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Master the Basics: Small Business Branding Fundamentals

teacher avatar Nour Boustani, Branding & Marketing Strategist

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Introduction


    • 2.

      7 Goals And 5 Steps To Building Your Successful Brand


    • 3.

      What is Branding ?


    • 4.

      Price Competition Vs Branding Strategy


    • 5.

      How Do Today Customers Inspect And Perceive Brands


    • 6.

      Consumers Brand Experience Funnel


    • 7.

      Choosing Your Brand Type


    • 8.

      Designing Your Brand Strategy


    • 9.

      Creating A Strong USP For A Specific Audience


    • 10.

      Define Your Brand Vision And Mission


    • 11.

      Communicate Through A Meaningful Story


    • 12.

      Understanding Consumers Desires And Needs


    • 13.

      Creating A Strong Brand Personality


    • 14.

      Brands Archetypes : 1.Innocent - 2.Explorer - 3.Sage


    • 15.

      Brands Archetypes : 4.Hero - 5.Outlaw - 6.caregiver


    • 16.

      Brands Archetypes : 7.Magician - 8.Ruler - 9.Regular


    • 17.

      Brands Archetypes : 10.Creator - 11.Lover - 12.Jester


    • 18.

      The Art Of Logo Design And Colors


    • 19.

      The Art Of Brands Photography


    • 20.

      Putting It All Together : Case Study - Honesttea


    • 21.

      Bonus : 11 Core Principles For Creating Successful Brands


    • 22.

      Congrats, You Made It To The End !


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About This Class

Begin your journey towards mastering small business branding with our comprehensive course, designed to take you from concept to a thriving brand. Your business deserves to be more than just a product or service; it deserves to be a brand people trust, recognize, and turn to for their needs.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Building a Brand: Understand why creating a brand, instead of just selling products or services, fosters customer loyalty and becomes their go-to option.

  2. Brand Goals: Uncover the seven critical goals that successful brands aim for, from emotional connections to differentiation, and how they establish customer trust.

  3. From Idea to Brand: Learn how every brand starts with a unique idea and how to give it a character through brand personality, making it stand out in a competitive market.

  4. Avoiding Price Wars: Discover why steering clear of price competition is essential for brand longevity and how to focus on serving a niche audience to grow and expand.

  5. Customer Experience Process: Understand how customers interact with a new brand and how patience is crucial in the early stages of brand promotion.

  6. Target Audience Definition: Learn the importance of tailoring your brand to fit a specific target audience and how to define and satisfy the needs of that audience.

  7. Brand Storytelling: Find out how to connect with your audience by telling a compelling story about your brand's journey and purpose.

  8. Being Unique: Understand why successful brands adapt their personalities to mirror their audience's self-image and how you can do the same.

  9. Learning from Successful Brands: Gain insights from successful brands like Apple, Nike, Lego, and Ikea, and apply those learnings to your brand-building journey.

Course Outline:

This course offers in-depth modules on various aspects of branding:

  • Vision and Mission: Understand branding and how to create a compelling vision and mission for your brand.

  • Promoting Your Brand: Learn from case studies about customer-brand interaction and how to effectively promote your brand.

  • Defining Your Audience: Master segmenting your target audience, considering their culture, needs, and brand loyalty.

  • Brand Strategy Design: Learn the key questions and methods to design a successful brand strategy.

  • Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Delve into consumer psychology and learn to create a USP that sets you apart from the competition.

  • Brand Storytelling: Understand the three common types of business storytelling and how to apply them to your brand.

  • Brand Personality: Learn from successful brands how to adapt a specific brand personality that matches your audience's self-image.

  • Logo and Color Design: Understand what makes a strong logo and how to choose the color schemes for your brand.

  • Brand Photography: Learn the rules of creating strong brand photography and how to communicate your brand message visually.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nour Boustani

Branding & Marketing Strategist


Nour Boustani is a well-rounded individual with extensive experience in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. During his childhood, Nour was exposed to the industry, enabling him to hone in on imperative skills and become an expert in his field. He got involved in his family business at the young age of twelve, manufacturing candy.

Since 2006, Nour has immersed himself in his professional development, starting with his strategic relocation to Shanghai, China. Over the years, he has studied visual communication, design, trading, and marketing. Being based in the epicenter of commerce, Nour has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands from all ends of the spectrum, from enormous corporations to small businesses.

