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Modern Crochet: Create the Perfect Puff Stitch Beanie

teacher avatar Toni Lipsey, Modern Crochet Design for the Adventurous Beginner

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      Are you ready for the Bubble Wrap Slouch?


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About This Class


MODERN CROCHET - A Skillshare Handmade DIY Series for Today's Fiber Artist

Take your crochet skills to the next level by making this fun, trendy beanie with Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts. This class offers step by step instructions on many basic and intermediate crochet techniques, making it perfect for adventurous beginners and experienced fiberistas.

Adventurous Beginner: a crocheter who is fairly new to the craft but isn't afraid to try new things!

We’ll start with gathering our materials, all of which are easily found at your local craft store or online. From there, we’ll construct our beanie by learning the Magic Loop method, chain stitches, puff stitches, and finishing with a comfy ribbed brim. By the end of this class, you’ll have the know-how to make this project your very own by playing with color and adding cool design elements.

Click Enroll now if you're ready to:

  • Learn a new skill to compliment your current crochet experience
  • Add to your inventory of crochet accessories in our online store
  • Make a gift that your family and friends won't just pretend to like

Ready to dive into some modern crochet? Grab your hooks and let’s get started!


More about Toni Lipsey, Owner and Designer behind TL Yarn Crafts

Hello darling! I'm Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts, an inspired collection of modern crochet accessories, home goods, kits, and patterns. I started my business in 2013, drawing inspiration from my endlessly fashionable neighbors and artist friends. My goal at Skillshare is to make learning the art of crochet fun and easy for anyone willing to try it. Together, we'll combine simple tools and a little bit of practice into a lifelong hobby.

You can learn more about me on my website, and follow my projects on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Toni Lipsey

Modern Crochet Design for the Adventurous Beginner


Toni Lipsey, the designer, instructor, and author behind TL Yarn Crafts, strives to inspire other's creativity through online tutorials and modern, approachable crochet patterns. Toni learned to crochet from her mother as a teenager and has been exploring the possibilities of yarn ever since. She was bitten by the entrepreneur bug in 2013 and transitioned to running TL Yarn Crafts full-time in 2017. At present, Toni spends her time nurturing her community of over 300K makers across platforms by offering approachable crochet patterns and handmade business wisdom. 

Toni’s current design obsessions are delicate shawls and stylish home decor. When she’s not crocheting, you can find her cuddled with her 2 kittens and husband in her Ohio home, binge-watching the latest... See full profile

