Neon Sign Effect in Photoshop for Photo Retouch, Neon Typography and neon logo | Photo Manipulation | Amir Mirza | Skillshare

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Neon Sign Effect in Photoshop for Photo Retouch, Neon Typography and neon logo | Photo Manipulation

teacher avatar Amir Mirza, Graphic Designer / Creative Director

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Neon intro

    • 2. Basic neon Sign technique

    • 3. Neon Editable Text

    • 4. Neon Picture Composite

    • 5. Save Neon as style ( Trick ) (Time Saver)

    • 6. Neon Logo Sign

    • 7. Final result and class project

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About This Class


In this class, 

I will teach you basic techniques and the process of creating Neon Sign light, Neon Logo, Neon writings, and Neon environments in photoshop very easily. and a streamlined workflow for photo manipulations and Neon digital art.

Programs needed: Adobe Photoshop

The skill required: Beginner & intermediate photoshop skills

What You'll Learn In this class I am revealing my secret to recreating and manipulating images into Neon artworks' for commercial and artistic purposes. I created a very easy technique to create this kind of Neon photo realistic artwork in photoshop, without any professional skill requirements, the class is divided into a few parts from the introduction - Neon basic - Neon font - Neon Logo - Neon Sign in Picture 

you will learn

  • Creation Neon Signs For Commercial graphics & Digital Art
  • Neon Photo Manipulation
  • Creation Of Style ( To speedup workflow)
  • Neon logos
  • Neon Editable Text
  • A Speedy Workflow of Creating Graphics in a short time 
  • Use Of Channels in Photoshop

By the end, you'll have enough art skills you can use for any number of projects, such as art exhibits, posters, album arts, and commercial use 

feel free to ask any questions. 

you can also follow me and visit my profile for resources 

Agency Portfolio  •  instagram  •  Linkedin  •  Behance

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amir Mirza

Graphic Designer / Creative Director


Amir is an Award-winning graphic artist working for the past 7 years internationally, he worked with many companies his clients including majorly United Nations, the Government of Canada, the Government of Pakistan and Punjab police, National Television, Atlético De Madrid Academy.

he has been published or featured in numerous global media outlets including Business Insider, Boston Art Gallery, Daily Telegraph, United Nations, and many more.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

As a multiple skilled person. he does films, VFX, graphic design, digital art and creates content for different aspects of life for social change I be... See full profile

