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Modulation guitar effects - Chorus, flanger, phaser, wahwah, delay, reverb, loop, octave and more

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Modulation Intro Skillshare


    • 2.

      My modulation guitar pedals


    • 3.



    • 4.



    • 5.



    • 6.

      Compressor and Gate


    • 7.



    • 8.



    • 9.

      Ring modulation


    • 10.

      Tremolo and vibrato


    • 11.



    • 12.

      Wah wah, auto wah wah and envelope filter


    • 13.

      Loop Pedal


    • 14.



    • 15.



    • 16.

      Rev+delay+dist sound like U2


    • 17.

      Pitch shifter + distortion sound like Steve Vai


    • 18.

      How to order guitar pedals in your signal chain


    • 19.

      Replica guitar pedals


    • 20.



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About This Class

Learn everything about modulation guitar effects.

In this course, you will find all the steps to understand the sound and parameters of modulation guitar effects. 

Lessons about:

Chorus, flanger, phaser, wah-wah, auto-wah, envelope filter, delay, reverb, loop, octave, harmony, rotary, , vibrato, tremolo, and more.

Besides that, you will find lessons about how to set up your effects and sound like your favorite guitar players such as: 

The Edge - U2

Jack White - The white stripes

Steve Vai

and more.

All the step-by-step you beginner needs, to have fun and learn about modulation guitar effects. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher

