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teacher avatar Neda Hajmomeni

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Plan and draw


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      Clean up and organize


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      Timeline and sound effect


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      Animate and match part 1


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      Animate and match part 2


    • 7.

      Final touches


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About This Class

Join the Designer/ Illustrator and Animator Neda Hajmomeni for a 40 min class and learn how to bring your ideas in to animations by using photoshop only. 

In this class we are going to explore how to make simple animations in photoshop. Pen and paper for easy hand drawing and basic knowledge in photoshop is all you need.

You will learn how to make a plan for your animation, how to use timeline in photoshop and how to pimp up your animation with sound effects.

At the end of this class students should be able to make playful animations with photoshop.


Meet Your Teacher

Hi, my name is Neda Hajmomeni. I'm a Designer, Illustrator and Animator based in Munich. 

You can find my work in my website take a look at my Etsy shop and follow me on Instagram

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is I'm a designer, animator and illustrator based in Munich. And in this class, I'm going to teach you how to make simple animations in photo shots. For attending this class, you only need to know basic Photoshopped. I've been walking through the steps I took for making this animation, and by the end of this class, you should be able to make your own animation fully done in food. 2. Plan and draw: so the first challenge here is to decide what you would like to animate. So, first of all, you have to make a plan. As an example, you can imagine that you would like to make an animation for your friend's birthday. So what would you like to know to showing this animation? Perhaps you would like to show a birthday cake first birthday cake. You can draw it with paying the pencil with markers, whatever you like to use whatever color you have in mind. And don't forget that later on for the Shelby can also change the colors. So let's say this is the birthday cake and we have a candle on the top. Um, and you would like the candle light to move, so it's a second layer, and it's separate from this fun because you would like to move it separately. Um, and then later in your animation, um, there would be some balloons, um, that you would like to draw with the you can draw different balloons or, um, you can use the same one and change your color photo shop again. Kill with this plan, I show that maybe to make another balloon also in red. Um, maybe in the shape of the heart, something like that. So you create the all of the years you have basically emerging. And what else you could you would like to have in this animation and create the layers separately, try to make them not to touch each other. For example, Here, the candlelight shouldn't touch this because later on, it's difficult. You have to cut it out. But, um, somehow, in the middle of the way, you change your mind. There's always some ways to do it. And then at the end, you want to have maybe a message to a friend. Um, maybe you want to have, um, birthday. If you don't like what you have here, you draw another A or I still don't like it that and is going for the shop later on. You remove this one and put that one there. Um, and your friend's name is Sarah. So you use a marker, and you also would like to put some segments on the S, got some a and try and goes. I don't think this is gonna work, but okay. And some lines here on this. So this is your plan. Basically, you were done with drawing. Now that we learn how to make a plan for our animation, it's time to go back to the sample lamination. These are the initial sketches I made for this animation. On the left hand side, we have a girl. We have three sizes off her cheek. As you see here. We're gonna discuss about that later. We have the party horn here, and that expands. And we have some shapes emphasizes emphasizing on the sound off the party horn. And here we have some simple text. Never shop is open from here. You can either scan your illustration or take a picture of it. I don't have a scanner, so I just take a picture with my iPhone. And now we're good to go to photo shop. 3. Clean up and organize: great. Now we're include a shop. We have our two images here. If you're wondering what's the size of this fire, it's 800 to 600. Resolution 300. And the reason I put 800 to 600 This that, um maybe you want to put it as a give in the future on your dribble. So this is gonna save you a lot of time. First, I started with the girl. I need to find a figure So that late around problem with tradition in order to clean up a picture like this. As you see, there are a lot off pattern on the paper you can see over here we go to adjustment layer brightness contrast and you write in a bit and bring a little bit of contrast. And it pretty much depends on the lights, the quality of your picture, the color that you use in your drawing every time, depending on your picture. You made me to use brightness and contrast or sometimes levels, at least in my case, maybe