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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1 Polymer Clay Ring Intro

    • 2. 2 Polymer Clay Ring Tools And Materials

    • 3. 3 Polymer Clay Ring Marbling The Clay

    • 4. 4 Polymer Clay Ring Inlay The Ring Blank

    • 5. 5 Polymer Clay Ring Baking The Clay

    • 6. 6 Polymer Clay Outro

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About This Class

How to make marbled polymer clay rings with Fimo soft. This polymer clay tutorial is suitable for beginners (so easy even your children could do it!).

I made this video in response to a viewers DM about ring making for kids and after some experimentation I discovered this cool technique for making rings with polymer clay.

Making these rings was great fun and I hope it inspires you to get creative and make some interesting jewellery. It might even keep the kids occupied for an afternoon!


--- Where to buy Fimo polymer clay ---

Fimo Soft Starter Pack

Fimo Soft - White

Fimo Soft - Emerald

Fimo Soft - Peppermint

--- Where to buy Ring Blanks ---

Meet Your Teacher

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Danial Rees

Jewelry designer + Youtuber


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1. 1 Polymer Clay Ring Intro: In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make one of these also marbled polymer clay inlay rings. So this was a really cool, fun project that you could do at home. It doesn't require any power tools on no real special equipment. You will of course need to polymer clay on a few other basic bits, but I've put links to all of those down in the description. You also need some. I'm bringing blanks or ring cause I've also put links in the description to those as well. So I hope that this project inspires you. While I hope that you get stuck in your hands dirty. And it'd be amazing to get the little ones involved as well. And perhaps is something that you could have fun doing an afternoon during half-term or the Christmas holidays or locked down. 2. 2 Polymer Clay Ring Tools And Materials: Okay, so before we get started, let's quickly talk about the tools and materials that are used to make these final clay or Polymer CLI inlay rings. Obviously, the further you are going to need is some sort of polymer clay. Ly said my girlfriend off up to Harvey graft to buys a polymer can reclaim she gave back with all these different types. So though I just quickly show you what I think is best to use and what sort of things are actually available. The brand I chose was female demo. I'm gonna go with 50 because at the end of the day, you don't log in to watch her Amazon Prime. Now I may have a 50 comes at lots of different colors on a few different varieties. Die actually came back with some of this stuff which is 5O professional, which to be honest, I found was a bit hard, is a lump of it and it's quite difficult to use. It really takes a lot to kind of soften it up. And it's quite intensive on the old grip strength. There's also this stuff, final leather effect, which I honestly have no idea. I'm going to use it what it is, what happens, what is baked. But I'm sure we could experiment with, I'm a few jot the clay I would recommend is the 50 soft. Mostly just sum this the final effect which is seems like the final soft but like there's like a gold and silver. So I think they are like metallic colours. They come in all sorts of different colors. And I've already had a little bit of an experiment before. So, I mean, this is going to blues and a white color, which is what I'm going to use to make the kind of marbled ocean water look in effect. So yeah, in summary, final soft is the easiest one to use. And you can get these in all sorts of different colours for all meal, local hobby store, often the links in the description. A cool thing I discovered about polymer clay is that it's not actually water-based, it's oil-based. So I mean, I've been storing my oath women leftover clay in well, these plastic containers. But that's not even necessary because they don't dry out, leave them as you can install them. Just in like plastic zip bags. Well, I mean, I've got tons of these tabs from where we got takeaways or, you know, ready meals or something. So I just jumped him in there for ease of use. And the second main ingredient to make one of these cool in late rings is actually the ring blanks themselves. So these come from very different places. If you're in the UK, I recommend ring craft UK for all of your ring blank needs. Or if you're in the US. Then just go to Rings You can find all sorts of cool ring blacks. So here are a few examples of some ring blanks that you can get online. I mean, you can also just search on Etsy, just typing ring blacks, and you'll find all sorts of different ones. So this one here is a two piece when blank of steel I think which comes apart. These are not my favorite, but this is probably the one I'll be using for this tutorial. Just like gotten kicking around. And it's also going to be is cool. This is like a black ceramic. The single inlay, which I think are really nice. Maybe we can have a play around with that as well. And then there's the other kind of different types of Mao. I think this is just