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Music in Spark AR / Add Audio Clip to Spark AR project

teacher avatar Ekaterina Usova, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Copyright

    • 3. Audio Format

    • 4. Add music to Spark AR

    • 5. Use Patch Editor

    • 6. Audio Player patch

    • 7. Add Instructions

    • 8. Troubleshooting

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About This Class

Music in Spark AR: did you use it? No? It's time to meet audio and learn how to insert it in your AR project.

The topics we cover:

  • copyright content
  • file format
  • audio playback controller
  • audio player
  • instructions for projects with music
  • troubleshooting

Let's dive into music! Don't forget to give good reveiw if you want to see more Spark AR classes!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ekaterina Usova



I am a designer a creator, currently living in Florida USA.  I have a passion for teaching people and creating amazing things. 

Do you want to learn new skills that are in demand right now? Do you choose to create, to be an artist in the modern world? Welcome to my courses!

My courses are designed for such an enthusiastic people as me, who always want to learn more! 

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Kate. Today we'll be talking about music and spark A Are it's time to meet O'Dea and learn how to insert it in your air projects. In this course, we will be talking about what music to use, which file format to use and how to convert files. Although playback controller inside spark your studio all due player instructions for projects with music and troubleshooting, let's get started. 2. Copyright: First of all, let's talk about to cooperate. Content. You guys might know that Instagram takes it really serious and does not allow any illegal cooperate content on the platform. So if you want to use music, try role to free music. There are many Web sites on Web where you can find it. Just search relative free music on Google. Off course. I see that there are air filters with with popular sounds insight, and since the filters are approved, we can do the same. It seems like the sound duration matters. 57 seconds is not a big deal. Maybe it's similar to YouTube, but I just want you to be careful. Yes, the ground can change its mind and not on the delete These futures, but banned the creators accounts. So, in my opinion, it's a good idea to warn your clients off possible consequences. If you are creating a filter for someone else and they want to use cooperated music and be aware of these consequences yourself 3. Audio Format: So let's say you found a good sound. Your next step is to converted to U M. For a form it It's the former four spark hair studio. You may use any converter you like. You may simply go to go and type convert MP three to um for a And here you have many, many converters you make use. You may choose any any of them. But today I'm going to use this website online, convert its audience land convert that come. So it's really easy. I'm gonna choose my MP three file. Then I changed the something rate too. 44 100 Change order channels to Monarch. And I can train my odio if I need. And yes, I do need I want to trim it from the beginning to 10 seconds And here or there Codec I choose a c. My music has been uploaded. No, I just click on start conversion and here it iss my m for a rodeo. All right, now I click on download and this it The next step is to add music to Alba Project 4. Add music to Spark AR: All right, let's add music to our project. Our first step is to create audio playback controller, Go to assets panel, click on add acid and find audio playback Controller. You can rename it if you'd like to. Now select the controller and take a look at its properties in the Inspector. First of all, let's click here and add our music. Check things box to let the music play. And if you wanted to play circles, check the loop box. Next step is to create a speaker on the scene panel and object speaker Insert All right Now in its properties, choose our audio playback controller. Yea, we can adjust the volume. No, no. Let me set the building zero so off course you can create speaker first and then the controller. It doesn't matter. 5. Use Patch Editor: Now let's learn how to turn the music on and off Bites happened on the screen. First of all, that's open patch editor and it the screen tap patch. Okay, Now select our audio playback controller and create patch from lake. Okay, We can simply connect these T patches on. You'll see that the patch switch is created automatically. Okay, Now let's test it. First of all, like I go back to Speaker An adjustable yume Teoh 50. Now click here. Select similarly touch. Now touch. And here is the music such again, No music. All right. It works. You also can turn the music on when a user starts recording a video. So let's deliver this patches. Okay, Now let's go to camera Dragon, drop a t o a panel. Find video recording output. And again I need to patch from play. Simply connect. Now, if we're record video, we hear music. But if we don't, music doesn't play 6. Audio Player patch: Let's take a look at Audio Player patch. The other player patch, combined with either the single clip or monster clip controller patch, can be used to connect audio clips to the speaker in your scene. Unlike the audio playback controller, these patches can receive Paul signals from other patches. Let's, for example, play our music when the screen is stepped against green Tap Patch a single clue controller . Well, do you player Dragon Drop Audio clip from Assets Panel to You, Allah Patch Editor, Go to Speaker and create the patch from audio off course. Similar behavior can be achieved with our audio playback controller. However, these patches provide inputs and outputs that can be connected to other patches. So here the single clip controller causes their audio clip to play in response to pulse signal from the screen tap patch and the Audio player patch connects the audio clip and the single clip controller patch to the speaker. If you want to play their clip as soon as the effect is opened, you can replace the screen tap patch with the pools. Patch 7. Add Instructions: you may have noticed that media is a muted by default when scrolling through. Your timeline on instagram is the ground takes the same approach on effect. So if you want users to hear the audio in your filter, you need to give them a clue. Let's add the custom instruction, which informs that the effect has sound. Project projects properties capabilities. Quicken Plus find instructions, hoping it. Click on custom instructions cooking plus again and find the instruction. This effect includes sound dessert Done, Teoh End instruction to your project. Go to Patch editor Selective eyes Find custom instructions and create instructions or instruction on open in the instruction stock in was inserted automatically. Here. You can adjust the time, for example, that said 10. Where to start spectacle Sound. It should be 10 seconds, I think. Yeah. 78 10 and the instruction disappears. 8. Troubleshooting: So if you might see working with music, it's pretty simple in Spark Hair Studio, but you still might help some questions. One of the most popular questions about music is why the music in my project plays on Lee on Android or Onley on IOS devices. Well, here is the answer. When converting the file, make sure you choose not a Not this default saddens but choose audio Kodak named a C. Maybe it's a A I don't know. Let's call it a C. Also, if you can't upload your music file to you, spark a are check that your music is Montana, not steer area. I also want to tell you that, um, you know when when a user begins to record his video, it's the ground will also record the audio, which is coming through his microphone. So consider turning them microphone off within spark A Are it prevents ICO effect, but it depends on your filter. My phone disable mike, but again, it depends on your future. Maybe it's not that good. Maybe it doesn't work for you. Thank you so much for washing. I hope this video was helpful