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Modeling, Texturing and Lighting a Pineapple in Maya

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Refference Image Setup

    • 3. Modeling Pineapple Pattern

    • 4. Texturing Pineapple Pattern

    • 5. Creating Pineapple Body

    • 6. Modeling and Texturing a Leaf

    • 7. Duplicating and Arranging Leaf

    • 8. Lighting and Rendering the Pineapple

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About This Class

Have you ever model a 3d Pineapple. If yes, Was your model looking unrealistic? If yes, then watch this class.

Pineapple image link -

Modeling, Texturing & Lighting a Pineapple in Maya, this class has lot of information which will help you model complex shapes in Maya. If you are a beginner Maya student then you should watch this class till end to learn valuable Technics in Maya, which you can use in your daily life or in professional life.

These are the key take aways

Modeling complex shapes using pattern modeling Technic
Using duplicate special to create pattern
Using Instance duplicate
Using Bend deformer
Using Soft selection
Quick way to Unwrap UVs
Quick lighting and Rendering using Arnold

Thank you for watching this class, If you like this class or if you want me to make some tutorial for you then please follow my channel and give a comment on which thing you want to learn. Thank you again for your valuable time which you spend to watch this class.

With Love,

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Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Introduction: Hi. This is Nell in. And you're watching Nerlinger not ready to trails in this video? I'm going to model and texture a pineapple in mind. After the later modeling, I got another request from a student for a pineapple. I believe his name is our basic, so here it is. So it would be a little longer. So keep watching till the end on your learning some good things. This is the model I'm going to do on. You can see, I have exhorted and no, the leaves are dynamic. If you move some leap, you can see they're changing the safe. So they're dynamic up. Set up the basic lighting. If you render this, we can see the look. Okay, so we're going to launch this, So keep watching till then. Let's talk 2. Refference Image Setup: so I'm going to start from a new scene. So let's don't say this or it's oppressed. New scene on Let's go to the front view and I'm going to important background image. So let's go to the front view. Click on this little icon or goto view in explaining 40 minutes, and I'm going to import a pineapple limits. So let's see what I have gave those. So I'm going to use this semester. Let's imported as background emits and now I'm going toe move. This emits towards this greed line here. Let's maximize this view on now I'm going to scale. This emits now. It's a very small So I'm going toe skillet. I put this something like this. Okay, lying to the help of this lane. Here you can see the pineapple is a very complex save. It does know a lot off complex sips on texture on it, so we're going to use pattern modelling technique. I call that pattern modelling techniques means you need to do one pattern and then we're going to duplicate it and parents in a way so that it looks no over. It looks like a set, so I'm going to do one pattern there. I'm going toe duplicate and let's see how I'm going toe. No toe this body parts. Then we're going to do the lift. So I'm going to do one part from here. So let's do this one any of this, which is no somewhere in the center. So I'm going to do wanting you on there, you can see No, there's a like, kind off skin on top of every pattern There. There's in on top of skin against it, this part. So we're going to do that separately, so let's do the back thing first. 3. Modeling Pineapple Pattern: So for that, I'm going to take a spear. Let's take a spear on. I'm going toe move that the Lucas on. Let's go to Channel Box on. Let's let's rotate the spear first. So holds a on your keyboard demoted from this angle so that this bull said toe front access here. So now I'm going toe change this height toe. Then I don't want so many polygons there, so but I want to keep this access 20. That's fine, because I want to have some details there. So let's move to this locus and I'm going to do this one. I'm going to delete some part. Let's move this immense first backward injured axis. It's move backward there somewhere. I'm now I'm going to delete Hap, so let's deal it. Help carefully select and delete from the keyboard. Now the profile is like hap spear. I can't sit still it 11 draw deleted. Okay, I think this is fine. No, I'm going to adjust it as that safe there, so I'm going to turn on extra more so that I can see through. Then I'm going toe existed. So let's select against elect vortices and move to know, Get that organ except behind there. So here you can see this kind off on angle, like disip. So I'm keeping this noise look like that so that I can clear that. Saved There it was scary. Liberate. It looks like two months surrounded there. So let's scale it. Okay, so I got this