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Microsoft PowerPoint: Presentation Design & Animation Masterclass

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

95 Lessons (6h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01-01. Your Instructor and Resources

    • 3. 01-02. Please add a project!

    • 4. 01-03. Dig Into PowerPoint Right Away

    • 5. 02-01. Gain Inspiration

    • 6. 02-02. Select a color

    • 7. 02-03. Select Images

    • 8. 02-04. Select Icons

    • 9. 02-05. Select a font

    • 10. 03-01. Brief Overview

    • 11. 03-02. Adjusting our shortcuts

    • 12. 03-03. Selection Pane

    • 13. 03-04. Format Shape Option

    • 14. 03-05. Coloring

    • 15. 03-06. Cropping and changing shapes

    • 16. 04-01. Merge Shapes Magic

    • 17. 04-02. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint

    • 18. 04-03. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint on MAC

    • 19. 04-04. Editing Vector Points

    • 20. 04-05. Aligning and Distribution

    • 21. 04-06. Format and Animation Painter

    • 22. 04-07. Change the Aspect Ratio

    • 23. 05-01. Types of Animation

    • 24. 05-02. Add Multiple Animations

    • 25. 05-03. Effect Option

    • 26. 05-04. What about Text

    • 27. 05-05. Animation Pane and Timing

    • 28. 05-06. Transitions Tab

    • 29. 06-01. Design Warmup. Create a Safe Slide

    • 30. 06-02. Slide 1. Title

    • 31. 06-03. Slide 2. Exciting Grid Picture

    • 32. 06-04. Slide 3. Connected Picture

    • 33. 06-05. Slide 4. Picture with Lines

    • 34. 06-06. Slide 5. Our Services

    • 35. 06-07. Slide 6. Overlapping Circles

    • 36. 06-08. Slide 7. Simplistic bulletpoints

    • 37. 07-01. Slide 1. Bouncy Text

    • 38. 07-02. Slide 2. Strips Ownage

    • 39. 07-03. Slide 3. Swirly Progress Bars

    • 40. 07-04. Slide 4. Clean Zoom from Middle

    • 41. 07-05. Slide 5. Connected Lines Love

    • 42. 07-06. Slide 6. Dissapearing and Growing Boxes

    • 43. 07-07. Slide 7. Dim the Lights

    • 44. 08-01. Slide 8. Six Picture Equal Portfolio

    • 45. 08-02. Slide 9. Display with Four Pieces

    • 46. 08-03. Slide 10. Staff Members with Overlay

    • 47. 08-04. Slide 11. A single Expert

    • 48. 08-05. Slide 12. Starting a Vertical Timeline

    • 49. 08-06. Slide 13. Continuing the Timeline

    • 50. 08-07. Slide 14. Finalizing the Timeline

    • 51. 09-01. Slide 8. Continuous Picture Animation

    • 52. 09-02. Slide 9. Consistent Teeter and Pulse

    • 53. 09-03. Slide 10. Reveal People One by One

    • 54. 09-04. Slide 10. Trigger Animation that Will Blow Your Mind

    • 55. 09-05. Slide 11. Simplified Wipe Animations

    • 56. 09-06. Slide 12. Timeline Animation Pt. 1

    • 57. 09-07. Slide 13. Timeline Animation Pt. 2

    • 58. 09-08. Slide 14. Timeline Animation Pt. 3

    • 59. 10-01. What is Kinetic Typography

    • 60. 10-02. First simple project

    • 61. 10-03. Advanced Minimal Title Reveal Part 1

    • 62. 10-04. Advanced Minimal Title Reveal Part 2

    • 63. 10-05. Sparkle Animations

    • 64. 10-06. Multiple Sentences Animation Part 1

    • 65. 10-07. Multiple Sentences Animation Part 2

    • 66. 10-08. Testing the waters with MORPH

    • 67. 11-01. Introduction to this module

    • 68. 11-02. What are Master Slides

    • 69. 11-03. Layouts

    • 70. 11-04. What are themes, designs and thmx files

    • 71. 11-05. Real Life Example - Benefits and Disatvantages

    • 72. 11-06. How Colors Schemes Influence Shapes

    • 73. 11-07. Advanced Template Creation

    • 74. 11-08. How To Design Slides within Templates

    • 75. 11-09. When and why to use or not to use Master Slides

    • 76. 11-10. Custom Bulletpoint lists

    • 77. 12-01. Hidden Recording Tab

    • 78. 12-02. Screen Clipping

    • 79. 12-03. Screen Recording

    • 80. 12-04. Recording Slide Show

    • 81. 12-05. Links and Actions

    • 82. 12-06. The Zoom. Not There Yet

    • 83. 12-07. Exporting with Create a Video

    • 84. 12-08. How to make a Complete Online Video

    • 85. 13-01. Looping Video Background

    • 86. 13-02. Playing and Advancing Multiple Videos

    • 87. 13-03. Changes you can make to videos

    • 88. 13-04. Placing Videos into Mockups

    • 89. 14-01. Kiosk Presentation - What is that

    • 90. 14-02. Problems with Transitions

    • 91. 14-03. Problems with Animations

    • 92. 14-04. Kiosk vs Video Exporting

    • 93. 14-05. How to Set it Up Properly

    • 94. BONUS 1. Reduce Presentation File Size

    • 95. 15-01. Thank You!

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About This Class

This class is a Complete PowerPoint Masterclass teaching you about design, animating and video creation.

Do you want to design top notch slides like a professional designer?

Do you want to be comfortable with animation in PowerPoint ?

Do you wish to create videos in PowerPoint which are ready to publish online?

Would you like to get better as a designer & entrepreneur, artist, business profesional and ?

This course will prepare and arm you with all the tools, knowledge and skills you need to answer positively the questions above. You will master PowerPoint and become a more capable and complete designer.​

These are just a few of the designs we will create and animate in this class:


There is no reason to wait! Enroll the class and start watching the lessons to become a PowerPoint ninja in no time :)


