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Master the Project Life App for Digital Scrapbooking and create your own Project Life Cards

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Artist, Graphic Designer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Easy Digital Scrapbooking


    • 2.

      The different Areas of the Project Life App


    • 3.

      Create a Photo Collage


    • 4.

      Create your first Digital Scrapbook


    • 5.

      Edit your Images inside the App


    • 6.

      Choose the right Picture Detail


    • 7.

      Why you should add Title, Filler, and Journaling Cards


    • 8.

      How to use the Text Tool


    • 9.

      Save, share and export the Scrapbook


    • 10.

      Add your own Project Life Cards to the Library


    • 11.

      Create a Filler Card


    • 12.

      Create a Last Page Card


    • 13.

      Create a Title Card


    • 14.

      Create a Journaling Card


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About This Class

Preserve your family's history

Do you love taking pictures with your mobile? Me too (and who not :P)! But what do we do with all these pictures? 

Here are some of the Project Life Cards created in our Digital Scrapbooking Class:


In this class you learn how to make beautiful digital scrapbooks on your mobile phone with the Project Life App by Becky Higgins but we go deeper! You will also learn how to make your own Project Life Cards and include them in the Project Life App.


Our main focus is to get that done quickly - we all don't have that much time but we truly want these photobooks so we can preserve our family's history!

Here are some examples of the fast-made Project Life Cards:




Of course you also can use the digital scrapbooking kits which are inside the App as well but it's more fun to make it yourself, isn't it?

Let's get started and have some fun!

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Looking forward to meet you.

