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Master Git & Github

teacher avatar Dilip Krishna

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Git & Github


    • 2.

      Install Git & Github


    • 3.

      Git Configuration


    • 4.

      Working , Staging area & Repository


    • 5.

      .git in Repository


    • 6.

      Log and Show


    • 7.

      Express Commit


    • 8.

      restore command


    • 9.

      Rename and Remove


    • 10.

      Git Ignore


    • 11.



    • 12.



    • 13.

      Deleting Branch


    • 14.



    • 15.



    • 16.



    • 17.



    • 18.

      Edit Tag


    • 19.

      Create Release


    • 20.

      Edit & Delete Release


    • 21.

      Compare two branches


    • 22.

      Compare between two Commits


    • 23.

      Compare between tags


    • 24.



    • 25.

      Branch with Fork


    • 26.

      Github Insights & Graphs


    • 27.

      Add Contributor


    • 28.

      Issues,Labels & Milestones


    • 29.

      Create an Issue


    • 30.

      Close an Issue


    • 31.

      Close issue with commit


    • 32.

      Course Conclusion


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About This Class

This course teaches you everything you need to know regarding Git & Github. 

Git is a distributed version control tool that can manage a development project's source code history, while GitHub is a cloud-based platform built around the Git tool.

Git is a tool a developer installs locally on their computer, while GitHub is an online service that stores code pushed to it from computers running the Git tool.


Meet Your Teacher

Hi there, I am a Web Designer and Developer. Proficient in designing from wireframe to End-User Applications. My skills reside both in using tools to create designs and writing code to develop live applications.


Follow me and Learn cool designing courses. I will be posting classes every week whether it be a bite-sized tutorial or a complete guide that you can learn and improve your skills. If you want something, in particular, feel free to contact me at

