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Make Pixel Art with Aseprite

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Learn to Make Pixel Art with Aseprite


    • 2.

      File creation and Interface


    • 3.

      The Tools in Aseprite


    • 4.

      The Palette


    • 5.

      Layers and Groups


    • 6.

      The File Menu


    • 7.



    • 8.

      Making a Dithering Brush


    • 9.

      The Indexed Palette


    • 10.



    • 11.

      Making an Outline


    • 12.

      Color Mode and Switching Palettes


    • 13.

      Reducing the Number of Colors


    • 14.

      Transforming the canvas


    • 15.



    • 16.

      Tiled Mode


    • 17.



    • 18.

      The Animation Interface


    • 19.

      Animating a Bouncing Ball


    • 20.

      Exporting our Animation


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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to make Pixel Art with Aseprite. You will learn the interface of Aseprite and his tools, you will also learn how to make animations in Aseprite.

You will gain all the knowledge that you need to start creating Pixel Art for videogames or illustrations.

You will start by learning the basics of Aseprite:

  • The interface

  • The tools

  • How to manage the color palette

  • How to export your files

After learning the basics you are going to take a look at different tips and tricks to have a better workflow in Aseprite, you will learn:

  • How to make a dithering brush

  • How to work with indexed palettes

  • How to automatically make an outline

  • How to reduce the number of colors

  • How to make tileable textures and tiles

  • And more...

In the third section you will have an introduction to animation:

  • The interface of animation

  • How to move, create, remove, duplicate frames

  • How to use the onion skinning tools

  • How to animate a bouncing ball

  • How to export your animation 

The course contains short lectures that will teach you step by step the learning process of making pixel art.

So if you are a begginner pixel artist, game designer, artist or programmer wanting to learn how to create pixel art for videogames or just beautiful pixel art illustrations this course is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer


I'm a multi-disciplinary game developer into Art & STEM. I have a technical-designer profile with a great passion for creating systems with an empathetic approach.

I've studied graphic design and then in 2018 I've graduated as a Designer and Animator for Videogames. Since then, I've been learning and teaching online multiple skills related to game development.

