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Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

teacher avatar WildRose Shop

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Square Knots


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      The Loop


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      The Spiral Cords


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      The Net


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About This Class

Hello! Welcome to my Macrame Plant Hanger DIY class :)

This class will teach you the basics of macrame and how to create a plant hanger! Here is an example of what the finished product from today's class looks like!


You will learn:

  • What materials to use
  • How to set up your workspace
  • Square Knots
  • Spiral Knots
  • How to build a net
  • Closing Knots

This class is a great intro to macrame. You can take the skills you learn via this class and apply it to other macrame projects!


  1. WildRose DIY Kit
  2. Knot and Rope Supply

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Video Credit:

Dom Aprile



Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm WildRose.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Meghan. Today. I'm gonna teach you guys about Mac away. In this video, you'll learn how to create your very own Makram a plant hanger, and I'll go over what materials you'll need as well, a step by step instructions on how to create this piece. I own a small online store called Wilder Shop, where I sell patches ham paid to jackets on one of a kind. Mac, my pieces. I've been teaching workshops around the East Coast for the past year, and now, thanks to scale share, you can learn in the comfort of your own home. You can find all the materials you need in your local craft store, or you can purchase one of my d. I Y kits that I have for sale on my online shop. 2. Materials: Now, I'm going to tell you the materials you'll need for this workshop. Remember, you can find them at your local craft store or my D I Y Kit comes with everything pre measured, pre cut and ready to go for you to start working. The materials you'll need for this workshop are color tape, a scissor, a ruler, Makram accord, an s hook and a clothing rack. This is optional, but this would be an alternative to the S Hook Makram accord. This workshop uses 1/8 of an inch three strand cotton rope. However, you can use a single strand rope or whatever thickness of court. It will just change the look of the hangar to be thicker or thinner. You will need a total of 108 feet of rope. You will cut the rope into 2 12 foot cords to 18 foot cords and 2 24 foot cords. I'm remember if you decide to purchase my kit. All of this were rope comes pre cut and labeled 3. Setup: set up. There are a couple of different set up situations for you, depending on what's available in your home. Basically, you need something that Makram a loop can hang off of and easily be detached. The easiest thing is a portable clothing rack. This is best because you can move it wherever you want to work in your house. Whether it's your couch or outside the macro, Maalouf could be slid off by the detachable poll. If you don't have a clothing rack, the eso could be used on the back. Which hair? Ah, curtain rod or an edge of a door frame labelling the robes. First, you're going to want to measure your ropes. You're going to have to 12 foot ropes to 18 foot ropes and 2 24 foot groups. I grabbed my yard sick because it's easier to measure the rope quickly, and I hold the end of the rope down and just wrap it around until I have three, six, nine and 12. You're going to want to do this two times for each rope. For each length you're going to have to of each at the end. After you caught all your rope you're going to want to label each piece, start with the 12 foot rope and label them green just wrapped the tape around the edges. You were going to repeat this step for both ends of the rope. Next is the 18 foot ropes. You are going to label these blue and last the 24 foot ropes. You're gonna label the ends pink. Make sure the label both ends of each room. When you're done, you'll have to 12 foot green ropes to 18 foot blue ropes and to 24 foot pink robes. Once you finish cutting and labeling your rope, you're going to set up either on your clothing rack or your s hook. First, you're going to grab one of your green ropes unfolded in half, so the two ends meet. You're going to please the two ends over your bar and just slide them until the middle is at the top of the bar. You're going to repeat this with the other green road next year, going to grab your blue rope and you're going to set up one on each side of the middle green roofs following the same steps as before. I'm finally you're going to repeat the same steps with the pink ropes on both sides of the blue. Your rope should be has followed pink, blue, green, green, blue, pink. Next, you're going to take a piece of tape and put it over the top so the middle stays on top of the bar. 4. Square Knots: The first part of the square knot is to take the two outside ropes. Make sure these ropes are both pink. You're going to take your left rope and make a four over the four middle ropes. Hold this with your thumb. Take your right hand and your right rope and put it over this middle part back behind all four ropes and through the loop. Pull these up by pulling them out. That is 1/2 of the square. Not now. You're going to repeat this, but on the opposite side, you're gonna take your your right rope. I make a P over the four middle rooms, take the left rope and go over back behind and through. Pull each rope out until it meets the other. Not. And you have one full square knot. You're going to repeat this step until you have 10 full square knots on this side. 5. The Loop: you're going to repeat this up until you have 10 full square dots on this side. How to count how many square knots you have done. You would count the little bumps on one side. So one bump is one square. Not 123456789 10. I'm ready to move on to the other side of the bar. Now that we're on the other side of the Makram Eight Loop, You were going to pick up where you left off. Look where your last bump is, and you're going to start the square. Not on that side. So this side is starting with the backwards for since the bump is on the right. Same thing as last time. Backwards for the left route goes over behind and through. And you're going to pull this up to meet the last square knot. Now you're going to start normal. Normal for over the rope. The right rope goes over behind and through. Make sure you have all 20 by counting the bumps on one side. