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Modern Data Visualization in After Effects

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Numbers and data are usually boring by themself and not easy to understand. Thanks for the technology today that gave us Programs like After effects which help us to show data in the interesting, easy to grasp ways. 

In this course, I am going to show how to design and animate 9 modern infographics. During this course, we are going to use many tools, effects, and some expressions. 

We will use shape tool, masks, and solids to design our info graphs, then we will use keyframes, expressions and curve tool to animate our designs. In addition to that, we will be using some very useful effects. 

By the end of this course, you will learn how to create and animate your own infographics. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction : Hi everyone. A melon, a motion graphic designer and a photograph for almost 10 years. In this aftereffect course, I'm going to teach you how to any made and designed modern infographics. They have a graphic that you're going to design and any made in this course to design our infographics. I'm going to use shaped holes solid on masks and then you will Any made it with key frames on you will refine our animation with cares. In this course, I'm going to cover everything step by step. So new material complete, beginner or advanced, you can follow this cars. 2. Lesson 1: Okay, here we are in adobe after effects on disses my color codes. I'm going to use these colors now. We will create a new composition, full HD and 60 frames. And the time I'll make it 30 seconds. Okay, You're gonna name it anything. And the second thing is, we will create the solid for the background. It's the color that I want to work with, and I will look the solid so we don't accidentally click it because it's a background. I create another soul. It because you want to make the circular design. You will use the lips, toe and common shift to make a perfect circle. Okay, now we must our solid with the perfect circle. Okay, great. Now we made our mask. Now you'll given effect to it, which is a stroke. Go to generate and stroke. Make sure you choose the mask it selected already. And the brush size make it bigger. I will take it around 32 is good. Now we can animate this truck by end and start as a conceit. GIs like this. We're going to use this to shoot this percentage off anything that we want. I will give some key friends for this to any, made it click on the watch beside the start to activate the key friends. It's like this and we will go from zero from 100 to 0. Actually, our animation starts from 0 to 1 second at the zero. It it's 100 we goes to the one second. It will be 27 because we don't want to be full circle. I'm for sure. We will play with the curves in the care affair Editor now are Imation is smoother and nicer. Okay, now our stroke is not very sharp. It has some feather to it. So we're going to the brush hardness and make it 100%. So it's very sharp without further, we created our animation, the circle animation. No. You will create the numbers on bond. We will. Any made them? Uh, used the title to create numbers. All right. Zero on. Put it in the middle of the circle and give any car that you want. White is better. Great. We want to Any made this number from 0 to 100. How can we do this? They'll go to the effect on search for effect called slide Control. Put it on your number. Great. Now press you or navigate the effects slide there. And the text source. We want to connect X source with the slider and you will add some expressions. So just the prince option. And on their watch time and then they parented to this lighter. You will have this expression. We will enter this now click on it and write math dot around. And then you have two brackets, every movement of the brackets and move it to the last thing. So it will be here at the end and then press enter Here we have our expression. Now we can control the numbers with these lighter. So whatever the slider number is, that number will appear on the screen. Okay, we will put this lighter to the zero, and then we will give it a key friend. So it will go from zero to 100 the duration will be one second. So in the 2nd 0 p zero and at the 2nd 1 it will be 100 or whatever number you want. I want mine to be 70. So basically will put any number that you want for meat. 70. And as you can see, the strip that I made represent that 70%. It's not a full circle now our life than other text, which will be percent. So it'll be 70%. Okay, Perfect. Now we will change the size and the look. We'll make it the regular or light and the with should fit their number 70 just like this. I'll make it light. Now we will. Any made the scale And the pastie off number 70? It's real press. Uh, s sorry s to bring the scale. We will add the key for him to the skill we will convince. The stopwatch really created a friend and you'll bring it to the 2nd 0 So we won. The first thing to happen is to skill up then, Presti to bring the opacity. Now we will give a key from two. Though Pastie wanted to be zero at the 2nd 0 and 100 of the half a second. So just like this, it comes from nothing like it. Scale up from nothing and the number chains. Then