See full profile

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1. Learn to Make Pixel Art with Aseprite: Welcome to the learn to create picture with a spray cars in the scars you will lyrical to use. H pray to make picks alert, including things like Dale sets on animations. My name is Simon. I have been doing Pick Taylor for five years. I have started roughing the sign on art and getting the same. I have worked as a freelance picture artist and graphic designer in the scores. I will start ditching you the interface off a sprite. Hold the great, and you file the difference between color mouth on more. Then we're going to take a look at the tools in a straight palette, tricks and tips to have about that work low on. We're going to end with learning. Kowtow, animate in a sprite. This course is mostly about learning a spray, I said the not so much about additional rules or picture alert, but if you're a beginner at the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge that you need to start creating picks alert and to keep learning on improving. So if you are a game the same there artists are programmer went into letting go to great art for your video game or a few shoes went to their and your skill. You can enroll on the scars. Thank you. And good luck. 2. File creation and Interface: welcome to to learn to make picks alert with a spray cores. In this year's video, we're going to take our first look at a straight. So when you first open a sprite, you will get this home. Now, here you can see your recent files, your recent folders off those files, the news here You can see the new releases off a straight on updates. Here you have the Baron to make a new file or to open a file. Also, if you heard your mouth over these icon the logo off a straight, you can't bless it on a few glee. You'll get something like this we're going to make and you file. So we're going to click on file. And here you have the settings off your new Sprite. Here you have the with that height, my case going to make 1 28 by 1 28 And here you have the color mo. So with their should be a you have four channels per pixel. So you have red, green blue on Alfa The Alfa is the transparency off the pixel Have a great skill with gray channel on Alfa. So of course, in great skill. You will only be able to have a grayscale image, and you have in except in the index and mark your image this link of to a palette. So if you modified the colors in the palette, the colors of your image are also going to be more than five. I'm going to set it right now at our TV A. On the record. This is the background you want to have when you're great. File. You could have a transparent background, a white or a black here on advancing options. If you don't want to have a scar pixels, you can choose to have rectangles pixels, but that's something really specific if you want certain style off art. So I'm going to press OK, and here I can't my document. So we're going to take a look at the interface. So in this window have they work? State where you paint on you can move. You consume in with the most, well, mooring up handsome out with most will or weed control plus or gone through minus. If you press the middle, most button on your drive so you move, you will be able to pan and so you maintain the space very press, you click and you write you can all spend in the right. You have access to all your tourists that you can use snow, for example, pencil toe the selections tour the fact a tool and so on. And here you have the context part. So those are the options off the dole. So if I change the tool, the options here's are also going to change. You have a preview. This is, for example, if you want to take a look at your image at 100% off some. So, for example, here I can work that they And here I can see my image at 100%. I can also sender these with this pardon. I can play the animation if I have one or I can close it on. I can open it again in this, but he would have the same level. So this is off course. The level. Assume right now I am at 100% assume 804 100 so on. I also have the possibility to add a new frame on the Korean frame. I mean, they say something for animation that we are going to look in two sections. Here we have the palate, so this is the course that we can choose to paint. And here we have taken our Pekar. So you have a foregone color that you paint with the left Click on a Vulcan color that you paint with the right click so you can change it Here, for example, here on the color, Bigger if I left click in green to modify my forward and color on if I right click and going to modify my broken color. If I want to modify this color picker, I can come here at options. If you have different options for a sample color spectrum, harshly color will. And so, in my case, I prefer this one. And here we have some other options that we're going to take a look in the next section. So you have, for example, the file to save your files, exported every transform your canvas American, your brush and things like that select to have some options with the selection tools. And so so. This, in general, is the interface off a straight on in the next video, we're going to take a look at the tools in a sprite 3. The Tools in Aseprite: welcome to to learn to make picks it out with a spray cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at the most important tools in a sprite. We're not going to look at every tool. Choose the ones that I think are the most important. We're going to start with the pencil tool. The short court is be on with this soul. It's like the main tool to make excellent, So you campaign with less click. You will pain with your Fergon color. If you breast shift, you will make a straight line