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Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (2h 46m)
    • 1. Setting up the Document

    • 2. Background I

    • 3. Background II

    • 4. Background III

    • 5. First Tile

    • 6. Mountain

    • 7. Floating Platform

    • 8. Ramp

    • 9. Cave I

    • 10. Cave II

    • 11. Cave III

    • 12. Ladder

    • 13. Tree

    • 14. Chest

    • 15. Character and Enemy

    • 16. Game User Interface

    • 17. Final Adjustments

    • 18. Tileset

    • 19. Level

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About This Class

In this class we're going to make a 2D Sideview Mockup in a Pixel Art style.

We're going to start with making a tileable parallax background, then we're going to start planning our level and making each tileset to be able to create an interesting and lively mockup.

We're also gonna learn how to make decorative tiles for our level, like trees, grass and chests. Finally we're going to make a tileset and use that tileset to fastly create new levels.

This class is part of a pack of classes about pixel art, you can decide to take all of them (Suggested for beginners) or to take the ones you prefer.

Part 1: Introduction to Pixel Art

Part 2: Making an Item Set

Part 3: Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

Part 4: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Mockup

Part 5: Pixel Art Animation

Part 6: Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Part 7: Animate an Explosion in Pixel Art

Part 8: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

Part 9: Pixel Art Animation with JuiceFX

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer


I'm a multi-disciplinary game developer into Art & STEM. I have a technical-designer profile with a great passion for creating systems with an empathetic approach.

I've studied graphic design and then in 2018 I've graduated as a Designer and Animator for Videogames. Since then, I've been learning and teaching online multiple skills related to game development.

