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Maya Basics for Beginners - Get a strong foundation

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      User Interface Elements


    • 3.

      Veiwport Navigation


    • 4.

      Creating Objects


    • 5.

      Selection Methods


    • 6.

      Soft Selection and Symetry


    • 7.

      Move Tool


    • 8.

      Scale Tool


    • 9.

      Rotate Tool


    • 10.

      Using Layers


    • 11.

      Hide and Show Objects


    • 12.

      Intro to Outliner


    • 13.

      Pivot point


    • 14.

      Group Objects


    • 15.

      Duplicating Objects


    • 16.

      Freez Transformation


    • 17.

      Snaping Tools


    • 18.



    • 19.

      Marking Menu


    • 20.

      Creating Costume Marking Menu


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About This Class

In this 2 hour's of class video, Nalini Kanta Jena will guide you the basics of Maya and along the way he will give you many tips and tricks to speed up your work.

This class is a must for beginners yet an intermediate Maya students will also find some good information from this class.

After completing this class, You will be ready to learn Maya Modeling.

The topics will be covered in this class are -

  • User Interface
  • View port Navigation
  • Creating Objects
  • Selection Methods
  • Soft Selection and Symmetry
  • Move Tool
  • Scale Tool
  • Rotate Tool
  • Using Layers
  • Hide and Show Objects
  • Intro to Outliner
  • Pivot Point
  • Group Objects
  • Duplicating Objects
  • Freeze Transformations
  • Snapping Tools
  • Hotbox
  • Marking Menu
  • Creating Costume Marking Menu