from your last week. So so if I paint a picture here a press shift, I can make a line depressed again, I release on. I have a line with right click and green to pains with my right, and I start my broken color on. I can also make lines with right click. But instead of painting with my broken color, I preferred to erase with my right click so I can click here Truth mask. And here if I right click and going to a race if I Breast control said, I can undo if I press going through, Schiff said. I can breathe. If I click here in diverse type, I can change from a circle tape to square T, for example. Here I can change size off the brush. I can also input, remember, Or I can modify the size, read my nose some place so and changed the tea for something to square on. Now I will have in a square. Also, it can change the size with the color will. Sorry with the most. Well, I think these on the angle off the brush right here. We have some options in this case, and she's going to look at Look Alfa. If a prestes on I select another color, for example, I'm going to be able to paint only inside my layer so you can see a kind of paint outside off the square or the circle. And so this is really good. For example, when you went to shade something on June went to care about painting outside the shape, and now we're going to take a look at this option pixel perfect going to select of like, color on Let's make a line or occur with the pixel. Perfect. Let's see what we get. All right, I'm now with pigs and perfect. So as you can see, the line with pixel perfect is a lot cleaner. So with pixel perfect your boy this kind of stuff here. So those pixels are in fixes are called dubbers And they made your lane look a little bit ugly on with Except where effect. As you can see, you don't get that kind off line. So picture perfect, Issa Really good option to make smooth core. For example I think this next we have the eraser tool so this is choose to erase. But I prefer the cab dependable with the mask here, So I erased with the right click. Next we have the eyedropper. With these you can select colors. So if I left click You can see it right here. I consider the color I went So let's pain Some other color here on I can paint like this if I want toe select a color. But on my bike one color I should have toe right click. If I want to have the mass again, I can greatly here on the transparent part instead referring to the eyedropper tool. I preferred the work with the pencil it'll on. If I want the eyedropper, I can shoot. Press out. I can click release all on. I'm still hunter Pence in tow. Next, we'll take a look at the more stool With moved on. You can move a complete player so we come and take. We can looked at layer yet, but that's something we're going to look interact section. But you can press. You can get the layers foreseen tab are going to view impressing dame line on assurance. See, we have one layer on with the moved All I can mow the whole later can make a new layer when something on with the move door and going to move that late. If you want to move something inter vertical access, you click. You press shift on you move up on the same four or something. Now for the HVAC, it'll which the shark out she fares and going to erase everything on going to paying something here, here, like that. Perfect. So with the vodka tool, we can select a color here for something on every paint in shy inside that close shape. We're going to feel that shape and going to shake this a little bit here, Mike. A tool like that. I'm here with the tolerance you become took alerts that are pretty similar for something This rail. With the tolerance at Syria, it's going to modify only one drink. But if I increase the tolerance more now, it gets the tourists here, for example, the remnants with the green in Greece. Now it gets all the shape going to set the tolerance a tear up and here we're going to take a look at continuous continuous. So I got different here. That is the same. Read us. This one, if I can continue, was activated. Unlikely here and going to modify only Israel because it is not connected with this one. But if I the activated deception on a clear here and going to mollify un Theoren in that layer now we're going to take a look at the structure comes so rougher only active layer on refer visible layers going to make an your layer on going to paint something here he's I'm with the fucking too. So it could have refer only active layer going toe Deactivate he was on a plane for some brute on this thread. It's going toe Act only on the active later. So care to that is this one. If I disabled that Andi have refer visible layers, then it's going to act over all the layers over that color. And this is a really powerful tool. For example, if you want to modify the colors off your image really fast. So, for example, we have two separate layers, and I want to modify this. Read a little bit. Maybe I can come here with the market tool seventies and refer visible layers on. I can modify the color like that over two different layers on the same with ease. No, we're going to take a look at the lentil with a shortcut. L So this told your press You drag on your release on you can make names. You're gonna answer restraint younger off the lane present shift. So hurry, Santel. And those are the angles that you can use next for the core photo. So you had the line you click on you get the core total, so click drag Release on. You can make a court like this click and and you can court again on you. Click for the last thing on you have your car. Next, we have the shape tools, so we start with a rectangle tool. This rectangle, but feel is if you want a perfect it's we're square, you compressed. Shift this, then we