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Neuroplasticity : Neuroplasticity how to rewire your brain

teacher avatar Robert Sullivan, International Coach, Educator and Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Course Introduction 1080p 28e9beb3 4265 467b a1a2 1c8f6808312a

    • 2. L1 Definitions Neuroplasticity & Neurogenisis 1080p c8487bf9 2291 4c05 a5c9 c12eb9b1f75c (2)

    • 3. Neurons Described 1080p ffc2c426 1b01 4878 b31f 3a5f70654517

    • 4. _Neuroplasticity & Habits 1080p be5f0d87 45cc 413e b499 939c2ba16ff3 (3)

    • 5. Habit & Motivation 1080p bce58db6 b5d1 4831 a7f3 f70f32d58295 (2)

    • 6. Managing Time with Neuroplasticity 1080p efda392d ac39 4e0f aa1d cdb4b278c875

    • 7. L7 The Eisenhower Box 1080p 380d21ef 4fca 47a5 ad82 1cab58492ecd (2)

    • 8. L8 Using Eisenhower Box Spreadsheet Tool

    • 9. Neuroplasticity & Anxiety 1080p 5186e3a3 695d 4224 a314 15f39f12d3b0

    • 10. Anxiety Defined 1080p 88aa264b 3c10 4796 8aeb 99dbd4c2f6d6 (1)

    • 11. L6

    • 12. Generalised Anxiety Disorder 1080p 4de49ddd c578 4282 8b47 a153f9278f03

    • 13. Task Focusing 1080p 805c7ac6 e685 447e 8082 3ae1995a520f

    • 14. Focusing your Attention 1080p 1f36528c 3670 4bf3 a808 022e29e2f2c5

    • 15. Task Focusing Exercise Preview 1080p af5b302b 15c0 4cce 85de c1af5e27cdb0

    • 16. Procrastination & Avoidance 1080p 75e44a3e 468b 4b2d 8917 27414c5de04e (1)

    • 17. Overcoming Procrastination 1080p c1aeb02b 5d3d 4690 8622 3b287664db35

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About This Class

New and exciting. Covers neuroplasticity and ANXIETY management. If you are anxious or worry there are some fantastic tips right here !

Rewire your brain with neuroplasticity. 

We look at Anxiety, Worrying, Time Management and Procrastination. Re-wire your brain for success with neuroplasticity and neuroscience.

We use animation and hands-on examples to embed the learning in a super-fast way!

Neuroplasticity offers us all the chance to take control and live the life we want free from the shackles of our past and environment.

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections throughout life. Like magic!

As little as a few decades ago, scientists thought that the brain could only create new connections during childhood and once we reached adulthood, we would basically be stuck with what had been programmed.

They thought the brain was rigid and not able to adapt to changes after a young age.

As it transpires, they were basically wrong!

So the brain can create new neurons throughout our life and has the amazing ability to reorganize our wiring, this is called Neuroplasticity. 

The great news is that we can change our thoughts, establish new thoughts and in turn change our behaviours, feelings and emotions.

We can change what we do, how we do it and define our future success!

We could change and live the life of our dreams. We could have financial success, live in the sun, be a better partner and parent!

So with this course, we want to use Neuroplasticity to change your life for the bertter.

We will not give you lots of scientific stuff, indeed we will only speak about science when we need to. We will introduce some very basic neuroscience but this is about life changing techniques for you to understand, take-away and use.

This amazing course has a very hands-on approach.

It's about how you can take action to use this Neuroplasticity to your power ahead.

This course gives you the power, no longer are you held back by thinking your brain is pre-programmed and cannot be 'hacked' or upgraded - it can and we show you how in meaningful ways and in ways the impact on your success!

Get your dream life and start now!.

What you get!

  • You get simple, clear explanations
  • You get downloadable supplementary worksheets include an Excel spreadsheet
  • We talk you through exactly how to use worksheets so these are mega effective for you
  • We focus on major issues such as the use of time and anxiety that defines our lives and that of those around us
  • We give you the winning edge

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robert Sullivan

International Coach, Educator and Entrepreneur


Robert Sullivan has in excess of 30 peer-reviewed publication in the Business and Management field and has taught e-learning and distance learning globally since 1995.

He has worked with the UK Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and very Senior Officials globally.

He is an international educator, coach and entrepreneur with many years of experience of 'Putting Theory Into Practice'.

The feedback from his teaching is exceptional and he is well networked and respected being in the top 1% of members of LinkedIn, with over 52,000 Twitter Followers and a massive Facebook following.

His career is both diverse and highly successful having worked in Business, Academia, Entrepreneurship, Social Care and having a successful career in the Civil Service.