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1. Introduction to Easy Digital Scrapbooking: welcome to our course. Easy, scrapbooking. My name is Mona, and I'm only after each design resort outcome, and in this course we want to show you how easy scrapbooking can be. So what I have discovered lately is an app from Becky Higgins called Project Life. And it's all about scrapbooking made easy. So it's not that you need a new image editing program where you put in your your template or your papers. Put AnAnd a lot off elements and and all that stuff and your photos. You don't have to do it all on your own, but you can do it so very simple. He hears an app on you. Just reckon dropped photos. You edit them, you at some scrambling elements like what you see here on the screen, like these little cards and text, and you totally personalize the whole scrapple and it's done. It's so easy that it's done in about five minutes or 10 minutes. If you take your time and that's all. The only thing else that you will most probably need a little help to get started. You think APP has before different areas, and you can create quota college. You can crit scrapbooks. And you have a library where you have all off the images you have, you need to export your images that you need to get your own scrapbooking elements onto your iPad. And that's a little bit of difficult, but we can't figure that out. We figured it out, actually on. We will show you in detail how to do that. We goes through all in everything such as adding text and, um adding title filler journaling cars. We get on specific scrapbooking stuff you need to know before you get started to make you a scrapbook. Really? Rock. So in the end, you will have a full set off scrapbooking pages. You will be able Teoh know what kind of script pages Really? Uh, I catching and really making you and your present. Maybe you make a gift like a photo book. Stand out off the crowd and stand out with your gift. You give. So all in all this chorus easy scrapbooking will show you quickly, easily on. And just to the point, what to do with your scrapbook pages. How to create them, how to at your own elements, not just a kid, which are included already. Super easy, super fun way. So I really hope to see you there in the course. And I bet we will have lots of fun creating scrapbooking pages which really make a difference. See you there. 2. The different Areas of the Project Life App: Welcome to the dishes. Scrapbooking Course with the APP Project Life by Becky Higgins. My name is Monje and I'm owner off digit design resort dot com And there we are going to create a digital scrapbooking course for you. Teoh. Show you how easy it can pay to do digital scrapbooking. So I'm I have opened the product life app on my iPad. You can use the app for the iPad and for your iPhone. But you can also scrapbook on your computer, of course, but we will look at that at a later time. So for now, we just look at the perfect life app on that is available on the APP store for just $99 cents. So it's really not expensive. And it's oh, such a huge in Westman because you can do scrapbooking so easily and quickly that you don't mind you scrapbook every day a page because it won't take you longer than five minutes. So let's have a look at the perfect life up, which consists off four areas. Though there is first make a photo college area, the make a page area, then you can get some info and it says then on the bottom left my library. So let's look at each off these areas. The first is make a photo coal ash. And there you have some tablets where you can just at a few, um, images don't have to have some scrapple elements. So you can just, uh, do a quick script was with some photos on what is more interesting for years. Most probably make a page there. You have several templates you can use a fore scrapbooking so you can at photos and you can act fill our cars journal Kaz title cars on all that for your scrapbook page. So you scrapbooking doesn't mean anything else, but adding a few more information to your photos. So you remember later where they have been taken and how they have been taken and what happened uring taking these photos. So with this app, you can even create a whole photo book so you can scrap our pages every day and then when you have enough pages, you can easily create a whole book out off them a photo book and have it printed and give it as a gift. Imagine you scrapbook all year, and then, as a gift you give your family member your daughter, your mom, your grandma, A photo book off All the happenings over the year was your kids or whatever. Imagine what a gift that IHS. It's not expansive, but it will be the best give ever because you're your family member. Can goes through all the events over the year and then on the bottom. Right? There's also order prints, which is where you can easily say. Okay, please order my print right now so you can use your scrap of pages for something else. Okay, let's jump to get info. There you find welcome Ah, video and some other information about the FBIs. Most perky. Not that interesting. So let's go to my library. And that is the interesting part because there you find all the scrapbooks you created, all the college you pick created and the kids you have per chase or which are already in the app. So there is your you know, the area where you can manage all the different areas off your project life at so now you can also delete pages or you can export pages. But we will have a look at that later. So scrapbooking made easy with a project life up super cool. So we show you how to scrap with the kids from Becky Higgins off course. But we will also show you how to add content off your wishes. You don't have to use her kids. You can also use whatever you have purchased wherever you have purchased it. So let's look at that later on. That's get life into scrapbooking. 