have the ellipse. These If you want a perfect circle, you breath shift on the same birth field. And when the video, we're going to take a look at their selection tours, so we're going to start with it marketable. So you select the tour, click right on. Did you make a selection? So if this election you can move it, you can scale it with those handles also from here. If you press shift, it's going to maintain a proportion. If you press out, it's going to scale from both sides. I think this you can rotate if you go outside the selection in this corner for any off the corners. If you go outside, you press shift. Click on drag. You can add to say to the selection if you press shift right click on drag. You can subtract from this election. When you're a dating, you have a people, so it's this point. You can come here, displayed peopled by default on if you move this point is going to be the center of rotation. So if I put it here, it's going to rotate like this. I can move it, put it here, for example. Or here I have some presets on the corners, anti edges. Now we're going to see the difference between first rotation on a respirator going to the lettuce. So I went to the Vaca Tool on right click goes like have the mass. I can't believe on going to make a shape, for example, going to make a selection on a less rotate with fast gradation. No, As you can see, when we rotate in big start, we get some Where are defects? If I goto rest right, you will see that it's a lot better. So rest. Freight is, uh, on algorithm for rotation that doesn't destroy your image a lot as fast rotation those. So this is really good when you're making animations and you went to quickly move, for example, the limbs off a character you would make a selection on. We press control shift. I we're going toe in birth. The selection Take these if you make a selection and we go to select modify. Here we have some options, so we have a contract to shrink the selection. We have expand to expand selection because border to make burger take these on. That's basically it. Now we're going to take a look at the West of selection tools. So have a lips, a lassitude, a polygonal selection tool. So for this, you know, click, drag, click, drag, click right and then click on. You have the magic win that is like the market for selection. Actually, I went to show you tumor tools that and really cool in a spread the concert tour on people In total, we're going to start with the CONTRATO with shark with the on with the stool, you can paint like your normal bend, but when your release is going to feel the shape with the body, one tool is the same. So you click drag release Lee drag. I think these you can make shapes, and with that, we are ending thesis video of all the tools in a Sprite Internet Trivia. We're going to take a look at the palette in a sprite 4. The Palette: welcome to the learn to pray. Picks it out with a spray cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at the palette in a straight. So with the palate, you can fastly access colors to paint in your image. We're going to start with having a new color. So here we can select any color that we want. And as you can see, you get these little red thing, and this means that this color is not in the palate. So if you want to add this color, you should split here on a shouldn't see. It has been other toe the palate. If you want to move colors in your palette, you're going to go toe the edge off the color you click. Drag on who can move the color, and you will get a number with the patrician off the color in the palate. If you want to modify the colors in your palette, you're going to click this barren right here that is added color. So when you click that on you start modifying the color here. It's also going to modify the color here. You can also click here and you will have different options to modify it. The amount of red, green or the huge saturation value on DSO. If you want to make a radiant off colors, work some through between this red on the screen and going to move their red here on the green, actually going toe displace thes two lines like this. On this way, I'm having empty colors to my palette on going to move my green for some group here. I'm going to state egg the scholar and going to click drag until they win and I'm going to come here. Options. Sorry. Here, this arrow on I'm going to click graded, and that's going to great AG radiant between those two colors. If you want to serve your palate, you can come here at this arrow and you can, for example, sort by Hugh. My separation. My brightness luminess read green on DSO. You also have some presets off pallets. For example. You have here the GameBoy palette so you can double, click or press load, and that's going to love that ballot. You can also load external pallets on save your own balance or loved it fall palette. And that's basically all that you want to know the ballot in a sprite. In the next video, we're going to take a look at the layers and group in a straight. 