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A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome you to my basics for Vignal. Plus in this class, I'll be your instructor, teaching you the essential skills you need before you stopped doing morning topics will be using defense elements people navigate. Since creating objects, selection matters subsidize Annan symmetry how to use move to scale to law and order to with in depth knowledge whole use layers how to sue on hydro objects in different ways. How to use the outline on how to use five point groping, duplicating frieze transfer medicines and how to use her box on marking them on. Finally, how to create your custom marking mental to speed up will walk. There are a lot of things to cover I can wait to did you. So with that being said, Let's get started is not Incan Jenna and signing out. See you in the next lesson. 2. User Interface Elements: everyone in this lesson, we're going to learn Meyer user interface. So we're going to learn their names. What are their being called on some of their basic functionalities. So I'll not cover everything like time, slider or translator, therefore animus. And I'll cover all those elements who has some kind of General Johnson's. Our general tools are more linger texting tools. So with that being said, let's we started. The first you elevates is the mini bar you can see that's on the top of myrrh. That's the maneuver. Then the bottom is called Status Line the second you elements there, so I'll get back to all those who elements toe go deep into that year elements. Then there comes the self. So again I'll come back to this all you elements, then this sex and is called toolbox on the right side. Six. And it's called Channel Box on very little. You can see here this is the channel box, and this is the Layer editor and the 1,000,000 sex, and it's called the View Port, or workspace. So it has again view menus and view men. Why cons there on this sex? And it's called time Slider It's mostly used for animus in on bottom. Sex on this line is called rents later, then this sex and it's called command line. This is the command area on this is the feedback idea. So there are two area. Then the end is health line. You can see whenever I put my mouse Carson on top off anything, I can see that it's something some feedback or some tips. And see if I put my mouse cars on top of this icon, Their souls. It's something polygon playing appeared publican plan on the grid. So this is all the U element you can see and there are some tabs you can see here It's generals and Larry Ritter is highlighted. You can click on the attributes later. That is attributed it to here. Okay, some here you elements is also there. Like if you go toe windows outline is they acknowledged, is there. There are several like TV editor. I want to cover right now, though you elements on top the screen. Okay, Now, let me tell you that you elements inside my eyes customizable. That means I can sense the u elements a little bit. You can see this double dotted lines every you elements has that either to the left of the elements on on top off you can see the self posits to the left side of that on the toolbox has its dropped to that. So you can put your mouse on top up that double side, double dotted lines and you can see this icon then you you hold your mouse left mouse and drag we knew drag. It will saw your different areas to put that. So these airplay defied. You cannot put anywhere you want Like the tool box. You can put that here. There is a slot right side. If I let go, my mouth does the toolbox. So in this place and I can change my view elements a little bit like I can pulled myself here if I want to. Then how to soar Hide you elements. So why you need to hide or so you elements? For example, we are going to do models are Dexter's. We don't need times lighter of rent slider, Right? So if it don't need something, you don't have to put that on the screen. If we hide these, we'll get some scream space. This is one of the reason. So let's see how toe soar high do elements in order to higher unit to go toe the display min Andi, you can see there is a U elements. Get out it if you hold your mouth there. If you just hold the mouse, don't need toe push any buttons. Then you can see there's again a submarine. There you can see all the elements are there you can So ah, hype from here. If I don't want times later on my screen again, hide that this is one of the way. And the second ways just goto that Dover line of that particular you elements on. Right Click on there on if you can do it anywhere, any daughter lines. If rightly again see the drop down there you can again. I don't want translator, so I can. I don't know that no strain combat toe all you elements and let's see how they work. So first, this first start from the minima so may know, but you can see here may Nobody actually has two different types of men Whose there So it's a long list of manners. Some of the men is that depends on this area. This is called menu selector. It's inside the status line effect Lee. Here I get this drop down. You can see that have some least like morning rigging animals and effects. It is that different discipline are against a department. So if I select rigging, you can see the Minova has sense a little bit. Right now it's suing, rigging menus, rigging specific minutes and still that have some ominous, like violated to select more. If it's off the minutes, don't chance. Those are common minerals and those millions that tends to here to the space pigment. If you don't want to solve the me, nobody can hate. There's a sucker for that to hide the maneuver or second, bring back the minimum. That's control am control him. That's for hide and saw the main menu where you can try that, then the status line. This city is called menu selector. Use the menu here. Then you can see there. Is it this kind of I guns that this line die by? It creates group, right? So this is a group. This is a group, so group men's it's related to this area is all about that immune Using opens in Seb's in the undo Redo. I'm not cover anything. You can see you as you progress in my agile on my better. So you are well on all these things. But there are some important things like this idiot's snapping tools in this my basic sex on we're going to along this this area I will some of them so and this idea is rendered render absence there. So I'm from here from this sex and you can dawn on down off this generals Activia data. You can see there are two upson highlighting so I get on off everything. This is Jenna Box Larry, editor on the stock has gone there because there's only one activated right now. If I select here, this is tool settings again. Whatever tool you have selected, like right now, my tool is selectable. You can see in the toolbox now select Elice elected and you can see that all settings related to their selectable you can sense the settings here. Are you gonna descent the tools? So whenever we want to stand the tool setting, just double click on the tool as well. Do open that tool settings. Then the attribute editor is there on you can see there's a modeling toolkit again. There's some more link. Quick tools are primitive. Step. So this is under the status line. The snap absence are very important rendered ups and is therefore rendering on. This is the general boxer Larry editor at a beauty editor. Things on this ideas were useful. It has mass kings ups. Um, don't worry about them. You don't have to learn a Brittan and then start mourning because of my interface. Has all the things like more linked excelling, rigging animals? Or maybe so. You don't have to long everything. Just don't worry about that. Then the self comes. The self is very useful because you get very frequent tools. You don't have to go inside the men. One get the dole because the self is down is there's a lot of the frequent use tools that they're even. You can bring your your tools into the self. Even you can create your new self, so I'll tell those polygon self is activated right now. You can see if you are animating something. You may go toe animus in and you'll get animus and absence. Let me tell you how to bring some men who tools into the self if if you want to. If you don't find that inside the self, but you need that. You can do that by just goto any any menu. Andi, for example, I need the it mess bevel of sin. So just hold control seat and click left. Click on the men will see. That's right now here, just before use controlled sit click just makes your yourself is active. We self you want to bring in two. That's important. Even you again create a new self for yourself. Like if you click on this. Absent this, uh, settings like I can just click on Do you can create a new self here that you can give a name like maybe modeling, maybe something like that just given them Now it's a brand new self, and it's empty right now. You can bring tools and parents and created new set of tools on you can. Usually I can bring any tools, whole controls it and click. I can use any in communist sandals. It's very, very useful. I'll recommend you use this technique. You yourself like this. And then let's see the toolbox. A toolbox is This area on toolbox has very, very useful, very frequent tools, like Select a lasso stool. This the pen selection tool. This is the move Toe wrote it to land skeletal. So this district's are very frequently used tools you can you can select from here. If you want to select a lot, just Glicken that we just blue. That's I later. So the school just lately on if you want to see the tool setting again, If I let me remind you, just double plea to see the tool settings. Now we can see it's tool settings, but now it's suing the lasso tool settings. Begin Sands any UPS and here if you confused what two twos are. If you want to reset it, just click on here. Resettle to close this window. Just leak. Click on the X and can you? There you can see the layouts, but on these air called layouts buttons. Layout's is a commune isn't off windows on the workspace area. We can see that. No, it's just prospective you. If I click any off the Upson here, Maybe on this I can Now you can see the in the what's best. There are different things like I have two pennants right now. Lipped left, right, left is perspective. On the right is UV editor. It's a a different window toe undrafted your models. So we're not going to see this right now so that this is called layout. If I select here, this is good for view. Layer. This is best layers for morning because we can see the mortal from top view, front view, side view as well as the prospective You. This is called for views layout. So these are different layouts, even even their mortal outs. If you right click any awesome, you can see them some more layers. Even you can create your own layout as well. Then to the right is channel box on delayer a litter, the channel personal eyes now empty because we don't have anything selected in the view. So if I have something in the view, let me that we go to polygons. Self click on any of the primitives here. Now it's selected on now general boxes sewing something. The object name here the transfer medicines like translate, rotate. You can see that it's Jiro right now. I have not translated Rotated it. Our scale it scale is one by default. Scale is one. If you pull Jiro here, it will lose its existence. So visibility is for so hide objects. You can see if I pulled some values here. Like if I put two here so object moving X axis sandboxes Very useful on dumb off. Moving your object in a specific value. Rotating objects in a specific values. You can put it just leak on. Put up value there or if you want to put a single value in tow, the scale X Y said you can let hold left mouse and drag your mouse. For example. Just hold left most lip Don't let go. Just drag they let go. Then you can see it all three years highlighter on You can put a value. It will be all that. If you want to hide your object, you can put a zero year or you can type off Joe and enter Jewish off One is on so they're very useful things. If I put in whyy like eight, So it's scaling. Why? Which is the up down access eso it it has been scaled particle e so I can rotate it. 90 sickly. By putting on any value like specific values, I can put 45 degli. I can put nine to take the so it's very useful in dumb off of specific value. Move, voted and scale on visibly to don't use this, we have some better absence for so on. Hide on. If you click here, you will see something. Ports, like some fights in the Wheat Against Gents E can put more subdivisions. It's just a brief. If you don't understand or for you get back to this in detail letter. Then there comes to let editor this sexism. As you can see, I can adjust to different area by holding this in between sex and I can put some most based their We had three types of player display of render and animus. Earlier, I'll talk about the display, and we just we used to model toe keeper models in the layer so that we can sue on hide easily so that we can put them in a reference more. I can put a model or multiple models in a layer to select object. Therefore, absences click in the last. I don't here Now you can see this layer and there's some some absence There, you see, there's a V V for visibility. If I click there now, it's turned off. The Larry Stoned Off means inside the object is hidden. If I click again, there's the model comes again. So it's a very, very quick way toe. No so and height a Jewess. I recommend you practice this and not go to again. I'll not go any deeper than you can reenter layer. Just double click here to get the edit Leah window on you can name given them and giving a name is a good thing to agent fired. Organize You walk is CIF you can see now the layer has been named box on DVI for visibility . You know, on there's an empty box here. I'm skipping this area. There's empty about you feel deeply here. We'll get de again. You click here you get are gonna click here and then you come back to that empty. The empty means it's a normal they're normal. Air means you can select any off the object inside the lair. If I click yet, the now you can see it's visually right now we're from more like gray weapon. You can