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Make Awesome Youtube Thumbnails With A Free Online Image Editor And Get More Video Views

teacher avatar Mark Collins, Teaching Online Skills That Matter!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. 01 Class Introduction

    • 2. 02 IntrotoPhotopea

    • 3. 03 What Makes A Good Thumbnail

    • 4. 04 Where to find free images

    • 5. 05 Getting Started

    • 6. 06 Making A Thumbnail PT2

    • 7. 07 Making A Thumbnail PT3

    • 8. 08 Making A Thumbnail bonus

    • 9. 09 Why You Need To Make A Class Project

    • 10. 10 Making Student Project Example

    • 11. 11 Making Student Project Thumbnail 02

    • 12. 12 Making Student Project Sample Thumbnail Final

    • 13. 13 Final Word

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About This Class


Inside this step by step tutorial, you will learn the 3 key elements to making youtube thumbnails that get noticed and get more clicks. I will show you a totally free image editor that works very much like photoshop and I will teach you everything you need to know to use that tool to make incredible thumbnails. 

I will show you several sites where you can get completely free, high-quality images to make your compelling youtube thumbnails with. You will see me make a couple of different types of thumbnails right before your eyes allowing you to see how easy and fun it can be. 

After completing this course you will be able to make a variety of engaging thumbnails that will get more clicks and you will be able to make those youtube thumbnails in a matter of minutes. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Mark Collins

Teaching Online Skills That Matter!