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920. You're going to meet the two ends to make sure they're even on before doing this. Next part, make sure you're working on something where the loop could be detached from the rod. Now you are going to close the loop. So we're going to be doing the same steps as before. Your forward for and you're going to take the rope all the way behind all the ropes. This time closing that loop, you're going to repeat the backwards for or the P. And you have your first full square, not closing the loop. You're gonna repeat this step three times and that's the first part of the Mac May plant hanger the loot. You've successfully completed it. 6. The Spiral Cords: you're going to start off this section by separating your rope into four groups of three. Each group should have a pink, a blue and a green one to found a pink, a blue and a green just lightly, not them. So you know it's a group while you find the other three groups. Okay, the next step is to take one of your groups and untied a loose. Not, and you are going to start the spiral. So you want to make sure the outside two ropes are the blue and the pink rope and the middle rope is the shortest rope, which is the green. It's very important that the green is in the middle at all times. It doesn't matter if the pink is on the right and the blue is on the left or the pink is on the left and the blooming on on the right. As long as the green is in the middle, you're gonna start how we started the square, not before, except instead of going over all four middle ropes, you're only going over one. So create the four over the middle rope, take the right rope, go behind and through hold tight. Now, this is where we change. Instead of going back to the P on the other side, you're going to just keep doing a regular four the whole way down and it will start to spiral eventually again. A four. The green is still in the middle. You're going to repeat this about 25 to 30 times whatever length you like. Okay? When you're spiral starts to turn, you can just flip it to the other side and repeat the same steps off four with the left room. As long as you keep doing a four with the left rope on the green is in the middle. You are fine. To save us time. I completed three of the spirals and I'm just gonna work on the 4th 1 The middle rope is the green, and then you have the pink or the blue on either side, starting with the four over the one middle room and then taking the right rope and going behind and through the loop four. This one goes over and behind the middle, and you're going to keep repeating this until they all match up at the bottom. You can count each bump on one side to make sure you did 25 or you can I them all out as a group and just make sure they're even. 7. The Net: next we're gonna work on the Net. I want you guys to take your ruler and measure around, eat in just down and just place your fingers there. You're gonna cree and not on every two ropes where your fingers were. So I'm just gonna not these two ropes together, just a loose not like that. Then you're gonna take the next two ropes and nothing about the same height. Then the next two ropes you're gonna be going around in a circle, and this is what's gonna create the net, do you know? So you can move around the peace following a circle, just getting all the knots at the same height. The most important part of this stuff is making sure you can have an open basket that none of the cords are overlapping or crossing that it all forms a big circle. Now you're going to untie one of your groups and we're gonna start the first. Not this not is the same as a square knots that we did before. Just no middle ropes. So you're going to take your left rope and create a four and the right rope is gonna be the stem of the four. The right rope is gonna become behind and over and you have your first half of the square. Not you can pull this up and down to get it to the desired length. You want it to match up with the rest of the knots. You're going to repeat the steps but backwards. So you have your backwards for or your P and the left group is hanging over and that's get push gets pushed up behind and through and you pull them out to complete. And that your first square, not of the basket. Let's repeat that stuff again. Untie another one of your groups. You're gonna create the four and have the right rope as the stem hanging over. You're gonna take that right rope and pull it over and through, and then you're gonna pull the half of the square not to match the not you just tied. Make the backwards for or the P and bring that left room behind and through. Now you're gonna tie the middles of each of the square knots. You're gonna have to meet in the middle, and we're gonna tie another circle around the basket. You want a measure around three inches down. Take two square knots the middle of ropes and tie a loose not just to mark the place. Do this all the way around the basket. Double check that no ropes are in the middle. And when you pull them apart and makes an open circle, let's untie one of the ropes and repeat the same steps as earlier. Create your four and have your right strand over before. Have that come behind up and over. Adjust the length and repeat the steps with the backwards for do this all the way around the basket, creating the second row. Once you completed the whole second row, just make sure all the knots are the same height. Now we're on the third row. We're going to repeat the same steps, but this time only two inches down in the middle of two square knots. Find the middle two ropes and measure two inches down and tie are loose knots again, all the way around, creating a circle double. Check that when you open it, no ropes, cross the middle, leaving an open basket. Untie one of the knots and repeat the same steps as before this time only two inches down. Now we're on the final step. We're just closing the basket so the plant hanger could fit inside. What you're going to dio it's gather all the pieces and you want to grab two of your longest pieces. Doesn't matter what color they are. Just find the longest pieces of the bunch. You're going to gather all the pieces and about three inches down you're gonna create Ah, final closing square, Not over the whole bunch of ropes. You have your four. The right road goes over behind and through, and you're going to pull it three in just down from your last rope. Not repeat the backwards for, or the P over behind through, and you are done. 8. Closing: you finished your first plant hanger. Now let's test out the basket and make sure it is all good to go. You can just move the leaves between each room. After you put your plant in the basket, you can cut the excess length to whatever length you want and your Makary client hangar is complete. There you have it. You can now hang your plant hanger inside outside. Just make sure you use an off the wall hook or a ceiling hook that could support the weight of whatever plant you put inside. Have fun and get creative with it. Tag me and pictures of your completed plant hangers at Wild Rose Underscore Shop on Instagram.