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1. Setting up the Document: Welcome to the first section of the course in this section. You're going to marry Ho to make a save. You be the game MCA. We're going to work with tiles. We are also going to make a game user interface with the items that were made in the previous section on. We are also going to make a video game character at the end of the section. Here we have the exercise off, making your own be the very Muggle. So we first started making our muck up. We need to understand how most off duty be. The Ramos levels are made most of to David agreements, uses styles. It's on a dice. It is a set of styles. A tale is a piece that connect with other pieces off the same time. Said so, for example, I have made thes markup on If I turn on my grade, you can see that I have different pieces that conceived with the grief. So, for example, I have this style on this day. Is this one and this one and this one and this one on this one and this one on out of this one? Um, this one. So with this piece, I can make Brie a lot of things, right. So, for example, um, I have this base that is Theis ones on this base connect with this one to have this kind off little mounting. I have also my leather on, which was one piece of leather I can make a longer one. So let's say, for example, I have this platform on this blood moon It made off this one, This one And this piece, well answered this one. That is just their reputation. I'll just say I want to make thes blood from longer so I can come through my They're off where I have the platform on I can know this piece I naked can say with the grill on, I can compete this piece this style conference see contribute Did the moon on a stricken see freed connect similarly with failed earpieces. And that's basically hope we're going to make our mecca. We're going through well, they'll sit That works fine on we can make our level as we wish. We're going to start with making our document. So file new on the size is going to be a multiple off dearest abated little because every time said it's going to have the size off. Just to to buy 32 picks is so like these. Um, so in my case and going to have I can't mess off 640 on become that on 20. So create on, we're going to go toe greed and guys. If you don't have this step, you can go toe settings. Lookers On a gruesome days we romantically show great on we're going to have. I agree the spacing off 32 with one subdivision so that you can see we have I with knowing , going to rename my back one layer. I'm also going to look it on in the center layer. I'm going to make a rectangle with, Let's say, the part that is going to be seen when your planes again. So most monitors have ah ratio off 16 by nine. So, for example, if you peak their solution full HD and your debate there 1920 bite 1000 and 18 we're going to get these relationship on. This is the same as doing 16 divided by nine. So, uh, normal monitor I ratio off one on 78. So we're going to, well, toe our external to we're going to have a width off 16 by nine. We're going to look this politically one time a so you can see interracial. We can't 1.78 I'm goingto Alexis on now I'm going toe look the ratio. So I'm going to make Arab tangle like this A So you can see the ratio is looked, for example, some like these. No, I'm going toe right. Click and layer Select opaque, Select sharing selection by one picture I'm going to delete on. There we go. So this square is going to be and the space off our mook of So this is basically our monitor in here. We are going to have our game. So before we started making our market, I'm going to rename my layer monitor on I'm also going to the world's opacity on the's rectangle issues a reference. So when we export the final image, we're going to support whatever is inside thes rectangle. So I'm going to set up my document and going to the same thing as we did in the dial set on . I'm going to say my document control s going to great. And you, Fuller, I'm going to name Thes. So the my cup, I'm going to save it. One aside. Great. The document saved under. We're going to start with making a parallax background, fierce anger and displaying what is about Alexe background. So I'm not exactly on expert Ian program in. So I did what a what a cool, um for here we are in unity of piscicida game. Ancient maybe is really well, no, I'm here, have four layers. I have a background some Monday's more mountings on some trees. So a parallax background is basically have akron with the parts off the background, separated in his home layer. So if I played this, the layer Terry's more towards the camera or close moves faster. The one behind was a little bit slower. They were behind much Mars lower on there was, and development is the slowest one. And this basically sheaves a sensation off the 2. Background I: So now we can start making our background. But I'm not going to make this background in this document. So I'm going to select their insights off my monitor. And with this, I get the wheat on the height off these rectangle. So I'm going to make a new document with this week on thes Hey, like this. So here I had my new document going to recite this. I'm going to save it as my brother. No. When my first layer going to cab A vase Escape color. Um, I'm going to start making some thinks, for example, and going to make some trees. So I'm going to select a green color like this. Let's say this darker moral green, this is Thanks, I I'm going to work with it on pressure sensitivities. I'm going to click my brush. You're going to check this book off size on enable Ben Settings having my entitled in this section and going to make things really fast because making I gave my cover carries a lot of time on. I'm not going to go and clean pixels on lions and guards and things like that because that's going to make the videos really so in an empty layer, I'm goingto have nice selection Tool on going to make something like this on Dhere. I'm going to make centuries no having in mind that if the Blair is going to move, then I need to repeat this backward several times in the X axis. So if I paint something like these here something on the other part I bring something like this on a repeat this frequent, you compressed it and wook, and that's going to tie your canvas in the X on y axis. Is that also goto edit? No, you right? I will know. W right. So this is the left off my picture on this is the way. So if I repeated Ah, my picture like this I'm going to get something like this on in. The connection is going to have I Really No, this ever seen. So what I have to do is to make my three on everything on me back front in this moment, Right? So in this movie, I can paint over the scene like this on I can chronic things similarly so you didn't see? We have It will seem right here, so I'm just going to look my base cooler and going to rename it like background please on No, we're actually ready to start making something, So I'm interest to make some trees. You will see a time lapse of me painting some trees in peak select. So now I can select the lighter color and I can call my trees, Rip it. I can label my alfa look. So as you can see, I paint there some bombs in the in the land have in mind that if I don't have the Alfa lock I find here I think this this part is answer connecting with the doctor, right? Because he's also dialing in the y axis. So if I paint something that shows knees three at the bottom on, I paint a little bit like these After that, I have to delete this part, right? I think so. Now I'm going to make another layer that I'm going to move below the layer off the trees on in this layer. I'm going to have some alone things on a lecherous color for those moments have in mind than the sky. The atmosphere's ask the density. So things that are, um further away. It takes the color off the sky, for example. Um, if I have those threes on, I make something like this days because has more going off the guys is further away. Right? So when to take the corner of my trees Lower the opacity off the rush Tau 50 brains of pain over the sky going to color Picked this color Have the positive actor 100 you into the ladies on Terry Have my quarter for my mountains So w a gain on going to pain some Monday. 3. Background II: So now we can start making some clothes. I'm going to make a new layer and trying to move it below the mountains. We're going to rename it honest. I'm going to make a new brush to make the clothes. So I'm going just a negative. My brush Very until ah, single shape. That is fine. I going to enable the capacity. I mean the size untreated. Like their brand pressure. This only works. Of course, if you have specific tablets on its on going to enable this cutter. So if I have But we are safe, the brush I can't fibrous Carter. Then I will get something like this, right? I'm thesis really convenient to make clothes. No, I'm going to save this fresh Sanyo. Go new one saving your rash. Is it going to rename it? Excellent rash on. I'm going to click loan from like a library on Brent Celek the world for example This one did issues toe See the brush in the brush presets. I want to play in here. Save No If I goto are the Russians, they have my brush. You can search the name off the rush here. If you don't find it. I can't. Right click saying today, Big start on there Now we make low layers, sing in the choir, pick the color of the background I'm going to select. I'm going to make a palette so I can call her big the corners whenever I want. I'm going to choose a really right? Right. This Renzo more situation darker on a more boo this maybe a little more So now that we have the colors and then shoes to make the press w and start making some clothes shapes, I'm going to make the bottoms off my gloves more straight. This with my believe in a selection. Totally grateful. One selection shift. Make another one. Just me. I have to the saver undulation before making dis elections, I'm going to make a really long clothes on day or something. Lane Se hui looks And now I am ready to start sharing the clouds. I'm goingto shade right now. Every club with my made in Qatar And now my right, the squatter. I'm goingto Shane ago. My life is coming this way. So I'm great with us. Something like this. Now I'm going to select the director. One greens of pain here are interested in medium color on grains. May something like this? No. With my darkest one. Until we have a clothes. You know, maybe I can make those colors a little bit different. How to select with the similar color selection tool. Without it of you on brain team, for example. Like thes. So going to make these more blue? I'm actually going to leave it like that. I can have some determining if I want, in my case, I want. But you have the choice on. Basically, we have to do the same thing for all the other close I can modify. In some quarters, I made the this guy got or more saturated than Raider house. It was to the on. Now I'm going to keep working on the clouds. 