Interested in more of my PowerPoint classes?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my PowerPoint master class, where I'll teach you how to design professional PowerPoint slides and how to animate them. This is the main topic, but we will also talk about kinetic topography, making templates in PowerPoint, and creating videos out of presentations. Additionally, we will learn many tricks which only professionals in PowerPoint use, like creating overlays, painting the format over, or using trigger animations. It will be helpful if you already know something about PowerPoint, but if you don't, you can also work slow and you can go through the entire content, learning all the things that professionals should know. I wanted to show you a few of the slides we will design and animate together. So you'll have a better idea of the quality we are aiming for. After this course, you will be comfortable boat with designing in PowerPoint, animating with PowerPoint, and creating videos with PowerPoint. We will not only have fun together designing in PowerPoint, but you will be also granted all the templates. And I've also prepared a reward system that will grant you vector icons and vector maps in PowerPoint. Now it's time to make your decision. Do you want to keep guessing or do you want to learn in an engaging, fun, and professional way? I hope we will see each other inside. I'm waiting, prepared there for you. So see you inside the lesson. 2. 01-01. Your Instructor and Resources: This is a pretty big moment for me because I'm recording this lesson as I'm already done with all the content. Hey, my name is Andrew pack and I'd like to quickly, very quickly introduce you to the course content and who I am. You already now know my name. So why should you trust me as a designer and know that I will teach you something? My daily work consists of freelancing, preparing online content, and publishing online material, mostly videos. The majority of my work is done with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe After Effects. To reinforce what I'm saying, I'm also running a YouTube channel, it free and educational content. I'm also a freelancer at Fiverr. I'm rated as a top-rated seller order, and I have already 3 thousand reviews, which is about 4 thousand completed jobs for clients. It's not the numbers that matter, but what matters is that I've worked with over a couple of thousand clients. I've published a couple of 100 videos and I've created online courses. All that made me realize what are the weak sides of students weren't are the strong sides of designers. What could I teach? What should I teach? What people want to know and what makes their design an overall careers and lives better. That's why I feel I'm very confident going into this course because this will be a PowerPoint masterclass. I will not go over the most basic element unless you told me. So, if you will have basic questions, I will of course answered and an icon even record a new section for you regarding PowerPoint specific basics. With here in the course I've prepared, currently, the setup looks like this. The first four sections of content are there to prepare you to the work. You will search for photos and icons. You will learn some basics about PowerPoint. Then I'll teach you advanced PowerPoint tricks. Let me show you later what that is and how to animate in PowerPoint. This will make you completely prepared for the bigger section, which is slide's design and then animation of those slides. We will start with the first slide and then we will continue in the next sections with the other slides. Since this is a masterclass, I'm also explaining how to make videos with PowerPoint which would be ready to publish to YouTube, or how to create complete explainer videos from scratch. And also how to create PowerPoint templates. What would be a masterclass without telling you how to do this? The very last thing I would like to inform you about is how to download the resources. There'll be one file or multiple files depending on how I set this up. All resources and shortcuts I mentioned are also available in the PDF I'm attaching, which is that quest and shortcut list. You will have all the resources. And if you would like to track your progression in their course, you can, for example, print this out and track what lessons you completed. And there are small tasks to perform after each lesson. This is also completely optional for those who would like to gamify the content a little bit and make the course more enjoyable when taking it. This is when it comes to my introduction. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'm sure we will work something out. 3. 01-02. Please add a project!: Hi, it would be amazing. And you can help me on Skillshare by starting a product for this class. Nice. At first, it doesn't have to be the ready product is go to the Project and Resources tab. Hit on Create Project. And right, You're welcome message. Later on when you create slides from the lectures, you can share a screenshot of that slide. You can do this by going to File Save As Selecting Browse. And you can select to save as a JPEG there. By saving JPEG, you can select all slides are just this one. Then you can come back to the project, select Image and to just add a slide that you created. I will be really happy to see it and it will also be very helpful. Please start the product right now. It will take only a few clicks and helps me a lot here on Skillshare. 4. 01-03. Dig Into PowerPoint Right Away: hello and welcome in this hands on warmup lesson. I'd like you to learn something in Power Point within the first few minutes off the course , so let's get right onto it. At first, I would like to enter the picture into this design. You can use your own picture or you can open. The resource is the presentation files, and I'm attaching also older pictures I've used. So I'll use simply the first picture and let's do some photo manipulation. Let's assume that I want to fill out the slide with this picture, and I would like to change the color off this guy. Now, how would I go about this? At first, I would click on the picture. Please go to the cropping options. Click on crop. Try to extend the crop area to the entire slight. Now, you don't have to extend the picture because Power Point can do that for you. Please click on the drop down button and you should have Phil and fit. Please select Phil Boom, and it will automatically fill the entire area with the picture. We select it, I'll pick crop and now I'll show you a very cool trick. I will press insert shapes and I'll insert a rectangle shape well later. Or do this as well many times. But I would like to show you how to create those overlays. Greet a shape like that. Once you have it, please click on shape, outline and select no old line because power point adds an outline here around automatically. Okay, Now, this blue color is pretty ugly. So please selected right click and opened the former shape options in the form of shape options. You need to select the Phil and you need to go over the Grady in film. Now you might think, Why do we need a gray? Didn't. Well, actually, we don't need a Grady int. We need the transparency options because those are very amazing. And you need to remember about them when you work in power point at the beginning, we have four colors. Please delete health of them because we only need to off those colors, select the last color and make it completely transparent. Now you understand where I'm going with that. I will select the first color and I'll select the core. I would like that overlay to have So let's maybe go for something crazy like this. Burgundy Red, The star Great. I'll select Dark Red. Now you can see it's pretty crazy, but I can adjust how crazy it is that the most important thing is that I can adjust a transparency off this very color. If I make the transparency a bit higher, the red color suddenly isn't as strong anymore, and I can make an overlay over the sky off this picture very quickly. We created an overlay on this picture, and we will definitely do this in this course because overlays are one of my favorite things to do in Power Point and I could also call this photo manipulation Power Point will never come close to photo shop or adobe light room when it comes to photo editing with the basic things like clicking on the picture, going to its former and clicking on the color gives us access to at least a few color options like grace scaling the image or selecting a few car overlays for them. So as you can see if I would, for example, select this yeah, this yellow kind of looks cool, and I would combine this with my overlay Look how cool oven effect I can achieve. I can off course change that. I can change the color. I can change the grade and I can change. Sorry, I'm not precise. Here. Let me go back to the form and shape another Golding. You can also adjust the brightness. The rightness makes how warm the color is. You can make this red color brighter. Orders red color darker. So as you can see, we kind of have a few options. And it's really fun to do those in Power point. We can adjust the great and as we want, we can do custom overlays like that. And with help of that, we can become Power point magicians. This was a first introduction. Every lesson I hope you did already learn something in Power Point, for example, like making those overlays or cropping pictures immediately to a felt. By the way, you can also crop two shapes like crop to a triangle, and the picture would be a triangle. But this all will come later. I'll expand upon the knowledge we are gaining here. That's completely enough. When it comes to the first lesson, we need to prepare ourselves as professional designers do so we will need to research some images, some icon, some colors and later on we'll work on a real life presentation. 5. 02-01. Gain Inspiration: Hello there. What a beautiful start into this course. At first, I'd like to go about a few things every designer should do, especially before a big project. If you are aiming to do a high-quality product, you would at least need a few minutes to look over other projects. What people design currently? What is trending to not copy them, but to inspire yourself for great design in order to get good in PowerPoint. Powerpoint can be used as any other design software. And in my opinion, if you want to be a good designer, no matter which tool you use, this time you will use PowerPoint. This will be your tool, but you also need to be aware about design. I'll make here a game plan for you, which you can do step-by-step exactly as I do here. Two gain quickly inspiration, and then we will head right into PowerPoint. At first. It depends if you are doing a business presentation or just a free product for yourself. You can write, for example, business brochure and go to Pinterest. I wrote business brochure, but you can also write poster flyer, website, presentation, design, inspiration. I've listed those tax here, which I think are very relevant to everything. And right off the bat, I just wrote this here. And I have my first two links. I go into the link, for example, business brochure, and I'm gaining inspiration. Now. Already. I'm setting myself for a color. I think, oh, this blue design looks really good. What if I created something similar in PowerPoint and just with a stronger blue or this red one. Look at those brochures. They look totally beautiful. I really liked the designs, the funds, everything. And as you can see, my normal game plan includes getting inspiration, selecting colors, images, icons, and font. For the sake of this course, we'll go over all of them. Each of us will select a few of them. And then it will get into your workflow, your blood, and you will aim for better designs. And if I see those design, my mission is to make a design which will be not worse than that. Because right off the bat, as I look at those designs, I see they are clean, well-prepared. Obviously. They are greatly presented here. And I wanted to show you a few websites like that, the same deck which you will use for your project. You can write the same things on Behance. You can simply click the Search. The same thing goes for dribble and for another websites. So at B hand, we have this Adobe's website and people have their portfolios. You will need to click over a few things on those websites to soak those graphic designs a little bit in. Okay, we need to move forward. And the very last thing I want to show you is SlideShare. What is this last? Not first. I'm sure you most likely already know it, but slideshare is about sharing presentations, PDF slides, and information from companies. And you can even upload your designs here. But what's more important, you can also gain inspiration. I'm placing this as the last website because those are presentations, but they might be not the most designers presentations. You can get inspires how a well-prepared presentation should look like. And since, for example, this is a high training presentation, you can think yourself, well, something must be done right in this presentation. If it's trending, maybe this person has a big following, or maybe this presentation is that good? As I see here, it's pretty well-designed. It's not outstanding, but it's a clean, nice-looking presentation which I could eventually gain some inspiration from. Okay, this will be the first step. After each lesson. In this section, I'll give you a small quest. And you can probably anticipate that after this lesson, I'd like you to visit all of those websites just to get a habit of checking them. Please go into the first website right here in your tech and your selected type of design, for example, brochure, browse to all of them. And you will know a bit more about design, a bit more about those colors. And you will get a little inspired before we move forward. I hope you'll have fun. I always loved to watch designs. Let's move forward in the next lesson. 6. 02-02. Select a color: selecting a color scheme, and I want to say something that I didn't say previously. We can select colors. We can select images, icons in front, and still, when we'll design, it can change. But if you like, come more prepared, it's easier to switch out colors than to start without nothing and go buy or got Go by what you like, and those color schemes will make sure that if you use those multiple colors together, they most likely will fit each other. You can off course tinker with colors yourself. If you are a super design design mind, and you have this art is, um, in you. Yes, you can, of course, select any colors you're like, but I really love working with color schemes and what I often do. I can, for example, print screen this and paste is in tomorrow, my power point, so it's easier for me to work. You will have three main websites off course. You can have your own websites, but I usually use them and obi call RCC. It was previously called Adobe Cooler. It's most likely the biggest website and the most popular one, which has a lot of use a lot of new incoming color color schemes, so it's definitely one to watch. I'm setting all dealings here in this product file that I'll share it. You colors adobe you consort by most popular, most used recently and so on and so on, so you can browse through those colors. The next little website will be color hunt. Color hunt has also very nice color schemes, and you can as well use the heart, the popular or some random ones. And those color schemes are also really beautiful. And as you can see, we have the Heck Scout. We can click here and we have a bigger we can print screen. We can use this anywhere, and also it tries to show us similar colors called similar color schemes to that which is a great kick start for us. That hurt and is also like my favorite website to use. You click only explore and what's great here. You can browse it with your keyboard. If my website will be smaller, this will get smaller and I can right click and browse those colors. This is really beautiful. I believe they also have an extension, which you can insult until you're you're Photoshopped programs, sadly not into power point, but that's no problem. We can simply copy the colors over from here. As you can see, you can view we can export and weaken saved them to a PNG which is perfect for use. So this is it when it comes to selecting the color scheme. Your quest for this lesson will be to visit all those websites. Please visit those three websites and get familiar with their interface. For the beginning, you should select at least one color scheme that you really like and would like to use in your presentation. See you then. 7. 