safe. Now, obviously, there are so many details on the nobody there kind off, no organic lines going on there like this. So we're going to do that. Let's see how to do that. Before that, I'm going to know duplicate the skin part. So I'm going to select some of the face from this. This place is I'm going to duplicate this process. Let's go. It makes on duplicate. And now I'm going to move a little bit in jail access so that it upset from that original piece there. Okay, so now this is matching piece, but a little upset. Okay, Now I'm going to smooth it in order to get all those no small organic details. So let's smooth it so that I have no lot of polygons. I need lot of polygons there, So let's put two divisions here so that I got some good amount of polygons there. Okay, now I'm going toe, Get those details. So in this case, I'm going to use my sculpting tool. So let's go to sculpting here on Let's go to this sculpting bus which is called to you can use Mao's. I'm using my pain tablet in this situation so it would be easier toe do it pain tablet than mouse. But you can do that it mouse, live it. No hard to do what it can be done. So here, if I've no place on drug, you can see it's like zebras. If you have walked on diverse, we can release called on it. What do you need polygons for this on If it's no, it pulls the vortices too much. Then you need to go to this tool setting double click on decrease the strength. If it's like maybe no, it said toe a higher number, and when you try it, it's can do something like this. So come here and decrease this value, which is the strength. So I need a very light strength even lower than this, so I can hold control and drag gradual from this box to decrease that increased low value. So I want a very low value. So that something like this maybe a little lower maybe. I think this is fine for the both size you can hold B and drug. Your left mouse are the pain. So I'm going to pull some. I'm going to put some new wrinkle kind off effect. So in order to push the vortices you hold control and then drug it pushed. Otherwise it will pull the vortices. So I'm going toe pool and pools and try toe, get something some kind off. No wrinkle. Are you gonna hold seeped and smooth as well? Smooth the north tens and there so then that we're going to do the same to me, this one as well. But let do this tale here. So let's select the stop part on Let's scale them in their access to flatten Does unlit scaling this way on. I'm going toe extra orders. Let's go at it. Makes an extra or, on move this glam trying to get this still there with every Batam. There's one tail on here. I'm going to Artem certain loop there, so let's go to May stool inside as loop, So I'm going to art some loops there to get that safe. Okay, lets are some more. Is love here toe Make it a little bit being kind off arc there. So let's are some Lou FIA on here. So there are so many of this year at the borders. I'm going to Mars. This to work. This is let's go to a treatments and Mars vortices more to center. And same with this to president to repeat that same accident that I'm going to deliver this inside. It's so let's go to edit miss and deal it. AIDS and vortex make it more pointy, and now I'm going toe do the same thing with this one, So let's smooth it. Let's put some good divisions, let's put, too. And I'm going to do the same thing with the sculpting tools here can see there to know men kind of wing can say so. Let's use this, plus so one part in is done now, Time to know, texture it. So before we duplicated, let's take separate 4. Texturing Pineapple Pattern: So for texting. I'm going to use this same emails here on We need some kind off TV's Let's Go to even here and open the VI editor. And now we have some Nobody for TV is going on there now. I can't see my movies are messed up, so let's goto this create here. That's Glicken planner here on Let's Go to the V on selective Revie, then Goto on Fall and click on Unfold Toe Unfold it. Make sure you first league on the planner on, then unfold now organ. See that on fully smoothly. Do the same thing with this one. Selected an object more than click on Planet here on its inside. This create mental on good unfold and click on four. Okay, so just very simple Levy to click, and it's done. Now I'm going to actually given material and assigned the texture, so let's select both of them on I'm going to right click on those and then goto a same favorite material, Then assign blame material here. I'm ascending, blamed because I want some sort off, no speculated E Sabrina speculated. So here. Let's move this and I'm going to right click here on, Go to blend material on I'm inside. This attributed it to right now on this tab let's go to this color checker and click on it and go to file here on Bring the texture here So I'm going to again reimport the texture. So I'm going to import this same text area. Okay, Now, if you check if you select the model, you can see the texture is here. Now we need to just select the CV double click to select Davey. Move it and you can see the texture here. If you press six on the view port, you can see the texture on the