4. Background III: So there we have the gloves on with this, we are basically finishing. I wear black women, as you can see your dial it there. Er no. Seems on the connection. Assef said at the beginning. And I made these really fast without caring too much about the shapes on the big service and the lines. Um, but when you are making peace for something like I work, you really need to take your time ago. We decided by big settle to see And where can you place that pixel in the very place to make it look very right. So we already with our back line, we can say we can export this program. Um, we need to a sport every layer we want to help, like relax. Think that a teacher so file export. Um, it's feed. For example. Micron one now with the second layer with clothes went to that. They weren't on the phone. Now we can keep working on our tail. Said we're going to import the layers off the back room. We're going to go to layer import export imports layer on. I'm going to select all the layers off the ground open on assurance. See, I have all the layers important. U N C. I made some changes in the background. I am only fight the colors off the clothes on Do the sky. I have made some kind off radiant. Um, I have the little one go. I also say that the moment things a little bit on That's basically it. So know we can make. I woke read my layers of tobacco and construct all the layers Press country she on. I can rename this group as my I'm going to move thes world below the monitor on. I'm going to move the world that's going to move altar area. I'll players inside the group. I want to move it like that. Perfect. No, I can make in your layer, I would say the group Real time monitor in this layer. I'm going to plant my level off to be the one going to select well, for example, like these I know I'm going to really first paint waas, so I want my level to look like, so I'm going to have a floor on. I also want to have some Monday's. We're going to change the color off the ribs going to breathe Some guys on here, many style, the color Teran. I'm going to make something like this. If I knew more space and I can use take upto on That's basically is going to be a layout off my level that you won't see. Its doesn't look ready. It doesn't have to look paraded this issues to plan the days that I need to make So let's see how this works, right? So I have some tiles Now I'm going toe in indiscretion In these say in those styles on going toe have some numbers. So where come from? This style is going to be a one. This is also one because it's the same time this is going to be a to cause is different This is a tree thistle territory. This is a for this is a one. This is a four both split. This is also retrieval Fleet t So 11 and those are zeros. So we take a look at the other times said that I made It's the same thing we have here. I won, I won! I won! I won! I won a tool 33 or 41 Ah for flipped that reflect that reflect another tree two on one 5. First Tile: and that's basically the same thing for 11. So we are going to make a level on after making 11. We're going to choose, select each unique style on make a date it on with that Isil tells it, we're going to be able to make although the level still we want. So we're going to start making a tale. We're going to start with the basic one. That's the one I'm going to great and your document off the size of today, that dirty to rate it to do great on their we had. So in this case, I also need to use ow. But I should have to dial this style in the X axis, not in the way. So how can I make something like that? Because I should scan tight there the commas, intakes, axes. What I can do is, for example, when all of this with a color on use makeup through aren't decisive. For example, two pixels. So that's way I can differentiate that up on the bottom. Right. So you just start choosing some color from marital. I'm going to have some grass angling for sure to change the color. Later on. I also going to have some dirt so I can start painting my grass thesis. If either one Togo Tsai, Mary Tyler, I can separate the layer. I can separate my palate in another layer on I can shows activity Alpha, Look on a very tight going to paint some rocks. I'm going to have one more color to my palette. I'm now and going to modify two colors. I think that's fine for No, no, I can use makeup to look a on a break. This facto obliterated to to country s going to save these. Ah di interior one man file export. So we're going to support appearance. She lets us one. I can close this layer import for layer one. There we have it so I can leave it there. Of course, you have toe make the time much degree. Like the corner here on. Now we can repeat this'll like that. Um we can no put the same time whatever I need. Okay. Perfect. No way can also make Spencey. I have a lot of tiles. I can make a wolf, for example, with all my one tile justice, right? Does he stare weapons like I'm running here on now. I can make a really style that issues selecting the escolar off my 31 with a rectangle selection tool making attorney to greater to do it. But Daniel Square like this on field that like that. So that's my see what? So we are looking at that we're making pixel earth. In my case, I don't want to have a lot of layers so I can choose Merge all the tiles. It was layer like these on if I should sneak this style, I can select it or discomfort Siegel TV on. I found it in another layer. I will lower the positive. The reference 30%. I'm for now. I'm going to select thes. I'll make it this cooler on out of this. So for now, I'm going to work on the's segment. The other segment is going to be sure to make I hope so. Inter, Expedia. We're going to keep making for three days. We're going to finish the moment, Ain, um, seeing that Expedia 6. Mountain: So we're going to start making those styles. So let's see what we have to make. So we need to make a tree that leads to connect really sell. So if history tell level in a way, access we need to make a four that needs to connect to the tree on the one on the answer to that needs to a net 2 to 1 on the tree. So we're going to start with three going to make and you look men, same size. We're going to make the same thing, really, for the one going to use make reptile. But now, instead, off making take Mama's bigger on the way actually is going to make it bigger on the X axis . Two pixels. Um, no, I can make I started to invite her to do big. So square this. There we go. No, I compressed w tile on the way access. So I'm going to use the same colors for that. I need to call her pig tinkerers. So this fun on, I'm not going to need a grass for thes. So this is going to be works, So I'm going to make a roby shape person going to separate the palate. Country X will be on there. We go into pain off this factory off a log on going to use their racer to make some ropey shapes Now and then she was going to paint some reps, so we think that's fine for now. Going to rece ice document back. He's They come to disable the background because this is transparent. Going to save these make a new layer. This isn't free export file. It's part going back to my tree folder being she on. There we go. No, we can import this again. Face Ontario, remember that You compress are maintain Jr Press and click on the layer that you want to select. So we need to match these here on. I can't believe this. There were So we have a tree here and duplicate Ontario for making the flick burst. Soon we can shoes much. This could threaten sheet rachet. Sorry. Conference goingto direction Toe Oh, those things happen sometimes. Welcome back. So I have it Still another pressure off Greater Seems like the latest version doesn't support the information tool for some reason. So no, I can merge this country. T come here on flip. I actually have to duplicate air before. Same thing. Take this on. Move it like that. So he for any reason you're information total Also this morgue. You can select your layer with a layer there's for on a mirror layer, re sensitive. What? That's going to move your layer really far, but it's going to work. So no, I can make the other to tail said. We need to make and going to merge everything again on going to start with the truth going to go to my tenants Direction tool Selected style controversy going from of it. I think that on with my eraser I'm going to make something like this. I know I can feel everything. My background color. Andi. That's basically everything for the second tale, as you can see that there is really easy to make. So we're going toe merge again. Um, now anger in tow. Select this style on going to do the same thing. Quantrill seeking for B find a movie there going toe. They were the slayer going to hide in the reference. I know. I need to connect. Is with this on. Actually, I'm not going to do that goes thes looks. This mirror looks really strange. So I'm going to delete that I'm going to start from my they want. So I'm going to make the lettuce. I'm here and going to movies. One pick cell on this three little speak cells on that's going to make it look like there s that's where everything basically so no, I can't flip those new tales on my fight This section a little bit much everything. I'm here. So there we go. We have that section done. I can feel this on in the next video. I am going toe make the section. 