Modeling and rendering a lowpoly 4x4 car in Cinema 4D! With bonus shaders! | Peter Nagy | Skillshare

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Modeling and rendering a lowpoly 4x4 car in Cinema 4D! With bonus shaders!

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Modelling a tiny Shogun in C4D


    • 2.

      01 Modeling Reference silhouette


    • 3.

      02 Modeling add weight to the car


    • 4.

      03 Modeling Define the lamp and hood


    • 5.

      04 Modeling turn signal


    • 6.

      05 Modeling air intake


    • 7.

      06 Modeling radiator grille


    • 8.

      07 Modeling mudguard


    • 9.

      08 Modeling bumper


    • 10.

      09 Modeling rim


    • 11.

      10 Modeling tire


    • 12.

      11 Modeling mirrors


    • 13.

      12 Modeling springs differential


    • 14.

      13 Detail the rim


    • 15.

      14 steps radiator window frame


    • 16.

      15 Turn signals


    • 17.

      16 Wiper


    • 18.

      17 Complete the lamps


    • 19.

      18 The rear turn signal and the tank


    • 20.

      19 Exhaust and separate the window


    • 21.

      20 Build the interior


    • 22.

      21 Create seats for the car


    • 23.

      22 Steering wheels and gear shift


    • 24.

      23 Add details for the roof


    • 25.

      24 The logo


    • 26.

      25 Rendering


    • 27.

      26 Bonus chapter - rack


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About This Class

How to model a cool tiny 4x4 car in Cinema 4D?

If you are in love modelling cars and also love low poly modelling, try this course and make a cute classic Mitsubishi Shogun /Pajero, Montero/ with Cinema 4D!
The course is for those, who are already familiar a little bit with Cinema 4D, not a beginner course,
but you will do!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate / Photoshop / After Effects / Blender