With an M... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction 1080p 28e9beb3 4265 467b a1a2 1c8f6808312a: welcome to this exciting course, our communal plasticity. In this course we'll get something that experts said just couldn't be done until very recently. Experts believed that what we had in our brain thought processes are core values if you like, were formed in early childhood and could not be radical changed Roo topped to do you know that is wrong? Today we understand that we can change. 2. L1 Definitions Neuroplasticity & Neurogenisis 1080p c8487bf9 2291 4c05 a5c9 c12eb9b1f75c (2): in this lesson, we shall look at definitions, particularly off neurogenesis art. Neural plasticity. You know, Genesis is simply process by which never system cells, which are known as mural ones, are purchased by neural stem cells. The source for this quote is Wikipedia. So what's keep thing simple? You know, plasticity is simply the ability off the brain to change throughout an individual's lifetime. As you may well be aware. Until very recently it was believed that information off the green and area childhood it was final. However, research in the water half off the 20 century has shown that many aspects of being can indeed be altered throat adulthood. This is termed as the brain being plastic. You're a process. Ity therefore means that brain activity associated with any given function can be transferred to a different location in the brain. The proportional gray matter can change and sign up. Sees themselves means Jonathan or, indeed, weaken over time. What we're seeing here is that Mulan's cannot just simply be created and connect to other neurons, but that they can also change. They can get Roger or small. So this is about restructuring gray matter, change and saying upstream. It is not a predication off new neurons. Neural plasticity is about the pasta city off the existing green matter on neurons that exist in the brain, and we're not too concerned about the generation off union. 3. Neurons Described 1080p ffc2c426 1b01 4878 b31f 3a5f70654517: in this lesson, we will cut mural ins on describe them and over two more detail. This course is of course not a medical on neuro science course, and therefore we do not have to know in detail about new ones. And so on Neurons described here we see a dagga Matic representation off in your on. We were continuity neuron in. There were two more detail. For the moment you will see that at the top end off this particular diagram, we have the den trait. We will talk about those in more detail. In this diagram, we see the axe on or near fiber. This is, we can see is a long signed the projection off a nerve cell, or neuron that conduct electrical impulses that are known as action potentials away from their cell body. The function of the sax on it's simply to transmit information to different you know ones. Two muscles on guns. In certain century neurons such as the ones for touch and warmth, the electrical impulse travels along these from the periphery e to the sale body on from the sale body to the Spain or Corp along another branch off the seam acts on Axiron dysfunction has called many off the inherited and acquired immunological disorders that we hear off today. These can affect both the peripheral and central neurons. Sensory fibres add mortified as we've seen area. The axe on is like a tail on. This is like the people on which messages travel much like a data cable on afternoon cable . Or somehow, of course, you all know you get some Internet cables, for example, that's a better faster on the better screening or covers that make it perform better. The axe on is little different. It is covered in a melanin sheath to protect and insulated from interference on speed, up to deter for at the bottom of the neuron. There is a similar tree branch, or it. He's a cold, acts on terminals and can be seen on this fight. Axon terminals affair to these acts on endings. That's a somewhat enlarged on often button shaped something's is a cold, button shaped terminals. I'm sorry terminals that are part off in their sale that make up a synaptic connection with another never sail or with an effect er sale, such as a muscle sale or gland cell axon terminals contain neurotransmitters and released them at the sign ups. These neurotransmitters transmit electrical impulses to the target sale, either in your own or effect all at the neuron releases. Thes neurotransmitters for your accent. 10. This is called a synaptic neuron. The neuron that receives the impose is called a post synaptic neuron, So I just recap on that final part. I have some temples, continued transmitters. These are released at the sign ups. The musicians betters that transmit electrical impulses to target sale, either in your own or effect on the neuron that low we seize. Those neurotransmitters is called the pre synaptic neuron. The neutron that receives imposed from the other is called post synaptic neuron. We do not have to worry too much about these terms. This is not a science course or a neuro science course. It is simply a course about personal development. In other words, don't worry about the detail of this. Just trying get some understanding of how the brain works and all that we can understand the beauty of plasticity. So in very simplistic terms, then draped work like three branches and they get messages from other neurons. The axe on works like a till. This is a cable along which messages travel. This is very similar to deter or Internet cable. In the computing world, you get cables that a better, faster, the better screening covers. Let's help the data live on it, or easily. The axe on is covered in a mile in chief to insulate it from other interference and to speed up theater. For once the information gets to the tip off the axe on Branch, it jumps over present rate of the Knicks neuron. This is called the sign ups. 4. _Neuroplasticity & Habits 1080p be5f0d87 45cc 413e b499 939c2ba16ff3 (3): in this lesson. Bishop. Begin process off Looking at carpets, the very Terram Harbert tells us what's about it. If you look at language in this case English language, we have many. See ings emphasize that practice or habit is all about persistence on ongoing practice. Well, you freezes such as persistence is a mother off. Success on practice makes perfect. These are all really telling us that in order to get better at doing something toe at the green, speed up, the process of doing something requires rooting on competitiveness. In other words, what we do becomes, I have it. Unfortunately, there's not really anything like effortless learning. All winning requires some form off effort. Effort was learning, therefore does not exist. It requires work and sometimes heart work, repetition and practice in order to become what we call a habit. Have it, after all, is simply a routine that the brain gets into the weekend. Doing on therefore does not require is much hard work for the brain to for poor on the task . As my great friend and business force of our Jim ruin, one say First we form habits, then they form US General in here was emphasizing the fact that practice makes perfect on that. We have to practice that the things we want to be good at. So whatever we do sport Hobie work the only practice effort in time. In doing this, what we do becomes a habit. It becomes routine. The brain does not expand as much energy. It becomes more efficient in carrying out that task later in this course, really get what habits are in slightly more detail important really get what motivates us and not try to make habits happened. Habit forming is really important to understand on your apostasy city are resisted. Change habits to change our behaviors are thoughts on their feelings. 5. Habit & Motivation 1080p bce58db6 b5d1 4831 a7f3 f70f32d58295 (2): bill could habit on motivation. In particular, we look into tapes of motivation, intrinsic motivation on extrinsic motivation. We consider which of these types of motivations may be the best for way forward in terms of changing. Haven't to create a new habit and talk for your better one. We consistent. I need to do thing your thing. It is all about practice, practice and more practice. In this way, we keep a new we on euro, it along which we can travel within the bream. We stopped using the other road, which was a mean ruit, perhaps it before. In order to change all topics to new habits, we have to understand what motivates us as individuals to change in the section. We'll look at both extrinsic on intrinsic motivation and suggest that perhaps intrinsic motivation is more likely to find favour on be successful. So extrinsic Motivation is where your behavior is motivated by a desire to gain an external reward so that maybe that if you do X y ours and you put in a lot of effort, perhaps you get a bonus at work. External motivation there come from the borders i e. The money, but Also the recognition, perhaps a recognition of being the best sales person or the based manager. So extrinsic motivation is as it sayings, something that is externalized, whether that recognition by your peers or it is simply the recognition off having more money on having a better lifestyle, perhaps someone who binds flash cars with expensive causing or buys a very large hose well beyond what is necessary for them to 11. We're not passing any value judgement. Here were simple thing that these are extrinsic motivations, or at least they are generally so. Another way of looking at extrinsic motivation that is a reward on external reward is telling something that you do with an extendable thing. So, for example, if I say call to work for a week, it will be good for me on I will get a burger on Saturday or Sunday. In this way, what we're seeing is not that if you cycle to work, we will feel healthier within ourselves. But that there, what is the burger, which is guess is rather unhealthy, but something that give me enjoy. This is extrinsic motivation and the same we sometimes Pierre insurers extrinsic motivation with Children If you take the your room, we will take you to the cinema. Would be an example off extrinsic motivation. Again, there is a reward that behaviour will lead to something externally. The danger comes if the person or the child or the adult does not do the thing. Then let me not get that extrinsic reward that can lead to difficulties farther down the line as we shall see in the next line. As we said, the difficulty with extrinsic motivation as that part of the deal waas I cycle to work every day on then I am rewarded by your burger Effie all managed to say Call four out of five years to work. Really, we should not have that reward were unable to have the barker. It may be