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Marketing Automation & Email Marketing for Beginners

teacher avatar Mauricio Rubio, Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, PM & MBA

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Promotional Video


    • 2.

      Introduction to Marketing Automation & Email Marketing


    • 3.

      What is Marketing Automation & How can I use Marketing Automation to Sell More?


    • 4.

      Marketing Automation Tools


    • 5.

      A Real Life Marketing Automation Example - see Marketing Automation in Action


    • 6.

      What is Email Marketing & How can I use Email Marketing to Sell More?


    • 7.

      Email Marketing Tools


    • 8.

      Final Words


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About This Class

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing are two of the most important Marketing skills you can develop in the modern world. They will allow you to leverage on the power of technology and marketing to unleash the guru in you that will drive more sales for your business.

If you're an entrepreneur, employee, teacher, blogger or just someone who wants to learn about Marketing Automation & Email Marketing you've landed in the right spot. Yes here, with all the smiles, so smile!

In this course you will learn:

About Marketing Automation & Email Marketing. What they are as a concept and how you can use them to sell more.
How you can use Marketing Automation & Email Marketing to drive more revenue.
Why you've been exposed to Marketing Automation & Email Marketing for a long time and you probably didn't even know it.
To unleash the power of free Marketing Automation & Email Marketing tools.

This course is for:

  • Beginners. But if you're not, feel free to take it. Although, keep in mind it's been designed for beginners.
  • People who want to sell more.
  • People who want to increase their revenue.
  • People who want to automate, optimize and enhance marketing processes with digital tools.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Skillshare¬†Teachers.
  • Blogger, vloggers and life hackers.
  • People working in Marketing.
  • People leading Marketing projects and campaigns.

This course is NOT for:

  • Intermediate or Advanced experts of Marketing Automation & Email Marketing.
  • People that prefer quantity over quality.

Pledge to All Students (both current & future students)

  1. Students First. I will never compromise your experience to make money. Never, ever. Yes, this is also a business but to me teaching goes way beyond making money. I already have a full time job and fortunately don't rely on teaching to survive. You are always at the forefront of my courses and I want to ensure you have a unique, valuable and memorable experience. I promise.
  2. 24x7x365 Support. You can contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, even on holidays, Christmas and New Years Eve; I will get back to you quickly (in a few hours tops) and deliver outstanding quality of service in my support. I promise.
  3. Humbleness, kindness and social responsibility. I believe in giving back to you and the world. So think of me as your own real-life human "Siri." If you need advice or support just ask. And if I can do something to help you in your journey, I will. I promise.
  4. Australian Made. Recognized in the Industry as a symbol of quality and excellence. All my courses are Made in Australia with high tech and professionally edited. They also include my secret sauce: a lot of passion & love! I also apply in my courses everything I've learnt from years of experience working with technology, projects, entrepreneurs and people all over the world. I promise.
  5. Quality over Quantity. I will strive to make courses concise, to the point and relevant. Time is one of our most valuable assets and we need to invest it carefully. So I won't make a course long for the purpose of displaying it has more hours; only when strictly necessary. To me it's about quality and if I can deliver that in 5 minutes and save you time, I will. I promise.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio Rubio

Serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, PM & MBA


In a nutshell, I'm a serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM and MBA (x2). But at heart, I'm also an Educator. 

Mauricio in Numbers

Founded or co-founded 7 business startups.

Invested in 6 personal startups.

Studied 2 MBAs and 1 Bachelor of Engineering.

Teaching thousands of students in more than 170 countries worldwide (that's nearly every country on the planet!).