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1. Introduction to Git & Github: Hello, guys. Welcome to this course. Mastering, get and get help. Who in discourse. You're going to learn a lot about get any tough. Everything from the basic to the end grinds and profits. So discourse will enable you to handle all the tasks. Get them get up. So what exactly is getting better? So get is a free and open source distribution version control system designed to handle everything from small, very large projects with speed and efficiency. So the main thing get this used for is to control the version. So any time you build a software or the period of time, the software gets a did it. So each of the habit it's called abortion. So get is used to control the Russian. So in this way, get is used. So So what is good Get her is a platform that you just get to manage the work across a team . So it is individual local to our own system. But get her is not local. It is the more and it cause all of the team. So if you have a team off 10 members, all if you can collaborate the work in guitar using get So this is our get Andy tab work. So in this course, we're going to learn it extensively and in detail regarding gift and get up on how this boat work together. This because this is a course that will enable you to have a good knowledge in managing a project. Not only that, it will help you to review core, test them on, do make changes and whether to integrate them into the final product or not. So this is how get any type of work, so let's start the course. 2. Install Git & Github: in this course, we're going toe install git and set up a get her back account so that we can run commands in a get common line and also interact with the remote. Oppose it prison to get help. So let's get ahead. Install our get our systems. I'm working on a Windows 10 pc. So I'm going toe show installation for that particular PC. So if you are in any other work working on any other machine, you please refer to the guides in the type. So go ahead and click this download. This will take a minute to download on, but I by the time that isn't stolen, okay, here, get up dot com and create a new consigning. Forget up. So I'm going to create a demure calm. Um, let's just to 54. Yeah, and the email that I'm going toe uses my online teach monetary through dot com the password . So it's sign up. Oh, yeah. I'm definitely want to choose a free plan. Uh, a morgue remind you can have Yeah. Let's finish. You set up? Yeah, the scent of verification. Email here. I need to go here and verify you made aggress and I congratulate clues this No, I'm going to create a dummy of ripple here. Yeah, don't me and I'm going to keep you just public. Um, I'm not gonna greet any get ignore, finds our licenses. So great repository. Yeah, I have the Demi reports agree now. So the repository is nothing but a place where we can a floor and create new fires and saving as anymore directory. That's it. So we have created a recorded get tab and creatively damage repository. Now, go ahead and install git. So what is going to ask is next? Next? Yes. Next. Next. Okay, next. I'm going to keep it default. Next long No star. Yeah. Is installing Yeah, I would launch the good Don't need and release notes the next. Yeah, I got my bash. So everything is working Fine. I've installed get in my system and I have also created would get her back on with the dummy repository. So go ahead and do that in the next video, we're going to interact with the guitar repository. And also conficker are git bash to communicate with our get a car. So let me there 3. Git Configuration: Okay, guys, in this video, we're going to learn how confident are get so that it can communicate with each. Have a contact, their creator in here. So just follow what I'm doing here. We need to give to commands so that we're going to come figure, get to the gate of a car. So the commands are get so conch rig does dash global user girl name and her fantasies put in the user name that you have used. I used to test to 54. I think that so again, do it for your e me. Use a dog me and again in the panties. Tighten the image that you have used I use on each 23 jean home. That's it. They have finished our configuration. So let's learn how do creative repository in our desktop so that we can use it with get commence. So I'm going to create a new repository here, which will be a mo and let me go. So yeah, have you seen Now I am my you drive. So if I do this I Damon you programming and some other you're qualified. So I'm going to do damage and there's nothing in here. All right, So what we're going to do now regally initialize this demo. So just that they're here as a type of command. There's going to be you file created in the demo directly on will Get in it. You deserted initialization side. As you see, there's a God get fine created. So this is how get initialization works. You can also created in a different way. So you should go back here, and I'm going to create a another. They're free. So if you take in the dirt cream here Yeah, and new Chris created. We told me God good fight inside. So these are different race. You can create a kid directory inside your local system. And we're going to use this kid Boesch for a long time in this course, actually, on the bank, of course. So let's get to the next radio 4. Working , Staging area & Repository: OK, guys, Now we're inside our demo directory that may have created in the previous lecture. So what we're going to do now is they're going to learn how to commit our changes to the degree toe the local repository. So before we do anything, I'm going to tell a few things that we need to understand. So get operates in a certain way. So any changes that you bring to their pre need to be need to go through a certain process like before you before you go before you send the files to the local repository you need to send to the staging area. And what is the staging area? How descended we're going to see in this video. So and after Senator to the staging radio staging area, we need to commit those changes in the stage staging area to the local repository. And then we can push our local repository changes to the remote repository that we have created in the first lecture in the guitar back on. So let's go through the process off committing, and we will look into how push our local repository of the remote repository in another video. So let's go ahead. And first of all, I want to create a new fire. So I'm going to create, uh and you find So if you absolutely have created a touch, read me dark. So I'm going to open it using Atom aided her. So if you see the read meat are defined this creator So I'm going to do nothing but eso Yeah, just a funny message. So we're going to save this thing and disclose it. So, uh, I'm going to clear the command git bash. So what we're going to do is we need to know the status off demoed acri So did status. So this will tell the status off your off your do you agree? So on, Branch Master, You going to know what of my streets when we get to understand what a branches? But until then, just know that you are the master off this direct query. That's it. So what it does is there no coming should done And it has seen on untracked fight. So if you see her there, we'd Midhat Emily is in regulars, which is nothing. But these changes have not, Bean added. So what we need to do is we need toe. Send these changes to the staging area. How do we do that? We do