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1. 01 Class Introduction: - Hello and welcome the sky rocket you to pdf views with awesome thumbnails. My name is Mark and I'll be your instructor. I have 10 years of riel world teaching experience working with Japanese professionals in Japan. I have 20 years of experience building businesses online and off in this class. I will introduce you to a completely free image to most of you have never heard of. It's completely free and online, so there's nothing to download or sign up for you simply going to the URL and use the tool . I will then show you where you can find free to use images that do not require any attribution and can be used commercially for your projects. Images such as people, Starbucks, vector graphics, animals, icon, food and more. You will then learn to take those images and assets and import them into the image tool and create awesome dumbbells again via a set of tips that will help you understand what makes thumbnails stand out and what mistakes imagers often make that you should avoid. Once you finish the class, you will make your first thumbnail and upload it to the class projects for everyone to see . So come on, let's get started 2. 02 IntrotoPhotopea: Hello and welcome to this video here. We're going to be taking a look at the image tool will be using in this training to make your awesome YouTube thumbnails. Now I know there are many choices that you could make among them. Is this industry standard Photo shop extended version? And then, of course, there's Photoshopped elements. There are other tools that are freely available online, such as Camba and similar tools. But why? I'm choosing to show this particular tool called Photo Pia, is this photo shop is often expensive and tools such as Camba and SIMILARES tools to that require that you sign up with an email address and they regularly offer you paid for templates. Of course, they have free templates, but many of the templates that people like are the paid for templates. Photo Pia has none of that, and it looks and feels very much like voter shop. And as you can see, it can work with PST files. It can work with Ex CF files, which is gimp, and with sketch formats. It can also work with all your standard image files such as J Pegs P and G's SPG files and Gift and so on, So that's why we're going to be taking a look at this. But another thing that I really like about this tool is the fact that you don't have to sign up for anything. That's right. You just simply go to www dot photo pia dot com. That's phot o p e a dot com, and start using the tool, and that's it. There is a paid for version, but in the paid for version, it's only advantage is the fact that there are no advertisements over here. As you can see right now, there is no advertisement, so you may be wondering, What am I talking about? Well, about half the time you use this tool, you'll new. You'll notice, Ah, Google AdSense banner ad right here in the far right hand corner the other half of the time . It's just as you see now where there's no advertisement and according to the words of the maker, this tool. The only difference between the paid version and the free version is the fact that the paid ad never shows up in the paid version, so you avoid any advertisement. But even when it's there, I hardly even notice it, So I can't imagine any reason. Toe upgrade. Now, when you first come to the this page two for tapia dot com you will notice this top header here which explains, uh, what the stool can do. But once you've seen that and you're done with it, you can just simply click on the X and then are you have exposed is the tool. It's. As you can see, this looks very, very much like photo shop over in this area. You will have your layers. Here is your toolbar with all your different tools and hear other, um, things that you will need to work with, such as editing and undoing, Step backward, cut paste, adding strokes and so on. Also, when you ready to save your file, you can save it as a PST. You can export it as a P and G. J. Paige s three g gift, even PdF and others. So, as you can see, this is a tool. If you've ever worked with voter shopper photo shop elements, it's going to be very easy adjustment with this tool. And even if you want to use photo shop or photo shop elements, you can benefit with this training because the tools air so similar you'll easily be able to understand how to do them in that training. So now that you've seen the tool that we're going to be using, we're going to end the video here and I will see you in the next video. See you there. 3. 03 What Makes A Good Thumbnail: Hello and welcome to this video here. We're going to be taking a look at what makes a great YouTube thumbnail. There are three elements that you should use an order to make an outstanding thumbnail in all thumbnails. You should have it least one of these and usually you'll want tohave two or more of the three elements. So what is the first element, as you can see here, bright colors that helps you really stand out. So you want to use bright colors. The third thing, I'm sorry, the second thing. Big words. You want the words large because the thumbnails air small. So if you write too much text and it's too small, no one could read it. So you want large text like you see here that really jumps out and that a person can read instantly when just glancing over things. And then the third thing is you want a person that is looking at you. So here we don't have an actual person. We haven't animated character or she is not animated, but we have ah, cartoon like character. Uh, that is looking at you said again. The three elements are bright colors, large text and a person or character that's looking at you. So to take a look at some more examples here is a very simple thumbnail, but one that will absolutely stand out when someone is searching on the you tube search engine. So all I did was taken image straight from the video, which is what you see in the background. And then I made a stroke around the image, and then I made words with matching colors. And then, of course, I put the white outline to make it stand