that if we do not do something else, every d we do not clean the bathroom, for example, every d Then we will not go out socializing with friends on Saturday again. If you feel to meet off your 100% off your objective, then you should not really reward yourself. Therefore, we link a behavior to an extrinsic motivation. There are some real dangerous here that we then feel that after the two. If we have not done that particular thing, then it is no point to carrying on. If we do this, the habit they get have it if not then embedded on does not become a routine. Perhaps a better way of rewarding ourselves is trying to use intrinsic motivation, which may be about if you go to the gym every d. We will feel better in ourselves rather than if you go to the gym every day, we will go for the Cheneys. Mylan. Centrally, I hope you understand why extrinsic motivation is really in our core beliefs. This is what has been used since their childhood. The parent may see if you go to school titty without any border. I will buy your sweets in the afternoon. The teacher might see if you open for him. Well, we will owe you to bring in your own game to play on training. This is sometimes called golden time. Thus, at a very early each were ranking extrinsic motivation. This continues in the workplace. Of course, if you meet your performance targets, you will get a bonus rather than trying to suggest that if you meet your performance targets, you will feel good in yourself because you have a sense of achievement, so intrinsic motivation come from inside of us. It comes from in state of us, as an individual. No Extell roads are required. The reward is the behaviour itself. So making music, perhaps even recording music just for the sake of it as a hobby is intrinsic motivation. You're doing it because it makes you feel get perhaps your artistic Angela rating. Music. You're a good singer, you know. Extending music enjoyed the end result. Something that has been produced. Do you have a sense of achievement? However, if you are doing the same thing, I e. You are making music, but you're always doing so because you then thought you could make money from it. Perhaps you meet music and pitted on your chip in the hope that people will watch your channel and you will receive some revenue from advertisements. Or you hope to be the next best thing in the music world and become a pop star. We're not suggesting there's anything wrong with that tape of motivation, but just to use that example, if you keep your music in order to trying to generate revenue on build your career. That would be extrinsic motivation if you create the music, the exact same music, but you're not thinking off commercializing it. You're doing it simply for something to do because you enjoy being artistic. That would be intrinsic motivation when shoes, toys in wheat as another good example, off extent, IQ versus intrinsic motivation. So if you wanted to lose Wheat Andrews extrinsic motivation, you may see if I was to stone in wheat or £200 wheat or whatever. We will then go on a holiday to the Maldives. That would be extrinsic motivation. The problem here, of course, is that if you live off target and they're unlikely to wish that, maybe wheat, you realize that the whole of the will not happen. Therefore, you get up always in weight. If, however, be want to lose wheat, but the link it to something we like doing, such as I off spending more time with my family, you may be able to combine those two things you able to think about. I need to lose weight for my health and for my self esteem on there are spending came with my family other. Any activities that we could do as a family that would help me was read and feel better. In other words, showing one thing you're trying to achieve with something that you enjoy doing, you need to lose week exercise. But maybe you have to see what could I do it? The gym, for example, that I enjoy. So if you enjoy watching your particular thing on television, could you take your mobile device to the gym and watch that when television Whale's trading on a channel? Therefore you are exercising and potentially was in wheat at the same time, you're doing something you enjoy. Let's look at an example of that. So here, as we said, there's an example off intrinsic motivation. The person here and the female the lady here, which, too, is weak on fuel filter in order to vote their self esteem rather than linking that with. If I go to the gym, every D for free ones, I shall go on holiday or buy myself something. They have went it together with something the enjoy doing any week. So the one towers we and feel better for their health and self esteem. But they love spending time with the family had to use a conventional extrinsic motivation . Not only is it a recipe for failure, but they may have spent time in the gym away from their family. In this week, they have went something they want to achieve was something they love doing. It is much more likely they will get greater enjoyment on bed that, as already as a state, of course, they have also involved your family and something that is good for them in cycling, which will build their health on perhaps actually cleat habits that devotee into their adult it that are sacred and exercise. To sum up what we're really seeing, we're seeing them, you know, plasticity is no showing that at any age, really we can change the way we think every change, the way we think it will change the way in which we feel on behave. But we do have to change. If we continue doing what we always have done. There is no reason why we should expect an end result to be different. I think it was a nice thing who said that the definition often idiot is someone who continues to do the same thing again and again and again and expects the results to be different. To put it a better really think Jim ruin the ripples business force of her and my good friend said, For things to change, we have to change for things to get better. We have to get better, in which some were drawn here was talking about identifying what we want to change in our life, practicing the new way of doing things aunt. He also says that persistence is the mother off success. There is a real recognition that if we want to change things were ourselves after change on because of neuro plasticity, that is very possible. It will not happen overnight. We have to be clear and what we have to do and what we're trying to achieve. We have to be persistent and threw it time and time again over time and probably not that much time, in respect of the time we have on this outfit is a very short, primitive pain. Our habits can change, we can feel better and we can get a better sense of achievement. 6. Managing Time with Neuroplasticity 1080p efda392d ac39 4e0f aa1d cdb4b278c875: welcome to this session or neuro plasticity. Anti management. I believe this is one of the most import sensations in the whole course on Why is that? Because we all have limited time. We all have Tell him on the self that we have to use to be happy, to achieve what we want to achieve on understanding that time management is really important to us is critical to that succeeds in the end. I believe that, you know plasticity has Amita pop to play. Our brains have been hard wired about her two years time. What is a Gijs of time and what is a bad use of time when we should do things and family shouldn't do things. Since we have been Children, I believe that many people have influenced this in this course. We start to think and reflect on the ways in which we manage your time. Do we actually think about what is Argent? What we should prioritize on what is long term, but nonetheless very important. Yours as individuals I would for to seeing you in the rest of the session. 7. L7 The Eisenhower Box 1080p 380d21ef 4fca 47a5 ad82 1cab58492ecd (2): one of the biggest challenges we all face is how to manage our time. We all, whether we are successful or not, have 24 hours in each and every day. It is simply what we do to use this most efficiently and effectively, and to get things done that really matter to is particularly in no longer Tatum. Things like personal development rating that big we've always promised to do. Get that PhD or digi? Where is that? May night. Get the Arjun things done. It is none. All is important to us under future on probably that off our businesses, too. So in this lesson, we look at getting rid herself the old thoughts with me harbor and tame management through that thinking about neural plasticity. Mutar plasticity as you're ready. Nor I'll owes us to challenge the old ways of doing things to change our thoughts, which in turn changes our behavior under a level success and happiness. So in this place, in your kit time management on reflect on whether doing argent things first, isn't it a good strategy or not? We believe that we should challenge the fact that the old we says do things that are argent first. So if the boss, for example, tells you this is Argent, you simply drop everything you're doing on do that. The challenge, of course, is where that boss or other bosses perhaps give you various tasks, all of which are Argent on. Give me even have some urgent tasks off your own today. I heard you play advertise our agency. More importantly, however, we believe that you should look at all of the task that you have to do both in the short and in the longer term, and then reflect on both apartment and important terms to consider which, or all of these or some off these you should dio perhaps some usually beside delegate or simply not do it all off course in a work context. This make would be going back to your boss on seeing that you have several urgent tasks or some urgent and important tasks on, ask them to help you prioritize. If nothing else, it gives your manager or boss the opportunity to see the work or that you have on, perhaps to help you, perhaps by the other, getting some of those tasks another staff member or simply help you try or two times, which they believe is important. As we were searching on, take cognizance off your point of view. Also, we shall contiguous for two in next few slides, which we believe combined with your neuro plasticity, gives you a new and exciting way of managing your time before moving on. Talk of the technique Cold Ice and Horrors Box justified quickly on the site. It may be uncomfortable at first not to simply jump and perhaps to ask how high when there's a need to do something. Arjun. It's hardwired into us, but three neuro plasticity. We in order through practice, using tools and techniques, we can change the roads and factories through a brain that we use as our first port of coal . Remember, all progress takes