7. Floating Platform: So before I start with the section, I'm going to make some modifications. The dissection, first of all, anger into tissue ho. I can layer works. So I'm going to the cricket this, and to make a colonel layer, you come to select a layer, this one for somebody on you go at their right off the new layer bottom people can tear well clear layer on you have accordingly, so you would have something like this. Now what's the difference between a glowing layer on shows duplicating the layer in the cloud layer? As you can see, I cannot paint. But if I select this layer original layer on I paint on this layer, I am also going to paint on the ground layer so I can't duplicate micro layer on. They can't make something a thieves, for example, on if I want to make some modifications, I said in my original layer on its grand to modify all the ground layers. So that's what we are going to use to modify our tiles without needing toe open the original fight. So I'm going to the lettuce, the style I'm going to separate this style in another layer control ex contra G green to move it there on. I'm going to make Ekland layer off thes stale, going to select the region of the day on to begin with, I'm going toe. Move the highlight off the rocks to the opposite side. I am also going to do these on these this style. So I'm going to select the layer with a style on. There we go. Now I'm going to select going to go back to my original layer on going to select a light sky color. I'm going to lower the capacity to 50%. I'm going to paint over this color. I going toe color. Pick this color control said to eliminator. They still have the color baked on green to recite the buzzy. You know, you can think off each of those rogues as foxes. So you have one face, another one on another one in the face that is pointing this way. I am going toe this way. I'm going to and have a reflection off this guy. So I'm going to make something like this. So in this case, I cannot paint this part. I have to go at the top on I paint like that. Now I'm going to select this ongoing toe. Also do. Same thing on that's fine. So now I can merge everything and we have some trait that no, we need to make the same thing on the other side. I am sure going to Gopi the part that we have modified call for a sequence for B going to mirror. I'm going to match the shape. We can modify the shape off the dial shoes What is inside? So Terry's and rollem like immersion. And maybe I can modify the color off the reflection of the sky a little bit. So maybe, for example, I'm goingto be stalling into Greek. This going through you, I'm going to modify these. That's fine for now, I can modify two corners later, so no problem. If I want, I can just say that one of the size off the mountain doesn't have thes reflection off the sky so I can select these goto another tool, for example, directing this direction to on person found dissecting this on then, for example, feeling thes if the color until we go. So this is I If I want shoes. The reflection of the sky at one side. What are another safe in my case and green for livid. At what size? So now I'm going to start with this part. I'm going to start with making test this style. So I'm going to make a new layer. Um, I'm going to tow make a 32 by 32 square off the same color off the background, and I'm going to paint something. I'm going to the placated slayer like this, so he stays, needs to stay with itself. So I am goingto actually not going to duplicate and going to make clone layers. So earlier, going to the plicating clone layer Graito, My original layer. Hello. I got start work. So I'm going to color pick this on its I'm goingto make the same thing as we made here. I'm going to erase this part. Remember that you're gonna paint in the cooler layers. I think that's fine from that. So no, like, I know that this style connects really self so I can delete tickler layers on. I can move these tales there on a fight. Now I'm going to make the style. I can use this one with some modifications to connect it connected with this one. So knowing me I need to make weren't like these. That's also needs to connect it for yourself. So maybe I can duplicate this one on and rotated like these. You compress shift weight, rotating toe. Snap it. Um, no, I don't like that. So we're going to make the same thing as review or this one going to merge everything before your layer. Let's work. In this case, I am not going to use their later color because this is facing now, so it's not getting a lot of light, but I am going to use this guy Carter. So you think that sign in tow three layers? Um, I'm going to move. I die better now. I'm going to make the tired the center that is this, um, we are fine to make the connection between those true tales so I can make that connection shows here. So I think that sign going to merge with the tails. So I'm going to duplicate keys and I'm going to flip it. I actually need to select everything I can save Integrion on. We have something like that commercial again on now for example, if I want to make one of thes but nurture I come, for example, much thes So because they know that these style for yourself and also thes they can separate these on they come for somebody make some drink This and this one also tales with itself. So I can So there we go. So you can see you can make with those styles a larger block like you wish. 8. Ramp: So we're going to start working on the ramp. So I'm going to make a new layer on. I'm going to make Ah 45 degree line like this so I can make some picks. Is duplicate the layer off thes brush that three layers duplicates again on the again that can there you commercial Everything can go toe my line tool Take a line like that person shift to restrain the angle Going to defend toe the sable Feeling very selection There we go with this layer I'm going to make a clown layer green to move it there going to the cricket ground layer on Move it there Pressing are going to select my original layer I know I'm going to start working on the rest, Going to enable the Alfa look on going to pain Some of us maybe I can move my layers like these So we have the original layer here on making something a piece on no selecting all my tiles. I'm coping that May 16 1 on we went it here. This is cows. I need to connect this room with this style so I can work with this way on. That's fine now I'm going to paint some rocks. Perfect. Now I'm going to make a new layer on going to feel this. It that are cooler, disabled. Alfa. Log on. I'm going to make a clean layer with this. Thanks. So this is a dial to connect. The two tiles have in mind that when I am painting on this style on, I will selecting the's originally layer toe affect all the other layers. So I think that's a looking girl. I can merge everything like this. I'm now angry into movies there. Commercial this, feel those caps there you now issues need to make a tile toe. Connect those two tiles. Maybe I can cope with ease. Um, yes, that's right. I don't need to make another date. So now I should have through flip the new dies that I am made those two controversy going to be pretty. Um, on. There we go. We have finished. There are 9. Cave I: Now I'm going to make this film fierce and going to the liberty style. I'm going to select this control C control be on going to place it there. ST No, I have to upset Appeared Hagen truce to use the style. That way I am first in the player to go up. This from are I can use this one. So this way I am giving to play earthy option toe. Continue this way. Going this way are I gave the period The option to jump for it is found in my case and going to keep it this way on. There we go. Now I'm going to make some modifications to the background. I am going to lower the background. That piece despoil ain't and the and going to make a little layer off the background. There we go on. We're in to select the layer off the sky on I'm going to continue the sky like this. Select a darker color on. I can make a gradient like these on other could one. I'm going to grow up a document on birth. Now we're going to work on the cave, so I need to make on entrance to the cave on this part. It's going to be a back room for the gate, so it it's not going to have collision. So to make their entrance to the cave, I can use this. We're in this style I'm not going to have and the reflection off this guy unless I'm not going to cut the labor. So I'm going to compete the stale on going to flip this. So I'm going to merge all the tiles and then just select my two layers of fragmented current layer under original one. I'm going to make another group like he's going to rename it Background on. There we go. So now we have to make this style that it's a transition between the outside of the cave on the inside. So I'm going to duplicate the style, going to flip it site. So I want this style toe connect with this style. But I also wanted to connect with this one, so I'm going to create a new layer. Greenfield. This like these, I agree integrate a clone a year with these going to put it here. I'm now I'm going to start working under originally, so that's connecting fine. Also here. I'm going to the city. The reference I'm now I'm going to pay some rocks. There we go. So as you can see, the styles connect with this one on answer with this one so I can delete those styles on. There we go. So if I want, I can have the decision toe my faith or styles. So they let this reflection off the skate if I weren't. But if I do this, then that means that I'm going to add two more. Thile