see now you cannot select object. It's kind of freezed is, therefore, if you don't want to select object if you want. Oh, if you want to see the object there, model other models according to that scale. But I like to use our, which is again called reference Morty for template are for reference. Both are used to get distance, like to freeze your modern, even in art I cannot select because again it's in reference more. But there's a difference between the two. You can see the difference. It's in the world from more and in United's inside and more. That's the difference. But the board what in the same way, Then we have hidden the times lighter and translator I again earlier, I said That's again related to animism, so don't worry about those. Then here comes the command line and the feedback area. So common line. You can see this. The war called male males transform. I am bended languages, which is my own script language. You can put your some screamed and you'll get C Isam fact. Then this is the food baggage that this is very useful. Let me show you what it does if you say. But if you do anything, it will. So the result or the area or something. If you see a red red color thing here, then you you need to worry about, because that's everything. Andi, If you see it, normal result and something saved, that's good. So just goto file. Andi, let's save sin. So this is the way to save your screen. You can also click on. I can hear this in the safe. I can let me say this sin and I want to sell you something. Just let me maybe box, I said. You can see in the food baggage. Yeah, it's fine. There's more red color on its again, giving you the idea of where it has been cept like result. He whatever the bodies on this is fine. If you see like this, it's OK if you see something like in red color than Jake. Whatever there, read that carefully and understand and do whatever it said to do. So that's it for this big lessons off. You find this youthful. So in the next lesson, let me tell you, Tiemann navigates and techniques and view Port Moore's So see you then 3. Veiwport Navigation: So in this lesson we're going to learn my view ports on the navigates and techniques on some saving techniques inside the people's. But that being said, let's get started. So first thing is understanding off the cameras so you can see therefore cameras. This is miles by default. Layout allowed is a communist and off different views. So this is called four view layers on. You can see their their lands Bottom up. The pupils like this is prospective. This is the top you from beyond side view you can see the side few camera is oriented toe the X axis is looking to us the X axis. If you don't know what is access don't really accesses a direction off your three despairs . So in three d, we have three X is like Why excesses up, down exists left right on Did accesses front Back So side camera is looking towards the X axis front camera is looking towards the their access on the dock camera is looking to us the way access So it's actually looking from upside down. So on the prospective camera, age of freeform came in and we can wrote it on. We can say that in Yangon. Let me tell you what is the way to maximize a camera to feed the this workspace. To maximize the camera just moved to Carcerano. Double the view, then hit space bar. It'll be maximized to the whole works. Best this area is called works best. If you want to see again the whole lay hours and just hit space bar again, then let's see what is the process to camera navigation. So there are three men came in and navigate since talent ou out. That's one tumble on the on a track. So they're three Cabinet abacus and techniques you can see right now we using those three toe navigate my view. So let's see. First Dalian Dolly out Italian basically Juman Jamaal. So this is Dolly in on Dolly out. I'm doing this by holding the Olt from a keyboard and then hold the right mind important and drag again. We're holding the all time the right mouse button and didn't drag the mouse. Well, Jolene Dolly out. So you can do that in any views. I can do that inside of you again. Go closer to my model in any view, by doing this. Then let's see how to tumble. Tumble. Mintz wrote it in your views to tumble. Hold the art on the left. Most button this time. Then drag your mouse to tumbled of you. No one thing here The number doesn't work in this three views. It only works in perspective views you cannot wrote it the tall front and side views. So if these three views are also called cartographic views, this review doesn't have perspective and they cannot be rotated on. Then This view is therefore, like morning all around your modern. Then the last camera navigation is track tracking it something. Just moving your view in a plane. Just you can left right at this. You can see I'm doing this is going back to drag whole Alterman middle miles at the same time. Then drag your mouse. You can do this in any of you. So there's that three different camera and never get some techniques. Okay, then let's see how do easily frame your object inside any of you to frame you object the select object to select object cliquey. And this is the selectable from the toolbox. This icon Just make sure that is selected and the click on object. When the object is selected, it turns green. Where friend so selected then he if to friend, the object in the active you you can see this view is active, right Americans, a light gray border outside of this view. So if my core studies on this view, I can frame on this view as well. You don't have to selective click on a view to selected. Just put your Costa Andi. It's active you right now to frame objecting every view, just whole sit on. But as if to make sure you select the object first, sit there. Let's see some of you. Poor saving absence, right? No, just seeing upset it more so they're different More. One is where Framework seconds. Setting more for this texture more and 4th 1 is lighting more, so their men. Four. Moore's through Swiss. Between those more. It's like if you want to go to do our friend more than a different off some, like we have sort cut and the main Watson Every view has its own men. It looks them exactly the same, may know, but they have their own menus. There you go, to sitting there is the airframe more and you can see the sun Goddess four We can also use the sucker. So now this view isn't were friend more so this view are in Southern. Most of these are all defend on their own settings. So then it can come back to setting more. You can go. And so let this absence moves said all All you can hit five on your cable So this put your mouse Corsa hit photo Airframe had fight to set it more. You can switch between them by using the salt can easily Then the texture more. We don't have any text right now on this model. So we're not going to see any texture that we saw you something by putting some basic texture. Just right wing on the object. Hold your right mouse Goto, go to ascend Favorite Metreon Give him a trillion the of the material. So in this case I'm using Lambert. Don't worry what I'm doing here just to so you What is the texture? More so If our model have the stakes, are here Briskly. Are you going? Just right Click and go toe here. The Lambert men so here again, goto the ecological box here that's click here. Just follow my direction in this area. You don't have to understand these things. This click here and put any leg checker. See, I have put in a texture, but it doesn't so here, so two. So it takes in the view board You need toe press six. Or you can go yet in the saving and dominant our addiction in this The same thing on it. Six. To solve the texture more. No, again. See, our tester is being seen then the last mornings lighting more again. We don't have any light on the scene Lighting Morris seven So you can see that here the lighting men use all lights that seven. If you hear seven, it turns black because you don't have any lights in the scene. So to see the lights actually use, we need to have some kind of lights to have the lights go to create minimum on. Go to the Lightman. You can create any lights from your In this case, I'm using directional light. Now you can see the object is being lead by this light. You can move This light pushes on this light. Don't worry. I'm going toe tell you in the fuel latter lessons how to move objects, any kind of objects. So how to rotate? Object? Now you can see if my own light has been chanced. The people this, like update it. So that's it for this lesson and in the next lesson, going to loan Or do be it objects inside Meyer. 4. Creating Objects: again this. Listen, we're going to learn the different ways to create on Jackson Side Mile on, we'll see that imports how to use those Onda components off hooligan are check in the mouth all j. So with that being said, let's get started The festival see is the different ways to create geometry are objects into my Assane. We can create objects by going to the create men here just goto this submarine one you can see There are also many primitives at their toe Primitives is basically base accepts with my offers a starting point. We use this primitives to create or as a starting point off, an immortal. So they do create the squiggling primitive. But before you Klay just notice Here there is job some cool interactive creates. Um he fits on on its if it's off the way off, creating about primitives can beautiful like if now it's off And when it's off. If when you click here any of the primitives you get the primitives of the autism. Autism is the center off your three d space. If that absolutes on, it allows you. Let me own down on that. Let me again click on the Q primitives, which is a box like thing so late here. Now it's not there, this one from the criminal previously. Now you can see Mark your mouse cursor had sensed. Now it allows you to drag and get video primitives customize sites if you like to create the primitives. Innuendo seen at any scale or any size than Donald the interactive primitive interacted Preussen up some. Okay, so So this is one of the way to create primitives. It works for the mouse as well. The second raise to create a primitives is the self, the self us Polident, a beer on the Corbyn surfaced Abia. If you want to create polygons, then go to the polygons said when you can see there. Although all the primitives are not there in the self, but most of the used Halligan primitives that they're like spear que box Cuban cylinder stricken, any of the primitives which you want to select right now, See, my sentence has been changed to interactive. Cree isn't let me off that now Click toe, Get the primitives! This is the second we do create primitives on the third and my favorite ways to use the marking Manito Kate Primitives. If you don't know what is a marking marking menu, is they heart key and mouse Commune isn't men, which appears when you hold something. A new key warden with your mouse at this empty idea. If I hold city on right mouse button that I get this menu, this is called a marking men. If I release my mouse and keyboard, it goes away. So this is called Mark Inman, so there are different kind of marking minutes at their in my. This is also called a context sensitive, marking men that men's ITT's sold you according to the selection, So we don't have anything selected right now, so it solves this man. If I have said something selector, then it may. So you some something else. Hold sit on for right mouse button mules. See the clear sin marking menu here on. You can create a Mulligan on any primitives here. Most of the primitives a polygon. Here, you can created primitives very, very quickly on if you memorize the locus and of the primitives you can created very quickly. For example, the molecule is under the under my mouse. Here it's 60 clock position. So took late apology. Um, people just I just need to hold and crack unusually clear. Polident primitives for me. Okay, Next, you will see the impulse Every Republican primitives are not. Primitives has its import enforcement when we create a bulletin primitives Andi, if you go to Channel Box, you'll see there's inputs chedadi on again. See? There's a police beer. Andi, it has some absence there. Every primitives has its own absence. It can be deferred. It can be defense on the primitives, which you have selected right now. Now it's imports Palace P A a co left to expand it. Just Clady a palace pier again. Expand. Okay, so radius is something for this period is the site of the spear. How I can use these imports. It is that numerical absence and some of the some about dropped down like this. You might see this this to kind off absence in this area. So, at the numerical value, Upson, you can pull the value here like it's a numerical. So I can put a value. Lee, you can put two or something else on again. Fight Put five. If I don't know what value I need to put on. I want to see it interactive Lee, then select the absurd Actually not up numerical input area. The select office in I Don't Blue Now put a mouse in the view holder, medium mas button and drag it tends is the value there so you can see it's interactive, so it's easy to use. Actually, if I Skillet, I like this scale. I can rest there. So there two ways to put me America. We can put values if you are sure about the values all you can intractably just select and minimal strap, then the drop down off so you can't leak to see the drop down, and you can choose from them. So I'll not cover a dream. A primitives in pools. You can take those by your own. It's very easy. Just create a primitives. Goto here and just select this on middle Mel's drive to see what it does. You'll get to know what it does. Is we tie depth subdivision really tight that, as I said earlier, it depends on the primitive. This doesn't have any radius because it's a cube like it has with their tonight on the last thing in this lesson that's going to see is the component off polygon primitives. Component is basically from with things and polygon objects made off Like I can move the whole object. I can change its height. I can change its death. But what if I want to sense this idea for that I need to move the components so there are different components. If you hold right mouse