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Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Setting Up the Document


    • 3.

      Making the Base Tiles


    • 4.

      Making the Wall


    • 5.

      Making the Floor Tile


    • 6.

      Making the Table


    • 7.

      Making the Bed


    • 8.

      Final Adjustments


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About This Class

In this class we're going to make a pixel art tileset of an interior that will allow us to make a modular level.

At the end of the class you will be able to make a tileset that can reassemble a home, a building, a market, a dungeon and a lot more!


We're going to start first by setting up our document, we're also going to be working from a reference image to gather information.

Then we're going to start building tile by tile our interior, starting from the walls, to the floor, making a table, a bed and so on.

You will know how to make any kind of object starting from a box.

This class is part of a pack of classes about pixel art, you can decide to take all of them (Suggested for beginners) or to take the ones you prefer.

Part 1: Introduction to Pixel Art

Part 2: Making an Item Set

Part 3: Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

Part 4: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Mockup

Part 5: Pixel Art Animation

Part 6: Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Part 7: Animate an Explosion in Pixel Art

Part 8: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

Part 9: Pixel Art Animation with JuiceFX

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer


I'm a multi-disciplinary game developer into Art & STEM. I have a technical-designer profile with a great passion for creating systems with an empathetic approach.

I've studied graphic design and then in 2018 I've graduated as a Designer and Animator for Videogames. Since then, I've been learning and teaching online multiple skills related to game development.