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I live in Hungary. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfolio at Behance
Also You can find my timelapse drawing videos at Youtube
... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Modelling a tiny Shogun in C4D : Hi, Peter. And in this course, we are going to mood and my favorite car, Middle vicious showgirl. This guard made its debut in night day to do with very special exterior design. I show you how to model this super cute low public are catching the main features of the design. You were gassed, luggages, bonus and the journey can begin. 2. 01 Modeling Reference silhouette: before we started modeling, I'm going to import my adity Deference Picture Go to option configure back, then find the image. So this is my modified picture off a Mitsubishi Pajero or Sugen? Use it in the front. You as well. Okay, You can copy the past off the image so imported to the right. You if you already saved a project name as show gone. Maybe the first tour I'm going to use to modeling is the polygon toe. Go to mash. Great tours. Polygram Pin on Dr Spanner changed a view to the right. You choose the tool and create four points like this. I always try to use Rick tangos Close it. No dro another one. The points are snapping to each other. Fortunately, you can grab and move. This points with the stool as well. No, drove the door. Then the a pit are off the window. This will be the door window. So this would be a duty side of the show gun. I try to create a low polygon car. That's why I use big polygons. Jodi, be Pilar down the roof. I'm going to move this point to define the see Pilar Greek Jack. Okay? No. Defined the other mod guard. I will use three parts to build it, selling these four edges. Then find a slight go to mash. Transform to us. Slide under the spanner as well. I want to duplicate the edges. So I hold command or control in windows and I'm going to move them now Select urges off this door. And you, the slide tool to duplicate again. This will be a group. Create another duplications two times like this. Select the new in our faces. Click Quit hoarding shift core command and move these faces to create RIA Group No. Select. Decide window and find. Be ableto and move it a little bit again. As you can see, the edges look soft so we have to change the phone. Ganga, lower where you like 30. We'll be fine. Jump to the other window. Use the transform tool withholding common and add beavers to the window. Move it a little bit. Select a polygon and use the transform tool again. Move the result to the same depth like the other one. And double quick to the matter area. Pander to create a new shader. Repeat today moda I always use darker grey. We'd hire speckle are if I want to see any mistakes On the surface, wit is nearly 50 person. Nowhere follow. Good Now saved a project. 3. 02 Modeling add weight to the car: in the following steps. I'm going to define the wit off the car from this side. Bonner. Choose the face tool and sacked all faces. Then go to mash. Transform tool mirror first on Jack White points Middle Plane is Z. Why? And hit happily, then moved to reside to the right. Use our reference picture to find the right position. I choose the widest points. Good. No, go to agin mood and find breach door. With this tool, we can create polygons between two edges. Okay, No. Select all faces to check the normals of the publicans the same color as represent that or faces are right in mash. Norma's Align Norma's You can fix the problems selector when cheered withholding comment and use the transform tool to add Be of us. Check the reference picture to create better results at another duplication to the edges. Damn. Move it A little bit change to the right to you. Options configure and used the x and y para maters to align the reference picture to the model Much better. Our next tool is the knife tour. With this, I'm going to connect some points, use line mode and check quiz herbal only modify the front a little bit in the following steps. I'm going to define the rare window, use edge mode and duplicate the following edges like this. Align it. If it is necessary, we slide to in the back. I'm going to define a smaller rare window like before. I'm going to duplicate these edges three times to define the groove selectee in our faces. Done. Move them to front a little bit. Okay, Select the points of the roof. Change to front you and transform them like this for a better look. I have to rotate these points done and minus stand degrees. We'll be fine. Go back to Durant a door and with the transform tool defined the rare window. Move the face a little bit. Good to add. Captains die. I'm going to squeezy the car. I guess a tour car. We look better 4. 03 Modeling Define the lamp and hood: in the next steps. I'm going to modality had light on who? Let's select these faces. First. Grabbed the knife duel. Use plain mode Y Z plane, then create two cuts using the front. You okay? That is a hump on the hood. Select these two faces and withholding Command moved up. Dan, transfer me here. I'm going to move this edge. Do hide it. Okay. Modified thes points a little bit in the following steps. I'm going to work with the headlamps, so select the two square faces and use the baby as door. Do you know if I speak jerk and help us? Of course. First I'm going to create a smaller beaver de excision where U is zero. Then I'm going to add another be world we global exclusion and higher offset. There is a typical corner in the lamb frame. So I would like to moderate Align the reference picture to the model in the back for you changed to line mode in the display menu. But I in the points transform to a can't help us. The time frame has a square format. Looks about there. Okay, Now selectees faces and grabbed the knife to us great article and horizontal cuts like this . Grab the West tool to connect D points used this on the other side as well. Then align the points Selig de in our faces on and create another cut. - Then aligned Aware takes point to the reference picture. - All right. 5. 