Level: All Levels

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1. Modulation Intro Skillshare: Hello folks, my name is Gabriel Felix. When should they going to talk about modulation battles? I'm going to teach you everything about modulation paddles. I learned a lot during my studies at California College of Music. So we're going to talk about flanger, Carlos, phase, envelope, filter. While a battle or commands to wow our reverb, delay, compressors, gates, octave, battle look bad and several types of effects, right? But remember you will not find less as about reveals nine years you're talking about what brands the best brand. Okay. I'm here to talk about the sound off effects and create the time we're off our favorite guitar players, such as the ad from YouTube, jack, wide front rights tribes jump to standby, right? Hostile evaporators, Steve, I and many other artists, right? So scores is specially designed for you beginner nowadays to have more than 70 thousand students on a platform. And I hope you'll become one of my students as well. So thank you so much In see lesson number one, Bye bye. 2. My modulation guitar pedals : Most of the effects that I'm going to use in this course, right here. I have lemma, petals. Marshall petals. Don't want battles. What else? Mosque petals, moist, legato and several type of brands. All right. I have 150 US dollars pedals, MA as to have what's drink five US dollars petals. You have been arranged related to price, okay? But do not think about Bryce. You need to remember that the brands have there marketing strategies, right? Yeah, of course, their names. So Marshall have a big name in the market, do lock as well, but filament, it's not so big nor even more. So, don't think about price, thinking about the sound and the quality that you hear, as you can see, have delays, reverbs, mood, effect pedals, right? I really enjoyed this type of petals because you have several effects. One single pattern, so I have chorus flange, tremolo, face vibrato, and seven and waters. We have one battle, Fleming and another moot petal from martial status. Really good. And I think that it's really nice to talk is about this type of switch right here. Most of the petals, we have this option. In this case, he changed my type of delay. So a half hour long delay, Rio equal delay and they echo, right? So we have more options of sound. Same thing here with my gates cake. So having a soft gate can be hard. So let's go. 3. Chorus: Now it's time to talk about Kerberos. It's very common effect and you can find it Bob Brock, gasoline, and even Hefner. Yes, the chorus effect double the sound of your guitar and takes a little bit off the temple twice. So interest if I play it, data curls with the curves. Interesting, isn't it? You can find melodies, but you can find in courses as well. For example, under the bridge by red Huston peppers, even the Krusbar we have Carlos. It's a very common effects. And I think you can find in 95 per cent off the socks can have metal, you can use cars as well. Zack, YOU use this type of cars a lot, confining no more tears. But be careful you should put too much speed. It's going to shoot dissonant. Check this out. Sounds like a tremolo lash vibrato. So be careful. 4. Phaser: Now it's time to talk about a phase effect. It's very similar. If we compare phase Caro's influential crazy effect, double your guitar signal, and changes a little bit. It's hard to explain with words from this economically. Check this out. My guitar. He Dao the phasing facts. Now if phase effect, It's almost like a wah-wah, but a different type of flower. This type of effects start to become famous during the seventies. You can find in songs such as Barracuda and even in Sweet Home, Alabama. 5. Flanger: Now it's time to talk about flanger. It's a little bit different. If we compare with the curl, the effect is going to double your signal, but with a little delay of 20 milliseconds and just as little difference make the sounds. So cool. Check this out. My guitar, it delta flange width. Lunch. If we put distortion, is going to sound much louder. It's a very nice effect. And you can find in Wulf my other joke, in a thief, the neutral part, I love the sun. You can find the Foo Fighters breakouts. You make me do. You know you make me break? Several audit pop and rock songs. But be careful if you've put shoe might speed. You're going to some tumor descendants usually put a speeding 40% and the deaf, you should put too much. You're going to have a Laura Flanders sound. So speeding in a 100%. And the deaf, that's 50 per cent. So sound like a tremolo, but they are decent. 6. Compressor and Gate: Let's talk about compressors AND gate. Imagine we have some kind of thermometer right here, okay? If we play very, very loud, our sound is going to hit like what, Two Treatises, bells. But we've compressor, you can set that up when your sounds rate. One that's Bell War one that's built in half. You can compress this sound. You can set up the attack, the tempo track, this compressor is going to start to work. So it's a very nice bedroom, as can see on a video. All this red bar is compressing, alright? With gate is exactly the opposite. If your volume is around the miners chew or a minus one that's bow or minus three the bench on your asset that you can cut. The sound. Gate works really well with distortion. Check this out. If I turn it on, just my distortion. You can listen to the noise is sound. But with gate, you could this nice salt. The best thing that you are, the target sound, very good. If you play live concert and play with distortion, think dates one of the most important battles on your pedal board, right guys. It's very important to have one of this pedal board specialty. You sure you're going to bring a venue and the latchkey system and the electric pore of the venues. Little bit nicer, little bit weird. Sometimes gates can save you a lot. 7. Harmony: Now it's time to talk about the Armani pedal. And the idea here is to play, once you have this anal to bring right with the Armani pedal, I can set up to play this note, but sound, as I borrow a chord with a node in a perfect fifth, higher or lower depends on your pad or inset that. Or I can't attach to play a major or a major seventh interval is up to you, Okay? You have several type of your options. Then back dairy from this kind of effect. Let me see Steve vine and brings, brings have a great song with dizzy fact, check this out. I like to put distortion in Armani. It works really well. Check this out. I going to set up should play the note and 1 seventh higher. Okay, check this out. Now, perfect fifth works really well, but be careful if you play with core, it's not going to sound so good. 8. Octave: Let's talk about the octave effect. So I'm going to explain the context here. You should play the note just one single nodes. Nodes. With the octave pedal, you have the option to play one single note and 2.5 notes. So one higher or one nodes, lower, fence on your better. Okay? So as you can see, I have my image right here it down without a paddle. And if I turn on a battle, I have chewing. Okay? So my irregularly in a low octave. Okay? I don't like this. Use these effects with clean guitar, clean tone. That's why I going to turn it on my distortion in fully blue orchid by White Stripes. Yes, The White Stripes have a great song with Octave. Check this out. Very nice, isn't it? It's a great effect. I lead these effects, Jimi Hendrix use it to Blake as well. So it's a great effect you have on your pedal board. 