Minimalist Style Seasonal Decorations - Turn Old Books into Star Garlands & Star covered Wreaths | Nina Vangerow | Skillshare

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Minimalist Style Seasonal Decorations - Turn Old Books into Star Garlands & Star covered Wreaths

teacher avatar Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Cutting the Stars

    • 4. Sewing the Star Garland

    • 5. Sewing the 3D Star Garland

    • 6. Creating the Star Wreath

    • 7. No-Sew Star Garland

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. Bonus - 3D Star Tree Decoration

    • 10. Bonus - Hand sewn Version

    • 11. Bonus - Book Star Christmas Cards

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About This Class


This class is a perfect fit for you, if you are looking to make simple minimalist Scandi inspired decorations to create a festive understated feel for your home for the festive season.

You are going to learn how to create a festive star garland, a gorgeous 3 D star garland and a star covered wreath using old book pages. You will learn how to sew both styles of  star garlands with the help of your sewing machine or by hand. I've even included a no sew option for the first star garland.

The gorgeous star wreath will be created by gluing the stars on the craft wire.

These relatively quick and easy to make decorations would also be lovely presents for friends and family. You could send a handmade star garland instead or with your Christmas card this year.

How about using the star garlands to add a festive vibe to your Instagram flatlays?

And even if you are not celebrating Christmas these simple star garlands will definitely make a beautiful, yet simple Winter decorations for your home With their delicate understated look, they will blend in with your home to create a cosy Winter feel.

You will find a template for the stars and a list of all tools and materials required for this class as downloadable PDF files in the class project section below.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Music used in this class "Sluggish Seal" by Sutheecomposer

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Vangerow

Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict





my name is Nina, I'm an artist, educator and online content creator and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and a whole range of different types of coffee stained papers. I love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill or is just looking for a new lease of life. In addition, I love creating items, that look as if they had been around for a while and might just have been found in somebody's attic or a fleamarket. If you would like to visit my shop on Etsy, you can find it her... See full profile

