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Modeling a Matchstick and burning it down in Cinema 4D

teacher avatar CS Motion Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Instruction Overview

    • 2. Creating The Matchstick Model by VDB Modeling

    • 3. Setting Up The Camera And Light

    • 4. Creating Our Materials and Combine them With A Vertex Map

    • 5. Creating The Transition using a Vertex Map, Fields and Deformer

    • 6. TurbulenceFD Tipp Breakdown

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About This Class

Hi, my name is Christian. Welcome to the Course!
I am a motion designer and 3D generalist with over 9 years experience in the industry.
I have only recently started to create online courses.

What will you learn?
You will learn to use the new VDB Modeling tool in Cinema 4D. As well as the combination of deformers, fields, vertex maps and octane materials. And some basic light setup.

- Cinema 4D R20 (or higher)
- Octane Render

In this course I will show you how to easily create a match using VDB Modeling. Then we will transform it into a burnt match with the help of vertex maps, deformer and fields. We will also create and integrate some Octane materials.

We will take care of the following material contents:
-Creating the Matschstick Model with VDB Modelling
-Setting up the Camera and lights
- Creating Our Materials and Combinie them With A Vertex Map
-Creating The Transition using a Vertex Map, Fields and Deformer
- TurbulenceFD Tip/Show off/ Breakdown

Who is this course suitable for?
This course is for those who want to extend their understanding of VDB modeling, deformer, fields, vertex maps and octane.

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Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Christian. I am a motion designer and 3D generalist.I've worked in the industry for nine years.

During this time I gained a lot of experience, which I now use to build my own business.

Besides the classic freelance work I create templates and now also video tutorials.

i look forward to sharing my knowledge online! I have learned a lot from other tutors worldwide.

