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Master Excel Lookup Functions for Data Analysis

teacher avatar Chandoo, Become Awesome in your Work

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Lookups Course

    • 2. Basics of VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP and HLOOKUP

    • 3. The INDEX+MATCH formula

    • 4. Two way lookups (Row & Column)

    • 5. All matching results with Lookups

    • 6. Lookups on Derived Columns

    • 7. Multiple criteria (multi-condition) Lookups

    • 8. Making nested IFs go away with LOOKUP() function

    • 9. One Lookup and Multiple columns as result

    • 10. Combine two tables (consolidation) with Lookups

    • 11. Extract data with lookups from a Big big table

    • 12. 8 Common lookup errors & remedies for them

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About This Class

Lookups are the most used formulas in Microsoft Excel. Naturally you must be good with them to do GREAT data analysis.

In this in-depth & practical class, you will learn:

  • Various Lookup functions in Excel and when to use them?
  • Lookups with multiple conditions
  • Lookups that return all matching results
  • 2 way lookups (row & column lookup in matrix data)
  • Advanced lookup techniques
    • Approximate lookup
    • Pricing tier lookup
  • Errors & lookups

Who is this class for?

Whether you are a data analyst, project manager, small business owner or finance professional, mastering Excel is the key to performing at your highest level in your work. If you often reach for help with Excel lookups, then this class is for you. Learn, practice & grow.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Become Awesome in your Work


Chandoo is an award-winning Microsoft Excel & Power BI trainer. His life's mission is to make people AWESOME in their work. He has been teaching data analysis, visualization & dashboards for over a decade to professionals all over the world.

Chandoo runs a popular website for Microsoft Excel + Power Bi at

He has received the prestigious Microsoft MVP award for his contributions to the tech community.

Chandoo lives with wife (Jo) & twins (Nishanth & Nakshatra) in beautiful & occasionally windy Wellington in New Zealand.

You can catch Chandoo on his Youtube channel, where he regularly publishes videos on all things data.

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1. Welcome to the Lookups Course: Welcome to Excel lookups for data analysis course. My name is Chen do. In this course you will learn how to use Excel formulas like VLookup x lookup, index match, HLookup filter. And how to combine these functions for various practical situations in your line of work. We start off with basic usage of all the important lookup functions in Excel. And then I'm going to teach techniques like the index match formula. We look up how to do all the matching results with a lookup formula. How to perform a multiple criteria lookup. How to consolidate data into tables using lookups about to perform lookup on derive with columns, and how to write lookups that return multiple column outputs. We're also going to look at common errors that happen when you are writing lookups in how to fix them easy. There is a lot of valuable content in this course, but everything is so tightly packed and produced in a concise manner so that you will learn maximum, in the minimum amount of time each lesson comes with a video and an example. I suggest that you download the workbooks, practice the lookup concepts, and learn as we go. There are some homework example problems for you to figure it out, as well as a class project using some lookup formulas. I highly recommend that you complete this homework problems and the class project and share your outcomes with us in the community area. I run a popular Excel and Power BI website called I also run a YouTube channel under the same name. Between my website and my YouTube channel. I help over 0.5 million people every year become awesome in their line of work. It is my life mission to make you awesome in your work. I have been doing this for over 13 years now. I live in beautiful but occasionally windy Wellington in New Zealand. It is all the way in the corner of the world. When I'm not teaching Excel, I like to spend my time by building Lego with my kids or replaying one of the Zelda games are taking our dog, Excel on a walk, or make a beautiful and delicious curry with my wife, Joy. Need them. I'm super excited to have you in this course. I wish you all the awesomeness in lookups.