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Make An Awesome WordPress Website Step By Step (2021)

teacher avatar Nate Chisley, Build Your Online Brand

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Class!

    • 2. Step 01: Secure Domain & Hosting

    • 3. Step 02: Install WordPress

    • 4. Step 03a: Settings & Adjustments

    • 5. Step 03b: Applying Theme & Template

    • 6. Step 03c: Customizing Content

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About This Class

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This online course will teach you how to create your own awesome WordPress website! Your website will also be mobile responsive so it looks and functions great on any device! You don't need to have any previous knowledge of web development or coding. Anyone can follow along and make a beautiful WordPress website in about an hour!

If you're sick of Professional Web Developers charging you from $3,000 - $10,000, or more, to design a website and then charging more for making changes because it didn't come out the way you wanted it to, look no further. This free course is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Nate Chisley

Build Your Online Brand


I'm a Professional Web Developer, Internet Marketer, and all-around Web Pro. I've been designing and developing with WordPress for over 10 years and therefore consider myself a WordPress Pro. I've also helped my client's businesses to grow by utilizing some awesome internet marketing and advertising tools. Now I want to help you to be able to do the same. So let's get after it!

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1. Welcome To The Class!: Hey there. My name is Nate, and in this video, I'm going to teach you how to make a WordPress websites step by step and you're not gonna believe how easy it is. Here's a quick rundown. WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world, from sites like Bloomberg and Rolling Stone to sites like Mercedes and Beyonce's. WordPress is used by a wide variety of entities to achieve the online brand presence if they desire. Whether you're building on a Mac or a PC, you'll be able to make your website look and feel however you want, as long as you follow my step by step guide. There are three steps to make a WordPress website. The first step is to get your domain name and hosting. You will need both of these in order to build your website. A domain name is also referred to as the URL or website game, for example. Facebook's domain name is facebook dot com. For you to have your own domain name, it will cost you about $13 a year. Hosting is the place where all of your website content is held. Your domain name will point to your hosting so that your website can be viewed from anywhere by your website visitors anytime of any day, year round. The second step is to install WordPress on your hosting. And again, WordPress is the framework that makes it super simple and fast to make your own website. WordPress is open source software, so it's free. The third and final step is to create your awesome website. This includes creating your pages, choosing your colors, adding your content like pictures and text and adding a logo. Whether you're building on a Mac or a PC, you'll be able to make your website look and feel however you want, as long as you follow my step by step guide. So let's get right into it and go get our domain name and hosting. 2. Step 01: Secure Domain & Hosting: First, we'll need to find and secure and available domain name. So go ahead and click the link in the description below, or open a new browser tab and go to make an awesome website dot com. Click the start button or scroll down and use the domain Checker Field to find an available domain name, then click to get domain and hosting button. Thankfully, our domain and hosting can be secured at the same place, and that's a to hosting dot com. There are many other hosting services out there, but A to hosting is consistently ranked at the top for their outstanding services and support. Once at a to hosting click the get started button, this takes us to a page to register our domain name. Just enter the same domain name that you just found available or a different one. If you changed your mind in click check and then click continue on this page. Let's start by changing our billing cycle toe one month. Unless you want to secure your hosting for 12 24 or 36 months and get a larger discount, then let's go down to additional options and change auto install application to none because we want to do this manually to make sure we set everything up the way we need to. Then click Continue. Next, we are offered a few additional services. As you can read, I d Protection will protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox. I've never had a problem with spam on my websites or my clients. So in my opinion, this is unnecessary. And if we ever have a problem in the future, we can easily add this service. So I'm going to go ahead and uncheck this option and leave the rest unchecked, then click continue. And now here on our review page, we can see that our total cost today will be $18.65 after a 63% 1 time discount on our hosting. Great deal. So let's go ahead and click. Check out. Finally, I don't check out page. You'll want to go ahead and enter all of your personal details and billing information. I'm going to enter mine and be right back with you. So after we've entered all of the required information, we can scroll down to the bottom of the page. Check the terms of services box and click Complete border. Congratulations. You've just finished securing your domain and hosting and completed Step one. That wasn't bad at all, was it? 3. Step 02: Install WordPress: Our next step is to install WordPress, so make sure you're logged into your A to hosting accounts and click see panel log in next year. Newly secure domain name. Then click WordPress A to optimized, then scroll down and click WordPress and then click the install. Now