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1. Are you ready for the Bubble Wrap Slouch?: Hello and welcome to modern Cochet. Making the Bubble Wraps. Ouch! I'm Tony Lipsey, owner and designer behind teal yarn crafts. Since it opened in 2013 my online shop has expanded from Cochet accessories to include patterns and make her gifts for creatives. Just like you see my full collection at TL yard, craps dot com and visit me on instagram at teal. Yarn crafts for this class will be making the bubble wrap slouch from start to finish. It's a TL yard Kraft original design and one of my favorites to make I Love It because of sloppy beaning is totally on trend right now, and this hat has analyst visual interests while still being quite simple. What I really like about this project is that it has something for everyone. It's a great chance for adventurous beginners, deflects the crafty muscle and more Experience Co shares will appreciate this quick project that looks a lot more difficult than it actually is. By the end of this class, you have a unique yet stylish Beanie that's ready for gifting quick and roll now and let's get started 2. LET'S GO SHOPPING!: to complete this project will only need a few basic supplies, most of which you can get from your local yarn store, craft store or your local all in one, like Mayer or Wal Mart. We'll start with picking our yard today. We're going with a light works to weight yarn, and this one was thankfully provided by our good friends at We Are Knitters. It's the Marino Super Wash Wool, which is a light, worsted, super squishy and lovely colors. You can visit their website. We are knitters dot com For more yards just like this, you'll also need to crochet hooks. 15 millimeter hook and 16 millimeter hook will use two different hooks because ultimately will create a nice snugly brim. And we'll need a slightly smaller hook than what we use for the body of the heck. You also need a pair of scissors as adorable as possible, and a yarn needle will use that. Ultimately we've in our ends, and that is all you need. I've also included a copy of the written pattern, so if you'd like to follow along at your own pace, you can print that out from the project calorie. Now that we've gathered all of our supplies, we'll start our hat by learning the magic loop method 3. THE MAGIC LOOP METHOD: to start our project, we're going to be using the magic live method. This is a technique that's basically used to make a circle in Crow Shea. It's perfect for any project that starts from the center out like like hats, pieces of toys, socks and even some blankets. This method allows you to seamlessly close the starting hole, so there are no gaps in your work. So to start, we've got our six millimeter Croce hook and our yard to start the magic loop. We're gonna do a little bit of fancy wrapping around our fingers and they were going toe, actually begin our puff stitches from there. So to begin later, young over your fingers wrap around your middle finger and we're gonna hold it between our two last fingers. Let's do that once more. Levi aren't over your hand. Bring it down the back, wrap it around your middle finger and pull that tail just around your last two fingers. All of this will make sense very shortly. We're going to do this once more. They they aren't over your hand. Wrap it around your middle finger and pull that tail right through your ring and pinky fingers next we're gonna hold are working on, which is the yard that's coming out of your ball and we're gonna threat are hook right underneath the loop that's on her middle finger. So to secure a magic loop, which was basically made Now we're gonna pull up a loop from our working arm through the loop that's on our middle finger. That looks a little funky, but I promise you're doing right. Next, we're going to yarn over and make a train stitch you're in over and make one more. This is your magic loop. That looks a little crazy right now, but I promise you, this is exactly how you start your hat. We're going to do that one more time. Clear. You turn over your hand, wrap it around your middle finger, hold that tail to your ring and pinky fingers threads your hook through the loop that's on your middle finger and pull up a little, and then we're going to change 4. THE INITIAL PUFFS: Now we're going to begin round one of our half by creating puff stitches into our magic loop To create your puff stick. You'll put multiple loops on your hook. Close them all and end it with a chain stitch. Remember, every pub stitch is immediately followed by one chain stitch. So Round One has six pups. Stitches would Who will create? Now you're in over your hook inserted into the loop. Pull up a loop. He ran over insert. Pull up a loop here and over. Insert pull of a loop. You have seven loops on your hook and you will yarn over and pull through all of those loops. You've created your first postage. Yeah, over Pulip. And that is your chain one going to slip the magic ring off of my finger now and will continue working our stitches into here. We're going to young over insider hook, Pull up a loop. We're going to do that three times, you know, over who through all seven loops on your hook and chain one. And continue that four more times. At this point, you should have something that looks like this. And if you count through, you have 123456 plus stitches. That's exactly what she should have in your first round. So now is the match part of the magic loop. You're going to grab your tale of your yarn and you left him and grab your first puff stitching your right hands and pull, and your whole will close right up. Insert your hook and we will actually be joining at the top of our first postage. So you're gonna insert your hook into the two loops above your first postage. You're on over. Pull up a loop and put it right through. That is called a slip stitch. So this is the very top of your hat. Next, we're going to move on from here. Two rounds two through five, which are increasing your hat size. 5. IT'S GETTING BIGGER: Now we're ready for rounds two through five, which involve increasing your hat to increase your hat will increase the total number of puff stitches in each round, and this will create the top for crown of our hat. Doing this will create a flat piece of crochet fabric, which we will build upon in the next section to begin the round. We're going to chain One and then we're going to work to Puff Stitch Chain one combos into each chain, one space that we created in the previous round. To do that, we're going to begin creating our postage in the chain. One space that's between the two postage is from round one, so we'll insert our hook and create a postage here. Remember that every postage is followed by a chain one, so we will then chain one to make the actual increase will do another post its chain one combo in this same space and chain one. So we have to puff stitch chain one combos in that space and will continue that for each of the six spaces around this first round, and we'll end up with 12 puffs dish chain one combos for round two. So when you get to the end of the round, it might be a little hard to tell exactly where your last sets of puff stitches air supposed to go. So right now we have 12345 of our two puffs itch, Chain one combos. The last one is going to go in the chain space after the last puff stitch of around one, which is kind of tucked here, um, between the beginning and the end of the round. But that is where your last set of puff stitches is going to go. And again, we're going to join at the top of the postage. That was the first of around. We're going to do that with a slip stitch. So we count through. We have 123456789 10 11 12 pumps to chain one combos toe end this round. So that's around two. For around three, we're going to put postage combos in the chain one spaces between our postage combos and then just individual puff stitches in the spaces in between our combos. Don't worry, this will make a lot of sense, and you can also referenced this in the printed pattern. So we'll start our around with a chain one and work our to puff stitch Chain one combos right into this first chain one space. And then in our next train, one space. We're only going