02-03. Select Images: All right, let's say that we previewed a few designs. We have some inspiration, and we've selected a color scheme. I'll for examples like this one. I'm not sure that we will stick to it with. I really like this set up, so I'll just saved it in the background. Your next step would be to select a few images, and you can say No, I won't use images in my presentation. I'll use only icons or I'll use only text Well, it's important when you do a product and you wanted to be professional to have a few fall back plans. If something is not working out, you will have always. Those few photographs and those photographs can be either selected complimentary to your to your color scheme. Or they can be generalized photographs in the same fashion and type off the presentation you are creating. So depending on what you need, I would like to tell you about a great website. Library stock. This is a website which accumulates all free photo sharing websites into one search. My favorite website with free photographs is on slash dot com because those photographs here coming very high quality, but the advantage off library stock. If I, for example, select MM People People office. Let's say something like that and look at that download at stock snapped pics. Obey picks up a picture of a barn. Images Exel's. These are all websites. Find the photo. These are all websites with free photographs to use free off charge. So it's totally awesome to use this website because we can use free photographs in our presentation we can use. The photo is we can recall or it later, and then it will enhance our design. I'm usually going to an splash that come at first to see if I can search for something fitting because it's so amazing that detail in the quality off those images is out off this world. It's like 5000 pictures for 2000 pixels. Those photos are even too big, so I always go to photo shop and make them smaller. You just click Donald Free Boom and it downloads on other websites. For example, picks, obey or pixels. You can change the size off this, and this is important. Creative Commons zero Creative Commons zero means free for commercial use without linking back so you can of course, appreciate this design. Thank this designer that you don't have to attribute him at all, even in your commercial work. So even if this is a product you are doing for your client, you can use this image and it's no problem. That's why those images are so amazing, so great. And I've used them several times, and I'm always satisfied with them. So this is it for this lesson. I'd like you to select at least five images and download them to your product folder. So now we will have some inspiration, some colors and a few images to work with. Off course as we create. The presentation will download new images when we'll revisit this websites. But I wanted to make this one comprehensive chapter where I show you everything step by step, which you can follow and replicate. So this is why we select the images before we start the work. A few images I also download now five of them. I'm not entirely sure if I want to have people images or animal images, I don't really care. I'll select a few of them and we'll see what we come up with later. OK, Let's get it on for this lesson. You know your quest, select five images, download them and have them proper for later work. 8. 02-04. Select Icons: Now we finally get to my personal favorite spot. Aikens. I really love icons. I think they do a lot of work and presentations, and I believe you can create outstanding designs using just icons. For example, I would like to introduce you to two websites. Or maybe you know them. I confined her and flat. I can that come flat. I can, and I can further are both great. For example, you can select another like search for person. Aiken. You have those premium Aikens with You can purchase and you have those free icons and look at the left side. What's great here. You can select any or vector you can select, for example, only Free Aiken's, and then you can go one step forward and select no link back. This would be totally free icons, which you can use for any type of project. And look at how many are here. You can really get outstanding Aikens and what I enter a Nikon. I can not only change the size if you want a bigger print G to download, but since sometime they have added I can. Currently, it's a new feature, but you can click boom you can change the color of the icon right away. Okay, so I can find her has become better and better over the years. The same thing goes for flat Aiken. And in my opinion, this website is top one under icon website. Not only Great Aikens, they are not completely free. You need to link back here, but you can also purchase like a 10 bucks a month and you can use all selection without credit. But what's great here? You can not only search for Aiken's, you can click on the menu and you have top Icahn's latest icons. You have packs and this is so amazing. Look at that Essentials at 380 Aikens in the same fashion in the same style designed the same way I come here, I have a pack off 400 similar design icons which I can use from right presentation. How amazing is that? And not only that you remember that we've selected a color scheme click on download pack, you have the free download and the premium download. But before I don't know them, I could click here. Boom, boom, boom, boom. I select plenty off those icons. I for example, select all the icons I want to download. You can see on the right topside. I have the icons here, so I've selected like on these are previous icons I selected. So I have 60 icons here, and I want to change their color. You want to download all at once, and that's so amazing. I click here, I said, Paint collection. Boom. I select my color scheme. You remember we had the colors. Previously, we just select the right colors. Boom, for example, Red one, and you select and download 60 icons at once or even more. Aiken's in all the colors you need. You select those now knows collection free Boom. You go to paint collection, you select the Net scholar you need. And now you would have Aiken's in several colors preferred for my work. How amazing is that? I'm always so happy to see that that those websites work so well, and I can give them credit any time, for example, at the end of my presentation, because they provide me with such amazing tools and the designers gain as well because the designers can make money by uploading icons here and designing for this website. So it's a win win situation. I give them exposure. Designers have a place to work. The icons are really perfect. Just look at them. They're beautiful. Why not use them? So this will be your quest for this lesson you can use Either I confined there. You can, of course, use other websites. If you know websites with icons, I just personally thing flat. I can is a great website which we all can use. And this is from the free pick family Free pick is also a great place to download free material for your graphical projects. Okay, this is it for this lesson. We've learned really a ton of ratings. We gained inspiration. We selected colors, images and some icons and we're nearly done. The last step will be to somewhat tinker with the funds with That's just a smaller step. I'll show you how, when and where, and we will see each other in the next entertaining hopefully lessen 9. 02-05. Select a font: there. We arrived here. My second favorite thing when it comes to designing is selecting funds, and the good news is for power point and overall for presentations. I wouldn't extend over to funds. You can select one good fund and roll with it until the entire presentation. Or you can select two phones, which will be complementary looking with each other where you use one fund for titles and the second for the main text or text boxes. Overall, I think I don't have to show you those website, but I will go over them. Doesn't that come? 1001 Funds 1001 Free phones and fund squirrel. All of those websites accumulate plenty of funds, and you don't have to serve so much because you have, like top list or top fund deal oil deals. Not with the reason and the hot phones and some say, funds, which will be always good. For example, one of those phones is definitely open sense, open sense and what's even better about this font? It's a fun family and you have lied it our exam abled, bold, extra bold and let me say you that our but isn't perfect with funds. Some funds will not work properly in Power Point, and Power Point has its own front list, which it draws from windows. So not whole phones were worked perfectly. As you can see, for example, I have obviously also open sense installed. And when you go here, I have only a few of them. Why is that? For example, we don't have open sense bold. This is because PowerPoint as a software reads that you can bolden it here with the normal Windows options. This is a little downside, in my opinion, because, for example, Adobe software like Photo Shop, they read all the funds you've installed, and you have all off them here with Power Point. It's a bit tricky, but as I said, you can select those say phones. I've listed a few of them a few good friends here, which I believe will work for any presentation, always like Open Sands Monserrat Lata Fund. These are totally awesome phones, but you can, of course, search for your own, and I think that you should select two funds here. Go around makers, research and insult to funds if you will have troubled to select proper funds or they will not appear in your power point. You need to exit and open power point again because it loads the funds from windows, and it needs to reload them if you just installed them. But if you don't want to search for them just instant open sense or let off on or Monserrat . These are great phones, which will 100% work properly in your power point. If you want to be a bit more advanced and you want to explore a few funds, please search for some top funds or new funds and make sure they are free. For example, here we have free for personal use. We can also select 100% free phones, which is even better. Baba's knew that totally, totally beautiful fund. You should also have it installed. It's like the go to phone as a designer, for example, or another fund. I want to show you off course. You know it already. Lobster fund. How many designs that you see with this fund? It's because it just works. It's a great front, and it's just something to know about as a designer. That lobster found is also very popular and it will always make a great design. I hope this part off the course wasn't boring for you. We didn't need to go over this because I couldn't live with myself. If we would go forward with the design without knowing what we do well regarded from and just randomly using images, photographs I need to have everything structure to be prepared to like have a portfolio off resource is which I can go to. And once you are from in there with those websites, this is really all the arsenal you need. You will go fluently through them. You'll select quickly a color scheme and you will normally go right into the design. Okay, I will leave. We are more than enough prepared to start creating off course. Everything will unravel and unfold as we proceed with our work with. For now we are prepared. I hope this was enjoyable for you. You like those tutorials? Let me know if all the lessons are okay so far. And if yes, let us proceed 10. 03-01. Brief Overview: Hey there. I'm so happy to open up this chapter. Now, in this lesson, ID like this will be the most basic lesson off this entire course. I'd like to give you a very brief preview off power point and just to compare it to other Softwares, for example, you have photoshopped, you have a layer, you create a new layer. You, Adam asked, Do it. Once you've established the mask, you add an adjustment channel. Then you add effects. Do it as you add effects to those shape layers and you create a clipping mask of it, for example, like that, then you group it. You would have no way of knowing what just happened if you are not a photo sh abuser, because I would call this software very advanced, and you need some time to practice it in order to get familiar with all its features in Power point. In my opinion, it's different power point. It's a program where you can jump in and use it properly right away. The menu is very intuitive, and it's definitely helpful. If you already used some Microsoft Office programs like Excel like Word and Obviously Power Point and you are a bit familiar with the ribbon system. In this course, I will not go over each single thing, like telling you that these are the front options. It's obvious that you can bold a phone that you can like justify the font. Then you can. It'll like them. You can underline them. You can change the fund, you can change the font size, and you can make it bigger, smaller like that. These air obvious things, which I want you to also explore while working because we will use them over and over again with this lesson. I just wanted to tell you that in Power Point. In case you don't know since 2007 we have the ribbon system. Terrible System is a great feature, which groups similar editing options in tow. One big container. And that's what I really like about Power Point. And it makes our workflow well, pretty much easier because if you click on an item, you get this additional former tools. And those former tools are especially here for the object you selected so it makes it easier to edit object. It makes it easier to edit pictures. It makes it easier to edit text like here. I simply go to this former tap, and I'm 100% sure that I will work with this very text. This section is here to teach you the totally essential things important while working in Power point and having a good work. So I'll show you only the important stuff. And I want you to definitely get ready to work. Now, open up. Power point. Please create a few slides. Slides obviously can be created by right clicking and selecting a new slide. They can be rearranged freely, so you'll have much freedom in your work. And it will be helpful if you would drop some icons into Power point and an example image just to get a hang of it and know how to work with this software and get a bit around and you'll see in a moment how easy it is to edit, to change, to reshape Everything will go over those important options. All right, this was the brief overview. I wanted to introduce you here with that, and in the next lesson, we will right away at just our shortcuts. Can't wait to see you there. Your little quest for this lesson will be to open a power point and drop a few items into it. 11. 03-02. Adjusting our shortcuts: hello. Back again in the work. Now, this will be something super important because you can see on the very left topside. Probably if you had your great in power point last time, you will have out of sight here. We will, of course, delete that. But basically, this is the quick access toolbar. The quick access to over allows you to quickly grab certain options from power point here and what's cool about it. You can bring up with the left old key for probably the option key on Mac. This little shortcut buttons. Now, as you can see, for example, at eight in this case, I have the textbooks. I distressed old Cypress eight. Boom. I have my textbooks. I wouldn't have to goto insert, click on text box, click here and then start typing. This is very effective when it comes to working in Power Point and I want to teach you how to use that. I am not sure that the older versions meaning 10 4007 or 2013 could do it the same way. But here in the newest version of Power Point, which is 2016 you can simply right, click and at too quick access toolbar. Most likely, you can do it exactly the same way. If not, you can always click here, select more commands, and then you can search for the appropriate command and place it here. It takes a bit longer because, for example, you select all commands and this is a lot of commands. But you confined your important ones. What I want you to do here, in this lesson is toe at two important shortcuts. Inserting shapes and inserting text boxes. Because this is like the bread and butter off power point work. You can do everything with those two options and it will take you unnecessary. Timeto always cook here. I'll do this myself. Right now I'll select more commands. I will delete everything here, maybe apart from creative video, because I like it very much. I removed everything I select. Okay, and I want you to replicate my steps now. Please go to insert and consider adding shapes and textbooks. I will right click at two quick access toolbar, right click Add to quick access toolbar and I have both my shapes and my textbooks. I would like this to be my number one and two, and as I click my left old key. Now I see it's number three and four. Well, it depends. How handy are you? How do you remember those shortcuts? But basically saving saving isn't as important because you can always press control as to save. It's a very common shortcut. You don't need to have it here, but it could be more to the rights. And that's why I will customize my quick access to a bar and let us make shapes the first ones and inter textbooks. The second once or even insert textbook will be number one, because it's such an important feature now. Each time you work in power Point and you create something you alter one boom a boom old too. You select the appropriate shape old to you, select the next trip old to boom and the workflow get quicker. Because of that, you can not only use this road cuts by clicking old, you can get in the habit off inserting something else. It takes a bit longer, for example, if there is more than one letter like I did here for a simple oppressed and and I have a one you need to press a. Then you need to press one. This is something that you need to remember, because if you have more than 10 shortcuts, it will place a 010203 and so on. So you can remember old. And if there are two letters, you just need to press them continuously as three well, three D models and Power Point. This is a new feature. I don't quite like it because, well, it isn't harmful, but it's, but it isn't as necessary in the software like power point. All right, for this lesson, this is it. Your quest is to add those two short cuts, insert text boxes and insert shapes. In the next lesson, we'll go over the selection pain, which is also very important, and not everyone knows about it. So see you, hopefully in the next lesson ASAP. 12. 