you will go to the cares and play with the cares a bit. Now we have a smoother animation. I'll make the animation about Professor. I will bring these key friends together and will play a bit with the cares. I think like this. We are good. No, I will go to the percent. We were any made this We will give the past a key frame. So we want to come like from nothing. So Harry will be zero on the second. Keeping will be 100. You wanted to start from here like just at the beginning of the animation. Just like this? No, we are all done with animation. Now we will go to their coloring. Choose any car that you want For me, their car that fits the background is something around here around blow our quasi something that I forgot to do at the beginning is that this truck effect We have to put the paint style on the transparency. Now it's on the original. As as you can see, the background is still there. We don't want the background. We will go to the pain style on Put it on transparency. Now we don't have it and then we will go and adds a glow effect yet on play with the sittings. The only thing that you're going to change in glow effect is the red US We'll put it in the 21. And like this, you're done with our animation and the coloring. By this, we're done with our first infographic, and now we will create another one. I just want to could be all of these because we all needed for where next design. I'll create a new composition and I'll paste it here. Now I will duplicate the circle. I will duplicate the solid that you have a circle on it. Replicate. And then I will go to the struck effect. We will make this of course circle. It will be a design element. We will remove the key friends on it and you'll make it for circle. And then we will bring the brush size down, toe something around seven 7.7 and tell you the color to be white and you'll bring it below the other circle just like this. And then you want to change the colors. We will change the color of the first circle, which is the animation? The main circle. Okay, this is good. And now he will change the background color, click on it, go to the effect generate and then fell. And I will choose a very dark color, something that fits the other color. So you'll go very dark nut pitch dark but dark and then you'll choose a color for me. Purple works very, very dark purple. It fits the best with the other colors like this. We created our other design. No, it'll create our third design. We okayed in your composition and copy all of the elements in the second designer based in hair. And now we will edit these elements. We will remove the background circle first and then we will remove this mask circle mask because you want a bigger Sara Piu. So just press him. It will bring at the mosque and then I will do it. This and then I will go to the lips too. For sure you'll click on your soul it and then we will create our circle. So to create a perfect circle you have Teoh press common and shift and then create your circle like this. We have our circle will go to the struck effect and choose must one. Now we have our affair circle. We will duplicate it and go to the mask then common t now you can skilled MSK You will make it smaller. This size is good. We will duplicated again on uh Come on. Or alty and windows. We will bring their skeletal for the mask and now we will make it smaller. Perfect! Now we have our three circles. Later we will change the colors, their position and also percentage. And we will start with the colors. I'll bring my color Koot. So I've created this color. Could you can find it in the class project and I will change each of the circles 1st 1 will be blow. I'll name it one. The 2nd 1 will be green and the 3rd 1 will be writ or I don't know. It's something close to pink and red. Okay, Now I will remove the color coots on, uh, move their circles to the top left corner. No, Select all of them and move them to the top left corner. Okay. Like this is good. I will no increase the brush size for each one. I'll make them 50 and then I will remove the glow effect We don't need glow effect for this design. So going to remove from all of them. Okay. Perfect. Okay, Now we will do this text. We will duplicated to three. But first, I'm going to change the percent. I'll make it all cups. Look, Toby. Capital letters, all of it. Okay, like this and I will make the size the length of the number. Okay. Now, also like both of them on dubbed IC eight. It I'll make three because you have three seconds, so you'll make three numbers, and later you will change. This number will change the number also and the colors to fit the color of the circles. Okay, so the 1st 1 we want to change the color, it'll be below the 2nd 1 will be green. The 3rd 1 will be writ pinkish something. Okay. And then we will change the numbers. Okay, We will go to the first number to change the number we need to play with this lighter that we created. Uh, previously. You already have a key frame. That's why we'll go. We'll put the marker on the last key frame and change the number in the slider. Whatever number that people So in my case, maybe I'll go something around 76 for this number and then we'll go to the second number. We'll do the same thing for it, but we will have a different number for sure it's 17. You want to