9. Ring modulation : Let's talk about the ring modulation then these effects have more than two whence years. Yes. It's a really fun effect. It's not so come to find is effecting music. Just because sound weird. Check this out. My guitar and I clicked on the wave modulation. Sounds really weird. Sound like a sensitizer from the 17th centuries, right? Arms and leads a different effect. If we compare, if Carlos flanger in phasor, that's a nice effect. If you want to have a different introduction for your band or a different song. 10. Tremolo and vibrato: Now centered talk about travel and vibrato. And the unique ID definition that you need to have in mind is that tremolo is related to the volume and vibrato is related to the pitch after nodes. Okay, check this example. We're going to play with tremolo. First of all, I'm going to play with my clean sound. Let me click Done. Now we've tremolo can see the sun's back-and-forth right. Now, vibrato is very similar, but instead of working with the volume enough denotes the sound of your instrument. Vibrato works, which the peak trough, the ice terminates. As you can see, the sound is really similar. Tom Morello by OBS, leave a composite circle. Be yourself. It's a great song. Yeah, he used this tremolo device. Check this out. 11. Rotary : So these effectors simulate your sound. Rude taking 360 degrees. Yes, it's very nice effect, especially if you have two speakers, at least juice beakers. Okay, she's selling stereo and you are playing live, so you have very cool and nice ambient sound. Check this out. If I play, doubt my effects are going to have this salary or February, if my effect ambiance sound, that's very nice. You can play with distortion as well. And it works. Really good. Rain and the skies refuse to cry. 12. Wah wah, auto wah wah and envelope filter: Now it's time to talk about why our automatically wow, in envelop future and the concept of wow, it's very simple. You are a guitar, makes Walla, Walla sound is simple like that. A little bit stupid, but we pay fortunate to have her help our parabolic just because it's cool. Sounds very nice. Jimi Hendrix composed of a child with a wall of PEDOT. And we loved his son, right. You can find while we're in C channel mine and several water and rock and pop songs. Even during the 17th, when While I was really, really become really a famous pedal in the disco music, probably you are readily sense something like this. This is really common in disco music. When you put your allowing position number one, you have this sap height sound. In position number two, you have the lowest sound. Good idea, yes, mix between these two sounds. But you have the options you have automatically. Wow, that is a lot of PEDOT going back-and-forth like this. And you can say that the speed of this, wow, for example, various Louis are very fast. I'm used to walk better, but I'm going to use the automatic languages. Has example. He gets too fast. Ray. Let's change, just assimilate my, my other wall of sound. Similar and I can play the same thing. That's why was the Cynthia's develop future so you can play some nice funk music with this battle. Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow. 13. Loop Pedal : Let's talk about the loop pattern. It's very common to use these in live music just because this feather just not everything you read card. So I'm going to give you an example. Let me see. You're going to recur very nice blues check this out. 1234. You have our data working very good. And it can provide a lighter gray. So he's a great battle for live music. If you are a teacher in need, some kind of helped during your lesson and right, with a backing track or some thing like that. Usually you, if you press once, you start to record, if you press twice, you stop this record. And if you hold a battle, you erase the less record 9, 9% of the loop pedals work like this. A great thing that you can import MP3 files to this battle. So when you are playing live, you can just active dispersal and have a backing track or a playback on your show on the left. This is very, very common. 14. Reverb : Let's talk about reverb and a reverse. Similarly different. You wore every single room, every single space have Echo, have a reverb. For example, if you are in your bathroom at home, you have a river. If you go to the kitchen, can have another river. If you go to the church, he a very big place. You have another type of river, another type of echo. And his photo simulates this type of NBN sound. So for example, if I play the sound of my guitar down the river, had the sound with reverb. Have dishonored sound. Very nice, isn't it? Very cool. Ambient sound. If you listen carefully, you can, you can find it echoes site of sound. Right? So if I put a little rough effect, I have more echo there and you can set up your reverb with the features that you want. Can have them more dry and wet sounds, or you can increase the time of the echo or decrease the time. It's up to you. But be careful if you put too much reverb and timid sign your or wet sound, you can sound a little bit weird. It's not going to work through your sound, for example. Too much echo, isn't it? So be careful with that. A grid combination is Carlos and revert? Yes, If you play another breed with cars and reverb, going to sound very well. Check this out on a bridge. It bright red Hasidic pappas. Very beautiful combination. You can find reverb in drums, guitar, bass, voicing, average single instrument. Just because we have this natural reverb, average single placing a single room that we are going to record. 