3. Create a Photo Collage: So now let's have a look at photo collages. When you click in the piece on the top left the orange piece. You are in the area so to colleges and there you have different templates. So now I pulled up with one template on when you click on top left on these little grid with the for squares in it you see on the right side, if more templates. And there you have a 12 by 12 the classical digital scrapbooking template. Um, but you should know that you can't print that one on your hope printer, but But when you do, it will scale down to a four size, because usually that would be around 36 by 36 centimeters or 12 by 12. It's inch in the American language, And, um, that might be hard for you are you won't recognize, but you can all ways have that printed off course and 12 by 12. But when you squat down there, you have several more pet templates you can choose from, and that is what we are doing now. We simply choose one off the town place shown there and at some photos. Okay, so now we have a template. And there you can at Il photos. Just click on one off the areas. Doesn't matter if you choose the turkeys one per chris one or the orange one. Um, event you will see do icons on the top, right? In the area you have chosen one is a photo on one is about Yeah, some documents. Like some documents, we can select scrapbooking elements. But for now, we want to add a photo here and click on that Onda we have added now foetuses Dropbox. You can off course choose those from your photo albums you have on your iPad or in your iCloud that's click on Dropbox and shoes one off the photos from there. So it takes a second to import them because these photos might be big. And that is a reason why it might take some time Teoh at them There. You can now choose the size or the area of the picture detail by pinching into the area and make it bigger or smaller. But we will have a look at that a little later. So not much into about that right now. So now let's click on the orange area off of the photo collage. And at another picture again, click on a picture on top left. You can create birthday cards and invitation cards. Whatever you want. You can basically create with these photo Kalash templates on the you may want to do that and just make some new, um, cards here, for example. Of course, these right now don't match. But you get the i you simply at the pictures here and and you're done. That's how easy it is on the bottom, right? You can now export your images and safe them to your library. We won't get into that as well. Right now, we have another video about that. So for now, that is how you create your photo, Kash. 4. Create your first Digital Scrapbook: Okay, let's finally dive into scrapbooking. We click on the torque rice peed off the circle on top, right? And then we pull up the different templates. Becky Higgins has added toe her app by clicking on top left on the little square. You can see all the templates included in this up on the right side Onda, and there you have different designs, and many of them are free. But some you can add to your app in APP buy. You can buy them on. Then you have more templates available. So for now, less. Let's just choose design A. But just type on the others, and you have that in the focus and in the center. And, um, you can scrap with those on the left. Off this screen, you can see of the different colors on when you type on one off the colors. For example, click on the pink Um, you have the background off your template in pink, so when it's now, it's great. So whatever to choose here, you can just click on that. I'm so easy. You can change the color. Of course. Don't ignore Just Torquay's in the orange, because those will be gun. Once you have added pictures and scrapping cars, so we go back to neutral. White looks much nicer to me. But as you see, that's how easy it is to choose different colors. When you have printed it later, you just have it in that color. Okay, so now let's click on top. Left on the talk Wise field. I'm at an image. So when we click on that, you will see two icons, one with a photo and one with the, um, documents on. For now, we will add a photo, and in a second we go into the scrapbooking stuff. So we have the photos added to the Dropbox, so we click on that one. But you, of course, can choose. You're, um, soldiers from the albums you have on your iPad or you may have just taken, so that's eso super easy on. We just click on that and after the photo for now and see what what happens next. OK, so that's about eating less and spring. Nia was the best thing, so let's click on the orange field on the bottom, and then we click on the document icons unto Add some off the carts, which are included in the act. On On the right side, you can see different cars, which are already included. The point now is you can choose between different kids, So here it's, Ah, the midnight kid. But you have several free kids at it at you can per chase again with, um, Inet buying more kids. You can act here that later in another video, we will show you how you can include your very own elements here as well. So for now, just let's pick one off the strawberry kit, for example, something happy when you have to lose weight, you should at least be happy. So click on that and then you can choose, um, the filler cards, for example, and when you scroll down, you have journaling cards. So whatever choose, you read a scrapbook from left to right, so you may want to start with, fill out a card and then in a maid's later area at a journaling card. So for now, let's just pick one off the filler carts and see what happens and how it looks. You can easily switch, but bring the car, just click on one on it will be there, but you can just type on another one and see how that looks. So it's much better than paper scrapbooking because you can change things around to your liking. Yeah, just type on the next filler card and another one Let's scroll down. And now a pig, one off the John Link cards because we want to add some journaling here, and journaling means nothing else. But you can, um, basically right about the event, which is just taking place, and that is what is scrapbooking is about. It's not just about the pictures also, of course, but they are not that important. They are. The pictures are important, of course, but it's not the quality which is the most important thing It can be snap shoes. You don't have to be professional. Photograph it just about taking some snap shoes and add them to your scrapbooks and then you at the journaling and the elements to show what's going on in your life to show the event going on, and when you click now, you could click on the notes and then you can text there and say what they did happen. What happened then, on what? Who was with you when it happened so often? We take photos and then late at a later time. We do not recognize anymore the things which have been going on. So speaking off you have photo and you don't