out. So this is very simple. It's super easy to make, but it will absolutely stand out. This is another example. There's no stroke around the edge, but the whole background itself is very bright. And then I simply did a search and found a rocket that I could freely use. And then I created the text and a little logo here for you to done nails. And then the fact that it's by me here is another example here is simply taking a collage of images or four images and then a shape in the middle and some text over the shape. And then there some shapes on the side as well. Again, pretty simple. It's just a matter of making some squares and turning them so that they make these shapes and then putting your text own. And then there's this. You can simply do a search and find similar images to this year and then simply apply your text. And one last one is the Starburst. You'll find this often on YouTube because having a starburst in the background really makes the whole thing stand out. And then when you have large, easy to re text and an image of someone looking at you, that makes for an ideal thumbnail and just to see some examples here I did a search on YouTube. What makes a good thumb now? And here's some of the images that I come up with. Interesting leading up. They out for this search. They top video here does have one of the three elements a person that is looking at you. But the rest of the image is very dark, and nothing that makes it stand out. I'm sure there are many reasons that factored into the ranking of this video, but as for thumbnail, it's not what I would consider idea, although it does follow the rule toe. Have one arm or, uh, those three elements. Bright colors, Big Tex. A person looking at you. Uh, the next video is a much better job, I think. Now, do I think this looks pretty? No, I think it's pretty ugly. Anyone who's familiar with YouTube, though, probably is familiar that this guy here is a superstar YouTuber, and you can see this video has gotten three million views and for only four months. The thing is, although this might not be attractive, it absolutely stands out and grabbed your attention. And that is the job of a thumbnail Onley thing you're wanting. The thumbnail to do is to get a person's attention, because that will mean more people click on your video and getting them toe watches What you want. That's the whole purpose of a thumbnail. But sometimes, of course, you will be doing something that you need it more, uh, commercially. Business like this wouldn't fit that definition, But something like this would. This is a good example of Ah ah, thumbnail that meets all the criteria. Big text has at least the green for bright color and a person that is looking at you. And so it it absolutely is a good example. Uh, a good time, Neil. So now you know, just to restate it. The three things that make a good you tube them now or bright colors, big text and a person that looks at you. So in the next video, we're gonna be taken in. Look at places that you can find images that you can use for creating your thumbnails and that are free to use, including commercially. So I see in that video. 4. 04 Where to find free images: hello and welcome to another video. I'm very excited to have you here. I noticed after listening to a couple of the earlier videos that my voice was a little bit flat, and the reason for that is not for a lack of excitement, but simply that I'm suffering from a cold. But I'm determined that this that I'm going to press on despite the cold, and I hope that you'll do the same. So I welcome you to this video and let's get going here. We're going to take a look at a handful of sites where you can get some incredible images that are absolutely free and can be used. But for personal and commercial used without any type of attribution. The first is a very well known site that many of you have heard of, but some of you may not have, and that is picks obey dot com picks. Obey is an incredible side, and as you can see, the images are just stunning. And there lots of things they have here that you can use as part of making you were thumbnails. They have photos, they have illustrations, vector graphics, even videos. You can see here, so you won't be using these for thumbnails, but you may be used them as part of your videos. So let's just go back to here. And another thing out I really like is when you use this page, you'll be able to readily see the license. So this is a CC zero Creative Commons license. It's free for commercial years, and there no attribution is required for the use of these videos and just look at that. It's stunning, and so are these others, and you do have to be careful. Over here are advertisements for shutter stock, and if you click on one of these images, you will go to a site that wants to charge you for the images. But that's just how this site makes its money. So let's not begrudge him through that. And let's be grateful that they have incredible images. They're willing to give away to us, absolutely free of charge. Another great site is unspool ash and just like with picks, obey some of the images air truly incredible, and they regularly update the images on this site. And again, just like with picks obey, they put the license right there for you to see. There's no second guessing. You can see that they have over 400,000 images. They are all free for personal and commercial use, with no attribution required. And as you can see, they add new photos daily. One of the best resource is online. Another very nice site is pixels. And again, I really like the fact that they make the license readily available. As you can see, the images are incredible, and you confined many that you will use as backgrounds for your thumbnails. The next site that we come to is foodies feed dot com. This is if you're making, uh, videos related to food, obviously, and while many of the other sites that we've shown or that we will show have food images, this one is specifically for that. And just like with the other sites that we have showing you, um, you can find easily find their license and you'll see that it is cco RCC zero license free for Kurt commercial use without attribution and then finally is skitter photo dot com. Again, it's a public domain image site. It has images that are different from what Joe Final, some of the other sites. I mean, just look these type of in images are are very unique, and under the right circumstances, they were really pop and stand out and give the right message that you're wanting to send. So again, there's picks. Obey dot com unspool ash dot com, pixels dot com foodies feed dot com and skitter fed. Oh, in the next video, we're going to begin to put it all together. See you there. 