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1. Intro: are you looking for? A simple, minimalistic way, Teoh. Add seasonal feel to your home. Do you like the idea off using materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill . Would you like to have a go at creating your own seasonal decorations? Maybe even get crafting with friends If your answer is yes to one or all of these questions that this class is definitely for you. Hi. My name is Nina. I'm an artist. A teacher on a passionate up cyclists In this class, I'm going to show you how to turn fourth book pages into stars on Create a Star Gardens, a three D star garlands on. They start covered three. For the 1st 2 options, we're going to use a sewing machine to create the star garlands apiece. Don't worry if you haven't got a sewing machine because you can create these garlands also by sewing them by hand and I'm going to show you how. Plus I've got eight. No. So option for this Garland. So if this sounds like something you're interested in and why not join us? I would love to see you in my class. 2. Tools & Materials: First of all, let's talk about the tools and materials you're going to need in this class for cutting. I like to use a cutting mats, a craft knife on a metal ruler, but you can definitely dual the cutting with. Then you're going to meet, They pencil. Then you're going to need a sewing machine if you've got one or Egan so garland by hand, so you'll need a sewing needle on some threat. Or I would recommend some embroidery floss, and then you'll need some craft. Roya on Why a cutter? But some of the craft way you can buy can also be cut with scissors. But I wouldn't use your best Sievers for this job. Then you need a glue stick. Then either a bulldog clip third pegs to keep the pages together while you're cutting them on for the no so guard adoption, you'll need some bakers twine or a very thin ribbon. I in order to make the style to we're going to use old pages. You can pick up bugs really cheaply in charity shops or thrift stores. Very often they can't be sold on because they're damaged, so there's a good chance that you'll be able to get something really cheap. I know. Also, you would be using something that would otherwise be good lamb pill. Or you could also use sheet music. And that would look really nice for Christmas or Winter Star Garland as well on then, of course. Don't forget to print out the star template that comes with this class, and you'll find it in the Class project section of the pdf for and I've ordered created a pdf file with a list of all the tools and materials you're going to need in this class. 3. Cutting the Stars: for the next step. You are going to need the book that you are going to use for the stars, then obviously the template with the stars. What I would recommend is by the printing that template out on cards dog or just printing it out on ordinary printer paper and then just gluing that paper on to some card stock. I tend you something like a cereal box, because I like the idea of being able to recycle something that I've already got on. Then I just cut out the shapes I personally preferred use big knife on cutting mat on. So that means I also needed metal ruler. But you definitely do, or the cutting just with a pair of scissors. Then I'm also going to use a dog clip. Or you could use some clothes pegs just to hold the pages together on You need, of course. And so, um, I'm going to use a lot three stars. I tend to use the three different shapes of stars for the first version off the garden door bunting, for Next thing you need to do is just pick your star onto the text on the page. I don't intend to go right to the edge off the paper because that means that last little bit off the star will be without letters. And I prefer to have letters and words are on the whole star What I do. It's just entrees start. You see this'll corn off. The star gets likely looking over the text, but I don't mind, kind of like little bits and pieces off the stars. Not happy any words on them. So I would have to use a bigger book. Serve one with bigger pages for the big stars. As you can see a country, it's another one of the bigger styles onto this page. So then I'll just pick one of the smaller ones unjust. Position it in a way that, you know, these don't these two so that these two star stowed overlap. But at the same time, I want to make sure that this star is definitely on the printed area. A small Starwood most certainly fit. Maybe even get to smaller stars out of this page. But let's just go for this sighs. Way to go, destroying carefully. If no, only Ted this page off the text block. Choose a few pages trying to make sure that I don't actually ripped pages I could probably also go is what I'm going to do. I'm going to cut a few pages at once because I find that saves you a lot of time on. You don't have to a draw. The stars on each individual page are words. Probably if you're using scissors for this, I think I wouldn't go for more than depending on the thickness of your paper. Probably wouldn't go from more than full pages you could weaken trying to see. I just find it trickier to caps more than four pages with a pair of scissors. Once word I definitely recommend is used something like a bulldog clip. Or you could use your clothes pegs just to keep all the pages together so that they don't move around while you're cutting so that actually, all your stars are going to be the same size and line up just grabbing on. I have to say that for the knife on cutting Mac version, I could have chosen more pages. I've been able Teoh cut through twice the amount of page got here and then I'm just lining up a ruler with the pencil line just cutting along the line whenever you cut more than one sheet of paper. Don't use too much pressure, but