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1. Instruction Overview: Hello, everybody. On what? Come to my first lesson. First of all, what you need you need at least cinema 40 are 20 on the octane run applicant. You should have basic knowledge in cinema four D and obtain in this lesson I will show you different techniques. We start with modeling a match using the new BDB tool inside Cinema four d. Then it's on to texture, ring evil, create simple materials and obtain and combined them with a vortex math. The next step will be to turn our match into a burnt match with the head off the former's and Vertex maps, as well as fields, start their salat to be done. 2. Creating The Matchstick Model by VDB Modeling: Okay, let's start. First. We need an image. Ah, reference. So we can easily adapt our three D model to it. Therefore, we go to Google and search for the keyboard. Imagistic. The most suitable pictures are from the front perspective. After you found the picture you like, just save it on your hard drive. Okay? Back in cinema press afford to get in the live from few. Then guilt. Two options Come figure on to book tap back here. We can load our image that I just downloaded from Google. Just open it on and it will appear in the background off our front few. Okay, now we can start to modeling our matchstick for us. We will create a cube and adapt it to our referenced picture. Yeah, something like that. And we will create a sphere. So for the head part off the majestic, just scale it on a little bit. Um, - okay , no. We will create a 50. The former parented to our sphere. Click on it to parents. Um, skeletal little bits. No going to point modes and sort of the mesh off the 52 former. So this fear will match color imagistic hats Yeah, something like that. Okay. So far so good. So the next step is, um que create another two former this place Former parented under the sphere again go to shading on shader Andi to go to noise Here we can see we get a little more detail which is good can tweak it a little more by getting into the noise Shader and change the global scale to 200 That's much better. Um Then go to volume volume builder so we can build our wall Young Just parents Waas, Fear and Cube under the volume builder on Now we have Teoh tweaked the resolution, if you will. So the works of size bring it on toe one slow the racial loosen resolution with rice, um to get rid off the polygon Look well at a smoother layer That looks not too bad. So maybe a little placement. It's a little bit too much though. Maybe four or seven. Do it then it's time to build our wall You, Michelle, go to volume And while you measure, wreck and drop our volume builder into it and we got our match I think our displacement it's still a little bit too much. So maybe just bring it down a little bit. Value six should be fine. Also, we should attempt our FTD form a little bit more to get a nicer, uh, had apart from off the matchstick. Just, uh, bringing a little bit more down at the bottom. Well, that looks great. Or some, um, yeah. No, we will just, uh current state object. O r Molly, measure. So we have polygon model, which we can use in the next part. See you there. 3. Setting Up The Camera And Light: so before we getting started like to change? Um, the options you so go to options. Come figure on to the top few on change of the tinted border from 10 to 100%. So we get a better results off our final look. No, we will create or obtain camera. So go to life. You're under objects and creates your octane camera. No, go to the coordinates and just really let alone the values so we can adjust our values as we want. I will also change the focal lengths to 50. If you're happy with your camera perspective, just create a key frame Eso If we accidentally moved, the camera can always jump back by moving a frame forward or backward. You know, we will create or lights it up. To do this, we will create a circle. Then go to the object. Tap change of the plane to X and C change of the radios to like 1800 something like that. Onda, move the circle on the Y axis to 260. No way will create a null object. Rename it to light targets. Andi move with also in the wax is 216. No, we will create our every lights to do this. Guilty objects, lights obtain area light. Rename it to Syria One light, then under details, we will increase of the size on both access to you 700 then right click on the light cinema Few texts and at ah, line to supply tech put or a circle into this blind path than right. Click on the lights and really Tex and target objects and insert our light targets. No, we can take a look at our rendering. So to do that fire up obtained, go into the tin camera on quickly adjust the Rennes settings. We can also go to options and disable check camera so I can disconnect the crude rent a few and obtain we know from our cinema four d camera. Okay, let's Ah, just the lights that we just created. I will leave the power off light, um, by 100. Change the position to around 50. Um then we will copy the first light. Rename it to light to change of the power to run about 15. Andi, change the position value to like 80 to 90 something between that then we can create another life. Just copy 2nd 1 Rename it to like three. Andi changed position value again to something like 10. Andi, let's have a look. So for the for third lighter will use Sapporo five and I think we are done with our lights it up. 4. Creating Our Materials and Combine them With A Vertex Map: and this party will create our first materials one material for the hat on and one material for the stick area. On day, we will combine both materials with the vortex map on Let's scope. We will start by creating our vortex map to do this press shift. See, too. Opened the search window type in pain toe click on it. Make sure our three D model is selected. Andi, just start painting. You can adapt the radios off the pain tool the attribute window or just by clicking, control the middle most button and just start painting like Bob Ross. You can also change the display. Few to go are changing lines. So you see also the mesh off those readers. Three Deal checked sometimes. So it's a nice help to painting with vortex map. Okay, I know we're done with the vortex map. Um, you can see we have Ah, rough. Etch off the word six map. We will get rid off it by going to the attributes attributes off the paint tool and change the mode from absolutely smooth so we can easily smoothed out of the heart. Etch off the vortex map. OK, now it's time to create so first material. So go to the obtained life. Your materials on use obtained universal material. Double click on it. Go. Teoh metallic on set of the float slider to zero can also disable Natalie completely because you will use speculum this case, uh, and goto albedo, which is but refuse column Change your color. You like rename the material. I will call it hat a cup of the material. Rename it again. Limits stick, choose you another. Another diffuse color. Andi know we're going t o to connect fourth off this material. So materials on choose octane mixed material. Double click on it, rename it so we'll name it a matchstick. Andi, apply the two materials we just