stood my tells it, because this style, if I modify it at birth, it's not the same. That's this one. So that's your choice. You're going to say to people that reflection or are tumor ties to your time said. But have it more. Um, we're pretty to your case guys. I'm going to keep it on through 100 immersion. Everything, and that's right 10. Cave II: So before we keep working on our cave and going to make some modifications to the reference , I'm going to move this part thes This is for girls. If I call it like this, I am going to have the prints of rocks here. Right? So if I can choose thesis based paint rocks and going to have to use another tile toe paint the transition between the like brooks on the darker ones. So if issues move thes like these, I am having more space to paint rocks on the same type. I'm going to move the floor. So the off the floor dodges agreed, Like we have here on the same thing here. This is also floor, so it's going to be there on there we go campaign here, lower the city. So now I'm going to make this style. This tires needs to connect with yourself on also with this time. So in going toe, do the same thing as with you before, right? So there we have another tale. It could nurse this on having my something. If you want to break the monotony off there, nice, it's off your environment. You will always make variations toe some of your data sets and you can make ah variations safely. My shoes don't modifying t size off the off the daily cause that's where the danger connect . So I can trust the styles on If I don't notify the size you can make something like these. For example, Ondas wake that way I make sure that this style connects with this one on other planets. Maybe I can, uh, living with more off big. So this year like these So I'm going to make the floor going to select thes for Sequent will be controlled, I would say thes books been depressed. Shift on a state 19 No, Doesn't need 180 The grease going to put it here. Going toe Saving the reference I'm going to make the top part more plain thes against It doesn't need to be exactly 100% plane going to make a clear to safety styles. Yes, that's fine. Green differently. Spurt under. We have the floor. Now we need to make a transition with me in this style on the floor. So I'm going to duplicate the floor on going toe, feel everything like thes so going to merge everything on. I also have a few here going to crop my document going to the corruptible 1-click. I'm going to grow up those two picks cells. Um, those pics going to make the corner for that? I can select themes style on. Also going to check this well on protected thesis. Great. That this fun? I'm going to make some modifications. So there. We have to tell you, maybe I could make the other one living this. He's actually no you until next. Lindsay, thank these. I have to make this stale. Let's see what? What can you was fourth. You can maybe thes a piece thes. Uh, they left this part in large on. Keep working on this. How may I went this style to be able to connect with this one so I can make something like this earlier? This'll, um it actually connects. I really connected very well, So I have had to make animal implications. But I do have to make a connection here. It's safe. The looks. That's fine. So no, like emerge on field thes. I'm going to copy this style here. With that, we have finished our cave. Now issues have to make the background on. We're going to make the background in the next video 11. Cave III: so doing with our K, we're going to make the background off the cape, going to make you layer on, going to move it below that Dahlia's So the back room, it's going to be this quarter. So you can feel that on here and going to me something different I'm going to make and your layer going to fin face on. I need things to tell with yourself if I want to make a bigger entrance. So I'm going to make a clown layer, actually, and going to move the original layer here. I'm going to make a car layer duplicated layer. Answer into the play kingmaker layer here. So going to make some rugs, maybe more here. Going to select kiss? Well, maybe not. Maybe just going to use their razor. Now I'm going to make some new colors. So disabled the Alfa Look, um, I'm going to choose my darker schooler. There were the opacity 50% on going to use T's Quarter Onda also going to choose Majorca school again. 50% of US City. He's good going to select May S K cooler off their objection. The's fun. I'm going to paint some rocks here too out of here, going to modify this color a little bit, going to make it. We're girl and grains of pain here so I can delete taken layers. No, it's you can see I have to make the connection off thes. That means that and going to also need a new tile. That means that I can modify it this style if I want, because when I make the going to show here, I'm going to have a tight right So taken giusto by faith Ease. So green Maathai on this layer. Andrea, I can flip. This could receive up to be a flip exciting going to merge those layers going to the lead This style, um copies perfect. So that's basically on that we have to make for C. Vikrant of the cave. I can, of course, modified the colors. If I went Let's see if I can make a bigger entrance. Great to merge everything unless you can see it were fight. So we are. I really finish it with making at the basic part off the environment. Now, in the next video, we're going to make some decorations toe the environment. We're going to make a tree on enemy a chance and things like that. So seeing the Xperia 12. Ladder: So we're going to stir making another. So I'm going to create and your layer. And with these dark and their color, I'm going to make some squares like this goingto disease with the same spacing from the real going to merge those two layers, going to great acclaim layer, um, grease the movie here from then duplicate on move it here. I'm going to select my original layer. I'm we're going to work with this, so I'm going to select my next light color going to activate Alfa Log. I'm going to shave thes like I seen in there Going to select may scare reflection color. I'm going to paint it here. So now with my brush selected, I'm going to click here on going toe, change the shape of the rush through a square shape. So when I received my brush, you will see that I have a square going to set the size at four. In my case for pixels Greens district. Might that according, are on with the line tool. Remember that the line tool takes the properties off your current brush. I'm going to make some blanks. Take this Perfect to take my brush is back to and I lingering to make some modifications. So now we're going to shake thes thes a three d ANSA. Look. So I have left a line here to make it look like a box. I'll maybe I can break this laying like this, making some cracks on the world. Now I'm going to select Mike Reflection Cooler and I also into pained their affliction Here . I'm now I'm going to select this corner on going to paint some cracks. Underwood on the side, off the blanks. That's fine. I'm now and in the paint some light here, finally in green to select may like schooler on pain. Some highlights like this. So there we have a leather. Now if I want, for example, Draven Toe have this leather on this round, I should have to make another day. So we've had to make something like this, for example, and it says implicate. He's without the Alfa Look, They think it's just broke something. One second. There you go. So I should have toe duplicate these and then in this layer my American lowers of Persily I'm trained these so and removing this part from the tail on I really have something like please. So there we have another. No, I can merge the two layers on there. We have a leather. Now, when I make my fleet version off, thes dial are required to make some corrections so you can control, See, contribute thes country T mirror. Uh, here we go. So if I move also one time off another, you will see this problem. Right? So here we have the revelation of the guy off this guy, but on the other tile, we have it at the right. So with the way the fixed this, it should select in this style on painting the Caribbean days thes thes on just like this, following the line on the same thing here on now it's fixed. 13. Tree: So in the last video we made, I stare on. Now we are going to make a tree in the tree. I'm not going to worry too much about the tiles. We could make a mother large three to make it dollar with dials and things like that. But I'm going to make something more easy. So I'm going to make a new layer on with the red corner The red colored issues toe and differentiate the colors off the deer because and going to use the same colors off the deer for the drunk of tawdry, I'm just going to paint the shape off the tree. So a think that's fame. For now, I can use my rectangle tool to make these dream or interesting, selecting some shapes like these on giving to tree some kind off guard like this. So we have some Rungis here and now we're going to make the leaves off the tree so I can use my They're Bruce, that I am made for the clothes. Unlike in truce, another color on pain, something like this. And now we're gonna start with the colors. I'm going to start with the leaves, so I'm going to select. I'm going color thes going to make about it. Um, I'm going to see how that really loves with those colors with the semen article oscillation tool and going to select a red. So I only paint on the leaves on on also going to paint the lives with the roast I made for the clothes going to start with the darkest color. I going to be willing their lives off the tree like these. So it's important. Didn't shade tree like this, right? Because thes doesn't make any sense. You have to think that the leaves off the trees are like a sphere. So you will be in something like these. So you will have a literate sphere here, for example, a bigger one here. Maybe she here thes on. You have to achieve