button on the object, you won't see this market when you again. This is a contact sensitive market momentum this poor at the main component of polygon objects. So if you go toe text more on release, the mouse can see now every corner has every points These are called Marnix on I can select a vortex. I can move their vortex by using the move to I can go to the is more than against like the is This line between two waters is is called an EDS Andi There's a fest so faces a feel area off your boundary Is this this Phil Skin are called faces So the men three component off Oregon are vortex is and fast TV is their protection. That's it for this lesson and in the next lesson we're going to London selection component techniques inside Maya 5. Selection Methods: this lesson is all about selecting objects and components inside mile. So let's create some objects inside the view. Let's take subject. Let's first see how to select a single object to select a single object. That selector select tool from the toolbox. This tool is called a selective. There are different rules to select as well. This is the last to select. This is the pencil excellent tool against elect, but I cannot select the object through the pain selection tool. I can use this books the select and the last of select, but I cannot use the pain selection toe to select an object. I can use this tool to select components, but I cannot use this to select object. So let's select the selectable. This is for the selected. There's a sort cut with his cue was the slogan here. Then, to select the object displayed on the object to select? Will objected, selected, it turns green were friend. We can see that whether it's selected on Mark, then you can select the object by dragging around it like this. This is called a mark, your selection. So you dragged from the outside by holding your left mouse button. If I drag a big area on in this idea of this object, the second object comes it also being selector. So it's very good for selecting multiple objects in a particular area so I can drag the whole idea, and I can select everything inside. Or if you let's see if we have a lot off object on, you need to select very, very customized. You don't want to select all the way you want to select this one than you don't want to select this one. You want to select this one. It's a different order, right? So in order to select that type of selection unit toe are something to your selection. Just click this legs is the selector click and the first object to select. Then I want O. R. This subject toe this election toe artist election. Hold seat on click on that second object Oregon drag as well. Like to our to your selection. Whys Well said there is absolute for subtraction as well. Hold control and click or drag through so abstract or to dis elect from your selection, you can see the most. Carson has been changed, so there's a minus. I condemn. So sit for Plus Actually. Sit. Let me tell you Sit. Actually, those are things. But it can also dis elect ings. Sit actually reverse Ah, use election If it's already selected it actually dis elected if it's not selected it selected There's other up, some for only selection which is very handy sometimes when you only are to your selects and you don't want to do select anything which has been selected So for that toe only selection hold control and sit boat on. Then you can drag See if I drag this area inside this rectangular mark You But they're not going to dis elect. So everything has been selected So they sit toe are are reverse our control to some Strack control Sit toe only are to your selection Okay lets see component selection techniques Let me go toe objects component by just for holding like most pertinent Go to let's heads If I goto is more against See now it's in is more again If I put my Carcerano object, you can see whenever by Moscow searches on on is it? Don't read. This is called pre selects on highlight. It doesn't mean announce selector. This is just a indicates enough. It's going to select if you click now. This is going to be selected to select a is you need to click on That s when it's selector It Dunn's brown yellow to select on his loop as loop is a connector. Holy connected is for this example. This is starts from here and it's totally looked around and again in at this point, physical is look to select the whole as loop around object delicately gone single aids Just put a mouse and double click to select the whole is look to select and is ring again is ring is something for example? This is if I definitely it selector is Loof In this case, the is look is going to stop toe Ah, bottom Those selected Raising anything is something which is parallel to the minutes like this A Just so if I want to select all the way this parallel EDS Is what I can do is select one is on hold sipped then double flick Underwood Megabowl is to select the whole A's ring . Let's see the vortex directly. Good robotics more again to select a vortex. You can just click or again, you can drag from the market selection from the outside to select all the way down again. See if I drag here. It doesn't only select this visible notices. It can also say Let that behind area. If you don't want to select the invisible bodice is right now you can go to the stool setting sub selected just double click under any tool. Get the tool settings. Then you can see you. There's absolute going camera based selection here. This is a market selection right now. Active on. If you turn on the camera with selects on and dragged here, it's only going to select Wizard being seen by the camera on you can see those vortices other. It's not going toe to select any behind. Bodice is with You cannot see right. Sometimes it's useful. For example, if I want to select this front nine vortices, I can drag like this. I don't have to worry about selecting the behind backside vortices right? If I have that this off, some torn off, then you can select the behind vortices on. It can be a problematic, so it defends what I want and sometimes I want to come this off. Sometimes I want to actually select the behind vortices so it defends, So it's a very handy tool to select the vortex. Lou. The vortex loop is something our tears to the eyes. Look here to select the vortex. Look, just click on de whole sick and double click on the neck over any of that. I can double click on this. I can double click on this as well to get the vortex low. Then let's see the first goto fast, more. Here you can see my face has a little point. If I put my mouse goes on top of that, it's beings highlighted. If I click here, then it's now it's selected. Will you go to your first more first time? You may not see this points because I have it on some off since inside the preference. So let me show you that Goto windows sitting for friends on the preference On this, you can go to the cattle woody on, go to the selection, gather wood it. Yeah, Then you can see that the Taliban selection and it has to observes one center and the other one is whole faced the whole faces, the by default, which have changed to center. If you are in the hole fast, more what it does, it's let me say this, Andi. Now, if I go to first more, it doesn't solve those points, right? So there's a difference between actually this to, for example, I want to select the only dog faces here. I don't want to select the body. Now if I drag from the outside now in the Bragg Idiot, this particle physicists are also there, and it's going to select all the way. If I have said here to the center what it does that's active, there is only going to select the top radio because what up? What is going on there is if that absent is on. If you want to select a face, you need to select that point. Okay, All you need to that's point should be in the direct angle area of a rectangle. Marcus Alexa into select the first look again just the same. Same where first more and selective face and holds it on double click on any of the Negev over Yeah, to select the festival, and there is also far self is low, which is a part of the festival. For example, you want to select from here to still here. This is called a partial Fessler to select that select on go end of the year for self paced look, then sipped Double together for Self Festival. Then let's see something very important. We just grow selection and storing selection. For example, I have selected this place low on I want to select this personal about this festival. I want to go basically grow those election to its side. For that I need to again. There's a shortcut for that. First, let me tell you the main Robson Goto the Selectmen. This is the man who dedicated to all the selection techniques inside Meyer. So I recommend you to take this absence out, then go to grow yah, It's quicken the substance. You can see school. There's a sucker for that. Just select a face. For example, whole seat and greater Don Upson press grated them. No, you can go continuously or to string selection. Whole sit and less then or you can use the minimum standard gel string. So it's very useful. Very useful. Okay, then last the convert selects indignant, so it's very, very, very useful. For, for example, if I want to select this very come difficult area to select faces, spear stop. So either I need to exactly aligned the view one, then carefully drug to select its very handed to select by converting converting walks like this basis in the vortex. If I select this part ison convert, this were take to a fair selection, he told. Select all these faces because this vortex is connected to all this versus So in order to convert this vortex two affairs, you need to go to the select often, although there is also such good for that. Let's go to select Upson on Go to Convert selection. Summon this whole soap in there and let's go toe to faces. You can see the sad Katia Control F 11. Now it's very, very quick. I don't have to go on manually. Select every faces like this, just like the vortex hit control F 11 on You're done and then you can grow. I definitely recommend this techniques to practice. There's a bonus off son with his saving your selection, you can save your selection like you have selected something very difficult to select again on Do you want to save that selection for For the use, for example, you have forgotten something, and you need to go back. But you don't want to, because it's a very difficult selects in Togo. So in this case, you can save your selection and you can reuse that letter. How to do that first electoral selection, then to say this electoral goto the create on go to save substance area, click a quick select set on Give it any name only. Lead this and by the full name agile. Let's see my face. Anything like that. Okay, now we have saved that selection. If you want to again reuse that selects. You need to go to the Selectmen. This time, we saved the selection from here. Create men who sets squeaks. Alexa on. You can find a quick select said substance and you'll find your selection here. My fest. Click here it will select again. You selects. Um, so that's it for this lesson. Practice these things and I'll see you in the next lesson With the move tour 6. Soft Selection and Symetry: in this lesson, we're going too long. How to use the lasso selectable on the bench selection tool, how they're dis a little bit different and for electoral. And we're going to learn the Sox election technic on symmetry of some inside the select tune. Let's first see the lasso selector. This is the last two selectable underneath Select Duel. He doesn't have any sort good for that by default, but can a sign in a sort card in this system latter? I will tell you that so the last six electoral is very useful to select complex select on area. If you want to select this area for tax here, you can just follow my mouth course a moment, this area if I want to select that idea. If I try with the selectable, it only gives me a rectangle marquee, which doesn't allow me to select that kind off selection. Now let's choose the last Wustlich through the last to select. What I can do is am draw in selection area. It's free, right? So what I can do is again start from your on. Let's legacy like this complex area very, very easily. So this is why lasso tool is sometimes better than that's electoral or do select complex area. Then let's see the pencil X until the pencil. Excellent tool is very real useful to select again in a pending present, so it's a different way to select components. It doesn't select an object. It always allow you to select components or to select depends like some toll. And after selection, you can see there's a circle on the Moscow city. Looks like a brass lighting, so it has a circle. So it's the radius of the grass on. You can increase our dick Chris happening to your need by holding be give a ball on left mouse and grab by holding B and left mouse. You can increase or decrease the bra size. Now if I hold left mouse on Dragons office, I can see it's painting X actual selecting independent manner. Just hold on, Drac, let go. And if I want to select this area, I don't have to solve sick. This is the beauty of dispense, selects and Dole. You don't have to select sit toe our selection. You just me to hold your left mouse and bent. If you planned on top off the selected. It won't diss electors, so it's very useful in that manner. So this is the pens election and the last one. Let's see, there's a different Upson who is very similar to paint selection and that is dragged all If you go to the selectable and there's a drug awesome on, there's a mark Europe's, um so basically the mark used by default blanc, if you to the drag of sun you can see it's very similar to a doctor, but we don't have a like bras radius there. But again, it's the same selecting the same manner. Okay, so it's very close to pencil accidental. Okay, then let's see the soft selects, indignant sub selects and technique is very useful on all the three on with the Move wrote it and scale all these six absence Have the soft selection toe. If I go double legally tool on, I can see there's the sub selection tool. Everyone has that here, let me show you in one sub selection toe. Turn on that displayed here are press be on your mouth, too. Donald Wilson. When