Currently, Nou... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to the fundamentals of branding for small businesses, how to build a brand that customers Truly love and desire. My name is Nour and I will be your guide on this introductory yet exciting and informative course Walking with you together through the steps and process of how to plan and build your successful Small business brand. We will begin this course by first identifying the core concept of branding and the difference between A brand V.S. a product strategy. Then we will break down the steps that a stranger has to go through with your brand to become A loyal customer. Once you understand the basic concepts of branding, you will learn how to construct a solid brand foundations With a clear vision, practical mission, bold unique selling proposition, connecting values and stories. You will also map down your brand strategy by analyzing your market, your customers' want, needs, and mindset. I will ask you to research and map-down your competition's strengths and weaknesses to develop a broader and more accurate view of the market. Then I will take you on an in-depth walkthrough on how to define your brand personality and stand out Through brands archetypes. I will show you through visual examples of how brands such as Apple, Nike, M&M's, and Disney and more successful Brands connect with their audience and turn them into advocates. After that, I will give you a mini crash course in brand visual presentation and teach you The basic principles of how to design your logo beautifully, choose your brand colors, and most importantly How to present your product photography effectively. Finally, we will tie all things together and look at the complete and excellent product and show you how to apply all the steps you learn in practical projects. My promise to you at the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of the basic principles Of transforming your business from a commodity products business into a memorable and hopefully Everlasting brand. This course comes with tons of practical examples, visual guidelines, checklist and exercises That you can apply to real-life projects and businesses. There is no B.S. here, only practical strategies and tactics that work. This course is designed for people who are looking to take their business from only a product. or an Amazon shop and transform it into a small brand. It's also designed for sales, marketing and design professionals who want to get a better understanding Of branding as a whole and tie their profession to that entire brand. I designed this course, put you on the right track of starting a successful brand and prepare you For more advanced concepts in my intro to marketing course. Where you will learn how to market and grow your brand. However, we have to make sure you've got a solid foundation First. If you are ready to start your business or transform your current business into a unique and bold brand, then weclome Welcome, give me a hug. Now get in, get in, and let's build your brand. 2. 7 Goals And 5 Steps To Building Your Successful Brand: Welcome back before we begin disgusting more about Brendan. We need to understand what is the mission that we're trying to accomplish throughout the scores and what should be focused on to build our own successful back. We have to focus on the following seven goals. Everything else is just a tool that help us accomplish this goal. And these goals are the core for middle of building your successful brand. The first goal is emotions. Understanding our customer emotion is essential for building our own success. For brand, it's very important for us to fulfill our ordinance emotion and breaks a gap between us and thing. You should always ask yourself what that emotion I'm not trying to establish with my audience. Is it about love? I don't want them to love me or is about joy. Do I want them to feel happy when they see me? The second goal is desires. It's very important for us to feed the human desire. Look around you at all. The big brand. They all work in the business of human desire. Ask yourself what that would desire? Are we trying to satisfy if happiness is its food is essential desire is power or security . The third goal is differentiation. In order for US success, we have to innovate. Univision does not mean that we have to create new product. We may have an old product but represents a new way to a new segment Off people always s Chris Hill. How can I differentiate and stand out from the competition? The fourth goal is one of the hardest. Gold is trust. Without trust, no one is going to deal with us. We may have the prettiest product in the universe with the cheapest price ever. But if no one is aware or good quality, or have we cheat once, then we're really screwed. Ask yourself How can establish a solid trust? Warsi relationship with our audience is through. Customer service is true. Great product. The fifth school is value. We must deliver a valuable product. People are always eager to treat their money and time for a high value products that help improve their life quality and efficiency. And always ask yourself this simple question. How can we use the least amount of materials and content to simply boy and deliver a valuable and meaningful content? The six school gates connection. We need to build a brand that allow our audience to be connected to us and to other people as well. At the end, it's brilliant about us. It's all about how strong were connected with the outside work. Always ask yourself How can we connect and share old customer emotions throughout our brand experience? The Sevens goal is belongingness. Our brand should be the center of our audience universe. Our brand experience should allow different type of people who share the same habits gold and believe to be safely together. I feel included. Ask yourself How can you support your audience personality and believe now, with decent and goals in mind, we will be using throughout the course five steps to accomplish these seven goals. The first step is your idea. You need to have specific idea. Your idea cannot be vague. This idea must be valuable for people. And it needs to have mission and division and by mission and vision. I mean, this idea must have a purpose. Why do you have Saidi and what are you planning to do with this idea? The second step is your idea. Positioning positioning has to do with the environment and unique selling proposition. What is the offering that you're giving to people? So if they're willing to pay their money and was different, she has you from your competition. The third step is your idea, personality and attitude on that mean what that person do you want to be perceived? Are you powerful person? Are you a funny person? Are you a caring person? Were we to be talking about that more in depth later on? The first is your idea. Attractiveness idea. Attractiveness has to do with the outlook. Feeling of your idea. How the overall outlook. If your ideas proceed by people, it has to do with scullers, visuals and design. It also has to do with your attention to small details. Hi details Product received as high value products while poor quality details product proceed as low value products. And last but not least, the first step is your idea connection and communication connection. Communication means how would you connect and communicate your idea with others? What that of communication channel are we trying to use to connect with our audience? Is a social media is commercials? It break, it adds. Is it local event And it also has to do with your brand all girl experience. How do you want people to share and connect on a deeper level with your brand experience? And what kind of blood for are they going to use to share your brand experience with the rest of the work? Now, these seven goals and five steps will be our guidelines throughout, of course, to build our sex and slipper. Please go on, Donald. A pdf file reached through it. Then if you have a question, leave me a message. Are we see you in the next chapter. 3. What is Branding ?: is this module, I will be introducing you to branding. We'll also be talking about product versus brand strategy. Then we will walk, strip and experience and understand how brand are received by customers. Relate this module, but okay, about 11 core principle or creating a successful Pratt In order for us to understand what this spreading first, let's define what isn't friend. A brand is not just in a brand use his name to distinguish their product and services. When people go to the market and they want to buy a product, they need to know who made the product and what is the quality of the product. So when they buy the product and get it back home, they try it. They experience it. If they like that experience, it will become their default purchase. Next time, when they go back to the market, they will just go and buy that product. Right is that a logo on a business car, logo and business car are a part of the visual identity of the brand. Visual identity is only a part of friending, a sense of tools such as logo color style photos, brand uses, describe and communicate their messages was their audience. Usually the brand is not a social media page. Social media is. It is a marketing tool to interact, entertain in four and educate the brand audience. You may wonder, what is the bread? Okay, let's make it simple. A brand is an idea over person or corporation, which is received by the customer trust on experience. In order for brand success, it must represent it's true riel value and keep on deliver what it promises to his audience . Let's imagine that. Do you have a great idea for grace Bran? Now you take this idea and you go look for your friend. They are the closest people to you. They might listen to you. We want to call your friend. I want target audience. Your friend will start to listen to you listen to your ideas and analyze it. They probably would give it a shot when they tried to experiences. If they like it. If we delivered as we promised and they came benefit from it, they might buy it, love it and become loyal door idea. If we don't deliver as we promised, or they just like our product or dislike or service, they will turn their back, get angry. That might not give us a second chance to summarize this part. We need to understand that we need to have a unique and honest idea. We need to communicate clearly and we must deliver as we promised. 4. Price Competition Vs Branding Strategy: why only competing on price probably is not a good strategy. Let's imagine that you have a back of the shop you creates great cupcake. Cost you $1. You sell it for 1.5 the daughter and you make a good profit. Have the daughter. You are the only one in the market. You're happy, you're making good profit. And your customers are happy tubes. They're having created cake. Someone else look at your market and you say, Well, I have a good chance to make a good profit. So I'm gonna comforters and broader and I'm gonna sense for $1.4 he's taken customer from you and your customer. Look at these bright and say, Well, if it's the same product, well, I'm gonna be a $1.5 for it. Gonna go to that place on FIFA one from $4 and the entire market will have a new price for a cupcake. Someone else comes in and they will come to market and say, Whoa, geez, This competition is just started. So let me come in and copy the same product. But business price. One point Street dog. No, He came war custom people goes to him and the markets would happen. You winning price to pay and so on. And so until someone comes in and he's willing to get all the customer for no profit, probably because he has a plan for the future, he has a long term plan. He's just trying to came or customers to go the brand and so on and so on. At that point, both companies has two options they can choose from. One. It's stay in the market, you competing or to get out of the market and change the business. While some companies stay in the market for two or three years, they would say We will pay from your pocket to compete One other company, they would get ultra business so we can gain our position. And then we will take surprise again, but probably would know that not all the company have enough cash to stay for a long time. Some companies they get the price to $0.9 while others said for a zero point in dollar to that