Traveled to&nbs... See full profile

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1. Promotional Video: marketing automation has been a buzzword as of late. By definition, marketing automation is software designed for marketing teams to help them reach multiple digital channels while automating certain tasks. Thistle ability to plan ahead not only allows marketers more control over their campaigns, but they can also reach more customers over a wide array of digital avenue. Benefits we will discuss include CRM functionality reporting consistent messaging in a short sale cycle. First Benefit well discusses CRM functionality. CRM stands for customer relationship manager and allows users to consolidate. Man is their contacts from social media, email, Excel, spreadsheets and more. A marketing automation platform with CRM functionality also allows users to create target segments and managing photo like last contacted. This allows marketers to keep track of where prospects are in the funnel. Reporting functions within a marketing automation platform. Allow marketers to calculate the are alive marketing activities. Rebus Marketing Automation Tools can tell you how your landing pages air performing. If prospects have engaged their social media posts, how effective your email campaigns have been, and more when considering how many different mediums marketers must cover in their campaigns, it can be difficult to keep messages consistent companies may use inconsistent logos, friend messaging and timing When marketing Dear Target audiences. All three must be consistent to increase trust with your prospects in this example, and marketer has created campaigns for their sales promotion products and holidays. Another benefit of marketing automation is a shortened sail cycle. As a general rule, a prospect is usually exposed to your content 8 to 10 times before they buy something. Marketing automation allows you to set up lead scoring. That notifies you when a prospect has reached a certain level of interest so that their info can be passed along to the sales. According to Salesforce, companies that use marketing automation 70% faster sales cycles. As a result, businesses congenital eight more sales at less cost. In this video, we discussed four benefits of marketing automation, including CRM functionality reporting, consistent messaging and a short sale cycle 2. Introduction to Marketing Automation & Email Marketing: Hey, guys, welcome to these marketing automation and email marketing Course you're gonna love these scores because it's gonna be really, really valuable. And really, really easy for you to use while you're gonna learn here will help you position your products and your services more and sell more because ultimately the main goal of marketing whatever its form is to sell more. Yes, of course, we have other things, such as positioning off the brand awareness on a lot of other things that come with marketing. But at the end of the day, marketings, main goal and main purpose is for business to sell more products and more services. And that's where market information and email marketing comes in. Their tools that will help you, without a doubt, sell more. Be more infections more effective, more productive with your different initiatives to sell more products and services. So in these course, we're gonna cover the what the benefits, the advantages, the how I'm gonna show you re a life examples off both marketing automation and email marketing, and you're gonna learn because you don't need to be ah, marketing specialist or a marketing analysts to do any of this You don't need to be a technical person, either. Anyone can do this if I can do it, so can you. I'm not a technical person. I'm not a developer. I'm probably just like you. You know, someone who has a business, who has startups, us projects and who wants to get that out there into the marketing, the most effective and efficient way to sell more. And that's precisely what the scores will help you. It will help you deliver your targets, and you're the liberals in a better way, and I'm not gonna going to love the whole right now. But marketing, automation and email marketing is all around this. We experience that all the time. Even if we're not aware that it's called marking automation or email marketing. We get targeted with these every single day, even if we don't realize it now. These courses so important, so valuable for you, whether Europe entrepreneur on online teacher, you know whether you have a small business in medium sized business or a large business, it doesn't matter at which stage off there journey urine or in what type of business you're involved or who you are or what's your background. These courts will definitely help you use the digital marketing tools off marking information and email marketing to sell more. And like I said before, not only will I provide examples and real life scenarios, but I will also share with you the best tools in the market, the ones that are considered the market leaders for both marketing automation and email marketing. And I'll show you how you can use them. And I'll talk about different examples, different scenarios, how it works, you know, and how someone that is in technical or marketing specialist can use these to leverage on technology to sell more so best of luck on CEO on the next one. 3. What is Marketing Automation & How can I use Marketing Automation to Sell More?: So let's start with marketing automation. What is marketing automation? Well, like its name itself says it's automating marketing, Right? Off course, of course. That's right off course. You knew that before you even enrolled in this course. But what does it really mean? You know, when we say marking or mention what does he really mean? So marking information basically allows you to automate different processes so that you arm or effective with your marketing initiatives and towards targeting different customers, That sounds like a mouthful. So can I say that in a more simple, more down to earth way, so that you understand that off course I can and let me do it right now So you understand this better marking automation is basically something that that allows you to perform an action after something is triggered, right? So marketing automation actually leverages on email marketing but goes way beyond email marketing because marketing automation is not just about email like email marketing, but it's actually about social media rewards, all sorts of different loyalty programs, all sorts of different, you know, SMS messages different up. You know, it could be a tweeter. It could be a Facebook thing, something that gets triggered by something that U s a potential customer do. That's marking automation. So we use marking automation to automate, you know, marketing initiative, store specific targets with specific purposes. And the beauty of marketing or a mention is that it allows you to scale up massively very personalized targeted communication. Whether that's with an email. Like I said before an SMS a tweet Ah, Facebook post Ah, block post or whatever it is, it just allows you to go massively two different customers, but in a way that they feel that the calm that you are sending them is very personalized is very for them. Right? And I said before that we experienced marketing automation on our day to day life all the time off course we do. I'll give you a real life example right now. Have you seen when you're browsing courses here, right here on you, to me that you might have seen a course and then you get an email from you to me, like five minutes later, saying all we've noticed you were looking at the scores. Here's three other courses similar to that Get them now at a 50% discount by now. Have you seen that? Have you noticed that? Did you think that was a coincidence? Did you think that a human actually was looking and morning during that? You were looking at that course and actually then sent you an email? If you thought that, well, you were wrong, and that's okay. You know, that's why you're here. You're here to learn about marketing automation and what I'm here telling you right now. Is that when you were browsing that course when you actually clicked on the course, even if you didn't buy it, but just clicked on the course and looked at it? That triggered something in a system that said to the system years, a customer he's potentially interested in this market animation course. Send them an email and let them know about other courses that they could potentially buy. Plus give them a big discount and put a big green button by now at the bottom. So that that customer has a better likelihood and a better probability to actually engage with us. And by that course, that's marketing automation. So why was I saying that personalization on highly targeted customer highly target messages . Whether it, you