just kind of, um, gender. You might have to cut a few times to get away. The sheets of paper brought back is definitely the best way to get a nice clean cut. Really. You know, make sure that you don't cut two fingers. One of the reasons you're using a metal rueda is the fact that plastic bullets you can bet you can cut into a plastic ruler with a knife. Kind of you wouldn't want to do that. Always use a metal ruler, but still ways be. Be careful you're cutting. Was he just wanted to cut the paper, Not your fingers. Sometimes you got to do with bulldog clip just to be able. Teoh put the ruler on a different part. Off the paper on the Bulldog clip might be in the way so you can just move it around to another part as long as you make sure that your pages don't move around on their still aligned. So you get nicely shaped stars got my first load of stars ready. I'm just going to come the bigger stop. You fucking sometimes when you're cutting that kind of thin in the middle, the paper hasn't quite being cut through. Just go very carefully into basically corner just trying cut again. But you could also use at this point, use a path since is trying, and I thought stars. Okay. What? How you do do alley, uh, prepared quite a few. Uh, let's just call them text blocks, blocks of paper with staff traced on them. So I'm almost like creating a good conveyor belt method. So we're all my packs of pages with the stars drawn on to the first page on. Then all I have to do is then dual the cutting. So I find that this saves you a lot of time as well. Why? So what I do is now cut out enough stars so we can start making our first Garland. I'll see you in the next video. 4. Sewing the Star Garland: so I've got all my stars. Cut, Andi, I've got my sewing machine out. I've chosen white sewing for for the stars because I want the threat to blend in as much as possible. I've bean using a gold thread to, but I found it was quite difficult. So with the Gulf red, So I would recommend just going with an ordinary sewing thread. I've got a sewing needle that just used for sewing paper. So when you're using a sewing machine needle for paper, try. Make sure that you don't use it for fabric afterwards because obviously so through paper will make the needle more blunt. So just keep it for sewing paper on. Then the next thing I do, it's just a cool both phrase out of it, because I'm going to use this thread to hang out the garden. So make sure that you leave enough thread there so you can maybe even tie a knot on hanging garden up. Uh, then, before stop sawing are usually start arranging a few stars. I can just easier kind of just feed them through, so I just, uh, mix them up. I like to start with those smaller stars either the medium sized born or the small ones and then us to start kind of adding them in any referendum, Uh, fashion way. Get started. Okay, The first star is going to be the trickiest, but once you get going, it will be easier on. You're going to use the thread at the back to just slowly not pull the threat through, but kind of like just gently guided. So importing onto the back up with Fred on, then I've got the next star ready on Just feed it through. I usually have a tiny or bigger or smaller gap between the stars, but it's really up to you. How big you want this to be. You might want to do it in a way that the style stone and get too close to each other so that they don't touch each other because that will just look nicer on the finish. Wait. Also, when I'm feeding the stars through, I'm not really too worried. Watch what way I'm holding them or just get a bigger one. Oh, where or where the sewing machine is going, Teoh so through. But I'll try to not get to a strip that is too narrow. I still try to go through the main body off the star on then. Really, it's up to you. How long you want your garden to be? You can have a tape measure. I can just measure the length off your garland on then. Um, basically, when you're happy with the length of the Guardian's again when you're cutting with Fred on this side, make sure that you leave in a Fred. So you have a thread on both sides. Everything that's long enough. I'm just putting out enough, Fred. So I've got enough to, uh, hang it up, Andi, Just on. We've got you've got our star, Garland. You can also, of course, have a garland May just two ciders off the stars, or you could have just the same need. Just tablet, tiny stars. You could have the medium size stars if you wanted to. You could just have the big stars. Or just to make that I did here. So you might want to tryout Hugh different gardens and to see which one you like best. As I said in the beginning, please don't worry if you haven't got a sewing machine because justice Well, so those star garlands by hand, it takes a bit longer that you could do it. So you will need all of your stars that you want to include in your garland. Thank you. Going to use? Uh, well, then you're going to need some thread. I think I would probably go for embroidery Floss. I've got two strands here. You don't really want to tear. I know with E other Stargher Garland. So that I've made using the sewing machine. I would only have, like, the two threads from my sewing machine thread. So those worked Fine s Oh, you can definitely do that. But take them double. So if this was the ordinary sewing thread, I would definitely go double on, then start sowing your garland thing. The other thing is, he would have to know how long you want your garden to be. And make sure that your threads long enough. Now, if you've got a sewing machine thread and if it's quite long that say you want your garden to be one of the half meters, that means that you would need to thread. That is three on a bit meters long because you want to have something at the end, let's say 10 centimeters on either end. So