this tree picture. So you really helped You were going to make some leaves like this with a small brush strokes. So something like these, Of course. I'm thinking thes really fast. You should take your time toe, make these fair there. But this is the basic idea. Maybe I can. Even though a lighter color, I can click on time with their cynical. A selection tool press shift on select the other colors. So now I'm going to save a degree. I don't need it. I'm now going to shade the drunk Going to use may basic rush for these on a green to start with the darkest their color. Now I'm just going to shake the tree. As I've said, you should always look at reference when you're making something. So you know the shape off the things that you're going to paint on the whole to shaded the material, son. So on, Just like their legs. The next, like color on the highlight. I'm now I'm going to select the reflection of the sky color. I'm going to painted like this. Um, also here? No, I can color pick the trunk like these on going to in birth this election. I can go to seal it, select on in verse, elation, or I compress control shift. I I'm now going to Siddiq. My Derrick is cooler on going to make on old late like this. Shall we can save this. See where I need I want my big since maybe those pieces, they can make them later. Maybe they can really fight the the leaves. One tip that I can give you instead you should have and single pixels because that's going to make your whatever you have. We make it look lay nicey. So you just had blasters of vixens. So you're gonna keep working in the shape off the three on the leaves. But that's basically co You make a tree in peaks, correct? 14. Chest: so I took more time to work on the lives on. Now it looks something were like that is much more cleaner on. I think it looks much more nice. So maybe I can replace some colors off the grass with some cars off the live. So I'm going to go toe May may layer with all the tiles on going to corn Epictetus over the tight. You can see I'm going to replace this cooler with a bucket full with feeling very selection with their leitess lip color like that. And now everything is much more good effort? No, let's see what else I can replace. Maybe I can replace this world. It's this fun with the base color on this one with Mm, that's maybe too dark. And that's too light. I'm not going to replace that month. I can delete this palette on. I can rename this layer three. I don't think I'm going to merge this layer on day. See how this tree looks in other places like this. Maybe if I have to tree in this corner, actually thes old line. But that's fine for now. Another thing I can do. These modified the corners of my background a little bit. So I'm going to go to my group with all the programs greatly at filter mask on. I just readjustment. You can decrease the situation on the likeness. Um, maybe write something more like that. There were. So we're going to be working on our environment, and now we're going to make some grass styles. That is really easy. You just make some lines like this somethin. Let them like these on may be used on the corner of fourth pillar for the number ones you can answer, for example, make some flowers. He's on your going to easily make variations with these shoes coming with ease on. We're now on some things great. You can also make some reputation here into a tree. So, for example, I can have that going to me Tree layer on painting some reputation here. Now I'm going to make a chest, so I'm going to make an your layer green just leg thes gold or, for example, on with their work 10 selection tool and going to make a rectangle like this. Grains fillets. No, goingto mason today thes actually for that and going to activate the Alfa Look on pain someday. Thes disabling the feeling very selection. And there we go. So this is going to be on our terrific books on. We're going to do something like this. And now I can copy this part. Control C control the Move it here, Merchant, Those two layers on the leading Those speaks is on there. We have the basic shape off the chest. So now I'm going to keep shaving thesis and bring your some colors to my palette. I'm going to make some metal middle things here, so I'm going to were like, thes middle has a lot of contrasts, by the way, on going to make some strings like these following the shape. No, I couldn't shake them. As you can see, I'm not. And lading this'll like a straight line. But I'm breaking to life to make some Dexter. So I'm also going to have I lying here now I can choose a darker color, actually. Yeah, I'm going to the syndicate goingto make some planks. Just making some days like this on going to continue to Spanx in the other way with the darkest goto, the other side and no on this land were here and going to make some shadow. I'm here the same thing about on their their site. I am also going to add some shallow here under this part. I'm here. So there we have a chest. I can delete this. Let's see, of this chest looks in the cave, for example. So caring credit goes, In my opinion, um maybe I can. For some who make this lane later on this one, I think he's darker to see how it looks. Now. Now it looks much more burden in this game. So there we have a chest on. Now we're going to make on enemy that's going to be a slave. 15. Character and Enemy: So when with environment, we're going to make a slain. So I'm going to make and your layer on with my normal brush agreeing to scale it. They it is, for example, I'm going to pain like this green to my rectangular collection tool going toe the lead thes part And there we have the shape off our thing. You can, of course, modified the shape a little bit like these, for example. But I'm going to leave it like this, going to activate the Alfa lock on. This is going to be a greenest lame. So I'm going to use to color off the leaves off the tree, going to start with the pace cooler going to make on dark old lane. This overland is going to re later on the part where the sun hits. I'm now I'm going to make another old line but on the inside. And this is only going to be later where the sun creates. I can maybe use discolor to make I later highlight without you this I'm now in going to pain something I think it is on display art. So painting this lane so as lame is basically translucent. So you have to paint reflection, and this may be a little bit hard to understand on display, but that's basically help. You can paint a slime, so let's see CO This lane looks in decay. Find maybe I can replace this cooler on. There we go. So we're done with the environment? No, to end up with our Michael, we need to make a chereque there and the game user interface. Great. So now we're going to make the Chereque ter. So my character is going to have us work, and that's words going to be. This word that we made on the item said, So I'm going to vote layer import export import player on going to select European, she with my tires, it my items that certain. And here I just need this war. So I'm going to the lettuce on, going to the lead, the old nine off major or okay, now I'm going to breast cancer. T. I'm going to flip much war that thesis on going to make some modifications on their likeness, So I have to sleep. Everything on this part liken disabled the Alfa look on. They can make multiple selections, then flip this and then rotate person shift on rotate like this movie more it there When you when your selection disappear, maybe you have to disable the Al Falah. Then make a a brushstroke hunt and try again. And now we're going to start with the character and going to select this color, Going to make layer on going to start with shape off my character Green to select a later color on. I'm going to make the help now I'm going to make tea. Arms. May I had two movements were like this, her clothes green to move its level of my character and now the other. So now I'm going to make the color palette for my character. I'm going to start with the skin green. Too sick. Don't like this. You know whether Girton more situated on more to our threat. I'm also going to have a red shirt going to have some like bands on. There we go. So I'm going to start with skin. I am answering to have some hair and for that's angering to use the corner off the rocks. Maybe I can add and I with phase, But, um, yeah, I'm going to live with I now I'm going to replace the corridor off the shirt, going to save Elif Unitary selection on green to paint me shirt like that? No, on this birth on no depends on. There we go. So now in green to move me, check their of over there is work green too greatly. The layer of this work select opaque on Going to the leaders from the chair occur. I'm now in this layer goingto at those fixes. So now I can delete this on. We're going to animate this character on the animation section and going to rename the layer of my character on going to make a surreal empties on Make a group with those two layers control she character And there we have it if we want we can up on old line through our charity there So we can make something like these I'm thinking of Thanks. Yes. So there we have a check there. I can rename thes olein. Let's see who the characters compares. Do the other part. I'm going to move with ease later, off the church, there, below the tiles Onda repair it next to the tree to tell to the leather This lame, uh, cream through its here on the chest. You can We were this'll And there we go. All the her parts off the environment off the tile said on off the markup are done. Now we just have to make that game user interface that really see so I will see interfere. 