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Let's Design Paper - Showing Your Unique Style

teacher avatar Jessey Cheng, Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Large Ornament

    • 4. Embossing

    • 5. Using Different Shapes of Moulds

    • 6. Layered Paper

    • 7. Making Edges

    • 8. What's Next

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About This Class

We draw on paper, we write on paper, we use paper as a medium for expressing art.  And Paper itself can be an art too, it shows your personality, and even your brand style.  

In the last class I have shown you some methods on making paper from scratch.  This class, I am going to show you some more tips on what you can do to make own style of paper.  You will get ideas for designing your paper to suit your needs, and have fun on embossing, making nice edges, and making layered paper.

Let’s join the class and design your paper!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessey Cheng

Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Ideas


Hi, I am Jessey from Hong Kong.  I love creative things from crafting, graphic design to copywriting, and marketing.  And trying a lot new different things is the favourite part of my life.  When I started to learn Chinese Calligraphy, it is love at every sight, learning to be patient, feeling the tranquility, connecting to the ancient culture.

Sharing Chinese Calligraphy is my little wish to help preserving Traditional Chinese and spread it out :D  And I am very sure you will love the beautiful words.

Let's write Chinese Calligraphy!

Instagram: @chising.writes

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm Jesse Train. Make paper is fun and it shows your personality and style in the last class. I've shown you some efforts on making paper from stretch on this class. I'm going to show you some other tips so that you can design your paper. Blessed John the cause and have fun. 2. Tools & Materials: in this video, I will show you the tools and materials for this class. If it this is your first time to make paper, please water my other class on less McPaper at his very short cast on includes the details off making paper. All right for this class I've prepared to washed up with different color pulp. I suggest you two years of this two different colors with great contrast. It will make the paper more fun. I will use the moment dicho again. We always remember to have to Tyco at the top. And this green off, the more facing up. Well, when it some molds with different shapes I use around in the hot shape in this class. I also use some large element. Ah, here's what I've got some dry flowers on toothpick and string. You know what they are for Later? Ready? Let's get started 3. Large Ornament: isn't this cute? Let me show you how to make a paper with large all a month. Got the paper with the color you want. This will be the background color. Try to remove most off the water from it, then decide which area you would like to put your large Solomon and then place a toothpick there. If you have a very large hole a month, then you might want to use a larger object to hold space. And then we go gather more piece of pope of what? Pulp. Actually, you can make it on the shave. You warned with your hands or more and placed a small piece of pope on it. Make sure you attach well to the paper. And then we used absorbing material to remove extra ah water and let dry after he has been dried. I then removed a toothpick. I prefer to you it use a toothpick to hold a space instead of placing the element at the beginning because I don't want Parliament to get white not placed a far tonight. I believe your friend will be for happy togethers and you can see the difference between the free the ottoman does the one where you make just mate and then the very feeding element that were made last time 4. Embossing: like you say string as I'm posing material and you can use anything you want, But make sure the tax trace clear placed a strain on the paper by the foul when you're doing the coaching and when a press, um during the coaching and they will help to leave the texture on the paper. 5. Using Different Shapes of Moulds: I will use a circle mo to gather round piece of paper. You cannot force used some other shape. I also put a heart shaped mold inside, which I think might dip Everett prettier for paper pulp into the hot shape. But dont removed him more. Yet What a bit to let the excess water drip about. And I will placed around Mo and poor, uh, paper pulp with another color outside the heart. I would wait until the very excess water goes out, and then we removed the mold that we can do the coaching. It could be surface address average cost us. You can also use the mold Teoh make a whole in the paper, place your bowl and then poured a paper pulp to the mo and Dicho, and that drives out more, lost the water, and then we can do the coaching on let dry. It is very cute as a single paper, or you can also put it on another color paper. What is this still wet 6. Layered Paper: in the last class, we make a double side of paper, and this time we're going to add one more layer to it. Well, here's two different colors, but you can use free or you can put even more layers to it depends on what in fact you would like to get. I will make each layer take so that that will be more visible. I'll put the second layer on the first layer. I remove a beat. Excess water? No, let's get the last layer and then put it on the second layer and we can do the coaching. But its OK go to align them perfectly because it could make the paper special. We'll use this paper again in another video. 7. Making Edges: one thing I like about making paper is that out? I have the raw edge, but sometimes I would like to have some variety on edges. Now, this is the layer paper we just made. I use a cover to cover it. You will see a very sharp edge. And when you look at the side No que From aside, I you can see how nice it is of you. My hatred layer thicker in fact, will be more stand up. But if you don't want a shop badge, you can use a brush and some water to help the coming. I squeezed it brushes so that some more water will come out. You can see the bore. The marks on the paper and we are about together here often would put some pate whether on the paper And then we need to wait a moment and let the paper assaults the water because a free layer papers tunnel think so. It might need more time, and it seems, ah, dip. Avery's just to think. And then at the back. Whoa, put some weather on it, too, so that he could help my tearing so I can see, um, that is quite different from we cut from the cover or you can just hear, unless with freehand. But this will be more difficult together. Straight line. Actually, the home water method last used to sketch the shape you want. Like if you want to make around paper, you could other use the mold to make it. Or you could just hear it from a dry paper and you can see I can almost gather perfect circle. 8. What's Next: the signing paper is fun, right? I would like to see your design to because share it in the project gallery. I'm planning my next cross on shine if I ng paperwork metallic colors remember to follow me for the update.