that is a really, really long piece of thread on. Even if you take it double, you know what long suing for? It tends to do a tense to get away tangled up in knots. So I feel that embroidery floss would probably be easier. And as I said, I've got two strands here. This one is received not long enough. If I wanted to make a longer garland, but it just happened to be in this needle on bond. So I thought I'd just go with it. Um, the size of the needle again, you can go with the size off a sewing needle. This'd obviously a bigger needle. I was. It shows a bigger needle so that you can actually see what I'm doing. Uh, I would say you something you're comfortable with, but I wouldnt dio for anything like, kind of like a tapestry needle, because if it's too thick, then you get the whole see, uh, get in. The styles will be too big. And I would be worried that maybe the stars my drip at some point, But anyway, let's get started. So what I'm doing really is the same. Just get my first star and I'm going to use the running stitch now. That means I'll just go in, out, in, out. And then you just pull your thread through kind of get to the end. I'm just leave the amount of red out that you wanted to then used to tie up your golden on . Then you go on to the next. I just carry on with the running stitch and also trying to create a straight line when you're going through this star. So I've been trying todo in a straight line from this point up to this point on, then you can also kind of move your stars around a little bit eating. Move them on this string, which you can't do when you've done your star Garland using a sewing machine. Good for a little store. Uneven wear. It's a bit slow. I concede that it doesn't take that long to create a really lovely star gardens. So this is the no sewing machine option for the Simple star Garland 5. Sewing the 3D Star Garland: the next I'm going to. So the three D star garlands. So this is the one where I have used the medium size stars. But I thought it might be fun to just try it out. The smaller stars. So cattle, I'm going to do, uh, for this Scotland on What I always do is because we will need three stars to build the three d shape. I'm preparing them, ready for sowing, and you start three stars together and make sure that they lie. Not really nicely. I do all of this before I start sewing because otherwise I would have to stop. So all the time, I find that more time consuming than just having them already. So that's first thing I'll do once I've got already I can stop. So there was with the other star Garland. I wasn't really worried where I would be sewing through the star, but respect them through with the three D stars because we can fold them out on create a three D shape. We need to be more careful with sewing. So what we need to do is so right through the middle. When I stopped sewing, I always do it this way around there. I'm starting so at the bottom of the star on, then head towards the, uh, tip off the star trying guide star through sewing machine so it creates a straight line. It might be trickier with the smaller stars, obviously because they are smaller. So if you're starting on creating a three d garland, I would definitely recommend stop with the medium shapes styles on. Once you get the hang of it, you can have a go with the smaller ones, but I thought it would be fun to just have a look quarter golden look like with this morning stuff. Just make sure that at the end of God's enough read put through so that if God's threat that can used to hang up, the stars can be a bit difficult to create. This straight line on really hit the corner off the star. So don't worry if it's not 100% but try to create aimed at getting your sewing machine or the needle to sew right through the middle of the star. It's a lot easier with the medium size stars on also like to have a slightly bigger gap between uh, the three d stars because I feel a person feel that because of the bigger shape three D shape, they look nice. There's a nice space between the stars, so but again, it's up to you. But I don't think they should be too close together, right? For the next step, you're going to need a little bit of patience, because in order to make this look like a three D star Garland, we have to start folding out the stars. So it is really just the two outside stars that are going to be folded. The one that is sandwiched in between the two others is going to stay. We'll take Stop top on. I kind of think about creating butterfly wings in a way. So you just forwarding? I did half you doing the same with the bottom star. This might be a good thing to do what your maybe watching your favorite TV program or just listen to an audiobook. That's something I like you as well. And then you fall the mad s so that they all have, like, an equal distance to each other so that they don't look like totally walkie stars on then you go on to the next one. And as you can see, I didn't quite hit the corner there. Whatever sewing bed's still hold styles, I think I would have preferred to have a more space between the stars. But I think because I was talking to you while I was suing the stars, I wasn't paying enough attention to the fact that I wanted to have bigger gaps on goal to find that while I'm sitting at the sewing machine, it feels like the gap is quite big. Where's it's, It's not, It's a K, but if we just want to compare it to the other one, I know the stars are bigger, but we've got a couple of more space in between the stars and you just carry on with the rest off your star. Sometimes you got them all forward it. This is the last one. Here we go. You got our three d star, Garland say. I really like the smaller stars I Now that I've got the fall it out. I'm not too bothered about the smaller spaces in between them. Let's have another