change it to another number? Okay, We will do the same thing for the other number. We will put this to something 30 maybe. And then we will change the length off the circles to represent their percentage. We will go to the first circle. The blue one. It's 76. So it should be like more complete than all of others. Something around here. Okay. As you know, we already have key frames on all of them in the previous design, so we don't need to do key frames, but he will change the numbers. So for that you will put the marker at the last key from and change the number. I mean, change the length. So this is 48. I will put the circle to somewhere that represents 48. And then the 3rd 1 is 30. This one will be less complete than others. It will be only 30% great like this. You are good. Okay. There is something wrong with the last number. I think we accidentally did something with it because he can see the first key frame is minus 40. Wanted to be zero. So double click on it and made it zero. Okay, perfect. Like this. We don't want the circles and the numbers to come all together. So we will tell you their position in the timeline Fares will play with the position of the circles and later we will do it for the numbers. So you want their blue one to come first. And then the green one on later the pink ritual. I'll show the key friends. As you know, I pressed you through them. So I know the space between each of them there. But like there is a lot of delay between them. I will bring them close to each other a bit. You will do this until you get the animation that you are happy with it. Form you like this? It's good. No, I won't do it for the numbers. You're okay. So we have the 1st 1 coming. The 2nd 1 and then the 3rd 1 So basically just move their position in the timeline to make a delay between their animations. Now I'll use the textile toe, add another text to my design. So as you can see, there is a bit like off the balance in the design in the bottom left. This takes will give that balance. You will write anything about your infographic. Like whatever you infographic about your text will be aware that for sure for me I'm just writing this text for the sake over this course. Okay. Now I will click on the text on make it smaller and then in the fiber of alignment should be left. And then we will make it light or regular. It will be your report to regular and he will change the color to white. Okay, Something grayish white will be good. Wear good like this. I need to any made the sticks as well. He wanted to fade in. We will use the plastic Ephrem. So the first keeping will be zero. And the 2nd 1 will be 100. Okay, now we can add the names to these numbers. I'll just do this so you can know we have this option as well you can add more stuff to your design. Okay? I name this apple. I will make it medium and tell you the calling to be the same as the number. The 2nd 1 will make it some song gone. He will tell you the color and then the 3rd 1 who will make a Google? This is just for demonstration. And then you can any way these texts as well to fade in just like the other text for me. I'm not going to use these names, but you can use. I'm just showing that you can use something like this and you're designed to make it more interesting for me. That's done. I will just remove these texts. Sorry. And I will change the bag on a bit. Okay. Something like this is good. Yeah, that's the end. We were moved with the next one. We will create a new composition. Doesn't warn. Actually, 4th 1 we will copy this. And Basit here you will remove the circle that white circle. We only want one. Just this one alters the brush size. I'll make it very, very thick. Just like this is good. And then I will go to the effect. Something called for Gideon for color grading something like this. Okay, this is it for color ingredient. Put it there and choose the colors that you want. I will bring this, uh, anchor points close to each other, so we have the colors visible. Okay. Now, I will change the color to what I want. You can use the same colors for me. This mix is really good. So this will be writ. This one will be something ground blue, and this world will be okay. Something going orange. We're good like this. I will Kewpie there for greedy in color and paste it on the number as well. We want to have something similar. Okay. We'll bring the anchor points close to each other. So we have The color is visible on the number. Okay. Like this, You're good. Perfect. You already have a new design. Okay. I will increase the glue. Reduce a bit. I'll make a 31. I feel like this is good. And then I will change the circle. Like the percentage of the circle it's 17 will increase it a bit because you already have key frames on this circle. We have to go to the last key friend on, Then play with the start. We'll remove this key frame on. Go to the Lasky friend, and now we will play with circle. So around her, it should be like the number should be 95 off something like. If you want to be accurate, you should be 95. But I didn't change the number. You can change the number for yourself now. I'll tell you the look over the percent. I will make it capital. And the size the width of the percent should be the worth over the number. Just with alignment purpose. Perfect. Okay, now