please outside off our comfort zone. So let's look at the Eisenhower balls. I believe this to be one of the most critical on speaks off Living Tedi managing tape. What neuro plasticity has done is only just to revisit the way in which we think about on managed time we can get out of our comfort zone. Perhaps that big. It is a young child going through skill, university and even job. But we're told to respect our elders or our boss, perhaps were importantly, we're told that if we have to do something urgently, we have to jump on do that task that in itself may be a bad thing, but more importantly, the opportunity cost is important. More than mean by that is if we jumped the times and there's something that is not absolutely necessary or could be done better by someone else. We have lost chance to use that time to do something more critical and important to us, our family under organizations. So the Eisenhower Bob's helps us think about these things. If you will get the books we will see, it is typically have two by two matrix. So what? Ziman, one of top left hand corner. Important and urgent as you can see, the recommendation or Galen's is that you do it? No, but why would that be the keys? Well, firstly, when we talk about it important, we mean tasks that will actively employed actively help was achieved. Our vision, our go whatever our performance indicators opera, but importantly, they're often long hair on go, something that will make a key and fundamental difference to what we do on what had achievement, sound and their lives at our family and others will get because we're focused on important times. So something is one important to Arjun, meaning that we have to do this quickly in a short time. Skip. To some extent, this is an open, you know, if something is important and urgent, we want to do it now. The only tensile I might get is to make sure that it is important and simply it has not been labeled as important by someone, even our balls. Elsewhere. The elevators will to look at the top right hand corner because again these tasks important , they will move forward their achievement of vision. But they're not Argent on this books has perhaps the one I believe that you have to pee most attention to. So why is that? We're simply because it is important but non urgent. So we have no time lines. We have no one saying that it must be done to the year, even tomorrow, and therefore it is easy to it. It's what Eisenhower is correct. In this instance, we have to diet e or shared your time to get the task done. Perhaps even more importantly, I think we should consider that your in veins that time and we do not have anything else to take up that effort. Example. We see it is important to spend time with her family. If you do not diet in that time or it is flexible for it, it is very likely that somewhere Archerd Tufts, perhaps a work task will come along. And we will do it in perspective off where that it was important to us, our family or indeed organization. That's a recipe for disaster, because in the end we will be self critical. We will have negative self talk, a greater sales, because we will realize that we put work in front of our family. So if you have something that is important, whether that be a career go a self development one, such as achieving it to Getty or a PhD or spending paying with the family, make sure the schedule it and I probably do recommend that we ring fence that time. If we do not more urgent tasks for pressure boat, so let's look at the bottom two boxes those that are not important. Essentially, there is an easy chance here. The bottom right hand bulbs, which is not important in other words, does not help us achieve our goals, but also known Arjun that it doesn't have to be done in the short term. The decision here is easy. Simply dump it. That is absolutely no point and doing something that is not important to us. But also that can be done. Anything sightly more complicated. Perhaps, is something that we're told his option. It is a timeline attached to it. Someone has decreed it has to be done in a short here, but it is not important. Perhaps it is a meeting that we always go to. But actually nothing comes out of the meeting. It doesn't take us forward. Perhaps if that is the keys are meeting or a piece of paper or any activity we have to consider. What would the consequences be of ignoring that? F you awake? If you took something from your inbox, decided there was not a sergeant. It was urgent but not important. But put it bottom of pale. What would happen if it was not done? Some things you feigned that no one comes back and says, Why was that not done? If that is the keys, perhaps it is really seeing that it is neither urgent nor important again. We cannot recommend that you do any of these time ticks. It will be paying two years and individual your level of confidence in assertiveness, but also the organization you work in. Andrea White manager. So Argent, not important, is an opportunity to either ignore it or perhaps more realistically, to delegator. It may be the case that that task, what its outcome is that important to you. But it may be to one of your colleagues or co workers, the maid have a personal development area, something that this would help them develop, in which case it could actually be important under urgent for them. Remember, we are all the different stages in the development of ourselves under careers. On that, we all have different address. I think this box is well worth thinking about again and again, and you may wish to repeat this lesson because they're really important issues within it. 8. L8 Using Eisenhower Box Spreadsheet Tool: Okay, So welcome. This is the Eisenhower Box Excel spreadsheet, which I hope your fame just for trying take you through some examples here of her. I may use the spreadsheet. I think one of the things you can do is not worry too much about where you put your tasks for that day on. Then we can simply move them around. So let's say, for example, there was a meeting that you could go to on. That was Argent. Because the meeting is tomorrow morning on. We have to decide whether to go or not. I guess what we need to think through here is its argent, because it needs action by tomorrow morning. What we do have to consider, however, is it's important. So is going to this meeting critically important to my future that off my family, the team I worked for on the organization that I work for or my business? And if it's not, I guess what we're seeing is it's urgent, but not important. So as you can see, this would be in this tape of area here where the culture is hovering over right now. No, the issue here is you coulda taken no that it should completely or perhaps delegate it to someone else. If that's appropriate, and if it is appropriate, it may be good to delegate it to someone who's never been to that meeting before. But you might have an interest. So if the meeting has an agenda on the agenda is talking about some new software practice, for example, it may be really important and useful to send someone with an interest in i t. Are to that meeting. If nothing else, it will see what the organization is thinking about intelligence, ongoing software development. So if that was the keys, you could, of course, just pop that into here so that maybe the meeting about sort of a boat get your I T software. You could have delegate to James. Okay, that's one of the tasks that was in your West. We have no put it into the box, which was Argent, because it tomorrow, but not important to me or to the team. But But we could delegate Jean, who has an interest n i t. Now let's also consider that a tomorrow there is an opportunity to go to a meeting with a sales rep it was cold. And who wants to talk about in your day to be system that's going to being on the think may be of interest to us? No, we have to think again. Is this important? Would understanding about this new D to be system really take us for within achieving our objectives or a vision? No. In this instance, we just have put forward and you need to be system that will be installed next month. And there's not really any possibility was changing that because we've entered Terram agreements. I don't itself Is industry standard pretty reading? So in this case, I really have to question importance. It is very unlikely, given the frank. So we have that this will be important, but there, but it is urgent. So again, it's an urgent, not important a bracket. However, Do we want to gather? Get it? Probable way? Don't, because although it may be interesting, there's no real benefit to the organization or a guest individuals within it. So I guess we can actually put is down here somewhere just to get off. Our to deal is perhaps we can just put visit Teoh Seals, a rap presentation on the trees. We can kind of parking here just on if you want. You could put Dump over here and they I guess, really, it kind of fits in with the bottom right hand box, which, although it's not urgent, is also a North important. So thinking through again what we have t to think about the tasks that we have to dio. Um, perhaps you have an Invade ate a conference. It's a conference that's not really first top topic. This interesting to us in our organization. It's not something that we want to do. It starts something we would ever want to do. In reality, it's not within our vision. It's not within our mission. It's not what we do. So there it is not important because it would help us take our vision forward or even myself, is an individual's vision for work. And it's also Argent because it's not for some time a week. And I guess unfortunately, that fits nicely into the bottom rate hand box, which really says the week. What eliminate these things it's not important to is a neither is it urgent, so we could pope in here, the in vain invade conference. The really I will just put something in here photography because we're not in the photography business, so it's not important. So let's consider some other issues of items on the agenda, or it could potentially be on the agenda. Now I've been thinking quite some time off doing ah Ph. D DD. I'm not. But what's just a theory? We have personal thinking of doing a PhD Dickie. It's great commitment. It would be several years off Nate skills and working after work. Exception. No, that may be important to them because it's always been an aspiration of the pier from development of the work. All right, a doctor in front of the name and to have done some academic study at the highest level. They just never got right into it, perhaps because of family, your promotion or living houses. But it's important. But it's not argent, because really, they could