excite, get. And either you can specify what fine person to the staging area, or you can just simply do it by dot. So what the one doesn't just do this will send all the changes to the staging area. If you specify a file on the single five year prison, if not, all the files will be sent. So I want to send all the files just usually want. So let's against it gets status now it shows are remitted end in green at us. Why? Because changes are done and this changes need to be committed. It says changes to be committed. But there are no committee. What do we need to do now? We need toe perform a get commit, get come it on. We need to give a message so that you're going to do a lot of commits to the local upholstery. How do you differentiate each of them by giving a message? So I'm going to say initial Kermit and his gender, you see, it says initial commit the message, and then one file changed concessions so now Check the status off the more repository. So on Branch Master. Nothing to commit. Working. Please clean. So all the commits are performed that so? This is how you bring all the changes in your git repository to the local reports tree. So how do we send all these changes to the remote repository we're going to learn in another video? 5. .git in Repository: Okay, guys, before we go ahead and learn anything, we need to know very important part of our project that he's this dog get fired. So disciplines drink the DeMora post trees are indifferent as they get anybody because it grew because off this not get fired. If you remove this file, that's you. You're a positive not be recognized as getting blustery if you simply go ahead and she gets dead as it's going to get everything because off the doctor fire. But if you go here and simply delete this file and I'll go ahead and get status, you see it says nodding git repository dot get because it's not present. So if you go ahead and you get in it the initial as it's a longer where each deters, you see, because it it has initialized again. It needs everything to be done. Get at some previous time. Really, For all the files, if you have got all the funds will be dead. So now let's do it for read me dot So it's done. So now you need to check the jar status. Come eat. Yeah. Sham issue coming. Yeah. Now go ahead and check the status and everything is fine. So what? We need to take care of theories. God get fired. If you did need this while accident, leaving you lose all the track off the things that you have done previous. So this is very important thing to know. So the next video, we're going to know a different concept regarding the get and the changes that you're going to do. Go ahead. 6. Log and Show: OK, guys, Now we're going to learn a new thing here. So you have been a lot of changes and not a lot of but a few changes. So what do you want? What do you need to do if you want to crack your changes? Like what you have done until now? What? What is the world that has happened? Said Resident period of time. So you should go ahead and get best. And it que glogg truth All the comings that have been done it is the coming and this is the reference i d for the get that you have committed to have them and the other name and the enemy and the time Stan and the message that you have used while coming You're changes to the local reports tree. So this is how God works. When you hit get law, It sends all the commits that have been done. We're project and more if you want to know a whole bunch off other details if we want to know the information completely. Indeed it you guys get show And if you see here, it not only shows what dick log filters, but also all differences in specifically, it shows what what has been done in the morning. The fire has been added. And what was the filing? What are the changes that have been done and and until what is the down in the fire? If you see here, these are the plus symbols. Betweens plus is intention. So this is the data that has been added to the file. If there is a minus this there and be sure in the red color as well, because minus is nothing but something that is removed from the fire. If you're diligent in the fight, that will be also cracked here. So this is how precise Getty's that is, why it stands out from every other kind off. Yeah, repository management software get is such as passions off. So this is how you track your changes to your post stories? 7. Express Commit: there's a different way to come. You insured off the baby had been previously. So how do you do this commitment? There is gone express commitment because of the fast they that it performed. So let me do some changes to the cause. Agree. So what I'm wondering is I'm going to quit another three. B five. Um, I want change this and then again ensure the difference, actually. So what languages do is I hope in this? I didn't know bad. Yeah, I'm going to see as you read me five. And it has to You sure. Do you think so? Experts coming. So I'm seventies and longer than the show. Get status. So what? It tells his there isn't on track five. So what we need to do is we need to get to the staging area. Yeah, just don't. So what is not? It sees each status. So there's a changes that need to be, uh, coming it. So now let's go ahead and create another five. So now I keep coming in. Um, second coming was he says one file cheesed, three insertions. I did so glad. And his status. You see, all the changes have been the staging area have been moved to the milker. Blustery. But the files that have been added recently it not So what it does. Is there any change? Score file? They will be added. But if there isn't you file if we need to stage it. So what do you get be at our coming dish? You're five staters. Everything is clean. So this is why it is called in experts commitment. So go ahead and explode. 8. restore command: other guys in this video, you're going to learn how to bring back the changes that you have done to your buzz. Agree if suppose were added. Some file your report. You have send it to the staging area, but you don't want it. Toe. Have it in the Final Repository Final committee. So what do you do? You bring back those changes to the working area? How do you do that? We're going to see it in a minute. So I'm into writing your line here. Get that's a small way. A nontraditional of the status of the project season. Mortified fan has not been sent to the state regalia. So what? I do need a dog and now check tickets. Status changes are in the staging area, but how do I bring back to ST this to the working age? There's a comet come common here, sees a good command, will bring the changes to the UN stadia. So how do you do that? Get restore. That's their stage finally, and he's really every So now go ahead and check the status of cheese. These are not understating. This is how we work on a project because a lot of times There are numerous changes in your project, but you don't want all the teams to be in the final. So what you do is bring back the stages from the staging area to the working area, using commands like these. So that's it in this video, go ahead. 