we have a completely new designer animation and new infographic. Now I will create another composition which will be aware fifth their design. I'll just get a new composition name. It actually should be for But I'm going like this could be all of this on bond pasted in my new composition. And now we want this circle to be smaller. We will make three circles, so I will select both of the circles the white one and pink one. We will make them smaller. We will scale them. Don't president on press shift on a scale them down just like this. Now, I was like all of them and bring them to one side. And then I will control deep duplicate them, bring them up in the timeline and move them to the middle. And I will dedicate it again and then bring them up on the timeline and move them to the left. Perfect. Now we have three circles. We need to change their colors on numbers and also the circle, like the percentage of the circles. I just need to align them, make sure that the space between them is the same. They're aligned perfectly. And now I'll bring my color coot on. Change the car off each circle. Go to the 1st 1 Okay? And now change it to something purple. The 2nd 1 will be this pink on the 3rd 1 Let me see which will fit. Okay, This not No. Okay. I think this one works the best. Okay, we'll delete their color. Koot. No, We will change the percentage number and the circle short represent that number and we will make sure that the marker is at the last key friend like this. We don't make any new key frames. I'll put this to 15. Then I'll go to the circle. It already have the key friend from previous one I was selected on. Make sure that it represent 50%. So the circle before off, like off of the circle be full with the 2nd 1 you will do the same for it. We will change the number and make sure that the circle is representing the number for this is 65. So you'll make sure that circle is 65% for okay, we'll do the same for the 3rd 1 People change the number. Make sure that you are in the last key friend. You'll be 18 and now you will go to the Circle's Already have the key friend from the previous one. We will make sure it's on the Lasky from and it will change it. Make sure to present 80% Perfect. Now we have a very amazing infographic. Perfect. You're done with our first listen. Hope you enjoyed and learn something new. I've had the project file to the class project. Please download it in case you're stuck somewhere on. You didn't know what I do, so you can check their project seeming the next listen 3. Lesson 2: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. We will now start or a second round of designs. Well, pretty new composition 60 frames on for HD Al. Copy the background from the previous design. We will change the name and lock it so we don't actually Perceptive. I'll know. Bring the percentage number because you already have the animation. We don't need to recreate it. Or just being pasted hair. They're going to use it. You know where new design don't keep it. Care for No. Okay. For this design, you will create three charts. We will use the shape toll. Make sure you're using their tango a tool and it will start creating for first chart just like this. No, we will. I move the anchor point, make sure that your charges in the middle and then press why and bring the anchor point to the bottom. We will do this so we can scale up and down the chart freely. So we will make sure it is in the middle in this point. Okay, Great. Now we can move this freely, as you can see, and the next thing are going to do is to give a key friend with the scale. So it will scale up from the bottom to the top. No, We're giving or key friends that the first key frame will be zero from one side and the other one will be 100. So you bring this down until you reached zero. Okay? We're not zero. We are 0.5 Bet too. Every thistle line you're going, Teoh give key friends to capacity as well. So it will be zero posted the first of their zero second. And then we'll go bed on. It will appear just like this. So only one frame is between the 100 0 pastie. No, you will give care after or key friends to make its more there. We'll just play with the carrots a bit. Okay. Now are key Frames are easy east. And we played with our cares Perfect night. I will bring your color coots so I can pick a color for this chart. I'm going to choose this one. You can choose anything that you want. I will delegate now I will bring this text over the chart. Okay, I'll make the text capital. All of them on. Make it to fit the number like, align it with the number. Okay. Now, if you play it perfect, it looks very nice. The second thing that you're going to do. Like after this, we are duplicate this two times to make two more charts. Domesticated. Bring it up on, then move it to one side. Now we will bring the color could again to choose a color for this chart as well. Okay, I choose this one. Actually, this one is good. Great. No, it'll doubly Kate it again. Move it up. Sorry. Okay, we'll move it to right side denial to the car for the chart. Okay. Terrified? No. We delete the color coot, and we change the color off the text of the numbers so you'll change each color to be the similar to the background color. But it will be darker just like this. Another text. That percent