look on a bigger one. Go everything you need less many stars when you're using medium shaped stars. So you get along garland in less time. But it might be quite nice to have, um you have, uh, kind of, like one of the top and one on the bottom, and you could have several rows of different sizes. Now I'm going to show you the no sewing machine option for the three d star. Golan's are the preparation. That's the same. You will need some threads on a needle on. Then you're going Tiu need you free stars on Line them up, make sure that they don't move around. And then again, you want to be sewing from this end right through to this tip. Oh, uh, star, you just go in again. Try make sure that you create a nice straight line. If it helps you, you could draw a line with a pencil and ruler and just go along that line. But I'll just eyeball it, make my way up to, uh, the tip A so you can see. But this one also because it starts smaller at the moment, doing kind of like in each stitch individually, which watered you to the fact that I've now got three layers of paper. So I find this year Teoh make a more precise, uh, stitching pattern. This, uh, takes a bit longer Venice sewing machine option. But again, it's definitely possible. Then I'll just repeat the same with the other stars until I'm happy with the length of my garland. And once I finished, you just do the same thing as we've done with the machine zone star Garland, you just grab, uh, top star forwarded in, said like butterfly wings. You do say way brought star just quickly. Here. Um, there you go. You've got your you start afterwards. He might have to kind of like because what? I was doing this the Fred got a little bit lose, uh, the threads that cohorts of three stars together, some kind of what? I'm pulling both ends. I'm straightening out thread again, but just do it really gently. So this is how you hand so thestreet ours for the three d star Garland 6. Creating the Star Wreath: in this video, I'm going to show you how you make one of thes its star reef. Andi, basically what you're going Teoh need three small and the medium size stars or just the medium size stars. You will need some craft lawyer. This is the fouled 1.5 to 2 millimeters white, which I find is a really good with to work with on. It's not expensive. You should be able to get it in any craft store on. It works really well for this project. Then you'll need a glue stick on, possibly if you've got one. A wire cutter fed the craft. Royer is quite easy to cut with ordinary scissors. But I would recommend that you don't use your best sitters on. Then a force of got some scrap paper so that I don't get you all over my table. As you can see, I've got this'll one I've got In fact, you circles Andi for this one. I've got free after say, quite like the one we've got free because it just looks really I find just looks really festive on a love water stars. So I think I personally would definitely go for three. However, if you've got to, let's say if you've had more with the same papers of sheet music, all pages, then you can put one on top of the other on. Then you automatically got even more stars. So the first thing we need to do is create our it's again have up to you. What size you would like something. I glad it's quite nice. And then I'm using my first circle as a guide. She, uh, get to more circles of wire. I got three when I want to leave a little bit extra because I'm going to use that extra beautif lawyer, too Connect or the three wise hold them in place. Why didn't have to be perfect circle on you can always form it into shape. Wanted for all your stars on Just Teoh on. I find that even though it's many fidh lier to work with, but I find I get the best results. If I kind of put the stars on the finished circles rather than unrolling the circles and putting the stars on and then rolling it back into a circle, the reason being that you just get the other circle back. If you've got, uh, why are already shaped in a circle, then you can kind of see the when you're putting on the stars on both circles, you can see how much will peak through from the back of the circle. You could create every nice aesthetic. You're very pleasing effects if I because I tried it. If I'm just leaving, if I'm using with straight wire and putting the stars on might be that one star is covering at the other one on bond. They don't look as a nicely spread out as if you put them on when the wires already in a circle. So I would definitely recommend doing that unless he didn't want to make a brief. But if you just thought hang on, I could actually use that as a kind of a garden on. Just have it on the wire, which is brilliant, because then you can maybe shape it around. Let's say, a mirror, oh, over at the tree or bended into different shapes on Jozef decorations that way. But in this video, we're just going Teoh, mike, um, and amusing but two and bets and I'm just twisting them round one backwards and the other one forward on, then I'm just leaving them like that for now. You can also see that I've got biggest circle on then to slightly smaller ones. But I quite I quite like that. But they're not exactly the same size because again means that I will kind of Seymour off all the stars. So let's get stars on for the reef. What we're going to be because you need to glue them on way, are going. Teoh, use two stars on a sandwich in the Roya in between the two stars. So what her find is making things a lot easier is when you're cutting your stars and you've got your little stacks off stars, especially when you're making the wreath. Try and keep all the stacks, the individual stocks separate. Get away the or the stars, and this stack will be exactly the same because I cut them all at the same time. Because the thing is, even if you use a template, each