model, then scale receiving. You can again use the scale total. Move to Lord Turtle here. Now I'm going to scale and move. No move to a UV said they ve according to the taster. So we had basically doing the opposite workflow here so first texture than TV. So now I'm going to No, let's make sure it said there on make sure the V also matching with that piece. Now you can see it's not exactly mating. So I'm selecting this idea on press be toe tone on sub selection then you can move softly. You can hold B and left most drag toe change the radius on here. I'm going to our justice, basically trying toe. Bring the texture at the exact area like the model. But this areas is not being visible here, so I'm not worried that must on for this one. Let's bring the V something like this. Roughly on, you can see the one pattern texture is done that's close, deceive eating. 5. Creating Pineapple Body: and now I'm going to duplicate this thing. So let's first combine both of them. So let's go to Mace and combine on Private is at the center. That's good. Now let's group it. Let's go to top you first on. Let's move this somewhere here. Let's say this is the Pineapple Center and now it's very close to here. So let's move this somewhere. Maybe here on, Let's hold eggs and snap to the center center line here. I'm inside top, you know, on. Now let's group it press control G or go to edit and group. Now the by word comes here and now this model is inside a group. So now I'm going to duplicate it in around the circle. So let's go to any duplicate special. I'm Let's reset it here. I want to put 11 year. I want 12 actual patterns around the circle on. I have already. Once I'm putting, we live in here, and I'm going to put 30 degree in the UAE access so because I want to elf increases degree . So I'm getting 30 degree in between. No to support. 30 11 here are not going to choose instance rather than copy so that when you choose instance, when you are just orginal one, the other ones automatically our sister. So we need Skopje, their individual. They're not going to change because of this. So let's put instance on Duplicate Special. No, it's perfectly known said, And now I'm going to duplicate the group's select Everything Press up Arrow key to select the group's okay on Don't just select like this. It's gonna select everything individually. So let's select a top Iraqi and group. Now I'm going to duplicate it. So let's go to front view. So let's duplicate. Let press control de on, move on then press E two wrote, being the rotate to London wrote it kind of rotating and moving on rotating, then press SIPTU d sub d. It's gonna automatically move your attendants and duplicate for you, so I'm going toe not proceed to do, which is actually this nor duplicate to transform Upson soap recipe. So I'm going to put a little bit more than what I need here so that I can not our justice, by bending are adjusting this. So this is, um, it really suit. Sometimes it No. Sometimes it comes in Maya just a book. So goto existing and a sign Doma trail again. Okay, so, no, it's perfect. Now we're going to get this round safe. Now. That's not there. So we're going to get that round set. So we have to do this manually. So I'm going to know So you a little bit. Then I'm going to fast forward the video a bit so we can do this by just Let's start from this one on. If you select the front one, which is this one of you live, then if you rotated, you can see everything is rotating automatically because of that instance of some. So let's rotate on, move in, celebrate like this on. Let's do the same thing here. Move on, Rooted. I'm moving one piece. But all are behaving reacting because of that instance. Something like this, maybe. And a bit more. Okay, something like this do the same thing. I'm fastball running the video here. Okay, I just existed. Now I want to have a little bit card on the body now. It's almost straight here, so I'm going to use like this for debts. Let's select everything on go to deform on twos. lattice. We have a lot of polygon, so it can be a little bit slower. So let know how persons and go to lattice point by right clicking on the latest on here I'm going to select the no center segments year I'm going toe scale A little bit little bit together card There you can see the core body car to get rid of the lattice Left every piece on. Go to every delayed by history Okay, now I go The body saved their on. These areas are no open. You can again duplicate and poor those here. I'm going to again put a popular objects So I'm going toe take a spear. So let's take a spear. So it's kind of a feeler object I'm going to do smooth One was something like this. Yeah, so we got the body there. Let's pull the same material and same texture Year so rightly go to existing material on Goto the Blaine one so entirely existing the plane one which has the texture. So now we can see the UV is not matching. So let's go to UV for this on again. We can do the same thing here. We have the view already there and let's select Davey. It's hard to see, but it's there you can see on. They re let's move this scale and pulled there. This does