16. Game User Interface: So now we are three steps away from finishing with our makeup. We need to make their game user interface, make some final adjustments to the colors on. Then they they Ah, that is it. So we're going to start with making take and user interface and going to move my slain into the cave. Also meet Director the group like these countries going to mirror it on. There we go. I'm going to turn on the layer of my monitor on going to move it here. So this is the sound that we're going to respond or Tanaka. Um, I also want my trade appear on the market. So there we go. And now we can start with They're getting just hurting the face, saying, going to make a new layer on going to work outside my monitor to have more space. I'm going to use the colors off the dirt, going to go to my granddaughter said to size back to one pixel great American with our tool on going to make a 20 May 20 pixel squaring. Going to look this on the real, going to separate these into a new layer. Got Rolex, contribute. I'm going to May a vase for the head for the end user interface spectate also look on green to paint like these. Claim to make on in your line exists. You can make these. So you like it. You can You should really check at reference off other games before 13 to make something like these. Um I'm also going to add a shadow like this, and this'll make it look like you know is true. The peace. So this is going to be my face. I'm actually going to make another one. But with So this one is when you heard the mouse over the grid, it will get highlighted like this Andi also going to make of course her. So I select this color and reason. Make it sheer, for example. So, like that I'm, like also going to need on Poland commercial Still two layers. I'm making the elements off my interface. So now I'm going to make, for example, goingto rabbits, lime green, the mood right here for some boots and just like this there and now I'm going to make a help our for my sled so we can do something like this. I'm going to select their weather on my T shirt on the Durga schooler for thesis and depart . There we go. Now I can also a number. So, for example, let's say 50. So when you have too little pixels, it's really hard toe make things like a line in the center. So you have to make and an estimate and also going to give my number on only. So when you're making a Nolan and you have yourself like this 60 center pics like this usually always felt that cause it's going to look really strange and also thes like this. So there we go. If I can make these on, I can move back my ASL I'm here on selected slayer, and I know that I made the hell part off my slime and going to make the Gilbert for my jerk there so I can cope with these silver. And now I'm going to use my monitor. So I know that those are the corners of me monitor. So my screen so I can place my helper, for example here, maybe I know I can make it larger, shows you in office, and I can feel this then selecting thes copying thes right? I converse those layers on Let's say, for example, that my check their can make. I know I can make a level of art, for example, And they can change the color, for example, the color of my treat. Ontario. I got us a text simply like Eric Opiate everything. Converse this. I know I can make a text. So this is going to be the H b this issue into beat the level off the charts. I am going to import again. My item said, Going to layer import export import layer grains of movies here because I'm going to use that later. So let's see what else we can do. Maybe they can move these lower. I can go with ease. It's even on. I can use these, for example, to display my current weapon. So to make item said it could be thesis on a place here. Dinner, commerce, thes on. Wait so no, we can make, for example, that inventory. So I'm going to me some of this on going to make a three victory in the story. So on duplicate these have, for example, a three pixel separation. Then commercial these the brigade on the same thing. I went to a tree. 123 commercial. I'm now in going toe. Select discolor. I'm going to make a new layer green to move it low on basically going to do the same thing . I can activate the l follow going toe my line tool I'll make this life. I'm also going to give it the shadow on the other shadow so that it can marriage then and I can put some eight. Then you saw my item said I'm for example, if I kind more Morton when potion, for example. If I have been, I can make the number 10 here, then your layer if I need to make some modifications So let's see what we can merge. I'm going to make this parts off the grease like a highlight. So it's going to be selected over many months, so I can also with the most. Therefore, they can make some fixed on also the only Maybe they need those pixels. That's so no, I need a way to close this inventory so I can use, for example, I'm doing with the game user interface. I'm going toe move office on going to make a place for the player to equip and you know, the weapons on the shell on things like that. So we can, for example, replicate this middle part from seeking to the I don't need this book. So when you're picking on with a line through it now, I'm going to need a later color off this vibrant ISS on. I'm also going to need my squirt, so I'm going to have a dirt to a grip. As world I feel on, for example, some boots. So because I already have as for the crypt and going to and it's for here on on the empty space and going to have some kind off icon to represent the shield on the foot so I can make something really fast thes, we think in your line just with frequent color on some moves here 17. Final Adjustments: on. There we go. Converse this either longer need, item said. And let the pallets. I can keep those parts in another layer if I need to make another part off the game user interface later so I can rename thes backup example. Uh, hey, and now I can move everything inside my monitor. I think, for example, here on their we basically have again user interface. Of course, you can make us money elements as you want on like you want, but I think you can get knows idea ho to make I am user interface. If you decide that in your video game when you have the inventory open, you're going to pause the game. You can right click the layer off their head. Select opaque, go to select member selection of Prince Contra. Shift weight on. That's going to invert disaffection on without really that color you can make on you layer . Even see this color is not covering the fat, and you can decreased capacity so know that under hard work is done, it's an excellent moment toe organize our layers. So, for example, I don't need discrepancy layer so I can disable the look on the lead it here on the ground . I am going toe Mersch those layers. I have my thighs, that character going to merge the old line We, the church there I'm actually going toe merge everything. A move thes about there group. So I haven't empty group that I can believe on going through it names these characters. So I had the justice lane the tree under going to rename thes gaming user interface. Take it, have it to that quip. You can move it. Maybe the disc order. I don't longer need the Reverend so I can delete that on that we have the monitor. I'm going to make a group with office said, and going to her name like a I'm going to duplicate this group and going to the seventh, this one on this group. We're going to make the final assessments to the colors with some feed their mouths. You can if you want Ray, click the layers on select 1/4 for the layer, for example. My background can have this color all the individual elements going to check their could have thes fun. The title, for example, can be Bring Didier came user interface can be orange on the those elements can be, um, read for example on Now we're going to start with final modification off the color so greatly the group at feed their mask. And now you're gonna start playing with their situations Likeness for everything. If you on you can make also in the reader modifications to every layer. But in my case, I'm just going to add she's their mask off color valances on going to move the shadows to our science or my canda. So there we go. And though we can saved this document, we can make go to file, save us on green empties Smoke up twenties issue Integrate a new file on Now we're going toe. We're working on that file. So in this file, I'm going to grow up a document inside the monitor center file expert. Look up as a P in shape save, I said. And so here we can. Finally, I were markup. So it was a lot of work, but I think the final resort is worth it. Two in this section, in the next video to intersection, we're going to make the title said on with The Times said we're going to be able to make us money environments as we want. So CNN's Expedia So we're still not done with Herbert Girls, I forgetting something and going to the savor the filter mass going to my game user Inter first layer on a for good to have three shadow, you know, Here I'm here and you remove office. I'm also here. Maybe you You will see it within days. Uh, there were I also have to make the same thing on my main file. I can export these again, us being she. And now we're done with the error. 