Making canvas and frames for paintings. No electrical tools required! | Adam Norin | Skillshare

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Making canvas and frames for paintings. No electrical tools required!

teacher avatar Adam Norin, Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to make canvas for oil/acrylic painting

    • 3. How to make frames for artwork

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About This Class

I will show you how easy it is to make canvas for oil or acrylic painting, with simple tools and materials and tell you useful tips on how to make and paint frames for artwork, handicrafts or photos.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adam Norin



Born in 1993 in Tomsk.

In 2016, graduated from the Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction with a degree in Architect.


– Group exhibition. Gallery "Tomskaya Gostinaya", Tomsk.


– Personal exhibition. Club "Capital", Tomsk.

– Group exhibition. The building of the Administration of Tomsk region. Lenin Square 6


– Personal exhibition. Sanatorium "Chazhemto", Tomsk region.

– I place in the nomination "Portrait", an open competition of fine art "Magic Brush 2019", dedicated to the anniversary of the Honored Artist of the RSFSR Konstantin G. Zalozny (1929 - 1992). D. Mozalovo, Tomsk Region.

– Personal exhibition. Tomsk State University. Salon "PODVAL". Toms... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Adam Lauren. I'm the friend. Satisfy because the water he starts oil pains. But I'll select work with my friends on a small design project. She's in lots of different materials. After many years of working as an artist, I think that I'm able to show some useful information and by the example y on work process teach you not to be afraid to use your imagination, to express yourself and don't phone the world around you. 2. How to make canvas for oil/acrylic painting: Hello, everyone. Today I will show you how to make your own canvases for oil painting. In fact, it is not difficult. It does not require any special skills. It is chipper, but it takes some time. So you set for yourself what is more convenient for you. According to the situation, the first thing we need is a wooden profile. Combine it at your local hardware store. Many of them are suitable men think is that there is alleged that a frustration. The canvas, it's working surface does not touch the frame. Let's do simple my, I have two pieces from which I want to make to small identical frames. Each segment is 125 centimeters long. We must divide it into four parts, of which two horizontal and vertical therefore divide by two, and the resulting value is divided by your taste. In this case, I'm roughly following the golden ratio markup that result Now we mark the 45 degree angle civilians so that when two profiles that joined together, we get the right angle. Don't forget that the ledge must be on the outside of the frame. Were moved prickles with sandpaper from the chipboard cut corners that will serve for the reinforcement. Check whether everything is ready for gluing. I just simple Elmer's Glue or PV A well glue all the places where the parts will be in contact with each other. Frames done. Cameras can be purchased it in our store or look for a suitable fabric and that fabric store. It must be durable and not stretch. We will need the peace decisive the frame, plus at least five centimeters from each side. For his frustration, we begin to stretch from the center, and changing sides were always straight to the corner. Diagonally. Cameras should not sag anywhere but else not be under stressed. Keep in mind that if you make a large canvas or plan to use a thick layer of paint, then you needed to tide and more because the kind of school sophomore under its own weight access fabric of the coordinates are carefully folded. There's a touch like a drum. Now we need to prime. I found the ticket to just buy a primary turnout, stir mother ways to make it also from gelatin that the dry overnight and you can start to create a masterpiece 3. How to make frames for artwork: Hello. Everyone today will show you how I make frames for my paintings. First, we're marking a profile. The balance of the sites of the picture blasted, fit for the profile minus David For the small leisure behind which the friend will hide, you can cut off clean angles. So 45 degrees with the help of a metal box. For my purposes, it is enough. But if you plan to carry out a large amount of such work in the future, then they will need a decent Mr So using sandpaper, removed birth and, if necessary, correct the cut quickly distribute wood glue to adjust in parts and that depressed them together. Also, I pressed the flat board on top until the friend was completely dry. To be sure that everything will remain in place, the grand process will take about today. Now we are ready to play in the frame. Create planes are good for this. They are well observing the wood fiber sitting without prime in the surface. You can mix any color you like, so that they suit a specific picture. In this case, it was a dark brown so that it is not distract her attention because the picture is quite doing deluded with water and apply with the soft wide brush to lay the paint and all the groups on the surface. I used to be the wipe off excess paint in certain places. It helps reveal the structure of the wood and create the agent effect. Although acrylic paints dry quickly with what I can adjust the unevenness of the pain, they're in the process as a nice little detail. Years go paint in a thin brush to highlight a beautiful ornament on the inside of the frame . Fits perfectly and not going to fix everything together. The easiest way of founders to cut small strips of canvas from the remnants and attach them with the step lor such mount scandal, when indifference and hide between levels and, if necessary, can be easily removed without damaging the canvas, I fall distract several times so that being on attention, let threats are not pulled out of them. - Now we just have to attach the string to king it on the wall marketable segments within 1/4 and 1/3 of the frame height, so the picture will not lend forward, and the string will not be visible from above. Choose the size of the screws, according to the friend thickness. In its way, my friend is massive, but the total weight is low, so small ones will do it. She's a very durable and not prone to rot. String. I, often so weak, wants frayed over time, which led to the Ford, the picture, the frame breakage and even damage to the campus itself. I hope you get a good addition to your paintings in the form of a beautiful frame. Good luck.