point, some committee cannot stay in the market, so they are off the market. They die or some companies get acquired by other big corporation, while other companies just keep hustling until something happened to the market or they just die. But you might say, Well, OK, I have speak, cupcake. Why wouldn't I make it smaller? And then I was stays for lower price. Now that would make profit a game. And Brandon, we think about two things. How the brand I and how is a consumer react when you start to change your product, your customer react and they would say, Well, I love that old cupcake Now You changed this cupcake, but I don't like it, and you are making me to pay for it, so I'm not gonna buy it anymore. Thinking and grand strategy can save you a lot of troubles in the long term. Let's imagine that you have this imposition, B, C, D and E. This is what you are now. We need to raise abort creates brand. So we have a great product. Recreate your brand positioning. We create a good customer service and recreate, create brand experience. All of that add up and create a custom of dress and loyalty, which all of that would add up and create a high brand value if sometimes we feel that our price too high, we can always takes up a prize not by lowering on price but by offering promotions. Toe our customers by offering coupons as subscriptions. Easy payment options on member car, which will help us to gain more customers and make our customers happier. Okay, so before we start to build a brand, we need to ask ourselves two important question. The first question is, Do we really need to be LeBron that it really mattered to Bill Brandt? Do we have an interaction with the end customer, or do we only provide products to 1/3 party company that they produce product which interact with the end customer, some kind of product? They really don't need a friend. It doesn't matter for the customer to look for the brand, such as If you want to buy a nail, you probably are not going to look for right. But that's only for you to decide some kind of businesses, such as B two B business to business. My not require Brad, since the business company, they really don't look for a brand as much as they want to Brent, your brother under their names. The second question is, Can we afford to be a blueprint? In order for us to understand that question, we need to look for brand lifecycle. Every brand goes through four steps. The first step. It's introduction when the brand enter the one kid. The second step is growth when the brand start to build customer loyalty. The 3rd 1 is a true see where the brand is well defined and has customer loyalty, and it can make a lot of profit and then decline whether brands need to re innovate itself . Now, as you can see introduction period, you might start negative. You're making no profit. You are trying to create a brand awareness by creating advertisement or trying to sail low price just to gain customer loyalty. Now, are we ready from economic point of view from money point of view to spend that money? And was that fear of time to build our friend and slowly, slowly group or we are on old company, for example. This is a 3 to 4 years and re followed that we have some problems in our brand or we were in product or in the company, and now we're trying to become a brand or into company. Are we willing to go back the growth period and fix all our old strategy and then treated? Use our brand to build a new brand awareness? We have to think about two point. The first points the economy point up here. Do we have enough cash to think for long term? If we paid from your pocket? Is that enough for us to go back to the introduction? The second is mentally. Are we really willing to make changes to create us? It busy brand. I have met a lot of coins. They come to me and they say we're ready to create a brand. We were primary into that. We found out that just being in product and competing on Price, it's just gonna get out of someone. So we need to create brands of people that come running to us. So when I go to their company and they start to look at their product and their use experience, I start to say, Okay, now we need to fix this and we need to fix sent, but they look at me and they start saying, Well, that you can change on that. You can change this, we can't fix on customer service, goes a lot of money, and we cannot afford to have that kind of design at that point. It's really become a broad, a lot off cash problem off mindset. I'm not willing to change because I got used to my old habits to summarize the chapter. Me to understand that we need to start increasing or brand value and make a shift in our strategy by acquiring customer loyalty instead of one time weak sales stretch. 5. How Do Today Customers Inspect And Perceive Brands : How do people perceive friend? Now let's imagine a person is looking at our brand, and he's trying to look at us and judge us. He would be questioning, Are you and the EU is our brand and many of this question with Bob in his mind what is trying to judge our Brent and I also would like you guys when you see this picture. That question, I would like you to remember if you the path you try to judge or seeing your brand does any of this question popped in your mind. They also keep in mind that some of this question my theme because of it exaggerated. But today, technology and social media has made our customers very sophisticated by offering a lot of options and make it easier for them to compare between different prints. Also today, news made customer more aware of what's going on around the world, so their choices would become more sophisticated and not as simple as 10 years ago or 15 years ago. This is what we have to consider a lot of think to think about before we tried to build our breath. No, let's begin. Are you different are unique. Our special. Do you have your own personality, or are you just like everyone else? How about your product quality? Is it well manufactured is a good quality. And how about the details off your product design? It will executed or is just poor quality product are in professional. Are you efficient? Can I depends on you to deliver high quality result on time? Or are you just unprofessional? I cannot deliver a high quality result on time. How? A bunch of customer service. How would you support my knees? I react to my question. Are you willing to be there for me and provide me with Secret Service? Or you really have a bad customer service? You only care about me buying your product, but there is no after sale service support my problem. How about your brand to petition? Are people experiencing goods relationship with your brand? What are they saying about it? Are they sharing and do they like it? Or people had a bad experience with your brother? How about your brand culture? Are you a friend of the older employees? Is every one of your staff happy? Do you treat him all well do you pay them well or are you just trying to take advantage of cheap labor around the world? Do you carry out or word? I'm trying to make it cleaner. I was trying to make it. Here's here. Or are you just trying to pollute the environment and only care about making more profits? How about your brand experience? Do you offer a nice experience and environment for me and my friend? So we can enjoy our social life, do our job and have a great time? Or is it a disturbing environment that just waste my time? Do you really care about premier values? Human needs, or is is just all about money in such a tough economy are trying, And are you willing to help me to save some money, make me feel smarter by offering me smart promotions, or is very hard for me to buy your brother? How about your product price value my feeling that I'm getting more benefit from your brother than the brightest and paying to you? Are you up to date? Are in trendy are in creative. Do you kill innovation? Can I depend on you to become a part of my day lifestyle. How about your visuals? Are isn't clear enough, and I understand what you're trying to communicate. Our is a appealing Can I see my self image and relieve myself to individuals, or are they just kind of messy? And I just don't understand. How about social media? Do you exist on the Internet? How many followers do you have? What are they trying to say about you? Do they share your stuff? Do they like of stuff? And is there any active interaction? But your customer and your brand? Do you have good reviews? Are people recommending your brand? What are they saying about your brand? Are your process transparent by providing us with visual that describe your process? Are people sharing their great time photos while experiencing your brand and what people are talking about your product pricing? Is it too high just worth the value or is over the price and doesn't worry the value Now all this aspect are important to consider. When we're trying to build a friend today, brandy become a complicated system that include every aspect that interact with our affiliate. Such an economics, pricing, visual communication and design, social behaviours and culture, marketing and customer service and experience. To summarize this part, we need to understand that it's not about how we think of our brand, whether it's good or bad print. It's all about all people perceive us and second part. We have to think about designing and managing every part that is seen her filled and interact with our customers. 6. Consumers Brand Experience Funnel: brand experience every customer when he interacts with a new brand or it's his first time to interact. Visit Brand goes through four steps. First brand awareness. Second, Interested. Third, Having desire and forced taking a purchase action. Let's look at a guest study. This takes a grand line. Friends, you probably know sprung. It started in Asia as a chat app, which time slowly expanded to become a product friend. At the beginning, the APP probably did not go very well, so they sought What if we tried to create a store experience and customer was Time will get the chance to interact with our brand and get used Our idea and love our so the first step . The brand is trying to build awareness by inviting people to come in and have an idea what the brand is all about. At this point, the brand is not trying to push people devise their brother. The brand is only trying to acquire customer loyalty, and the best way to build awareness is by entertaining people through designing marketing campaign. We're asking people to share their product information by giving back free samples. The second step, where people start to experience a pact. When people come in and look at the print, they don't know what the brains all about. But slowly they start to experiment with the brand product. At this point, the first reaction. It's very important if the brand Israel designed some people might be interested. But if it's poorly designed, people might not bother, just turns their back and leave. If they like it. A lot of questions, my pup in their mind. Is this a cool breath? Does this Brent fit my lifestyle? Why am I interested in what's going on in here? White people are liking why people are sharing it at this period. It's all about exploring the brand style culture. Pricing on product. I'm probably like a lot of persons would happen in this period. People still probably are not sure what your brand is all about. They might have an idea about it. They just probably think it's cool brand, or if it's just a boring print, it would probably take more time to process, analyze and get used to your bread at this period. Tries to not push a lot for sale. People might reject your and reject your ideas there hasn't able to trust be established it and people still not sure this is the right choice for them also give you mind as this period when people look at other people and they see them all the experimenting and no one is buying. They probably are not going to buy. If I look at everyone and see that is all the experimenting, then why should I buy if he's not buying? This is why we have slowly build up to a point that almost everyone is willing to buy. In the third stage, people started desire or print. They began to understand what brand on deeper level and it become a part of their lifestyle . Now they start to like your brand, trust their choice and start sharing. But what people would bother themselves, take