could be the same. We will do the same thing for the other two. I will know. Speed it up. Perfect. Now we will change the numbers. As you can see, they're all 50. So long to change the numbers. All the numbers have the key frames. Me did it in the previous classes I mean, in the previous projects. Okay, Now all you have to do is to go to this lighter control key friends. We'll go to the second key friend and changed whatever number we want. So this one wanted to be 90. Great. I will go and change the number for other to as well. This one to be 25 on the 3rd 1 Okay. 55. That's great. Now we change the numbers, but the charts are the same. So you have to change the scale of their chart as well. I'll just close this down so we clean up our time line a bit. Great. We will start with the middle one, the 90. So this one will be like bigger than all of others. You'll skillet up. Okay, that's great. 25 will be smaller than other, too. On you have 55. Okay. Think like this. It's good. Great. That's it. And I will start with our second project E. Make sure it is 60. Frame will make a background. I'll just could be background from here and paste it here and change the color to something purple. Okay, great. No, We went off the charts. Which will be them a little one. Copy and paste. Great. Now I will change the Bagram to make it a bit darker. So it fits this color. And for the chart we are going Teoh, remove the key firms from it. You're going to give the key frame again later. Okay. I'll put in the side, make it thicker. And now I will double IQ ate it. This one will be the background. So make it as tall as the frame and tell you the color toe white perfect 90 Off our background on this will be the animation off the chart. No next Think are going to bring the number is already any majors. So doing have to any minute again, I'll just copy and paste it here and tell you the color to white. Great. Before we any made the chart, I will write some text, right? Anything. I'll just make up some thing Computers solved in 2019. Okay, you can have the sticks, like separate the text layers and align them nicely. I'll just put this here for the sake of demonstration for now, I will align it here. We're going to any meat it later. No, he will. Any meat? The chart. We're going to play with the opacity and the scale. Perfect. We'll give the key friends to both the best and the scale. No, I will move this key friend to a 2nd 1 So that 2nd 1 you want this chart to be here like full on in the 2nd 0 We want to be zero. So the opacity I'll just make sure that nothing off the chart of pairs of the beginning at the first frame in the first frame you will make it zero on the second frame will be 100 just like this. Okay, Perfect. Now you will. Easy. There were key frames on Go to the kerf. Now you will ended the care, but to make its mother great Now while animation use very smooth. Next thing we're going to any made this text. We want it to move with the chart from there below to above, she will give the key friend okay, The first key frame. It will be like below. And the second key frame it will go above. We also want to give the a pass to keep friend. He wanted to come from Nothing. I just made that you ocean of it longer. Okay. No pastie. The first keeping will be zero on the 2nd 1 will be 100. Wanted to be visible just like this. Great. I think that's it. Let's move to the next project. Create a new composition. Great. I will bring the background from the previous project on Paste it here. So we will be making candle charts. I will look the background and go to the shape tool to make the base for their chart will make it very thin. Make it wide and bring the anchor point press y and bring the anchor point to the below. Yes, we can easily adjusted or scale it down and up. Perfect. I will duplicate it movida. But first on then Okay, I will double Kate it and rotated press w and rotate it. I am using Chef Teoh. Snap it to resentfully just like this. I will move it a bit. So we have a perfect corner. No, I will at the numbers. This will be percentage and hair will be years. Okay, I will at, uh, 0% Just the size right. Public ated control de on. Don't make this 50 double vacated again. Make sure to adjust it in the right place. Tell me this 100. I was right. All of them. Then I will adjust their position to perfectly align all of them together. Control are And this will bring the roller Brink one over the lions and align them in the line. Perfect. Now all of them are aligned and touched to this line. Now, at years, I'll dedicate this. Bring it up and make it 2017. Then you know, duplicated 2018 and you'll have 2019 right? No, I will make this line a bit longer. Okay, Like this? You're good. I'm just making sure that everything is perfectly aligned. Okay. Now I will go to our previous project and brain gone off the charts. We'll keep pace it hair. Make sure to remove the key friends, press you on game of all the key frames. Now we will adjust. The size one will be here. I will duplicate it. Control de. Okay, one for 2018. Doubly Kate It I want it for 2019. Perfect. Now we need lions we want them to look like candle charts. So I will doubly kid this line and bring it here duplicated again. Bring in 2018 and we will double headed again for 2019. Great. After