I want to make the read a little bit brighter. I go to you, and as you see, I can make it really red seals changes here have to be careful. We made it darker or even change colors. You can now go back to the image layer. Right Click Choose pasteurized Leah and select Magic moment or press w and click on the image. Now you can't delete. Come on D to see what happened to you. I think this is pretty much cleaned the illness. I can move the image. Leave it. And with M selected areas. Now you see, How did this move it again? And we left the area debate. Come on. Was it? Now it's time Teoh separate all the layers that we want to any meat and each element that is going to be an animated separately should be in a different layer in these days. We select em, we said, like the small party. Warm. Come on, Come on. The And as you see with a new layer when they need to form one, continue for all of this layers. 212 We should also take that one separate layer because we're going to and exchanging with the smaller size of Jake next room. So I get from my second mom Be Go back here and I delete that. So this is burned. This is with heat. Okay, Now we do the same for the other image. People underneath the brightness stadium command t making the move bigger and again with the same way. Right? Lead rest allies that you click on the image and still it. Okay, now we select Never show as one. Come on, Be again with opens also. 4. Timeline and sound effect: Okay, now we have all If Isa ready Together the girl. First turn off case three layers and we have first party warm on a small one. So maybe I moved the girl in a bit in turn off this layers to the small parties. Answer this more. One is here. Then we have the 2nd 1 Was there ever tried to make it much and big command team You can maybe. What? It did it. Then we have number three to be again. Try to make it feeds the girl Maybe can be me and big ones. 10 during this to Monty again taking the bait, they would be less John level on ends this love noses. Then you have to cheats on the 1st 1 10 be here then. The 2nd 1? Yeah. Then this More one means so everything is in place. We have to go to window and time there. They asked created Videoton line? Yes. And now we have every layer here. In our timeline, you can maybe do command and minus So what? You see smaller screen there and with more of your layers. There are many websites where you can find free sounds I especially found at the party One sound in this website, orange threesomes. So if you go to the first page, you don't even need to create an account you, sir to. So whether where you want to make And here you can listen to the sounds. And if you want one in this case, this one we go toe Donald and just down with freedom three here. Now that we have on all the layers ready in the timeline, we need to add the sound wherever you saved the sound. You just drop it here and enter. Now you see that layers appears here, you can do it even toe and it is to the end driving to the beginning. I go back here, the sound on on a place. 5. Animate and match part 1: Now we have each elements on a different layer and have our sound ready. We make this a smaller to just test. See, sport drag this here and the girls should be to the end off that sound, which is this layer and the party Horn was gonna leave a bit shorter because you just needed at the beginning. Then comes the second layer party horn. What stars from he had perhaps shorter. And then it switches to the fort. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And of course, that sounds appear at the same time, us. This would appear the same time owes in May of four. And if you just want to test it without actions So Assoc, there is no party home here because this layer is to simply turn it on and played without the sound. I could just see what's to then. Now we tried this kind of match This information with the sound. I also see a little bit of displacement here in there, too. And see a brochure to girls. You won. Maybe it's well the answer to No, let's test it with the sound. As you see, theme movement is not very when it seems like there is a short of time off the first party horn, because the moment you start to hear the sound blowing has already started. So this point to not that extend the layer to, And by the time we get to hear this has to be done. So on layer four now part should finish here. Okay, Now we see this is going to work a little bit. I just want to show the first, um, the first light in it a bit longer. So this I moved the sound so that we can have a small part of home for two seconds. And then I found him with the rest. Let's give it a try. Now we're gonna add the cheeks. So when she's in the last snide I came here, I put the layers close to each others see them okay. And you turn on the players. Then the second cheek would be baby summer here Exactly. When the second no one appears and then the 3rd 1 can be There may be the beginning to the end of the 2nd 1 So if you go forward to see you too, 6. Animate and match part 2: Okay, Now it's time for us to take care of the second part of the animation. I can just work on this side. We have a never shop. We can turn on the layer so we can see it and move. This is open. Let's say we want open to appear as separately for each letter. So I go select with em a select all John C. Con vi. The same thing with P. You can be okay