5. 05 Getting Started: Hello and welcome to this video here will be starting to actually create our first thumbnail. Now, one of the best ways to do that would be to once you've created a video and you know what it's all about, then just do some searches on YouTube and see other thumbnails that you like. And if you come across something, for example, something like what we're looking at now a thumbnail. And you say, You know, I like that it suits my video very well. So once you do that, you want to go to the image. Resource is that we showed in another video, and you want to find an appropriate background image that you can use to easily create your own unique version of this particular thing now. So let's do that now. So we could go to the food site that I showed you, but I'm going to just go ahead and use my go to source, which is picks obey, and I'm gonna type in something like Cook's table, and then we're gonna hit search Now, Fortunately for me, right off the bat, I see something that I like the thumbnail that I want to recreate I don't want to make it exactly like this, but I want to make it very similar and still uniquely my own. So I like this image. So I'm going toe left. Click on that, and then you can see it's free for commercial use. No, actually, no attribution required. And I'm going to simply download it now. I've already done that. So, Neil, I'm going to go to my image tool, and I'm going to click on a new project. And I want to create the thumbnail the same size as the video and in my case is gonna be 7 20 p, which is 12 80 by 7 20 And because I'm going to be bringing in an image, I want the background to simply be transparent. And I can also name the project here. So cooking tips. And then I want to left click on the word create. And there we have the, uh, 12 80 by 7 20 bucks. That's ready for the image. So I'm simply going to come to where I have it located, and I'm going to drag it in. And once I haven't there, the first thing that you'll notice is a couple of things. One, It doesn't fit, uh, in the box that I created and the image is not turned away that I wanted. So what I can do is hold down the shift key and I want to do that to keep it from skewing. Want to keep it the same dimensions. So I'm going to bring it down and I'm going to bring it right over to here, and then I'm going to bring it here and then stretch it out. Now, if I come to upto one of these boxes and I come just a little past it, you'll see it has that curved double arrow. This is going to allow me to switch this round and then need. So now I get it there and you'll notice a couple of things. One I need to get it straight, and also you'll see it. It's still not quite fitting. So with this particular tool, I have found that it's best to go a little past the area because for some reason it likes toe pop back in where it's a little bit small. So I'm going to go like that and very similar to photo shop. If you've ever used that toe once you've set this to the size and got it all fixed the way that you want it and I can notice over here. Still a little bit. Not the way I want. So I want it completely build in. All right. Looks good to me now. So I'm gonna come to the check Mark and left. Click on the check mark. Now the image is set. And guess what? Look here. It's still not. And no matter what I do, it's It's not gonna be correct. So I'm gonna set it here, come up to edit and click on free transform, and then just gonna move it over to there. And this tool does this a little bit sometimes, but it's usually not too bad. And there we go. I think I got it. Every think I have everything. Okay. All right. Great. Looks terrific. So now we have our image set in the tool. I'm going to stop here for the video and we'll come back in the next video and begin making our text similar to this year. Saw. See you in that video 6. 06 Making A Thumbnail PT2: Hello and welcome back. I'm excited to have you in this video as we began to recreate our own version of a thumbnail that we like. So we've already found an image, and we've already said it into the tool. So now it's just simply a matter of making the text. So let's get started. So we'll come over here to detects Tool and will left click on that. And then we'll come to the area where we want to start our techs and you'll notice up here . It says loading. And the first thing that I noticed is the Funt is not what I want so I can come over here and you can look around and find whatever font that you want. I'm going to choose this particular one and let's get the typing. Okay, we want to highlight this and we'll come back and choose the fund, and then we're going to raise this upto 120 and we're going to change this from black to read. Let's click. OK, so right appears the text color. So you just click on that and regardless of what the text calorie as just ah decide on the text color that you want And then, you know, bring this little circle here to the area that best suits the color you're looking for, and then click on. OK, now we're going to click on that move tool, and I'm going to move this over here, and the next thing I want to do is put a stroke around this word, someone to come to the layer and I'm going to right click, and then I'm going to left click on blending options, and that brings me to here, and I want to add a stroke. So if you check the box beside the word stroke, it will add the stroke. But if you're not clicked on the word stroke, then you have no way to adjust it. So you have to come here. You know, not just check Mark the bugs, come to this area here and left, click on it. And now