do a PhD at any time in their life if what they want it for is their own gratification on self esteem. So really be popped into the important because as important because it's an important personal goal to them, the pH. So it's not Argent because it's not a timeline on it as such. But it's very important because it would take that person, if not their business, forward in the woman. Now it's also a consider there is a contract just came on our desks that has to be tendered for in the next few days. I know that it folds nicely in turn court business off what we do into coaching and development on its for a client pushed a client we've always wanted to work for. So their mission and our mission fits together certain within our core business and therefore within the vision and mission of our organization. So it's Argent because it has to be done in a very short time frame, which quite a complex thing, perhaps, is to bring together a tent document in a truck paid span. So it's Sergeant. But it's also important because it fits nicely with our core business. So we pop that tender tribute completed for coaching nicely into that we could go on all deal with examples for that. But I thought What it's showing you is that rather than take a risk of tasks and see all of these things, have to be done in the next few days. So the old and inhabit the Argent field on. We feel pressure rise to do these, even if we do acceptable delegates, some of them and the ones that are important but with a longer term horizon will not be done, probably never be done. And yet those are the very things that important to us as individuals, families of teams and their organizations on what this little spirit she does. And I do think we should use it, at least in the short run. It helps his rewire Obree. It helps us challenge thinking that what we do is argent thing. It takes advantage of the new plasticity if you like, It helps us build new roads on until those your words become fast. Notaries or the neurons are joined up properly in order that the signal on the information goes quickly and automatically. Routinely. We make the decision based art importance and urgency together until it I recommend highly that you Taymor the spreadsheet time. You use it on a daily basis. I hope this has been useful to you because we certainly have. Many people have found the concept of Arjun see on importance using IVs in her Box Excel spreadsheet dropping very useful indeed, 9. Neuroplasticity & Anxiety 1080p 5186e3a3 695d 4224 a314 15f39f12d3b0: en decision be Consider neuro plasticity on anxiety. Remember that Europe plasticity is a process of changing a bad habit with hopefully, it could have it. Anxiety is about our thoughts. Anxiety is often about the way we have been brought up. It could be reflecting on what has happened in our early life. Perhaps, is a child and adolescents or whenever. If we understand that anxiety is often about the way we think, perhaps wrong way, it is obvious that neural plasticity can help us. You're a process city is about changing the ways in which we think it's about creating your path, please, and hopefully better path, please, in order to help us in our lives as we move forward. Therefore, in Europe, plasticity can help us tackle the Scotch off anxiety. There is nothing wrong with anxiety. Such anxiety simply is the result off the way in which our main T takes and then sports to any formulation or any fear stimulus. When a beer is attacking us, there is a view and actual threat to our safety. A real fear is present. This is detected by your sensory organs. On the resultant high anxiety is very appropriate as part of her natural on defensive system. It is a prepare for in natural for us to fuel off the feelings, our thoughts and actions off anxiety. So anxiety is a very natural thing. It is a very necessary thing for our survival. Anxiety only becomes a problem when it becomes out of proportion to the situation in which we are in. So, yes, there will be higher levels of anxiety if a poor beer is running to work thus of high speed and is likely to wish to attack ins. But that doesn't know what the seamers when some other always important or rest chestful thing we happened. It is all about proportionality. It is also the keys, of course, that their brain doesn't know the difference between what is reality and what is a thought or catastrophe ionization about what may happen in the future. So therefore we can become anxious when there is no actual threat or danger, but just that we think there may be anxiety, therefore, only becomes a real issue or a problem to be dealt with when it gets out of proportion. When it stops us doing the things that we need to do till have a good, healthy and happy life. Anxiety becomes an issue. Your apostasy city, thankfully, shows us that even if we have suffered for anxiety for quite considerable amounts of time, it is possible to rethink our we to restructure the way in which we do things and create new habits and routines on to think our way to a better existence. One of the other challenges of anxiety. There is a course related to neuro plasticity and getting things into context and managing your thoughts as that anxiety can hang around. So if, for example, we have suffered anxiety, one so trail tracing our lives, we can really anxiety and concern and stress and harem to that thing. So, for example, F once or twice when we've been walking past the particular Popper Club, there has been Noise and Ryan's and faints. Perhaps in remained. Every time we walk past that, something harmful is likely to happen. I mean, we avoid that shaped. Of course, that may be the fact that that cop only has incidents once every five years, but we have heard about it, or we've seen it happen once or twice, so we have it out of proportion. Anxiety hangs around. One of the things we will do later in this course is look a techniques that we can use to fake tough thoughts, to rationalize our thoughts and to help us the old anxiety through use of your apostasy city. What will happen to us in the future? F In action, batik has 10 or trail possible outcomes. Often people worry about 0 10 a trail. Or indeed, the focus on the worst possible outcome on all of that is a both anxiety. We can help you manage anxiety by thinking through the possibilities of each thing happening on. We can help you through techniques such as main fullness. We'll hold you some of these in this course, as it is a very neuro plasticity. But there will be other courses, like cognitive behavioral therapy that will take this father in terms of the wonders of neuro plasticity. The new pathways that are causing all of this high anxiety must be managed. We can also replace those new pathways by having new Europe are phonies known. Anxious euro path is if you make on this way, we can eliminate levels of high anxiety. It is really all about understanding that I thought, some not reality. Is there a ticking tame and giving your Children techniques to rationalize, of thinking, to think about what is possible and what is likely rather than catastrophe, finding all the time about what's case scenarios that are very unlikely to help him? Uh, if I am service being called at the house, burning down another waas of other Woody's about, we already see what possessions had the lost. How would replace those lost family here wins. How we didn't place the 40 drafts enjoy what would happen to the rest of their lives without your house after their hoses. Brendan. And yet probably there was very little risk of anything some people were such as or CD suffer from, such as going around checking everything many times before they leave the home. We're not seeing it should not be aware of risk and that you should not take care. But that anxiety is where it gets out of proportion on be worried about what made it happen rather than the possibilities of what are awake with their up. We could help you by experimenting with staying in the present, for the moment are thinking about what you see fuel here, and t's know it is really about appreciating the here and now. We can stay with what's happening, though rather than bought. Made behind it spoke, getting comfortable with things on with ourselves. If you spend the offer times worrying about what made it happen in the future, we're in our eyes. We learn the possibility of happiness, sincerity and feeling good about ourselves and others. So you're a pasta city on worries us to take some off those core believes those beliefs and anxieties that are built up over the many years that helps its challenge owns and to build new and better mural path, please. And the rest of this session or in future sessions, we will work a bit more about topics are both anxiety on how we're able to manage those how we're able to create better neuro path freeze as a result of neural plasticity on how that can have an overwhelming changed our lives for the better. Remember old times that some things were feeling anxious is that things that won't even happen. The challenges that our brain doesn't know what is real and what is simply in our phones are testifies Issue. Remember that because sometimes it is comforting and sometimes it is good to just sit back and think about what is actually real rather than worrying about things that may happen in the future. The topic on the subject off main fullness and meditation is massive. And there are many books and courses written about this. We may do a little in this course, but roll we're seeing really is to set boat right now. I am here. I'm see if they can see the sky in the closed to read in the snow. I can feel the breeze against my skin. I'm just trying to enjoy that and see what, every moment, off off everything we do. If we're sitting having a coffee, take the coffee, slowly separate and taste the different aromas, fill the cup, feel those beautiful beans and think about where they came from. Just really enjoying life is what we're seeing. And really, that's what meaningfulness is largely about. It's about the here and no, because that really, in effect is all we can affect rate here. No, we don't know what's going to happen in two minutes Tiny more five minutes time or one year ? Unfortunately, it is not all within our control. There are external factors people come into play. So why then, would be too much about them rather enjoying the very being on the very moment. Often when we feel bad in inverted comments or be fuel, something difficult is happening. We trying to challenge those. Are we trying to deal with them? And sometimes we just have to accept that feelings will come. It will stay for some time, a short tail or a longer term, and then they will move on. It is easy to see, but if you deflect back in our lives, we will probably remember that some feelings we hired the barbarian tens on that we did not think would disappear have actually moved on. No thought of feelings thieves forever. So sometimes you just need to be patient until left the fact some people think that you should simply set back and and think. And if some bad feelings of thoughts come into your main, let them simply drift the week. Indeed, some people like to think off sitting back and reflecting and thinking off the present, particularly on watching any of their worries as large, fluffy weight clients noted the injury toll. But moving in and out of the picture just as a quality to it. That actually is a useful technique, and some things I thought somewhat is you have disappear. I think the message here is some things you have to live with her anxiety because it is not true. But we do teach you ways to manage. Most of all, I think the messengers do not panic and overreact. Things will get better. 