off your kid running in the garden, and you don't know that it was Father's Day when that happened, So that might be a good idea to note it down there, to just write who was with you and what dated happened, what it went. It would be so all that kind of stuff is grappling. What what it is about, and you can type in there and just talk about it. And the other cards here you can let's click on one off them, because I want to show you that you cannot just add photos here. You don't have to add four pictures, but you can also add another card here. So let's click on the document I can hear again, and then you have other cards. So when we had right now, fill a cars and journaling cars we know have ah, first page cards, and we have when we scroll up last page cars on the bottom and let's go up. We have even more journaling cards, so just click on one off them on Dumb. Yeah, it's filled so nicely looks much better. So you can just at, for example, one or two pictures and feel the rest with killer cars and start cars and finished cars. Whatever your heart desires here, so that's grappling. That's how easy is this app works. And now we will show that to you in a later video. You can export and safe thes pages easily when you click on bottom right on this little square on. Yeah, save them to your library. 5. Edit your Images inside the App: so one off. The best things about this app is that you can added your pictures right in this up. Of course, there's no problem when you want you at some filters or do some other more advanced editing before you at your images here in another app. But you can basically adapt your pictures in this app, condom make contrast and brightness and century ization right here in this app to make it fit to the other pictures you have at it. So let's do that. Click on on your picture in your scrapbook, and then you get a new image on the top. Left a little icon where you can click on and then you have on the bottom left the options you can choose from, so first is already chosen its brightness on When you go up with your finger, just pull that up. You see that your picture against the writer or you can make it a darker just to your liking on just make it fit to the other pictures here, and when you click on the next I come on the bottom. It's about contrast again. You can turn the up or John just ask you wish, but if you want your, uh, colors a little, a little more, um, then you can click on such authorization the Surrey ICA and again, just go a little bit up or down just to your liking and to make it fit to the other pictures in your scrapbook. And the last one is to turn your image around and it will always fit to the area. Ah, here it Just click on the last I come this little error and you see your image going from left to right. Just ask you wish. Sometimes it may be on the front direction so you can choose that and make it fit to your scrapple. But as you can see, there's always a new area you can choose from. Um, you can make yours your picture fit your scrapple. Okay, when you are back into the right direction, you can't go out off this menu on dumb at it. The other photos. If we had some now we could make it look similar than just know down the numbers you have chosen. Or just choose whatever you want and what may fit. Yeah, that's that's about the image editing in this app. 6. Choose the right Picture Detail: Okay, so now we have our scrapbook. Onda, we have added a new photo on the top left. But as you can see, the picture detail is not right on in the APP. We can change the picture detail. Just stop click into that picture and you pull it up and then you can choose another picture detail. So now you can drag it through the top and to the bottom on due to the left and to the right, and you can also pinch, and so is two fingers. You can, um, could those two fingers and pull them out. And then you can choose a bigger or smaller picture detail just to your liking. And when you have make it fit, then you can click on top right on the little X and your new picture detail is added to bless couples. 7. Why you should add Title, Filler, and Journaling Cards: son This video. We're going to talk about the title card, the fill our card and the journaling heart, because in this grub books you have different kind of cars you can at you. Can you also have first page cars and last page cause. And so let's check them shortly when we click on top, right on the laugh Big card. You see what comes up on the right side. Depending on the size off the card and the way it's showing up, you were tickle or not. You see what kind of cars you have on the right. You see journaling cars, you see title cards. So here it makes sense to add a title card and laugh Big is a title card. What when we just touch on another one, we can easily at another title card and title Cop means just that, too, at the title off your scrapple page, for example, if that's about the new hat of the Lady wears, you would just at the new at hat or something like that, and then you can touch into a text. We look at that a little later, but so you that you can see that you can at different kind off cards is very important because with these cars use had the tone off your page. You you say, Okay, here's the beginning. Here. See em and that is what what? I fill it with the pictures and the notes and the drawn allowing whatever you put in there is depends on the carts futures. So now let's click on the overflow card and you will see other cards showing up on the right side. And there are, um, the first page cards and the journaling cards. And on top, um, most probably journaling cards as well. Um, um, last page cards, of course. So, again, here you can choose if you want to add some tax to your page or if you want to act, you know, just a safe first page card through to simply half, um, have filler like a filler. Here. You can basically choose whatever you want and fits to the rest of your page, so be careful with that. Don't overload the page with cards and don't overloaded with photos of that. The creativity you have here to add what you need or depending on the surrounding okay, Of course you can at more pictures in these causes well, but we won't do that right now. We are going to a thankful card on the bottom because then you can see some more cots showing up on that is here again John kneeling card or first page card and last page card. And again, you can choose what