button here on our set up page. We will leave our protocol on https because A to hosting provides a free SSL certificate on all of their hosting packages, and I'll cover SSL certificates in a later video. Now into your website, name and description, an admin user name, password and email. Be sure to remember this password because you will need it each time you log into your WordPress dashboard and finally scroll down and enter that same email address in this field . This way, the details of this WordPress installation will be emailed to you so you can reference them later on. Then click the install button. Congrats. You've installed WordPress and completed step two. That was even easier than step one. You may need to wait a few minutes to a few hours for your new website to become fully accessible, so I'm gonna go make a cup of tea and be right back with you for the final step. 4. Step 03a: Settings & Adjustments: and we're back. So now that our website is accessible, we can get to the fun part. Creating are awesome website. To do that, we need to log into our dashboard to get there. We type in our website domain name, followed by afford slash and W P dash admin. That takes us to our log in page where we can input our user name or email address and password, then hit, enter or click Le Guin. Once logged in, we will see our dashboard. Our dashboard is the location where we go to create, update and manage our website design and content. If you hover over your website name in the top left corner and click visit site, you will see that there is already a very basic website theme. But we're going to create our own website that's way better than this one. The next thing we want to do is to make a few updates to our user profile and our website settings. So let's go back to our dashboard by hovering over our site name and clicking Dashboard, then in the left navigation menu, will hover over users and click your profile. This takes us to our user profile where we can edit our information. We can ignore the 1st 5 settings unless you'd like to change the color of your dashboard. I like the default blue theme, so I'm gonna leave this, as is the following information is mostly all supplementary, but I like to feel in certain things for consistency. So let's fill in our first and last name and a nickname, and then select what we want to be displayed for our public name. If you're planning on having a blogger on your website and this is what your readers will see, we'll discuss setting up a block in another tutorial. So let's click. Update profile. Okay, excellent profile. Updated. Now it's a Justin settings. To do that, hover over settings in the left navigation menu and click on General. This is where we can update our site name. We can also update a few other things. We're gonna leave everything as is except for our time zone, because this could be important depending on what type of business you have. I also like to change my time format in date format, the option that's appealing to my eye. I also like to start my weeks on Sunday, you can change these two whatever you like, then we can go ahead and click, save changes, and we'll see that our settings were saved. Next, we'll click on Perma links in the left Nab menu. This is where we make our website Perma links or page names look better, more professional and rank better. In Google and other search engines. The most common structure is post name. So go ahead and change this to post name and click save changes. And as we can see, our changes have been saved. Next, we're going to delete all the unnecessary plug ins that have come pre installed. You may be asking what is a plug in plug ins or packages of code that extend the functionality of your website? For example? WordPress doesn't come with a way to easily put a contact form on your website, but we can install a plug in to do this for us. So let's go ahead and hover over plug ins in the Left Navin menu and click on installed plug ins. Then take the top check box to select all the plug ins and then select elite from the drop down and click the apply button. So now we can see that all are unnecessary. Preinstalled plug ins have been deleted, and now we can start with a clean slate with our plug ins. Next, we can make sure that WordPress is up to date. WordPress has somewhat regular updates to the code and needs to occasionally be updated, and they provide a very simple way to do this. Let's hover over dashboard in the left nabbed menu and click on updates. As we can see, WordPress is all up to date so we don't have to upgrade it. 5. Step 03b: Applying Theme & Template: Now we're going to add a theme to our website. The theme is like your clothing and your website is like you. I'm me, you're you and your website is your website. But if you or I change our clothes, it makes us look different even though I'm still me and you're still you. Likewise, if you change your website theme, it will look different even though it is still the same website. And since we want to have a really attractive and slick website, were going to give our website of really nice team. So let's hover over a parents on the Left Nab menu and click on themes. There are many themes that could be used, but in my opinion, the Astra theme is one of the best teams out there. It allows you to import a full website template in seconds and cut your building time way down, and they have a lot of really great looking templates that are free. So let's go ahead and click the add new button and then type the word Astra into the search field. And there's our Astra theme, so let's click the install button and then the activate button Now, when we visit our website, we could see it looks different than it did before, and currently it still looks pretty blood. But don't worry. We're gonna make it look amazing with just a few clicks. So next we're going to install a plug in called Astra Starter Sites. To do this, let's go back to our dashboard and hover over plug ins and click. Add new, then