you can adjust the stroke itself. So the first thing I want to do is change for me, right? Bring it back here so that you can see what I'm doing. This is the color of the stroke. But that's also the same color as the word. So it's just making this word fatter is always doing so. I want to come here and left click on this and then I want to come up to here this little circle here and I want to bring it all the way over to to the left because I want white. And in case you don't know that the code for White is six Epps, so f f f f f f is completely white. So once I have Dad that I want to click on, OK, and now you can see I have a white stroke. But I happen to know that I wanna choose seven pixels for the stroke. And there we go. It's looking nice. And so then I come to here, okay. And left. Click on. OK, so they're a habit. I have the first word. So in the next video, we're going to continue with the next words. See you in that video 7. 07 Making A Thumbnail PT3: Hello and welcome back. Let's continue on where we left off in the last video. So the next words that were wanting to may includes tips. Four. So let's go ahead and do that now. One of the easiest ways we've already created the font and the stroke and the colors that we want for these words. So rather than having to recreate them each time, we're simply going to come over to the layer and right click and then duplicate layer. And then we want to make sure that we know what each layer is. So we're going toe type in the words tips for because that's what this layer is going to bay Now. You see, I made a mistake here. I think I mentioned in another video in this particular tool. If you type a new word and then you left click in this area, it won't take that word. So you have to click on the button that enter on your keyboard. So let's do that once one more time, tips for and then click enter and you can see that it accepted that. So we want to then take and just drag this down and then we want to come to our text tool, and we want to highlight this. And then we're going to type the words tips for then will come here to the move tool, and we will adjust their so that it looks the way that we want it. Okay, that looks pretty good to me. Now again, I'm going to come over here to the word cooking and I'm going Teoh, right Click. And then I'm gonna left click on the word duplicate layer. And again, I have this cooking, but I wanted to come above and be on top, and then I'm going to change this to beginners and click on Enter on the keyboard. So now I bring this down and I come over and click on the text tool. Highlight this and type the word beginners. As you can see, it's a little bit too big. So I'm simply going to come up here and bring it down to 100 and that's got it, just like I want it. Okay, so we have that and I'm going to click on tips for and bring that down there. And that looks good. Now, the one other thing that this one has. And if you wanted something similar would be this rectangle and who this video is by or in this case, the cooking tips. You know, it might be important to let someone know what who is giving the cooking tips. So the first thing we need to do is to make a rectangle. So we're going to come to the rectangle tool here and we're going toe left. Click on that, and then we're simply going to make a box. Now you'll see the dotted line, but we don't want this box to go on the image we wanna layer. That's the whole point of tools like this. And photo shop is to make layers because in an future video, you may be talking about a similar topic, and you might want ah, YouTube thumbnail that is similar but still different. And you might want to change the colors, the words and the fun of the words and so on. So that's why you want everything in layers so we'll want. What we want to do is come up here to layer and left like on that, then come to new and left click on layer and that makes this a new layer. So we're going to bring it up top, and then we're going to type in the word rectangle so that we know what it is and click on Enter, and then we're going to come here. We need to set this at the color that we want. So we just move it around until we get a color that we feel satisfied with. And then we're going to click on OK and then will come to this tool. We don't want to use the gravy in. That would be if you wanted it to have a radiant, then it would be this color and this took color and a gravy int. But we just want to solid colors. So we're gonna come to the paint tool, and then we're going to left click on that, and that gives it that color. And then we want to click on the move toe. While we want to do that, as we don't want to accidentally click while it's still on the bucket tool and then change the color of something to this color. We don't want to do that. So we click on the move told to stop that from happening and then to remove these dotted lines, We come to the select button and de select, and there we have it. So now we wanna put by and I'm gonna put my own name here. So I still wanted to be the same fund, but I don't want the stroke or anything like that. So we're going to come here and I'm going to click buy, and I'm going to highlight that. The first thing I'm going to do is bring this down to 30. Okay? 33 is good enough. And the next thing I want to do is change this. Whites, I click on this, which changes the text color than I come to this little circle and bring it all the way over until I can see f f f f and then I click. OK, and now I have the size and color that I want, and I couldn't move it around appropriately. So then, the next thing I want to do is to duplicate this layer and type in what it is and click enter. And then I'm gonna move this over and come to Mantex too. Highlight this and type my name and come to the move tool. They're sober and come back toe my name of this ever man click on this. You do have to make sure that you're always working in the right layers so I could leave it like that. But what I'm going to do is come to the rectangle and then come up to edit and transform. And sometimes it does this this grab this image even though I had clicked on the US someone