know, forget about where it doesn't need to be necessarily an email. Like I said before, it could be a tweet. It could be a Facebook post. But the point is, it's very target for you. And like I said before, it feels very personal to you. Why? Because, well, you were looking at that chorus five minutes ago, and now you've got this email. So you're like, Whoa, that's pretty cool. You know, like, I'm gonna buy that right now. So that's what marking automation allows you to do, and in terms of how you set it up, someone who wants to do marking automation will behind the scenes. What you're doing is you're going to assist. Um, you know, you're going into the software on your setting up different scenarios on your saying. Well, if this happens, trigger this thing right. If the customer goes into these cores, triggered this email and if the customer doesn't buy that will wait three days and then after three days, send them another email, right? And again, even after those three days, the customer stealing but by that course will wait for a week and then in a week. Send them a tweet, right? That's marking automation. And that's why it's so beautiful. And that's why it's so powerful. And that's why pretty much all the big guys, all the big companies do it. And that's why a lot of medium size and small size companies do it as well. If you're not doing this already, well, you're missing a huge opportunity. And again, like I said before, nothing wrong with that. That's why you're here. You want to learn about this and you want to use it to sell more. Like I said before. Marketing, of course, is not just about selling, but that's the main purpose of market. You want to help the people that are selling. Selling is to sell more with your marketing efforts. That's the essence of marketing and marketing. Automation is awesome at that. There are other things involving marking automation, like building the profile of different customers. So marketing automation allows you to identify personas or different characters, and their star building profiles individual profiles for those people and then allows you to, with those triggers and very specific targeted comes to them right, so there's many ways you can do this and you might think, Well, I haven't even logged into their side on I haven't registered. How can they know that it's me in this particular country with that particular interest in ditch in this age group, I'm so forth. Well, have you heard of cookies? Well, cookies and a lot of other things that are part off website or Google or different technology tools that are out there allow this marketing software to start to identify who you are. Your potential interest, your potential character persona. You know the potential behavioral you will have and then send automatic target very personalized psalms for you to do something. So that's marking automation. That's that's what it does. And like I said before, I could give you tons of examples like literally. There's just I'm like I said before, there's Don self examples. I could give you another one. Let's say you're potentially interested in buying a flight. You know, a plane ticket to go from L. A. To New York. Right on. You go to United Airlines and you go to the website and you start browsing and you going to the different schedules for the flights. You select one, and then you lived in the, you know, shopping cart. But you don't actually make the purchase. Well, that could be something that triggers something for you. So maybe a day later or five hours later, after you left your computer, you didn't buy anything, but you left it in in the shopping cart. Um, so maybe five days later, you get you haven't bought anything but you're still having in your shopping cart. And then what United Airlines can do is well, they can set a trigger in if a customer leaves something in the shopping cart five days later, sending my reminder you have something in the shopping cart. Do you want to proceed with your purchase? Onda customer again might be busy. He might. These regarded evenly might not even open the email. Right. So then you might get something in Facebook, something like an ad from United Airlines and how it's the best airline in the world. Double a lot. And the system with that second trigger of posting that into Facebook is kind of indirectly persuading you to remember about United Airlines. Remember that it's a really good company. Remember, Dates and then you might be. Oh, yeah, I was right. I was buying the ticket. But then I stopped and I forget. Oh, yeah, I should go on. Then you go on by it, right? That's the whole purpose. And there are many different examples I could give you about marketing automation. Ah, very typical mark inflammation. Example is when you, for example, register in a website and you then get automatically an email five seconds later saying welcome, Please click here to activate your account. That's marking no mention, you know you registered and the registered action that you took as a customer triggered in the system. Send this guy an email to confirm its account so that we can verify that he's email is actually a valid email address. And it's not just a hacker or a but trying to game the system, right. That's a very good example of marketing automation. And like I said before, it doesn't need to be an email. It can be many different things, So you could have, for example, ah, lawyer, a loyalty program. Say you're part of Wal Mart and you have a nap and you have creating in the system that after customer reaches a threshold off purchases off $1000 will trigger a reward and send them on SMS, saying that they can now Burch's $10 or take $10 off their next purchase. That's an example off marking automation. It's just amazing, because with market automation, there's so many. I mean, the scenarios on the examples of the things you could do are just unlimited. And you see companies doing it in very creative ways, and you can set triggers and stuff. So things get sent E to the end user, the potential customer after two days, hours, minutes after they do this and do that, if they still didn't do this and do this other thing and stuff like that and you can create all sorts of different concepts and scenarios. And if he does these and do these are things we didn't do that then do. These are thing and so forth, and it's basically all with very simple concepts, off triggers and actions, triggers and actions. If he does this, then trigger these are thing. If he didn't do that, then triggered this hard thing and so forth that's marking information. The beauty of is it? The beauty of it is that you set it up in the system once, and then it just drives itself. You don't have to worry about it anymore. The system knows that every time somebody registers their website automatically, it needs to send an email welcoming. I'm email and a bottom there for them to activate their account, right? It just does that automatically. That's the beauty off marking automation. 4. Marketing Automation Tools: So what marking automation tools can you use? Will? There's a lot off marking information tools out during the market and in another lecturing the course. I'll provide links so that you can look at the different ones and analyze and see what works best for you. But I can talk to you about the market leaders. You know what people used most, So definitely when you're talking about marking automation, the king is called Salesforce. Salesforce is a very mature company on product, which is very commonly used for customer relationship management, marking automation and email marketing. So Salesforce is definitely probably the king off marking automation. And if you wanted to go with it, probably the most advanced marking automation pro out there, you probably want to talk to Salesforce, right? What other options do you have? Will you also have Oracle and Oracle has a pro that is called Service Cloud on. They also have another product that integrates with that, which is called marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Pretty much is the marking component off Oracle. It is also known as L Acqua L. A prize, the other name that is frequently used for that Oracle product, which is a marking automation product, which is very robust, very good again. Oracle is a huge company. Haas. A lot of money invested a lot in this tool on they constantly iterating improve it. So Salesforce again, like I said, is one of them or a cold marking automation or Ella Khweis, probably the second biggest player in the market. And I get I'm talking about worldwide statistics year and who are the king's off marking information. And then you have other systems, like sugar CRM. So generally all CRM software on products have a marking automation component has become kind of a standard in the industry. So you have sugar CRM, and you have other tools that you can