See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro: se Welcome to the make at optimum interior in picks in our class. In this class, we're going to be making what you are seeing on screen it. Specifically, we're going to make a typeset that will allow you to make a model level. If you're a beginner, two picks alert I to share issue to watch my previous classes on Big Salat. Thanks. And I hope you insure it. This class. 2. Setting Up the Document: Hi. So we're going to start setting up our document for our interior. Big sellout is seen, so I'm going to great and you file with the size going to change the background color to a darker one that create on perfect. I'm going to set my grid 2 16 big sales with once a division on going to import my reference. This is the reference that they made I have a folder here for my project on here. It happened. I'm going toe, align it with the real. That's perfect into the lead. Those big cells going to say my document. So basically adopt the interior is the same as the abdomen exterior that we made in the brilliance glasses on what you're doing issues modifying the aspect off the tiles. So I'm going to make a new layer, and we're going to analyze face a little bit. So let's see, we have a corner thesis. We have one like this. That is a direct off the dime. So this is the trial we have a connection for Decide on this corner. We have the same diet here. Same here, the same connection here of here. We have this connection. But in Burton for the other side here we have thes at the bottom, off the tile, another connection. This but in Burton like this on your so basically, that's what we have. So we're going to have something that goes like this on. We're going to have another tight that goes on the border like these. So it's basically the same thing that we did for the previous classes off the upto exterior or markup. Right? If you don't understand, these are you don't remember. You will in the previews videos off this section. All right, so there we have the document on Internet video. We're going to start making device style. So this one's 3. Making the Base Tiles: So we're going to start making the base ties for our interior fears. We have a solid color. So this one in this case, I have you said attack purple on for the new tile. They said, and going to use color like blue. Something like that. Maybe a little bit later. All right, so there we have. Or if you stayed, maybe Derek, you're like this. Something like that. And now we're going to create the base days for the roof. So going to rub thes on, going to duplicated around here, or I'm just going to make a selection that's going to be faster. I can marriage my active layer with the layer below shoes pressing control. He all right on dancer going to rename my layers. So we're going to start making thes. So if this style is Theis one, then we have to make show some straight lines like this. All right, so let's come here on. Let's grab a color for the world. This come work. So I'm going to make it three pixels wide. Going to use the line tool. I'm be our shoes going to make it like this. Now we're going to have elector here like their color as you suggest you toe watch reference on this is wrong. This needs to be like this on going to feel thes that on going to color pick these going to the where my positive going to paint here color Big control said toe under going to set back my capacity to 100 on going to paint over again. All right. Going to mollify discolor a little bit, maybe more saturated later. Are you a wish? Something like that. I'm maybe going to make this New Yorker see the difference going to make these a little bit like her. There we go green to blend thes. Okay, perfect A. Now, let's take these analyst Ray to construct something to see what it is we need to make, right. So I'm going to make a new layer on. Let's make something like these folks something worth capacity. Let's see. So I need this stale you compress staff to go with full screen mold on for this style, we will see that we don't have a time to connect here. So that's a tight that we will need to make we have another one here I'm for thes. I am going to I see being going to your spaceman open tous on. We also need another tied when it here. I'm here. This'll I like that. All right, so we're going to make this. Well, basically, we're going toe. Believe this. All right. Out of office. And tomorrow my reference available like that. Um, I am going to duplicate this here. I'm were going toe switch the tales. So going to movies. What pig? Sit here going to march 2 slayers on this day on the right is going to go to the left. The style of the left. It's going to go on the right, this one depart on going to go at the top, and this one at the top is going to go at the bottom. And here we are, shoes going to connect like this on going to feel these I'll astray again to construct something. So the connection that we need for thes is this one. All right, there it goes. Then we need thinks style. All right. One perfect. So right now we have all the vase style said we need Dorgan's drug deplane off our house. Right In the next video, we're going to start making Iwas off our house 4. Making the Wall: Hi. We're going to keep working until interior. So in this video, we are going to make the wells so officially filed, you should be working with several references on, not just whiny make case. This is one that I made from two references. Andi. It's important to know hope to extract information on Go to modify it to make your own pictures. All right, so for this world, we're going to need basically this. We're going to need the middle, does it's going to jail. We're going to need the size where the well ends, right? So in green to make this well here on going to make being, well, something like thes Let's see. That is fine. For now. I'm just going to paint. This is going to be to a tireless wine time. Sorry on may be less my pretty color a little bit like that. All right, so let's see what we have here. We have world at the top at the ends on at the Barra, so I'm going to make the middle Fierst going to make a palette here without my colors. Analysts start painting some would, so I'm going to use thes going to make to pixel here. I'm hearing me to have some late that maybe I'm going to keep this at one pixel. Make that on here at the bottom. I am also going to have something later. All right? Electing Going to the lake. Perfect on. Now, let's see. Green to make and your color. 