04 Modeling turn signal: in this chapter. We were created. Headlamps created still in there on use. Fill it in its caps. Lower radios is enough. Now come ready to edit Tabor breath, See or use the right click. To find this option, select the faces in its back and build them. If you clear faces. Always change the moto. Where to explode to see the hidden where taxis So we have to deal it them to There is a nice trick to clear them. Go to MASH commands optimized, find its right position, then jumped to the slice tool to add new cuts. With this, I'm going to define the term signers. So select the faces on both sides and create a plane cut. Selig de Silhouette edges off the turn signer and duplicate down with side tour, so hold common. Oh, that is a mistake. The problem is, there are more rat X points. We have to match them. The West to is perfect to fix it. Select the points on Well done. I apologize. This was my mistake. Try again. Selectee edges on, Grabbed a slight to again Good L . A and E's edge and move their lamp shade up a little bit. No, it looks better. Go to the access center in MASH. Option and heat. Execute no selected in urges and turn Sina. Slide them again. The same problem like before. I'm going to wear the points again, Okay? Duplicated three times and Sarah dinner faces and move them like this. I hope you can help us like the two faces and go to the beaver Tool. Use offset Juan. The explosion is the same on the other side. We can wear the point at first. Then I'm going to use the same methods. Create edge duplications and move the faces and use beaver. Finally duplicate the lamp shade The funk anger looks wrong. Change it to a lower value. 6. 05 Modeling air intake: in the following chapter, I'm going to add details to the hood. We have the knife tour with play mode and create new cuts in the hood on the left and right side. - Selectees edges and grabbed a slight. Weird. As you can see, I have to clear the face and it's points in the middle part. Then fear it would close. Hore toe mash. Great doas go! So it's like the edges again and duplicate down with slight dual withholding. Common. No, at two more duplicates said at the faces like this and move it down. Grabbed a knife. Dual. Do fix this mistake Here, Choose a line mod. We're checking the visible only box. Transform the following judges there. Selectees wants to align them. - No , I'm going to define the place of the grill with some new cuts. - Move back a little bit this face, Then align the points like this in a tough you. I'm going to add a kind of band to the car front. - Select and withholding. Common moved down these edges, like in the reference picture. There are two horse under degree, so select the face and cut it to two parts. Select damn Dan used to be able to uncheck process groups first. Then use where you 24 offset Exclusion A zero. Okay, Hit new to us for him again. Offset is 0.5 Dan, Move the faces after a debt cleared them. Align the points a little bit. Good. Know where these points under hood. Select a media face, edges and duplicate them like this. This will be the air intake. Move the points today. Top right corner. Select the face and excluded in its front that we would be a whore. - Select this face and grabbed a knife to her at Got horizontally selected to faces Dan ed B will do it good. Finally modify the points on dining that to the reference picture Great. 7. 06 Modeling radiator grille: in this chapter, I'm going to more than a degree select a polygon down with a knife to create five cuts. The 1st 1 is the biggest. The other ones have. The same size is select the lower five faces he used to be worth to us. Offset is zero point do and extra Johnny zero. No withholding command movies. Poorly guns do back a little bit and clear them. Align the points good. No, I'm going to create and in growing to decide body. Select your side faces Jack Snapping Dan, Go to the knife. Do it Plane mode. Wheat xz. Here's the points off the lamp. Create four cuts as earlier. Now select the faces on the back, then add four cuts again. Select a media faces, create additional cuts if needed. Changed a view to top and transform me to create in growing, selling the other edges and scale up a little bit. - This triangle looks weird. Maybe by the wrong normals. Clear it, Dan. Feel the whole again much about their jump to the back to align these points. Good. Don't forget the other triangle on the other side where these points Okay, 8. 07 Modeling mudguard: Let's continue with the rare mud guard. I select the upper faces on both sides and create do cuts with the knife. Do it plane mode. XZ Now select two faces next to it. Grabbed the knife tour and choose line mode. Now select both sides and uncheck visible only. It is important if you want cuts on every polygon. Okay, select the lowest faces Dan transformed. Am like this. No. Check the visible on Lee and create a new cut and change the phone gang girl to 15. Go to the Ferran mud guards and use the same method to create wider mocked God. I'm going to wear these points because it looks better, I guess. - Good . No transformed. The faces moved upto points to up a little bit again. Don't align the points of the mod guard. In my opinion, we don't have to follow the reference picture. Exactly. I want to model a cute cartoon Look are, For example, I removed a much smaller Weir's. Then, in the reference picture, I think it looks great. No jumped into headlamps. D two objects, right? Click and choose Connect objects, plus deal it Go to excess center execute, - connect the edges here. As you can see, there is a whole. So I have to add more points and well done. Select the face and create where tick our cuts. If you are ready with it, connect the points and align them. - Now with using the bridge tool, connect the edges and the bottom of the car Nice . 9. 