this we need to change the colors. But first, always take care off alignment. Make sure that everything is aligned. This will change your design a lot. Okay. We will tell you the colors. We will bring the color could to the composition. It will be temporary. Just Teoh, get our colors from it. Okay. This one. Okay. Great. Elderly did. Now. Now we will change the length off the charts on you will animate it for this one. Want to be the smallest? I mean the shortest. This one will be the tallest. Great. Now we will slick all of them press s so that skill come up because you're going to any made. The skill will give a kid from toe all of them. We want them to be like this at the 2nd 1 On the 2nd 0 We want them to be like to be invisible. Great. I will make a zis easies and then go to the care of. And it's more than our animation. After this, we will give key friend to the opacity as well, because we don't want them to be visible. As you can see, they are a bit visible, so we want them to be completely invisible. We're going to give key friends to pass thesis like all of them impress t the duration between the A. Pastie key friends will be one friend. Because the purpose of this just to make it invisible in the first friend. And in the second frame, it will be for a pastie and they will be visible. I'm sorry. Okay, Perfect. Perfect. So far, it looks really nice. The next thing we're going to do is to bring the numbers, the percentage numbers. We will go to the previous Kump and copy and Paste went over the numbers. Okay, now we have it here. I don't want to skill them both together. I'm going to make a no object and connect them to their no object. And I'll skill down there. No object. So both of them have the same scale. I'll put in the right position. Let me change the color. Fairest white. We can see. Sorry, I need Teoh. Yeah, I need to change the position. It's like the no object and put it in the right position. Great. Now we can deliver the no object, actually, let's delete there. No object. And then you can duplicate this and move it to one side. Make sure that you arranged them in the timeline suit and miss up. Okay, I will double Kate again, move it up in the timeline and put it in the right position in the composition. Perfect. Now you will change the color again to be like the background. Okay, The next thing are going to do obviously to change the numbers according to the like length off the charts. As you can know, all the numbers have the key friends on them already. We did them previously. We just could be on pasted there. I just like the one before we were going to go to the second key frame and change the number to whatever number we want in the slide. Control is exactly similar to the previous project that we did. Okay, that's great. Now that we did this, we need to change the look at, but It doesn't look great. I'm going to select everything and move them toe there, right side in the middle. Okay. Turn on the safe mood. Safer margins. I mean, so you know, it's exactly in the middle in the right side. And now you're going to add text at any text that you want. I'm going Teoh, add a random text. I'm using the robot A phone on. Maybe we'll make it bold or black. Let me write everything. Okay. Now we will Just were text Think it bold, actually. Black on a separate them lines make it bigger. We'll separate the lines again later. Make sure that the text align with the chart. I'll make it a bit smaller. Perfect. Like this is good. Now you will give a background shape layer toe this chart on the text. I'll move it behind everything, then change the color to something like very light purple. Okay, thing something. Most of this color is good. Okay, we're good. Now know that we put this background behind the chart. The numbers are not fitting the design well, so I'm going to change the color of the number two the same color off the chart. But the dark version. I don't like them, Doctor. Just like this. But the text, it won't be the same. And I will do the same for that chance. I mean, the other numbers. Okay, now we're good. No. What do you have to do is to select all of the things of the chart. All of the layers over the chart, excluding the texts and the background. I will pre composed them. Go to the layer on pre compose, name it. Anything. Okay. Now we have our chart by itself, the shape, background and also the text. Now it's time to any mate. First thing we're going to any made their shape background. We will give the skill animation at the 2nd 1 It will be full size on. And the 2nd 0 it will be zero like you will be invisible. Make sure to use care of to make the animation smoother. Just like this. I'm just trying to refine the animation. Sometimes I tweaked key friends a lot. So try to follow me for the similar effects were go to chart and give the past a key from Okay. We want this to start from the beginning. Not from here. I'm going to delete these two key friends. I will bring it here and it will start here so that the first key from will be zero on the 2nd 1 will do in hand. Correct. And the duration will be very like few friends kill. Make it closer. As I said, I'm going to take their key frames on the position of the layer in the timeline until I get the effect that I want and you change it accordingly. Now we will go to the text for the text. We will give two key friends one for the position, another for the capacity. So you wanted to come from the bottom to the top, and when it's in the bottom, it'll be invisible. I mean, goes to the top. It will be visible with the time. Great. I'll give the best key frame as well. It needs a bit of a tweak, I think. Perfect. I think like this we are good on. We came to the end of this class. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new. Make sure to share your projects with me in the project class. I'll soon the next listen my way 4. Lesson 3: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to create this chart. We'll start by creating our composition and the first thing we need a background and then Okay, we call it background, go to the effects and generate. Fail to give a color. We will go with the dark purple. Okay, I will look the bag room so we don't, uh, selected accidentally and I'm going to start with their lines. I'm going to make a line like this. I'm using the shape toll rectangle. You want to put their anchor point in the middle or in the one side were put in one side's . We can scale it freely. Okay, put it right here. Now. I think we need to make it thinner. It's a bit of thick line. Sorry. You have to presby Kate. Okay. I think like this is good. Now I'm going to do public eight this line five times, okay? And I will move it above. Make sure that the space between H. Lyon is the same. Like all the learns, the space between them should be the same. Okay, great. I'm off all of them above right here. No, I will not text. So in the bottom in this side, you're going to add the days or the months. Actually, at the days, I'm just using this day as an example, I'm going to copy and paste all over there. Control, Deduct, Lick Aid patrol D. I'm not changing the number 13 August. You can change it if you want, because this is just for demonstration and for learning purpose. I'm not going to change the number just to save some time. Okay? I'm going to slick all of them and go toe alignment to make sure that the space between them is the same cure. Okay, now they're all similar in the left side. You're going to put numbers. I'm going to Dublin, Kate This and put it off everything. Girls. Double click and put the number. I came like this for Hendrick doubling Kate. It 300 duplicated on the other line will be to hundreds. This one will do 100 and the last one will be zero. I'll move this a bit down because the space between them is not similar to others. This one but down. Great. I think we are good like this. Looking at all, select all of the text and recomposed them. Control shift, see or common. Chef. See numbers. Okay. Perfect. No, You will create a small circle above each day. Something to the shape toe. Make it lives. Tool. Okay, the size bigger. Okay, this is good. Now will bring the anchor point to the middle. Click a control D make a smaller control d moving to the other day. Great. That looks good. Now we'll create a soul. It and you will create a mask on this solid. I'll turn down the u pastie so we can see what is in the background. No good. The mask and create a point on each circle. Just like this. You're going to any made this later? Okay, After this, we need to add a stroke to this mask. We're going to go to the effects, generate stroke. We will increase the brush size. Make sure to put it on the transparency and make the opacity 100 again. And then we will change the brush size, whatever size that we want. And now for the color we will give for color. Radiant. Okay. I'll true. Some colors. You can choose whatever course you want and move their anchor points with the apparent on the line. Okay, I will at the glue as well. No, it looks nice. The next thing you're going to do is to move these points to any made them. Actually, no, I will bring the line under the circle dots. Sorry. Okay. And I will remove the first on the last circle. This is for the no. It looks better person for the mask and mask path. Clicking the stop watch for their key friend. The second key frame will be one second half and now he will move the mask points. Make sure that the mask point are aligned with the circles. Okay, great. The colors are not what I want. I'm going to change the colors. Okay. Make this something bluish. Move the anchor point. I can tell you this something, girls. Okay, I think it looks good. No, it's a bit slow on going to make it faster. Bring these secure from close to each other and then make it easy. Ease on. Go to care. Make it smoother. Now if you play it Wow, it looks perfect. Next thing we need to move these dots with the mask points. Okay, I'm going to select all of them. Press people. Position No. Okay, click on the stopwatch. Now we create keeping for all of them. The duration between the key friends will be the same as the mask one. So I'm going to move them one by one. To their position. Right on the mask point. No. All slept. All of the key frames and Eazy e's them. Good to care if and make them smooth. I'll try to make the same care that I did for the mask. So they go together, as you can see now, some of the circles they go before the mask points. I'm going to fix it with this curve. Okay, Now we are good. Next thing we need to do is to