03-03. Selection Pane: Hello and welcome back. There is something in power point that is being overlooked, Just as in order graphic design software is like photo shop. We have layers here and we see all the layers we are working on the same way we have our selection. Pain in power point. Please go to home and under very right side. You have editing, click on select and click all selection pain. I know there was a little problem because in power 0.2011 for Mac version, I guess we couldn't access the selection pain. I'm not in the area. Shorebird. I know that some features in the power 0.2011 Mac version aren't there but power 0.2016 for Mac has this implemented? Definitely. So my students reported So we have this selection pain. As you can see, each object which is here is listed in the selection pain, Each picture we can de select it. We can rearrange it. For example, this one This is now under this star. But I can take it. Place it at the very top side and it will be over it. So here you can not only select items. If you have troubles grabbing them, for example, one is very big, one is smaller and you can click on it properly. You just de select other ones. You click on this one and you have it selected. You can also work with the visual hierarchy, meaning which comes first, which comes last. Another great thing to remember about selection, pain. And really not everyone uses selection pain, but it's such an important feature because we can double click and we can rename layers. Why would be that important? Well, later on, I'll also did you about animation, animating elements and overall, working with this this tap. So in the animations, we can make a brief stop here. We have the animation pain and just look at it. I animated this Aiken and I animated this. I can and I animated everything else. Now you have no idea what this picture 12. What is textbooks? Eight. What is auto shape? 100. But you will remember what rename waas because we just renamed it. So this is important because depending on how you name those objects in the selection pain this way they will appear across animation, pain and everywhere in Power Point. You don't have to precisely remember everything about that now because I'm just making a brief stop here to show you. Yes. This is something we will work with. You just need to memorize somewhere that I was talking about this. And once we designed our slides, everything will come come natural to you because you already know that there is something like the selection pain. If you are using the selection pain Right on. Spot on. Well done. That's the way to go. Okay, this is it for this lesson. I'd like you to have power. Point opened. I'd like you to goto home, select selection pain, open it up and click around with this object. Make them invisible, reorder them, check their hierarchy. And overall, try to rename something so you'll get in the proper habit off using the selection pain. Once he will be done with that. I want to show you something cool. With the format options off each and every object in power point 13. 03-04. Format Shape Option: okay, we will already talking about quite a few things. And this may seem a bit chaotic for you because I'm not going over everything step by step . I'm just showing you some important things which we will definitely use in this course and in our workflow. The next thing I want you to remember, because I have several questions of students how to get this this tool bar on the right side is the format options I want to show you. This is a simple image or, for example, this is a textbooks. I go to the textbooks for my options, and I have. It's Phil, Meaning this shape, Phil as I as a If I click it, I get this orange color on the left side and on the right side, I have the text feel options. We have options like changing the color, using another color with the eyedropper. This option was also not available in the older versions of Power Point, sadly, but in 13 4016 we have it. We can select the Grady in a texture. For example, when we go to the shape outline, we can select the weight off this outline. But students also reported to me, Hey, I can't make it more than six points and I wanted a big outline here, a bit weight off this outline. What's happening? How can I change that? This is because here in this part of power Point, we only have limited options if you want to get to the details options. Well, I wouldn't call them advance because they are simply a bit more details. You always right click and you select former shape everything. Which is he here, like changing the shape? Phil, Changing the text field, changing the size off this little object. Everything is available here, meaning we have three boxes and two options. We have the shape options and the text options, just as we have here the text options and the shape options. But here they're far more detailed. I select my shape options and I have my bucket fill. I have my effects, which I can add. The effects can be also applied here shape effects, but here it's kind of more professional because you have, the priest said. You have all the options available, and here it's a bit more difficult to work with the options because here, for example, I can only click a shadow. I was here. I can change the color of this shadow. I can change the size of this shadow, the blur. I can change as you can see everything in this options. You have to remember that if you want to work with the size with the position or with the Phil options, it's a tiny bit better to go into. The former shapes your quest for this lesson because I can explain this to you that this is a waste of time. If I would say, Look, this is transparency, this is color and these are line options off course. I will go over that once we will design slides, but for now, your request will be to insert a shape. Hopefully, we'll do that with hold on to You will select a shape. You will insert it, then click on it to conform its shape and play around with the film and the line options. I was talking that we had only here in the shape outline. Wait. We can only go to six points here. We can go in the line options to as many points as we want. As you can see, we can make it even 20 points big. Then we can change the compound type two, for example. Those two lines, the dash type can be changed so you can see how many important options are here. And only some of them are here. You can see we can change the dashes. But what about the compound type? We don't have it because we need to go into the line options. We can even use Grady it lines which we couldn't access. Here. Here we can only select a line and nothing else. Here we can select a cool radiant. We have a few presets while those reefer presets aren't so perfect, but they can get us going. Okay, so this is your quest. Please. I'm telling quest because this is more RPG like I like like this word. But this is your simple task for this lesson. Police right click, former shape and play around with those options. In the next lesson, I'd like to go over cropping and coloring. This is also a completely like, different topic now, but it's also super important and it's important that you will have that somewhere in your mind. So see you in this next lesson. I am waiting for it because this will be a cool one. So see you there. 14. 03-05. Coloring: Hello, a very important topic about icons and images in general against Victor Aiken's. These are images, the same as picture are. For example, those are PNG icons, and if I make them bigger, you can see they lose quality. Vector icons, however, are made off points and vectors, so no matter how big they are, they are mathematically calculated, and they will always remain crisp. So this is why, when we use Vector Aiken's, we can select former shape full and we can change their color because they are like power upon shapes. They can be simply filled with any color with images. Images like like this PNG Aiken or this normal picture in the form of options have picture options because these are simple pictures and some student were asking me they have a Nikon . Why can't they changed it to any core? Because this is an image. And these color options are only here to adjust certain color values off the color channel of this object The same. Yes, I would click on this picture. I'll click here and in the color options you can see. I can get such an effect by addressing, for example, the hue and saturation or the RG or be color lowering one color, extending other colors. And this is what this function does. It doesn't recall her to to any color you want. Sadly, this should be an option in PowerPoint, but we still don't have it. We should have an option like color overlay, where we can recover everything to any color we want. But sadly, we don't have it in PowerPoint. That's why you need to consider if you want to use Vector, I comes like that, which are a bit harder to obtain and harder to import into power point or, if you want to go it images. If you go with images, I'm suggesting toe recall or them even on other websites, or re coloring them on other graphic design software's so they are prepared for work. For example, you have a color scheme made of five colors, and you're recovering them properly before you start to work Else, you are doomed for the power point options, and you can only change the color slightly will. Perhaps in this case, in this case, I can make it to a white icon perfect, but that's not always possible I would then right click and send that to back, and I would have this icon in front and white, okay, but I had no guarantee that in those color options I'll have my white color. But when I used the vector Aiken, there's no problem. I just go to former shape Phil, and I make it white. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should read it up on the Internet. What are PNG and bitten up images and what our vector images, if you'd like I can offer explained that to you in more details. But for this, Listen, I wanted to make you aware about the options which we have for the picture tools, as you can read here and for the drawing tools. Since this is a shape it can use the drawing tools. This is it for this lesson. I'd like you to import an image as your quest, go to former and play around with those options, at least to know what effects are possible. Like the mosaic effect, What corrections are possible and what color options do you have? They are limited to those options we have here, but still Hey, we have something. We have something to work, and this has to do it. We don't need more. We can do still great designs with that. 15. 03-06. Cropping and changing shapes: another very important tool we have is the cropping option. You have an image, a big image, but you only wanted those rocks to show here so you can position the image. You can go to its format and you can select crop crop is great because we can crop it like that to the size of our slide. Then you can hit crop to cut it off. You can hit them again, crop or or do it Previously, you can see that you didn't destruct this image. You still have the full image here and if you need to, if you change your mind or you need to adjust anything, you can work still with the image. What's also great in the crop options you have corrupt to shape an aspect ratio. If I wanted to make a perfect rectangle old of it, this will be no problem. I would go to crop to shape, and I was selected a rectangle to or a perfect circle. Maybe a circle will be the better example, because we already have in the rectangle crop, corrupt the shape circle. But now it's totally ugly. Don't worry about that, because you can always go to crop aspect ratio and select a square. This way you will get a perfect circle. So this is something to remember for our upcoming work that in the cropping options, not only can you simply crop the image like like people do with my shift key off course, because I want to remain in constant proportions. If you hold down shift, you will make it like that. You can click crop, but you have also cropped to shape and aspect ratio. And why am I talking about this? This is a feature of Power Point, which repeats itself. Let's say that we have our inside shave. I'll entered another rectangle, but then I think them I didn't want it to be a rectangle. No problem. You go to its former settings. You go to edit shape, change shape just as we had in the cropping tools. And you can change the shape to a circle. Now, if you want it to be a perfect circle, you make the height three with three enter, enter Boom. We have another perfect circle. If I hold down my shift and left control key, I can move it outside this middle point and we have to perfect circles made with, like power point options in the murder off radius seconds. As you can probably guess, your quest for this lesson will be to insert a shape, insert a picture and crab them properly. Two circles This is great practice when it comes to designing, and it will definitely be useful because circles like that and elements will be definitely used in discourse later. Okay, slowly will close out the sections maybe a few things more. But I only know I think you are getting prepared to the work because you've already here about the most important options. You are fluently inserting text boxes shapes. You are working with images, icons and eventually also vector icons, and you can crop on reshape elements. Basically, you are ready to work so soon we will start the reel design. Can't wait for that. So see you in the next lessons 16. 04-01. Merge Shapes Magic: Welcome to the Ninja Power Point tricks not everyone knows about at first ID like to show you the merge shapes. Normally in Power Point. We are kind of limited when it comes to the shapes to those that we have here. We can, of course, led their points and adjust them a little bit. But basically, it's a bit difficult to get something quite unique in Power Point. What if you want to combine multiple circles to create something of a bubble or just something like that were? Luckily, you can select everything. You can go to the former options, and on the left side you have merch shapes. This is another feature which wasn't available in the older versions of Power Point, I guess in the Power 0.0.2011 Mac version. It also isn't available, and in the 2000 maybe seven But 13 4016 definitely have them, and all newer versions, of course, will have them. You can emerge certain shapes. You can union, combine, fragment, intersect or subtracted, and look how amazing If you union this this becomes one shape. So if you feel that with the picture, it will fill right as we have it here. And this is a great feature because we can get some unique things. Like, for example, we would like to have something crossed out here. It will be difficult to make normally, but if we use our shapes, we rotate them. Or we would just like to have a custom line here, going from the right bottom side towards here, you select the 1st 1 you press shift, you select the 2nd 1 you go to the firm it and you can intersect or subtract those shapes. It depends which object is clicked first. This is the way it will work. If I select this ledge first, for example, pick, shift, pig. I go to merge shapes and I subtract. It goes like that. But if I select this object first in this one, the second. If I click merch trips subtract, it will work like this. The way this is used will be explained later when we design slides. At this point, I want you to be our off the murder trip options. I want you to open a power point to add a few elements and try and merge them into one element or try to subtract them from each other so you can see those custom results. This is now a shape. It's great that we can still reshape and reform it it the way we want, and it has a custom, unique design and look. 17. 04-02. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint: all right, importing vector files into Power Point. I want to show you how it's done. It won't always work 100% perfect. But let me show you. I'm, for example, using free peak and backed easy to get a few vectors And let's maybe make an example off two vectors. I wrote school and I would just select any design. For example. This looks quite complicated, so let's try to import it into Power point. I was like, free download and I don't load the vector onto my PC. I do the same with those icons from free pick. It requires me to attribute this and I'll do this right now and overall. But we will delete those icons. I just want to show you how to use them, how to import them. And I'll check if you will be able to do this. Okay. I did unzipped both files and perfect one this E p. S. So we can check this out and wellness ai, Let's first select the AI. I'll select okay, and I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS six for dead. That's the downside that you will need some vector softer. You could eventually export those files with some cloud converting software. But this may not work, and I have reports from students that it wasn't working always for them. This is because we need toe export this file this designed to e. M. F. Let me just quickly check the layers off this design. I can see it's on one layer and and before I export this file, what I like to do is to release the layers so the file is easier to read. You can click here on the layers, click here and to select released two layers. Now each off those is a separate layer. I'll also select them and make them equal with the very first group because the 1st 1 was just a group. So now it's an empty layer. I can even delete this, and I have 24 layers because I deleted one. It's a very simple vector, Fiallo. I go to file, I'll go to export, and I will save it simply as an enhanced meta file e M f. Because this is the file which Power Point is able to read, and this is the most crucial moment. We can't get a 100% sure that they will work because this is only a converted file. I'll open the next file and I'll do the same. Let's maybe this time not release the layers and see if that will work. File straightaway. Export enhancing meta file 2nd 1 and safe. Okay, I'm arriving at Power Point. I will select the 1st 2nd 1 I'll click a new slide and I will select the 1st 1 So this is basically my vector file. What do you need to do? In order to work with this vector file, you need to right Click Select Group and select on Group PowerPoint is asking if you want to convert it to a Microsoft office drawing object and it is the moment where it turns creditable in apartment. Yes, I want to do this once again. I will select group on the group and this text is really making. And you see, first problems arise. This was so much text that it couldn't be released properly once again on group. Finally, I got all the object and this is a really crazy file because so many items air here. And for example, I wanted only the buses, so I would need to somehow click and select him. Okay? The background. You can see it's not perfect, but I would need to select control G. OK, select the bus. Select this bus control G. Take it away. Okay? Nothing else is important for me and I was somehow able to use this vector. It was a bit tricky, but we were able to do this. Let's no go over the Aiken's. Is this working right? Click group on group? Yes. I want a drawing object. Right Click once again on group and boom there we have it. So everything worked perfectly. Even I didn't release the layers here. But I just like to do this to make the conversion to MF a bit easier. Okay, so this is it. The last step I would like to take is because now I have so many objects here. I would just select this icon control G boom. I have this unnecessary background. You always need to remember that sometimes the background is another layer control G control G control G. You need to do this step. But right now look beautiful vector icons within Power point Former shaped Phil and their color can be changed. They are vector. Everything is working great 18. 