9. Rename and Remove: this really of ever alone. How could rename a file and are more Five from a repository is in the Commander off course . You can grow it manually going here and there's a lot of problem because of the staging area and working area kind of thing. So it's better to do it from the command line. So I'm going to show you how to do it. So the command these So before we do anything that's just at a simple file so much, Uh, don't you dog? Txt. So I indeed these So it's going to add in your file, if you can see here. So what? I'm going to Louise. So, Demeter extras in our repository. So what I'm going to do is get ad and college, Don't you buy? So it's cooling out. So go ahead and check the status on about increase came. So clear the screen. And now what people do is we need toe ring in the fire. What we're going to do the command is get envy. Demi God! Txt Very cool to see. No, with Demi file is a real fire. We got the extreme It is here. The filing has changed what happens here. So go ahead, bring the status. You see the Iranian off the file from the majority extent of real neurotics. But this isn't the staging area because it isn't going this. So how did coming? The same V did come in, dash in every name you see, everything is done. So now go ahead and just tell us. Everything is cream. So this have you'll remember. But how do you delete if I So there is another command. Is Dick Armey really dark? Txt. This will remove this fire. If you see I am your lord 60. And the file has been clear from here. Go ahead. See, there's nothing but the reading fronts that created previously. So dishes have you rename a file and rooming with five? That's how you do it. 10. Git Ignore: Okay, guys, this video, we're going to know how to do a five and the working area into the staging area. So we have no different women removed. This is a picture. We're going to learn how to completely europhile from getting into the staging and kind of riposte. Rare areas. We're going to leave it till in the working area. So sometimes you have some security father that doesn't need to be visible in the staging areas. So we will do learn how to do that. So let's get ahead and perform the operations. So I wondered. Do know there is a special file called getting More fires. I need to create it. Which got getting No, Finally agreed. So now, for the sake off example, you want to create a few files? Example A genius. Oh, water to create, Fired up by and then occasion. Dr Long. Yeah, Now we have three files here. Whatever you're going to do is we're goingto hide the long file and the Js file from the staging area. But we're going to send the file dark pie into the staging video. Let's check the good status. These files Dorking get you need to be sent us changing it. What are you going to do now is satisfied. Application backlog and sample rubbed. Jay's inside The doctor did you find this Will make the files to disappear from tracking system. So now I'll get status. Well, you two friends have been tracked The python filing the dignified. The other 2% are being tracked because they're specified that don't get it. So what is going to happen now is we're going to So now we're going to add defies dead door now coming down to the final riposte tree. So ignore. Do you guys and the companies have been done? So if you take the status, look increase clean. Also, if you observe, the findings are light color because there have been hidden. So go ahead and create another five vision too long again because teary duct log disassemble fides doesn't bother working. Put to them. So if you want to hide multiple files off the same time, you don't have to meet each other so great and put starter claw. Sorry stuff. You start out. Love seemed If I go ahead ditch Davis, it's going to still only get ignore. It's going to forget on the new dead dog. It come cash and do more fires coming to success. So did have you your files from going into the staging area. So we have learned how to rein in if I remove a file and ignore fivesome with the staging area. This is all what you learned. Thank 11. Branches: other guys in this picture, we're going to learn about branches. What a branches So branches are like similar to the branches of cream. It is nothing but all of the branches. If you if you look upside down, all of the brand just much at the bottom of the tree to make it a complete since the similar way in a team there, multiple people booking born different parts of the private someone with a friend and someone on the database, some one on the back end and someone working in the middle way. So to complete the project, they have been digger all of the work from different people, increasing the process so brands are abused. In this case, each part of the project is treated as a branch everybody Burton on the branch of greats, their branches and in turn, the main part of the project is objected because of the branches. So let's get here and learn what a branches. So I get branch. Just master ingredient is because we're on the master brand you see here, so creating your branch all you do is get check out Bashary you. So we have been switching in your branch the new. So come here. And by this is up did from New Branch. All right, So what is the status now? The model get Yeah, Courage. You changed to fire. What is the status? What is the state of smell? Nothing to you. So we're on the new branch. Vini, go to Master Branch. So before we have his desk be because we needed to create a new brand. But here really the switch so we don't You need to use in the text. Just type the name. So we're on the management. If you observe you, all of the beatings from the new branch have been deleted. So what do we do now? Get status. So off here is a graded. But it is a small change that did for the new branch are not visible in the master. What way? Need words both of the branches. It get much new. You see the updates from the new branch have visible in the master. So what do we need to do now? Each status Everything is coming. So this is home branches are useful. So if you're working on a part project that has different parts This is how you communicated your team in terms of court. So let's get to the next lesson. Thank you. 12. Conflicts: Okay, guys, today we're going to discuss about conflicts and problems. So how these air creative and how to deal with them when their car, because you're going toe work on a project that involved multiple developers. So if a problem occurs, how you're going to deal with it. So let's see a small example. So I'm going to create a new branch. I'm going to name it as Drug Branch. I'm sorry. So I'm going to create a new branch. I'm going to call it this prob. Yeah, it is great. So now I'm going to update this. Yeah. Come here. This is dead from Broad Branch. Yeah, So let's see, what is the status? And now we're going to commit desisting. This is an express coming. It is done. Nothing to commit. So their care here. This is updated and everything looks fine. So let's get to the master branch. So no. Here. We're going to change something. So already is there isn't a day the changes that have been performed in the prob branch not visible in master. So now what I'm going to raise this is after I did from Frog Branch. I want to save it. I'm going to get status on going to comment did after Brach is done. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going too much this thing because there isn't a great from this brand and there is an update from it problems. So I really did see, you know, periodic manner so that we don't miss order any updated cold or data from our fellow developers. So I'm going toe, get Marge strong. So you could say it's conflict. Much conflict in Read me to read only if you come here. You see, there's a small problem. This is this is after upgrade from pro Branch. It says our changes, which means changes that have been performed from the prison brand. What is the present branch? It is, master. And this isn't a blood from progress there changes there changes in the sense the conflict which has been arrived because of some brands addition. So now we're in a confident we need to decide which course we need to use it asking me off this. So in this kind of situation, what you need to do is you need to discuss your fellow developers which your teammates and some senior developer and then come to a conclusion to use rich cold. You want to put in your final repose, agree? So I'm here for you to choose anything because I'm the only one working right now. But if you're in a bean, you need to discuss with because a court abetted by you is good. But if some better idea comes toe another developer and he oblates it If a much conflict occurs, then your own say I have already graded. Please remove yours. No, that is not a team work or what to say is Let's discuss it and truth with 20 is better or else truth which one we need. So, in that way you select which one to use. I just started this one. I'm going to save it. So here, get Marge Probe. So get status. You see, the find has been modified. This is a reason why it is giving. Emerging is not possible. No water. Good days get coming after conflict. So no, get much problem although that predict So this is how you deal with the conflict. So this is what we're going to learn from. This lesson triggered the next video 13. Deleting Branch: Okay, guys very controlled another video. In this video, we're going to learn how to delete a branch. So vendors, the work is completed from a branch and we don't want to have any longer true. We can delete the branch did get provides that facility so that it would delete it or not. It depends on the requirement off yours, but to know how it really is necessary. So let's go ahead. So, first of all, we need to know what brand, sir President. So I'm going to drive Big Branch. This will show me all the branches that are present. So there are three branches master new and pro. So now I want to delete the branch problem because it is the one that is causing problems to our posture. So the crown is get the branch dash D and name off the branch. You see, dude, ranch prop. So we got rid off the programs and let's shake the chilis plane or not? No, we no longer have the problem. So this is how we deleted branch. So let's get to the next radio 14. Stash: Okay, guys, this video we're going to learn about get stash. So how it is and what I get steps. So that's for example. Take this directory and this fire. So I want to share with the Florida leper. This Read me to fire, but I don't want to cheat. Shared the updated file. I want to share files. That has bean there has I want to shoot a fire before the temptation. So let's say I want to share this file toe Florida rapper. I'm changing. It s creating stash. And she who I want to share this thing to a federal, but I don't want him to get distinct. I just want to get what is not updated. So how did we So let's get to get bash and let's see. Good status this modified read dog. Andi. So whatever tsunamis I'm gonna do, I get stash is it just seemed working directory and the thing that we have update er is lost. But you deceived. So now I'm going. Teoh shared this directly with my fellow developers so that he doesn't know what sedated. But then if I go here, you see, there is nothing to come in, which means it is as nothing has been changed. But the changes can be reflected, and we show the station. So what I'm going through now is get stash. Whoa! As you see, the bitch are visible now. So what we're going to do now is get Comet Dash am stash, ovation, gender. Yeah. So this is how stash work. Thanks for watching. Let's get to the next video. 15. Reset: Okay, guys, in this video, we're going to learn how to reset the head. Which means we're in this position, this place off the fire. I mean our project. So we want to go a distress, certain location, like the initial coming that we have done our the final committed here now. So in between any stages So let's see what other states that we have. So who had get law death? There's one line dusters graph. And just as decorate dash, dash, All this she see this come and really give you so this command will give you the stages that were passed to she see all the common message just as Operation Conflict sold on the initial commit second coming off it. So what we can do is weaken position our head which is here right now to any station between these things. So let's do that. So get reset. We need to use this idea that we have. So I'm going to use this 95 FB 19 you see? Now let's bring what we have seen here. Is he now the head is here. Previously we just here now it is here. So let's push this to here. Get reset. What is a C 38? Nine FDD. And now again. Go ahead and call it. You see? You know the head is here. This way you can position the head that a sudden play place get status. It shows the billiard files and everything. And if you come here you see, it's just a green mark. Between these are the changes that have not bean a leader when the hand is a disposition. These have been a breeder. It somewhere here. So let's get to our present position. So this is the one on what a copied research. I'm going to paste it. So now you see, This is how reset helped you go back with place where you have changed something. So this is all recent tension. Thank you. Let's get to the next video. 16. Push: Okay, guys, in this video, we're going to learn how to push out changes from our local repository to the remote repository. So what we're going to do now is we have all the data in our local reports tree. Now, in the beginning of the cause we have created to get her back on and along with that, we did create a Demi repository. So here I am, you know, in my damage repository. And this is the one. You should be destroyed if you have followed along the course. And now get here and should have hitched keep ears like a sausage. So go ahead and copied. Now get to get bash and typing this command. Get remorse on origin and fished. Sorry. You more original? I'm going to see it as origin to, and it isn't greater. So if you go ahead and I've been getting more dash means it says for maybe in the case off yours, it will be only too, because you have done it only once. I have dated before. So it really me talk. But if he's here, the common things, a fishing bush morning with it, Fitch is used to pull the records from the remote to the local repository pushes usedto send their regards from local to remote repository. This is how it works. So now let's get here. You should get push origin. Sorry our region do Master Now let's see. Are you sure you want Do continue conducting? Yes, I see it is transferred Everything. Everything. So now lets come here and refresh you. Ah ha Here it is. So if you see her I buy good ignore signifies on a banana. So this is hope. Push works It will help you toe France for all your fear. Data from the mood Local repository. Thank you. 17. Pull: Alright, guys, in this video, we're going to learn how to do get the changes that have been made in the kid, huh? Repository mean I mean, the remote repository to our local bus. So let's Buddha so get over to get a grip, Astri and I'm going to create on your five and the five would be remote. Best here. I'm going to see my reward. Why? So here, get this from reward New York chick. Yeah, who