that ups on his own and let's elect one Varteks, you can see a color grader and is there. So it sold you. It's like the selected age yellow and then it goes to read. And then it goes to blood. You can see the colored radiant here. So it is. Actually, Howard's works is the yellow body is the most fully selected idea and it goes to the black which is not selected area. So it allows you to move, are rooted our scale things in a very soft man. I can see if I want O for example, let me undo if I want to increase the CKD a again, do that very easy very softly, for example, here, I don't want the selection fall off this much bigger. So if I want to decrease that area just me to goto the selector and this fall of radius, just decrease this on. But the issue is hold your be sort cut and just let Moore's on Dr to in close up because the this time the selects an idea. Just remember when we used the pains lesson, it was working like increases or decreases in the broth size. Now it's working here. The same sort curtain method would be and like most right to increase or decrease the sub selection. Fall off. This is very important toe like If my follow up is very big on, I have selected just one protects against you. Just click on this vortex on DMA selects amiss like too big it can affect all this area. For that reason, I need to put the selection area probably fall off. Then let's see them. The symmetry of Cem. So again, symmetry absent is there for every tool. Like if I goto selectable and go to the symmetry setting, you can see there's a symmetry Upson And now it's off. You can click here this small little triangle. You can choose the access which you want to like symmetry. I want this image of this side, which is X imagery in this selected object eggs. And if now you can select See, I'm working on this side on let me show you. So it's now symmetrical. Let me declares the pull off. Andi just can see how useful this is. Yes, that's it for this lesson and the next lesson. We're going to learn how to move your object by using the move tour 7. Move Tool: Okay, let's use the move to to use the move to Silicon Stone. From here, all you can use the star cut Mrs W legal the object. Now you can see there's the move to manage better. You can use this mail a letter to move your object inside the view on now this man of bitter is a long to the while Access one Lexus means this access is aligned to the world. So now you can see the three differently arrows on then some squares there on this square at the meeting. So let me tell you how this man work works if I want to move. My object in exacts is in this direction which is led to write. I can just hold this Read yarrow on this drug drug object by holding you You will do this again once any access is selected it downstream yellow yellow bins that accesses selector Right now we don't have to plague ones and then grab Just hold your mouth. Put a mouse on top of that You can see the priest. Let's on mileage is there and then holy lip, nose and grab. It's a single grab See, just I'm putting my mouth. Don't select anything. Just wrapped. Okay? So I can move my objects by dragging this three yells. Okay, then there's the squares. The squares means to watch us move. It allows you to roof. You're objecting a plan. Little tell you that if I could my mouth's coastal here and moved out. Jake, you can see that a to access highlighted its one is X and y. That means objected is being moved right now in this to access again, up, down object are elaborated. I cannot move my object back in food right now. Just the dead access is more selected right now. So he said to access mint. If I want to move my objected x and GEN at the same time, but I don't want to move off on down. I can select this plan. It works like the same thing. Like if I move here and in the jail, who is this area? All I can hold this idiot. What's the same Bagram moving mail. Jetted distorts Exxon. Check and not moving my object off. Done So it sometimes this this plans have been useful on. There's the last drops in the center. Move this square. If I put my mouse cursor, it taunts yellow. No, If I movement object now, my object is moving in all the three axis. But I don't recommend this abstinence to the begins because what happens is if you move for example, if you want to move your objection X on. If you put here and drag, it didn't move. Only in X axis is went down and in jail. It's changing. So and then there will be a lot off confusing. So for the beginners, don't use this as you go along with Meyer on you comfortably. I can use this option. But you can use this upson in this tree view because again, in this review only to wax is assessed. You can assess, um to access, for example, inform you I can only at the y and X axis. Jet access has gone there again. Removes in shared the inside the front view. So it's safe in this review, but it's not safe to move in the prospect of you. Just keep that in mind. And this is the way to move your object through the renovated. And let me tell you the other observers pieces. The Terran box, if you notice to tell books now has some values. If I prove zero, there just Ryland just was Jiro until now. My object again, going back toe back to the autism. So origin is the Julia if I want to move my object in X axis, but exactly 10 minutes and strangely lines I can put Virginia. So this is also a where to move your Japs. It doesn't have to be specified again. You can just click here on the name and the holding middle mouse in the view, and drag can do this as really to be useful Sometimes on, let me tell you to step. Smoke can see there's a step snap substance on. Now it's off. Just click here and make relatable Absolute. Now, if you look, you can see it's moving, buddy. This nephew it like is moving in one one units implement against Is this value toe anything I want? Example. No. Is moving a fly vinous? Sometimes it's very useful. For example, if you wanted to click it evenly, object goto it. Men. Once you get here and you can even move on for duplicating and also use control D The government's control d a didn't move. You can load it something now place very really By using the steps now off some here because it's moved. Object from that broke isn't too five minutes again from that job, Isn't fibers sometimes unified? This usually on There's also the absolute off snapping You read where you move. This is the snappy breed Upson here on the status Lee this first snapping up some. But if you selected this awesome, which is the snap greed Upson, Now you move no snapping to every grade. It's very useful for this. You have also start called Mrs Eggs on. The next thing I want to tell you is the access road Instant off things good. So now you can see the actually Sorenson off Move to list said World Wellman's Now the manipulator is alliance to the world Access I didn't move as the war Lexus let withdrawn us to stay. For example, I have rotator My object Don't worry about what to life tell you and I want to move the object in that melon My accesses Steeler lines to Alexis to a landmine move to relax is to my object Koreans, and I need to set it to the object more. But it does. It's when this object, it's it sees its short isn't and working too many Better apple into that. So now you can see again most object along that axis that Yinsen get. That's it for this. Listen, in the next lesson, we're going to see the little. 8. Scale Tool: okay. And this? Listen, we're going to launch scale door. So do scale. Select a scale toe are the shortcut. Keys are for skeletal. So he was ordered to speak on this icon here to scale object. Resist again. I just drag a man a better handle. You can see there's a blue green and red red one is red, no yellow Because now selected, I can select on drag any access to scale my object. When I drag a particular box, it actually stretched. All squeeze in that access If I want to proportionally scale my object, I don't want to straight in a particular access. I just want to make it a bigger or smaller object. I don't want to change the proportion of this. Then you select this center. Just hold on drag from the center. It allows you to scale up that proportionally. It doesn't stretch a squeeze. Then they're the same. Like move toe to access scale here. If I want to scale in, for example why? And eggs for some reason maybe. Then again, hold on. Drug. From here, there's a sort. Good. How is this control? If if, for example, I don't want to scale in. Why access? But I want to scale in X and jail access so I can hold control on bond. Dragged the way. Excess, actually. So what it does is disliked that particular access by holding the control you are actually dis. Selecting that access is very useful when you don't want to hide to change, but it want to destroy. Attend the radios off the Celinda off a cube or you just want to change the Whitman death. But you don't want to attend the height. It's a very good way to do. You can do with any access you just cold control and drag not to scale in that access. So it's say he didn't take me on Day is the general box. You can use this as well to scale you object like I can put an even number to my object. Or I can even put in your number to scare in the next lesson. We're going to along the road. It'll 9. Rotate Tool: okay, in this list, we're going to use the promoted toe. So draw did an object lis like the routed to Lord the Socrates e and see the man a better is be different and you can see the different arcs. Girl Flighting recon See again. The red is X axis y xs and today access. Just put a mouse cursor exactly on top of the car. It can be careful where you are rotating. It's a little trickier for beginners. Just let your car So go on double off and we're its stunt yellow deliver exactly on top of that, then you hold your mouth and grab. Before that, Don't hold your mouth and grab what happened. Most of the bigness does. This mistake is this is to move their mouths. And when it's not before example, I want to rotate it in jet axis. I move my cursor. It has not done the yellow yet on. If I wrote it, what it does is it rotated it freely. So it's a problem for beginners because if you want to rotate, it exactly did access. Andi, you may feel like it's rooted in couple it, but if you see the channel box. There you can see it's rotating in every access. It doesn't beware of that food, because when it comes a load, then hold your mouse and drag. Before that. Don't go there now and safe. It's only rotating in particular, their access with I have selected, So this is the way to wrote it in a single access. Then let's see what does this outside circle. It's called camera and the road is in. That means if I change the camera angle, it's almost there, perpendicular to the camera. It's always facing to the camera. So if my camera is like this, it's rooted in in this manner. If my camera is this this road X in this man, so it depends on the camera again. I don't recommend this to begin us. Just try to use this single access to rotate to object again as you have become family with the technique on my you can try those, let's see how to use the channel Bulstrode it on this very handy here because most of the times we want to rotate in even numbers like 45 Digby, some most of the cases we want to write it in 90 degree in that man. Don't just wrote it manually and tried to get the exact lined up there that's put a vin number here. Just put 90 degree so you can see now it's rotated in. Why excess some values is this? Proved Jiro there? No, it's exactly rotated 90 degree in X axis. Can see. This is the where to give it exact numbers like 45 to 1960. Andi wanted to degree. You can wrote it in any number and other absent. To do this, you can I can go to rotate tool on. You can use the steps naps and go to relative and considered by the full of numbers fit in there. That means when I wrote it on the step, Nab is on it. Draw That's 15 degree interval. This is very, very useful. I can let two times Rotech and now it's in 45 days. A. Now it's 90 lately, so I can say Is this value do in number? I want Now it will go that 45 degree slip me my Jiro first. Okay, that's it. But the loaded tool and I'll see you in the next lesson 10. Using Layers: Okay, this Listen, I'm going too long about players how to use them, how to create them. And what are the benefits of using a layer? So let's first see So this scene handsomely at like there's a table Layer foods bowler Joe clear. So what I can do is I get on it. I'm don't honor off them. You can see everything to my need very easily. I don't up select. And although there are some different ways toe hide your object from your sin. I'll tell that in the next lesson. But this is a very useful way to again hydro. So Europe Group of objects. It doesn't have to a single object like If you see I have put in all this model or jog or that glass thinking it separately, I put it on the table like I can put all the CS in a single layer so you can do that. Let's see how toe dough, the layers and output all those objects into the laughs. This first did it all the left, the little A, and you can goto the layers Minu here, and it can deal it in a selected layer. Just select the layer on. You can select all of them on just go to layer, and did it selected less. You don't need toe a Fred to delete a little, because when you deal Italy at the contents without the objects, don't get deleted so you can delete a layer. We doubt anybody off deleting objects accidentally lets us see what are the ways to create leads. You can see there to absence here. Two icons on you can also go to layer, and you can see the boat I can. It's listed here like great empty lien and create clear from selective. This is the freedom to learn is that create layer from selecting? If I click, put em till their this layer doesn't have anything inside it. If I don't have the V, it doesn't have anything. As it said, it creates a empty layer. If I could get a layer like this, then I need to, For example, you want to harm my chairs on that, so I first need to select all my objects. There is still a cold objects on this year, just right click on the layer and choose are selected objects. So now all the selector of just a inside this layer on the