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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Hot Dog Recipe Introduction

    • 3. Hot Dog Bun Dough Mix

    • 4. Knead Your Bun's Dough

    • 5. Shape Your Hot Dog Buns

    • 6. Second Day Proof

    • 7. Bake Your Hot Dog Buns

    • 8. Cook Your Filling & Sausages

    • 9. Hot Dog Assembly & Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want learn how to make some of the best Artisan Hot Dogs? Then this is the perfect Baking Class for you!

These lessons are designed to be as simple yet informative as possible no matter your skill level. Which is why, for further accessibility, a comprehensive PDF guide containing all recipe Ingredients & Instructions is included for quick and easy reference.

Furthermore, all baking temperatures & measurements are also provided in both Metric & Imperial units for complete ease of use.

Simply put, there is no better way to begin cooking your very own Sourdough Hot Dogs for you and all of your loved ones to enjoy!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marceau Dauboin

Artisan Baker/Owner at The Yeastie Bois


Hi there, I'm Marceau! I am a half French, half South African 22 year old based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been baking as a hobby from my teens up until 2019 when I opened my own Artisan Home Bakery called The Yeastie Bois.

Since then I have written 3 Cookbooks and have published over 16 classes on how to bake some of my favourite Breads, Meals & Desserts!

Doing this has allowed me to learn & share more about my passion for food that I could never have imagined possible and I am so incredibly humbled by the amazing support I have received over the years.

I truly cannot wait to embark with you on this amazing culinary journey together so I hope to be seeing you soon!