stack of stars will be a little bit different, which doesn't matter if you sew them onto Garland. But let me just show you if I took start from this stack on, Let's say just this one. I would assume that they both the same size if I want to sandwich them together. This one actually works, but because they're not usually not 100% the same can be really difficult. Line them up perfectly, and even this one doesn't quite line up. It's OK, but you've got a little because of small areas that don't really line up. So if you using the stars from the same stack, then you can be sure that when you line them up, they will fit. And it's the same for the small star, so that might be worth bearing in mind. Doesn't matter when you're sewing the stars that can be in any order but for the reef. Keep them in stocks. Right now it's started, is dropped. My, uh, glue stick place the first star on sandwich the wire with the second star always press really firmly where the stop on the wire meet, because I got a lot of the stalls to be moving around. Let's do you next for next again. I'm taking two stars on also, I'm taking to two top stars on. Then I'm opening them up this way because that I know that will fit. Exactly. Actually, what I'm going to do, it's put glue on birth decides because I know that I've got, uh, you on both sides of the just go. You go like that position the other one most of you've got because you've got two layers of paper plus the blue The stars are going to be a little bit kind of thicker. They're going to be rule, Bridget, And not just kind of like, um, flappy paper. Basically, I'll just go around and I'll finish the first circle carry on with the next. Andi, Um, I don't have a proper plan on whether I'm going to put another of the biggest stars or small star. I just kind of I kind of just go with it and see which one I feel look nicer if I want to have immediately a bigger one or a smaller one on by just that's the way how I carry on. You know that after the first circle finished, I can start with the 2nd 1 on Gueye. Now I can think about, uh, kind of what stars I would like to have peeking behind the first layer of stars. So because I've got two small stars here, I think I would quite like to have a bigger star in the background. I can also think about where I want to place it. So Well, I'm like, Do is just I have this one here just behind, Okay, just behind this one. Kind of kind of like that. I quite like that. So I find that the second and third circle, it takes me a little bit longer because I tend to be moving the stars around just to see how I like them best. This point it wasn't makes it easier that the lawyer is very flexible because that means I can kind of put it out so that the first started stick, as you can see, more than halfway round with second circle. I just came up with an idea just to keep the two air circle kind of apart from each other. I just go out over all of washing tapes and stuck it under the 3rd 1 Got gaps. That makes it easy. Just stick with stars on that. So, uh, you didn't wash? Take Just see if you find something, but he could just prop in between do circles because it doesn't make it easier. I know what that is. You can see. Um, that I've been trying to use if I want them to complement each other, wouldn't crave the styles positioned in a way that they look really nicely spread out through the hole. Three circles. So that's what I'm trying to aim for here. No, no fresh. The second circle. So now I've got to the circle Stone one is left to go on. What could do Now it's just turn it around, uh, hurt with stars on this way, because that would be not easier. However, I still want to make sure the distribution of stars looks really nice. So I think I might do a bit of both kind of see what I want the start to be and then turn around to glue it. You might just start with 1st 1 of you definitely want do kind of one up here. I found just time this from around on. Uh, then I'm just going to show you what? My wave run that, uh, the vet circle. They've got the reef. Finished. I've got a war three circles done on. So also, the glue has dried on as you can see that the stars are definitely kind of more stable than they were before, due to the fact that two layers have bean blue together plus the glue. So what you can do now, you can either use the bits of wire that are the end bits on. Just use this to create a little loop and then hang it on a nail. Or you could just use a nice ribbon on. Then just use the ribbon to tie up your wreath. Uh, then something else I wanted to show you. In case, you know, some of your stars haven't kind of lined up perfectly on that can easily happen what you could do. One's stars are dry. Just grab this Demonstrated on this star on, then. Just happy. Just stop, okay? On your wreath is ready to go on. You can hang it up somewhere 7. No-Sew Star Garland: and I just wanted to show you very quickly how you can create a no so star Garland. This wouldn't work for the three d Garden, but different. He works for the other one on. All you need is some bakers twine. Or you could also use a very thin ribbon before this on you need they acoustic and obviously your stars. Then again, leave. Um, a bit of the biggest wine at the end. So you've got something left off Biggest wine that you can use to hang up your garland. You could. Creighton Duke tie not, um and you can hanging up on nail or some furniture. Next. Do that. Um and basically, the idea is the same You. But you will be using two stars because we're going to glue the biggest wine in between two of the stars. So again, they probably would make sense to keep the stars in stacks as we've done with the reef so that the shapes fit quite nicely. Gone trouble together. I don't have one underneath all sandwich. Take us twine. Just making sure that I've got the right size. Just glue a second star on the top. Don't be and make sure that you press the two layers really firmly together. Especially rant the area where the twine is Because you really want the twine to you to catch the glue and not slide, uh, slide out on. Then do you just carry on like this on Just you know, instead of sowing the modern, you just sandwich the bakers twine in between two stars, and then you carry on until you've got the length that you are happy with. And there you go, you've got you know, so Christmas still, garland. 