04-03. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint on MAC: all right, Mac users. I have a good information in about information. They got information. It's somewhat possible to import vectors into your Mac PowerPoint software, but it's farmer difficult, and it doesn't always work. Students have troubles with that, and we I wouldn't say that we came up with a solution, but I was ableto track down a few solutions from the Adobe forums and from discussion with other students. How toe eventually import vector files into your Mac version of PowerPoint. Basically, if you watched the previous lesson, you do everything the same until the exporting point from illustrator Again. You need a vector program like illustrator or like sketch to export it to the IMF or at least two PdF. But there's another step necessary. I have here three work around, which I'll off course also share with you here using illustrator and library office free software, open office and adobe across it. This is possible with some pdf exporting and I have everything explained here how to do this step by step, and I will simply require you to read all three off those solutions. Maybe also, you will come up with your own solution because Basically it's doing the same. Exporting your vector s svg or e m f. Then going to another software, inserting this image here and then select picture erratic and break the picture once the picture is broke like broken up in pieces. You can open this file in Power Point and it will be easier to import. The same goes for those options. They are very similar. You again have to use this office and then break this picture. The TERT option seems the most reasonable for me because you can go into Illustrator. You can export your file s adobe pdf, which is a very normal former and then going into adobe a crow. But you can goto file open you open the pdf you created and you go to file export to Microsoft Power Point. This should eventually work, but I cannot guarantee that the vector you used will be perfectly imported into power Point . Just look at that. We have one vector file we exported as a PdF or another former. Then we need to break it somehow and then were imported into PowerPoint. So many converting steps that something might go wrong with layers with colors with the actual vector so I can carry into your results. But from what I know, it's possible people are doing it. So please try to do the same on your Mac version, I would know ask you, please watch the previous lesson. Do know how to download your example vectors, download them and try to replicate the steps to get your vector image into power point. For the sake of this course, we will not necessarily need to use vector objects. This is just for you, for your future projects. And if you'd like to use vectors within Power, Point is difficult, but it should somehow work. And I'm also confident that the Microsoft developers will make it a bit easier and future versions and implement the vector features even better into power point. 19. 04-04. Editing Vector Points: If you manage to get those vector icons into Power point, you can edit their points. And this is amazing because you can right click and select edit points here are you. Click on this object you goto former, and you have added shape on the left side. Normally, you can change the shape, but here you would like to add it. Its points, as you can see. For example, in this vector object, we have a a lot off point. You can. Still, if you are precise at new points, you can adjust them and you have three different types of points. It's a matter off clicking around and using them a bit around, but basically you can smooth this out. Or you can corner out those points you can right click, select smooth straight or corner. If I click corner, it will snap back to being a perfect corner. If I make it smooth or straight. Boom. I have a nice line like that, so it depends on what do you want to achieve, but there is no perfect way to use it. It's a bit clunky, but I wanted to show you with that that even if you insert any given shape. For example, you have a shape like that with my shift game. Make sure that it's on perfect proportions. But you would like a little change here. No problem. Right? Click Edit point boom at point. And that's the problem you sometimes click away with. I'll just go back At this point, I wanted to at another point, boom. Make it a corner point boom. And in a few mouse clicks we made something like that. We change this shape and, well, it's not perfect. It's a bit difficult to work with. That in Power Point and Power Point is definitely not the perfect software for vector objects and editing those points and adjusting them. This is not illustrator, that it's possible, and at least we have the possibility to to do something. At least we have that we can edit points. You can, for example, make this whole. We can delete points not like that. You can, of course, rightly, and the lead points if you want to make a bigger change their object. I would need to adjust this a little bit, but it would be possible to cover this up in great just by clicking and removing some point . This is something very important to remember. We might use that as well when we edit RR slights later on. So be prepared with that. In this lesson, you should grab a shape ended a few points of this shape for rep a vector I can and edit a few points off this vector. I can Thanks for your attention in this lesson. I hope this was helpful and informative and we will see each other in the next one. 20. 04-05. Aligning and Distribution: another total ninja trick will be the alignment and distribution. Now let's say that you have more Aikens. I will select a new slide. I would lead everything, and I want those icons to be perfectly aligned next to each other. I have a lot of them. Sorry, I'm using only two icons, but you have so much going on on your sleight and you would like to categorize this somehow . Okay, this is too much what I want to show you. You can select all those objects you can go to form it, and you can select the Align panel. It's something super important and very nice and power point that you can align to selected object, which will align to the first and the last object. Or you can align to slide, which will align to the beginning and end off the slight. Let's elect a line selected objects and let's distribute them horizontally. You may not know what's going on, but they have equal spaces between them. In order to make them in one line, you would need to click a line and also a line middle, so they are all in one line, and you can see how quickly we distributed them properly. You can see there's not enough space for them. I will space them. Have been out this a bit to the left. I will select them. I'll once again go toe the line and distribute them horizontally. If I would be to distribute them vertically, it would distribute them from the most top item to the most bottom item. Now look what happens. Select all of them former online distribute vertically. You can see it can have a small error. This is because it mathematically count how it should be distributed. And aligning is another thing which I would suggest to add to our shortcut box. You can right click on the line at two quick access toolbar, and I would like it to be more command number 123 Okay, so that way we can always select old tree and select something else. At first I would like them to be aligned to slide old tree. Now I can again aligned them middle old tree, distribute them horizontally boom, and I have them perfectly aligned. The same goes when you use shapes and objects. You can select a new slide. You can have shapes. And you would like to have those circles perfectly aligned. Now, if you do it like that Power point is helping you with that. But sometimes you don't get the possibility to use that. And, for example, I will show you another little trick. If you want to align them here, that they will finish here. You know that it uses the first object and the last object you can control. C control V at a new object here. Control C control the at a new object. Here, select all those objects. Old three. Make sure there are a line selected objects, So oh, and old tree distribute horizontally h Now I can delete the most left object the most right object and I'm sure they're distributed here perfectly. This is a mother off clicking around. So your quest for this lesson definitely will be toe at a few elements Go to form it, click on the line and click on each option once so you will understand how that works. You have those little icons and they help you a lot. That's a little downside. If I press old tree, I don't see this icons, but basically very often used Ally Middle and distribution, so I automatically remember where they are and I click on them and aligned to slide aligned . To select the object. You will need to get familiar with those options because this is something amazing and you'll most likely used it throughout your power point career and overall and design. This is something to know about. 21. 04-06. Format and Animation Painter: you are nearly equipped with all the knowledge and tools to start the real design workflow Until you do, I want to show you a last supercool ting in Power Point, which also not everyone uses. I've probably said that a lot, but that's simply true. You are editing right crazy. You did change the color off the text. Let me go to format. What did I want to do? I have orange text. I have it felt with a ugly yellow background. I went to home. I made it bigger. I selected this object and I did change the phones to, for example, by bus. And I have it like that and I want to repeat that. Repeat that I don't want to edit this object. I want toe paste the farmer off this one to the first text as well. Look how amazing I can click on this object clicking here because this would only select text. I want to click here so the entire shape is selected. Go to home, former painter and boom. The entire formatting options are painted over to this object, and this applies as well to shapes. For example, you have a different color off this shape home, former painter. Boom. One click and you under. Later, as we will explain animations, the same thing is possible with animations. You have fate, you at animation. You fly in your at animation. You pulls, you add animation. It fights off four animations at once, and I want that those animations to be as well available for those opt. No problem. You click on the Shape, which has those animations, animation painter, boom animation, painter boom. All animations would be applied to the other object as well. So this is another cool trick. Former painter and animation painter allows you to quickly paint the former over to another object. Okay, this is it. Your equipment knowledge. Your last quest here will be to go to home and use the former painter to paint one former over from one object to another so we will know how this option works. 22. 04-07. Change the Aspect Ratio: all right. In this course, we are definitely working and focusing on presentations on the 16 per nine former, which is suitable for video and for most off the screens. But if you like the design, a poster e book cover or something else in Power Point, you can be aware that on the design tab, and by the way, I don't recommend those basic designs because everyone is using them and they are overused . You have the slight size options in the slight size you can go a standard for by tree or the normal white screen, but you can also set a custom slight size. You can select any size you want to have a few pre defined, like a four, which will be a normal day for screen. Of course, you can adjust the wit just the height, the number of flights, obviously landscape portrayed. The way you want it, you select okay, you can maximize or ensure fit. It doesn't really matter. It will just automatically adjust the size of your objects. Just make sure you hit portrait if you wanted to be differently, okay and you're fit and boom, everything is a dusted and I have a four images here to be prepared. You won't use this perhaps often that this is definitely a possibility in Power point and in Power Point, we can export files toe PdF's two images. So you are covered. You can create a pdf if you have no advanced knowledge in other Softwares, you can create a pdf right here in Power Point. You can rest old one you will have. You can add text. You can add images. You can add any designs you want here, and you can basically even create an e book right within Power Point. This is just something to remember about. It's not a super common practice to do this, but if you'd like, it's possible. And it's something to remember for future projects you might eventually want to do in Power Point. 23. 05-01. Types of Animation: Hey, finally, we are going to talk about animation, and this will be the last step which will prepare you for the real power point work. Okay, then, animation. Our entire point off interest will be in this tab. The transition step in Casey Wonder is the transition between one slight and the next light . This is the transition step, but the animation step allows you to apply animations toe object within power point. Okay, As you remember, we can press old to to quickly create a few elements. And I'll just create just a few say we'll see what's going on. All right, we have three object. We can click on any object and we can go to the animation step. Once you click on the object, animations become available. If I have nothing selected, I can even open the animation pain. I see nothing. Is there what you need to do? In order to add animations? You always need to have an object selected. As you can see, we have a menu. We can enlarge this menu and we have a few animations here. But we have green ones, those yellow ones and those red ones, and also motion pats. I'll show you in a second what everything is. Those are in animations. Those are emphasis animations, and those are exit animations. Of course, in animation is when the object will appear. Emphasis innovations. I can select any. For example, polls will be the emphasis effect and the third, let's select an exit animation fate fly out or float out. Okay, we can have a float out. You can see. As I click on it, we get a brief preview off what will happen later on? We'll talk about the animation pain. Okay, I'll press shift at five, and I have three types of animation. My first click makes the animation in my second click will make emphasis on this out act, and my third click will make this to get out of this lot. As you can see by color, I applied three types of animations to those objects. Let me add another object, for example, another circle and we have 1/4 type of animation, which is motion packed. Motion parts are similar. We have, for example, aligned movement, and we can move this object wherever we wanted. With this animation, however, you see this start point and endpoint. I can adjust the end point, but I can also adjust the start point. And it's a bit tricky because this object is here. But the information is no. Here, look what happens. Okay, The 1st 3 intimations and it snaps to this point and it animates. So you need to be very careful when you work with those motion pads. Because if you have an object and the animation starts somewhere else, the object will magically fly through there. What you always need to do or what recommend that is to start from the same position and just adjust the endpoint. This way, we'll have an animation like this. No problem. Looks cool and deserted. Basics about animations off course you request for this lesson is to add four elements and apply one animation each each type of animation to one object. So you have a total at least off four animations. Go ahead, open power point and create those for simple animations. 24. 