5. Layers and Groups: welcome to the Learned A great big select with a straight cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at the layers and groups in a straight. So we're going to go to view Time Lane. The short coat is stopped to hide and show this big toe this able to prevue. Unless you can see here we have today years you should have one on. In my case, I have this layer that issues the's white background. We're going to make a new layer so you can right click this layer on breath your layer. As you can see the short goat is she of 10. And here we're going to paint something for some brew Sirica like this on. We're going to make another layer on green to make a circle, as you can see, because this layer is about the layer to the green circle is above the rest room. If I come here to the further, I can move the layer. So I'm going to move the layer tree toe below the layer toe, and now that red circle is about the green circle, you can disable the visibility off a layer pressing on this. I on this ever all the layers person, this one right here You can look a layer so you cannot paint. You can't move or anything on your own right. Click, and you have the properties off the layer. Here you have the name for X number total. You have the lending mold with the layer low. For example, I want to play on. You have the capacity off the layer. You can duplicate layer so you can move it with the move tool. This you can merge down a layer. This'll on DNA. We have both circles on the same layer, and you can flatten, and that's going to merge all the layers in one Later. You can also make groups so right click on a layer. Your group are out shift and and here you have groups has have the properties going to make a group should for the circle, for example. And if you have, for example, the layer there outside the group, you can collapse or expand. The group's clicking this funder icon. You can select the murder off your layer on, move it inside. Take that on on your group for the backend, and that's basically all about layers and groups 6. The File Menu: welcome to the Learned to Great Picks it out with a spray cars in this final video off the section we're going to take a look at the file menu. So right here we have the final menu here. You can make any file you can open a file, you can say a file. So, for example, it can go to the next step on renamed thes circles. And I can say with us a faith, for example, on I can access that file on. We have all my folders and layers and things like that. I can expert we can select file for some do in the next up circles s a p in she I can recite ice my document, for example. At 1000% I can select what layers I went to expert what frames when we make animations the animation direction also for animation on some other options you click expert, You will see that states that the pain she former doesn't support the layers. So your breasts Yes, on you go to your except and few with Have your image because we have rece I said the image then names it iss at 1 28 by Sorry by 1280 by the same number. But if you expert at 100% it's going to be at when 28. Here we go. That's date this 1 28 by 1 20 Yet on that, basically, so you can say open your fails. Along with this, we have the final media off the fair section. In the exception, we're going to narrow some tricks to have ever work for in a straight 7. Transformation: Welcome to the rent. A great big surround with a Sprite cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at the transformation tours in a straight. So I got this layer on this one going to go over toe of it, rotate and here I have some options so I can rotate 180 degrees, 90 degrees. Plug waves on 90 degrees counterclockwise. The Easter information is going to be for the whole layer. Or if I cap selection, it's going to be only a plate. Do that selection. I also have the option toe flip every central with shift age or shave flip vertical with shaved and big. I have the confirmed with Contra anti on. That's basically it for the transformation in a straight 8. Making a Dithering Brush: Welcome to the learn to create picks A ride with a spray course in this video, We're going to make a dithering brush. So we're going to make on your layer going through the circle tour. They help stool on going to make a new circle. In the case, I went to make a turgid to a vitality to a pictures circle on. You can see the size of your circle on this part. So if I'd right here in the option, you can see it saves they compress shift to restrain the proportions on there we go through to light 32 I release on there. We're going to move it. Going to change the color toe. Derrick Rose going back to my leg. Red. The Alec Stone going to change from some simple being toe. Look, Alfa. Yes, Press shift on There we go back to sting brooding with my pencil doing going to make butter like this. So one pixel on inter diagonal, Another pixel selection tool. We select this goto edit you brush I'm here. We have a new rush. So if I paint going to have something like this and now I can say leg for example, this color with luck Alfa on. I campaigned here like these. Go until we have delivering. We have saved our rush here so you can access it. Anything here. 9. The Indexed Palette: Welcome to the learn to Rae pictured with a spray cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at in Excel images in a straight So I have here on index, said Sprite. You can check your color milk here on sprayed. Colder meth on, as you can see is indexes. So here I can't my palate with all the colors off this image. If I color, pick this color, for example, I will get this little arrow at the top left, indicating where it's that color in the palate. If I edit this color in the palate, you will see that it has changes in the image. Make these. Also, if I move the position off this color in palette, it's going to make some weird stuff because it's not only that the color in the image is think toe the color in the palate, but also in the position off the color in the palate. Likely, we kept thes bottom that is called remap. So when you move a color in your palate just going to correct itself on its going toe correct image, so I shouldn't see with indexing. You can modify the colors real fast, and it's a good choice to modify colors 10. Adjustments: Welcome to the learn to great pics Alert with a Sprite cars in this video, we're going to take a look at adjustments