a killer objects. I'm not that I know, would it? So it's never going on because the leaf are going to be here and here. But if it's gonna be civil, then you need to be careful putting the stakes of their So then let's see how to do the lips. 6. Modeling and Texturing a Leaf: for the live. I'm going to do one live. Then let's see how to duplicate and no use diplomas to do the car carve of this lift. So let's take explain. Mulligan plane. Yeah, um, let's let's rotate this like this 90 degree in the X axis on. Let's scale it. You can see that smaller one and we go on. I'm going to do one medium here. They were going to duplicate and do the bigger and smaller pieces. Very essence. So this is my leave again. You can do it in any way, but I'm going to use the former's on sub selection. So I'm going to do the known narrowing thing for us. So I'm going to do that by Let's put something in the height, Better height. Other than this. Okay, then I'm going toe going to select the stop Borders throws with sub selects and presby scale it a little bit. Then I'm going to decrease the radios skill again. Basically, it's narrowing to us the end Libit, then turning off on to this. I think overall it's a bit little with others okay, to get the feel of that leave now, this is a very flat leaf. We're going to know, Get that body save there. You can see it's kind off rounded like this. It's not flood in this way and it's carving like in vertical. So I'm going to do that body roundness there by using the D Former called Ben's Let's Go toe deformed, nonlinear and bent. Let's close this one. So here I'm going to this imports and increase the car venture. Now the curvature is not lined off, so it's rooted this golf to like 90 degree like this. OK, so it's done. I think I need a little bit more cards, so let's go on increased the curvature here. Now, if you scale this model, if you want more garbage, can scale this model and it's gonna no automatically are distribute that safe. I think a little bit carb is better. Then I'm going to delete the history to get rid of that. So then I'm going to use some D former again that bender for more. But this time to burn this in this norm article. So let's take the bend informal again. Andi, This time again, I'm going to check the curvature now. I'm going to rotate in this way on now it's returning this way. I don't want that. So I'm going to rotate the cough 90 degree like this. So you need to rotate the Ben Diploma and see we discover richer. So now I'm going to work it like this. But I don't want this bottom part, so I'm going to check. No, Jiro this high bound here. Now, if you check this car, Vitter's only know affecting the harp there on, we can move this D former. If you want the no band, start from somewhere else. You can move it and it's going to start from that and from that bottom part of the reformer . It's not going affect because the high bondage zero there. So this is 11 leaf. I'm going to text it again. So let's go TV. If your editor on again, I'm going to I don't need to take any no mapping here. Just unfold it. It's gonna unfold because the map is already there. Now I'm going to put the same material because the texture is there. So let's go existing and put Lambert assertively in one unknown. Let's make sure the leaf is inside on no safely. So in the texture there like this. So one leaf is done. Now we're going to duplicate the leaf and to get this kind of look. 7. Duplicating and Arranging Leaf: So now I'm going to duplicate it with this d former so that I can change any leaf? No, any time. So let's first group this this too. So let's press control G to group it. I'm now the group is there now. I'm going toe. Move it to a locus in here somewhere. Okay, on, let's say the pilot to the center again. So let's press d to get the pilot more. Andi, don't under snapped. Oh, great. On move. So snap to this. Great here to the center. Great. None of this place de again to go back to the move to now. I'm going to duplicate this group. Let's go to it. Duplicate special. Because if you do just duplicate by a control D, it's not gonna if you duplicate it like this on If you try to change this Lipsitt, it's not gonna usable anymore. You cannot just duplicated before marriage. It's not gonna work. So we need toe use duplicates, Purcell, because we have some off son inside That which allows us to do that. So goto duplicate special. Reset it on Donald, this duplicate input Grab on, then duplicate it. So make sure this is said to input graph on duplicate Special. Now I'm going to duplicate before I duplicate listo, thus being the Bible somewhere here, which is easy to use. Okay, then let's go on Troll Saved due to duplicate Special. So let's duplicate special. So I'm going to bring this menu here somewhere to myself. Don't know, read Duplicate. So let's go toe hold control saved and click on Duplicate Special to bring this Well, I cannot leave the south card because of my record ing That said to other thing. So now I'm going to duplicate special from here on draught it from here. Look something like this on now if you check, it should work. If you go to