05-02. Add Multiple Animations: we already know the four types of animations we have in this lesson. I'd like to show you how toe add multiple animations to one object. Let's say that I have this first object selected and I would like to have fate and, for example, wipe on the same object. This won't look good, but I want to have it. If I click on it, I'll just replace the order general animation with Why? But I wanted to have fading as well. For example, an exit fate. In order to do so in power point, you need to select at animation. This option allows you to at multiple animations to one object. So I have one animation here. I will go at animation, for example, the exit fate, innovation. And now this one object, as we can see on the timeline. And it would be good if you have the animation pane opened so you can click here and open it and I have to animations under to your directory object. Another thing to know about is that this is not all. PowerPoint is not the perfect animation tool, but we have a few more animations than we confined here. by clicking more, more entrance effect, More emphasis effect. More exit effect. Right now we have about 10 of them here. But if I select more entrance effect, I have the entire list off animations and or the school. If you have an object selected, you can very quickly preview all those animations. This is all I wanted to tell you about in this lesson. They will have actually two quests here. One you should at multiple animations to one object to see how that feels, how that looks and how to overhaul. Do it in power point. And you need to click here on this little button more select more entrance effect and preview all the animations you have here. I hope this will be okay for your please do so and then you will be able to move forward with animation. And later on, as we design, we will be able to make a lot of cool animations into our presentation. 25. 05-03. Effect Option: Hey and welcome again. Now I would like to talk about effect options off our animations, and this is something which you will learn over the time working with Power point, as you can see. For example, if I were the simplest innovations appear, it has the effect options great out. We have nothing to change here. But for example, if I select something like flying the effect, options become available and we have two types off effect options. We have this button with effect options, and we can manually go inside the animation. Since this is a fly in animation with the effect options, I can adjust from which site it comes in from the top side from left and depending on the animation you've selected, you either have or have not those effect options. If you go, for example, to the float in animation like I did here we have another effect. Options float up and float down, and you can wonder, Why did the Microsoft developers not give us float from left float from right? Well, that's why I'm telling that PowerPoint is not the perfect animation software We have to work with what's available apart from the effect options What we have here. We can also double click on the animation in the animation pain to get a few more advanced options. I said. I book leak. I have my timing options, which is the same which we have here. We have the effect options because we can add a sound when this thing appears. We have also a few basic sounds here in Power Point like applause and a few other stupid ones. And we can select what should happen with this object after the animation place we've got, for example, height after animation I could select okay, And after animation, this object would be hidden. Well, it isn't the most useful function, but it's possible to get an animation and them this object. Afterwards, you could say we can do the same by clicking on at animation and clicking, Disappear or fate. Yes, off course we can. This is just another way of doing it. Let me go back here. Here we have only the normal timing options, but here we additionally have a repetition. We can repeat this animation like three times select Okay, and you can see it looks a bit different on the chart. This represents the loop. How long one loop will take in this case. This would now animate like this three times. You can again say that's not the best option, but it's possible to make something like that in PowerPoint, and that's super important. We have also text animation options. I'd like to speak about text to you in the next lesson for here. For this very lesson, I'd like you to at least search for one or two animations, which have affect options. Basically, it would be best for you if you would click split and take it out. Why? And check it out. Just get familiar with those animations. Just check what is here and you will know a bit more how to approach animation later on when we designed something. This is it for this lesson. In the next one, there will be something super important and interesting. So stay tuned and let's each other in the next one 26. 05-04. What about Text: what could be so special about text. And basically, when it comes to animation, I want you to remember that the fate information can be the most powerful animation off course we have all those crazy animation like zooming in wiping and whatsoever let me show you what difference taxes. And this is another super power point, Rick, which not everyone knows. Okay, let's say that this is my beautiful textbooks. I'll even make a few spices. So I have more text to work with before we identified, and we achieve animation like that. Here we can click on the text or on the tax books. We can select Fight, and we have another super simple animation. Let me make this the first animation and look as I double click here. You remember I had those few options. I have the actual effect options, the timing options and the text animation, which applies when they have a bit more text and a few paragraphs. Then we can animate the paragraphs kind of separately, but on the effects type. I don't know if you noticed we have animated text now, and that's something beautiful I can animate all at once. I can animate by work or by letter, and look how beautiful it looks. We have also the percentage of the delay between letters. Maybe let's make this a slow 15% animation and look how amazing. Yes, the information will be long now, but it's super beautiful. It's not a simple fight. Let me go back to effect and select by Ward. This will be a bit quicker, beautiful, maybe too quick for my taste. I would make the delay to 20%. Okay, and what's even more amazing? Other animations, I believe not all of them. But for example, the white animation looks also cool. A normal wipe animation on the object itself looks pretty bleak. But if I double click here, I go to my effect animate text, for example, by letter. So we see it better. Select. Okay. Did you know that something like that is possible in power point? Most off users do not. So this will be your advantage knowing such animations and for this very lesson, obviously your quest will be toe at a text box. A big textbooks click on those animations, open the animation pane, double click here and try to apply text effect to it. This is amazing that a normal fate can look much better when it's applied to text. It's basically the same animation from the same option, but if we adjust its effect, it looks totally different. Thanks for listening to this lesson. I hope this is a good information for you and something new, and I hope we will be able to use that a lot in our presentations. 27. 05-05. Animation Pane and Timing: I wanted to clear out all topics before we moved to the animation pain and its timing. This is the most crucial part when it comes to designing the animation. In my opinion, the timeline could be on the bottom side, but on the bottom we have seconds, and here we can work with how the animations fly into the entire design. You probably noticed this timing tab were each animation. Each generation separately has its duration, which we can extend, and it's delay, which means how much delayed the animation should play. So, for example, on the second mouse click, this animation will not play until two seconds will pass. We have three types of animation we can right click on each animation and select on Click, which will be with my mouse click with previous, which will start together with the next animation or after previous, which will wait until the animation finishes and then it will play. For example, I want to mouse clicks here, and the rest should happen immediately. Afterwards, I would leave the first mouse click. I would leave the second mouse click with all other animations. I will select this animation holding my shift key The last animation right click and select with previous you can see with previous looks like that. And if I said after a previous after after after and we have this little line you can see a line between, For example, this yellow button here this line represents the after previous Also, this little icon informs us that it's after previous but I wanted to start it with previous right click with previous And my only downside here is that all the animations will happen simultaneously. What do you most often do when you use with previous you selected, you delay it a bit you selected You delay it a bit and you could tell now Well, why don't you don't simply use after previous because after previous is limiting me to have it exactly after previous I want those toe overlap, but just a tiny bit like that. So they still start together. But they're a bit late again. Delay. Okay, like this f five. So first like means the first innovation which we had previously. And with the second click, everything else should happen two seconds past. Boom, boom, boom. Okay, all those crazy animations I know this looks now ugly. It's completely out off schedule and everything flights around as it wants. But this is how editing animation in Power Point works. We can also click here, but that's inconvenient. For example, if I want to say that this yellow sometimes I select this yellow sometimes I extended, so it's easier and safer toe work with the delay. You don't have to increment it by 1/4. I can also press 4.1. That's no problem. You can move it later. You can move it every year. This is just animation editing, but you can see our point sometimes resets those animations. So it's really difficult because I have selected with previous and now, since this emission is later, If I move it down, it also gets later. So basically, it's the simplest if you select with previous and you just work with the delays in this tap . Now your request for this lesson. I know you may not get everything here now, but don't worry about that. As we create real projects, read slides and create real animations for it, everything will become clear because as you work with that, you slowly learn a few things, and then you will be very fluent when it comes to working with those animations right now, I wanted you to learn the types of animations that they can be moved around, that they have their timing, that we have affect options and that basically it we have the play from to preview it. We have the preview were also here. That's basically the same. And this is how you work with animations. That's also this tape isn't complicated. Okay, for this lesson, your quest will be obviously to the edit animations, right? Click and train their type change toe on click. Change it to wit previous tainted toe after previous. Then just start this light and to see what happens. It will be also helpful if you work with dead allies and duration to get familiar with all those options. All right, that's it. In the next lesson, I'd like to briefly talk about transitions, and then I believe we can finally move forward. 28. 05-06. Transitions Tab: since you are already a power point animation master. Now, I want to briefly touch about transitions. As you know, transitions are simply transitioning between slides. I can select new, slight new slight and depending on the transition on this light, this is how they will fate between each other. Right now, if I select a five, I selected shift at five. Okay. Those stupid intimations this light go across. Okay, so he seed a bit better. As you can see now, the slight simply go between each other. But if I select this light, I go to transitions, and I select, for example, wipe. And here I said I split. Boom, boom, boom. This is how those slight would appear. Why slide super beautiful? Okay. And the cool thing here is that on the transition step, we can select two types of transitions. We can sell it on our mouse click, which is the most often used because as I end my slight I present something or I just want to proceed. I click my mouth. You can select also after five seconds, for example. Now, as I start this light as five seconds will pass, it will automatically move forward to the next light. You have no control over that. Why is that helpful? You can have pre recorded presentations or if you export them to video, the video will remember that this slight should be shown for five seconds. That's very important, especially if you want to use power point for creating videos or if you have perfectly set timings. Another useful information is that transitions are secondary. In the important, the most important are animations. For example, if I want to transition this light after two seconds, what you say, will I be able to do that or not? I'm telling you know, until all the animations finish, then we have two seconds to fade It. Let me make it shorter right now. Animations. So until those animation finished, for example, let me move the oval to take about five seconds to play. I'll go into the slide. You can see the oval moves for five seconds. Now only the slight can advance. It wanted to advance desperately after two seconds, but it had to wait under the last animation will complete. Then it could finally transition. This is basically it when it comes to transitions for your quest. In this lesson off course, you will have to create transitions between a few slight at, for example, first light at anything on them. Like I did hear those super advanced boxes blue boxes and I tried a few off the transitions between them. Some of them are super cheesy, like this one, but okay, they are. They're in Power point. We have them since many years. So people need to have them. But the flight trees, for example, much, much better. Off course, the normal fades are great. Bush, wipe. Everything looks kind of decent that you need to know. A few of those transitions in order toe also effectively work and power point and close up your presentation and make them a bit nicer. A very nice thing is that once you have a transition established and you want this transition to be for half a second, you can apply that to all. All slights automatically will get this transition. All right, this is it for this lesson. Let's move forward in the next one and start designing practical products 29. 06-01. Design Warmup. Create a Safe Slide: hello and welcome in the first lesson off the design practice part in this course here, we will work on a slight design. No matter if you want to design videos. If you want to design presentations or you want to get overall battery graphic design, this section will teach you a lot about working in Power Point and overall, getting your designs done as you can notice. I have my color scheme here. This is a simple picture I took. It's a bit cropped. I prepared myself a lot of icons just in case. So I have enough to work with. And, of course, those pictures which we were talking about. I have some pictures now how to start the presentation, how to start designing. I would like to show you something which I'll call a safe slide and which is a design warm up. I call a safe slide something if I have completely no idea for the design. There's still something I can always make, and this will always look decent. All right. At first I'd like you to delete the original boxes, go to your pictures and select a picture which you like, preferably with a person on one side. Okay, This looks very promising. All right. I'll place this picture on the left side using my safe slide concept. I want to press old and too and create a very simple erecting. Okay, this rectangle will go from the right side. About 80% or 70% of this line. Okay, create something like that yourself. Now I have this object and I want it to be white. I will go to its form. It shaped Phil. Select White Off course. We also need to click shape outline. No old line, because by default, Power Point does this ugly blue outlines. Okay, now, I would like this to be a bit cut down because this is a rectangle. It doesn't kind of look so so designer ish. So I right. Click here and I'll select edit points. I will take the upper point, and I will just drag it over to the right side. Exactly. Something like that. And we do not need more. You can see this already looks promising. Having the rulers opened. I know that this is the end of the slide. Now this person is too far on the right side I want to take this person, hold my shift key and try to position the person kind of in the middle of this part off the slide. I can see I'm far above the slight now, just in order. So I know where the slight end, because it's better for visuals. I'll goto former. I'll go to Crop and I'll corrupt this image to the end of this light. Okay, then a click crop again, and I have the first part off my slide preferred. Okay, old one, and create a textbooks for the title or some title. I'll click on this box and I will change the phone. Two months. Sarah. I definitely want this to be bigger and eventually also bowled it because this is my awesome title. Now I can have more text boxes here or more icons here with my colors, and that's the beautiful part. Let me select three icons like this. Note this circle and this pencil or this drawing board. I don't know what this is. Control C Control V. I'll place them here, and now comes the advantage. Sorry. Now comes the advantage off having vector Aiken's. My advent of here is that I can. It s so hard. You need to click on the icon. You need to click shift. Yeah, And look how difficult it is to select the icons. That's the little problem when working in Power Point. OK? I always select the background. That's also a downside off what I made here. And I want to select this color. I go to form it shape. Phil. Eye dropper. Do we want this presentation to be read? Or do we want this presentation to be blue? Let me maybe start with this red, because I really like this this deep color. And right now I will just click here. Control C control V Control C Control E Control C Control V. But obviously this fund should be smaller and different. Shift click here. Shift click here. And in my case, I will change the fund to my writer. I'll grab some. Laura made some text, and now this would be a matter off, making everything precise as you remember. For example, I want to justify oldest boxes, not this box. Justify it, maybe make them a bit smaller because they were too big, in my opinion. And now I would need to place everything properly. I can select them like that. Press control G press like that, Control G first like that, Control G. Now shift, click, click former line and distribute them vertically, so I'll know that I have equal spaces between them. This will be your first design practice, creating a slight with Aikens an image and overall working with all the tools we already know. And in the next life, we will try to create a consistent presentation and a few interesting slides. 