like an anodized titanium or something maybe or tungsten. Or there's these moons which is a titanium with a duel in late channel. So again, if you're looking for ring blacks, I'll check the links in the description. Basically links to all the tools and all the materials will be in the description. So you also need some basic tooling to make these rings. And the cool thing is that you don't need any like power tools rising too complicated. Like I said, I wanted this to be a project that you can do with the kiddos if you wanted to. So I gotta work surface here. This is just like a cutting mat is not ideal. So what I did is I just, I took like a back of a package, shredded cheese. And I kind of square. They are then covered that in just some baking paper just to make like a non-stick surface. But you could also use some like a tile, some kind of a ceramic tile or glass plate. But this is why I've got I've got shred. He's packet covenants and baking paper. He also then need like a rolling pin. So I've got this. This is just like an off cut of some PT FE round bar. I'm aware probably not. Everyone has got one of these lion around. So you can either use just like one of the plastic like HDP rolling pins. Or if you're really desperate, you can use a glass bottle, but just be careful, you know, not smash the ball and I've an accident. And then just some basic cutting and measuring tools, like people use these swanky like blades. I don't have a blade, so I'll just go like one of these plastic triangle ruler things. What are these called? A protractor. And after Google, I'm going to Google. I was right. It turns out they're just called Triangle rulers. Well, I don't know what that is. I've got like a sharp craft knife, so just be careful with these if you're using it with with the children. Another idea for a rolling pin, just like this is just the GF plastic brush handle. And then I've just got some other various orbits, scissors and stuff. Nothing to Mendel. So hopefully, as you can see, you won't need anything crazy, complicated or expensive to make cool or rings like these. And so in this tutorial I'm going to go through, and I'm going to make another one of these marbled I don't know what to call it, a marbled polymer clay in Lee reading or maybe we can call it something super pretentious like a heart of the ocean ring. The only other things you'll need to make earrings are an oven, which most people have in their kitchen. And some kind of like a dish or a trade to debate the big the rings on debate my clay. I used a plate that I'm actually telling you took a chip out off just to get some use out of it. I'm a what I would say is I write on the Cookson gold websites, if you use any items for baking clay or preparing clay, then you shouldn't use the same items for food preparation in the future. So it's always good, just, you know, use the foot is kinda disposable, already broken, like in my case. 3. 3 Polymer Clay Ring Marbling The Clay: And so let's get cracking. Go my ring blank, ready, I've got my final clays. And so I'm going to start off with an all stripped all of this one which is called Emerald mileage day or just take probably like just like one of these little slices there, just to have a play around with. It's pretty easy to chop up. And initially, you should probably use this sharp knife really doesn't matter. So that one blob of emerald, This one is called peppermint lever, a glottal patent lenders. Wow. So to make my marbled effect we're gonna do is I'm going to start with the emerald and the peppermint first, and then we'll add the White later slope. I'll just literally just take these little twiddle my fingers just a warm up a little bit. And then twist twist him all the way down. It's me with a nice twisted sausage. You see they are the cause of already kinda mixed up a little bit and then folded over, flatten them out a little bit. And then I'm going to test them again. But from this side, and we go really mixed together the colors really nice to make these lovely lines. And if we just flatten amount again a little bit, you start to see this become like a tiger stripe worm kinda thing. So it's demo half again. Well I'm twist. So based on a full and twist it three times. Then I'm going to take a bit of this white chunk of land. Will this out into a sausage? I've kinda contaminated there, but they were the blue colors up my fingers. But that doesn't matter too much because we're gonna marble of the gamma. Okay, and then as I put this next to the sauce, just by an all, now wherever we go. Now we're going to twist this to estimate, however, and we go to the folder again. There is method to my madness or why this will look cool eventually. So I think those colors look really beautiful. Kind of like it looks oceanic and away like waves. So what I do, and I'll put this onto my sheet of paper and then put a piece of paper over the top. And I roll it up and you've seen that focus. There we go. I think those colors look absolutely beautiful. I'd want to roll this out a bit thinner. And we can also see this is like stuck to the paper on that as well. But chaotic. And that's all good. Nice. Look, so nice. Basically I want to go this like as thin as I possibly can. Some people use like swanky, like Pastor roamers and to get their polymer clay really, really thin. But I don't have one chunk of PV FV. You've got the way you can start where you are. Not really good. While a color looks so nice, I'm really happy with the way about logs. As nice and thin. 4. 