10. Anxiety Defined 1080p 88aa264b 3c10 4796 8aeb 99dbd4c2f6d6 (1): In this short session, you'll get different tapes off anxiety. There are, of course, different types of anxiety. And although we trying to cover a number in this course, this is not predominantly about anxiety and her to deal with it. It has been, you know, plasticity and how the way in which we think can change the ways in which we suffer problems such as anxiety. However, types of anxiety in court doors were. Fear is very intense and tends to be a reaction to an immediate or a specific situation. As we said before, some of those up there for in normal, natural on good planes, we want to be able to experience anxiety. If there be a Ryan comes attacking us, we want to be able to think quickly and react appropriately and no situations. Fear can also car in social situations onto the A. Social anxiety is one of the big challenges facing many of us. This can be about thinking about going out to meet other people in social environments or social events. This itself is called social anxiety. There are very specific fears that people have these sometimes known ISF obeans. Sometimes people have four beers about air travel, spiders being at heights and even water. Of course, other people suffer panic attacks, which are very, very complex if you're with the times and come out of the boy, it also quite terrific to watch. As it appears someone is having difficulty breathing. There are very specific tools and techniques to help people deal with panic attacks. As I said, we will work at a number off different types of anxiety in this course on, we will give you some techniques to help manage it all because we understand that because of you know, plasticity, this gives us the opportunity to change the Ritz, that the bring things to actually change the thoughts and remain because after all, it just thought that very often changes. There will be few underway. We behave becomes general 11. L6: this was deliberately a short lesson. It is simply to cure you up for the next video. We will talk about our exciting excel to that will help you change the way you think about Argent and important tasks and help you manage your time much better. So thank you for listening and watching this video on. Get ready to listen to her. You can use this exciting to completely change the way we behave in relation to tame management and get back some of that fatal time that you've been working out through flare utilizing your time on Argent, not important tasks. 12. Generalised Anxiety Disorder 1080p 4de49ddd c578 4282 8b47 a153f9278f03: So what is anxiety on the protector? We will look at the definition or generalized anxiety disorder against different tapes of more specialised anxiety tapes. I hope this will be useful in understanding anxiety on then, of course, in helping us wicked ways in which you can overcome or manage that anxiety. So it's considered what general anxiety disorder is and have. It differs from more specific tapes of anxiety with general anxiety disorder, sometimes short into has got it. The one in anxiety spread the cost number of areas of topics. The subjects such as health work, our relationships, our finances and someone, whereas other specific anxiety problems maybe about fears or such a spider's flying water hates and so on. So some examples of the we and rich anxiety can affect us chronic, where he's continually running through your head over and over again. You see, it's like a broken record because it doesn't stop. This is same. So it's going over and over and over and over and over and over again. You can't have intrusive thoughts, which means that no matter how much you try not to buddy the's on 12 things will keep popping back into your head, probably at the most inconvenient of times when you think you are actually being happy or having a good time for a break. There was inconvenient. Thoughts are worrying or anxious stores will come back into your mind. Anxiety can also fake people in terms of their sleep. Some people have almost insomnia and find it hard to stay asleep or fall asleep. Others will have unsettled sleep somewhere, because you're means is constantly taking over thinking about those thoughts time and time again. Of course, people also procrastinate some things. People put things off because in trying to deal with those, it becomes too overwhelming. But sometimes procrastination can actually be it tactic or strategy to just worry, at least in the short run. When we worry or anxious, it's very much like we're living our life in the future as a main is caught up in all sorts of catastrophic scenarios off what made happen in their life to come. It is a bit worrying about things that will happen in the future, even though we do not know what the future holds, or indeed of those worries are likely or unlikely to happen if you like, when you're worried. Our body is here to D at the present moment, but remained is actually elsewhere. The problem there, of course, is that we can't enjoy for we can't take any pleasure from noisy for the experiences you're having at the moment, even if they're good experiences, even you have having a good time. Cinema. You didn't holiday. We have relatives, friends or family. We can't really enjoy the US because we're not present. It's almost as if the body is there. But the main does worrying about other things that may or may not happen in the future. I'm sure you can appreciate. That's not a good place to be. So it's good that we can look at our thoughts and because of neural plasticity, if you practice hard enough, we can start to challenge the old way of doing things. The old were warning on the other things that come with what he Joe says, perhaps sleeplessness, procrastination and protect manager. In challenging those and having strategies and practices that we do over and over again, we can build new neural pathways on take advantage of the whole concept off neural plasticity to end up living a better, more successfully 13. Task Focusing 1080p 805c7ac6 e685 447e 8082 3ae1995a520f: in this lesson. You look at task focusing as you'll come to understand or you won't eat already. Understand? If you have anxious store, it's these very often thoughts but things that are important to us. So, for example, about a relationship about our hosts are home about how we're going to survive and even feed yourselves on DPI bills for very essential things such as heating and lighting. So they are both things that are important tours on now. Such a sof. Pray me, evil instincts kick in and try to think about them. And perhaps traitor is over. And Threatt threat weeks threat months under the years. It is a case, of course, and sometimes we try to forget about them or or chiefs them away. And in doing so, you're still thinking about him. So in some respects, even thinking or giving your naked thoughts of what he speaks can actually increase them. So thinking about getting rid of for what are you concerned that the length of store it is actually, still we off thinking about them in some perverse sweet? So it may be the keys that that sometimes at different strategy could be deployed that would be very effective. So one way of coping with this is to think about something definite than stop thinking about. There was thoughts at all. There was worrying or anxious starts on a well rounded, tried and tested technique. It's a trying to focus on something that is a very mean dean task. But judicial, in great detail by mundane task is simply means something that doesn't require your Breen to think too much, probably because it's already on autopilot. So whether that be vacuuming the house or whether it be ironing and 70 you've done that numerous occasions before. I never required to give competency. You actually doing this in order to pile up, and the fact you're doing an autopilot means that you probably are thinking about other things. So in order to get rid of that, what you have to do is to do the task and think about it in extreme detail. So if you're ironing, give you think about the texture of the courts, give me smell the fabric conditional. Perhaps you me smell the steam. It was a steam iron and saw wake amount to that in a little bit more detail deservedly this tactic off taking of Indian task, like washing the dishes or whatever. But by actually concentrating when is really when this worked for centuries on end? Works pretty well indeed. So I don't just to deflate. What's the one right now? Is it the whole concept of neural plasticity, which is essentially what we're talking about in this course? And we're simply looking at how Euro plasticity can help us in practice. But the whole process off neural plasticity, the whole thoughts about neural plasticity is simply that we can change our thoughts. And in doing so, we can change the really fuel our emotions and even our physical being. But in order to do so, we have to practice, practice, practice. So when we have giving her bring some time, it's taking some time out from dealing with anxious thoughts all the time as to do this Monday in task Effectively, What we are doing is we're using was super high res in the brain that have developed routines for these written tasks. On using that time to think about things in much more detail on doing so. Appreciate if you like, or just forget about the anxious or liver starts for something in effect we're giving ever and bring us public or on giving a break some breast day or sometime. We from thinking for two. Okay, so why don't we need to do now? Is perhaps just take a piece of paper or a post that part on right then, some of you the jobs that you feel are voting to you that