink and the blue swirls So that say's the first color. I will need a gamble. Ge alot for the pink. I have chosen the appear a pink by Italians mud which is one of my favorite color to do galaxy and northern lights because the vibrancy of the color for the blue on either side amusing Alger Marine blue? No. So those are the tree shades you will need to follow the same color combination I'm doing and this painting and in addition to that for the mountain, you will need black on also display to the stars. You will need white quash or white water color. Okay. All right. So I have fixed my paper already onto the boot, and I hope you all have your colors. Really? I'm squeezing in a little off pere pink. This is a gorgeous color to paint vibrant sky. And it is one of the best color to paint Florence s for That is ultra marine blue. Now I have to take yellow battle taken a different palette as I have quite a good amount off pained in the middle section and I dont wanna waste it. So we have all the colors really here. Now I'm gonna begin with applying over to kowtow water on my paper. I'm using my flat wash brush by Princeton on this would be the main bridge that I'll be using throughout this painting. You could see I have fixed my paper on toe board, so I'm gonna play something underneath this too. Work on a 30 degree angle. All right, so my boot is set at an ankle. Now I'm ready to apply the paint. I'm starting with the yellow. I'm loading my brush with Campbell's here. Lou on. I'm gonna apply the Gilo in a swirly movement. You have to take your brush in a swirling dancing movement. Awful Bagram. Despite so I'm applying the paint like that on, you can see how nicely they are blending. That is a beauty, overt in their technique. You just need to apply paint asked you bush. The background is wet and you're applying wet paint on top offered, so both of them will act together and give you a very nice effect. You could see I didn't do anything. I just applied random swirly lines with my flat brush on the yellow blended nicely without any effort. Now I'm loading my brush bit or pure upping, and I'm gonna fill in the little spaces in between the yellows with this color. Since it is a bit on wet technique, the little gaps in between is only bet on. Now, you see, when I apply that pink, how nicely it is blending with a yellow. One reason why I am getting the smooth effect is because I'm using 100% court on watercolor paper on. That is the main reason why I always recommended vile. You try better technique. So I hope you have noticed. I'm taking my British towards down and I'm stopping it there. I'm not taking it back. Yeah, I'm taking a down and I'm stopping. Then I'm again doing that. I'm not taking it in the opposite direction. 100% court on watercolor paper absorbs the water which we applied on. Holds it for a very long time so you can go in with as many layers as he want before the water dries. Now I'm going in with my ultra marine blue on either side. Apply it in a Kobe line. What's this? Carefully. I'm taking the paint from top to bottom and I'm stopping in there and I'm just doing it again. You could see I'm not taking my brush back now. If you want to add Darko values in between, you have to be but quick and spontaneous. Do it before the background tries. I just had some brighter pink in between. I'm loading my brush with the appear a pink, and I'm taking it next to the blue on a pretty good town and stopping it there. Now you have to clean your brush before you go with the next wash. Clean, abridged. Truly without people trouble, you can see there is a mix off a pink and a blue on my brush. So before you go with the next round, make sure your brushes clean. So keep a paper. Travel all these next to you so that you won't forget to clean your brush. I'm loving this color competition. I allow how that yellow and the Pinkas complementing each other, see my paper still, but and that is what I love the most about arches paper. Give a driving radius paper and identify the one which works the best for you. No, I'm gonna apply some brighter pink or with the Syria's. So the Bagram has slightly dried. You can see it, by the way, the paint is acting. So what? I'm gonna do us After I apply the paint, I'm gonna wash my brush properly and I'll take it off yellow and blend it out. Over these areas, you could see the shade next to it as yellow. So if I load my brush with enough off Hello, I will be easily able to blend them together. Apply the yellow closer to the pink and just bring your brush down. Should be that until those colors are evenly blended. Do the same thing over the right side. As for the same way I'm gonna apply, but off pink over the center. So that's where we are now. I'm glad. Bit off darker blue on either side Hospital. Now, to blend that into the pink, wash your brush properly. Clean it on the just plain water. It is blended out to the pink. I'm running my brush at this line. Actually, you can skip all this extra efforts by applying the darkest color in the first layer itself . All right, so that's ever multicolored. Not on light sky, you can add. Asked meaning colors as he won't. Maybe you can add some orange or green or violet or any colors off your choice. You can maybe make it more dramatic. No, let's add some stars. I'm not going to split to them. I'm gonna add some here and there, using my wife help in? No. All right, so the stars are on place now I'm gonna add a simple mountain line on finish The painting. Amusing black To draw my mountain. You don't need to stick to the mountain. You can draw any subject which you would wish to draw for your full crowned. - So we are done adding the mountains. Now let me quickly peel off the masking tape and show you the final painting. So when you beloved your masking tape, all these do it at an angle so that it won't report fuel paper on. Also, if you blow dry it first, that can loosen the glue off the masking tape. And that also helps and removing the masking tape quite easily on That's the final painting . I would love to see various color combinations and experiments in this technique. Do try and share them in the present gallery. I would love to see all those creative pieces. 7. 