out their phone, take a photo and give you a free service by sharing your product. It all have to do with your customer self image. Most people love to feel and be perceived and smart and cool person another point. We will be talking about the search module, which is when people see their self image in your brand. Your brand probably matched theirs. Lifestyle on their self image People tend to love to share the insular image with your friend's by telling the people that this is what I like. This is my lifestyle. This is why, yeah, that's what I like to read and buy and have. Farmers and their friend would like their stuff and interact with them, which make people feel that they belong to community and that make people feel happy and great. This is when a word of mouth start to spread out that more people get interested and more and more and more people get interested. And the four stages action when everyone is interested, when everyone like the Sprint and it's become a part of people's lifestyle. Now people already Dubai, but he really needs to be careful about pricing. If we are targeting a specific kind of audience on our prices too high, people will be like your brand and our grand story, but they will be unable to afford our brother. They still come back and have a look, but they're only bouncing customer. They're not to persist customer bypassing customer. I mean they will only come in, have a look. Take a few pictures and they leave. There's no purchase. We will be talking more about this point in unique selling proposition. If all the conditions are right, customer will buy our product and get back home and they try. If they like the experience and they like that quality, they probably will become a long term, loyal customer. We don't need to sell them. They will just buy. But if we did not provide a great quality product or great experience, people will probably not come back. They will have a very bad experience and zero mind about our brand, and they probably would bad mouth our brand, which would hurt our brand repetition. To summarize this part, we need to understand that we should not push for customer into buying our products, and we have to build the consistent experience that allows customer to dressed us. Try our brother insurance 7. Choosing Your Brand Type: this module will be talking about strategy. We'll be focusing on types of friending. We will be learning tools for creating brand strategy. We will always talk about how to create a unique selling proposition. We'll also learn how to signal our target audience on how to craft a vision and mission statement and also take about three kind of storytelling that invite your audience and in case them with your brand before we designed a brand. First we need to big the best grounding type that filled our service or brother. There are four type of branding brand tab number one personal brand. This is when people brands their services and product using their own name, for example, influencers, musicians and artists or even interpreter. In this kind of branding, people use their knowledge, thought and ideas to influence and acquire people loyalty. Everyone can create its own personal breath. Many people start their own brand. They converted to brother the second time of friending. It's brought up trending. This is when the product and its packaging interact with the end customer projects already designed to act at a sales person so it's presentation can attract customer eyes and sell itself on its out so the consumer will be able to interact with the product. Air Italy. They might not be interested who create the product, but the benefit was the product itself and the price of the product and its presentation. The third kind of drowning is service branding. This is when you deliver a benefit to your customer service. If people like the service people become lawyers. The service, for example, Airbnb people will describe Airbnb as Brad. Your service that helped him to find a warm house was low price when they are a broked, and it makes the travel experience much easier. The fourth kind of trending is corporation branding. This is where Inc prints all their products and services using one brand name. This corporation might be massive corporation, or they might acquire a lot of small corporation. For example, PMT and Volkswagen. Both of them have a lot of different brand that serves a different type of customer segments. If you have a brand that serve a specific kind of people and you want to create a different product for different people, segments considered a breaded at positioning under a different name, otherwise you're old customer would get confused with your new branding strategy, and they might switch from your rant different brand, since they don't know what you're ready will be standing for anymore. Some brands have difference kind of services. For example, Virgin Bread version has it all of services that serve different kind of people because they're still branded using Virgin logo was different name to summarize this part. First way have shoes, a grand type that fit our service and product. Second, if we are trying to create new product that served a different kind of market, then we have to create a new name to prevent our old customer from getting confused off our new strategy. 8. Designing Your Brand Strategy: breath strategy every successful brand required. Successful stretch. In order for us to design the press start, you will need to ask ourselves a few questions by asking those questions. We will have a clear idea about our brands. Such brass strategy have to do with studying our own company, our target audience and our competition to simplify it. Let's ask ourselves, is following questions. What is the message we are trying to communicate on that mean? What is our idea that we're trying to tell our target audience? Are we trying to say that we are natural product? Are we trying to say that we are the lowest price product? What are our strengths and weaknesses? We will be using small, which will be looking about the next section. What is our brand value and our brand personality? We will be discovering 12 times or Prem personal thing in the third module. What do you want to be in the future in two years, five years and 20 years? Not a second question is who who are our target audience? This question has to do was defining our specific target audience. We will be talking about that in the next chapter Who are our computer for this part? We need to understand our market, and we need to understand everything about our computer. So how many competitors do we have in this market? What is their price? What is their strategy? How is their packaging design? How is their services? What people are saying about them, why people choose our computer instead of choosing us the third type of questions? How how can we stand out from the rest of the competition and that go to your personality and your position? How will we position our brand in the marketplace? How does our audience receivers? That is a very important part. What are people talking about us nowadays? We can go online and you can search our company name, and we can look at how people are interacting with our rending. Do people like it? Are people sharing our brand? Are people satisfied about our services? We can't know all sister. That old line I only ask our customers might not be helpful, since customer are not, they might say some nice up. But going behind the scene and looking at people reaction would probably give us more accurate information holders are brand rich are Orleans, which means which kind of communication channels are we using to connect with our customers ? Are we coming? Getting through social media? Are we communicating through advertising? Are we communicating through social events? All of this kind of stuff we need to understand in order for us to increase our communication channel with our audience? How would our competitive react if we lower the price? How would our competition react if we for whether or customer with visitor experience, how would that would commit to react? You're recreate razor design with a copy, our design, what they think are different design or where they keep their design. Now someone's this question. My seems hard, but don't worry. With time, you will start to understand your market, and you will start to understand competition more and more. And the last question probably is the most important questions. Why should our customer trust us at all? We can't just tell them we are the best. Please come on on buy from us. We need to deliver benefits. We need to build a great repetition, and we should always treat our customer with respect and love in order for us to study our friend strengths and weaknesses, we can use itto called swat, swat, stand for strains, weaknesses, opportunities and threat. Let's s you or brand have greatest on skill. We have a great bargaining skill and we have a lot of distribution channel. But our weaknesses might be that were new to the market, and our pricing is it was a bit high. Strengths and weaknesses are internals, and they have to do with our own company. Now let's look at two external factors, which is opportunities and certain if we have a great design skill and create marketing. Skill was a lot of opportunities to distribute all over the world. Then it's become easier for us to design for different culture and delivered to them so we don't have to be stuck with our own local market. Now let's look at over witnesses because we are new to the market. We probably don't have a lot of customer loyalty because our president time may our competition will use this weaknesses. To get more customer at this point, we might need to adjust our weaknesses by delivering more value or lowering our prize to have dad to a specific market. We also have other to wash, called best PST withstand for political, economy, social and technology. Political. I have to do with regulation and poison but don't have to do is government, for example, of using Amazon Web site. Amazon would have some regulation and policy. E bay you to me, for macari point of view, it's all about supply and demand pricing and competition from social point of view. This is a very important one because it has to do with our audience. It's about people, culture, believe lifestyle and how the environment affects people. Decision making It persists At T stat for technology in the old country technology advanced , for example, you can use your more if you want to pay your tax and pay your bills. To summarize this part, we need to analyze our brand strengths and weaknesses, our competition and our target audience, and we must understand the environment. We're working 9. Creating A Strong USP For A Specific Audience: all to create unique since April Position. If I ask you, why should I buy your brands, product or service? Your brand sending proposition should provide me with the right answer. Now this answer have to focus on customer need and value. If you ask your customer, what kind of problems do they like to solve? They might give you a good answer or if they might give you nothing, could answer because it But I don't know at this point, the brand job is to find out what is the area, Baldwin said. The brand is trying to solve. Always remember that your unique selling proposition has to focus on your audience value. And so their problems in order for us degree is a successful, unique selling proposition, winning to shift our months it from being in business to being a consumer. This one might be it would be difficult. Even one of us has two months it as a consumer and as a producer. When we think like consumer, we go to the market and we look at stuff fries. We got their design and we say, Well, I like this and they're like that because this one sold my problems. This one looks beautiful. This one looks attractive, while that one is not that attractive at this one. For that reason, I will buy this brother and then we have the other months it when we produce our stuff and we love our stuff and we believe that everyone is going to buy our stuff. But at that point would be for in love your product. We stopped being rational about our decision and we become more emotional. We stopped looking at our product from consume. What have you and we may feel that the product we produce, it's creating