08 Modeling bumper: Let's continue with the bottom off the show organ. There is a hole left in the front. Select the faces and use knife tool with plane mode Y Z Jack snapping great four cuts. Which is important if we want to wear the point. Zoom in and rather points to close this whore. Good. No, sir. Like the following urges and transform them. I want to add some bigger space for the wheels. Be able to a week. Preserve groups. They removed the faces up a little bit. Okay, then Heidi amounted edges. Here we transform toe. Now I'm going to add some modifications today, buddy, because I don't want do much details. Move up the roof again. Yes, I like it. Actually, there is a big hole under the hood. I really don't want to be a done engine. Okay, let's create a cube, You snapping to position. And after that, make the cube at the table. So press see, transform it because it will be the front bumper. Find its right place. That's elegant. Two faces underhand port gone. And as for meat, he was district twice. It is easier if we don't want to add cuts. Had the material to the bumper. Damn modify the faces like I do diarrhea Show Gun has a similar bumper selling the faces on the back who would command and transform. So we added, stick to the Easter good. No defined a corner as well. - Andrea Card. This corner has a rubber cover. - I think it's OK named the object as a bumper and saved a project. No. Grab the move tool and withholding common. Duplicate the bumper because there are two bumpers rotated, then find its right position. Modify the object like this. The rear bumper has a difference. Look, no fine. 10. 09 Modeling rim: in this chapter, we are going to work with the reams. My choice is a classic show. Gun room. First of four. Find a cylinder. Rotation segments were 24 use lower height values at kept segments. Four is okay. No, Go to Selleck. Loop selection. Select the edges like me on modify with slight. Now select inner edges and move it a little bit. Change the phone younger to get a harder look in the next steps. I try to add a similar look like really him. - Okay . We need a cube now at Phila Teoh it and modify it like this. I will use this object to cut hole in the room. Did the phone tag change its anchor point and go to MMA graph Groener drop the objecting to clone air use Radium would count. Is six that are six. Horse in a sense for a panel voted the object to the right anger rotated again, then duplicated the clone and rotated my news eight by Z axis. Move the close down. Make them at the table. I have to select all elements and then press See again. Now we can create horse easily. Find bullet too on and off the rim and the cloned objects into it. A subject. Be change. A Seacrest's good. Check the following boxes. High quality Kuwait Single object. Hi, New edges Looks nice. Change the phone gang. Go to low, where you named a new object as a dream and modify its anchor point using snapping, then find its position very good. 11. 10 Modeling tire: Okay, We have a dream and we have to model a tire to it at a tube, then use the same position as the rain. He's the same rotation segments lying before at Philip to the Cube. Using low segments. Change the phone gang girl Dan, Make it at the table. So press see, Select the inner point on the both sides and has farm to the rim. Sugen is an off road car, so we have to build a matter in Tyre. Select some faces like me, Then go to mash. Disconnect. So we made duplication from this selection. Change its excess center and then use be about toe and check press on groups at this time, then click to transform. This will be the rib off the tire. Add additional beaver to it. Align the points a little bit. No, I'm going to cut the middle rib erratically Add more cuts to separate this river De rotated this face a little bit. What a d other ones as well. Okay, Align its access to the rim Had a cloner dand of the object into it. Youth radio mode radios his zero transformation. Deb, why? Exes is 90 degrees account number is 22. No. Align the cloned objects to the tire, admit areas to them as well. Make them at the table there and created group to the tire on dream. Name it as a well, then find its right position. It's a kind off oy cars. I'm going to scare down the well, cute. 12. 11 Modeling mirrors: I guess it is bigger than I want. So scared down if you want, then select the points of the tire like me and use the Transform tour to align. Okay, now I'm going to scale down the war. Well, to duplicate this well, I'm going to move it, withholding common. Then I'm going to rotate it. No Selig boat. Weir's on duplicated again. Now we have four Weir's go to decide view because we will add daters to it. Select the faces. Dang grabbed a knife tool with play mode. Y Z Great do cuts in activity. A pillar. Excellent. These faces than aligned appoints the body in the following steps. I'm going to murder two big mirrors. It's kind of passed me yours. My car has a similar type off mirror. Andi, I love it. Find a panto andro, the main shape of the mirror holder. Of course. Later, you can modify these at it points if you want created circa it. We're better silhouette of the holder, then create a sweep doubly to splints into it. Great. Used the way radios change the axis and move the whole order to the right position. Now you can add it and move displaying points. If you aren't check the sweep, you can see damn point better changed the intermediate 0.2 uniforms we'd hire where you let's continue with the mirror. Edit a cube like me make it palatable than admit Overlooked. Eight. To use the phone gang girl as well, I'd be to demean our good without it it a little bit right now. Duplicated Sweep object. I'm going to add more details straight. Find its details. With the skilled busy air, you can change its form. This line means the full length of the spine with comment. Click. You can add more points to it if you move the point. The thickness were changed at some points to see similarities that you will get better results. We'd hire segment where you fine . I like it. Create a group for the mirror and duplicated for the other side is the same access, like the car has good. No, it looks like a cute toy car 13. 