is performed are not just a funny message. So this is what we will do. So I'm going to give Daz new pies from remote. So coming this your flag. So if you see here, it is not dark test. The file is here. So this is performed in the litter, which means the remote repository side. So let's get to our local reports tree and look for the status of the project. Yeah, It says get created me door. Emily, this is ah, uncommitted change on our side. All my murder lease. Oh, yeah. No. Let's see. You see if you see here the areas from read me, but this is remote. Eso these Both errors are not the same for knowledge. It gets status. So it says everything is clean, but there's a change on the outside. How do we get the changes from the move Loca, get bull origin to master. You see here? Yeah, everything has been. So now let's go here and get status. Everything is going now. Ellis. It is here. The more test is captured in our local rebus tree. If you open, Adam chose the more desk here. So this is how data from the mantra buster can be pulled into our local repository. So this is how it works. All right, So another thing we need to take care of fees are get have repulsed recently. So if you go here, if you see in the settings off reverse tree you see, this is the dangers we need to take care of this thing. Why? Because we deliver upholstery, cannot get it back issues the Gittel says it's so clearly. Please be so a So another thing is reaming them plus trees. So if you rename a repository, you must be sure because there's a link created between the remarkable string the local reports tree. So when you should create when you rename it, make sure both of the sides and would that. So that's it for a video. So finally, just get status. Everything is screaming. So this is how remoter past region just have received into the local preposterous. Thank you. 18. Edit Tag: Welcome to this nuclear guys here, we're going to learn how to edit a deck. So anything using the community. So what we're going to do now is we're going to change this. Read me file. I'm going to say hello, Dating. I'm leader for learning. How do anything bank and saved this way. Now head out to get bash. Now let's see what committee street do we have? Get law best. There's online dusters decorate. Sorry. One line. Yeah. If you see, here are tags but our committees here. So this is the new commit we have. And we need to update or tag from here to here. So how do you do that? We are going to use a command, so get Dag Dash f now that tag name stable on. We're going to use our commit 80 copied and paste it here. Gender. See? Now the tag has been abated. Now, if you printed here you see, the tag is risible the headboard. So this is Have you have greater Dag on the outside? We haven't yet completed the tag, so let's get there. So if you see here, the tag is similar to the previous one so it is not a braided, so get git bash. What we're going to do now is get push origin stamen. Um oh, um let me see one thing. Yeah, We haven't had committed somebody's come explains commute. You did, but bag any? Yeah. Now again, I'm going. Do I did this thing. So what I'm going to do is get tagged their chef stable. Now, use Discover me, Heidi. And he said here. Yeah. Now get Bush Dasha Origin Sturman. Yeah. Now desirable. Updated. So get here and refresh this thing if you see one minute ago. So one minute you will. This tag has been updated. So this is how you end it Attack using accommodating. So these are really useful when you want to change the version point, Which means the reference point of Washington. Another one. So this is how you did your dad. Thank you. 19. Create Release: Vikram Guys. Hey, In this video, we're going to learn how creative release the water releases Releases are nothing but untraditional way off giving more information regarding tax. So release issues the stags to provide information. So what? Basically it means It means you do the stags to notify every other individual in the team that a new release has. Window tags are like reference points releases big difference points. No, get rude fade with this. So let's created eggs. So here it is. I'm going to create a release. His name is stable and we'll call it has stable release. Let me create something. Hi. Stable release. Um um, this cool is this court works fine. All right, if you this Yeah, on cheap. This God is not a part of. This is definitely known production really published this raise. Yeah, if you see here, I have created this release. This So Steve will really used this data message and the assets so school and also this stable dag with discriminating. So this is how you created release. It will simply choose a step tags toe publisher. Really software? That's it. That's it. How it works. Thank you. 20. Edit & Delete Release: Hello, guys. Now we're going to learn how to delete a release. So if you see here we are credited release Stabilise. So now we're going to delete this That Sorry, this is so get here. So if you see you chose all the information for it and here there is the option to deal it . That is an option toe editors with. But we're going to delete it. So let's learn how to delete Edit it as well. So if you get here, lead it. So I'm going to go in 82. So, like me Editor did release and thinking That's so update. This really is. And if you see here, everything is so This is how you edited. So how could dilute it? Just hit this and now tell delete this release And there is no release. No. So out of the releases have indicated, But still your tags are visible, so tanks are like, er France Pontes releases will enable us to know what the tags have been released. Like what? The version has been released. Thank you. This is a short video. Let's get to the next one 21. Compare two branches: so welcome to this. Merely arrests. Now we're going to compare between two branches and see what are the changes that have been performed between them. So let's get their reports tree. And if you see here, you concurred in your pull request. So hit on it. Now you see, you can compare changes is around the branches. So I'm going to choose Master and the next one will be new s beer. These brands can be out of medical emerge. So let's get down and see what the teen years you see. You see, there have been two courage here, and there is a one changed fight that four traditions, one of those. So these are the four additions. So this is how we can create. We can see the changes we can compare between branches, so the changes are nothing. But there is an additional four lines. So what do you want to check for another branch? So let's get down toe the next the developer. So nothing to stay unless you Yeah, there is something else here. You can see there's two files have been changed. So this is how you can see the changes and compare between two branches. What has happened between those branches? So that's often now 22. Compare between two Commits: welcome to the new rule, you guys. Now they're going to learn how to compare between who commits. So in the last three, we have learned how to compare between two branches. Now we're going to learn between commits. So hello to the Comets. If you see that a lot of commits that we have done over the course. Awful project. So get down. Um so dis coming Branson. And if you see there are few changes, Everything has been shown in a single file and hits plate. Is she You see now you must, after they have been good things here. One is before the