in a sprite so we can go toe edit. That's just mons on. We're going to start with brightness and contrast, so here you can really fight the brightness and the contrast off your image. You can also select the colors that you want to specifically qualify. For example, if I want to modify only that ran again and make the bring this off the rails to basically minus 100 that's going to the lead underwear in your dream ish. If I want my image to only have read and green to modify only the green on blue, we want to have green, red blue on Just like that, we also have in That's just man's Hugh consideration. So here we can achieve the hue. I was, for example, you that with we can win fight saturation on delaying this and also feel 11. Making an Outline: welcome to the learn to create Picks it out with a sprayed cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at how to make an outline in a sprite. First, you want to make sure that you have your up shit separated from the backroom in another later. Also, it's important to know that this doesn't work within except images. So you can go to spread color mold on select RGB. You're gonna later change it again to index it. So we're going to go toe of it. If X convolution metrics on, Do we have a list off? Different effect on your going to go to the bottom and you're going to select one off these two. As you can see, the last one great double So either naked a lot. So I'm going to take this one right here. And as you can see, we have the only So you're gonna modify this old line for some brew with the bucket tool on ? Make some direct is right. So, Evans, we fight a color. If you want a two pictures with old line, for example, you just need to go again toe edit effects convolution that speaks on a terrible 12. Color Mode and Switching Palettes: welcome to to learn to create big survive with a spray of cars. In this video, we're going to see how to switch the palate from on in except image. So I have this image going to go to sprayed color mold, and here I can change the color mouth off my spread. So if you have our Chevy color, you want to change it to index it. So change the palate in my case and going to use these presets on going to select, for example, GameBoy on you will see that this doesn't look really good, So it's a better idea to have our Chevy color to select the palate and thank God the sprayed color mode on 10 Select in Dixon that way is going to look a lot better, right? We're going to test some other palettes from some boo, this one so spread color most and accept and terrible 13. Reducing the Number of Colors: Welcome to the rent. A great big seller with a spray court. In this video, we're going to take a look at coat, reduce the number of colors off an image. So we have these illustration on fears. I want to know how many colors does my ballad casts so I can go here and click pallets size on Dhere? I can see the number of colors that is 15. So if I want to reduce the number of colors, I will check that. I mean airship it color. I'm going to click here on going to select create palette from current Sprite on going to slake the faves option on. I want, for example, to have shares six colors a breast OK on that's going to radios my palate to six colors. Now I can go to a Sprite color models in Excel on. Now my image is using only those six colors 14. Transforming the canvas: Welcome to the great. Picks it out with a straight course in this video. We're going to look at how to transform our campus so we can go to sprayed, sprayed Saiz And here we can control the say's off our image. You can look the ratio for some proof. If I increase the with it sounds were going to increase the height. Or I can save all these case. I want to look it. I can increase very percentage. For example, if I went to cab the double size I press, I put 100 there. I mean 200 on you have the mettle. I recommend abuse meters Neighbor on your breast. OK, no, as you can see, because we have increased sales the size off our image two times when Bixel isno 3% by four pixels you can also modify dicamba size so you can increase here on. You also have the candles here to add more space to your campus. You press OK on. There you go. You can go to spray that they come US 180 90 cook ways counterclockwise fleet very cental on fleet Burdick, if you want to grow up your comments you can make a selection, go to spread and grew up. You can also dream your campus going to sprayed on dream. This works for example, If you kept good a transparent image and you have some directives on you were sprayed. Dream is going to dream all day transparent fixes. 15. Grid: Welcome to the land. A great big seller with a spray cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at the great in a sprite. So to activate agreed you can go to view show created to modify the settings off the grid. You can go the view, create on great settings. Here, you can modify the offset on the eggs on y axis and you're gonna modify the size you can also, for example, make a selection thes go to view with on selection a scream If you have that market Third, you have right here dis option that this kind stop acquit. So this means that you have a color on you paint inside, agree itself is going to stop at the grill so I can come here, for example on I will select Maybe in this color, going to make a line this'll breasts again. Sub is stopping at the rim on going to paint like that. I'm going to make a plane like this going to select schooler on 10 like that and that's where I shall at books 16. Tiled Mode: Welcome to the learn to create big seller with a prize. Of course, in this video we're going to take a look at the tile world in a straight So to activate the time out, you