8. Class Project: So we already at the end of this class I really hope you enjoy this class on for your class project. I would really like you to have a go at one of thes options. Either be eggs, simple star Garland or the three D star garlands or the star wreath. It's totally up to you and one or two or three of them. I would be lovely if you could create a project for this class on. Do you can just do it in stages. You couldn't just first of all, show us the book pages you're going to use. Maybe you're going to your sheet music or you found a different source of paper. You would like Teoh recycle into stars on. Then you can just shares a picture off the start of cutout and then maybe why you in the process of sewing them and maybe even where you put them up in your home or just the finished wreath or star garden, that would be really lovely to see what you come up with on also, please remember to follow me on skill share because that means that you get notified immediately whenever I upload new class. Andi, if he could leave a short review if you enjoyed this class, I would really appreciate it because that would help other students to fight my class on, be able to do all the projects that I've got on skill share on. That would also help me to be able to create more classes for you. Something that really I love doing. So thanks again for taking my class. Don't forget to attack me on social media. When you upload the image about your project that fantastic on. I hope to see you soon in another class. 9. Bonus - 3D Star Tree Decoration: soon in this video, I wanted to show you how you can use the principle off the three D star garland to make some three D star decorations that you can either hang into your tree or anywhere else around your house, too. Dick. Right? And all I have done, I've sewn a Freedy Starr garland more or less in the same way have done the other Freedy Starr Garland. However, if you know taken. See, I've left quite a big gap between the stars because this way, I've automatically have enough threat so it can hang the stars. And I found it easier to just keep going on, uh, kind of. So I didn't like 10 uh starts at the same time rather than cutting the thread and then putting the next lot of stars through. So from that, not easier. However, I have to make sure that I would leave enough threads in between the stars. The other thing I did was when I started sewing TheStreet are I would use the reverse stitch at the beginning on Di did that with every staff, just to make sure that the thread won't unravel ones. I've got new ones I'm cutting the thread and I want to put them up. Uh, what you could also do is maybe just hurt a little bit of glue at the end off the bits of red when you cut them off. Did this on? Just just use a dab of PV a glue on there. Oh, the other thing you could do is leave uneven. Bigger gap between the stars so that you have enough. Fred, Uh, Tiu have a threat for hanging the stars on then. Also enough so that you can just tire. Not at the end if they start. Okay, so just this. Oh, I'm left with one star and then I just tie and not go so I can hang up. Little star on, then. I'm just as we did with three D stuff. Star Garland. All that's left to do isjust full doubts. The outside stars. Then we've got our start hanging 10. Bonus - Hand sewn Version: it can obviously also make these little three D tree decorations by showing them by hand. I'm just going to quickly show you how to do that. I've got my three stars on. Then I'm going to use a paper clip. Just hold them together, make sure that you don't move because I'm going to make a row off holes into the paper for me to sew along. I'm using my ruler to create a nice line right through the middle. Then I'm using a, uh, some tack. Teoh, just, uh, create some host. No, to bother by getting it like, 100%. The distance between the hold spot would probably go for something like, I don't know, um, three to four millimeters roughly. It's just so that I find it easier to stay in a straight line. Uh, something else you could do is just, uh, use a pencil and draw a line through the middle. Because once the stars fold it up, you won't see the line on. And apart from that, you will be sewing along the nine, so you can't see it. I'm using red threat for this star. I'm hoping that will show up on the paper better so probably go for double just to make sure that it's easier to see. But I think you could just go for a single thread and then I, um, starting at the top this time around, so I'm starting at the top on. Then I have to make sure that I'm leaving enough thread there so I can hang up the star. And then I'm using the running stitch as before, to so along the middle of the star on. So the three stars together. By that time, I don't actually need it to paperclips, so that can come out. Have I got to the bottom of the star? Are just used the running stitch to go back up. The threat goes around the end of the star on. Then I'm making my way back up, and now that I'm at the top, I just cut, read on Ty and not on. Then all I need to do is fold out the star on. Then you've got your three D star decoration. As you can see with the double thread, it's quite thick. I think I would probably be tend to just go for