15. Delay: Let's talk about delay. And let's take as exemple my notes right here. I'm playing D E delta effect, but I can similarly they affect playing guitar. Check this out. Delays exactly this. You play one note and you have the repetition of these nodes. Very nice, isn't it? Well, I'm going to use the pedal. I'm going to play just one single D. The repetition. Once again. As you can see, it's very nice. You can set up the time of this repetition, the quantity of this repetition, so the feedback and the level of your delay. Very nice setup, delay configuration. And I'm going to play a very famous song called Switch. I do my check this out. You refer, isn't it? It's a very nice effect. You have several types of delays that echo. I'll delete and a large could delay Rio echo hand several artifacts and works really good with distortion. Check this out. I'm going to flee juice. My distortion. Dry sound, completely dry sound with delay works very good with guitar solos, right? So if I play a lake, delete sounds very nice. But if you play down to delay the sound, too dry or key, we don't have the ambiance of the space, so deletes very nice for solos. Another great thing is that some digital deadly battle. We have the option to have the loop function inside the delay pedal. Yes. You just press the Delete, hold it late, and you can Record a few seconds or even a few minutes on your delay pedal. So you have two paddles. Once great, to save money, decides that some delayed battle has the option to have the reverb function and then delay function inside the same petal do have very similar effects from this. You have this option, more money, hence face on your pedal board. 16. Rev+delay+dist sound like U2: Now it's time to talk about you chew the ageing, a great guitar player. And he used a lot of reverb delay in stores. A great combination. So let's listen to sound just with distortion. Very dry, isn't it? But with delay instruction works really great. The secret here is reputed store shown with just 4550% of gang, right? Delay and reverb with 45 or 40% in tempo and feedback. If you put a lot of tempo and feedback, time and feedback, you are going to sound a little bit nice. Check this out. I'm going to erase 15% of the time and feedback and move petals. Excuses sound really weird. And this type of thing can destroy your sound, the mixing of your song. And we need to remember that we have our instruments as well. So every, every single week are meant to work together. So be careful with time and feedback. I'm not a great son is elevation. And he uses the same combination, reverb delay in stores. 17. Pitch shifter + distortion sound like Steve Vai: Let's talk about pitch shifter. It's a great combination. So guitar amp, your pitch shifter, distortion, and your guitar, right? So let's listen The sound of my, my distortion. Now if my pitch shifter, nice isn't it? Let's listen water again. Be truth and Starship. As can see. When I play with pitch shifter, I have the sound of my minor scale blurs this same Peloton. One, One Perfect fifth higher. You can armor nice this type of combinations which perfect fifth intervals, meters, six meters, salvos. Companies you want in some big shift turf battles have the option to putting the octaves as well so you can transform your pitch shifter. Octave battle, check this out. The dark pitch shifter with bit shift or inactive. But be careful, does not work with courts. I put my pitch shifting in thirds. Check this out with melody. Fairness, isn't it? But with cards doesn't sound good. Steve I, one of the most famous guitar players use this type of effect. He his socks. So it's a great combination. Pitch shifter store. 18. How to order guitar pedals in your signal chain: Where does each better girls in the signal path? To be honest with you, there is no correct order. Yes. You can put your pitch shifter as your first pattern or the last feather, you can put your overdrive and the first one on the last one, it's up to you, okay. Most of the people say that we need you. We need to find some recipes, okay, you're going to let you chew recipes that we can find on the Internet. But to be honest, there is no correct answer for this question. Jimi Hendrix, for example, he usage play with his guitar amp first and guitar. So it's a completely different order, should have his sound signature. So my shortcut for you guys is this. Take all your paddles, sit down and find the best solution. The bass chain should turn on your guitar pedals. With this, you are going to develop your own style, your own signature. 19. Replica guitar pedals: Now it's time to talk about the replica petals. So I'm here with a golden horse, this PEDOT I've bought for what? She was less than $25. Yes, it's very cheap to overdrive. And this is a copy off this entire very famous overdrive. And it's very expensive as well. So he's, I think is unwanted $1200. So it's crazy. It's a lot of money. And if we compare both pedals, this pattern right here, the rapid PKA is something around 95% of the sound of the day center, petal, okay, do regional one. So you need to to shift your thinking a lot about that. Why this worked for me. Pages, $25 US dollars and have 95 per cent of the sound or pay 1200 US dollar and have the Dixie, the original one. You need to think about your goals and what is the best for you. If you are a beginner, if you're not work as a professional is just have this as a Rabi. Probably to have the copy is much more profitable. But if you have a studio, a big studio, and you receive very famous band, it's important you have the original equipments, right? Just you have 100% of the sound, of course, have this status that is very important to develop a business. The choice is yours. Most of the copies you can find in China, China had several tracker off brands such as Maschine, Lama, Moir, and several types of brands that produce this type of petals. But you can find copies in United States, handmade copies in Brazil, UK, or afterward. Yeah, of course, we need to think about the price. The price is very affordable for most of the musicians, it's a good choice if you do not want to invest too much money in guitar pedals. 20. Final: The last lesson of our course, and I have three things to talk. The first one is, please evaluate my course. This is very important to my work. This type of feedback is going to help me to improve my lessons. And of course, the visibility here in this platform. So this reveal board, this feedback part is very important guys. Second thing, you can watch the course over again, okay, it's not a problem at all. We have any kind of doubt. Just come back and see the lesson over again. This is important, very important. Because with this, you are going to absorb a 100% of the knowledge of our tree is visit my profile have several types of courses in this Florida form froms going to help in the future, right? So think is so much and see you later. Bye bye.