fits to your page here and just click on it and add it There, for example, the last page cars. It's always good to add a little note like sank. Well, one was a great day, so I was thankful for it. Or just ah, the dots there. So, like a and in card, or as we have chosen now, the, um, the quote card is also perfect to set the tone off the whole page. Yeah, that's about the different cars you can choose here. So always have a look at what Sears your needs on dumb at those special cart to the fields 8. How to use the Text Tool: Okay. Now let's finally have a look at the text tool. We can use that on the tax cars or the title pages. And, like the last big card, is such a title page on dumb title card. And we click on that and whether click you see a little icon, which shows a pen, and you can click on that and type in whatever you want to. Okay, now it's also correcting, so we have to change that a bit. That's why it looks weird now. Curse. We're adding English tax in German, I path. So that's why it changes of the where it's all the time. But you get the idea on the bottom. We can and now change the color, the fall, the ah size off the four and where it should be aligned left, right or center. So let's do that on click on the color wheel. So it should be a day at the beach. Um, and here, according to your kid that you choose, you can choose the colors. They picked the colors out off the kids, Um, and with and now you can choose which color you want for your page, so ah, when you use a pink here that the pink from the kid or when you use the blue. That's a blue from the Kiev. Very nice feature. I think so. When you click on the X, you are just out off everything out of the hole. Tax tool. But when you click on the little arrow on the left, you are just one road back. So here's where you can now click on the phone and choose another four. You want you. We have several phones to choose from, and then you simply choose another form, Whatever suits your needs and whatever, Uh, atmosphere you want to give you a good scrapple? When you click on the A, you can increase or decrease the size off the title. Okay, now we got it right. You see, it's not that easy. See, auto correcting here all the time. We really have to convince it to type what we want to. Okay, click on the A, and now you can increase the size or decrease it. Yeah, looks nice. So let's click on the arrow to go back on. Ben, you have other options here, how you want space lining and if you want to center or put it on the left or the right just to your liking. Okay, let's get out of that and click on the other card we have here the tax card where we have for areas, actually, but we can just fill one area. Um, with a note So you can write something about your day at the beach. You can type in here, Onda. Um, just ah, you know, you can have it fitting to the title you can, Rikke Reese. It, of course, to add more taxed again. You can at another color whatever you want and suits you need you can at here on the notes . Okay, That should be okay. That should be enough. We don't need the whole tax tear. We just So you get an idea what you can do here and how you can personalize your page to have a whole good looking square book 9. Save, share and export the Scrapbook: so your scrapbook is completed, so now it's time to export it. Safe it and share it with your family and friends. So it's start with savings scrapbook. That's pretty easy. You just click on on top right on the axe on. Then it will be safe to your library. Andi, whether you have filled all areas off your scrapbook, that it's filled to complete it or you don't have that is attitude in progress. So you see in progress era to their oh, uh, places in the scrapple and completed any Any of them is filled. And depending on that, it's in the white cardboard. And, um, you can at any time at it the pages. No matter if it's a completed or in progress. One just type on it, and again it will pull up and you can add it the whole thing again. OK, now we can also share and export it, and that is what we do know when we click on bottom right on the little square with the arrow and um and then we we see export and chair and, you know, click on export first and then you have the option to say fit in 12 by 12 which is a typical scrapbooking size, or in eight by eight. I'd say 12 12 is too big for your local print. I yes, but it's better to save in 12 by 12 because you can easily scale down but not scale up. So better. It is to save 12 by 12 and then save it on your iPad and mail from there, for example. You see when you click on that, it says, done on good, and then you can also click on share on dumb. When you click on chair, you have the option to share my mail to post it to Twitter, Facebook or editor, the iCloud, which is cool for family sharing. You can just put you your iCloud and say okay, free for family and then share it with your family or to Facebook and directly attitude your content stream. Or if you just want you to send it to one person, you can email it. Yeah, it's pretty cool. And then the whole scrapbook will be size down. That's not for printing. That's really just for sharing, for to have other people and look at on dumb. Yeah, that is what you can do with a share back. And when you go back to the library, you can also export when, when you click on more options, you have another choice. You can off course delete your page or update the page in four. But you can also say export an additive will bake up or mail on eligible baker. So whatever you decide if you, for example, may the bake up to to another person, he or she can edit your page means when you had a family event and you want other people to have the impression on your Scrabble as well, you can just say male and vegetables make up, and then the person can work on the page on their own. IPad or iPhone? Yeah, it's pretty cool tool here on dumb so you can work on your eye on your scrapbook with more than one person. Yeah, that's it about sharing and saving your scrapbooks. Ah, a lot of options here and everything you need basically to have done, you can find in this act 10. Add your own Project Life Cards to the Library: So now I'm going to show you how to at your own designs into your scrapbook pages in the A product life. So it's not that hard. If you can create, ah, fill a card or a page car title card on your computer or get them from the store. You can also add them to, uh, the