18. Tileset: So the most important part of this section is done. We have made our mark up on now to in this section, we should need to make the tail set on. I'm also going to show you what's the point of making attends it. So I'm going to go to file save us on green to make in your face vocal style Sit on going to start the leading some stuff that I don't need in my tells I don't need my backup. I'm here. I can t center layer and I needed to monitor the backup the game user interface. I also don't need the background. I'm going to make a new where you later for the back room and I am us. I absolutely need this line north the tractor. I'm going to move my tree there for some group on reaches. Also there I'm now I'm going to right click on this group on green to select merge group So this is going to transform a group into a layer. So I kept everything in one layer. I'm going to select my corruptible click ones on going to make some space and here I'm going to make me tense it. So I press center, I'm going toe feel this with my partner. I'm going to turn on my grade on going to create a new layer. However, all the layers in this layer and going to paint with a little dirt, the tiles, the unique tiles. So basically in our tail said we're going to have all the tiles of the unique time. So, for example, and going to have this one, but not this one, because this one used already this one. So this front thesis one thes want on that also includes the decoration ties like this one rich only in grooves that rest. So we think those are all the size that I need to include in retail said So I'm going to Roto are my tiles on going to start making my day said here. So we're going to start with the basics and great to go to my rectal tool selection for that the shark of these come from our on going to stick these on going to put it here So it's really important that it stays on degree what it needs on I'm also going to duplicate this chest constancy Contrave conference on going to make a Fleet Persian commercial. This going to do the same thing with my tree. You know, I shouldn't see it that re occupies money tiles on unique to make your trip by the last number of tiles that you can Also, I need to make some changes on the tree. For example, is that a forgotten to add on some off my grassy floating? So going to make it like that? No, I didn't see. I have to pick self here. That goes outside this look so I can move eight mitri one picture into the left and then I am a coping. One less the space and the real answer. This really is going to be on top off Agresti on. You know that the dub off McGrath style. He's on the same line. That's the real. So I have to move this tree down until I don't have honey transparent pixels on this because here is going to be my grass for some boots. We're making layer. They can regress here on. I can't matri one picks it up. Then I'm going to have peace. Transparent pixels. So any image tree there I can also make a flip version of me tree contract secret or be under instant like these on basically the same thing so it can, right there, there. But I have to change this guy color here through the other site. I'm now in green to start with the tiles off the environment. So they emerge all my files. I'm now I'm going to go with mayor of Bangle in our selection through selecting all the tiles in one time so I can select once breath shift, select another one, keeping keeping shift breast and then doing ladies with all their unique styles. So with using going to press, Congress equals for B going to move it here, there, on the same thing with all the other titles I can also press out does abstract from a selection. - And now I shall start organizing. My times said I didn't get better, so I can make, for example, move everything. I love this here and there we go so I can make some flu Persians off this part. And now you also need to make after immersion off this one. Curry is a little face. I think I forgot into select something here, so I'm going to the office. I'm going to copy it again. You need to make sure that you're selecting all the pieces of your tail. I know. I know that I need to make some adjustments here, so I'm going to move these here on the roof. So I need to delete this part huntin color Pick on fix this. There were only compressed control. Has to say on let's keep working and we're going to do is something like this. So I'm going to move thes here, going to merge somethin green to place this date here, Steven, for being beautiful Persian. He needs to said today I'm going to the same thing with all the guys. I don't need to make the free version of this, but I do need to make some adjustments years because sometimes I will, like toe connect the style that this one on a student, see, you can see that it's like a reflection off yourselves. So I'm going to make some adjustments. And now I would like to make on your tile with this one. So we're going to a press conference, even three on basically agreeing to press control. D She's I retained like this. Only they can move my trees on. There you go. So this is a really unorganized I said you can organize it in a way that you find it easier to look for. What you what you are looking for. But this is basically go days. It looks like now I can delete this that this on going to press May corrupt show make really on going to grow up under with like that. There we go so you can press conference iss the saving background Spertus as that being she call Tyson and now I'm going to show you what's the minds of making this? 19. Level: So here I am. In a software called Style, it is also free. You can delegate at map headed toward the or you don't have those. Is this issues to show you? What's the point off? Making a tells it. So you compressed new map or terminal with those settings. The sights, the tile size is the size off each style off yours, dulcet, you can press, save us. You can make your mayor and your funder Andi, for example one. So you can make a lot of things in tile. I'm just going to go over the basics you compress here, you style set Rose for that be. And she off your Thanks, Ed Open. And that in my okay under in my ask you to save another file with Irritated. He's just the same thing as making a new mom, so I shouldn't see we have something like these. No, you can click on this. UNC is going toe highlight. It's stale. So, for example, I can click on the style and right now I am painting integrated with that day. I can answer rest. Keep pressing on dragging like this on a campaign like this, you compress control on the most well to assume in and out on your compressed space to plan . You don't have to click shoes personal space on moving the mouse. So and this is the point of having attended with tools like this you can make levels really fast so you can make something like these on. You don't have to worry too much. You compress right click toe. Let's say color pick that I said so I can take these ones. But this one shows right clicking on the day. So with ease, you can make really fast stuff you can also, if you want, you can already mirror your style. Hell, so here so well, if you have this time, for example, on you, Press X is going to mirror your tail. You can also rotate it pressing cell like this So right click x on their way so you can see you can make really fast staff with the stool on. You can also, of course, you surtitles set in some other tours that that you do the same thing. We're gonna answer the thesis in unity, for example. Now let's say I went to make a tree so I said it, Dmitry. Andi paint here, but my ties disappear So this difficult saying also selecting transparent pixels. So I need to make here and your layer on you tire layer. I can rename it. For example Greece. I'm now I'm painting on this layer. I think that even the seventh this later she works like the layers in greater. So yes, that's basically the point of having a transit. Andi, now in green to show you some maps made on tail. Right the way you're going to save those maps going to file expert assim ish, and she's saving for somebody like thes expert. But having mind that you have your some level at 1 50% is going to lure your image. So you should export with those thes when checking thesis on saving. So I'm going to show you what I mean like that. So if I come toe, May my image. This is the one that we save at 150% off. So on. This is the one with the option. But you won't see this version has until aviation is really blurry on. We don't lend that. So let's go toe other things that you can make entitled. You can delete the layer here on with the racer you can delete. Thanks. You want an answer? For example, eso We may some variations in some of the sales. So this one and this one are variations. So you can select boat, then press this button right here on. If you paint, you're going to see that is going to randomly choose between those variations. So if I said eccentric, these with the Spartans enable we'll see if that's going to paint random days from this election. So another thing that you can do with, for example, when something like this on then with the field goals elect another tile this one on It's basically works like the frontal included. - So , as you can see, I made a level. Now I can export this image without this option. Remember Andi name it expert on. They can open thes Terry. Go on that you can see we care a lot off Anthee off transparent pixels. You can goto layer on. No, Hamish, Dream to current layer on. That's basically going toe. Cut big cells until it phones. Ah, on a baked decent right So here have my level in Krieger. I've added the background. Some enemies. The character. Uh, yes. So this level took me about an minutes. The real entire with the title said so. It was really fast. So you can see we have some enemies. We have some reputation, some chairs, a cave. I actually forgot in tow the leather like this? Not yet seven c Is it brush really fast to make the level on tile with the tented. So with this, we are ending dissection and now you're exercise For this exercise, you will have to make your own with a grain markup. You can make the game that you want. It's gonna be a western or a safe ivy the grain. You don't have to make a really complex thing if you want. If you don't want to, as long as you understand. Kowtow. Make it. I said You're fine. You can make ish style with the sights off 16 by 16 just attributed to to Forte by 48 or 64 per 64. If you want to place, make him in check there vehicles. We're going to animate that character on the animation section So wake up. You have fun with this exercise and please post your markup into Q and a section I would really like to see what you do on also give you feedback in the next section. We're also going to make a bit of a markup, but this time we're going to make a top them be the grim. Don't expect the next mark up to be this complex because it's basically the same thing, but with a different point of view, so seeing the exception