second were took later layer its first select all you object example I want to put this fruit for container of fools Example I don't want this the selected object first. Then click on this icon the last icon or just select the create layer from selector. What it does is it's now created a layer according to the selection and this election has already been there. Let me tell you how to rename Ilia toe Minimal area can just double ticket on You will get the ethically Armando here and you can name here you can put something we're living name like maybe fruits. Oh, something like that. It was a save. You can see it doesn't accept the name because it's also a good thing to know because there are some things with which has the same name that fruits fruits already exists. So you need to given a different name or just put l suffix to that now. Is that so? They're living is a must gets into a loose during them and you can see it's crazy to height and so So let's see, what of this Aikens does V for visibility already know that piece displaying playback means when you have something in the layer And if you don't know what it does is we don't play a little. So you let me bring back that timeline goto elements and bring the time like times like back even play here you can see that layer has gone. When it plays, the layer is automatically turned off because we have donut. The V is playback playback time. Okay on then third absolute easier. This empty is the mord more off there. It means red empty. It's normal. You can select all those objects inside that layer When you click here for the first time. It don't to the template more tea for template, but it does. It's put all those objections have the lead in. They were from more on it. No non selectable. Then you can click their It jumps to our artists. Reference more than it is does the basic same thing. But in the seder more now it's again not selectable, but in spite of you know our friend. What it's knowing ceremony. If you again click it against, I go back to the normal so quickly. Klay, just to get cycles between those three off son okay on the four tops and is giving a color . They can see the color coding. If I put any color associate any color to layer. What it does is when I go to the were friend More. If you remember, there's your friend more of four. Just check that it solves the were fame in that part of local, so it's a very good way to easily identify what it is in that layer on liquid. Tell you you don't just use the layers to soar. Hideout to freeze. You can also select all objects from that layer. If you right, click there and select objects quickly. Select Ali objects, so it's also a very good way. Do like boot. It's very complicated things in the layer and again you can easily select chosen by using the layer itself on. You can go to the lemon. We confined here also that absence elect object In selected lads, you can delete the selector that layers here. You can deal it on usually us if you have some layers, like some empty layers. Nothing has been assigned to that layer. So you need to go to layer and just select d lick our nuclear this to absolute. It's just for organizing this. If you want to move this leg down that you can just do that from you. So in the next lesson, we're going to learn how to soar hide objects through circles of some different ways. 11. Hide and Show Objects: So in this. Listen, we're going to see some other techniques to sue and hide your objects from your sin to hide an object. The select upset first. Okay, if I example if I want to hide this bottle to let the bottle first, then goto display here. Goto height Minaya It has a long submarine and you can select this ups and hide selection again to hide that you don't have to go. They're just used to start cut with its control age for hide selection, control edge. You can select a single object or you can select multiple objective jewel basically in control. Let's, for example, if I want to just keep this object here. I want to hide all the objects, right? So you don't have to select all the object. Then just leave this subject. Actually, there's a better way to do that. For example, if I want Oh, just keep the spoon there and I want o hide all the object The select Daljit which you want to keep this time on. Depress all debts. All you can do that by going there can hide this time. Hide on selector object. You can see the circle, but it does just the reverse off control. It's right now. It's time to bring this back Like I want to solve them back again. This is not good to so last hidden its control sipped heads You press control sectors are you? If you go to display And this time Suman just right underneath the Heitman so and go toe So last hidden What it does is is just so the last time you have it in something it has were being all those backs to. So all those hidden objects you goto displacement one too. So all then you can also hide by categories If you go again to that men who Heitman you can see there are different categories like lights, cameras You can hide those if I want to hide cameras I can do that. My gametes are gone there also, it's very useful to hide specific things like lights. If I abs lights in my scene, I can hide those with a single click on I can again saw them back again by going to the so and I have the same gather Razia. So there's a very useful way to sue and hide your objects. So for this lesson, it's done to you in the next lesson 12. Intro to Outliner: again this. Listen, we're going to introduce it to my outline. You bring the my out planning. You need to goto endorsement when they will find outline area. So basically, it's open that our planet is a list view off your sin, so it contents everything as a list. Now it's empty sin. Let me open scene often the dining set here's the scene now is is open or cleaner. Now I can see all objects are there, like my cameras, that they're like before. And it is that the North's object, um, you can see these are my polygon objects. I know this from the icons. There they, the cameras, a camera. I consider that more subject has a blue with ongoing. Egan has some some kind of this Aiken on because I can't afford to grow in the latter. Listen, we're going to learn about group you can see from the a planner. We can select object very easily, so it's hard to select the object while it's a heavy scene, are very crowded scene. If you select that from Outlander, you can select the name just click to select. Whole group would select the individual object you can also the name you object from here, just double click on object on give it a name like maybe spoon something so it's very easy . You can also ah, filter that display off of Jack's ear. So filled arises go to so yeah, good objects from here. You can choose what you want to see. For example, if I want to see only cameras I can on this. Till now he stood up. Everything is there, but it only saw the selected group of Galloway, so it's very easy to use this. If you want to clear this, you can select here here, below. Like that you can choose not subject or polygon objects. Don't. This is the polygon object on the group whose contents the polygon objects inside. That and sometimes you need to organize your objects. Unit toe may be moving a moving object into a group or you need to move on, object out of the group to either get you need to do that by dragging. Just told middle mouse button on drag to a group. It will be in that group you can see now the spoon is inside the job group. If I want to move out, Object from a group again. I can do that like middle miles. Remember, we're mousetrap to outside. So get in the latter lesson. We're going to use the our planet more frequently, so you'll get to know this better. So in this case, I'm closing this year and in the next Listen, we're going to learn how to groove objects. Andi again using our Kleiner. So see you there. 13. Pivot point: What is a Bible point? Why we want to change this on. How did you get this? These are the question I'm going to cover in this. Listen, fiber point is basically appointments best from where an object or a group of object moves wrote it and skills. That means for example, let me just turn up the fruit layer on. This is the table and we have the four legs. Those are different pieces, different object. So they're five objects on day altogether. Make the table. So if I want to scale the table bigger size and I want to scale it to a smaller side, whatever it may be the case if I go there and select all this individual objects and they have their own Bible point. So if you select an object and to the move to look and see the move tool comes exactly here , why did it come? Here are some somewhere else because the Bible Point is at the center right now. Where there is the Bible point, there's the move to load it and skill acts. So now if I scaled this, it will scale from that point if I wrote edit you don't wrote it from that point. If I scale it, it will scale from that one. So by about point is the point in space from where an object moves Wrote it on skills. If I dragon to select all the objects on defy skill those I can see they all are scaling from their own Bible point In this case, there should all scale from a single piper point. If I put there by what going toe any single point then I can be ableto create that Okay, let me down in the food world and the cheerleader So now you can see my hair has also two different objects And they made that year little combined with those object Select those to object Go to mass Manu and combine. When you combine the piper point of the new object is in a door is in So now what will happen if I scale? The object will scale from there So now I don't know Obviously I will not want that so in this because I want to bring the piper point again back to the object. So in this case, what I choose is just go to modify onto center piper. So by doing this, the pilot will automatically comes to the center of the object to the center of the mass. Then I can easily scale from there or again is eroded from there. Or sometimes we want to move the Bible point manually to a particular Lucas in, for example, if level create one floor for them, just create one floor and you can see now this is the floor. Here, it's on top of the floor. If I scale or just make it bigger, I can see the object when it right there if I don't want what I can do is obviously I can move again to our talk. All I can do is a permanent solution, for this is moving the Bible prime to the bottom of the chair. By that way, people scale upward. So let me do that. It will show you how toe sense on the five point mentally to do gentle by one point, locus and hold D. And while you are holding D, just move. No conceded. It's gents to a different man of later. You can see now it's in edit by what more you can now move to buy, but wherever they want, by using this man ability us. After the move, I released a D now against the pie, but is there now. If I scale it, the object will be theirs. It's This is one of the practical isn't to move your Bible point to a different look ism. So now it's scaling from there. So there's a second example, which is when a group something let group this all this parts. So again, great and good group, We're groove. The pirate is by default at the or ISM again does the same problem. So for this again, you need to go to more if Isand private and now the byword is at least at the center of your object. Now I can tell you, if I were to anywhere you want at the bottom or center anywhere, it is the quick lesson for private point how to use them on board for the use them effectively, and that's it for this lesson on, and I want you in the next lesson. 14. Group Objects: in this lesson, we're going to learn how to group objects. And what is the importance of grouping on what actually happens when you grow? So let's trapped. The first thing is why I need to grow so and what is the difference? Mutual grouping and combining. So let me first start from the grouping. If you go to outline er on, you can stay there All the objects that there and you can see there some groups already by this icon to cycle is for group eso. If you see this four objects here, there's a high later. Right now so does that independent Right now they're not in any group but a pen. If I scale, I tried to scale them So they're scaling from the owned by vote. This is the ideal situation where I have done a model which has a lot off some object or objects. They all together make this table. So in this case, in order to scale this stable as a whole, I need to group it because when I group it, it goes in to in Lord and that more has a single by one point. So that's the benefit to group. So let me show you the select on Go to edit and group That's out. God is controlled, See Group object You can see now there's a new nor group more notes What? It has a by default name off Group one. If you click on this plus I can it will expand. Then you can see the group has all those single objects on the group itself has a fiber point. If I still try to drag on, select all those objects and scale, it will be of the same if I want to scale the object as a whole that I need to scale the group. So this select group from our Kleiner and you can select the group from our planner as well as by using you a piano key. Just select any of the object inside the group and then heat Appraise the OPR Okey. If you have opened our planet than your spine against see like found out liner. So this local group one. Okay, now if scale Now it finds its intact right? So because all the objects are skinning from a single by one point, that's why they're intact. If you still drag and select individualists. Dragging means it's individually grouping doesn't mean it's a single object stills their individual objects. But now there is inside a folder. It's like a folder inside that folder. You have a lot off fines and you moved to fold. A lot of files move at the same time. So So this is one of the reason of grouping and grouping is also for organizing and for rigging. Propose grouping is very, very important at that point. But for modelling, this is one of the most important reason for grouping. So then you should always name your