now. We have each letter separately. Kikwit put them in position. Maybe endless should be a bit closer. Park. Yeah, I think. And we also have a music for this part of the animation number. Checking. Maybe this has to move down a bit, and this has to go. But the middle penance to go, I can rotate a bit. Okay. I'm going to find the music and dragging again to here. And based on that, we continue animating this text. Okay? Not this is our and he'll sound okay. And, um, we wanna have it right after the end off the other animation. And it continues to here. Took that stand off on my animation. That's so let's think how we want to be one metal shop to appear first, let's say that he moves around up and down. In this case, I need three or four layers off. Never shop 12 And let's say that the 1st 1 I haven't anybody to left since this is the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 It's too big, too right, more attentive. So start from here to here and then the last one is maybe just a street. So take a look. It's going to that that you have to take you thes he's. And if in this into the music, it's a whole words Okay, here is when we want east appear. Maybe he's miss it feeds smaller first. So make another Copia be behold, um balls and shaved and it's more. And then the bigger one appears. So versus that is fun. I'm sure of this shit. Continue to them and open First appears probably then he appears you also put we work from the timing later, of course. Okay, let's take a look and see how this one. With a little bit of patient you can get over this part. You just need to listen to your sound or music and seek the layers to it. I made the second copy off Opie, and and And you can press command E while you have all of them selective because we want them to appear at once. Um, sorry. Something went wrong. No, I know what you have to be on the layer more disappearing. And then come on. Now, we wanted to appear and disappear again. So we copy it again, and maybe it's disappeared. Some point here. I don't know. See how it goes now, in order to make it a little bit playful, I created a medical view of our background. Pretty in between. Let's say, whenever one off these letters is appearing, the background changes. So I put the and I made it asked Shortest layer a lot of hearings. So this will be in short. So when the always appearing that say, background is something right and okay, something. And I miss another copy on the need to feed. So this is it. And let's say when that pees appearing, he has to be and Short said on the color changes, too. Um maybe so. I think that and again I made another popular please I'm holding Alter option, by the way, to Mexico P And here, Um, that's he's appearing the background. These? Yes. Okay. And make another copy when the letter N is appearing back home color. Maybe this is something like people. Okay? And when the first open is absolute ring, that is, let's say and here its changes. And last when the final back from disappearing here, we wanted to be otherwise force. Yes. Now I would say that another faithful way you could experience here. Let's say neighbors shop. He's changing color to. So this layer is, um or a very so and then it changes to this one which made it. And then it goes to whether we're color we wanted to be I demand ravage through some 7. Final touches: So something else that we could add here is that when its richest at this point, um, the 20 home again, those smaller. So you have tickle Reverse the whole thing. Great. Well done. 8. Render: If you want to save the Defoe to someone uploaded somewhere, just easily go to fine, safer wet. Professed to file to save us. Give. Make sure give us selected here. You don't need to change any of this. It's six. If you wanted to do, you can say forever. I recommend you to that. Otherwise you have to. Is it over already? And you say safe saving on the best of image. Only take a look. You, if you see you would like to change something, the color of the background shouldn't be. Why, From the beginning, it didn't change the way you learn. If you would like the party warned not to be read, but another color. You know how to do that as well and only fix you would like to do. You can do it directly. Yeah. Now, if you want to render the file with the sound, come to fire its board render video And before what is your perfect select fuller This stuff choose? Mm. A second look. See here The sound is not correct. Especially the first part I have came across that before. My solution is to render it again and pass it. So let's go to file again then there. It's the same on this fender with place. Let's check again. I love it. 9. Assignment: great. Um, thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. Now it's time for your projects. Your assignment is to make a simple animation. First of all, make a plan. Think about what story you would like to tell. I made this animation. Teoh announced the opening of my Web shop. And I think, What do you want to say with your animation? Make a plan and upload an image off that plan on the class project following that, Upload your final information. You don't have to put the sound on it. It can be a GIF animation without some as well along the way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I would be very happy to help you. I can't wait to see all your projects signed to again and have a good day