12 Modeling springs differential: Heidi reference picture in the right view port. Not important anymore. You snapping and grabbed a pen. Do it again. I'm going to create the except for the were, modify its access and move it to the right place. - Greatest circle and a sweet like before. So create a cylinder, use uniforms and modify to sweep. I want a different ER in its media. So at points to display line, use a higher reduce as well. No, try to dro. Do you see the threat of the AXA at material to it? Of course. Good. No, I'm going to create springs to the rare Weir's, especially Leaf Springs, because the classic show gun is a 30 years old. Murder created you at first, then use 18 our world to it. - Go to the slice planet and used minus 70 on 70. Quit to duplications from this spring and changed them. Lang now select all and press see Dan connect objects ad material through it. It's like the ex Ah damn Pressey modify its access as well. Select spring use the same access like excel Dan duplicated, modified this face. He's a little bit as I can see. I have to modify the rat X points of the door. Okay. Jumped in a front bumper because there is no holder on it. I'm going to create one with a breach tour. Connect these edges, then exclude them. - I guess it is okay. Now. Jumped in a rare bumper and used the same method to be a day of order. Bridge stool and exclude the faces. Good. No more. Back to the right place. Select the Xer and changes phone. Django. Great. Alex. I'm going to model the front springs. Radios where you is. Seven. Finest right position. Create a circle. Done a sweep displacements. Do it. Modify its excess point circle Radios a 0.7 a day singing that to create suspension as well. And I into the spring. Use a lower radios. The rotation segments where you is 18 Saturday. Headaches and change in town. Media points to uniforms. Number where you is. One. Make the Tabor cinder Dan duplicated twice. Create a group for the spring on. Move it and actually were rotated. Okay, 14. 13 Detail the rim: because I don't want to many parts in this mother. I'm going to contact the elements off the front spring phone. Django, where you is 20. Okay, no changes. Texas. Find a media point of the car, then duplicated spring simper rotated Hi The excel at this time and got the spine to it. You snapping andro their arm off the were great a circle and they sweep it up. Despise into the sweep. Changed a moat Do uniforms he used over a reservation Delete the phone gang girl at this time and modify the arm a little bit Move the upper points like me Then duplicate the sweep . I'm going to use a double arm Indus Motor. We need something for the rims. Let's create screws to it and a circle first place it then with kroehner radio remote. Great. Five screws from it. Rotate the circus circle. Rate use is 0.3. We need a bigger second to the media at an excellent object pans of this cruise into it. Press see and gonna de elements in exclude use uniforms with low number where you majesty objects find its right access than a tick. Nasty other circle with expert as well uniformed mode. Find its access Damn place. It finally modified day points of the cap. Great with using a cylinder, I'm going to connect the wheel to the arm. Use lower rotation segments as usual. Place it down. Duplicated breast. See, Dan matched him because I deleted the other with No, I'm going to duplicate a new one with its details. As you can see, the rare Excel and spring have a different place. So fix this problem better, finally duplicate the weirs to the other side as well. Nice. 15. 14 steps radiator window frame: in the following steps. I'm going to work with the show gum body. I just sound where tax points do a better look to create. We were Look, I'm going to transform these points. I just the points off the mark card as well, Selling the faces on the bottom to beard kind of steps. He was beaver tool, then extrude the selected faces. Go ahead. Did a car stop at Beaver to it? Oh, Sugen has a spare were so duplicate one of the wheels find its position. Okay, that is a weird space under the hood because we didn't be at the engine. Grab a cube and modify it to be a radiator in y axis. Use higher segments. Select the faces on the front and use be toe Good. Damn. Place it behind. Agree It looks much better in the following steps. I'm going to create Sears for the windows First, select the edges dango to mash commands. Etch displayed cinema four D made individuals plans from days edges. Hide the body for a second created circle and a sweep. Use adaptive for do you see your spine drop display eines into the sweep and then change the radios of the circle. He was loga segment ad material to it Changes circus shape if you want to modify this year, eh? Just these edges as well, okay. 16. 15 Turn signals: noticed. Focus Under turn, Sina. I'm going to duplicate the glass, but in an unusual way. So like the faces down click to split we have the new objects and moved them to back. So this will be the rare lamps. Find its right place. We need to transform it. No, it is a hole here. Feel it, Dan. Sect edges with the loop selection and exclude them. Feel the horse. Then moved the lamp Withholding command so duplicated I'm going to cut the body with the new object Grab ably dander up the car body and a new object into it. DYP is a subject b them presi to connect day parts. Clear the material, then drop it again. Good. No, I just the points off the lamp to the car body. Then find a threat Position edges the points again. Now I'm going to work with the side windows. First off, all connect oil a Sears just the points of the B and see Pilar because there will be a plastic element on the sea pillar Select the faces of the two side windows down with knife to look at them now transformed the second faces a little bit like me on the CPR. Cut the faces. Too many parts. Like this knife tool. Which line mode will be fine for this? Uncheck me with it. But only great cuts. Dango today, beaver toe use low. Where you for offset? New transformer Exclusion. Where you He's one centimeter. I just the edges a little bit. Good. In the next steps, I'm going to add detail to the red door. There will be able and corner in the upper side. I just the CIA to the money. Five door, - Okay . 17. 16 Wiper: there are no handers in our car, so let's create them. Selected faces on the doors down with knife to will add more edges to it. Select the square in the middle and then go to the Beaver Tour. It will be a very simple hander, absolutely enough for this car. Create in a B Well, first Dan extra in the face, just the edges. Good. Also the windshield because I'm going to model windshield wipers to the show gun. Start by using a cube Dan. Transform it like me, duplicate the object. Then at the points, duplicate the first object again because this will be the arm. Change its access and create a Syrian there as well at feel to it. Group the object into one. Define its access, Then place the viper. - Rotate the group a little bit. - If you already duplicate the viper. - Good . Oh, I forget something. We need to create a hole there to despair. Were I'm going to build it using a books. - Actually , the faces lost more again and aligned the point to the car body good finally creating hander for the rare doors as well. I'm going to select these edges and then I'm going to use, like to always transform and excellent a new faces. Okay, 18. 