this bendy formal now it's a work correctly so that we can know Keep some various in there Let's do the same thing. So here you can see I just duplicate of some dopey says I need to duplicate more can see their smaller pieces here at the base and there longer here So we're going to do something like that. We're going to scare all these things at the no side here, so let's duplicate some more. So let's duplicate this scale. The group there. So let's group scale agro fear uh, sports on right here with the same thing here. So Christy let the group with the former under in Skillet and now I want to change, give various and so I can do it easily with this deform. Also, let's select Let's say I want to send this to go to its two former select, which is the pink wants like that. Then goto the D for more. I'm joined the curvature so you can easily change the planes. Any time you can sense the angle of this, you can change the north size of thereby just Skilling scaling them to scare those basically scale and even you can move them and they're going toe. But no, be a according to the d former there. This is the beauty of this No technique. He can change any time here on that, sir. Voted this even you can move 34 module, so it's sort select here. Sometimes you can just click on this public unmasking I can hear, which is I think, or last year you can click on this to know only selected the formal there can move it. Things like this. - Okay , so here, this is your no pineapple model. You can just take give some more time toe for fake This new leaf area. 8. Lighting and Rendering the Pineapple: So now we're going to render it. So let's take. I'm going to start from a backdrop. So let's take a poly play in here unless take this now. Skill. This I'm going to select. This is Luke. Yeah, let's extrude it. Move it to see extra again hunting like Dad. Let's simple basic backdrop. Then I'm going to take it. Light are no literal lights. I'm going to use our knows. I'm going to take this on a lady. A light is the first light here on Let's kill this idea Late on, let's this. This would be our key light. No coming from this right side here on, Let's let's make a deliberate up, down angle on knowledge fuel. Click on this, like on here. It's gonna so you the render idea to say the view According to that, now that's going on. The second icon here against it looks black solar stone off this. It's because of the light intensity Goto attributed later, and the lightest selector increased the intensity. So in this case, it needs a lot of intensity. Let's put 5000 Nancy. You can see this is looking very signing, and the backdrop is hardest. So expressed three. For this on for this Let's go toe mate rial. Attribute up this So go to this material. Decrease the speculator roll off here to decrease the speculative on. Then the color is a little bit darker, so less increase this defused 21 just to our adjustment. Decrease the speculum Rohloff in Christer diffuse. So let's render it again. Now the speculate is went down, and the that looks smooth on the light is still no overall. It looks dark on. Let's increase the light intensity. Let's select the light From here. You can select the light from out liner. Increase the intensity which so let's put every 10,000 instead of 5000 and I'm going to turn on this color temperature. By turning on this, you can put color value. So now it's 6500. Kelvin. Let's put Maybe is somewhere 4500 because I want a Liberty Lewis color. So the less value the more yellow towards red 6500 is night like white. Now against your liberty. Your lawyers scholar. So you don't have to give you a local. This is my personal preference. You can see now it's looking great, but from this angle it looks dark. So we're going to put some feel light. So let's duplicate this light that's controlled the and duplicate this city a light. So we're going toe pull this as feel like. But this time from a little bit front angle is coming this way like this on. I'm going to decrease the intensity because I don't want no the key light and off. I feel like this Sam indents. So I'm going to pull maybe half pop of that on there. I'm going to put some fluids, so I'm going to increase the value from no more than 6500. So 6500 is white. More than 6500 is like buoys. So let's say maybe 10,000 and you can see it kind of blew is late. Even the yellow and blue communism look cool because the Wallman blue tone so But it's up to you can, you know, keep quite late as well. If you want white light, you don't have to know tone on this because you have the white light here. You can see no still looking kind off moon downside a bit, I believe so I can increase this intensive bitch. Let's say maybe 15,000. So lighting is like this. You need to put some value and see if it's working. Okay, so here it is. This is stuck. No end of the street. Really? The key takeaways are modelling complex. If using pattern modelling technique using duplicate special to duplicate and create the pattern using instance duplicate using soft selects on a new using D former. So thank you for watching again. See you in the next video til Linda Cam by