use for marking automation like mail. Chimp male chimp is very, very commonly used for email marketing, and he's a very known product. Very precision broke in the market, but you can also use it for marking automation right, and I'll show you some links and provide some tools that you can use from L. Chaim to pursue your marking automation objectives. Unbelievable. Again, probably if you're a big company, it also depends in terms of your budget in terms of your cost. If you're someone like me, you know, if you don't have, if you're not part of a huge company and it's just more you like an individual doing it, probably the best tool that you want to use. East Mail Chimp is very easy to use, very simple to use on. It allows you to perform marking information in a very minimalistic way. They already have some trigger is pretty fine, which you can use, and I'll show you some examples of that in another lecture of the course. So you don't have to reinvent the wheel and you don't have to think from scratch and is very intuitive for someone that is not part of a huge business. And it's just kind of like a person doing marking automation for his business courses website Startup up. Whatever it is that you're doing so Melted works pretty well for Mark animation. But like I said, if you wanted to go to the King and the one that is the most most advanced company mark inflammation in the world, you definitely want to go with Salesforce now brilliant at the best tool for someone that is not part of why there are big organizational. Of course, you can also use their cells for them as an individual. But it might be too expensive for you. Or it might, you know, might be a little bit complex for you to manage because, well, it's a more sophisticated product. So male chip is what I would recommend if you just want to start initially with marking automation to get a sense yourself for your business, for you, up for your product, okay? And, ah, like I said before, a lot of loaf links here in the course to the different tools, which you can use for your marking automation objectives and purposes. And, like I said before marking on the mention is awesome, You should start doing it right now. It definitely will help you increase your sales. 5. A Real Life Marketing Automation Example - see Marketing Automation in Action: alright guys. So, like I said before, melting is probably the best free, easy to use marking automation tool I would recommend for you to start with. And if you go to male chip dot com like you're seeing here on the screen, this is what you will see. So there's the home page off Mail chimp, which is an email marketing tool, But it's also a marking automation tool. And I'll walk you right now through a really life example of marking automation, how you can build it and so forth. But before we go into that, let's just scroll down a bit so you can get a sense for male chimp. And, as you can see, here is just very easy to build with Dragon Dragon drop functionality, your e mails and your market automation campaigns. And as you see here, they're talking about automating your marketing or marking automation. And the cool thing about this is that they have pre build Markinor dimensions, so you don't have to start from scratch like you have to another software. In other tools, they have pretty much done the hard work for you and just pre built a couple of very frequently used, marking ever mention scenarios or triggers that will get into in a moment and off course. Mail Chimp has a lot of are things that you can use with instagram and with a lot of our thing, so I'll let you explore that later on your own. But I just wanted to do a quick walk through and show you the cool thing about male chimp I like, I said before it's free up until 2000 subscribers. So if you have less than 2000 subscribers on melting with most people that are starting will have. Then, well, you can start it doing this for free. It's a good way for you to start getting more familiar with marking automation, how these type of tools work and so on. Once you feel more comfortable with marking automation and this tool, then you can jump on to more advanced stools for marking information such as salesforce or L acqua or some of the other ones out there, which again are way more expensive than male chimp. But it's just for me to put it out there so you get more familiar with. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna logging, so I already created my account. But if you haven't created you account before, just go to the sign up process. It's very simple, Very easy. You know, just ask you for very basic information, like your email, password and so forth. Like in most places where your sign up. But I'm gonna skip that process because I already did that. And I'm gonna go to the logging, and then I'm gonna enter here. Keep me logged in. I'm gonna go into male chimp. So I'm looking right now, and there you go. So it's saying, Hey, Mauricio and stuff like that And there's a little things Don't worry about this. Don't freak out, Duncan. Over. Overwhelmed by this, you'll understand more about it as you're playing with the tool later on on your own. But right now let's focus on marking automation, which is this real life example. I'm going to show you. And if you notice right here at the top, top right hand on the left side, the last one from left to right. We have something here that's called automation, which is marking information. So I'll click on that and boom. It's taken us to all the marking automation, pre built Krieger's they've created. So they have here a set for a different scenario. So if you're in a e commerce website and nonprofit education, music suffer and so on you'll have all of these pre built automation is pretty much ready to go for you, and the triggers have been already set up and everything is very, very easy. So I'll go right now through one of the most common automation that you will probably want to use. And it's a real life example. It's a very simple one. You could have been very, very advanced. Automation is like I described before in the course, so you could have something that triggers something, and then something happens, and in two or three days later, something else gets triggered and something else happens and stuff like that. But I'm gonna go right now with a very simple scenario. Very 101 Marketing automation, which is the scenario where someone signs up to your mail, is so you have on email list and people. If they want to sign up to that, they will enter their email address into your little you'll generally give them a girl and then they'll just enter their email there and then the market information here in the scenarios that were going to send them out. Thank you. Message for registration. A thank you message. When the register and it'll happen automatically, you won't have to do anything, so you set it up once. And then if you have hundreds or thousands of people joining up to your mailing list subscribers, well, the system will manage that for you automatically, and it'll just send them that thank you note for registering without you having to anything else. So before I show you that I just wanted to quickly show you what the mailing list looks like the sign up process. So, like I said a moment ago, you know you'll have a your L. In this case, this is my girl, and it's a very long one, but you can shorten that using tiny Eurail or Bentley or some other shortened and shorting software. If you have one, um, or you can find that online, of course. Uh, but don't worry too much about the Earl. The point is, there's a U. R l and then people going to the URL. You can link that to your website, putting that aside bottom in your website or in one of your choruses. If you're an online teacher in your bonus lecture and stuff like that. And anyway, the students or the people or the potential customers or anyone who is going to that link is gonna go to this page, they're gonna enter their email address their first in the last name off course. This convey vary depending on how you built your registration list data. In my case, I built it with this very three simple fields. And then when they click here, scripted this, then that's when they'll get the market information automatic Thank you email that we're gonna create in just a second. So let's jump back to the scenario and let's go back here to this other tab. And like I said before, we're here and we're gonna create, I think you know, for where someone registers. So we're gonna go to list and is one of the recommended ones, which says, Welcome message. Great. A new subscriber after day junior release, which is the one that I was saying a moment ago that I wanted to create in this example. So we're gonna go at automation and then name your automation. We're going to say Thank you for registering all right, and it's pre selected