17 Complete the lamps: in this chapter, we will add some details to the headlamp. I matched the front lamps before. No, I'm going to clear one first. Change the people to the right lamp Media Polygon. More than selling the other headlamp, Dan, he'd do it. Varteks mood and clear the where Texas is where, - As I can see, I have to modify the right X points in the next steps at a cone rotated and use the same position as the lamp. Modify it, - Dan . Duplicated to the other side, we were cut the body with this concept. Carnegie objects duplicated them. Andi, add a building. Do the body and the cones into it and change the phone Gang goes as well. Jump to the booty and check. Creates single object and high new edges. Then choose to connect objects. Now select duplicated cones on deal it Damn faces these cones. We'll get reflective materials. Find this right position and then clear the last line of the rat taxis Duplicated material and name. It s chrome. It is a quick matter area, you know, at a swear to their car, Rotate and scale down it. I don't find this place. It will be there, bob over. They had them duplicated and add a totus Modify it. Did it go on? This ring will be the chrome frame. They're ring. Radius is lemon and the pipe radios is 0.8. Good who had explode and Dilip Dua taxis in the back, allowing the point a little bit. Name it as a ring, duplicated. Of course I need a city in there. Actually, I want to rebuild. They had lamp grass. There's a fact Paju has re a glass headlamps. Modify the cap and fill it. I think it's gay. - No less complicated dance. Scale it down a little bit. The glass has thickness, so I'm going to use the bully again. Move this point. It is important. Then drop the two glasses into the bully. Imagine them and then allowing the point. Don't forget to duplicated. Add a material which has got transparency. Her defection I O. R. Is 1.5 right 19. 18 The rear turn signal and the tank: go to the rare lamps? No, I'm going to add deep. There's do it as well. Duplicate the exist lamp on modified. Cut it from the body with using boy at the class material to the lamp shade Good named a group as well. Prayer lamp. Find the bobs we made before and we hold in common and move it to the back. Find its right position. Changed the view and duplicate the box again. Okay. Name the front lamp as well. In the following steps, I'm working in the turn. Signer First off, all Sagna faces now he was displayed. As you can see, we could make duplication from the selected faces. Now move the scale The faces to define space for the bobs. Select the faces off the lamp shade, Move the front faces a little bit And then using bridge tool for the horse duplicated the object. It scared down a little bit and grab the bully. We did thickness to it. Good magic. The object clear dear isn't material and are glass material to it. Name and at and t object. Go to the access center than find the right position. Duplicate the barbs from the rare lamp and moved them to the front. Erin is the group's if it's necessary. Okay, that is a mistake we believe. Spring. I have to fix it quickly that one of them on duplicated the left one to add more cartoonish Styx. I'm going to move up to the body a little bit, actually. See, Like the springs and the weirs. Dan, move down Now. The leaf springs are okay. Off course you should add it. The points of the front springs Change the coordinate system. When you move these points, Dan, modify their arms as well. Find it to blinds under the sweep. So, like the points down, move them up. It looks better. Maybe modify the points of the body orange and renamed the group's off the wheels and changed the access of the front Wears next. I'm going to model a driving shaft for this little car. It will build from a simple cylinder. Were we to the media he used at the table mood? And what if I the points like this change its access and rotated? I think it's OK. Grab a cube because we need a petro Thank as well use the same position as the drive shaft . Transform me, Danu. Some cuts to a detest to it. Three cuts will be fine. Select the faces on the bottom, then use the Bieber tour. Don't forget to and check the press armed groups. Dan used the same method on the other side. Tell a defunct tag and find its position. Finally, w materials to it Good. 20. 19 Exhaust and separate the window: there is no show going without exhaust. I would build it from spine, I guess a nice way to define its basic shape. We depend, tool and choose the top U At some points on dro a shape like this after the last point. Breast escape doe another spine next to it because these two points you snapping off course that is the points. Then grabbed the knife dual and at two points hold shift when you use it. Okay? No, a day circle and they sweep as well. Douglas Plein and a circle into the sweep Change the plane mode off the circa about there. Choose uniform mode in circa where you wan It's fine. Did the defunct Dag move it up? Finest right position and then select the on point of this plein and arrange them to the tank breath. See two very table more that a defunct AG, as usual said, like the object off the ex house Dan matched them. Drop the matter er to it and select the two caps. Clear. Dumb had new caps. It is important to create better result. Selig. Damn again And use the beaver toe at you. Look to it exclusion is zero. Offset is 0.5. Dan hit new transform. I like it. Change its axes. Create new cut. I'm going to create kind of tank scaled down and use fill. It duplicated the let the phone text and at materials to the tanks rename and at NGO objects create a group name Has exhaust also named the objects of the mirror than an inch them? I had a group for the weirs and the springs. You will find the elements quicker and easier if you use groups in your scene frame. I want to a thickness to the window, but first I have to split it. So, like the car body. Then we'd face most selected parts of the window and hit Split, named a new object as Gus Hided. Then go to the body, handled the selected faces, no Hyderabadi, and let's focus on the windows, used the XO tours and check great caps. As you can see, there are double glasses here. We need to move the points a little bit. The class material out of the window object fine 21. 