off for everyone to buy. This is when we have to stand back, be honest and look at our product. From a consumer point of view, if we can't think like a consumer, then we can't crack great, unique selling proposition. As we mentioned, consumers thinking benefit and they always as yourself. W I I m e What's in it for me? If people are willing to trust us and buy from us, they need to believe that there is a great benefit for them and for that we need to study our customers. Forest, our customer We need to know who our target customer, which type of people are trying to communicate to, what kind of problem do they have? How can we improve their daily life experience? And how can you maximize your benefit? Do you understand what the customer? We could use? Some demographic data? We need to understand locations by knowing their location. We can understand a lot about their last time. Culture and technology, lifestyle and services in high default countries are quite different from lifestyle and services in some other less developed countries. Culture culture plays an important role in branding. Culture has to do with those people believe have it on decision making. Culture also play an important role in decision making for purchase. In some culture, the physician has to be made by the entire family. Let's say, for example, by the wife and the husband or the persons to happen. Why another culture decision have been by individual. If I like it, I will buy it. In some culture, people tend to be more rational in making decision, while other culture people depends more on believe to make their decisions. All these factors are important for us to understand we are trying to serve a specific market. We also need to consider our audience gender. Are we talking female audience or female aliens, or probably both of them? Most of men probably would have their own needs, interest and lifestyle, which is probably different from female interests and needs. We should also probably understand in a specific product market who makes the purchase positions. If you are creating product for families, then we need to understand who is in response for making decision for first things. This product is the mother, the father or the kids. They might be interested in the details and needs that other family members are not aware off. Then we have designed our brand message to influence their decision. Our target audience age by knowing our audience age will be able to understand what kind of style or trained they do. Like lifestyle, different kind of people have different kind of blessed up. Some kind of people love to spend older, they relaxing and reading some book while other type of people loves traveled all around the world and some other people, they just like to work 24 hours, seven days a week. What does our audience value is there day of life? Some people value beauty, while other people have added creativity. Some people value joy and happiness, while other people values their time, business and money. While most of the people value social life and friendship, as you can see, choosing a specific type of people is it is a big, tough mission. We need to be very specific. We just can't serve everywhere. The more specific we are, the more or brand positioning and unique selling proposition would be successful. We can use demographic such as location, income, gender, education, age. We can also think about psychological part, which has to do with culture, value, attitude and lifestyle. Way can also start thinking about our customer brand loyalty. Are we communicating with old customer who are already loyal to our bread, or are we trying to communicate to other brand loyal customer on their lowest? That friend, if we over the more benefit, are they willing to change to our brand or role? Is just like a brand loyalty and always dry different prints? Or is there probably just interested in product pressing so they don't have to be attached one print. The second step of creating unique selling proposition is to understand our product. How does our product or service improve our audience line and sold their problems? Third, increased working time efficiency does offer more option or it might delivery with a lifestyle. Try to be as specific as possible. You can use number and diagram to measure your process. The Thursday we're creating unique selling proposition is to compare our brother, your computers, your product. How does our brother brings more value to our audience, then our competition brother, the cheaper it faster is more efficient. Is it more creative? Does have a better design, does have better function. All of these points will add value to our product. And that's how we will stand out from the competition. Combining street step together, we should be able to come up with any example position. So to simplify your basic formula for unique selling proposition is for specific audience. We provide the service unlike our competitors. So if our audience would ask themselves, I want to buy this brand service and product, it goes. It's elegant, trendy, and I cant afford its price. Let's look for a few examples. Let's look at an example of two grand that produced jeans, granular jeans and Levi's. Let's study Wrangler jeans. Unique selling proposition, their promises to deliver comfort and style at a 44 rates that is their promise to their audience, and they have to deliver. Now let's look at their segment and target audience. The market segment is capital, where the target group men and women from the urban upper middle class, while the brand positioning is tough on drugs lasting quality. Now let's look at their website and see what kind of visual they're trying to use. The capture is that specific kind of target audience. We need to look at the style of the fighters, the age of the model. The culture is a model is for older people that have a family and more traditional time. Or is it for young people who are looking for stylish, trendy product? Let's also look at the pricing and how the brand will price their products to fit that specific kind of audience. So if their genes fits that specific audience and the price is willing off for that kind of specific audience, then their brand will be perceived as a brand that deliver its promises. If the brand creates great genes but say for 500 bucks, well, the audience will look at it and say, Whoa, I cannot afford that. So the bride is not delivering what I need now let's look. It's completed for Brent Levi jeans. There you an excellent proposition. Is all the genes brandy and water? Great. So now let's look as their segment upper class and upper middle class. As you can see, it's a little bit different from the last branch. It includes upper class. So now let's look at their target group. People who wanted blend of style and comfort, positioning outgoing and stylish quality jeans. As you can see, that survives focused on style. Let's look at your website again. Just look at the model, their age, their style. Now what's the guy's a pricing. As you're gonna see advice with Bryce, their product, it'll be tire. Why? Because they deliver stylish product, high quality product. You can't find everywhere, but you have to pay for it. That price upper class people would be able to afford that price, so the price might not be a problem for that specific target audience. The summarize UNIX in a position way have always to understand our audience, needs culture and last time, then design our unique selling proposition around that specific audience. Secondly, unique Sina proposition specific target audience plus differentiation. How are we going to be different from the competition and how are we going to deliver more value and benefit to our audience? 10. Define Your Brand Vision And Mission: a vision. A mission statement creating a mission statement. The goal of mission statement is to explain to our customers, employees as shareholders the purpose of our brand. Our mission statement has to define our company purpose and primary objective. Basically, it had to say, Why do we exist to create a mission statement? First, we have to create our unique selling proposition. We already talked about unique selling proposition in the last chapter to remind you with the constant off unique selling proposition. A unique selling proposition is a specific target audience plus differentiation. How would we stand out from the rest off the competition? Secondly, we have to be able to clarify or measure Oracle. How are we going to know that we reach our goals now? Try to avoid war, such as the largest company in the world or the Best Companions award. Such turn. We really cannot measure. Also try to not focus too much on profit since we're trying to communicate to different kind of people, customers, employees and shareholders. Some of them might care about profit while other care more about human values and life quality. No list. Look at a few examples. Lego is to inspire and evil the Villager off the motor. Their mission is to help Children shaves their futures. Now let's look at godaddy dot com. Probably no good a that come its website hosting service platform. The emission statement is just to help customer kick as, but their mission actually is to create simple and elegant technology that delighted their customer. Now let's look at vision statement. What is vision statement? Visions Damon's had to do with the brand vision is a long term. The gold behind it is to be inspiring and uplifting, and this is why it's focused on human values and needs. The first time of creating a vision statement is to look for human purpose. How did our brand makes the world a better place That would make it healthier but make it cleaner? Then we have to connect with a human core values. Humans shares a lot of values to mention some happiness, law, safety and loyalty. To come up with vision statement, we have to combine the last two with our mission statement. Now the best way to understand is to look at some example. Let's get back to Lego, inventing the future of play. That is a long term vision. Now let's look at the human value. It's not only about the product, but also about the human possibilities. Now let's look good. Any go that division is to empower people to ease the stars, their small businesses. So what you are trying to say our platform will help every individual and small businesses to create a successful business. Now, keep in mind that Mission and Vision statement could be changed. Some brand changes every one year, while the others every five years by a look at your mission evidence statement. People will have an idea about your brand direction and goes to summarize vision and mission statement way have to create a vision and mission statement that Allah or shareholder employees and customer to understand the purpose and direction or bread. Keep in mind that creating Theis Mission and Vision statement are not all the important to your shareholders and employees, but also important to you as an interpreter. It will help you to direct and define your brand for the next five or 10 years. You can always change them if you got the new ideas or mission and vision 11. Communicate Through A Meaningful Story: storytelling storyteller is an important tool to communicate and craft a meaningful and purposeful brand message. People love listening to story because it's interesting and they can relate their life, right? Only gonna getting Stroot vision and mission statement might be talked. But if we try to go and buy them with a story, purpose will become more interesting. Now you can find many type of storytelling, but in this chapter, we're going to focus on street type story telling the first type of story doing cold P S s the second kind of story. Feeling is a lot of cooperation first, small businesses and the third type of storytelling is sure value and shared vision. Now let's first talk about the PSS. What is it be icis bs and story has it was a problem. You may face a problem one day, then you try to fix it by finding a solution. Said your solution success and everyone is happy. P S s stand for problem, solution and success, and you probably spend a lot of time finding solution for this problem. You probably know that a lot of people might have the same problem as your problem, so you would say, Why wouldn't I create a brand to help people who have the same