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1. Neon intro: Hello everyone. My name is Ahmed result. I'm a digital artists and creative director or two from past seven years, I've been very lucky to work with major brands including the United Nations. They are not dedicated me, Pepsi got rid of Canada, Pakistan. This class I will teach you some basic techniques and procedure of treating neon lights. It's used in different projects and different environments, streamline workflow. Making neon lights. You will learn use of neon effect, creation of neon light, condition of style compositing, and use of advanced Photoshop tools. The class is divided in two parts. Basic technique, writing, naming neon light. Neon light using in whatever the ingredient composition, no light for the logo class project. So let's start. 2. Basic neon Sign technique: So here I have a basic open in Photoshop. We will select the background color white, black will make the background black, and we'll merge it with the background and create a new layer. And we will select Simple section of color it white in a new layer. Then we will go to Blending Options. And here we will do all the magic to create the neon light. So let's start with doing with the magic. So first of all, we have to select the straw to the style of stroke, go to the field type and select gradient and gradient style start breast. Then the gradient, we have to select any color towards the white. You can choose. You can choose blue, any color of your choice. The color you want to give to a neon light. Then you can change the size to see the brightness of the neuron. Then we will go to the outer glow and give a blow to our neuron late. We will keep the size to twenty seven, twenty eight, thirty, and change that color to the blue. Then we will go to the drop shadow. And we will select the Linear Dodge blending mode and select the color over noon. And then we will play with the distance and the size and the bread to select the realistic. To keep the effect of neuron-like realistic. Giving you a very basic idea how to create the structure behind the neon light detect. After that, we will select our background, which is very bright, so we have to tweak with the grown as well to make it dark and give it a normal light effect. So we will use the brightness, will strike the explore layer. And we will load the Explore year. Raise little. Upset. Gamma correction will keep the offset to 0 and then gradually increase the, excuse me, please. From the very basic effect of neon, you can multiple this effect to any layer or anything. So here we generated a new altered that I will do. In the next step, we will see how we add neon lights on the text, on the logo and the real-life environment. So this is the basic structure of light. We will use this structure every time we are creating known. Both go to the layer, select the spokes, It's the select outer glow and play with the drop shadow basic stroke is the word which gives us a tube light style effect. In the numerator, we can see we can change the structure of will continue the size of stroke and it changes the effect of light. 3. Neon Editable Text: So here I have an plane with black background again. And we will see how we develop neon light in that text. Text. By using Text tool. Just resize it, told me it can be visible. And then we will use neon. I will share the text file with you in their sources or project as well, so you can download it. After that, we will go to the blending and we will go to the stroke plus, and then select the fill type gradient again. You can change the color or the red. We can change the cycle. Stall depending on the structure. Learning bolstered little bit, proximately. Do is fine. And loading the shadows a bit. Elect outer glow. And select the color of change the size according to your requirement. And then select the drop shadow of vocal. Play with the size and opacity as well. The drop shadow. If we look more realistic about experimenting stuff. After that, now we have neon effect created on a text. You can change the text or anytime you can write your name. You can write anything with it. It will help you doing in different projects and as well, I will give you the trick as well. The end of class in which you can save it in a style and quickly do it. Now I resize it, will need to play a little bit with a stroke to make it more bright. We will resize the stroke style electron. Three or four days. It is perfect. This is how we can, we can use our neon style Neon effect in the text. You can apply it to not on any texts. Like you can have different forms available, you can use them. But the perfect the more realistic loop it will give noon. I will share it. 4. Neon Picture Composite: Now in this part of class we will explore how we can use the neon effect in a natural environment. So I have here a picture of a woman reading a book. We have to transform it in a night, in a dark environment first, because neural lights usually using a dark environments so far. For this, we will go to the, our channels, will select the channel mixer, and we will go to our red and lower the red into 0. Then we will go to the output channel green and we will select it to the 0 is just a little bit around three to four. We have to play little bit with the blue as well in our green channel. And then we will go to the blue channel, and then we will select little bit of blue ratio and increase it around 90 or maybe a 100. It depends on how much you like the environment. And then we will go to the brightness and contrast them. We can increase the contrast a little bit and lower the brightness. Different result. It's a perfect night environment right now. After that, we will use the pen tool. Maybe we can use any shapes available if you have any. I'm briefing to use the pen tool. We can select this to be for the pen tool. And then I will start drawing a random shift. The woman. We can use it as a neon light. I just created a random triangle. Then we will increase the stroke off triangle. We can change the triangle points according to our requirements. It's north of problem. After that. Select the shape and go to the blending options. Select the stroke. A stroke is. The same thing. Go to the gradient and select the style share brush. Style is very important or it will load looked view. Give you a look for neon effect source, chip. Brush. Select the outer glow so it will start giving up glow effect. If we can increase the glow and degrees that blue as well. And then drop shadow to shadow is really important. To give it realistic field. You can change the size of drop shadow and direction of drop shadow as well. With the angle tool. Distance of the shadow. I'm doing it too little away from the original lights to deal with realistic feel. Just a little lower the size. And you spoke right? After that. If you want to use spoke of the light, you can change it anytime. Just change it in your shapes by selecting the shape and pressing the U. You can change it from here. Then after finalizing it, display with the strokes and it will lead to the effect of Leon. After that, just rasterize the layer. It will look bent shape into the layer. And you can make some corrections here I see the eraser to less than it will give us. Our environment are more realistic feel. After that. Just enjoy your environment. You can use this picture as a album cover, are in different projects. 5. Save Neon as style ( Trick ) (Time Saver): So here is a quick trick to save this as a style and you want to get away from all these process. So creating strokes and playing with glow and drop shadows. Here is a quick trick. You can go to your styles and select the layer which you already develop a style. And just click create a new style, name it neon. Include layer effects and can include layer blending options. It will add to your current library you can see, and you can use it anytime on different forms like differently. I use it right now in front of you. Diaper newName in a text. And then I will go to my styles and select Neon, and it's constantly forward our two. This is how we can save over time and save it as a style for the speedy streamline workflow. 6. Neon Logo Sign: Now, I will teach you how we can apply a Neon effect on different logos. I'll create a new own style logo. Here is a background. We will first loaded brightness to give it with the effect and select, merge it with the background, create a layer. Make it black multiplied and lower its opacity to around 8084. It is perfect. We can use it as a background. And then here I'm using my personal logo. The testing purpose is my logo, and then we will do the same procedure. Go to the blending option. Select the stroke, increase the stroke a little bit to around 12. Use the outer glow and keep blending mode on screen. User drop shadow and p bar drop shadow mode and do linear tones. And then lower the opacity and resize it according to your needs. After it, I just load the vestiges of 61 and size to 27. After the select some shapes, a circle, create a circle. Give it a little stroke. Around seven. I'm using the second technique in which we can save our time, which is great. You didn't get that style of neon and applied directly, applied tone layer, I will go to the stroke, change the stroke size. I will just see the drop shadow and afterglow. You need to load the size of it a little to it. This is perfect. And just a little after that we will duplicate our circle layer and resize it a little bit. This is perfect. This is how we can apply Neon effect on the logos as well. Finally, we will save our project files. Click Save, and Save. We don't have maximum quality, so you can use it in the future for different projects. 7. Final result and class project: So here is the final result of our neon effect clause. If you have any question regarding the class, you can start it in a discussion panel OF our class section. For the class project, create a new sign in environments with chair and apply Neon font over root. For editorial or commercial use. You have to create it by developing your own ideas to the research, by following my procedures and techniques and approach it in a project section of my clock. So I can review you and see bags you about your technique. You have to follow these procedures. We at your idea first, get photograph it and then apply neon techniques and neon effects in the Photoshop and upload the final result in the form of poor reject in my project section and get a chance to win an Amazon gift card or Instagram foot ship preset for photo editing for more details, visit the project section of my class. Thank you.