you do dio on autopilot on that you can see flee. Think of it. Other things. So it's a summit. So examples maybe washing the dishes, doing the earning, vacuuming acceptable chuck Chinese, but brainstorms many she can on. We'll actually get to use one of these on that. Then you can use the others in your own brilliant exercises. Always Harare. So just take a couple minutes out on Georgia's there. Having no thought about some routine tasks that you could use to go on autopilot and thinking more detail about the tasks. Kate, one of those and think of the fallen touch thinking of the same cc or should think about the sense of touch. What does activity feel like? What is the texture like? So if you're ironing for example, Perhaps it will actually be a textured off the iron you're using. What about the taste of the different types of causing when you put them on your ironing board on? We're holding them. Perhaps where she arriving around the garment? Some may be smooth, some maybe more rough. Some might be a linen courted or some man made fibre. They're only quality fuel differently Strain concentrate or in the different textures in a different feel off the sensation moving on to the sensation of ST What do you notice about doing ironing, for example, What catches your eye? So perhaps in the garment it is a button or a silver s over. But in perhaps what a transparent, parch or different colors? Embroidery? What calls are are catching a right. Other reflections are the shadows. So what? What in real detail are we seeing when you're doing this to us? On what about hearing other specific tasks? Is it the noise of the I am gliding across the fabric or perhaps touching the butting buttons, orders, even the steam from the iron. Normally on then, of course, if you have a judge d Mayan, you could press eject and wasn't to the jet of Steam, both initially on this feeling way, we then we'll get the sense of smell. What smells the behalf during the task is that a smell of fabric conditioner perhaps do different garments. Male differently is there are sent from the iron as it moves across the fabric? Or can you smell their hot steeb? Perhaps, but perhaps not denying. But in other tasks, you can also look at the taste off. What is your day? So what's your religion here? Is asking you, our or everyone to take a very mundane task that's very easy for you. One. The breed almost switches off, but during that to think an extreme detail a very each of the seven seas with appropriate on afterwards, you can reflect on how that failed. And really, we're seeing that if you use your brain very in a very detailed way, you can actually focus so hard that other things will not be present at that particular time. In a way, it's about it being what we call main. Fall off what we're doing, and you can do that with eating, for example, or drinking a tea or a coffee actually saving if it taking smaller base, keeping it in Irmo for longer and tasting both. The initial taste on the after taste. Perhaps Raveling is impure is a function off getting energy and tired of value. But being main, Fela voted on really, really concentrating on your fit. Say the fate of that, of course, is it. Very often we always weak or we become more healthy simply because we're taking longer to digest. If it on both these quicker to actual Taylor bream that we now have enough to eat, whereas if you're simply eating is a function off getting fit, we tend to hurry particular by entities fast fit society. Yes, I take your ricin task on do these things and then effect were becoming more main fall, which can give us lots of respect from his anxious and worrying thoughts. 14. Focusing your Attention 1080p 1f36528c 3670 4bf3 a808 022e29e2f2c5: in the session, we will consider focusing your attention on. Look at two of the men techniques we can use to focus our attention on something rather than focusing on the worries, the anxiety on the negative thoughts of you have. Wouldn't it be good if we could see or recognize when we were beginning to go into a worrying single off that processing? What's worrying are anxious starts. We've even better if we could then bring attention back to the present task back rate in detail into what we're doing right now and start worrying about those anxious problems that you know, reality. We're probably worrying about something that will never happen or are based. We have catastrophe finding were working at the washed case scenario. So wouldn't it be good if when we saw that happening? Because simply John both of that, by looking at what we're doing right now and living in the present in this part of the course, we will consent some techniques that can help us do just that. So why should we boil it a boat? This on what's anxiety and controlling it are managing. It got to do with neural plasticity were simply wedding or having anxious thoughts is really a tape off habit of repetitive, negative thinking. It's where we get stuck in a negative thoughts about bad things in the future. So every started to worry about it being unable to afford the mortgage, for example, we then make stop to worry about where we could go on birth. We then start to worry perhaps about their finances, because would we be able to afford that or not? We they make that make them Lincoln to things like, How would this affect our relationships if we have to tell our partner that we could no longer afford to live where we are? Poet at effects, relationships If you have Children, I would affect the Children, Skilling and so on and so forth. So the one worry off not being able to pay the mortgage simply has escalated or snow bold into many bodies. We have to break this negative cycle on. We need techniques to do this. That's why we're talking about anxiety. We're talking about what he on. More importantly, we're talking about techniques because these techniques can be used to help formulate in your neural path means on doing so Take advantage of the brain's neuro plasticity. To change the way we think with a freebie behave on their way. We actually feel physically three. 15. Task Focusing Exercise Preview 1080p af5b302b 15c0 4cce 85de c1af5e27cdb0: So what summarize so far, and that will help us put in context why we're going to do this. Exercise any next video. So what we found so far is that worrying or anxiety is often actually obey being focused or in the future rather than the present. Even when we are somewhere, perhaps, with afraid, partners on you, ever. Perhaps you're not giving them all the attention. Perhaps 80% of us is actually thinking about have you pee the mortgage how we will do with something at work. What catastrophe finding about what will happen in the future. We do this to the extent that we mess. What's happening right now a partner are whoever were with were very probably recognize that were not there assim, etc. Remained, is somewhere else. So we miss out on the opportunity of actually being happy for worrying about the future. This happens to many of us, and it's very often the result of our educational system, our family and the way we've been brought up. So as we know that the brain becomes hardwired because if you've been thinking in this week on dealing the things, multi tasking are multi thinking for many years. There is no surprise, therefore, that that is how we operate the majority of times. But it's not necessarily it could be of operating. I could have addressing this as tea tree in our attention and also that we can be more focused on the future rather than the present Muda post The city. Treating, however, does take time. Remember, it is about reteamed. It is about practice, practice, practice. So be patient. Because once we do embed these thought through senses and these techniques on they become a habit or a team, life can be so much better. The written task focusing exercise it falls in the next video could really be life changing . So I ask you to do is to watch next video down with the forums and do some exercises. But do them over a period of time. All of them will. You see the real benefits from this exercise and probably see a reduction on your worrying and anxiety 16. Procrastination & Avoidance 1080p 75e44a3e 468b 4b2d 8917 27414c5de04e (1): indecision really cut procrastination. Procrastination is one of the main idiots that people find real problems in dealing with today's work cords. Anton didn't being happy. Thus, in any course or in Europe plasticity, it is your important against that. The procrastination, because we can quite easily rewiring the brain through habit on three practice on, mostly through understanding off what causes procrastination. Because procrastination is really about. Our thoughts are hardwired thoughts. And as we know no because of your apostasy city, those thoughts can be changed, leading to changes in behavior and changes in emotion. In this section, real cat procrastination on. We'll get some hints and tips and had to practice to change the way in which we think on document Lee. The win, which would behave on feel so procrastination, is simply making a decision for no rational reason to delay or not complete a task and choosing to do something completely different. Qualities different despite there being negative consequences off us, making that joins. In other words, there is no rationality behind this. We may have something that is argent and important, but chose to do something that is neither argent nor important. On def. you reflect back and some of our time management courses, you will. You will understand how negative this is on the real negative impact you can have on the waves of ourselves under families. So procrastination is not really a rational decision at all. It is largely an emotional decision brought on by some negative thinking patterns that we have probably hard since our very airy childhood. The good news is, he said, area is a neuro plasticity, Ah, roses to change those thought patterns on their for the behaviors and emotions. Procrastinators are not easy people, indeed, they're often very busy people and hard working people, but what they may be doing is actually taking the work that they should be doing. That is perhaps argent and important or just important, and replacing it with non urgent on important tasks very often. So the tapes of things that procrastinate sustained easy to d it's a, for example, fail so they may have their entry, other okey and it may be in perfect condition. The email had the best failing systems in the office because everyone knows you have to fail to have an effect of an efficient office on fair share failing. You can't be doing what you're supposed to be there white wines, things like watching television at