project life at so. And we do that by using the Dropbox and the Dropbox. If you don't know it already, it's a service you can find online is free. You just go to dropbox dot com and, um, create your own account there. As I said, it's free on. Do you have some storage there? So the drop book connects of different computers. You can share your folders with others Onda, and therefore you can create folders in on the Internet at your own element there on your computer because your computer also has a dropbox folder. So let's switch to the computer and, uh, there you see, you have ah Dropbox folder and can at whatever you want to. We are no on on a Mac, but that also works on a Windows computer, and there we have in the specific fuller we created Voice world is called here, um, the carts and the pictures. And then you can, um, go online and have them there as well. But the thing is, you also need that on your iPad. Um, just go to the APP store and download the app Dropbox. You drawn on it to your iPad on started, and it will ask you for the user name and passport you have chosen when you re just that your account. And once you did that and connected it, your iPad will be connected with your dropbox, and your dropbox is connected to your computer. So whatever you put from your computer in the drop bugs will also be available on your iPad on. That is what we are using here on dumb. You see, we already added a picture on top left and some off the cards we have in the drop box. And you can see those cards in the folder boys world. And there's a little preview on this card is also in bottom left off the page on top, right? Or the other two orange pages. We can change those as well. Just click on one off the cars. So, for example, on the orange one and then you don't click on the icon with the cards with documents but on the photo card, and then you choose Dropbox and you will find all the elements listed in your abrupt drop box here on the iPad. Choose one, and you see it's easily added there, and you can go ahead and do that with all the available areas on your card and then have it printed and you have your own very own designs in your project life. 11. Create a Filler Card: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a filler card for your scrapbook pages. Well, that I have opened the kid say cheese from data design resorted Come which has a lot of elements you can use. It's all about camera and taking photos on so we can use it for pretty much everything. So let's go here. I've opened the paper and an element and both out much too big for all purpose now. So what we're doing now? You can also do that in a photo shop elements or in game. It's all similar. The point is you need to create a new document, So go to file you and then say what kind of documents you want. A fill card is street by four. So I add that he announced tree inch. Why four Onda? Um you see, uh, 300 dp I so I click OK now and open stop of feel iccat. So for now you think OK, no problem. That nearly fits, but it doesn't. This is 12 by 12 and that is why we need to change the size off this picture off the background and you go to image, image size, and then you type in here with me. Sat back Jew changes Well, um, three by four. And I choose the biggest tie. So for and then I scale it down. And no, I can just choose the, um, move to and click here with my left malls and drag it into the paper. So that's what I do know. And now this paper has some nice matches here, and therefore it could try to make that smaller. So I Resco Monte to transform. And, um, just, uh, put it like this. And you see, it works for this paper. Not it doesn't work for any paper, because sometimes it will, uh, here makes the, uh, pattern not available anymore. So just like I did now and try, it works. If not, you need to leave it as it is. And next stop. I'm going to add the element to my paper, and we'll also be much too big. You see, um let me delete that again and again. I want you change the size, so go to image image size and again, I say, OK, please. No more than four inch. Because the whole paper is for So that suits. Um, I drag and drop it here onto the paper. Yeah, I know I can With move tool. I can't put it wherever I want to. And then I need to say for them, that's basically all you need to do to create a feel a coat. So now I go to file safe ass. Don't say for web here because you want a high quality. So click safe asked and, um and then cheers. Not the Photoshopped former, but a jpg format. Okay, I say now fill our card on its street boy for Andi. I click here and drop down on J p. G. And then we put it up on the desktop. Yeah. Now you can say, OK, the quality you want. Usually I choose 10 because that's not that big them. Remember, you need to get that on your iPad. And your iPad may have a key abide or 16 gigabyte. Um, so it might feel up quickly on That's why I put it here to 10. It won't be much of a difference, but for you, computer or for your iPad, it will be. So click OK now and it's going to be Safed 12. Create a Last Page Card: So now we are going to create a last page hard, and that's pretty much the same. Math of the Philip card is just a size you need to set differently. So go again to file saying you and then it will be four by six. So you just enter here four and here six, and then click. OK, on. You will have your card ready. So, no, you need to scale down the paper to six. Because it's the biggest number. So go again to image inch size, and then type in six on Say okay. And then again, with a move tool here, you just drag and drop your paper here on your card. Okay? I can't clothes that No, I know. I want the camera in the background and the hard. So first of all, with the heart again, choose it and then go to image image size Onda se. You see, it's eight inches, and I needed much small and also I put it to four. Um, say okay again track and drop it to my paper. You could see that I will need it to scale it down was Come on, T and I make it smaller on the same with a camera and Mitch. Image size. Andi? Um, yeah. So it's about maybe two. You see, we can change that later. I just make it a bit smaller, so, um, it won't be overwhelming when I drag it to the paper here. Okay, so that's it. I just have to What? In the right direction? I just make this tool here. So I have that I mentioned correctly, and then I can see where I wanted. Well, let me cheers to the hard Make