specific problem? Now let's look at the real example. Under Armour under Armour, the sport of brand to simplify their brand story. Kevin Black Sea off Under Armour. Hated to change. It sweats. So cotton T shirt over and over again. We will define this as a problem. So he created a new solution by creating in your brother. Every person or athletes who had the same problem in his mind remembers that experience and believe that this story product is related to his problem. By telling us their story, they have a greater chance to engage with your emotions and sale. Use a product. This kind of story telling fits your brand. If you're trying to sell products or services. Cecil People problems. The second kind of storytelling is small businesses or underdog forces. Large corporation. Now, let's imagine that you are a fan of specific print that produce coffee every day. You go to the specific brand cover shop and you drink your coffee coffee. They charge you five bucks for a cup of coffee. Maybe at the beginning you find scream place. Great coffee, the prices with time. But you enjoy the experience after. Why'd you find that? The experience that changed or you certainly felt that the bread is not delivering its promises. I'm probably started question yourself. Maybe all the people have the same feeling towards this brand. So if I have an idea for creating a nice brand for coffee, I would create a nice environment. Nice experience, and I would sell my goal of coffee for $3 probably in the past. Everyone chose that specific brand because they had no other options. If you create your own brand, people will have four options, and you will be putting against Garage Corporation for higher value on purpose. Now let's look at example that's really exist. Snapchat enter the market for a specific reason. They want to find Facebook buying a savings. Their user data their data basis. So Facebook uses your data to save it in your database. But snaps upset. Whoa, we're going to fight that we're going to keep people that a state and we're not going to save them in our database. This type of story telling fit your business. If you're trying to give the market more options and deliver a better value, then a large corporation. The third kind of store killing is a group of people with shared vision and value. Let's look at the American Red Cross, the American Red Cross Group, which is combined of volunteers and donors. Their share vision is to prevent human from suffering. Now this kind of storytelling fits your business. If you're trying to create an organization that combined a group of people that serve the community, we see this kind of story telling most of the time in non profit organization to summarize Start. In order for us to give our audience heart and mind, we have to craft a meaningful and purposeful story which grab their attention and encourage them to take an action. 12. Understanding Consumers Desires And Needs: Welcome to the third ball. This model will be talking about human desire and need last really types of brand archetype . Let's begin by understand the human desire. Why do we need to understand human desire? As you all know, humans are complicated. They have different beliefs, different lifestyle, different habits on different want and need while they might be different, but they all share the same biological desire. If we can't get to them through desire and grab your attention, then we will have a bigger chance. That's father need and encourage them for purchase action. Communications for desire often happened. Subconsciously, our customer might not be completely aware of what's going on. They just want to specify a specific desire. This is why we have to be honest and only deliver great value for our customers with no harm. And as Google remind us with their corporate motto, don't be evil. Now let's talk about these desires. There are eight primary human desires. Desire number one happiness. The need to have convertible life conditions is our number two eating. They need to enjoy healthy food design, industry safety, the need to be secure, predicted and free from fear desire number for romance. The need for love or sexual relationship is I number five family. They need the gear off one's offspring. Is there a number six power? The need for control desire, Number seven curiosity. They need to gain knowledge and is our number eight social contact the need for relations and social approved. Now what we need to understand is what kind of desire those our product satisfy. And how can we connected with an archetype that match our audience personality? Once we can understand our customer desires and their need, we can choose to communicate his aims through logic, emotions, passion or desire. Probably our product is for people who care about emotion and love. They care about social life. Probably communicating through logic wouldn't make sense. There goes to make their fingers, say or friend happy on that in the purpose why they bought your brother. Why people who are interested in technology, they might be more interested in how your product function and the logic behind your product. In summary, we have to understand that we to communicate people through their desires and once we can satisfy a desire on emotion, connection between our audience and our brand could be made 13. Creating A Strong Brand Personality: grab facility and architect. Why do we need to have versatility? Well, as you know, if we don't have personality, then everyone would look a think. And if everyone looks a saying customer want no different between one brand and the other brand, No brand was start out. But if we have our archetype and we can stand out from the rest of competition, we will look special. Also, keep in mind that people see their self image in our plant archetype. If we can match our brand archetype with our alien self image, then we will be able to attract this type of audience and create a tribe or group with shared vision and need. And our brand will become the source to provide them with services and products, which helps him Teres. There goes and desire. Now, in the next chapter, we will be start talking about real time or brand back in time. At the beginning of every archetype, I will be explained to you what does this archetype means and the newest kind of industry? We can't find it. Then we will go through a few brands. Examples. At that point, you will not be hearing me talking a lot, I will be giving you a space to explore and observe the red. I might be giving you a few hints to look for a specific point, but most of the time you will be inspecting the brand design and image. What I really you to look for is the emotion expressed in the images and the way the branches specific words to inspires that time or specific audience. Because we're trying to spend short time to present this class. Cleaning every thought behind every design of the brand might take a long time at any point . If you feel that there is something that you can't understand, please make sure to send me an email or a message. I will be more than happy to explain the process behind the brand design or message. No, let's begin 14. Brands Archetypes : 1.Innocent - 2.Explorer - 3.Sage: the first of archetype is Unisys archetype. Innocent. Brent represent optimism, purity and honesty. The main goal and desire off instant brand. It's a deliver, happiness and joy. They tend to communicate with their audience with transparency and clarity, mostly seen in industries such as food, health care, product or entertaining family and Children services. Now let's look at a few examples a game. As we said, please look at the start of the images, the emotions they're trying to connect with and the word they used to try to inspire you to join their brand. Can you find any sign of happiness or optimism? As you can see that some light of the image which described a bright, beautiful day and also look for the emotion of the characters and the war they big to communicate with your emotions, optimism and happiness pure, clean and simple, I heard by now you begin to notice how brand uses images and words to communicate. Specific idea and desire was their audience. The second type of brand archetype is acceptable brand except your brand. When he gave freedom, the goal off Explorer brand is to help their audience discover every corner around the world they provide their audience was reliable, efficient and easy to use. Product. We see this stuff archetype mostly in brand that career services or produce product, which tells people who like to explore, add visit every place, every environment around the world. Now this examined few example. Land Rover above and beyond. As you can see, the Atlanta over is the kind of car that takes you around the world. It's stuff It will serve you and protect you in any risky environment. The Impossible journey. American Express is even encouraging you to travel to space. Take the car was you? And don't worry about the wrist you missed. You need to be worried about paying back the money. Probably there Target audience is for upper class, so money might not be a big problem. See the car. Cancel all their problems. The third type of Brent archetype is a sage Brent architect. Sage Brand tries her best to communicate wisdom, knowledge and deliver True's. They always seek to provide trust worse in large. In fact, Sage Brand tries to play an important role in media education. Be aware that stench brand are surrounded by audience who speak the language off reasoning . In fact, no, let's look at some examples. CNN notice was there trying to communicate through their tagline. CNN will bring the news live from the source. The headlines. Great mind. Don't always think alike. Let's look at how they communicate to their audience on their website. As you can see, not too many photo, but a lot of new headlines the attempt exactly as their headlines to grab your attention on Make your interested. They always claims that they aren't the only source for truth and try to convince you to believe that Harvard University and do to me that's called only your future by learning new skills online you do is encourage you to expand your knowledge and crow. 15. Brands Archetypes : 4.Hero - 5.Outlaw - 6.caregiver: the first type of bread archetype is the hero archetype. Here. Brand forces themselves to achieve a higher and harder gold. They try to go beyond the limit of average accomplishment. Consumer of this kind of brand received themselves as heroes at Enter Thing as Nothing is impossible their duty. It just saves a word and must have seen in sports and energy. Drink industry now is the best example under Armour a game. Please play. Attention is a storytelling inside the pictures. I was trying to show you that athletes are heroes and you can be a hero like an athlete. I didn't us. Impossible is nothing, at least, but not last the famous Nike. Just do it as you can see these type of friend years athlete, or here's to present a cell verge off the brand. So if you lost board and you have a passion for sport when you see this advertisements, do you think that if use their product, you will be transformed from an average person to hear liken athletes on that what the brand is trying to make you believe, And this is why the price of product at a high price Because being here and doing the impossible is what's really matter. The 50 over an archetype is the old lover and architect. The all car brands are against the rules. They trying became their freedom by breaking thes rules, their line of destruction and revenge to get to their goals. Now let's look at some example. Harley Davidson motorcycle. Let's look at the images style and the message behind these images, but I look at Zen message, should be able to feel and hear a voice off freedom, talking to you and asking you to get out, enjoy the ride and be free. It's hard. Beat's stronger than ever. So will yours. Was there trying to say that you will provide you was tool that makes you stronger to achieve your goals and freedom? The six type of brand archetype is a care giver. Brandt Caregiver brands are there savers. The purpose of their existence is to provide safety to urge animals and humans. This kind of France tries to avoid or hide subject or profit and business normally seen in health insurance, education, nonprofit organization and safety product and