home rather than doing a task reading a Bic or trying to be a perfectionist and reading more and more and more or thinking more and more and more before the simplest of tasks. Other things were quite often do is look at social media or no, it is the Internet in general, because a lot of time that made appear to be profitable and looking at the Social Internet or networking saints, and also by looking at emails, probably emails we know are not important, but one that we can be usefully using our time doing, which generally is no time to do those tasks were procrastinating over another way. That procrastinators use is to telephone someone or contact someone. Making a look is where they need more information before they can do the job, perhaps going back to the boss and asking for clarification of the task or asking for extensions, perhaps of deadlines, simply to meet the procrastination wash. These are just some of the many procrastination activities, but what's important to remember is the procrastinators are not usually easy. They do usually have other work to dio under usually very well work hard working deep. So, as we said, one of the main problems with procrastinators. If they have difficult. And then I pour rooms of proteins that they often have heart for quite some time on the Israel's keep discomfort about according to do or doing that task so there may be angry they were resent having to do the task. They have anxiety about doing it or even fearful of doing it. What were the results be if we get it wrong? And all of this, of course, can we dip your exhaustion at even a sort of doing? The town's never main doing it itself. So you can imagine if you have these rials about the protect your transport tasks. We really have to overcome those in our main before there's any chance of us completing that task rather than the many other tasks that you dio simply to avoid it. There are, of course, some positive outcomes off procrastination. If there weren't, you wouldn't procrastinate, I said. There are officially an unconscious are our subconscious decision rather than a rational, thoughtful, logical decision to procrastinate. But what are the positive outcomes? The positive outcomes are There is no discomfort from doing tasks because we have avoided that. You may actually feel good because you stopped her rules and assumptions. We have stopped to those rules and assumptions that doing the task will be exhausting, causes anxiety, be stressful, be boarding. And that such within something else. So some means We've actually been quite fruitful with airplane. We've avoided doing something that would have been boarding and then something else seems fairly logical to me. We've also, perhaps, getting pleasure from some of those procrastination activities. So why is there was a work task, for example, that was very argent and important, and we may not have done it. But self, the Internet We may have gained pleasure. From what we read on the Internet, it seems a bit of a 11 situation. In some ways, the subconscious has actually given is logical reasons for making the decision to procrastinate even know. Ultimately, that was not the real reason or reasons that we did it off course that are negative outcomes of procrastination. If they're resident, we wouldn't be speaking about it in this course, nor will we be seeing that, you know, plasticity allow users to change these behaviours and thoughts. So what are the naked to vote comes Some of the negative outcomes are more discomfort, guilt. And Jim, I don't know about you, but often if I procrastinated, I actually feel guilty afterwards about procrastinating. In fact, sometimes even during that procrastination exercise, I feel guilty about not spending the time doing what I should have been. You've also consolidated those Unho helpful realize that we have because we have exercise of criticism. But we also the situation is there wash with the procrastination f, for example. Procrastination has breath is even last time to do the ancient task than we had that makes us feel wash about it. And then the most race and stream that consolidates are thinking that this task is not a good task as it causes anxiety. Next thing, that task comes around our subconscious. Will Taylor's avoid that task because it causes anxiety? So it's a very vicious circle that off procrastination were the task ago even more difficult off putting every single time we procrastinate because we're consolidating, we're building that neuro high. We were making it faster and better. This is when your process it is important because it shows us that three practicing other methods on through not procrastinating. We can build new euro highways that will get away from this procrastination habit that you know. 17. Overcoming Procrastination 1080p c1aeb02b 5d3d 4690 8622 3b287664db35: in this session, we will get overcoming procrastination in overcoming procrastination. It requires us to take a very a logical work at the tasks we have to do on the importance and urgency off those. If you haven't already looked at any of our courses or sessions on teh management, these would be really helpful to hear because thes tell you how to go about prioritization and of ideological. We on the weasel, father, your objectives and vision rather than simply putting them in e order off urgency. So in effect, to tackle procrastination, we have the West Harbor to delist off all the tasks that we have to do. And then we have to prioritize ALS We, of course which suggests going back and we can attain management and we can Which of these times are important and which are argent. And then to classify the was so that you put some priority on the Argent aren't important tasks before working really at simply Argentines it was also important is to trying the chunk a task Patel if something is going to take his 12345 hours, that is a hugely daunting piece of work, especially if you already have negative find years off thoughts of it during the piece of work, I it will be too difficult. It will make me anxious, stressful, or it will be a boarding for hours. Much better to be that. Then, if the small sections off, perhaps Ted, 20 minutes or even 30 minutes on, then you become more doable to us and others. You don't have to spend off the time doing that task. At the same time, we can break it into small chunks on prioritize. The chance is often also. The key is that if you start doing a task, the motivation will come in slightly on momentum will take over and the me carry on doing more of that task than we had thought we will. It's always good to our Keating for tasks, and one of the key things about people who procrastinate is off them that they believe they can complete a task and a shorter period than they can. So when you're are kidding, Tyne for task see, you think something will take 30 minutes. Check that out hostage in 30 minutes and not 40 minutes, 50 minutes or even longer and I say to do that because it means that next time you're allocating that task, you could be more realistic in your assumptions because every overrunning time that can father every enforcing negativity that this is a huge task and it takes a storm to dio. Perhaps because we're anxious about it, it may not be that it may simply be the task requires a longer period of tape. So as we go over this again for procrastinators, firstly, it's a good idea. Tell a story off your tasks simply to prioritize those tasks, working on urgency in timescales but also working what tests are important on, Knows it or not important. It is good to take Archer task on the chunk it or cricketer into sub tasks and allocate some time for each of those sub tasks. This means that we don't have to spend a long period of time and the task becomes more achievable or double working. And finally check in the times that the dust take you to task, so that would be a realistic on. We can be better at planning in the future. Some other good tips for dealing with procrastination on the help get around it are to do the wash task first. Now that makes him counterintuitive. And it can be. But sometimes if you do the wash task first thing in the morning, for example, it makes the rest of the much better. We know you've got that difficult town scared of the we on life can only be easier on most often. The watch task is not very wash or difficult at all. And this is not just progress needles at work. But other people, such as raters or authors also uses task very off them. So get up in the morning and start rating or get into that tape later. Or what proof center? Because if we don't the thought off that washed task won't is through a d and b a relative procrastinate in order to put off or no due to toe. Usually when we do it, it doesn't seem quite as bad as we thought, which is also very good, because if we then reflect on it, we can start getting rid of some of those negative pathways in our head that is consolidating the reasons that we procrastinate. Some people have ever do teak on opposite approach and taken a easy task or a task at the enjoy. Doing a first thing in order to get the more motivated and build up momentum. And then we were over there where they perceived to be the more difficult or was task. It really does the pain. Then you yourself on how you work Hillary it to get around. Some of those tasks which is related to D Chungking that we spoke about area is to set to take, say, a short amount of time, perhaps 10 minutes, 15 minutes on actual set, an alarm clock or or Iram on your mobile phone. More you do then is you know, I'm all going to have to do this for 10 minutes rather than thinking about 20 minutes, and I marked trails or whatever that seems a bit more durable, achievable and to some extent gets around the idea that we will be bought for Forever's or we will be anxious for four hours very often. When we get started, realize that as we said area, the task isn't about task told when we do tasks in terms off, what point in the D can be useful to know, and it made the pain during your own zor biorhythms are based times of the day. As you know, some people are morning people on. Therefore, they may like the challenge of doing more difficult tasks in the morning. But others become more the fashion for eternity, and therefore it may be more appropriate to do those tasks which are in the Were You do. It's important. Do you want to do it in a quiet atmosphere where you can concentrate? What an atmosphere with us? A more dynamic buzz. But you actually get you through the time and more easily. So just some tips are really be thinking about these things is yours and individual conception help get those tasks done and in doing so, overcome procrastination.