my unity, you dummy updates from Mauricio list, which is the one I was showing you a moment ago, and I'm gonna say, Yep, that's fine. Let's go to next. There's a little type of their Let's fix that registering all right, and then we click next and then boom, you know, the pre the pre populated pre market automation trigger. It's already set up for you by mail chimp, which is really cool. Like I said before, because they've already come through. Customers that have these scenarios on have asked them multiple times like Can you guys make it easier for me? For example, when somebody registers to my list, I just want to send an automatic email so mail Chimp has done that backend work of creating or pre creating some triggers so that it's even easier for you to create your marking automation. That's why, like I said, at the beginning of the course, anyone can do this, you know anyone can do this because so easy. So let's look at the trigger here. The schedule is every day, all day. So at any time, if anyone registers to the list, send that segment No. So we don't have any specific second segments and actions? No, really, there's no actions here. It's just une male when they when they register to the mailing list, we just want to say thank you for the registration. And now what we can do is they signed the email, right, cause this is just kind of like that structure right of that marking automation. But we're stealing to the sign that emails will take here on the sign email and name your email. So, like I said before, let's just put this Thank you for registration. An email subject. I think I'm gonna change that a little bit to make it more interesting for the people I sign up. So let's say thank you for registering to my you Timmy updates and open sesame. And then they have this preview text which says, Will you read it right Here is just a little bit of attacks that will appear to people in their inbox right next to the subject line so we can leave that blank or we can add something there. Or we could just maybe remove this part here. Maybe what we'll do is help remove this part here and I'm outta here and open sesame all right from Mauricio. And here is my email address, and I think next year of the button. So, as you can see here, Mel team guides you through the whole process of your email automation, saying, Let's set it up. Let's go to a template. Let's assign Thank you for registering. Welcome. Email. One out of one. Okay, so it's very easy, very intuitive. And if you need help, of course, you can always go here to the help. But with this video, you'll see how we see these, and you won't need any help will click here on next, and there you go. It's showing me some pretty defying templates that can use for these thank you email when people register to my list, which is marking automation. Like I said, it's automating the process off, saying thank you to someone that signs up to your email list instead of you having to manually send an email every time a person signs up to your list, you can do this with marking or mention. It's really easy leverages on the part of technology, so you don't have to do so repetitive process ones every time someone signs up to your list . But you just said it. Don't forget. Once you said I'm forget you leave it already and then boom. There you go. So I have some safe templates because I've done this a couple of times before, so I'm gonna go here to this previous scenario that I have, and I can use some of these or some of these that I've created before, So I'm gonna use this one. The sign number three. In this scenario that you can use whichever you have. If you have one pre created or you can start start from scratch, I'm gonna change this a bit. Of course, I'm not gonna leave this exactly. It is because this is like it won't necessarily apply exactly as I had it before. But I can do some quick edits here, and it'll give you an opportunity to see also how easy mulching pieces a tool. So you have to drag and drop things here to the right. And if you look when I ho over my mouth where things have these little pencil, which means that it I can copy or duplicate things, I can drag and drop things. And I can also delete things. So in this case, I'm gonna leave this at the top exactly as it is. I'm gonna change this one and say thank you for your registration and open says, I mean and then we're here. You see high F name with That means it is telling Melt him that automatically put the first name off that person here. We thought you having to do anything. So leave that there because he just feels more personalized for the people when they get an email and says, Hi, Michael or hi Rachel and stuff like that. And high all or high Serhiy, madam or whatever. It's a lot easier for people. They just identify more in marking if you treat them by their first name. So live that there. Because I used this before, and it's just something that works with Mel Chim. They'll give you this in the examples. When you're working through emails, it's seeming are for the last name of stuff like that. But I'm not going to go into these details right now again. You can. You don't have to use this. You can just say hi all or or just not refer to a name and just leave it generic like like that which I could do us Well, if I wanted to. But I'm gonna leave it like that. I'm gonna go and edit. And over here, I'm gonna say hi, blah, which is whatever their first name is, You've just unlocked massive discounts. You know, off my courses. I'm gonna delete everything else because I don't need it in this case. All right, I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna keep it really simple. You know, I have a lot of other things here because he's up pre designed template that I use before. Like I said, I'm gonna leave just a button part and I'm gonna delete everything else. So I'm gonna let these Yes, and then he animals. We're gonna delete this thing that I had before again you could start from scratch. I'm just using this pre populated template that I had because it's a little bit faster for me in this example that I'm providing to you. But don't worry about it. Let's just go through the process of the leading Some of this stuff. Yep. Let's lead this. Yep. I don't need this either. I don't need this bottom either. I just want to keep it really minimalistic in this thank you message for people that are signing up to the newsletter. So I'm gonna delete all these are stuff that I had before in one of those mail campaigns that I sent in one of my previous email marketing come pains that I used a couple of weeks ago. So I'm gonna delete this is Gan and this one as well. And boom. There you have it. I think I'm going to let this as well. And this one, this last one? Yep. Delete that. Okay. And that's it. You know, I'm gonna leave it like that. Thank you for your registration. And open sesame, high, blah, blah, blah. Which is the first time you've just unlocked massive discounts in all of my courses. And I'm gonna live here The courses that they can go to go crazy go crazy, go crazy free, free and That's it. All right. So this is my marking automation scenario where I'm setting up a thank you message for someone that registers to this email list, and then they'll get this message when they register. Ride instantly, right after it happened. Sold them. Registering is the marketing automation trigger that sends this email. Okay, so we'll click here. Saving Continue. And that's it. You know, pretty easy. Easy to use. One thing I just noticed while I was going through this process with you is that if you look here the trigger, it says he will send the email one day after the person subscribes or joins our list. I don't want it to be one day. I think that's too long. So I wanted to be immediate, right? Immediate. So what do I do? I just click here on edit trigger. And then he here the delay. It says, Wait one day. I want to say no. I wanted immediate immediately. So I want to trigger when subscribers are imported. No, I don't want it. Trigger. Once I had subscribers manually. I just wanted when people register, which is the example here above. So let's say of the trigger. And that's it. Saving exit. Well, I'm not gonna exit right now. Let's just go back to the home page, actually, without starting, you haven't started automation yet. If you leave now, we'll save your work as a draft to finish your information review or set up and start sending. Let's go here to finish automation. Okay. Are you ready to send where your workflow? Yep, To these least. Yep. And what's the email that is gonna go? Thank you for your registration. The trigger, The email details we saw before we have here the subject line, everything else that we added. Who is it coming from, etcetera? It looks good. I don't want to confirm. Yes. So start workflow. You're about to start this workflow, which contains one