to work one pup, stitch any chain one in our next base, two plus stitches to chains in the following stitch One puff stitch one chain and continue that all the way around. Now, remember, you're very elastic. He's gonna go in this chain one space after the next puff Stich, which looks a little bit hidden. But you can get in there him enjoying at the top of the perfect first puff Stich of the round. So that's the end of round three, and we now have 18. Postage is so far around for we're in a chain one we're going to work are to pump stitch chain one combos in between the two puffs its chain one combos from the previous round and then in all the other chain one spaces were going to do an individual postage. We're going to speed up a little bit here because I think you might be getting the hang of it, - and that's the end of round four. So what you'll notice from here is you're making a nice flat piece of croquet, and we're going to continue to around five in the same parent that we've been doing. We're gonna put to post a shame one combos in between the two puffs dish chain one combos of the previous round, and they were gonna put individual pub stitch chain ones in each other. Chain one space. So let's get going. Now we'll finish off around by doing the slip shit slip stitch in the top of the first puffs dish of the round, and you are all done with the crown of your hat. So you have a pretty piece that looks like this, and it doesn't look like a hat just yet, But ultimately, what we're going to dio in the following rounds, which are the body of the hat, is we're going to put puff stitches in each chain one space no longer increasing, so our hat won't get larger. Instead, it will start coming around itself the way that a hat would. So if you're ready, we can move on to round 6 to 15 which are building the body of our hat 6. IT FINALLY LOOKS LIKE A HAT: already. So now we're at round 6 to 15 which are building the body of our hat. Unlike previous round Onley, one puff stitch chain one will go into each chain one space from the previous round, so there are no more increases at this point. We're going to continue crashing around and it's going to create a bowl shape or more like the top of a hat. So to do this, you're going to chain one and put one puff stitch in each chain, ones based around and you continue that all the way around the hat and that's it for around six. So we're gonna join, as we've always done Chain One to begin around seven. I think you've got the hang of it now and you can already see that by not increasing our previous round. It's starting to crawl up, which is exactly what we're looking for. I'm going to run and continue working on my hat and I'll see you in the next video. We're going to start building our brim 7. BRIM TIME: So at this point, your hat should look a little something like this. You should have 15 rows of puff stitches from your crown till where we are to starting the broom. So to start the brim, we're gonna actually switch to our five millimeter hook, which is actually going to make our broom nexus snugly around your head while keeping the body of hat slouchy and comfortable. So to begin, we're going Teoh slip stitch into the first post Stitches. We always have to close around and we're going to chain one and we're actually going to single Cochet in each puff stitch in each chain on space around. So we'll end up with 60 single Crow Shays. So we'll put our first single Cochet Stitch in the same place where we just joined so well , deserter hook, drop a loop. He ran over and dropped through both loops on the hook, Now into the chain one space and into the next puff stitch and into the chain one space. I won't continue that around. I'll speed this up a bit. One final single Hershey in the chain. One stitch after the last puff stitch and we're gonna slip stitch in the first sale crush a to join, and now we're ready to begin our actual brim. So what will end up doing with the brim is we're going to create a rib brim that is going to start here and work its way around the hat, just as we do with our single crow Shay's. It's a different way to do the brim than a lot of ways that I've seen, but when you're working a top down hat like we have, it's probably the easiest and most attractive way that I've seen to do it. So to build a brand we're going to yarn over and we're going to chain nine and then we're going to skip the first chain and we're gonna single Cochet eight, all the way down to the bottom. So to begin attaching the broom to the actual hat, we're going to slip stitch in the next two single Croce stitches, which are right here. The single koshis that we created at the bottom of the hat, as are set up around our what We're going to anchor our brand to, to make sure it stays nice and neat. So we're going to slip stitch into this first stitch subsidies into the next single Cochet and we're done with that pass. We're going to turn our work. We're going to skip those to slip stitches that would just made. And we're going to cut single crow shape and the back loop only of all of the single koshis that go up our brand. So instead of going under both loops, we're gonna go through just the back loop and single Cochet eight. Perfect. Now we're going to Chain one in turn I work and we're going to repeat this process around the entire hat. I'll do it a couple more times. We're going to single Cochet in the back loop of each single. Cochet from the round from the road would just mean in the back loop and we're gonna slip stitch in the next two single crow. Shay's on our hat. Turn our work. Skip those 1st 2 slip stitches single Cochet in the back loop on Lee going up our brain Chain one and then we'll turn and we'll continue that all the way around our hat. Eventually we'll get all the way to the end and I'm going to go work on my hat and we'll show you how we're gonna so it all up 8. THE END IS NEAR: So at this point, we worked our room all the way around her hat, and we're ready to wrap things up. So we're gonna grab our scissors and we're gonna cut a nice long tail to weave in the end. And then we're gonna grab our yard needle, pull that loop all the way out thread. They aren't through your needle. Turn our hat, friend inside out. Put those two ends together. And so this baby right up there's no science to this necessarily were sewing into the wrong side of the hat so you won't see this. But if you can match the stitches up, that just makes it that much neater. So that's all eight of our stitches. And then I would like to just so it straight up the top toe lock everything in, and then you can clip you turn right at the base with the hat. Now, don't forget to, so in the top, otherwise, that magical will open up and you'll lose your entire hack. So you wanna pull that loop nice and tight clothes again. Turn to on your needle and then up here, it's a little less obvious. Where does so in the end. So I just like to go in and around the six loops that we made at the very top of our hat. So kind of pushed her needle through those. And I'll go around the circle maybe twice, just to make sure the stitches are nice unlocked into each other that we don't have to worry about this unraveling. Pull it nice and tight. Eventually, you'll feel a good not It's not moving anymore. Do that once more, grab our suitors and snip. And there you have it your bubble wrap. Sochi is complete for a visual interest. Squishy little puff stitches Nice and soft and ready for gifting. Congratulations. You did it. 9. AWWW YEAH!: Congratulations. You did it. Your head is all done, and I know it is just perfect. We showed a post photos of your materials progress and Final project in the Project Gallery below. I've also puts him information about embellishments and variations to this pattern in the class project. So be sure to check those out. If you have any questions or just leave some general encouragement, drop me a line on the community board. I'll be checking in there pretty regularly. Thanks so much for completing this project with me. I had a blast. I loved designing projects like this and you can find more modern Boucher designs and patterns on my website. T alien crafts dot com. Thanks again, and I'll see you next time.