20 Build the interior: I guess the body looks great, but inside there are many weird horse. In the following steps, we were fixed. This problem, the bridge door will help us. Used edge mode. First Dan grabbing the tour. Connect the edges in the Pilar's a pillar. If you want to add new faces, use the polygon tour. With this, you can add new edges to the faces. Focus on the sea. Pilar. Okay, No, I'm going to build a war here except these edges down. Withholding common. Move them down. Continue with the door and the front runner. Switch to the bridge tool and connect the edges off the floor. We're really going to draw trying us. I just these points, no doubt. Not an easy way to find and just the point. Use the snapping in the edge mode. It is a nice method. Use it on the other side as well. - We have deep early going to again to feel the whole good at point than adjust them. - Dan . Let's continue to build, Waas said. Like the urges and duplicate them. Transform eat a little bit down, connected by taxis he was knifed to will do add more edges if it is necessary. Check the books off visible. Only create triangles again and at the bridge. Tools to connect these two edges. Not a perfect job. I know, but I like it. Take a look around. There are multiple faces here. Billet and weird. It again. Leave these faces off the floor. Okay. No, I'm going to be a d dashboard. Good idea. If you can find some reference pictures for it with using this light, do it. I can add more edges on the surface. No, said Agnes faces Dan. Change it. Transform tour. Just scale horizontally. Similar metal. Like using the knife door. No. Add new cuts knife Do it and use the plane mode. Cries e He was a big toe. Do and arrange. It means the normal of the faces are different. Select order faces and use rivers and ally Norma's to fix the problem about there. Go back to the dashboard. So he really the items off the dashboard like the Spirit mater, for example, this will be descent are part of the dashboard for the instruments on a maybe with a beaver to add more details to it, - this will be a under for the fearful passengers that they are mounted faces down. Modify the floor, speech the normals as well. - Then build the console for the gearshift lever. - Use a modification in place of the rehearse. It's good . 22. 21 Create seats for the car: We have no seats at this time, so let's create. I'm going to start it by using a cube. Add more segments in X axis for it is okay, then. Actually the faces and then I just data points. Change the phone. Bangor to 15. As Peter look to the seat. Good duplicated model, then rotated. This party is different a little bit. Group the objects off the seat. If you are ready and find its place. It's killed down in intimate nice named the group and ad material to it. Wait a minute. We need to be Alexe for it To build this, I'm going to choose this life store. Select the faces like me and use plain mode with the bridge to connect the edges. - Okay , Move the seat into the car. Change its excesses down. Mirror it Now duplicate the states. I'm going to model the recipe from the duplicate models. Select Dan managed them into one object. Changed the access point. Check the normals. The right one is blue, allowing the normals well, the bridge tour connectivity to sits. Okay, It looks weird at this time. So modify the point. - Now look matter find his position Great. No, we have seats for four person, just like in a really Sheldon 23. 22 Steering wheels and gear shift: Let's continue with building the steering wheel, grab a ring and use nowhere. Segments breath See to make it at the Tabor mode, Select six faces Dan use. We were toe Jack preserved groups with using the bridge tool Connect the edges, feel the horse and after that, create cuts on it. Okay, No ally in the points and they still in there to the center. - He was the lowest segment again. And make it at the table. Modify it to add details, dangled objects, name it and find its right position. Rotated. Of course. Fine. Had material to it in the following steps. I'm going to modern day Viper switch. Grab a cube again. Ex segments. Where you six. Dan. Task for me presi and try to add viper switch. Look to it. Who affects mood. I guess it is. Okay. Modify the excess point, then a lying to the steering wheel. Scale down on rotated. Create a duplication to the right side. The more that the gearshift lever use a sweet First, use the West segments as usual. Dan Pressey select the faces on the bottom and excluded a larger radios and a smaller one that the cap then modify the funk tack or does it and had material to it, of course. Then move it into the car. I'm going to create a group core interior, so W states the steering wheel and the gearshift lever objects into it. In the next, I will at some data us to the doors, but first I have to flip some enormous. 24. 23 Add details for the roof: I'm going to use the existing hander for the doors. Selling the faces seemed a normal eyes. Then go to MASH. Commands spread. We got another hander. Align the points they rotated under. Change the axis Hello into the door. Okay, no. Use the same center at the car and leave the Honda. If you say like the faces, you can do it easily with them. Erato drop down into T interfere group. Let's focus on the car. Stop the area. Sugen has few embers parts on the roof. So said, like two face. Yes, we have to flip its nor my first, then grabbed the knife tool and with using plain mode, create five cuts. - So , like the faces, then create two cuts horizontally. Grab the five hedges and then use the beaver to or to offset them. Selling the new faces and add exclusion. Offset is 0.6 Great. Let them to the hood. I just want some modification in the art intake. I guess. Say toner. One will be better. So setting do at X point scared and move them up much better. I don't like these edges on the hood, so I'm going to rebuild it. It's like the faces and new cut Clear This one. Read the unnecessary rat X points clear this little face as well. Had any of the points and add a new face with the polygon tour about there, There has to horse next to the intake. So I'm going to add a cut across. No, I can't wear the points easily. Finally, arrange and named the groups. I mean yours gear shift lever before the main car, okay? 25. 