a single threatened. This is just ordinary sewing thread. I was just hoping that you would show up better in this video so you could see what I'm doing. But yes. So this is a really easy way of doing your little star decoration by hand. 11. Bonus - Book Star Christmas Cards: in this video. I wanted to give you some quick ideas of how you can use the book stars to create some really simple Christmas cards. I've got one ready, and then I'm going to show you another example. What? I'm going to make it step by step. So what I've done here, this is one off the bigger stars. Andi, This would fold out as a three D star, so I thought would be really nice thing to do to send a Christmas card on. At the same time, the recipient would be able to have a star decoration to hang up. I've attached it at the back, just with a little bit of Washington. Then I thought if I just used a blank hard on ones, this'll star has Bean hung up? So if the recipient decided to fold it out and hang it out, then you would be left with just a blank card. So I was trying to think off a simple idea of how this card would still look like a nice Christmas card. So what I've done, I just glued a simple staff same size underneath on, then just used some washi tape. Look it was this one that Justice Mary M bright on just stuck. It's over this star This was really easy to do, Onda. So this way you've got Christmas cut ready. You could just have a card just like that. You can obviously right this by hand. You could write it on a different bits of paper and almost create something that is a bit like a ka large. He can use a really nice fund on your computer printed out on Stick it on and you could have any message that you would really like to have on your cards on, then, just to make the envelope a big, more fun, I just glued a few tiny stars on to the envelope. You could obviously use the small stars. Just maybe have one here and then one on the back. You could even have a war like a seal out the back. I got these little stars by just using one of these start punches on. I want to find that this is the really brilliant way of using up every little bit of paper when I'm cutting out the bigger stars. So if you've made any of the star garlands, you will have all these bits of paper left on. I'm just using those two create. This is a brilliant way of really using every little bit of paper that you get from from the book pages. So now let's make a car together on and in the next card I wanted use to of the medium size stars on Make a similar cards button accusing Big One but the medium sized stars you can get. These cards are pre cupped on pre forded or with line way. Fold increase week easily folded, but you can also make your own just get some white card stock. It's either a four or in the U. S. Letter size I'm aware on, but then you just cut it in half on. Then you can create two cards out of one piece of card stock. I've still got quite a few of these ready made cards from a previous project, so I'm just going to use thes God's subscript paper blue stick. So I'm going Teoh. The two stars onto the card is I've done with the biggest on the other card. Then I'll stick one. Yeah, on the other, Further down on then this time round on going to different coffee tape. I've got one. This is very Christmas that I normally quite like to just tell my washing take, but because I've only got tiny little space between, uh, words marrying Christmas, I don't want Teoh can tear into lettuce, so just run. Just get the other one. Uh huh. That's where we've got the card ready. Now we just need to add, uh, three stores so that several of Yeah, that experience, I'm just getting some more Washington holding on to the star, grabbing the read on, Just putting it over the edge at the top of the card. Um, and just the washing take over this thread to keep the star in place. That's one done on. Then I'm doing the same with the top skull on again. Just pull the thread over the top and I just washing tape over the so it stays in place, and I've got to my second card ready phone with the envelope. Um, I just put one of the smaller stars in this corner on then every this case, what I might do on the back is instead of you know, you could either have one of the stars. Maybe just like that. Oh, just use, um, washi tape. I'm just protect once I've written the card and closed the envelope. So that way you can make and in an orderly right envelope look a little bit more festive, then. Something else. I think what's really nice is if you used Kraft paper, uh, for your cards, so you could very easy make your own cars. Just grab some Kraft paper, cut it in half on, then full growth half again. Andi, you've got two cards from one piece of Kraft paper on, uh, just to just to show you that would look really nice on the craft on, um, the principle is obviously the same. You would blue one of the single stars behind. Maybe in this case, you could just scatter some of the Were you telling you stalls I made with the star punch take do those onto the card so you would have stars in the background, which would still be there once this got taken away on. Then you could just have some washi tape a cross like I don't like this one somewhere. You could have a merry Christmas one again. You could just write your own message onto the card on, but I just feel that if you were using cross paper for your cards, I would I would send them in brown envelopes. Just they go nicely together. Or you could make you own envelopes. And remember that in my note cart set class on skill share. I've got a template download and make you own envelopes when you'll find instructions on how to make the envelopes also in back class. Or you could just watch that part. I'm sure you have to make the envelopes. I'll put a link to that class, you know.