30. 06-02. Slide 1. Title: I'm revisiting the front options and I went to Google phones and under left bottom side. You can compare to funds together. And in my opinion, I found that Roboto in black and Latino irregular together, work great. At first I want to use and create a title slide. Let's do that together. We will definitely use an image for that. And I was thinking something like something like this, because this gives us much freedom or something like this or a city is also great for for those title backgrounds, I'll place that in the design. I will make that bigger. I'll position that properly. I'll go to Crop and I'll crop that to my slide. Okay, I want to make sure now that the image fits Okay, we still see the sun. I could crop. This is the background, but I want to click on this image. I want to select color and I want to take away its color because I would like to overlay it with one of my colors. So I was like this second option here, which is gray scale. All right, then I go toe old too rectangle and create a rectangle above the entire design. You can see that's totally ugly now. But don't worry, we can right click. We can select form and shape. We can go to fill and we want to select a color eyedropper. This one I can use the transparency and see what happens. I could even select radiant. Delete a fugue, radiant and select eyedropper. First color click here. Select eyedropper. Second color. This seems to look OK. Now you want to change their direction to from left to right? Because I wanted the colors to be like this. Because we have the tree and the sun on the right side. Click on the first color. Transparency Take on the second color. Even more transparency. You can adjust that. But I believe we have a really nice color scheme. Okay, I click on it once again and in the affirmative I make sure I have select old line. No old life. Okay. Perfect old one. My text box. What I wanted to say here our design. Well, that's not much, isn't it? Make it in the middle. Make the text white and select Our black phoned I told you are you will decide for the robot a phone roboto. But I want to make sure that from this fund word we have it. I wanted the black one. Okay? I wanted bigger our design. That seems interesting, but it still lacks something, so I want a smaller box on the bottom. Control C control V. Okay. It's always hard to select and better that are designed control A. And we can use a shortcut control and the left bracket key to make this smaller. Okay, I make it on the bottom. And you know that the second fund I wanted to use was latter, not black, a normal latter fund. Still, I wanted to be smaller and maybe the white color doesn't work. So perfect now. So I'll go to the colors. I'll make it a bit gray. Just so it's a bit darker or red. Okay, this red seems to work fine, though I really want them to be upper case. I want to select maybe sentence case. Maybe better presentations will look a bit better. And on top, I could eventually select an icon which would complement this entire design. You know that I have so many icons that I can use them anywhere I want. So I take this rocket, I make sure it's in the right place, and I make sure that I use the proper color. I have my former shape options open so I can select just eyedropper. And do we want it white? Not in particular. Maybe read. And as I see it, I believe we shouldn't make a space here. We should make it like that. Okay. The rat on the bottom. I can somewhere on top of it. And we can decide if we made the colors properly. Maybe I can Could be a bit bigger. The red overlaps a bit. So I will click on that, and I place the red on the right side and the blue on the left side. Will that look better? Well, it definitely does. I would even maybe get rid of their red or just change the angle. So we have less red. All right, I'll make this even more transparency. 30%. This one. Yeah. Let's leave this Read a Some off the red can be here, all right. And this would be our titles Light. Now your quest, obviously, Will it create something similar? And power point that picture in the background and overlay and a few boxes And eventually and I come 31. 06-03. Slide 2. Exciting Grid Picture: Okay. Welcome in slight number two. We need to create something which will be ableto often. Copy, Create a new slide. I would lead everything and I'll come back to take my text and the secondary text. I'll go to the slide and Helpers Control V. Now I need to select the 1st 1 and I need to select maybe the dark blue car. This could be like the main color off our presentation. And this could be a complimentary item, maybe to a very light gray like to tagline off this slight I have click on it. I will justify it to the left side. So align left. And with my control and left bracket key, I'll make that of its smaller. Okay, since we selected letter for our tax control C and control V it, I'll acknowledge that this is text by your hashtag control be and I'll make it bigger. Okay, this is just supposed to be an icon. Perfect. Now I'll copy the text once again. You can see I'm working on the items I already have. And now we need a textbooks. I would like to come to the first light because I have the alarm Epsom copied here. I would like to take a few lines out of here, all right? And this is a normal, solid, dark background. Just what we need to do. We need to select Latell found for I will justify the text. I'll take a brief look at the other lot of funds Hair line light where light is also cool. Medium, semi volt, thin. Well, maybe the light one, the light one can be useful. So let's have it somewhere here. And this would be like the base layer off our design. The base layer off our standard very standard slide will not are designed like here comes the title. I would like our presentation to use a lot of images and I will definitely need to select more and download more images as an example. I want to, for example, select this one. I'm not entirely sure that this will look cool, but I want to show you what I'm about to do here. Crop Just a quick crop. And now comes the fun design part. If you have no idea how to make this more interesting old to select rectangle, let me work with such rectangles former shaped Phil White shape. Old line, no old line shift click. Rotate them, Will 45 degrees. All right, maybe it's a bit too big. It could be a bit longer. And let me start. Design Control C Control V. Who control C control v boom Control C Control V and boom. Now all will depend on the picture we use. But look, what can be achieved with such simple things Now it may be Doesn't look amazing. But wait a second. I won't again old too. And I want to get rid off this part as well. This will be the entire customization off this light, and I will select a suitable object. And of course, you can always rely on those rectangles because rectangles can be simply turned over. Do you remember? What do we learn previously? Click here. Former painter Boom. I don't have to do it from scratch, right click send to bag. So it sent entirely to the back and click on this image. Right click sense to back. Watch what happens. And I believe this part is should be also cut down. Shift a five to preview what we achieved. Well, my screen is a bit bigger, so you don't see the right side. But I can see that those lines I make them too big. And here it doesn't look consistent. Take this one. Control C control V. Place it here. Make it like that. Okay, so it's evenly cut. You want to have even spaces here everywhere, and maybe I'll make those a bit smaller. I will goto for months, and I won't do it to be 0.3 everywhere. I'll make sure it's equal one last time you want here. Sent to back and on the picture sent to back. Now every time I want to change the picture, for example, I would like to have this one. No problem. I delete the old picture. I place this sense to back and I just crop it from the left side. Okay. Like this she's here. Crop doom. We have a completely different design and I just need to make sure that I use the crop properly. Well here. No problem. It could be a bit wider. That's really no problem. And this picture isn't perfect for that because the face is invisible now the face should be revealed so I've selected everyone. Picture. I can see that. You maybe think What the heck is going on here? What's what is he doing? But look on the left side. Don't you like the look and feel off this time? They'll And if something is lacking to you, like for me, I like the red color and I like something on the bottom. In my opinion, this light would be done. And if you don't like what you see here, you can always click on this object, right? Click edit points like you could at a point here and simply make it like that. Now it's a bit more cut off and you will see perfectly where this light is finalized again . At point. Make this smaller at point. Make this smaller. And okay, now this light looks a bit better. I look close, this design here, I want you to become as good and designing as possible. So watch this slide. Try to create something like that. Eventually rewards the lesson, and I'll try to make some simple, slower slides in the upcoming lessons 32. 06-04. Slide 3. Connected Picture: Okay. How to make the slide more ordinary. Click and you slide Once again, I'll copy the title and the tagline Because fighting that's essential to our design. This time I'll put it on the right side. Okay. I'll make sure it's aligned to write and a swell Align this to write press old too and select another shape. This time we'll select the rounded rectangle And let's create something like that. But we want to opt around this because this would be too blocky. I want around us like this. Control C Control V. You want a few of them? Maybe make them equal control. C control V Control C Control V. Okay, this last one could be again bigger Or maybe control C control V the 1st 1 Select all of them and we will fill that with a picture. But before we do, we definitely we have to press control. G if you don't press control Gee, you can also right Click group and Celik Ruby. I want to fill this with the picture and I'll show you a picture or texture. Feel select file. I have my pictures and maybe this time we select something like that you can see if we have it grooved. The pen goes like that with If we right click group on groups, the photo tries to be placed in each design separately. So control Z and you have something like that. It's totally great if it's group not Look at that. It seems like a completely custom design. And I forgot about something. I should click here. Go to former. No, old line, No line, no line, no outline. All right, now it looks perfect. Maybe the picture isn't perfect, but it looks okay. The downside here is that we can't use the cropping tools now to make this light of it different. I want you can copy my color scheme because I want to make sure that we use the red one. And since this is rounded, I was old. I pressed too. And I select a circle. Maybe you select to I consider control C control V make the 1st 1 Former shape Phil. Red shape, old line. No old line home. Form a painter and paint this former over American place White icons. Here. I'll go to my I can slide and this seems interesting. And this planet seems okay. Control C control V. I'll place them here and for their fill. I want them to be white. I want them to be white, like this perfectly in the scoops, trying to make it perfectly in the circle like this. And maybe just taking a small description. I will take this box because I don't want to always create it from scratch and make it a small description off this item. Okay, We would have a small description here. A small description here. Old too. Another rounded rectangle shape. I would like to have filled box here. Round it. Goto former select its color eyedropper, the darker one. Okay, this was Well, do I need to add something here? I got ended like that to make it a little underlying, or I could, for example, create a fill out off it by making it a bit smaller and selecting the next color in line, shape filled eyedropper like a skill set or something. You can notice how interesting that becomes off course again. Former. No, old line. That's so annoying. But you can see how easy this decreed a progress bar like that small progress bar does control G Control G because I believe they are too big. That should be smaller Control G under Progress Bar Control C Control V a Progress bar here . And I believe we created a design which looks consistent. I could even make 1/3 1 because this somehow would look better. Try to place everything a bit better because right now it looks a bit clunky. After positioning the items a little bit and changing the picture, everything looks more clean. Especially when I see the time nail. Everything is more balanced, looks more natural, and I'll stick with that for the slight. This is it. Try to create a similar slight, especially this right side where we produced the icons and the Progress bar. Because this might be useful knowledge when you create a slight. Only with that 33. 06-05. Slide 4. Picture with Lines: okay. I want to slowly close the first part off this template design and I'll once I can create something with a picture, it would be something similar to that. I mean, we will use the text boxes because those can be really useful and fill out our slide. I'll select and you slide. Boom. I'll delete everything because I want to create it from scratch and I'll place those basic text boxes, maybe deleting the icons. And how do I want to proceed here? I will use an image as the background, and I'm slowly running low with images, so I'll maybe need to download more. But that's no problem. Okay, take this picture right, click and send it to back. So we have the text in front now able to select old too toe, insert the shape. And I'll maybe used this shape because this looks promising. And it has such a nice option because it already looks like a ready slide. So I a place it like that. And the perfect thing here is I can adjust this corner. So depending on how much text we have, that much we can cut off this corner, let me go to former shape Phil and select White off course shape boldly, No old line. And once again, I would need to send everything to back send back sent to back. Now, this seems like a ready slight to me with maybe this bright part is a bit boring in order to make it less boring. And since this is a such a pointy style and place this lower so the viewer, if you see this light what you immediately see the middle of the slight grabs your attention. So here I would like to create maybe a bit more off something just here to cover up the picture, because the picture now looks a bit empty. Okay, Now we will have a few steps, and after each step you should pause the video and recreate what I'm doing. I would like to have some lines here, so I press old, too, and I select our familiar rectangle. Please create direct angle. The car doesn't matter, and it should be a narrow rectangle like that. I will rotate it all right, and I'll try to make it as close as possible to this line. Maybe I select shape, fill a red color, so it's better visible. I make it a tiny bit bigger. I come closer and I start the rotation. I worked on the bottom side. I worked on the topside, and this seems pretty equal. Okay, I'll know. Make this closer. I mean shorter. And now I'll control C Control V and I placed them very close together. Control C control V and I'll try to fill the rest of the slight like that. Once you fill them out, please delete every 2nd 1 of them starting by the 1st 1 because I want equal space is to be here. Okay, the second step. I would like them to go equal with this line. So if you have powerful in 2013 or 2016 you will have the combined options and fragment options. You don't need to do this that you can do this by hand by adjusting the length of them. But if you don't want to do that by hand, I can show you another trick. Please click on an object control C control V and rotate this object. I want to make sure that this object will be perfectly aligned with this line now. Okay, I made it too big. Let me try to align it like this here, okay? It doesn't have to be 100% precise, but I want it to be pretty decent, okay? And make this object bigger. You can see this is the line where we will cut if you have this red object selected breast shift and click on Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom boom Holding, shift. Click on all of them. Now you need to go to former. And this is why I told you that you need purple in 2013 0 2016 Because we need the fragment option. You will click on the fragment option. And now you can delete this big object. Delete those smaller objects and we have a perfectly equal line here. It goes really well along now. I less adjustment would be to select those shapes. Go to form a shape, food, white shape, old line, no old line. And this would be it. If you want to be super precise, you can also cut the bottom side. You should select a rectangle for that. You could create a rectangle like this. Then again with shift click Select everything apart from the background and now it probably will also change the color. So this was my mistake, that I made them white before I did this. But basically I am done with step number two. If you would like to have those lines also on the topside, you can click on that. You can press control C control V but you see, it doesn't fit here. I would need to right click form a shape, go to the third box to the size options and open up size because we need the scale, height and the scale wit. We have 100% here and I need to rotate it to the left side. And I need to make sure that it's 100%. OK, now I know that boat are equal. If I have it like that, you can simply click here, select your shift key Turn is perfectly around. Place it here and Voila! This is it. When it comes to this slight. I hope you were able to replicate older steps and had fun designing this with me. Let us work on more interesting designs 34. 