24 The logo: are showgirl. Looks nice, I guess. But there is no Mitsubishi's sign on the Greer, so let's moderate. Fortunately, I have a reference picture so I can use it as a reference. Great. A more text and tightness in machine. Hi, Phone they a fond for it. It is called Bitter Machine. You can find it in bonus material. Check the reference picture and l. A and the characters. If you check the turning, you can align the characters separately. Moved. Attacks to the center. You snapping scale down the text and place it. Name it and admit every athlete. There's a logo that we have to mother. So we are going to murder three Rambos rep. Depend tool and try to copy the logo. Then exclude the shape with excellent tour breast. See and measure objects. Flip it, setting the faces and use the mirror toe connected to elements. Then create another copy from the rhombus. Rotate and place it define its access. Access Santa Damn. Place it on the green. Scared down. Looks great. I guess we finished our tiny showman 26. 25 Rendering: in this chapter, I'm going to show some tips to create creek settings for under before it. I have to arrange. The group's off the car. Paris and materials are so poor at this time, jump to the glass material and do some modification in the material editor. Go through transparency than reflection. President, there are many presents here. Choose the grass. The I R where you off the glass is exactly 1.5 point seven. It is important for us changing color to light blue the where you of the blurriness will be one person. Okay, No. Create a floor object and place it hide Agreed It is not necessary Go to create a physical sky. Actually, its position does not affect the scene. Only the direction jump to the sky, settings and time and location. Here you can add exact time off a day, month and city as well. I'm going to rotate this guy because I want a different shadow direction in render settings , choose physical mood Surrender dimensions are h d love the aspect ratio for the test. I'm going to use lower where you first anti Elias ing. You can choose a different mode from sharp to smooth. My choice is the cubic filter with 1.75 go to physical. To tell the truth, I tried many settings. I guess this one is really good for our sin. Simpler is fixed the equalities medium subdivision, where you is for quick Teoh effect and choose ambient occlusion to get better results. I'm going to change his Grady, and I want some more exciting effect. So let's change the black to a blue color, then increased the ray length to 1000. The floor has no material at this time or so It is a infinity plane. I don't like this great look right. Click on, find the composition tag. Check these two boxes and create a test under. With the exception, we can hide a color off the floor. We can see the cast shadow only. I should change some settings in the car paint. For example, the main color. This will be in blue. Go to reflectors and add reflection to it. Dear layer fresh. My mood is conductor. There are many presents as well Jews. Chromium. The where you have the brightness is 32. Roughness is 20%. Okay, lets right Render. Just seen I like it. But with a bright logo and characters, it will look better. That is one thing left. Go to render settings and and global elimination effected. Orender. This indirect illumination means to add more realistic lighting to the three D scenes. Politically reflections, reflections and shadows are all examples of global elimination. Brenda to see again looks pretty. I'm pleased with the result. 27. 26 Bonus chapter - rack: Okay, guys, this is my bonus chapter for you. And beside this there is a free asset with tiny packages for a big journey with Sheldon. Without a luggage rack, we can't carry them. So let's model it. Created EQT and Girl Dan. Transform it to the roof. Use radios. 15 centimetre will be nice. Create a circle and they sweep displacements into it. Modify direct anger. Any form is better. Exacta circle and use nowhere segments, so increase the angle. 2 40 radios is two centimeter anti the phone. Bangor to lower value. I guess it's OK. Duplicated Sweep on. Moved to up Change its and core point. If you want. Modify a cube to create a holder to the frames segment. Why is four or five change it to the table mood? They're scaled down. Place it above the door Who attacks mood and align the point to the frame and the body as well. - Okay , duplicated and it points again. Dan Daily defunct Tex measured two objects and modify the excess point Reier mode, and the snapping can help us said like the faces and go to mass transform floors and mirror changed according a system to screen and kicked to the center of the car. Good group the elements off the rack. Their name it that the Metarie as to the group and create some planks as well. He was a box to build it with using the grown after work. Create sound applications. Choosing an hour more count. Number is five and increase the value of the axe. 79 It's OK. Place it. We have to use a modification. Scaled down the planks a little bit. Change the X where you dont do we would be better creating Grew for the cloner Um , I'm not sure about it. So measured elements then go to the access center and hit the execute The frame has rounded corners so I want to align the boards to it. Use rat explored, select the points on the left and right side board, then moved them. And that's our name, the object and ad material to it. And he does the final model of the show gun. I'm pleased with the result. And I hope you enjoyed my course. If you have a question for your free to ask me my