can go with the view time old on. You have three options actually for known they'll invoked access Tell in the X axis on in the way access. We're going to start with fierce one. Unless you can see these styling our image. If I disabled the time mode, I would have something like this and this is really important to make valuable texture So I can make for some proof some direct ICS Andi campaigned some rocks just like that. I also can use the tile in the X axis. On this way a campaign for exam brew a floor Take that. We can also tile in the way axis on. We can make for some proof another on basically like that and going to the late the background with the magic wand sector waiting condoles that I think need to make a new layer. They're from background on. There we go. I'm now we come, for example make and you sprayed. Come here. Activate Agreed. Select a color for the background. Maybe face on the green to come here. Disabled tailbone going toe Select the slayer control See, Going to my new spray Contribute Actually going to make it your layer contribute on I will place thes contra c b going to select this day now So your layer and now another your layer to be And there we go So going to the seventh green And I guess you can see the power off the day mode on deck with so I will see you interacts with you. 17. Symmetry: welcome to the learn to create Big surrounded with a straight course in this video, we're going to take a look at the same three options in a straight. So we're going to activate the same three options for that we're going to view on seem three options going to make on your layer with shift and and here we can assume three options. So with my pen tool, I will activate first the horizontal symmetry. With this, you can see we have symmetry so we can make sense like this on. We can also move thesis access from those folks. This take that You will also have the access on the middle off a pixel like this, right? So that's really useful. If you want tohave a cemetery on and something at a point, you also have vertical symmetry is the same thing, but medical right, You can activate both at the same time. So I'm going to make a hurt because I want my heart toe and at the point going to move the axes to the middle practice. And now we're going to activate. They were is chilling going toe crease size that on green to move thes there. I'm going to make hurt like this, right? Maybe I can modify a little bit here. I know. For the vertical symmetry, you can, for example, make a fish. So this is then off the section in the next section on final section, we're going to start with animation in a straight. 18. The Animation Interface: Welcome to the learn to great bigs alive with a spray cores. In this video, we're going to take a look at animation in a Sprite fears we're going to get our timeline. So we go to view timeline or you compressed staff. We're going to grate on your layer which shift and right click properties on. We're going to running a year, and here in the diamond, we have the frames. The frames is each image that will make out our animation. So we got a great new frames going to frame a new frame or out. And and as you can see, it's creating frames. So I'm going to paint something here on this frame, for example, this on if I breast out and it's going to great and your friend with the same image off the pre reframe. If we want to create a new frame. What? I went this frame to be empty, I compressed. I could go the frame new empty frame or I compress all V right fake rate, a new frame on I press. The delete key is going toe the lead, not a friend, but the content off the frame. If I want to remove a frame. I can go the frame, deli frame or press. I'll see. So I'm going to make and your frame with Alvey. It will make another one. Find another one. Take that on. For example. In the frame. Two I will turns for This is in the friend free. We make thes in the frame for Okay, I was here. I have to play bottles so I can go to the fear frame with this to the last frame. But the breathing of frame that the next frame Or I can play the animation here with this bottom, we can't the continuous or continuous frames. So if I pressed this on the back room on I select this these frames just clicking and dragging I right click on click link cells. This means that when I modify the first frame, it's going to modify all the linger cells. So all the Lingle frames you can make they can't duplicate Lincoln cell with all m. I can link a cell. So if we want to have something different here, I won't have it until IQ and frames. But yes, on this friend on, if I modify something on a single frame. I will have it on the link. A frame, right? If I went to go make on empty frame bursting filed three on I can go Be the content of one frame to that frame. Going to that frame Present controversy to them. Different on control be I can also select barrios frames person controls three. Contribute on going toe. Make your friends against election frames. Right Click. Sorry, right. Click here on set up on select You die We can make attack for example God friend Another one called green And another one call for example Yellow. So here I can come. I'm going to fight the color on when I press play inside a tag is going to play Only that now we will take a look at onion skinning. So if I paint a circle here Maybe here I can activate onion skinning person things Bottom on. If I goto for example the frame six on the paint Here I will get this here I can drag those handles toe the feared frame or to the last one on. If I go to the frame three I can see the frame six here they can. We fight the capacity here in C and a positive step, right? So if I mean free in frame tree, I can make thing between off those frames like these I different to for on a complaint the animation. I can also played animation only on the review clicking here on If I modify something here , it's altering the mother fight on the purview. They can also select the place Beef right, Clicking on the play animation Bottom on again, select a spill off 0.25 point five Fun 1.52 entry on the same on the purview. 