created to it. Um, Now open the noting you tour. As you can see, all the materials are there. Currently there will mixed by a flow texture. We don't want this, so just remove the float Note on at the verdict. Smith connected to the amount. Um, no click on the vortex map. Rename its quickly Just underscore material on drunken Drop it to the Vertex mednotes and, uh, no, we can't take a look so fired up. Yeah, for a skill to the right camel fi up surrender. And of course, I forgot. Teoh, Apply texture attack on bond. Here we go. Um, we have Mickster material with ah vortex math applied. No, we will add a little bit more detail into our materials. Before we do that, we will get a little closer to our three. Or checked. Can do this by clicking lock on the life you're But we will just rearrange our camera. Ah, make sure you have a check camera unable to again under the life you options off. Obtain double click on that material. Guilt to the roughness channel on bond. Adjust the value. I will go with the value of 45 Onda, the speculative channel. I will go with the value off run about 60 65. Because off the tutorial, I will only copy and paste the coming values for the materials so we can save some time. Here You're a modern that come to try out your own values. Okay. Double click on that material on guilt albedo on rival just paced x number off her darkish Rhetta. Really like then opened the noted eTour rearrange the window. Really quick on getting our first noise so we will link it. Started toe the bomb channel so we can see it in the left. Fewer also, make sure you're using their protection. Cubic in the check shirt. Text attack instead Off UV mapping. Okay, Care to our noti detour on. Do we go? Ah, just of the first noise. So set the type two circular, the octaves to 16 on the contrast to three. Then at second noise link it to the bump channel. So we have a straight feedback through the life you were changed The type of the most chips on the tapes to 16 on the contrast to three. No, we have to combine both noises. To do that, we will use a mixed note. Um, put both noises into the mix. Check shirt on and link it to the bump channel. Uh, no, we will at transform note. Andi, link it to both noises on that, uh, value off two. Scared 2.7. Now we will take care of Oreste material. They do that. We will rearrange our camera first so we get a better few through life. Fewer than, uh, double click on the stick texture on goto the noted guitar um, I will paste the diffuse color First on the done in the low d d Tora import the first noise . Link it to the bomb channel again. The type off the noise will be pearl in octaves. 16 on and contrast 24 Then we will create juvie Transform. Um, he select look aspect ratio Andi Change of the X scale. No, sort of the white scared five. We will at another noise linking to the bump channel The taste will be six on the contrast nine type also Pearland at another you we transform go into its he select look aspect with you on the X scale said 0.5 on the y scale. 10. No, we have to mix both noises again to that at a mixed picture link both noises into it on bond link the mixed sexual into the bomb, Then readjust the speculum little bit for the roughness. No, let's take a quick look off another angle. But it looks fine for no Should should work. No, that's setting up a layer. So we keep things organized. So good layout help. All right, click new layer rename it to match stick, um, select all materials and track and drop it to the majestically on. No, we will creates charge version off our materials. So first of all, we will create a new later call. It's Matchstick chart. No, uh, copy and paste oh, are just created materials on the drag and drop it too. The magic chart. Leah, double click on the mixed material. Rename it to match stick chart. Also for the hat material had charged on for the sick material to stick chart. Now back to limits material. Um, it's important to re link the materials because he didn't do it for us, so we have to do it manually. Okay, No double click on the hat chart material so we can change the values. We will start by changing the diffuse color to like, ah, then quickly apply or matchstick mix material to you are three d model. So we have ah, life feedback. Ah, back to the no detour so we can adjust or a textures. But for a better note. Editor over Hubie shoot. Just ease the hatch art material. So double click on it. Okay. No, it's time to insert my magic numbers again. So click on the first noise and change the type to Perlin, the octaves to five and the contrast 14. One of the second noise We will Changed Truculence of the octaves to five on the contrast to 14. No, for us My Bed of 14 4 Then we will chump into the transform note. Andi said it 2.2. As you can see, the life you're among makes much more sentenced sense now on no may be adept with roughness . Live Dittemore. Also the speculum I think this will do for no. Uh, no. Let's, uh, get into a stick Chart material Double click on it back in the note detour. Click on the noise on and change the octaves from 16 28 On the contrast toe 14. Click on the transform Lock off the expect race You on bond Change of the values 2.2 Well done On the second noise change of the octaves from 6 to 4 or five. Something like that. The contrast 2.4 and change the X Well, you 2.25 on the Why will you to 3.4 now The only thing left ISS to change the diffuse color to Black Onda. We should be fighting for this part, so it's a year in the next part. 5. Creating The Transition using a Vertex Map, Fields and Deformer: in this part, we take care off the tradition between the normal match and the chart match. We will combine both mixed materials and use another word X map for their transition. We will also form are a match model with the health off the former's and create a transition Using fields. We will start by copy, overtakes map, so click on it, then controlled key left mouse button and drag, then rename its to transition and turn on use fields. Now these elect of the freeze on a Delaney, a field boy clicking on the few button, then guilt the field options and change lengths toe one. The direction to minus y. No rearrange of the fields a little bit. So move it up on the Y. Access 340 should be fine. Make a key frame. Um, that's increase our frame range 250 Champ to frame. 