who's just do it once more transform. And now you can see Got that Someone to bring that down a little bit. Bring that up just a little bit. And that looks good to me. Someone click on the check Mark And there you go. So this is what we found that we liked. And we want something that's unique but also something similar. So what we ended up creating was this here and doesn't that look fabulous and looks fabulous? So in the next video, we're going to talk about your project, and it's really important that you participate and, um, and create a thumbnail and add it to your project. So please take a look at that next video, and I hope that you really like this. I personally think this looks great. So just so you know, all you would need to do is come appear to file, and you could save. This is a PSD than that way later, you would have all these layers and you could make whatever changes you wanted to for future videos. And then when you're ready, you can export it as a J peg is what I would recommend. And that's all there is to it. So see, in the next video, when we talk about what your project for this class is gonna bay, I look forward to seeing you there. 8. 08 Making A Thumbnail bonus: hello and welcome back to this bonus video in the previous video. At the end, I said the next video would be about your project. But then I realized that some of you may want to make a stroke around the outside of the image, Um, that you often see with a thumbnail, and it does very often make it pop. So I didn't want to leave that out. It's very, very easy. So all we have to do in order to create that stroke has come down to the image itself and left click on it. So we're on the right layer. And once we've done that, then we're going to right click on it and come to blending options. And then we're going to come to the stroke, and we need to click on the word itself. Now, on the letters. We had the stroke on the outside, but that won't doing. That's not what we want with the background image to make the stroke around the outside of the image. So we're going to come here and click on inside, and then we're going to increase the, um, stroke upto example 30. And if you like this color red then, um, you could just leave it there. Of course, if you want to change it, you just simply come and put whatever change you want on it. But otherwise you've got this and you've got this really nice stroke that's going all the way around and just click on, OK, so just to make sure you want to change your your pixel size to whatever you think is appropriate and you can change the capacity if you want to on a and you can change the color by simply clicking here and you want to change this on the text, you'll do it on the outside for the image. You do it on the inside and see how that stroke really makes it pop and stand out. So when someone's looking on the search results page of YouTube that stroke and really make it stand out from all the rest, and one other thing that I wanted to show you in this video is when you're saving the file as you've seen, you can save it is a PSD, but you can also come to export as and change and save it as a PNG J. Peg etcetera, I would advise, in this case of J. Peg and one other thing that I want to advise his Alterman you click on this, it might be set at 50%. You want to go ahead and raise it all the way up to 100% before you save it and just make sure that it's the width and height that you wanted to be. Okay, great. So I see in the next video we're going to discuss, uh, you are doing your own project and uploading it to the class C there. 9. 09 Why You Need To Make A Class Project: Hello and congratulations. You completed this plans, but there's one final step that if you fail to do you completely wasted your time. When it comes to learning, there's one step that many people often overlooked and that is applying the knowledge that you just learned until you apply it. You haven't really learned anything, and that's an important factor that often gets overlooked. So what happens with a lot of people today is that go through a course or class and they think, Wow, you know, that was some really good training, but I still feel like I know what I'm doing. So let me go through another class and they go through another and then another and another , and over time they become frustrated because they've gone through all this training. But they really don't feel like they know what they're doing, and the reason is because they've never applied anything. So the reason why I'm showing this particular page here, I don't know anything about this website or their articles or anything like that. It's just that I did a search on Google for something that was related to what I'm about to talk to you about And that is you may have seen a movie where the assistant in that movie, the woman had to train her boss, her new boss, how to do the boss's job. And of course, the system felt well. If I know how to do it and I've got to train this person, why don't they just have me do it? And the reason is simple. You know, they the company, has rules in place for who's gonna be suitable for a particular position, and in that case, the person needed to have a certain level of formal education, and the assistant had a high school diploma. But the, uh, new manager had a college degree. So the assistant, although she had the experience and knowledge, he had the degree. So she had to train him how to be her boss. And, you know, we can all imagine how terrible that would feel if we were in that position. And so that's what this article is talking about. Should employees have to train their new manager? So this is a common theme. So if this guy's got all the education and why doesn't he know the job? Well, he has knowledge because he has gone through university and completed a college degree program, but he doesn't have any hands on experience. Assistant has the hands on experience but lacks the formal education. So you'll never really know how to do something until you start toe. Actually, do it to make sure that you actually gain the maximum result from this class. I'm asking you, please, for yourself and for me, Take the time to actually make your own YouTube thumbnail and uploaded to the class as your project in the next video. I'm actually going to go through the process myself very much, just like you should, so that you can see me go through it to give yourself more confidence. But again, you'll never be fully confident until you actually do it. But after you do it, once you try it, you're going to think, Wow, I really can do this. So watch the next video, and once you finish, don't put it out. Go ahead and make your your YouTube video. So I see it in the next video 10. 