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1. Welcome!: Hi there, my name is muscle that one. And in this Baking class, I'll be teaching you how to make these artisan sourdough hot dogs from the comfort of your own home. Throughout these bite-size lessons, we will be covering everything you need to know about baking soda bands, as well as the best ingredients to use for the perfect hotdogs. Accompanying New throughout this recipe is also a written guide for quick and easy access to any measurements in both metric as well as imperial units for complete ease of use. Using Souter in this recipe will absolutely take your buttons to the next level in terms of unique flavor and texture. So if you don't already have your own, then do be sure to check out my dedicated sourdough starter class, my teacher profile that will cover everything you need to know about getting started. And finally, this recipe is the third of his six part series designed to all people of all skill levels explore the amazing world of sourdough cooking. So do be sure to hit the Follow button above to enormous outrun any upcoming recipes such as this goal may burger or even the Saudis, chicken Alfredo pasta. But with that out of the way, let's jump straight into the following lesson where we shall be taking a look at the ingredients needed to make the perfect artisan hot dogs. 2. Hot Dog Recipe Introduction: Welcome to the first lesson on creating handmade hotdogs with sourdough bands. With the measurements for this recipe, you will be able to make four medium-sized hot dogs, but do feel free to adjust the values to have a smaller or larger batch. So for the flour used in our buns, you may use all purpose, or in my case, cake, wheat flour, as it produces a softer breadcrumb, which works best to create that classic hot dog texture. To also help us in achieving this goal, we will be using a percentage of milk, butter and one egg, which will enrich our bands with a delicious flavor as well as enhance its fluffiness. This happens as the fat present in those three ingredients or curtail gluten strands, making them much shorter, elastic. This in turn will allow the Chrome to be more evenly filled with gas pockets from our yeast, resulting in that classic fluffy hotdog bun. Speaking of yeast for your sourdough starter, I'd highly recommend preparing it the night before or at least eight hours before attempting the recipe, I used a cake wheat-based starter to not conflict too much with the flavor of the buttons. But you may use any startup that you have available to you. Moving on to the final component of our bands, the egg wash. So an egg wash is just a simple mixture of egg and in this case water, which when coated to the top of our bonds, will give them a beautiful golden Xin Wen baked in the oven. Now 12 filling and meet at advise going with a high-quality sausage as it is an essential ingredient in making an amazing hotdog. A German style Bach verse comes to mind and is highly recommended due to his great flavor dual. So be sure to have some condiments available. I will be using mustard as well as tomato paste, but you're more than welcome to swap that out for catsup. As a final note, you will be needing additional vegetable oil throughout the recipe. So do be sure to have someone hand with all those ingredients out of the way. I think it's time to jump into the following lesson. We shall begin making our bands. 3. Hot Dog Bun Dough Mix: To begin mixing your hot dog buns in a bowl por in 220 grams of KCl, wheat flour, 38 grams of water, and 37 grams of room temperature milk from their cracking one egg. And then poor in four grams of salt. For your rising agent at the 70 grams of sourdough starter that you prepared the night before. And then begin using your hand to mix the dough for one-to-two minutes until it is roughly incorporated. As in the previous tortilla recipe, you will only need to add the button wants the dough has been initially mixed. So when that is done, job 20 grams of softened unsalted butter into your bowl, and then worked your dough once again until it has been fully incorporated. As a final note, do also remember to refresh your sourdough starter. Surgeon may use it again at a later date. But with that said, I shall see you in the next lesson. 4. Knead Your Bun's Dough: To help develop the gluten in your dough. First, remove it from your bowl. And from there you're going to begin needing it using your palms to flatten and stretch it out on your work surface, you are going to continue to need for approximately six minutes. But if for whatever reason you find this method too tiring, you may instead perform stretching folds with 15 minute intervals, like in the previous Saudi pizza recipe. The reason I prefer needing for this recipe is that the more aggressive development of gluten works best for but to enrich dot's which require more effort to develop. But with that said, continue working the dough for those six minutes, all until it becomes very smooth like this. When that is done very lightly, Greece a ball with some butter or olive oil and then dropping your dough, covering it with a damp cloth. When that is done, let a proof at room temperature for one hour, then move your bowl into your fridge to finish its proof overnight. 5. Shape Your Hot Dog Buns: Welcome to the second and final day of this sada hotdog recipe. We will begin by shaping our buttons. So first, remove your Dory from its bowl and place it on a flowered work surface. From there, use a bench scraper or spatula to cut the dough into four equal pieces. You may also usual scale to make sure that they are even in weight at roughly a 110 grams per piece. And adjusting from there, you may now take one of your dough pieces and begin putting on one of its corners before folding it over the center. Repeating with all remaining sides. When that is done, flip your dough over and begin using a palms to round it out by stretching the side of the dough under itself. From there, continue this entire process with all remaining pieces of dough until you are left with four bools. Now, flower pot of your work surface and begin writing your bulls out into approximately 15 centimeter tubes. If your dough begins to resist you too much, simply cover your balls with a damp cloth and let the gluten rest for 20 minutes. When that time is done, continue rolling your dough pieces out once again until they reach 15 centimeters in length. 6. Second Day Proof: Now that all of your buns had been shaped, transfer them to a generously greased or parchment lined baking tray. Make sure there are evenly spaced out. And then take out another equally sized tray, inverting it so that it fits on top. If you do not have another tray, it is perfectly fine to leave the top open. Just make sure that there isn't any air current passing through your work area. Once that is done, move your buttons into the oven and the letter proof for two hours at approximately 26 degrees Celsius or 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit. To achieve that temperature, you may simply turn your cold ovens light on, and that should do the trick. 7. Bake Your Hot Dog Buns: When the two our proof is complete, take your buns out of the oven before preheating it to a 190 degrees Celsius or 374 degrees Fahrenheit. From their, remove your reverse baking tray and then take out a bold to prepare your egg. Washington, as you may have already guessed, cracking one egg and then pour in five grams of water. Use a brush to mix that all together. And then begin evenly coaching all of your buns, making sure not to miss any part of their surface. Now that that is done, you are going to wait 15 minutes for your oven to come up to temperature. So cover your bands backup with your inverted tray to prevent them from drying out. Again. If you do not have a spare, simply makes sure there is no air current passing through your work area. When your oven has finished preheating, remove the top cover one final time before placing a tray in a medium to high Iraq to bake for 20 minutes. All until your buns are a golden brown. 8. Cook Your Filling & Sausages: While your buns are in the oven, you may begin preparing your hot dogs filling. So first, take out two onions and begin by cutting them in half before slicing them into thin strips from their, begin cutting two tomatoes into half slices. And do be sure to have your hotdog sausages on hand. At this point to place a large pan on your stove top and put it on medium heat. In my case, I use my trusted cost iron skillet, but do know that it is not a requirement. Add in 15 grams of vegetable oil, and then all of your onions. Let that cook by itself for three minutes, stirring intermittently until it begins to appear translucent. Then adding your tomato slices and continue cooking for one additional minute. When that is done, make some space in your pan and then add all four of your sausages. Fry those for three minutes on one side, and then flip them over to finish cooking for three final minutes. When that time is done to an off your stoves, heat and remove your sausages, as well as the remaining falling from the pan. 9. Hot Dog Assembly & Conclusion: Now that all of your ingredients are ready, it is finally time to assemble your hot dogs. So first begin cutting one of your buns and half, stopping before you cut through the other end. At this point, you may budget your buns, but I prefer spreading a thin layer of strong mustard on one side instead from their place of sausage at the center. And then add any other condiments that you enjoy. I prefer the slightly taut flavor of tomato paste over ketchup, but it is completely up to you. Finally, Azure tomato and onion filling. And if you're anything like me, you may enlist the help of a spoon to help stuff your hot dogs with as much of it as possible. From their, you may continue assembling all of your soda hotdogs until they are ready to be enjoyed. This is honestly such a delicious recipe and amaze, going back to classic hot dogs, quite a difficult transition. I do hope that you have enjoyed making these as much as I have. But with that said, I look forward to seeing you in the following recipe where you will learn how to make your very own artisan solder burgers.