group. Oh, you shouldn't leave like this because we knew what continuously you'll get. Like a lot of groups brewing up there. You nick name. So it'll be hard to find us. So that's double click and give it a name. Like, for example, it's a table by the table. Well, finally easily find that. Okay, In the end, I want to discover one doubt off my students. Most of the students ask me what is the difference between a group on combining the vault in its them, but actually, they're very, very different from each other. If I combined this 41 of the men differences When you combine, let him combine. Go toa mais and combine. It actually becomes one object and I cannot select any of the subject. Now I cannot select one leg Now it's one single object you can see here. So in this case is fine. But let me So you, for example, here here we have like north subjects. So these are not subject So I cannot combine combines of Taliban tools so it would only apply for the politicians. So in this case, I cannot combine that. So the group is the only way to deal with this problem. Like if I want to scale this, this will happen he had The solution is to group because I cannot combine nor subject If I tried and I get this car back, L era said If there is a red color decadence, it's kind of era. So it against read it in the attic selects um so you cannot apply unnoticed surface. So in this case, I have to use group. So it's fresh control gear. Go to it and group then Now that's innocent. Go again. There's one thing when you groove. The Bible. It is at the origin. So if you don't want that, then just before group go to the absence, they're square box, and you can select that from your group. I vote, who's is now said to arisen. That's why when I group, the pilot goes to the artisan. If you don't want that, you can say to center right or what you can do. You can just use the center by what to bring the fiber to the center off your group. Now it's fine. So the first of France's you cannot combine one notes on one polygon object. You can only apply. Combine on polygon objects to growth is for everything like you can grew fluffs polygons together. Group Polygon satchel That's it for this lesson about grouping. 15. Duplicating Objects: in this lesson, we're going to lung duplicating techniques, so there are different ways to duplicate your objects inside Mile. So let's see one by one. So the first I'll tell you the plain and simple duplicating. For example, I have a single tear and I want to duplicate reaching all around a table. Let me duplicate it. Just select object good enough to Andi. Go to edit menu on Duplicate. You can see that there's a whole category for duplicate. It's that different ways play as I say there's duplicate triplicate. Special duplicate would transform this three off since a very are useful. So let me tell you, the first stop sandwiches duplicate The sad part is controlled the there, so just keep that duplicate or control d duplicate. Now you duplicate and you move will object because we need duplicate. The object comes right there. So now I duplicated one single chair. Then I can against let both of them and then again duplicate them. Do this side on. I conducted them so you can see again voted 1 80 degree here. Distorted the money energetically. So this is the pieces Impala waited. Duplicate your object through the main one the sucker. Let's see. This is the Citrus and whale Upjohn. One leg on You want to duplicate to more Felix. So in order to exactly duplicate the object here again, this let go toe the top view there and you can see from the tough and legs in this government. I want to duplicate it to exactly two. Decide off the table and the table is exactly in the center of the great. So don't duplicate the leg exactly to this area. I can also duplicate and just move from place there. But if I am, I'm very besides about to put that exactly that side and I need to first put up. I work at the center or at the origin. The best way to say it is just move the Bible that to the arisen to do do that just control de group it itself. If you remember the new group, the piper goes to the artisan, then you can duplicate it just controlled the duplicate. Then you need to flip that object in minus skill. So I want to flip the object in their access, so go to scale deck, not move for translate well to scale that and put minus value there. It's minus one. Then it tender usually sleep there. So what happened there is when I duplicate and skill you can see because of my work is of the same tricks going. It's actually stretching and moving our contact point. So then let's do the same thing to select boat and again hit Control G. And now the border inside a group on the Bible is a tourism. And let's duplicate this on this time I'll put minus in scale eggs because I wonderfully this I This is my way toe, no flea. One object exactly to the other locus on the opposite. By putting the Bible at the center, you don't have to do grouping. So here we just groove toe move the private there. But you can also move the Bible manually to the Parisian so that we can flee from there. Let's see some other example of duplicating. Okay. In this example, we're going to see a duplicate with transform. It's a very, very useful tools. So hey say, here in this case, we want to duplicate it, even with even distance, like in Sestriere, or it's a balcony on. We want the railings evenly there. So if we do this manually urban by just duplicating and moving and again to placate, and you can also see toe, repeat the tool. If you try toe, do this, it can do, for fact, 100% evenly. So what you do is to just first duplicate that you do this by using the duplicate. Just duplicate it and move to the right locus and the distance between two you want. Then release the mouse and hit SIPTU D, whose is the sort cut off in the public. Good with transfer. So far, that's not good. I'm using city, So just hit simply city and you'll get with even that distance. So when you do this, this makes sure you don't do this like you duplicate it and move it and then just click away. Then select and safety. Don't walk in that way. Just beware of disk. You are duplicating and moving. Don't click away hit safety the next days, so we were fine. So this is a very useful tools for this kind of duplicate on the next example is duplicating a longer car. Sometimes you there's no straight lines. It's a straight line and so that I can use this technique. For example, there's a roared and besides, the award there some kind of balls of something like the railings or something. Let me solve that with this example just related. Let's get the part first, so you get the fart goto, create minimum cough tools and choose any of the core stool and, in this case, using civic after and go to the view. It's a better idea to create the cars in any or terrific feels or W's best for that and then create your path. For example, it's a ruled until, like that just create that road or it's a top design balcony. Whatever the case is, the safe is very core vehicle with. Then I want to place this object evenly on this part. So what I do is just duplicate object. Just duplicate whatever amount you want by duplicating with transform, duplicate those and let no duplicates and more. Okay, then what I do is just select all the objects first and select a path then. So by holding, sit or select objects and the but then goto modify snappy line objects inside this, you'll get position a long scarf. So click on this American. See, all those objects have been placed on the Gulf, so it's good. But if I see closely, the distance is not even. You can see the distance between these two eyes not the same like this to what happened. There is two in the place. All those objects on the car. The objects have been placed according to the placement of the see. These are the edit points just right. Click on the car. Go to every point. You can see the distance between this true every point. It's not the same as thes two, so our car wines are not evenly. That's why the place the objects according to that proportion. So what you do is rebuild this card. Let me see the spans count of this scarf goto, attribute editor And just look at this. Hallelujah. It's nine there. So it's a selective cough. Good government revealed God Dobson on. You can sense their office in here. You don't have to change the value. The nine is okay. Are you want to? You can do that. But the point is, just put that nine value and apply or rebuild again. What it does is now it's Zeze evil. The cough with that nine points. But this time it's evenly. So now if you do the same process again, let me see. Select this and select the car. Go to modify and let's try This time. Now you can see it's perfect leaving out so you can see there's the distance and this is the same distance everywhere. So this is the way to duplicate along a carve. It's very, very useful. In the next example, we're going to see another option off duplicating, which is duplicate, special. Let's take this example for supposed. This is my friend, and this is the blade I've done with one blade, and I want to duplicate it now. But how can you duplicate it exactly around the fan? So I need three blade around the fan. I have already won, so the process is to our faster processes to place the pilot and the origin on to the center of this area. So let's do that first toe so that just select it and go toe. Hold D on D. You can just remove the pilot here. The base raised to just groove it on. It will automatically for the Bible there. Obviously, it has been inside a group right now. Now the Bible is at the center. Now let me go to public it special this time. And if you're we can put values, let me decide it first. Okay, on put here in the rotor. Why exists in this case? I need to pulled 1 20 here because if you divide three blades, divide to 3 60 will get one tentatively. So that's put here in the UAE access. I want to duplicate the 1 20 degree and Haman copies. I want to because I have one already. Okay, I can see I'm able to duplicate any object in a circle in evenly. Okay, In this last example of duplicating, we're going to see in stance duplicating. So let's see, this is a character model, and most of the time we do 1/2 of the character modern. Then we duplicated to the other side, and we we then continue doing the modern eso. What we need is to duplicate it in stance so that we can do one side and it will reflect to the other side. So if you do that, just go to duplicate special and you need to. This put minus one in this scale access, which in this case is X X scale. So this box cutters going to X y, said the sigil order. You should remember first boxes X y and gen just for your minus one on you can duplicate as a copy. But if you duplicate and copy, let me show you that first. If you duplicate as copy geometry, then you do something once I he don't reflect without a sigh. So that is the difference between copy and instance. They let's just replicate this time within stands. Now you can see if I seems one side any other products you can see that's reflective that the side as well. So this is very useful when you're doing something you want to reflected other Onda. We can also use this to let you as a whole objective duplicating, and we want to tens one object, which is the master of steak, and you want the 1 to 10 this in. Also, you can choose. It's done instead of duplicate our copy. That's duplicating objects inside Meyer. So see you in the next lesson 16. Freez Transformation: being this. Listen, we're going to see free stuff innocents on how to use that to our benefits. So in this case, let's see what it does first. So let's select an object that you can see dispensing as the terms were some values. If I freeze this, go to freeze and free stance medicines, the translator and voted Value said to Jiro on this scale is said to one now my model transformation. It's clean, and I can also use this to this kind of benefits. If you feed your objects that objects, objects. Starting point is that if I move my object out of that place, Andi, I want to move to the exact locus and I can again Jiro out because their words it's freezed area. So this is one of the reason I use free stance medicines to put any objects into specific locus, and I'm freeze there, and so that if accidentally or maybe I'm experimenting to put that in some somewhere else and I want to get back to the previous position, I can freeze there so I can use that way. All frieze is very useful for rigging. Perforce, everything should be freezed everything's will have clean valid. For example, the control objects. Sometimes you don't want to phrase Let me tell you something. Sometimes you don't want to freeze because by freezing what it happen is who lose the value there. Right on Dfo example. Let me take this one on by moved this on. I want to use the symmetry. Upson inside the move tool. So if I freeze here, my signature would walk correctly. Now if I check just stone on the object X symmetry and you can say the symmetry is working perfectly. If you freeze, freeze this object and the transformers and values are gone. You can't not that cannot identify. You can see that still on But now the symmetry is gone. Eso This is 11 reason you may not to Frida object until you have done with the symmetry thing but freezes very useful most of the time. That's it for this lesson. And see you in the next 17. Snaping Tools: Let me tell you some of the snapping up some inside mile, the first option is snapped. Okay, You can see this area is the snapping off sins, so you can see the first option is great. Upson, I'm going to cover this tree on the mic live absence. You can see the first option is snapped. A great So what it does when it's on is you can snap almost anything or everything to greet points is very useful to place any object. For example, if I take another object and I want to place it like this and can snap it to the point taken, stop this point Or if I want to create a car, go to C V Corps Tool and against snuff and create it's beautiful square box there. So it's very useful when modern skipping mind. And there is a sucker for this as well. If you don't own here, use the X key. Hold X key and you are in the snap to get