10 Making Student Project Example: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the process that I would make whenever making a new YouTube thumbnail. So the first thing that would do is to know what my video is about. So usually I would have already made the video, and then I might already have an idea for a thumbnail. Or if not, then I would do a search on YouTube for the niche and just do related searches and see what other videos air using this thumbnails. Now, some niches, you'll find that Ah, lot of the videos have no thumbnails. And if that's the case, that's good for you, because your videos will definitely stand out if you make a really nice looking thumbnail. And other niches do have a lot of videos with good quality thumbnails, where you can get a lot of ideas. So you cannot only look on YouTube, but also do a search on Google under images for your niche and thumbnails, and that will often turn up a lot of great examples that you can use as an inspiration for yours. So, as part of my project, I am going to make this thumbnail here. I'm going to make a thumbnail. Now, I never recommend that you try making a thumbnail exactly like you see it. What you want to do is use it as the root idea and then to make something that is fairly unique but still follows the basic theme of the thumbnail that you light. So I'm going to make a thumbnail around 10 beauty tips for that is similar to the one that we're looking at here. So the first thing that I want to do is to go to one of the image sites and collect some images that I'm going to need. So as we can see one of the first things that I need, Um, I'm I'm going to need a background with these hearts. Eso Let's go ahead and see if we can find heart background. And if we come down through here, I happen to know you can look through And there were several options that I might consider , but I looked through and I found the one that I want on page six. So we come down here on paid six and this was the thumb. Neo are the background that I decided to use for my thumbnail, so you'd simply click on that and then download it. I've already downloaded it, so I won't need to do that. So the next thing that we need is these, uh, lips. So let's go in here and search for lips. Now, I found a couple that I like, and one is on page two, and it was this. So as you can see, this is really very similar to this one here. So I think that's nice. And then the ah, and I've already downloaded this and the other was on four, and it was this one here, so I think I'm gonna use that other one. So let's continue. The last thing that I'm going to need is a woman. So let's come appear to the search and search on woman and I'm gonna woman space, okay? And I'm going. And I chose this woman here. So this woman has a white background, so we're gonna have to remove that background so that I can use it the way I want to in the thumbnail. So one of the reasons why I'm showing you this is to show you that just is in the training I can take and may Ah, a great thumbnail using the exact process that I taught you in this course. So now we have our image assets. Now we're going to go about actually making the thumbnail, so I'll do that in next video, and I'll see you there. 11. 11 Making Student Project Thumbnail 02: Hello and welcome back. Let's continue on with making, uh, your first thumbnail. And so the first thing we collected the images and the first thing that I'm going to need to do is to remove the background from the lady's face that I got. So I'm going to come up, actually, I can come right to here and open from computer, or you can go upto file and open. So I'm going Teoh open from computer, and I'm going to click on here and open. And that's gonna open the ladies. Uh, right here. So I need to remove this background. So I'm gonna come over here to this tool here, and I'm going to click on the magic wand, and then I'm just gonna come to here, and as you can see it, it puts a line around her, and then I'm going to come up to edit and cut, and that's going to cut out the rest of that. I still have the white in here, so I'm gonna left click in this area, and I'm going to come up here and cut. Then I'm going to come to this little area here and cut and this area here and cut. I'm a little bit concerned that there might be a little bit there. So I'm gonna press the control key on my keyboard and then the plus key on my numbers keyboard. And I'm going to press once and then twice and then the third time, and you can see there's a little white in there, so I'm gonna left click on that and then cut. Then I'm gonna press control key and the minus g to get it to go back to normal size. And there you go. I have it. Um, it's they background is completely removed. Isn't that great? Now, another thing that you could do as well, if you want it to cut down the excess. Um, you don't really need the extra there. So you could come over here and just reduce it down to the size that you need it, something like that. And then just click the check mark and there you have it. So then you simply come to file and there's no need to save. This is a PST so export, and because this it has no background. You wanna, um, download this as a P and G, and you want to make sure it's set on 100%. Remember, often times this will be down to 50% the quality, and it really does make a difference on this particular tool. So you want to set it up there at 100% and then click save, and that's all there is to it. So let's come back in the next video and we'll make this thumbnail see you there. 12. 