comet and the next is after the coming. What has changed? So there's an abdication. So what we're going to do now is you're going to talk to the other Who's created this? Come dis change it here and die. Why this change is necessary and a single car you see, if you have created a calling. So this is how you can ask questions regarding changes to the one who have made them. So now let's school the main part and it's still come it Get down here. You can see a message all right? No, these And now you can replace it. So this is how changes can be. Sure. And one other thing that we have that we want to know is that mean main part is comparacion . So copy this thing, I d and get down to the pool requests and creating your request. And here Christianity. So let's create a new anything of this de Gaulle can Ege and I'm goingto second coming. I want a copy desisting get out of here and yes, distinct on. Let's see. Yeah, these are the comparisons that we can do. So these are the changes that were done between those these two commits. You see these many changes that we have done? These are all the details of the changes. So this is how you compare between group commits. So let's get to the next video 23. Compare between tags: Hello, guys. Now we're going to learn how to compare between text. In the last two years, we have learned how to compare between branches and commits. But now we're going to learn how to compare between tags. So how do we compare between Kotex? So before you compare, let's go to the freezer section. And so what are the tears that we have no stable and B to point. So get back here ran his nuclear request and I wonder type stable. So eggs stable and here bags be to you. See, now we don't see any changes here, but generally there are only changes the movies. But similar go how we have seen changes in the previous lectures. So what we need to do is get attacks. And so, like the one that we need and here to seem to get to the tax and the one compare. So this is how you compare between cats. So this is a sharp radio. Let's get to the next 24. Fork: very come to the new Rubio guys. Now we're going to learn how to for the project foot is nothing but copying some project on guitar and making it look as our project. But we're not showing to everybody that this is my project I have developed. No, but we're goingto copy him his project, his or her project to our account, and we can use it to make any changes that we want. So let's explore. Not here. Let's see. Copy something. So just copy this thing, okay? We find out just getting to this so you can choose anything. It's everything that you can copied Oren's. You can type this pre fighter jets and hit it Dick here, and you can search for that. So what? I do know this the project that is available. Get her. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to for this project. Peconic Fork and get up is going to focus from, and you can see how many people have formally, totally nearly 2000 people. So if you see here now, this is be find Jace Project serving as our project. So if you go up and see here, test of 24 slash b If I don t s for come from here so you cannot use this and say this is my product because it's going to say for come from here. So this is original your food. So this is how food works. So if you see dissolved its harmony commit herb England How many branches of the releases? Contributors. Number of contributors. And if you see here, there's a really finally here the These are the contributors for this project. You go down and see dealers how many contributors we can go up in ship 331 country leaders . So this is all about how to fork a project. So if you go into you are repositories, you can see p freight OJ's. This is our project. So you cook says us, but it's we have fortunate. That's right. It shows a line for come from here. So this is how you fork a project. Thank you 25. Branch with Fork: Okay, guys. So they have learned how to fork a project. But now let's learn how to create a branch and make changes to it on a for good project. So hello to the project that their foot, And now they are going toe clone this project or local Rebus tree. So go ahead. And I'm using ssh key. It's copied it on and going to get bash. Uh, here and now. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna do it. Get cruel and beast. The link. Now, this growing all the data in the cloning. Yeah. So our project has been don't learn it. So now let's see. Yeah, they re abilities be afraid of J. So that's getting it so great off it and open it. Using any off the videos that you wish time using. Adam. You see, these are the fines and foolish that be having a project. So what? I'm going to lose, Get to read me. I'm editing reading because I don't want to mess with project right now. So if you want a t change any of the part of court or anything that you wish to do, you can go ahead and change it. There's no problem. But it must make sense. Because if if you change something that isn't useful, the project might not work with. So if you have, we acknowledge dividing the project and you want to make some changes. A Greek street, You can go ahead. But right now I'm going to use the project to read me five. So I'm going to see hi change from full people. So does it. Seemed it. Now I'm going to git bash Autumn injuries get status. Yeah, I'm going to get experts coming. I need it now. I'm going to do let me know what? Yeah, we have footage. So what? We're going Gerry's gig Push origin Nash. Just she all of the changes of is it? So now let's had ever do here. And if you come down nothing. But if you're officiate and come down again now you can see high change from four could triple. So this is how you can create a branch for the repository that you have for and makes him change street. So this is how you do it. Thank you 26. Github Insights & Graphs: I run, guys. Previously they have seen the get tub insights. So that was for our requests, tree and reading. How much data does look after? So in this repository, we're going to look after it. Got the insides. And if you see this is this timeline off the project, you see who has created which comets and who's the order and each 100 yards deep there and as well as you can go to contributors and see who are the contributors for this project? Yeah, here is So the data over the timeline off this project the range of content, the frequency off you see here, the amount of comets that have been done, you see. And it's also giving the details regarding in this timeline who has been the Comets and these are the people. And if you see all of the comets, see the each individual has come to this project has been shown and hear the traffic toe. We don't have enough data to show the traffics on all the comings. You see how many comets have been done in a week? You see all of the dead along the data regarding the currents over the course of this problem. The frequency of court. And here is files, editions, green relations and read or deletions. This is a beautiful graphs, the dependency grass in the network. So the timeline off the comets that have been performed. So we made us, We'll see our commits as well. Hold I grass. That I mean, yeah. No, we can see our Yes, true before and all of the comments that have been performed under of etiquette. So the last year forks, Who are the individuals for? Have four from dispatch. If you see here, everybody else opens project are here. So this is how you can for the