06-06. Slide 5. Our Services: Okay. We started a new section which will be called services. How could he start? At first, I would definitely like to borrow a few of those text boxes. One shift click. Next shift. Lee Next. And I want a few off those text boxes to be here. Now I can start my design. I'll make that smaller because I just want a small description here. And definitely the text is also too big. So I'll try to make the text, maybe even centered. And here on the bottom, I want three off those text boxes because I'd like to display three services. Now, how to make sure that you have equal spacing between them? You know it, right? Shift shift, former and I, and distribute them horizontally. They are aligned to selected objects, distribute horizontally. So the middle one is no perfectly said, Okay. And now they're in the middle. This would be one example of stating how perfect our services. A line line center. Okay. And this also home. Ellen, Center. We have to decide if you wanted to stay red, but I think this is pretty OK now the design is pretty empty, but I would like to use our color scheme. And I've selected a few new images because I wanted to have a few more images. And I think something work related like this, or like this should be perfectly OK. I'll make the image bigger so it covers the entire screen. And of course I'll goto farmers and crop it to a smaller picture. I want something like that in the middle. Well, this is kind of small, so I need to fit the picture. I think the hands will be important. The keyboard crop and perfect. We haven't image like that because the images kind of empty and kind off without feeling. I would need to borrow overlay. We already did. I want to borrow the overlay and then I'll try to work with the colors we have. Okay, this overlay is really beautiful and it's great, and you can simply use it by copying and pasting it. And now we need to decide if everything is distributed properly. In my opinion, those textbooks is take a bit much off our space, so I will make them a bit smaller this a bit higher. This is all because I would like this image to be a bit bigger. I can go back to crop. I want this image to be a bit bigger, so we have some space. This overlay is no problem because I can always recites this overlay instead of having that here. Other controversy and control v it and place it here. Service like service ones, heiress to and service tree. I think the service looks a bit better and what we like, we like some Aikens. I would like to press old and too and select a circle, maybe three big circles for our services. And those circles would follow our color scheme Control C control V OK, In my opinion, I made them a bit too big. And what's great, I can with shift, select everything holding shift. I can make them smaller. But if I additionally press control, you can see I can make all of them of its holler at once. Perfect. Now I need to select the 1st 1 former shape Phil and select our collars boom former shape ful, eyedropper and select the next color shape ful, eyedropper and boom. No old line, no old line, no old line. And I'm sure that those colors follow well along I'll crack on the Grady int And I believe this red could be also this blue because they're at somehow doesn't work on this overlay here. Now, this would be a matter of having some fun with them. Maybe maybe this time we want some overlay. I select poultry shape, Old line, Wait like maybe three points. Shape old line white. Well, this white doesn't work here, so I'll simply recall or this box to read. Wow, now it's really better. Then I can select the line here so old to a normal line and try to connect the line. One object with the next object. One object with the next object. Select those two lines. Shape old line white. Wait. We had, like, three points here and there's a great connection. Of course, I would need to connect it a bit better and this light starts to become viable. I added a few text boxes. In my opinion, this slight is finished. If you want toe, reconsider anything, you can simply select it. Resize it, change it as you want. Now, try to create a slight like this on your own, and in my opinion, this is a great design about our services 35. 06-07. Slide 6. Overlapping Circles: this light can really represent anything. If you need to change this light, you can simply delete anything. You can change the overlay. You can change circles, and since they are connected with this line, the line will go together with it. And in a really few mouse clicks, you can create a completely, completely different slide, which will suit the design you're making. Look at that. A few clicks and a completely new slight. Okay, I revert my changes, and I will make another slight like that which can be used for anything. Right? Click news, light, delete copy over those element boom, super fast designing. And this is it Good job you've agreed to dislike? No, no, of course, we will create a few things more. I want to show you another. Well, can I call it the trick? I want you to always keep in mind the background because using the background can make some unique designs, letting press old, too, and select a circle a simple oval created pretty big like that. Or maybe I overdone it. I'll make it a bit smaller. Former. We also need our color scheme, and this time we'll work differently. we'll need the outline. Let's make the outline rat. At first, let's go to right click Former shape in the film and in the line. Options make the wit pretty big. I want the weight to be really big and you'll see in the moment why, Okay, now you can see that I have a red outline and if I make this outline toe white, we don't really see it. But we can cover up one image with another image, and they look as they would be connected. You can see what I'm doing with that. I have the same outline color as the background color, and now they get a completely different look. Okay, I'll select both of them. I may be. Want them to be a bit bigger because I want to place a picture. Wyndham. I want them to create a design like this, the entire middle off my slide, and how many off them do I want? Well, I want maybe four or maybe five. Let's stick with four. Let's select all of them and let's place them in the middle of this light. I would require four off those textbooks is because I want to have one textbooks under each of them now. It would be better off placing everything properly aligned, selected objects distributed horizontally. Now I'm sure that they are distributed properly, and now I could work with those services. At first I would click on this object. I would go to the fill options and out select picture or texture field. Since I have some pictures prepared, I'll just click on them. And we can still use former color and de saturate the pictures so they will all look equal . And the last one picture file. I would select a different picture. Now, obviously, I would need to click Crop, and maybe the pictures are a bit distorted. I would need to crop and properly place the pictures. This will take a bit time, but, hey, if you want to designed to be really well done, you can take your time, all right, and make those little adjustments. I really like that we're able to use the grayscale because this makes our entire design consistent across all of those Aiken's. The last thing I would create in the middle would be an icon. I would select those Aikens I had come back I would make sure that everything is properly distributed. I would click on the red or on any color you have and again line solid line. And I would make the wit bigger. Now, this would be a pretty unique design. Of course. Well, this is too small because I want to have a bit more off the Carl or given the size of this object and make the wit have it smaller and basically touch it here. Okay, this would be about the designer and to achieve maybe going to form a shape Phil and selecting the different color. Now it looks a bit more real. I did change the icons. I select all of those objects and I press control g to have them consistent. If I need to shift him around or, for example, spread the move it It's no problem. I can do this with one mouse click. In the end, if everything is properly placed, this light well, look like that. Now try to recreate it on your own and use those interesting circles with their outlines. 36. 06-08. Slide 7. Simplistic bulletpoints: Okay. We are making everything pretty complicated. But what about very simple slides? It could be used if you really need to just quickly communicate something. I can give you another idea. For example, we have five colors here. You could select that you could write hashtag one or or simply one an adult or just one. It really doesn't matter. Just make a big number out of it. Close that down. Well, maybe I made it a bit too big. Cypress old too. I select the shape. And what shape do we want? Maybe we want this shape because they're creating is that he can shift it. And be careful because if I pursue old too and I selected here somewhere here we have the same object. But this is a flow chart Floater data. And this is a pearler of probable. I can't even say this word. It's too difficult to pronounce for me. But if we select that one, we can do nothing. But this one can be changed. As you can see, where I'm heading with this is to create a very simple boxes shaped fell eyedropper and used the color scheme. I already have shaped outline off course. No old line. I would make the smaller to the size off this letter. Okay, well, it doesn't have to be perfect, because I want to make it pretty interesting. Shift click control G one to three. And very quickly we have a super interesting design and we can stay with this color. We can change each color separately, for example, selecting the ID over and this one selecting the eyedropper. And this one Right now, I'm having some doubts about the color scheme I selected because this base one doesn't perfectly fit here. But, you know, we don't have to use all those colors. We can also create our own cars. Let me see. Maybe I'm discrediting this color too much. It looks fairly decent. And for the last color will. Since I'm changing the color over and over again, I would select more fill cars. And what would work with that? We have some blues, maybe a yellow for an orange. Maybe let's go for an orange and orange. Should have also a darker tone like those colors, in my opinion, looks average, but it's it should get the job done this way we could communicate another five things around on our slide in a very simple and consistent fashion. Maybe. Let's call it service here and maybe the red one. Well, that's a bit too much of coloristic. This is why I will go for this blue or for a black wall text. Phil. Well, this blue also let me select a simple black color because I want everything to be cleaner on this slide Control C control V Control C Control V. You can see I'm just duplicating those objects. And now it's a matter off shifting those letters around those icons can placed above each other or they can stay like they are. I would need just select everything control G control. G grouping is also very important when it comes to animation because if you animate something, if its group, it animates together, if it's ungroomed, you need to select an animation for this. For this, For this and for this now they are grouped already together, so I only have to animate the letters and the text. But this way it looks a bit more like consistent and easy to read it. If I need to place them somewhere else, Maybe I should place three on the bottom and two on the top side here. But, you know, I've made it like that and I'll stand by my decision. If we create other slight, like total freestyle, you duplicate any slide you delete like the half off the things you have. You come back, you select that and you see if this fits here, maybe maybe you can place it on the bottom. And right now, for me it looks better than the services we had. So it's very useful to have such slight. And if you create something new, look how easy it is to make a slight, more appealing, more consistent, more appealing a bit difference. The design is a bit different. So this is something to remember when you create slights and for your lesson, your quest will be to create a slide like that. We also did such hardcore and difficult slides that this one should be enjoyable, easy and very simple to create for you. 37. 07-01. Slide 1. Bouncy Text: okay, we have to start somewhere. So in this light we will prepare these simple animation for our title. Now this section has its good site and his bedside, because the good site is that animation is super enjoyable in Power Point, and it's made very quickly. The downside can be here that it's a bit tedious because you basically repeat the steps each time you make approximately the same things over and over again. I want to avoid questions how toe animates, like to how to animate slight seven. I will simply animate all slides one by one, and you will decide if you want to watch and work together with me or you would like to skip some slight. I will, of course, encourage you. Design each light with me, try toe, animate its light with me and I'll off course. Start with our title slide. When trying to apply animations, you need to consider how many elements you want to animate. Obviously, on this life I want to animate those three elements. The background is okay. It doesn't need any man animations, so let's hop on. Let's click on the first object. Yeah, and that's the problem in PowerPoint. Sometimes objects are hard to select. I'll goto animations and open up my animation pain. Those animations should start automatically and for the rocket, let's select a fly in because this is a rocket. And here, right off the bat, I want to show you a cool trick off course. I want this rocket to flying from left side, so effect options from left. And right now the animation is a bit boring, but the grating areas that on the fly in animation as well you can double click here. You can select effect and you can smooth, smooth and bounds. Smoothing makes the animation, like start slower and end slower because right now we have one motion. If we smoothed the end toe help a second, it starts quicker and then fate a bit off. But at the animation was super quick, so let's make it one second. Now you can see it already looks better with for that animation. I didn't want such a big smooth. I wanted to have a small bounce. Now it resets the smooth because you can have either bounce or smooth Look at the bounds. I want a bounce to be about half a second, and it bounces a little bit at the end that something a very fun in power point and right click select. With previous this way, the animation will start automatically, and since we are flying in from left, I would consider making the same for those ones. Fly in effect, options from left longer, right click with previous and delayed by half a second. Right now I have to animations do do. As you can see. I should adjust this animation as well, so I'll double click on this animation. I'll go to its effect. We have also those texts, animations, But this would look very bad because the first word on the Second World would fly in separately. We want a small bounds as well. Maybe is your 0.5 the same way? All right now everything will happen after each other. So since I decided to make the same intimations, basically, and now you can see where it gets repetitive because we are basically doing each time the same thing over and over again. But it's still enjoyable. I do like to make those animations for the last part. Click on the second text select animation painter and pain is over for this one because I believe it will look really well if we have the slight animated like that as I see it now, I don't like the flying. I would select both text boxes and I would select wife instead of the previous. So wipe from left duration can be 0.75. Right Click with previous. Always make sure they are like that. Delayed a bit, delay it a bit and play from okay