120. Type in a value off minus 90 on the Y Xs. Andi, make a key frame on. By the way, trust you guys know I'm working 30 frames per seconds. Okay, Now let's take a quick look on our animation, and as you can see, with just two key frames, we have a nice transition. The next step is to create another layer so good for the light. Help right click Yulia, rename it to transition, then go to the life you were. Window material and create another obtain X material Lord wreck and drop our octane X material into the transition layer. Double click on the octane mix material and rename it to transition. Then apply our to mix materials we created earlier Match thick and the magic charge Mix materials going to the Noti detour. Remove the flow texture at the vortex map on bond connected to the amount wreck and drop our vortex met transition into it. No fire up, obtain render on. As you can see, we see nothing because I forgot to apply our any material through tracking. Drop it on our three D model. Ondas We can C O R R tex Map transition works Before we start deforming the model, we add a stick to texture attack to our model. So red click on our model than G O cinema four d tax and choose the stick to Texas Tech. This tech ensures that our material deforms with the three D model, kind of It's time to deform or three model. To do this, we will go to the D Former on chews Baki former than parent It two or a three d model RIA Trust of the position. A little bit ability. Form the hat first. Um, let's give it threatens off minus 15%. It looks that too bad than at another party. Former, um, rename it correctly, so just give it a number. Also rename linear field to living a few texture. So everything is organized. Then in our block two d former we give it a threat inks off minus 50 than playing a little bit with the wife size. Reposition it a bit, Yeah, I'm a beast drinks off my 40 evil work. This is just the work off Trent Aero. Then at another Auerbach D Former gives the number three parent it toe are, um, three D model again. This time we will click on fit to Parent. Uh, then give it off. Frank's off. Minus 50 year and re scale. It's a little bit. Yeah, I think you really fit for No. Okay. No press shift. See? On type in linear field so we can add a novel in your fields. Argue to the field. Tap change the direction to negative Why change of lengths to 55 on parent. It's too early in your few texture. Then change the Y Access to 50 rename it probably sold in your 54 months should work and no at the linear fut former Teoh The fall off taps off our ah three different party Former As we can see, the information is already happening. We don't want that right now, so go to the linear fut former Give it to the top, remapping and check Invert No, we can hit play and we will see the information works the right way. No evil at displacement Former. So go to the U Form a tap on. Choose this place off, then printed two or a three D model and and and at the linear fut former to it. Now go Teoh Object tap sect of the three ANC's from 10 to 3 Go to the shading tap at a noise Shader, go into the noise change of the global scale to 50 Andi on the relative skay the Y access to 200 on down the school adds a little bit more details to it, which is good. Yeah, that should work for now. No evil at a venti Formoso again. Go to the reform, a tap on and at 20 former and parented two or a three d model. Then apple change the colossal we can see better in the fewer go to object. Oh, and change of size to something about for hundreds or readjusting position a little bit on the Y axis on and set up with ranks to 15. Maybe Ria trusted Livermore on the Y axis, so we get a nice bent deformation. Now it shifts, see on and search for ah, in your field again, Andi rename it to Lindy, a field bent goto fields and change of the lengths from 100 to 500 on the direction to Negative. Why again, go to remapping and set the an offset to 50 and check and Lord No parent it to our linear few texture and Cyril the way. Well, you off our near future bent. Then at the linear. If you bend to the full of tap off her benty, former and press play as you can see the information transformation works pretty well. You can tweak the values off the reformers if you want to. So maybe reposition Ah, reposition the bendy former on the y axis again. Also maybe play around with the throngs off the monkey. Former, maybe even at Morty. Former to it. Another panty. Former. Another displacement the former. You can really freak out with all the these values. Um, for the tutorial purposes, I think I'll leave it like this. Um, I will do a quick render on. Then we will meet again. Here we are, guys or final rendering off the matchstick tradition. As you can see, the material transition a swell as the the transition off the three d model himself are working great. So if they said Aurea can, um, chest of the transition, as you want at just as many reformers to it as he want, I think you can do much better than this. One more thing I want to show you guys, is how we can get rid off the hard edge between the materials. So back in cinema, it shifts, See and type are books field on pared its two or Alenia feud texture than change of the why size to 11 and zero out the Y position value off the box healed so it matches perfectly. Are linear field texture, then hit shift See again Andi type in, not noise. It's a shade of field. Double click on it on parented tore box fields. Syria out the Y value off the position, um, fire up octane so we can see what's happening Currently, uh, nothing's happening because we have to go into the vortex map. Andi, apply here our fields that we just created. So adding the box you first then reckon drop the shade of healed into it. No, we have to change the blending mode from the shade off you to overlay on of the box field to Max. So basically, we use our approx field as fall over for our shade of field. Now we have to adapt the shade of heels to go to the field on and import noise field into the shade, a tap, then go into the noise under noise. We choose electric as ah, nice type octaves off 20 on the global scale off one under relative scale on the Y axis of 2000. Now we have more roughness on the material transition. This gives us a bit more detail. If you zoom in to close, it doesn't look too good, but it works for our perspective. 6. TurbulenceFD Tipp Breakdown: as you probably saw the some title, I also used triple and safety. Unfortunately, I don't have license on this machine, but only on my vexation, so I can show you the workload on the in the tutorial that basically it's easy. I've looked at the tutorial called Fire to Smoke by Ben Watson and adopted something which I will show you right away. Ben Watson's great. I learned a lot from him. In any case, take a look at this stuff. So basically, what I did is I just used another omitting method are used Vertex map emitter. And, um, the vortex map itself is controlled by a few so hit shift. See search for spherical field. Double click on it, then click on a Vertex map by controlled of mouse and drag. You can make a copy of it than even rename it to underscore TFT check. Use fields. Uncheck Freeze tracking. Drop off Furcal! Field into the vortex map, then parent it to linear feel texture. No, just play around with the Y position. I think in my case, I just seared out the Y position on gay so the legal field fall off the exact position off the linear few texture. One thing. Ah, one important thing is, um, in the turbulence of detect, you will have to turn on, um, the Vertex map emitter. It's called Something like that. And since we have three Vertex maps on our three d more three D model, make sure the truculence if the vortex map, as always, on the on the left side. So it's the first, the first tag after the Tribune's safety amid a tech. I think otherwise it will cause trouble. Thank you for watching. This was my first tutorial, but I think you already noticed. Maybe not. Well, now, you know, um, I hope you love something on and goodbye.