email to you, to me, updates from Mauricio, which is pretty much a saying. Let's just start with this automation. We're gonna say, start and rock on. It's ready to go. That's all there is to it. Guys. All right. So loud. Right now. Let's see that in action now, from the end user perspective. So, like I said before, if someone goes into your mail east registration form, they'll go here, There. Enter their email address. So this is a dummy email address account that I created for this scenario in this example. So let's go here. And they missed an M. All right, I know. Sorry. It's a small typo there. Kevin Simmons. I'm gonna click here. Subscribe to list. Now, if we go to Kevin Simmons email address or he's male in Gmail right now, he doesn't have anything. Right? So once we click here, that will trigger the marking automation, and it will send him in the thank you email that we created a moment ago. Right? So let's do that. Subscribe to list. Confirm your human. Yep. There you go. We need to confirm your email address. Okay, So the first email I'm getting is the email to confirm my subscription. Salt Lake here? Yes. Describing to this list. All right, if I now that I've confirm my email and I go back to my email, then here you go. The market information work here is that thank you for registered to my You made it. Your email updates so created a moment ago. If I go here, that's what you mean. We just created right from the mailbox of the end user. Beautiful 6. What is Email Marketing & How can I use Email Marketing to Sell More?: Hey, guys. So let's talk now about email marketing. So, like the name itself implies, email marketing is marketing via email. But what does that really mean? You know, it sounds really simple, but what is it? How do you do it? Well, you pretty much you software technology to create campaigns or emails that you dancinto a least, or a group of people with the objective that they do something right. You are sending them an email with the objective for them to do. Something generally is for them to purchase something or to invest in your products and services. That's the whole purpose of email marketing. It could be also because you're, you know, wanting to generate more awareness, or you want to position your brand a lot of our things. You could use email marketing for many, many things, but generally, when we doing email marketing, what we're trying to accomplish is to sell more to get them to do something, or to buy one of approx or one off our services right. That's the whole purpose off email marketing, and there's really good tools that allow you to create this really cool emails. With photos Video's text and call to actions. When we talk about call to actions in marking, we're referring to an action, something that gets the end user, the potential customer to do something right to click here, to shop now to buy now something like that, to call to chat something like that, that those air call to actions that you could add to your email and in email marking. There are other things we talk about that I'll share, you know, links to articles and links to resources. So you understand this better. But I'll explain them. Right now we talk about something, an email marketing, that it's called the open rate. We also talk about something in the mail market that is called the CTR right, and we also talk about percentages, off clicks and stuff like that. So what does that mean when we talk about engagement and a lot of other metrics and KP eyes key performance indicators. So when I said CTR, it means keep click through rate, it means off all the people that received the email and open the email. What percentage of them actually clicked on something right? Actually clean clicked on something that you had in that email, right? That's what we call the click through rate, which means they went to the second step. So the first step is you send an email. How many people opened that email so you send it to 1000 and 500 people opened that email so the open rate is 50% because half of the people that he sent the email to open it So the open rate is 50% off course. The higher the better, Right? But what is a typical open rate? Well, open rates are not as high as you might think. Most people don't even open in a year. When they get it, they just delete it or it gets filtered to their spam filter. Or they might have rules automatically put it in the trash can or whatever. The point is that industrywide worldwide. Generally, if you have on open rate hired in 25% it's considered pretty good. If you have more than 25% of the people that you sent the email to actually open the email that's considered pretty good, and that's considered why, Like I said before the open rate now off those 25%. How many of them actually opened a more or that percentage of people that open the email? How many of them actually clicked on something is what we call the click through rate or C T. R. And these again is important because at the end of the day, when you send them an email, you have an objective in mind. You're not just ending them than email for the sake of sending them an email, you're sending the money, you know, because you want them to do something right. And how do you measure that? Well, you measured on whether they actually clicked on something. Now you might say you put their something for them to buy, and they click to go to your website to buy it. That doesn't mean they necessarily buy it, but at least they click, and there's a higher probability off them buying the product. If they actually went toe product site, where it's being sold right, and that's why they click through rate is so important again. The click through rate is something that you might think is high because you've never seen metrics about about this and you've never studied this before. So when we talk about that, click through rate, generally, if you have over 2.5% is consider pretty good in the industry as well. I know, I know. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this sounds. This sounds really small, really small percent that it is. The reality is a lot of the people that get an email boned open it. Like I said, the industry averages 25% off those 25% on Lee, 2.5% in average. Actually, click on something. So if you're getting click through rates in your emails above 2.5% that's actually pretty good. You're doing a good job. And if you're getting more than 25% of the people to open an email, that's pretty good. You're doing a good job. And how do you get people to open an email? And how do you get them to click on something? Well, you gotta be smart about it. And that's the beauty off email marketing one of the tactics that you can use these, for example, creating creative and interesting engaging subject lines, right? So, for example, If you put in the subject line something like free, free, free, free gift will you probably have a very high likelihood of somebody opening that email. If you put something like product offer for you to buy something well, people might just delete that immediately without even looking at it. So you gotta be engaging and smart in the way you create your emails in email marketing so that you have higher success rate in open rate and in the click through rate, which at the end of the day, you want to talk about conversion. How many of those people that he said the email actually bought it, and that comes in the third step. So the first step is an email. Marketing is Get them to open the email, which you talked about is the open rate. The second step is get them to click on something, which is the click through rate, and the third step is get them to convert toe, actually buy something. We talk about conversion in that third step. That's what we're using marketing and email marking as a concept. We talk about conversion, so I sent the email to 1000 people and maybe two of them or one of them bought something right. That's the conversion. That's pretty much what you're trying to accomplish with email marketing. You're trying to get them to buy something, to do something so by one of your products or services, and at the end of the day, that's helping you increase your revenue. And it's another channel. But like I said before, it's a smart channel because you're using technology to accomplish these objective. The beauty of a did, like I said, is that there are many different tactics off how you can use different tools, different information, different pictures, different things to market better to your potential customers that they actually open the email. Like I said, be engaging with yours with your subject line with your headline right? Email marketing tools allow you, for example, to address to the specific name of the person, so that feels more personalized and using Hi, sir or madam. Maybe if you said, say hi, Michael or Jen, it's more personalized for