services. Now let's look at some example the American Red Cross together we can save a life. As you can see, they're trying to communicate with volunteers and donors to join them. This is why they have to communicate and a human value level values such as love and help and support. They're seeking to educate the words that were old brother and sister, and we have to help and support each other. Tickle check. Your brand personality is Children safety protectors and follow. I've always the number one brand for car safety there. Other doesn't. My B is a bit direct and scary, but just for the purpose of making you being aware of being safe and secure, we don't want your life to Beatrice and our job as a car manufacturer. Mr. Take care of your and your family safety by providing you with the safest car ever. 16. Brands Archetypes : 7.Magician - 8.Ruler - 9.Regular: the Sevens type of Brent archetype is the magician Brent Archetype magician. Brands communicate and present their products and services through a sense of magic. They have a long term vision into the future. They want to change how people behave and interact with the work. They tried to provide high tech tools to empowers individuals. Sometimes they tend to be manipulative because they probably are trying to convince you to believe their vision. A great example for the stuff archetypes, Apple, Let's look as a website and how they present their product to their audience. They showed anyway, as a magician is unveiling something that you have never touched or seen before. Notice the way. If you think this is the iPhone seven. Now imagine a magician is still in you. This is the iPhone seven. It has a lot of great tools. I used my magic to make it so great and easy to use. You don't even need me to teach your whole two years it. Now I'm going to give that power to you, and you're going to use it through your imagination. Now here it is. Take it and it's on Lee for $700 as you can see the friends very high. But if you feel just amazing, you're going to pay 700 bucks even without thinking about it. And really, what is called hollow effect? It just an illusion. But probably after you buy the product, you would think, Oh, do I really need that product? Do I really need to change your iPhone? Six toe iPhone seven. If you go back in, history represents I 0.6 in the same way they are not presenting on offensive it. But it was new and fresh, and they keep going on that style over and over a door they'll. The next era of driving is here. The eighth type of archetype. Is there a little brand? Rules are all about power, monopoly and control. They desire wells order and efficiency. They try to dominate the entire market. You will see this type of Brandt in industries such as automobile, real state banks, fashion and watchers. This specific brand customer desire is power, and they're willing to pay whatever price it takes to look powerful and rich. Now, let's look at some examples only by looking at the image you can feel a sense of power and control what Microsoft is trying to say here that every kind of person is using When this seven at Microsoft almost own muscles. A market of personal computers, the NYSE dive. A print archetype is a regular guy Grant a regular guy. Everyone is equal. This type of brand tries to connect people together simple yet easy and cheap to get an juice it desire, satisfy most of the people and try to avoid to be a specific brand For a small type of people, their strategy depends on efficiency, productivity and low price. They're designed, and visual communication sues the majority of people taste. You would see this type of brand in everyday products industries. Now let's look at some examples I can, as you can see, a lot of middle class people enjoying and sharing a meal. Together, everyone is equal. Please look at the red box, where is highlighted. Many people, no matter who you are, WalMart save money, live better again middle class models or if every time or life. The pricing is specific for this type of audience, 17. Brands Archetypes : 10.Creator - 11.Lover - 12.Jester: the test. I bet archetype is the creator friend, creator. Bread appeared to innovate, inspire and connect with people emotion through creativity and artistry. They tend to perfect all the details of their products and services mostly seen industries later to art, music and creativity. Now let's look at some examples. Lego as we can see a Lego advertisement that the main character of the story is the kid creating or imagining. While the father is a supporting character, they both together build the future of the kid. The way that kids looks at Lego is different than immature person, and they're what makes him creative. Well, looking at sea for more imaginative, different perspective. If Apple is giving mature people the power to create the logo is giving Children the power to imagine and built. Sony Meg Delete the 11 stuff abroad archetype deliver Brent architect, lover brand come to get law, friendship and desire. It's inspired people to be together and have great emotion toward each other's mostly focused on the altar of things such as beauty, physical and visual attractiveness. Now let's look at some example hacking that's combined desire off love and food to attract people into designs here for that. Now, if these other photos of flatline on hacking death website sees photo were probably taking with it, have subliminal message. A subliminal message means that images have subconscious meaning behind them. No, I'm not Struse that was on purpose or just happened by chance. But I see the biggest ships off towns in almost all of these voters. Can you see it? Other brand uses their product. My sister creates an illusion or brand self image, which tells people by using the brand product, you will become more desirable as a person. You would have better sexual relationship or have an attractive body or so on. And so and last but not least, the trails type of archetype, the jester grand archetype digester lives all about fun and happiness. Their goal is to get people out of their data life, boring lifestyle and bring joy into their life experience. This type of brand archetype, my terribly depends on catchers. Visuals on the environment designed to support their story. M and M is one of the best example of this type of friends. As you know, Emma name is only chocolate, but the brand focus all their branding effort is to make customer believe that it's not only chocolate, it's a product with a life. Have an emotion story on the purpose beyond its existence is to bring joy into your life. I heard by looking and stunning these archetypes we all like some off the secrets behind Brand stretched. It's always a good idea to keep your eyes open and start observing excesses for brand. What type of architect do they have? What kind of message are just trying to tell me? Um, I affected by this message is if yes, why? And if not, then what's missing? To summarize this part went to stand out from the competition by being different, and we need to create a brand image that our audience can relate to. 18. The Art Of Logo Design And Colors: well, it comes the last module in the force module relocate visuals and design logo design principles, colors and photography. Logo design. Most of the customer would be attracted or brand visually. Logo is the face of a Brandt, a well designed great logo with kid great appealing Brandt image while poorly designed logo will break the print image. This is why it's essential for us to understand the reasoning and the principle behind creating a successful logo. Let's first identify what is the logo. Logan might be a symbol award mark or both of them combined. A local also can be a little mark. A little monk is the first letter off your brand name. Now let's understand what makes you create local. A great logo identifies your brand mission instead of describing your business. The Swiss symbol at the tills off microphone. Identify Nike as an action friend. We clearly don't see any shoe or sport product in their logo, but we identifies their logo. I support and action brand a great location, administration or logos. I describe what the brand does. Great logo is simple, bold, easy to read. And remember, Facebook logo is simple, easy, clear bold, which make it easier for us to remember and understand you. Very complicated, busy logo. Very hard for us to read, and we won't be able to remember. Second, look for us. There are a street of local phones. The first type of phone is surgical. Sir. Phone means that the letter habit tours at the end of the letter. Sarah Phone stand for classical traditional, stylish and elegant. The second time for this sensor. For this time, phone doesn't have the juice at the end of the letter. Sasser phone stand for modern, informal and simple and the third hour phone transcript stand for casual, lose, playful and flow third logo. That action oblique phone logo with triangular shapes tend to be more aggressive and more in action. Why rectangular books You logo tend to be more solid on both. Why Circular or Kirby local tend to be more peaceful, friendly and joyful. Number four Lola Gutter people perceived colors as symbol that describes psychological and emotional mean In choosing our color. We have to think about two points. The first is culture point color, and some culture might have different meanings and other culture. For example, let's look at the color wife in the Western culture, what might mean marriage and happiness when the Asian culture it means death and sadness. The sick infected we have to think about while we're choosing on color is our surrounding environment. From the first day we come to life, our brains start to analyze the environment around us and start to connect colors with emotion and a science simple to them. So when you look at white way, think pure, and when we look at hot fire, we are Saira and orange as warm colors. So when you look at the picture of full, you would receive it as a war environment. This is why brand used worm light to light their store, which creates a feeling off warms and inviting environment before we enter. A market is very important for us to understand the culture and the environment of that market. It's also very important to understand we should not use the color just for the sake off liking or loving that color. But we have to choose the color that sends the right brand message of our brand to our audience. Now there are also some general guidelines for choosing a color. These guidelines are commonly used in some industries, but always remember they're only tools and they're not rules. My advice to you is to always understand a psychological and environment on meaning of colors for that specific target audience. Thes guidelines are yellow. Describe optimism, worms and clarity. But Orrin described friendly confidence and cheerful Red is the ball and exciting color. What purple is creative and imaginative. Color blue if was trust and strength. While green is beautiful, healthy on growth and finally grand black are simple and elegant. There is really no specific color or specific phone type for specific industries. As you can see, it all spread our fashion friends what each breads on farm on its own color. What he sees as are a is more elegant. A stylish diesel is more a bold brand, while H and M is more casual brand. As we said, the entire image of your brand should be consistent with our positioning and how the brand identified cell for the market and what is the personality of our brand? My advice to you, it would be, is to study your competition, say their color, stay their style and then come up with something different that make you stand out from the competition. We don't want to copy the competition. We want to be different from the competition. Number five Stand out. As you can see, the market is full of brands and advertisement. It's very hard for the human brain. Treat all this data so our brain will fit there all the noisy and unclear information and only focus on the bold, big, clear information. Always consider your logo, designed to be shown on a big scale medium scale on a small scale. Try to look at all these logo and see which logo is bold and clear, and it bumps into your eyes and wished loco is busy and unclear that your eyes will ignore it. Successful brand logos all well designed to attract your eyes and finally, number six. Be consistent. Remember that your local should be seen in many places. It might be seen in busy place, such as market or from long distance like advertisement on the street or on your product or in your social media page. Keep it simple, bold, clear and relative to your brand. Positioning on personality summarizes chapter, a great logo identified our brand and does not describe what it does. Simple, consistent and bold logo are easier to stand out, be remembered and understood. 