12 Making Student Project Sample Thumbnail Final: Hello and welcome back. All right, let's get started. Let's make a you took Done now, just exactly like you'll be doing when you're making your class project. So let's begin by clicking on new project. Let's give it a name, I think. Okay, you need tips and let's set it at 12. 80 p, which is I'm sorry. 7 20 p, which is 12. 80. The width is 1280 pixels by 7 20 And we're gonna leave it this time on a white background on white, and you'll see what I do with that in just a moment. So let's go ahead and left. Click on Create now. I don't want a white background. I want a different color. So I'm going to click on the color here and I'm gonna break. Bring this bore up here to I get to kind of ah pinkish color that's a little bit too purple . See if we can get it up there a little more pink. All right. That might do so Now we're going to come to the bucket tool or the paint Beckett tool, and we're going to change it to that color. All right, now, I don't wanna accidentally change other things to that color. So I want to click off of the paint tool by clicking on the move toe. Now I'm going to come in and bring the background in. And although this particular background is oversized, the way it fits and feels in the entire area here looks perfectly fine to me. So I'm not going to make any adjustments. I'm simply going to click on the check button, which set it just as it is. The next thing I'm going to do is come over here. I don't want it left exactly like this. So I'm going to lower the pass ity down about 58. Okay, there we go. So this is the look that I'm looking for now. Obviously, when you're make when you're making your thumbnail for the class project, use your round sensibilities, but this is what I'm going for. So the next thing I want to do is to bring in the woman. So I'm going, Teoh, come here, women. And this is the one where we remove the background. So I'm gonna bring that in and bring her over there like so and click the check mark. Okay, Looking good. So far, the next thing that I need is the lips. So we're going to bring in those lips. We're going to set that somewhere about there. Okay, We're gonna click on the check. Mark. Ah. Might need. They're just that a little bit. Okay. All right. I think that will be pretty good. All right. The next thing we're going to do is to click on 10 the 10 beauty. So let's click on the text tool and let's type in 10 Beauty. It's highlight that. Then let's change that. 230 130 pixels. How big I want that. And I want to change the find that you are welcome to use whatever find you feel Works for the particular look you're going for. I'm going to use this on Delhi s unit case, and I'm going to click on the move tool and move this over about here. Maybe. All right, so now I need to change the color of this said to change the text color is here, and I want to go for white, okay? And then I need to make a stroke on that and appear Maybe that's okay. Yeah, looks OK. And I'm gonna put eight pixels for the stroke. All right, that's looking pretty good to me. And then the next thing I'm going to do is right. Click on this layer and duplicate the layer, and I'm gonna change the title of this layered tips. Click the anarchy and then bring this down and I'm I click on text tool and type out tips and bring this right to there. Okay, that's looking pretty good so far. All right. The final thing is, I want to put a box down here a rectangle and then put in by and in my case and just going to use my name. So I'm going to come here to the rectangle tool, and I'm going to make bucks. And I wanted to be a layer cause I want to be able to adjust it in the future and will title that layer rectangle, click the enter key, and then we're going to colored in this color here. So we're going to come to the paint Beckett to and left click to colored in, then come to the Select and D Select to remove this dotted lines Now we'll click on the move tool so that we don't accidentally color something in, and we come to the text tool. And by now we want out. I like that and reduce the size. All right. That might be OK. Yeah, looking good. And then we're going to duplicate this layer, all right, over and then click on type and that's got it. Now you could leave it like this. To me, it looks like it's a little longer than it's necessary here. So what I'm going to do is come to the rectangle and click transform. And as usual, for some reason, it always does the outside first. I just re selected again. And for men there goes, and then I just simply bring that in a little bit. Okay, that looks fine to me. Click on the check mark and there you go. Look at that. And it. Fantastic. So you see, we started with an idea that was from someone else's thumbnail. Now, one thing I just noticed up here is this comes to the edge. Maybe it's no big deal, but I would rather it not. So I'm going to click on that layer and Then I'm going to go to my arrow keys on my keyboard and press on the right arrow key just to get that over a bit. And then I want that the tips here lined up with that. So I'm going again. Do the arrow key, see if I can't get that lined up pretty good. And I think that looks nice. And there you go. You've got a fantastic thumbnail. And it didn't take us, but a few minutes to do. Look at that. Is it fantastic? So see how simple that is? You guys conduce it. So my hope is that every single student that takes this class well, actually take the 10 or 15 minutes and create your own Ah, YouTube thumbnail and submit it in the class projects. So I look forward to seeing yours. Thank you very much for taking this class. And I'll see you in the final video. See, there 13. 13 Final Word: awesome. You completed the class. Hopefully you uploaded your thumbnail to the class project area for myself and the other students to see and evaluate. If you got value out of this class, I would ask that you click on the like button and leave a review that helps new students know that it is a worthwhile class. Please keep a look out for my new classes as I will regularly upload them on a regular basis. Many things were taking this class, and I look forward to seeing you in my others.