7 Northern Lights - Technique 4: we have reached our food painting. Now let's have a quick look at the color that you will lead in this painting. I haven't used three colors for my sky, starting with Violet. Then I went with quinacrine on Violet and then for the lower moose layer, I used quinacrine on trade. So these three sheets are from white nights. It is one of my most favorite brand, their super vibrant. And they're super affordable as well. That is Violet. Now I'm gonna spots out quinacrine violet. So this one is a reddish violet. The next shade is quinacrine 100 which is one off the most vibrant red from white nights. So this will be the tree shades we will be using for of us, Kai. And along with that, you will also need a little off whitewater color to create that spoil. These are the colors. You can see how vibrant they are. All right. So, as I mentioned earlier, I'll be using these pans from white nights. You can also call with the tube to articular. I have fixed my paper to the base now, while begin with applying of it called the water we need to create a Grady into war shelf the three shades which we have chosen already. So that is going to be the first day I'm starting with my Kanak alone dread and applying it from the bottom. I'm using my flat brush by Princeton. Make it lighter on the bottom on As you go up, you can make a darker. So I have applied the read a little more than the center line. Now I'm going with Kanak alone. Violet, I'm applying that over the middle on. I'm taking it towards the top. Al just said my board at a 30 degree angle so that my colors will flow from top to bottom. Now I'm going with Violet for the top layer. Now start blending the colors evenly from top to bottom. I'm adding a little more off red in the middle to get O months motor blend. I'm quite happy with the blend now. The next step is to create this world with a white water color, so get your white water clarity as this needs to be done. Value. Back from respect. I have a little pan of whitewater color ready now with a round brush. This is size number six by Princeton Heritage. I'm loading my brush, but whitewater color now very gently with the white border color drew a swirly line in the sky. Don't stress too much. Gently draw a line like that before you go with the next line. Clean your brush properly. Gently add a bit more right over the line, which were true as over. Background is still wet. The Whitewater Clovis applied this nicely, planting into the sky. Now you would need a medium to small sized flat brush to blend out this wall, so there is no paint on my brush. So what we have to do is we have to love the paint out. Remember, every time you do that, you have to clean your brush before you go the next time. Keep repeating that until you finish the entire school and never forget to clean your brush . You can see how slowly that spoil is getting blender to the sky, so we have to finish blending the entire school. That means you have to lift the paint out from starting point to the endpoint. You can add more right if there is no enough pain in this world to left it out slowly , slowly. It is getting that not on lights effect. I'm loving it so far. Keep lifting the paint out until you finish that line with so creating this world is quite tricky. If you feel like you have carte a good effect, please stop it. They're never overdo it. It is nearly done. I'll take this wall a bit more down. And if you feel like any area as looking sharp blended out. All right, so that this guy Now I'm gonna splatter some stars on it. Make sure your background is dry completely before you progress with the stars, check the consistency and make sure they're not too loose and splatter as many as he want. I'm not liking that star on my school. I'll just clean it up. So I have done cleaning those dirties plateaus. Now I'm gonna add some more stars over the darker areas so we have enough off stars on the sky. Now I'm gonna draw a mountain over the lower line to finish the painting. So, as I always say, it is up to you. You can draw any other subjects off your choice. A city skyline would look great with this guy, but I want to finish it up quickly. So I'm just going with the simple mountain. I'm allowing the way this painting is progressing. If you look at the real photographs off northern lights, you can see the sky, but grains, walls, yellow swirled. Spinks waas It is really unbelievable to see the color combinations in the nature, so explore a lot of really photographs of another light on Try out different color combinations. The nature is more creative than me, so you will find plenty off inspirational pictures to paint. - All right, so we are 10 painting the last from as well. This is my husband's favorite. Try all of them and let me know what to see off Air Raid. Let's have a discussion on and try. We never discuss anything in the discussion section, so maybe we can discuss about nuclear company Shen and between us, your fear rate and how how did it go and all those things. So, yeah, let's have a discussion. I start the conversation and let's discuss over it. Um, that's the final fainting. I have some tips and inspirational pictures for you in the final thoughts do take them out 8. 8 Final Thoughts: I'll try to be meted to the end. All our artworks are complete, and I hope you all had great fun painting these vibrant northern lights. Don't worry if you don't get it right, or if you're not satisfied with your artwork, give it another go. Keep trying. To be honest, I have done a lot of practice before filming this class, so it is not like I always get it right. People rarely showed their mistakes or failures on social media. The only show, the pretty pictures, never get carried away with that. Every artist is bound to make mistake and it is absolutely normal. So those were the four paintings Peter. Today our show you some reference picture where you can use to take things which we learned . So this one as an ankle ary off lights, which you can try the technique which we learned experimental, different colors on try out the techniques which we learned in different way. You can just add those on cloud lights in the middle, just as in this picture here. So now that you have learned the technique, use it in different ways. Now, on this one, you can see this photograph here. It has used the same technique and different color on also on this one. It has three different color combination with that linear lights shares. Some photographs very can experiment. The rainbow galaxy on for the one with this world can actually combine three Our force worlds like this. Some can be in different color. We can add a lot of drama to it. While this is gorgeous, look at those greens walls in the blue sky. 9. 9 Thank you for Watching: Hello, guys. Thanks a lot for watching my class. I hope you all enjoyed painting these four vibrant northern lights with me. I would love to see your class project. Do shadow between on. That's my instagram account. My instagram handle me as Aurora busy So attack me. If we are posting them on to your instagram, I would feature you on my stories. And also, if you have any questions, feel free. Just drop me a message and I'll answer them right away. Yeah, All right. I will be soon seeing you with another exciting class. Thank you for watching and happy painting.