more Now again, see when I really XK then I'm in normal more so it said Hold Hobson. Just hold and do your thing, then really stops, um on the second of Sun is not to Goethe. So we have a golf for example. I want to static are from this point. So what I can do is to just turn on the snap took off to London, Bring your tools and dragon, they're just you can you can directly snapped the gulf. This way you can see it's now snapping to the kerf and I can start from the end on again against nap here. So there some tools the demand this kind of curve to again the boat super snatched together so that tool functions correctly. So this is the way on the third of sun is snapped two points snapped appointments You can snap anything to about explained. For example, If I want to snap this subject to this point, I can turn on the this absolute or I can choose whole p Hold your middle mouse and drag You can see Now it's snapping to every word X point and you can select one vortex And again snap that two different to another word A like this. Select and snap. The last Upson is made life too. This officers make life too. So what? It does is let me show you something like liquid. Create a wall. I want to create a paintings or something else on the world. What I can do is just a select this subject and don't make life. Now you concede BQ one which is the subject is life object. You can use life object drawn top off, for example, I can now goto Kriegman one. Choose the interactive Jason this time and it's dragon created box for this You need to dawn on that Create attractive, fearsome so that it allows you to create anywhere in the same. And in this case, it's a make life object. Onda, we can draw on top of that. You can see the benefits off using make life too. You can also draw guards on surfaces. Example. This is the surface. Then again, Klay to make more life conflicto like this object on. Let's see, I can draw different design calls and off this spear I need exactly suits on double The spear can see now if I hide this object if you go to every mood and see my golf there. Okay, so that's it for the snapping. Listen and see you in the next lesson 18. Hotbox: in this lesson, we're going to introduce Sweetheart Box. So our boxes a hidden you know, you can bring that by holding space. But so as long as you're holding is in your view, If you let it go, then it goes away. So this holy space but and you can see the heart box So my is very powerful In this manner you can hide everything from the interface and you'll still get all the men one tools. So let me so you to hide all the interface We can heat control and space. Or you can go to here and you can go to your elements and hide all your elements on you can also I don't mean what you can hide the millions by controlling and can so on hide The bellman likens Ah Bannon Miller by September and control system. So that's hold your Mesbah on. You can see the heart books has all the men here on the top. You get all the common man at the bottom. There you get all the view panel men we can see here all the millions that there on, you can see all specific menus that there this had morning menus reading menu, animism, minimum of dynamics, men lighting and all the members that there in front of you on Did you get something like recent commands here? You can just told your mouth on. You get the reason Command list there can reapply any of the command on. And you can see that the heart books control proved our box controls You can define with me . You are going to visible here on our the central. Get this, Meyer. If you hold your left mouse, you'll see it's indicating to jump to different views. If I goto front view, you can see now it's jumped in front of you so I can go to perspective. I can quote it front view. This is the fastest way to sweets between views. The view once you remember their partisan is very fast. If you remember like this front beauties at the 60 clock position top you are the 90 clock party son perspective at the 12 oclock, it will be very fast Once you remember, you just need to dragon really step So from this idea, get the views to jump on. Surprisingly, there are some other hidden things like if you can see their full lines at the corner, this indicates for reasons so you can see this area is the north reason on this. It is east this south, and this is the West vision. If you hold your mouse in any region, you'll get some different menus. For example, if you hold your left mouse at the East region, you'll get the U element to so high. If I want O hides times later. This is one of the way too high you can see is the times lighter again. Height translator. So again, if I want times like that, I can go and drag. You don't have to do this very slow. Once you Once you practice it, you'll get the speed like this. So this region is for you elements. Andi, This not region is for different layouts can see. Now it's perspective. Outline a dance. Um, very frequent use lives, for example, Perspective outline. Now my nails, sudden sayings to perspective and outline. If I want to, you can go back to their four view to straight here. They're not sex and is for layouts. The East Saxon is for women so high on the South Saxon or South region is for changing a panel to a different Bannon. Let me so if, for example, I don't need the side view, I need only perspective. Dolphin Front I wanted says this view to outline. I can do that by holding the space bar and go to the South region and changed to outline. Now you can see my layout has been customized, like the three views where the side view has been saying stoop out liner. So from the south region, you can sense that panel. So it's most important that you do that on that panel and you can choose from any of the existing absent here. So under East Region is for masking. If you have, like polygon and now are subject, for example, I have polygon objects and I have no subjects. For example, there spen iterating each other and it's difficult to select. What I can do is I can go to the masking area and I can mask here north mask. I can polygon mosque. So if I mask here like for example, follicle mask, we can see now I can only select polygon, so these are some deal in facts about her box on just very useful. I recommend you to practice this. So get that's it for this lesson. And in the next lesson, we're going to see marking manner in my 19. Marking Menu: So in this market, Manulis industry hold to use them. Let's see faster clears and marking men. If you're seeing his MTR, you have not selected anything on your whole seat and right most bottom. He'll get the Chris and marking men so you can see almost every polygons Primitive said there on some of the tools like the political tool and Quadra Tool is there, you can see more of sense that there. So I say it. This is the fastest way to create any primitives off. For example, you have hidden yourself on. You need to go to the men who want to create the bottom primitives here. So instead of going to the main, this is the faster way. Once you practice it, you can create a sit in the in a click or just drag third Upson and again, just hold it right. And you can also upon interactive Pearson here. So this is the fastest way to create any primitives. If you're seen is empty or if you have not selected anything, for example, let McCrea polic you on. If the polic cubits selector and I'm safe right clicking, then I'll get a different marking man. It's the context sensitive marking men means with the same hard keys. Still sit on right leg. But the selection is different this time. The last time we have not selected anything. But this time the Cube is selected. So now the off, since I'd like now get world tool some of the tools we can use on top of this cube. So you so understand this on there is a sub men on their lot off off since insight there. So literally we don't need any manuals or most of the tools in mild gets here. You need to remember where is the cube? You need to remember, like the cube is at 60 clock position. So I need to go and just drag your mouse to the bottom to get a cue. Once you practice, it will do like this this first on, then want to UAB selector. Then you get the tools menu here on again. It's is very dependent on the components as well. If I have selected a face on, you do the same thing sick directly. You get a different market, man. It's depends on the components election. Now it's face so it saw you all the tools related to face. You can extrude affairs you can West Affairs Can you use multi garden on affairs? All the tools are for face. So if you have selected an age, then you'll get a different menu again. All of sins are really Toe is so it optimizes all Dobson's. We get old absence with the same heart kids who is very useful. I love it, Andi, I hope you love it as well. Just practice it on and you'll get the speed off an expert. So just do it. See you in the next lesson. 20. Creating Costume Marking Menu: When this listen, I'm going to tell you how to get a custom mak ing men Last lesson. We saw how it's very useful and it's Listen, we're going to create our costume our own Mac Yuman to get a marquee minimum. Go to Windows, Andi setting difference and go to the market man ready to area and open that. You can see that some existing Markham unit we can create our own metal men from European McElman of leak on that, and you can see these at this empty slots on. Now it's time to choose what off, since we want to, you know, marking menus, for example. I want to be the marking really well. There should be some tool with some very useful functions, like freeze transformations and center pilot example. Let's take three stands Firm isn't in order to take that awesome in here. We need to first take that to the self example. Just go to itself for getting yourself on. Bring all those absence, which you want to create in the market. Men were to be in the market. Manu. It's being a center private here by holding control seat and click, we'll get a obstinate inside the self on. Let's bring the freeze on. Let's bring the history delayed here from thereby dive history. So these adoption I used frequently right? But I don't assess those from any marking men. So let's take those and let's take some frequently used tools, bevel and maybe breathes and extrude. These have the very frequent use tools on. We can also take carbs. So this is the concept of creating him own marking members so we can put anything we want. Like we can put scars and we can put a light Satchwell. We can create a totally new set off options. So we have all the tools here. Just Middle Mountain Dragon boot. Whenever you want that often on displaces and Bible decide Freeze, Andi, let's see, this is the is the history. Maybe here on a state level there, you can't just mere miles and drag pulled all the tools you want, right? The C V and you can see the light putting all those options. We need to give a name like my men. Just give anything you can. I didn't fight. Then you can also taste your mark in. You know how it's going to look by just holding left. Most button in this area will get to see your marking men. We can see if you next said this from you. Now it's so the menu name Gannet, Conference pears. Okay, Don't put in its best. Just if you want to separate them two's underscore and save. Okay, now it's have been saved. Now you can see the Mark Inman has been created, but now it's not. Associate it with anything. We're not going to see anywhere for that. We need toe. Bring that entitle. Yeardley use marking minimum in where? Not said that you can assess your heart box on arcade data. You can bring that mackin menu through the heart box if you want to. All you can usually sort got Keilar heart key to bring that man. Let me show you first. Using the hard boss. If I choose the heart box on now it's swing in. Where is Jenny wanted to be vital for its in south. It's up to you. You can choose if you want. Oh, if you don't use that west region very much, you can replace that with our new market momentum. Just choose West and with which what only want to bring that with. Let's let most Okay, let's apply. Sitting Yeah on now are Mackey. Men will be seeing here at the heart box West region while you were holding left Mostly see close it on Let's go to heart box on Go to the east region And you can see now he stood up masking men's We're getting the Newmarket minute. Yeah, so now we can use this, you know again Clear The city got took from you easily so it's very, very used for Then let me show you how toe and bring the market Men with Sakaki or hard kid Let's go to again. The market mental editor on Jews are my criminal on tens This to our key Rita. Okay, then Now apply. Apply it and close it to set a heart key. We need to goto again sitting preference, But this time at Carita. Okay, this is the hard Katie took and see at the first lines you can see is beautifully out off our keyboard on green keys are already assigned to something inside Meyer so and the grays are still not assigned to anything those are for you. The process to use the heart key to anything is first select you off some here so you can see there's nothing here you need to go to any Todd Key for. You need to choose other items from this drop down list. Just shoes. Other items on. We'll see at the end, user marking millions there. Just expand that on. You can see my mental eyes. They're so now it's theirs to prayers and really is we need to assign for both what we place on what used to release. So obviously we will use a single sort Carter Place and really is Togo here on you can see it's allowing you to put the circle key, so let's see which is free. So let's take eight here to put that you need to press on your keyboard. So just put eight year on and said this on seven. Close on. You can see now if you hold eight and left most, you'll get your marking men. So that's it for this lesson. We long in this lesson how Tokyo costume backing mental. So this will speed of your workflow by with this closing this sex on as well. So in this whole sex, only long a lot off things about basic functions and basic goals starting from the interface toe toolbox, toe sandbox, Larry Little using and a lot of things that's is put this listen.