type Astra Starter sites in the search field. Here we could see the first option is our plug in. So go ahead and click. Install now and then Click Activate! And there we could see our plug and has been activated. Now, before we import a website template, we want to make sure that we're starting with a clean slate with no pages on our website. The reason we do this is that the template will import all the pages we need. So let's hover over pages in the left Nab menu in click all pages. Then we can take the check box to select all the current pages. Select, move to trash from the drop down and click apply, then click on the trash link and click the empty trash button. So now we can see that we have a clean slate with no pages, and we're ready to import a new template website. Next, we will hover over a parents and click on Astra Starter sites. There are four page builders to choose from, but L a mentor, is by far the best. So we're gonna click l a mentor and then click next. As you can see, there is over 100 site templates to choose from, but we want to make sure we don't have to spend any more cash, so we're going to click on free. In my opinion, the free site templates Air Justus good as any you would pay for. For the purposes of this tutorial, I would recommend importing the same site template that I do so that you can follow along and get comfortable with editing a site template. So I'm going to school down to one of my favorite themes, called outdoor Adventure and click the preview button. So now we can see that the template looks amazing and we have some options to the left. We want to make sure that the 1st 4 check boxes stay checked because we want to import all the necessary plug ins, settings, content and widgets in order for our website toe work, as it does in the preview. So we'll go ahead and click the import site button and give it some time to import. All our resource is so now when we click view site, we can see that our website looks amazing just like the preview we looked at previously. 6. Step 03c: Customizing Content: Now we can edit our home page to do that. Let's click on the edit with L. A mentor length that takes us to the elements or editor for our home page. Every bit of content on each page can be edited, moved or deleted. So let's say you want to edit this heading text. Just click on it, then select it and type anything you want. I'll change mind to welcome to my website. And now let's say we want to change the text on this button. Just click on the button and change the text over on the left. You can edit any text on this page in the same way. Simply click and select the text and then start typing. And again this works on every page of your website. Now let's focus on images. Let's say you want to change this image. Just click on the image, select the image on the left and then drag and drop your image to upload it. Then click. Insert media. When you're finished making your edits, you can simply click update to save all your changes. Then you can click here to view your page. You can edit every page of your website. In this same way, simply click the page in your menu, then click Edit with L. A mentor. Next we will make some custom is ations to our header and our footer. So let's click on the customized link in the admin bar to do this. Now you can see that there are some blue pencil icons next to the head or elements, so if you want to add or change your logo, you can click the icon next, the current logo, and then you can change your logo on the left. Then we can turn off the site title in tagline. Let's also increase the size of our logo just a little bit. You can edit the other elements like the menu in the same way, by clicking the corresponding icon. Everything in your header and footer could be edited by clicking these blue icons. Once you are finished editing, just click Publish for your changes to go live on your website, then we can close the customizer to view our website. So what if we want to add a new page to our website, simply hover over new and click page, then just add a title and click edit with L. A mentor. Now we have a blank page with two options to create our page. The first option is to add a new section. This will allow us to drag and drop elements from the left onto our page. So let's say we want to add a heading. First we clicked the plus sign and select our structure. Then we click the grid icon to select our element, weaken, drag and drop the heading element and then enter our text. Now it's at an image. Thank Click publish and View page. Your whole page can be created this way the other way. We can create our pages by using templates, So let's go back into the L. A. Mentor. First, we'll delete the elements we added previously, Then click the folder icon to add a template. Templates are full pre made pages that we can import to our website. So me click add template. We will see a lot of designs here. If you want to use a design, just click on it to see how it looks and then click insert toe imported to your page. This new pages, just like all the rest of your website pages and everything on it can be edited, moved or deleted in the same way. Let's select are heading and type in what we want. When you're finished making your edits, you can simply click update and View page. Now that we have a new page, let's add a link to that page on our menu. To do that, let's click, customize, then click menus and select the primary menu. Then we can click, add items and select our new page. If we want to reorder it, simply drag and drop. Finally, click published. Then when we closed the customizer, we will see our new page in its corresponding menu item. Congratulations. You now have your very own board press website that you made. Please be sure to like Sharon, subscribe. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Also be on the lookout for our upcoming video guides on making a free logo and creating a blogger. Thanks for watching the tutorial and I'll see you in the next one