it. Maybe that's smaller. You can avenge in setting whatever you want. Basically, you can, of course, also changed the elements. If you want to, you just click on the layer on, Say, delete here on the bottom, right. And then you can exchange the image if you don't like it. But again, you just click on file. It's a fast Andi. I know. Say last page card. And don't forget you need to You sat it to J. P. D. On the click save. Um, some again, I would put you while you 10 to make it speaker. I'm saying Okay. Yeah, basically, that's it. 13. Create a Title Card: So in this video, we're going to create a title card in four bright six. And for that, I have chosen for elements. I have a background paper place where you can write something in our little flower and some word out here. So let's start with the card. Click on file and new and then say four by six. It's already entered from the car before, so just put here. Why four high six? Unlikely. Okay. And again, we just killed on of the images here. So first the paper. So image, image size. Andi, I put six again. Say okay on with move tool. I drank it to the background, and then I want hear the word out again with image image size. Um, it's too big. As you can see, it's about seven and chips, so we need maybe straight. Okay, on again, I bracket to my paper. Okay, um now with the frame and I record to the paper. So here you can type something. You let me get to left in the second. I just first want the flowers there, but one needs to be really small because they just want to put it here on the bottom right corner. You see, it's even too big. So called Monte. When I can resize it, click here to keep that I mentioned. And now usually when you use the images from the APP, you don't need to try something here. You can do that in the app, but here you would need to do it up front because you cannot tell the app that this is a place where you want to write something. So that is why you now need to go to the text toe here. T I'm click into it here. I'm maybe make it a bit bigger. So go here to 12 pt and maybe it's 48. Yeah, that's good. And then you just type in whatever and I want to center it. So I market un say Okay, center here. You can, of course, change the color. It's black. No. If I want to have a dredge, I just click into the color box and pick the red color from here on its red. No, I wanted black. So I go back here, I click. Ok, so what you can do? No, you can save it here like that. But you can also that let me first save it as a jpg safe as, um I choose J p t here. And then we have a title card click safe. And them I want your safe it as a PSD file be chorus. I want to be able to add it the text later. So that go here to file and then safe asked. And them I save it as PSD. And then whenever I want to create something with that kid and with that title card, I just can open the PSD fund. As you can see, it still has the layers. What it doesn't have when you have a J p g. Fonso, let me go here to the jpg file, like to desktop. And then we opened the J P G phone and you will see the difference here on no layers. Well, here you have the layers available, and while they await herbal and you can just click in here, Mark that Come type name, whatever. Whatever you want. You you can just add it here, um, and save it again then, as a JP defiled. Yeah, basically, that's it. Now you have a title card 14. Create a Journaling Card: So in this video we are going to create a journaling card on our own. And for that we need again a file in four by six inch itself that's go to file you for by six. We already said that. Make sure you have these settings here and then click. OK, on we go, of course, from back to front, click on the most 12 year and I first need the paper moment. You could You get it? It's always the same. Um, you just need to get this the aesthetics here, right, the the width and hide. And then you are good to go and you can decorate it to your liking. And now I want a place on my card where it can type in some text. So again, image, image size. No. Let me put that truth, Sri. Maybe drag and drop again. This needs to be bigger now, because I want to actually be able to write something on, um, you know, here and again. Just track and drop it here onto your paper. And if you have a problem in his Reg on the color here is also right, you may, at a little drop shadow just to right Clicking on the layer meant, say, blending options and go here to drop shadow. And then again, you can do that here to your liking. Don't make it a bit more visible. Maybe not too much to see what happens then just a little bit. And then click OK, And on the bottom, right, we put the camera. Is that goto image average size of young um saying maybe two home auntie on. I can resize it more when you do that, don't forget to click you on top on time engine. So you camp straight and then maybe you can do another drop shadow just as you like. And, um, you can also of course, do the word out differently. Maybe put it here looks good as well. So next up is that you need to add the text you want you put on your page here. Just click was a type tool into this. And then you see, it's much too big now and maybe you want to change before it's well. But for now, I just want to change the size. So maybe 24. You need to try that, and you need. Just think about it, because it just about you how much you want to text. You want her at here on That nearly works. As you can see, I just take something yet, so it fits into of the line. Um, that's okay. Um, them you can safe it. Yeah. Okay. Let me put that back to the chop. And here, us. Well, you can put that whatever you want. You can also put that to the top here. No problem. Just as you want on wished. Put it wherever it suits your needs and then go again Here to file safe as when you are done. Was was your typing safe as safe it as a jpg file? Um, se That's a journaling cart. Make sure you first save you ready made card as a J P. G for the app. They got safe. And then again, save that as a PSD file so you can add it later. Make sure incest photo shop here and then you can give it the same name. Of course. On again, click Safe on. You're done. So at any time you can go back and edit your tax. It's not a big deal. Just be sure You need to know that you have to do that in photo shop or 45 elements Game or what ever tool you use. You cannot do that in the app when you create your very own designs.