them. If that's their name and email marketing allows you to do that, it allows you to put the name of the person in that email automatically without you having to manually enter it when you're sending an email through the system toe, 10,000 people are 1000 people or a 1,000,000 people. You just set some rules in the system, and it automatically wraps the name and put it there, right? That's the amazing thing about email marketing, and I'll show you that later on in real life examples, as I'm doing them through a tool so you can see how that works. But like I said before, it's about being smart with the way you do things. So you want to use headlines that are short, concise, and you want to use them in a way that their creative captivating and engaging. For example, I recently used a headline in a in an email that was called triple whammy or double whammy , and then it just just generated curiosity and people to click on it and open. And I had a very high open rating that email. I also had one not too long ago either, where I used that subject line. Curiosity killed that three points. And, of course, I love people are curious or they open the email on the open rate was really high, and there's many things you can use to do that. And, like I said before, is just about you being creative. Try to put yourself in the position of your potential customers. Or, if you are getting that email, try to think about something that you would actually click on an open like. If you wouldn't do it, then don't use that subject line, because it's probably something nobody else would either. But if there's something that catches your attention is engaging is interesting, generates curiosity then probably that's going to work now in terms of the click through rate and what we call in marketing and email marketing that cold toe actions. Well, this more about it again. If you wanna put a buy button, make sure the buy button is big. Is blue, you know, with white or color that stands out. It's read something that stands out, and people actually feel compelled to click on right. You don't want to put something a by now really small at the bottom of the email where nobody's going to see it, because then the call to action it just gets lost in the email and nobody clicks on it, right? You want to put it in different places, you know, subtle way. You know, you don't want to be invasive with the call to actions that people feel like. Oh, you know, like they're trying to sell me something. Of course you don't want to do that, But you gotta put it in a way that is smart on that is big enough for him to catch their attention and to get them to actually click on it. Like I said before the click through rate in the industry, that percentage is very, very low. Where I'm talking about worldwide statistics here. I'm not talking about specific country or a specific market and talking about general market global statistics on I know about the statistics because I have worked on many different countries with many different projects. CIA, Rams, mark information, tools, even marketing tools. So I've seen some of the leading reports out there about email marketing, marking out a mention, and the numbers I'm giving you are what I could see her probably the most accurate numbers for these different KP eyes. Now you don't have to take my word for it. And you know, I'm not gonna enter here into a debate about the numbers, whether it's 2.5 or 5% or whatever. At the end of the day, that's not really important that at the end of day, what's really important is what is the number you are getting, And whatever the number you are getting, you want to get the number to be higher. You want to hire click through rate. You want a higher open rate that we don't. You want a higher conversion rate all the time. You want these numbers to be hired because that means you have more customers potentially buying or buying your products, right? So don't worry too much about whether or not the numbers I just used in the examples a moment ago are accepting. Accurate or not, even though I believe they are. But worry more about your specific percentages. Let's say you have a 50% open rate. Well, that's awesome. You know, that's double what the industry is getting, but that doesn't mean you couldn't get to 60% or you shouldn't be striving to get to 50 60% or 70%. So the point is here. You always want to keep working on improving on. You want to look at your different campaigns in, you know, marketing to see how one does. Various is the other. So that helps you get a better sense of what works best. If you send an email with a subject lying and you only get 10% and that you sent a second email and you get a 50% open rate. Well, maybe you should be doing a lot more where you're getting that second email because it worked. A lot of people opened that email. So you want to replicate that success along the way? Now, keep in mind that people have also, if you sent that same subject line a second time, people might get bored of it. I might not even open it right. So you gotta be careful with your marketing tactics and strategies in email marketing so they don't come become repetitive, you know, monotonous and boring. You gotta keep it fresh, you know, new, exciting, engaging right. But looking at the past, even though not for repeating purposes, allows you to get up, get a better sense of what is working and what is not on how you can use that on future campaigns to be better in your email marking objectives. Unbelievable. All right, guys, I think that pretty much covers what I wanted to talk about in these lecture of the course for email marketing. I'm sure you found this useful on. I'm sure you'll get a lot of value in your business by implementing email marketing in your projects and campaigns, writing the next one guys. 7. Email Marketing Tools: in terms of email marketing. There are several tools out there again, Like with marking automation. There are many, many companies that offer email marking services software products that you can use for your marketing come banks for your email marketing campaigns. Okay, so probably the best one and the one that I would recommend the smell chimp mail chimp is very easy to use. I use it all the time. Many people use it all the time, and the reason why many people use it all the time is because it's very flexible. Their their product is very much sure. It integrates with a lot of different products and services already. So it's kind of like a no brainer to use melting for your email marketing campaigns. A refund for your email marketing projects. Again, there are many other tools out there. You have campaigned monitor, you have moose and and there are many, many more, and I'll provide some links to those other tools which you can use. But personally, I like to use mail chimp, and I'll provide examples here in the course of how I use melting on Holly, be build my email marketing campaigns with melting in a very easy, quick way and how I can check the open rate with them. How I can check the kick through rate hike unchecked different statistics about how many people are opening and action ing the emails that I sent to them. And, of course, you need to start building your own email lists for your email marketing campaigns. But don't worry. You know you can start doing that usually with contact that you have already in your email . You can export them from your email account into an Excel file, or I see is V and then import them into male chaim. Or, you know, you could just ask people to sign up to your melting by providing your mail. Chimp marketing leased By providing a link, you can incorporate that into your website and put like a form so Melchiot offers a little forms you can use. You can just walk around with an iPad and get people to sign up. There's many different ways for you to build a list. Any takes time. You know you don't build a huge least in a second. It takes some time to do that, but after you're done it after you build your least and you can start, send your mark income bangs on your email marketing campaigns on, you're gonna find that it's gonna help you sell more. Like I said, I'm willing to go. There are many, many different tools, which you can use, but I'll show you examples specific with Melt him because he's the one that I use them, the one that I found. It's easier to start with, you know, and you could start with with zero cost up front like you can start for free using mail chimp until you have what we call in email marking subscribers. So people that have subscribed to your in a list until you have up to 2000. So if you have less in 2000 with it, which is probably the case for most people that are just starting with email marketing, then Mel Chip is probably investable because it allows you to start with for free some of the other tools that I'm gonna share with you. You actually