any made the alliance. Before we do that, I'm going to move their points and the mask in the timeline. Move them a bit. This is because you want first the line to come. And then this, uh, mask and the points. I'm going to select all of the lions, press p for the position and gave a key frame toe, all of them. I'll move this key for him to be. Select all of them and move it to around the 2nd 1 And then more. All of them down one by one. Okay. Select all of the key frames. Easy is go to the cares and now you'll make the animation of its mother. Great. That's good. Now we need to give the opacity key friend because we don't want them to be visible. Fairest. We will come just like this. No, He will give animation to the numbers. You want them to be invisible. When the line comes, they will be visible. So you will give the past the key friend. There will be zero pesty at first and then they will appear with the lines just like this. Okay, so the mask line and the points We need them to move a bit, but close there. So they come earlier. And then he composed them. Control shift, See? Perfect. Now I will give the past a key frame to this as well. Because you don't want it to be visible affairs. It will be the last thing that will come up. Okay, here is our animation. Hope you enjoyed and learn something new. Okay, let's start with our last design. We'll create a new composition on. Name it online making 60. Friend, Make sure you will create a soul. Its first with a background on this'll Color will be good. Okay. And now I will go to the previous composition on Could be their texts with me so we don't have any Made it again. Paste it here. Sorry. Okay. Press you on to remove the key frames on the scale. You don't know that. Great. I will remove percent. That's what we needed. I will skillet up. Okay, bring it in the middle. And now we need percent sign. You used that. Okay. May get their gold or black and resize it to be similar to their 90 number. I mean, number 19. Make sure they are aligned together on in the middle. No slug. Both off them. Recompose control. Chef. See on we will public ate it. But before that, I'm going to give a color to it effect and feel something similar to this but light. I get the background color with the light of version of it. Okay, now, doubly. Kate it for this. I'm going to add another effect. The color if it will be for color ingredient. But with a fate on the right for hyphen, it will come up. Put it there on True's your colors. I'm going to put some colors for no on later, I'm going to adjust it and change it. Okay, Now we have these colors. I'm going to add another effect. Just glow. This will make their colors nicer. As you can see, these car that I choose doesn't look great when the glow, that's where I'm going to change it. But as I said, I'm going to change it later as well. I would just put sound colors for now, and we'll change it later. Perfect. Now we will give him us to this composition. Okay. We're going to any made their mask, press em. It will bring up their mask and the mask path. Okay. And now we want to Any made the mask? Make sure that the duration between the key frame of the mask is similar to the key frames of the number when they are changing. Okay. Should start at the beginning because the number start changing in the beginning. On they start, they stop Okay. Right here. Okay. And the mask should be right here, because it's 90%. Uh, okay, that's good. Now we will add another thing with the with the shape layer. We were at a pop up message. Sorry. Shape, layer. Tengo tool on. Create your rectangle. Remove the mask and make the field visible. This color is good right here. No, I need Teoh. Make a handle. I'll go to the mast all too. Drove a handle for this step. About message. I don't know what you call it in English, but I will call it handle like this. It's good, I think on no at the text. I will add anything. I will use an employment. Okay, Perfect. Great. Now all select all of them and align them in the composition and get down. And to the left of it. Great. As you can see, that 90% the number has the past unit, but percent doesn't. So I'm going to give their capacity key friends with the composition right here. Okay, Now you're it's time. Now, toe change the colors to something that looks better than this. I'm just going to play with the anchor point of the colors on the cars themselves. I think like this it looks nicer. Great. Next think is animating this message. Pop up. I move the anchor point to the beginning of the handle because you're going to give the scale animation and you want this message pop up to come out from this point. Okay, now we will ease, ease our key friends to make it smooth Animation. Okay, Thing is good. Now it's time to any made the text. We will give the past the animation to it so it will be invisible and it will become visible when the message pop up his hands full size. Great. I'll just align it to bettering the composition. Perfect. That's it. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new by my 5. End: Okay. We came to the end of our course. Hope you injured and learn something new. If you're new to my profile on scale share, make sure to follow me because you're becoming with new courses. I'll see you in the next one. My life.