43 Well, shallow. Maybe even a darker shadow like that on this is going to be for departures. Maybe we're going to keep things like that, right? I'm going to make I like the color here party Will, um, later. All right, so going to paint these like that, Maybe this one should be more saturated, right Going toe. Quantify that color on top of my layer, just like it. Maybe this one can be dark. I'm just going to get elected. And now I'm going to make some nice going down. Just make peace on going to make this anything here that going to rub this'll un perfectly . And maybe if I want, you can have a highlight here, just like that. But I'm not going to. All right. So I'm going to make the ends here off the world, going to have show here a lot of their shallow here. And now let's see, in this case, I have those plans going in at the owner. I'm going to make the same thing here. She's like that going to use show here 40 Well, and maybe a darker shadow here, every cell. Hey, late thes blank thes. I'm also here. She was like, All right, maybe I could have a writer. I late front decide if I want. And now I'm going to make this here quinto length ease. And on forties, we are going to need tires with transparency. So this is going to be dialled on all the rest is going to be transparent. All right, so we're going to come here on Let's do that. So, basically, is something like that. And here on the corner, we're going to have a highlight that maybe I can add on even greater color for that. Right? So let's see. So this is going to come here that we will need a title here on the same here. All right. And then we're going to need I knew same transparent I for the connection with another one . So for that, we're goingto need to construct something so we can see her. We need to do it. So I'm going to copy this. I'll see how we need to make this style. It's making you layer on this time. Basically needs to be some things like that. Here I am painting over. See on this needs to be Sigh they This can go. Yes, on your perfect. So that basically our transparent tile for the connection on the other side, it's going to be the same on perfect. We can move thes here if you want. Make a same think and going toe Eliminate this highlight here. All right, un perfect. If we want to make a variation off this well, we can change for example to color or we can all some plans going here. I think that in the next video we're going to make the floor for our home 5. Making the Floor Tile: Hi. We're going to keep working on our interior became cameras. I modify my layout off Greta on. I also other desai late here. Right. So we're going to start making the floor. I'm going to make a new layer going to feel it with the color selection. One tile on. Going to call these floor base on going to click this arrow here at the right off the new layer bottom on going to click, lonelier right. And going to move these ground layer on. We control Shea. I'm going to duplicate it around my base. All right. And now, if I go to my base Andi, I activate your flock on the pain here is going toe Modify Al dick long layers. All right, so I'm just going toe paint a little. The sign here for the floor and now in going 12. Highlight here. Going to big later color here. I'm going to paint on going to have some color variation. Check my reference. - All right. And going to decide right these little bit under. We have details for our floor. So and going to the lead particular layers on here we have in the next video. We're going to make a table 6. Making the Table: Hey, we're going to start making a table. Before that, I'm going toe Modify the style here. This case I need to come here on move thes to the top of the tail on Connect. Going to civility on for Look, I'm connect like these, right? And so we're going to make a table. In this case, If we want a modeler table, we will need the corners thes on this part. Despaired this part. And this part on? Of course, the middle, um, those parts need tile so we can make a longer table in both ways. All right, so we're going to make this. You're going to make it here, right? We're going to start with the vase shape, so I'm going to feel everything that and now I'm going to start erasing some things. So if we want a round table, I can make it run there by the leading some big cells and the corners like thes. All right, let's see, we're going to make the same thing here, right? Going to movies. Mark. What? Here. I can feel this now. We're going to make the legs so great to go to fix us down like this. Maybe I will relate here a little bit. So I'm going to pain here. Did a part thesis. I think it will use this color to make a gas shallow here on the legs. Going to add if a late on the vicious, um, maybe here with the stone on even a later high. Late on the corners. We can add the skylight on the style currency. We repeat the style, then we're going to have some issues with the highlight. Now, we're going to grab this color. Okay, let's make some lines here for the world. Right? And here on this part, we are not going to use this color, but like that one that is starker than this one right here on this case, we're going to pick this one. So were you seen a darker color, Dante color? That was before, on if you want, you can continue here, looks lines and going to add a light here. And now let's like a little bit next. And now we're going to break this lines a little bit. So we're going to big device color Ali Spain. Shoes like this. The check of a reference. I'm going to use going to out another color to my palette. This way we are blending those lines off the planks with the table I like. So let's see if we need some Tamar on. No, that's looking pretty good on the last thing that we need. Toe is a shallow for the table. So in that case, we're going to lower the A paucity. We are going to paint shadow metea passivity that trying to paint alert the same place again on perfect there. We have stable going to arrange my palate a little bit terrio on in the next video we're going to make developed. 7. Making the Bed: Hi. Very going to make a bed for our home. So fears and going toe Just 1/4 for the blanket going to yours. I rain like this on a later tone on this. Make TV. So for that and going to make are the traffic cube something like this on. I'm going to have the legs here. Maybe some would. Here, you know, we're going to need some white. I'm very going to pain here. That maybe a shadow on for the below. I am only going to paint the shallow I will make thes Lecter No interdependencies here green to activate yell for Look, I'm just going to paint some lines like this from left to right. Perfect. Now we're going to paint. I wouldn't Was onda a thing? That's it. So going to separate these on a new layer? Selecting it control X country B. I'm sure she's going to end with painting a shallow for with the fed going to select my darkest color. Laurenti rapacity 50 on going to the 70 Alfa Log on. Here we go. Maybe that's much just going to corporate thes. Let's see on perfect there. We've had our bed on in the next video. We're going to make some final adjustments to our days. It 8. Final Adjustments: Hi. In this video, we're going to make the final adjustments to our ties it. So they made this week Marker on. I have it on the same layer off the tiles. It. So we're going to have some filter mask to modify t colors on That way, I'm also going to modify the colors on details it right. So I click at filter mask on. I'm just going to modify decoders to get something that I like. - And now I'm going to have our time lapse where I'm going to add more tiles is basically the same thing. You can start with our terrific boxes, like with Eve for the bed and shoes. Make things like a laborer, re furniture and things like that. I'm going to add shallow there on perfect. Have in mind that I need to work. We thought the future mask activated, cause if I call a big these, for example, on the paint here on 10 I pains again. Come again. So I could a peak and grant beak. I'm going toe, make this and this is something that we don't want. All right, - All right. So now let's group those two players on going to move these fielder mass to the group right now. I am going to merge the layers fan. Perfect. Great. Through her name was seeing going to this'll, angering to grow up my document. And now I'm going toe export my tiles It