4 Polymer Clay Ring Inlay The Ring Blank: Now then let's take a little slice of this clay and make it into an inlay for the ring. So I've got my ring black can do. Because there's no real way to measure this stuff precisely. It doesn't need to be precise. Thus, the cool thing is I'm just gonna take the ring and I'm just going to roll it into the clay. They just begin like a rough idea of how much you need. So you see those two lines and a couple within those two lines, right? Basically you want it to be much thinner. Stage do lead to be as wide as the inlay chime ophthalmic sense was do a cut there. All will become apparent. So give me a strip of Enemy material. Does it fit in the rain? Yes, it does. Alright. So I probably should roll this out thinner, but it doesn't matter because polymer clay and it's marbles was very, very forgiving. So I'm gonna do, is I'm going to just move a little bit. And I want more of the kind of white elements in there. Just to break up the contrast was stick that in. And you can be pretty messy at this stage to be fair. But it's chucked out in just like this. What looks like a mass up and moment. But Yup, we're gonna do some magic and make this fit perfectly. Do the inlay chapter. I'm going to now take that glass ball, roll the ring around the outside of the glass ball, almost a squish all the clay into the inlay channel. I'm going to make sure it's a really nice fit. Just keep doing this basically was really flattened out already. We just keep going. Every now and again, I'll just remove some of the excess clay. Cool thing is what this is that the men will call as of this ring black luxury like chop the right amount of clay all for you as you roll it. So it's looking like a mass of that moment, but I'll get there. I promise it won't look cool. We'll look cool. And we'll also take these excess off the ball as well. Scrape that off. And multiple big blobs coming off now. So I think it's coming along pretty nice. It's not exactly pay for yet. Obviously. Does that there's one bit is bulging but that we saw Doubt. And then there's this other area like here which is pretty boring. I say it does not much going on. So I'm going to add in a little bit more white into there and carry on with the Rolling. I'm really happy with its kinda go like a nice kind of AG AND sort of vibe to it. Plus Great. And the colors are really lovely. And it's not exactly perfect, but that's fine because we're gonna go back over laughter. It's being baked and do some sanding and kind of shine it up and make it look really nice. That's cool. Bullae might do before baking it is just up a go with one of these black ring cause and just see what that looks like as well. It initiate the super fired clay rainmaker montage. Okay. 5. 5 Polymer Clay Ring Baking The Clay: So with all the shaping done on the inlays in time to bake the race. So I bake them as per the instructions on the packet. Who says to bake them on a 110 degrees celsius while 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. I may have mentioned earlier, I bake mine on a plate that I already checked. I don't think there's any worry about the plate exploding or anything and the awfulness is only at a 110 degrees. If you do use anything from your kitchen to bake the rings, then it's probably best not to use them for food preparation. The final Claire's come into contact with the surfaces. Why Purdue, after 30 minutes is ten off the oven on allowed the rings to cool down slowly. And then you can take the, take the rings out and admire your handiwork. Sugar rings aren't Devon. They unlicensed mice on a hot. Basically what I'm going to do is now sand them with some quits of wet and dry sandpaper starting with the lowest grit, first of three hundred twenty four hundred six hundred grit. I look up to a hundred two hundred grit just to get rid of any It's fingerprints or any kind of nasty marks or anything. Just give them a nice smooth field. I'll use it wet and dry with some water, keeps the dust down. And you don't have to worry about getting dust all over your house. And there's my son safe. Keeps the dust away. Keeping your lungs healthy. 6. 6 Polymer Clay Outro: So that is the end of the projects. I think that these rings look absolutely awesome. I really loved the marble, the fact and the kind of reminds me of like an ocean scene, which I think is really cool, but the possibilities for polymer clay are endless. Um, so you know, you could get creative lots of different colors or patterns, or even different techniques like Lacombe, Ganesha. And I'd love to see your work. So please do hit me up by sand to be message either on Facebook or Instagram. Ads abroad would craft links to everything I use, like the ring blanks and the tools and the final clay in the description. And I hope that this one has inspired you to get nice and creative. I hope the little ones get involved as well. So thank you very much for watching. I'll see you in the next one.