have to pay from the beginning. Regardless, if you're sending an email marketing company to five people 10 or are 1000 again I probably should also say that from my research, male chip is not necessarily the cheapest option. I don't think it's the most expensive option either, but it's certainly not the cheapest. I've looked at other products like mousse end and was sent, for example, is cheaper than male chimp. But the interface is less mature is a little bit more complex. I didn't like it that much when I was using it. Me personally, I don't know If you like it, you got to give it a go on, decide for yourself. But I thought it was a little bit more complex to use the mail chimp, melt him. You know, for someone that is non technical, that just wants to send emails, email, marketing, and you know they want to do it in a very minimalistic easy, hassle free way. Works really well. And like I said before, works really even better cause you don't have to pay anything if you have less than 1000 subscribers. So if you have a lesson Sorry. Lesson 2000 describes. So if you have less than 2000 subscribers, then male chip is gonna work fine for you. You're not gonna have to make a big investment on it will work, and it will help you in your campaign so you can sell more of your products and services. Email, marketing and marketing automation are two different things, even marking automation. You use email marketing, but it's just one of the things that you use. Use a lot of other things that recorder before, but email marketing itself is very important. And if you were to start between email, marketing and marketing automation, I probably start with email marking first. So you start to get a sense for that. And then you move on to marking automation and there's tools. And like I said, you can start with melting because it's free and then you can start playing with other tools and see which one works best for you. All right, seeing the next one guys 8. Final Words: Hey, guys. Well, first of all, I just want to say congratulations. You've made it to the end of the course, and that's great. A lot of people, when they do online courses, they start, but they never finished. So if you're finishing the course, congratulations. Good job. Keep up the good work and there's a little bit of our recap. We talked about marking automation, and we talk about email marketing marking out a mansion. Like I said before, he's a way for you to highly personalized, massive, targeted communication based on triggers. Right? So something triggers something for an end user with the objective of getting them to buy your products or services. And we covered many examples of that. Email marketing allows us to market through email to potential customers to get them to take an action with what we call call to actions. Those actions could be to registering something to buy, something to look at something and so forth. You define what the objective off your email marketing campaign is as you're preparing your email marketing. We also called her different tools that you can use. And like I said off all, I recommend that you start with Mel Chimp because it's very easy to use very intuitive, and it's also free when you have less than 2000 subscribers. So you definitely want to get started with male cheap from my perspective. But we've covered in the course other tools which you can use on. I said to you who are the market leaders for both marketing automation and email marketing Market information Market Leader is probably sells words and email marketing is probably male chimp again. There are many others. It might be debatable which one is the best one, or which one is truly the market leader. But from the statistics I've seen from different reports, I think these two products are probably the most mature in the different areas with marketing automation. Email marketing. At the end of the day, we're trying to sell more. To get more on these tools will definitely help you meet the schools. If you're trying to sell more on automate those processes those marketing processes so that you can engage better with your customers and get them to do something faster to buy your products faster and your services faster. Well, you definitely wanna use market information and email marketing. He will allow you to increase your revenue, and it will allow you to reduce your cost and your investment in time to get people to buy your products and services. And finally, I just wanted to say that there's no better way to get started with email marketing and marking automation, then to do it yourself. Don't be afraid to make the jump. You know, Don't be afraid of getting started. It's not as hard as it seems. And the tools are pretty much there where you just drag and drop things and build things triggers for market information to where you just drag and drop traders. And they do something like you plan what they dio on. They'll guide you through the process. These tools and the software have been defined in a way that helps people in an intuitive way, build their market information campaigns or their, you know, marketing campaigns. So don't be afraid to get started, is what I would say and just realised the potential you have off selling war and increasing your revenue. If you use these tools, I've personally tested these, and I can tell you right now that it does work and that if you use it, you will sell more. For sure, it just it's a no brainer, right? You're automating processes. You're using technology on your leveraging on the power of marketing automation and email marketing toe automatically deliver campaigns so that you can sell more at a reduced cost, right? So instead of having people manually do something you're using technology and technology is beautiful. That's why I love technology is so powerful and there's so many things we can do. And then the other thing I guess I wanted to say about this is like anything else. Practice makes perfect, so you'll get better at email marking and marking automation. The more you do it. So don't expect to start off like a pro. You know, just get started. You know, the first thing with anything and everything is getting started. People have a hard time getting started with things because they think too much but don't act. And the main thing here is that you act monsoon act and you'd start doing things and you start playing around with market information and email marking. You'll feel more and more comfortable and you start doing it more often because you realize the benefits and you'll realize how it helps you to sell more. Now. The other thing is, don't expect that you do in a market market information. All the sudden everything jumps on your selling millions off course. Now that never happens. We talked about the percentage rates on their low right. We don't have people opening everyone that you send something opening or kicking. You're buying right. It just doesn't happen. But it takes time. The more you do it, the more successful you'll become. Because you'll start to see patterns. You start to get stats and analytics that will help you. I understand how you can do it better, and at the other they just think about it this way. Isn't it better to sell $1 more than not tell anything at all? Well, from my perspective, it's always better to sell a dollar more. 1000 more, a 1,000,000 more. It doesn't matter how you do it. If it helps you, if it helps you sell more, it's something you definitely want to do as an entrepreneur, as an online teacher, as a business owner as a website owner as a block owner. Whatever you it is that you do, it's always good when you're getting something in return for your actions, right and it takes time. Be patient, start working. Start investing time in preparing your campaigns. And like I said at the beginning, it might be, you know, a little bit new for you, and you might feel a bit uncomfortable. You might feel like, Oh, I haven't done this before and I have to learn something else and you look at the software for the first time. You might be OK. Where do I go from here? That's OK. Everyone goes through that. You know, nobody is born knowing everything you learn as you go and you taking this course is great. It's awesome because now I walk you through the different things that different concepts of different tools, different examples and I provided links specifically which you can reference on how to do things and read more about the concept that we discussed and that will help you in getting started with your marking automation and email marketing campaigns. So that's pretty much what I wanted to say. You know, again, congratulations on finishing the course. Good job. Keep up the good work and get started with your email marketing and marking automation campaigns right now so that you start selling more. Right? Best of luck, guys, and talk to you soon.