19. Animating a Bouncing Ball: Welcome to the Learned A great big sigh with a spray cards. In this video, we're going to animate a bone single in a sprite. So we have here a document and going to make a new layer prison shift and goingto rename it going to properties like that here, I'm going to activate the continuous frames for tobacco on with my pension toe, I will set the size toe 32 with the green color this one green to press author on green to make about right. So going to set the options for the onion skinning on. Going to activate union skinning. Going to great a new friend person. All 10. I'm here and going to press control D on going to precise my boat like this on going to breath, I'm going to play it here on this side on our way breast old this way I can rece ice on both sides at the same time. New layer. I mean your frame and like these, um, make that going to make a new empty frame. So I'll be on. I will copy the content off the second frame controversy Contrave and then a new empty frame on we go Be the fear free right I would make and you frame Then I would move it like this country t click out precise on the same here and right going to make a new frame. Then I will delete the content. So with the same as making And, um, the frame on I will obey the frame. Six. Great movie as the well it could be frame five on a scale It a little bit this on the that would be this phone broke something on I will put it there unfriend on grain to more this ball a little bit down I ve so you could be Maybe she's fun and way actually, no. And going to cope with this one Onda, we move it up a bit on, then I will be this one. I can also go into the settings here and select Red blue didn't. And this is going to show my previous frames with sort of weight. Yes, my next friends with blue on my previous frame with Well, right, So I really based that And we stand these here you enter frame. We could be this one on because the animation is going to loop here at the end of the animation is going to start back at the frame one. So let's see how our animation looks onto Prevue. It looks something like this. Let's see the speed, I would put it at one. You can also go to the previews on next frame present, a coma or the point where the dot and let's see ho thes animation works. So when you hurt a lot of similar frames in a short period of time, that burn off the animation is going to look slow because you have similar frames, compressive in one small part. So here, for example, the valve is this question because he's taking the impose Duchamp and here because off the speed is going to stretch right, and here is going toe compress again. It's goingto be a little boy in the air, and then it's going to stretch again because it's falling. All right, so now we're going to disabled union Skinny, we're going toe our pencil tour on Let's activate Look, Alfa on, we're going to shade each frame. So there we go now, in going to link all the cells off my back on the frames. So I'm going to click the fierce one click drag right leg of living cells. And then I can go into my free frame on. I will make a backward And there we have our animation. Actually, I have a little problem here. I will select refer only directive layer on the Rockets tool. And there you 20. Exporting our Animation: Welcome to the learn to great pics around with a spray cars. In this video, we're going to take a look at how we can export our animation fears. We're going to create some tax for our animation. So I would go with these frames so frame won't toe five right click here. New tag on. I felt these, for example, on ground. This will be called on fair. Right. So we have several options, report our animation, We can go toe file expert and here we can select I give fire. You can click here, and you can be, for example, and your folder on you can rename file, right? You're going precise. The dog man, for example. 500. You can select what layers you want to expert, what frames And, yes, you can see you can export a certain type. For example, if you have a character, you can make tags for that run animation, the little animation, the attack animation on you can export. There was a specific animations. You have the animation direction. If he's a forward animation rivers or being blown, that goes forward and reverse and forward. All right. On. You have here the expert button. You can also go to file expert on the stand off your sin give, You can use a P and she they're going to make your layer. And she on that sport is here and this is going toe expert. Every image on a separate layer, right? You can answer voto file exports spreadsheet and this is going to great a spreadsheet with all the frame. So a spreadsheet is one image with all the frames off your animation. So you have several options here, right? You have a little bit off separation if you want. You have the same options up the file. We will sit here. Your father, right? Shit. Right on this great expert on. Let's see what we have. So here I have my folder here I have my GIF here we have the being she with cold frames and here I have my spreadsheet with old frames. In one single image on Dhere is the budding All right, so in general, when you're making games, you export your animation as a spreadsheet on Then in the ancient, you dream every friend into animation