19. The Art Of Brands Photography: photography. After designing our logo and choosing on color, it's a time to choose our image. Stock images and photography plays an important role in communicating our message with our customers. They are suitable for the grumpy. First is product Photographic Brother Photographic could be shown with model or without a model for brothers. After quite a model, try to show the entire model on the product. In this way, people will be able to lend your product to their entire body. Keep your images simple, was clean background and always provide multiple angles off your product. Remember that these for the purpose is to sell your brother. Your website should be providing the customer with retail store experience. Customers should be able to inspect the product from old ankles, read all the important information and be able to raise the product to themselves as they are trying in the store. Avoid complicated, unclear or too much acting poses. Since exaggerated bosses might be distracting, it might ship the focal point from the product to the model. Remember, our goal is to sell the product so the product is the focal point. If you feel that the brothers don't have to be related to the entire body, then you can only shoot for that again. We need to shoot the product from different angle, and we need to be careful with our lighting. At our background, we need a clear, clean background. Avoid busy or complicated photos. The photo job is not to be a poster. The photo job is to be bold, clear and clean. And, as you recall, our photo have to be consistent with our brand message. It's all about our personality and the desire with trying to satisfy in hacking that's ice cream. The pictures are designed to make your desire to eat ice cream while this photo lack design and they don't communicate the message of a brat. The second hour for the grand three storey going for the roughy see start of photograph is usually used in advertisement or designing posters. We're not trying to show the product directly, but we try to use the product as a hero of the story or a tool for the hero of the story. To accomplish a specific mission or to inspire specific type of lifestyle storytelling images Great tool to express and shows the Brad image and related to the customers. My advice to you used to hire professional photograph for its these days. Hiring professional photograph Israel Not expensive. You can always communicate with fruit. Answer To take the photos that you need. Please pay attention to the visual of your brand scenes. Visual are the first element that interact was your customers. 20. Putting It All Together : Case Study - Honesttea: Okay, So now let's put all things together and look at a case study. A beautiful brand I really like is honesty dot com. If you look at the website on their home page, they highlight their product lines, and they have, like the emission. They are only mission. It's very important for us to always remind our customers with our brand mission and our vision. Now let's navigate, interfere, abolish diction and look at their story. Now, if we really slowly their story, we can see it's a problem solving story. They had a problem, and they have to come up with a product that solves a specific problem. And, as you will see in almost every page of their website, they will steer him on their customer. Was their story, their vision and their mission? It's also a good idea to show yourself and your brand t so customers will have an idea. Who are the people behind this brand and what is their story? Now let's navigate into their mission page again. Let's look at the photos and the war They True's toe highlights their mission. Look at how they use images to communicate their Brad culture and build more trust between customer on the front. They also share with us their working culture and environment, how everything is very clean, how you order are processed and how they treat their employees. They also get transferred by sharing the process behind their polar and communicate their brand mindset and strategy by saying that we tried to be green. We care about the war than people. Now, when we look at their product, we can see that he's serious. Off products category under one category. The photos are very clear, clean and bold, so it's very easy to read the design and the visuals. When you click on the image, we see the entire product. We see all the details that we need regarding to this product, and then they keep reminding officer mission and their process because this will affect our purchase decision. I hope I know that we start to realize that brand is an entire system which is perceived by specific customer trust and loyalty. 21. Bonus : 11 Core Principles For Creating Successful Brands: 11 core principle or building a successful brand principle. Number one great product. We must deliver a high quality product. If it's a product, then the material and dig regent and the manufacturer of a product should be at a high quality Our customers. There's a higher pride because they expect better quality from us. A middle occur product probably won't be able to create a high quality friend. Principle number two. Outstanding customer service In order for bread success, It's monster is customer. Was love and respect. I always say to a customer was, Smile is a problem with a product after client to keep it and offer him another one for free. Apologize and full up. Always drive to treat one customer at a time. If your customer got angry, please don't try to argue was a customer. Your customer probably is angry because misunderstanding, communication or a problem with the brother our gold. So the problem and made the customer happy again. You could probably build great business just by having a great product and a great customer service. These two are the core principle of buildings is full brand now. Other principal are important, too, but probably are not as important as the last your principles. We could have the most beautiful packaging design. We could market it well, we could advertise it. We could spend a lot of money on it. We could have the lowest price in town. But if we have a weak product or bad customer service, nothing will be helpful to create a successful brand principle number three. Be generous. Always offer your customer free samples. Let them try your product that will help in building trust between you and your customers you are creating. This service can offer your customer free trials they are trying to buy from your brother offers them some coupons so they can purchase more that makes your customer feel smarter. What, you want them to feel that you're not trying to make money off thing. You're trying to invite them in to trust you like you build a relationship with you, Then buy from you. Principle number four limits your options. Always make smart decisions for your customer. If you offered too many options, your customer your customers start to get confused. They don't know what the big and choose. They probably won't be able to understand your business, but by making smart choices instead of your customer, you're trying to pick the best option to recline, then deliver it to them would prevent them from getting confused and allow them to understand the goal behind your product. Principle. Number five. Be consistent. We always need to make sure that all our product quality have a consistent quality. We need to make sure that all of our design element are consistent with our brand positioning. If we have it all the difference in our brand component, our audience won't be able to relate this element together, and they won't be able to remember a consistent image about our brand. Our brand ailments should be consistent and uniform so our customer can create in their mind an image of our brand. This image will help them. Whatever is it, go when they see this image. They will think of our Brent Principle number six. Be transparent. Always tried to be transparent with your customer. Try to tell them How do you create your product? Where did you get the material from? What are the process of creating your product? Let them make sure that everything you create is high quality is well manufacturer, and it's clean so they can't build. Won't trust on your brand principle Number seven Outstanding presentation. Poorly presented product will probably not catch our customer eyes, no matter how good or limits years, no matter how hard work you try to put in your product. If it's not well presented. If it's not well package, then the client would look at it and will have no value into it. They would ignore it and they will think that cheap product I probably won't be able to sell at high price. As you think. We should always be careful about our packaging, design or website. Design our poor representation so customer will perceive or product as a high quality Were manufactured product principal memory. Keep maintaining. Always tried to keep. Maintain your brand. Make sure that your customer feel that you want an innovative and up to date brand. Human often need to change some elements off your packaging design or, worse, not designed to fit a certain type of new trend. There is a new technologies the market. Be quick, tried to get adapted. Your Gusting would likely would love to try it so busy. First go listen. Try it, and always make sure that everything interact was your client should be clean. Unpolished Principle number nine. Create brand awareness. You probably don't need to spend a lot of money on advertising. Started creating your brand awareness by sharing your brand content and start inviting people to try and visit your brand by providing coupons. Having your Social Media page on website is essential for creating your brand awareness. You can also start building your own lines door using other successful platforms such as amateur. Since people trust Amazon, they probably will trust you to principle number 10. Always listen. Appreciate always descent. Your client listen to their needs as for their feedback and also asked them to share your content. Don't forget, it's important to give something in return. They will appreciate it, and they will share your content. More principle. Number 11. Avoid overpricing. Some brand believe if they can created Brandon King customer loyalty, then they can price their product at a higher price. This might be a wrong strategy unless you're trying to stir a certain type of customer that they can't afford a higher price. People think in value of benefits. If they don't feel that they gain more value and benefit from your product and don't believe it's smart choice to buy your brother, they would reject your price no matter how much they like a brand in today market, there are a lot of our turn to grant that customer can convert. You can always ask your customer for a higher price that should you summary way. Need to understand that customer service abroad quality at the core off successful Brent. We need to establish trust and loyalty by delivering an experience that goes beyond or client expectations. 22. Congrats, You Made It To The End !: Well, congratulations. You have made it to the end of the class. I hope you learned a lot of cool stuff. If you have any question with the glass, please feel free to leave me a message. I will do all my best to get back to you ASAP. If you have any comment or feedback, please leave me review and I will do my best to improve it. And if you like, or enjoy the class, I would appreciate if you recommend it to your friends or shared with the community. My real purpose is really to deliver high quality education than brings value to you and to the community with affordable price. I wish you all the best in your journey of building your own successful brand and looking forward to senior in the future classes. The gift for now. Bye bye.