insides. So thank you. Let's meet in the next year. 27. Add Contributor: Hello, guys. In this video we're going to learn how to create a contributor for a process. So right now our project has only one other That is ourselves. So we want to add in you number 30. So how do you create a contributor for this project? So what do you do it right now? You see, you have only one country. But that is ourselves. Good decisions T here. Collaborators. Before you go here, you lasted password, given the past. And when you get here, what you need to do is you need to either search by user name, get abusing him off the fruiting. Are there e mail a gris? So you can like chick for anybody on select them. And if you take care collaborator, it will send them a link. Are any tradition vagina project And then they have to accept that invitation. And then they will be accepted as a collaborator or a contribution sort of project. So this is how you add a contributor to your project? Thank you. 28. Issues,Labels & Milestones: welcome, guys. Now we're going to learn about how to create an issue and got labels in my stools, so you need to see the issue stand here, go ahead and declare it. Now you can see here. Welcome to issues. You see the definition issues are used to track Trudeau's bugs feature question more an issue As issues acquitted, they will appear here in a searchable in front published. So issues are like a reminder on a notification or a truly stuff things that will help us to track down our information and and to know and to remind us what changes that are necessary to be done to our reports tree. So how do you conclude a gene issue by clicking down here? But before that, let's hearing about livers, his hit on Labour's These other labors their prison for our project beautiful. So each off the label has a message as a description here, and each of them has a different color, depending on how Borden and the necessity off the label. If you see a bug isn't read between something isn't working, is its description recommendation Blue Grey and something between Okay, Purple Green. It's like Master color Worku again. This isn't quite so. These are labels. So how are we creating you? Never Look here. Give it any, like updated description. Create changes so and you can change the color you don't. You don't can changed multiple car wrecks and you can create a living the sea and what else ? You can edit your label as well as a community so we don't have any necessary for a date. Someone deleted. I am being so that's all for lives. But let's no look at my starts. Seeing milestones are like creating a collection of issues and progress for a particular reason project. That means all your issues are in your issues list. So when you have closed some issues between JR results are finished work. A bunch of issues closed can be put together and created in my store. So how do you create a matter storm? So, given information like first milestone on the day, it could be, um 30. Yeah, the description mind first my store and who had in Crete? My stuff. Yeah, that. I know you can see it here. So this is how my stones and labels are used. So the next year we're going to actually coordinate issue. Thank you. 29. Create an Issue: Now we're going to create a new issue. So go ahead and pick on your issue. It could be a bunch off frieze to full information. What we're going to give is docks between someday document leash. So what we're going to describe here in these, um do you? You wake me? Why? What we're going to do is yeah, before that, let's see the Yeah, everything looks fine. And suddenly you wish. So we have created it. But we can also edit this issue, so go ahead and ability. So what we're going to do now is you're going to look at this. We can give a label street. So this man also documentations I'm going to give labour documentation. Yeah, and you can creating my understanding as well. You can give it to happen. You can link it requests and associate id the projects and also a Santis. What does this mean? So whenever there is an issue created on your project, you can assign it to a team member or which may by means contributor. So this is how it works. And then you can created Yeah, So let's go toe issues. So here is our so This is how you create an issue. In the next year, we're going to learn how to finish in closing. Thank you. 30. Close an Issue: Hi, guys. No, they're going to You can't do this issue and we're going to close this. So click on this issue you're going to see, given you information, reading your file. So let's go ahead to our blustery and you can read me by and edit it and see new information. Has the on it. So that's preview the changes. Let's cheap now. See the genius. Yeah. So go ahead. And did you coming to changes? So we have done this thing. So what we can do now is go ahead to the issue and come here. Leave it. Come. What information has been aided now? He was to come. Is he now it's closed. You see, this is how issues can be used. So they will make you know what changes has to be done. And after completing the changes, you can close this year so that you no longer have to be bothered by it. Thank you. Let's get to the next list. 31. Close issue with commit: So in this really of your Gribble the learnings We were recording issue and close it using git bash, which means from the local worse recite. So go ahead grid in your shoot and your eyes walk black, white, suburban, eating Ignore, Doc G PG Commander Jay's fives. And now suddenly this issue we don't have grid enabled for this. So now we're toe issues and you can see this If you open it, it's going to show. Make note of this number. This is very important. People used this, you know, Commence. So now go ahead and open the project in Adam and use the dignifying and typing. Start our gpt and start our Jess. What we know about get ignore is whatever we specify in the ignore file, those files will be no. So now go ahead to get bash. Take the status off. Rozic, you see now are get ignore has bean changed. What we need to do is get add brought now coming dash in and the message finds, ignore. And then dot Cruz. And what is the number that we remember? Starr s street? Yeah. Now get Bush Origin. Master, That's we Yeah. Everything has been said Now go ahead. Here. Now, you see, this year's been closed because we have specified here within the message to close hashtag three this year being coast. So this is how you close issue using commands from the local industry side. Thank you. 32. Course Conclusion: Hello, guys. This would ever completing our course. So this course we have learned a lot of How do we keep repository confident your get best. Your user specifications of these did bash how to make commits with push local history, motor pool changes from motor local, how to create branches, Liza stacks and a lot a lot of things you have learned. So these things are very, very important And it is very important to practice as well because if you go be staying in touch with distinction, might as well forget them. And these things are very important in Project Manager. And it makes project management much easier because, yeah, clears all the boundaries and let you have free flow off work. This is what get in the tub is used for. You have learned much of the distance. Thank you. And before you leave this course, make sure that you give rating for the scores and there's with a review so that it would be helpful for me as well. Thank you very much.