Left-Handed Calligraphy Upside Down: Yes, You Can Do It! | Vera Alexeyeva | Skillshare

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Left-Handed Calligraphy Upside Down: Yes, You Can Do It!

teacher avatar Vera Alexeyeva, Left-handed calligrapher, letterer, decorator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Knowing Where You Are


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      Warming Up


    • 4.

      Finding Your Position


    • 5.

      Getting Confident


    • 6.

      Enjoy Your Writing


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

This class is for those calligraphy lovers, who are desperate to find out the way to master penmanship skills being left-handed. We will go through our special difficulties and problems to solve, becoming more confident and happy with our final results.

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Vera Alexeyeva

Left-handed calligrapher, letterer, decorator


Left-handed calligrapher, letterer, crafter, decorator, interior designer and more. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is letter and I'm left handed. I know by myself that another right handed world being left again challenging itself. But when you try to master penmanship or classical, you can realize that it makes even more dramatic difference because all the rules, all the head positions, exercises, drills are designed for those right. And you know that your hands are different, your natural movements are different. So what to do that? I mean, the game is over, Not really. Because I had the same problem and I found my own creative trick. You wait to do this, so I invite you to join my class and discovered this new creative way to Well, I've handed color. So prepare your a favorite pointed bend your Favorite Inc a stack of and let's let's see what you can 2. Knowing Where You Are: No. Write your name on the separate. That will be a reference to compare with after you finish the class. So if you are on the writer, you can do it like this. If you're over, Writer, you can try. You see you're using. You can't just overwrite it like usual. So you have to do it somehow. Like right yet trying to. That's it. 3. Warming Up: First of all, it is all about Moscow member. So before we start, let's warm up your hand first, Phylicia of paper with dots. But this just as it goes, knowing to be precise. But don't think about positions of this starts, but just random. Okay, lets go. And no holding. That's with first confident movements. 11 don't try toe, you know, to be so process like No, you don't. You need to make first make it like stroke. Really? And don't think about head down position, though. Just think about how to link it first difference and try. And I strongly recommend you to try different postures different and goes you can do it from if you feel like it just tried to feel more confidence Want to and bill paper So you might want to try it for five or six times until you get for this Colleen sound until you get more always straight lines and more or less linked thoughts. So kids breakfast Good luck 4. Finding Your Position: As we said earlier, there are two main approaches. Toe underwriting like this. You're right. Your latest underdog, your hand is under your life and overriding, which is tricky to them might have been. But if you're reading with pencil, you can like this. So all of these positions, a lot off table space is required because calligraphy is not about writing with your wrist movements. It's about your arm. So you need a lot of space for your album more freely. So be sure that you have enough table space from my left side and no, go on and try durum vertical lines to discover your preferred hand position. And I recommend you to use sheet because we are going Teoh rid eight with a piece this piece of bigger. So just not, uh, miss the sense of horizontal line. Let it be. So start just standard vertical position. True. First like this try to make these first confidence drugs just as you made it. Are you warming up? Okay, I feel no do the same, but slightly Kate, you'll be so big. You see your hands position is changing. So what we're doing just continue. We are trying to find our preferred hand position. Feel naturally doing this. OK, it looks nice, you know? Oh, no irritate. Further deeper, I can first confident movements. You're not going to be super. It's still not a calligraphy. It's still not, uh, writing. It's just trying to get confident. So don't hesitate. You have this ram ways for a simple It's going that continue rotating. I see. No, your band is going horizontal. We just sort price surprised, much more easy. See? What do you think? Is it easier for you to draw lines for his own telling than vertical? Okay, then continue. Okay. You're going to another angle. I just tried toe your movements and your strokes. Relax. If you feel like making Turow's go for it, see better. No date e. Thank you. Thank until you finish. I feel a lot. Roll. Then go on Rotating. What? You sing up. We're writing opposite direction. Basically right, I said, Cool. What they feel is your hand more confident now? Mine It iss a lot. Then you can try even kid from. But basically I would say it's in the if it's not enough for you can't get rotating. But for me. It makes no sense. So, what do you feel? The idea here is to find angle off paper where your hand feel most comfortable to make this confident. Vertical strokes? Is it horizontal lines or is it like, 45 degrees that way? Or is it upside down total daily up to you? I just try and find which parent, Glenn, move confidently and be absolutely control off what you're like, okay? 5. Getting Confident: Once you feel comfortable with this straight lines fix this position as your standard and go toe ovals. You may hesitate because all those are different and, for example, what you would do with your right hand. But it feels natural like this. You see, with your left hand help us in directions since natural so but you need still to go here. It's absolutely all the movement, you see. That's why it's so hard. But once you I found your starting position, you're I want to try these with all moles, like you see now you're it's placed perfectly. 45 degree to your excellent and 45 degree of table. Okay, repeat the same you slides. You know, I feel uncomfortable with some, uh, with some drawing someone's. You just can rotate your paper. It's looks like it isn't 1,000,000 special picks. Special approaches. So go on and practice two big confidence. And to be sure that your pan he's 45 it's 45 degrees to your table. Trust 6. Enjoy Your Writing: Well, I know you mustered simple forms, and it's time to try to write a word minimum using you standard paper position. So feel old. - Do the same with your feel alone the page first. Okay, then write down lately on a separate piece of paper. 7. Final Thoughts: no. Compare your results before and after the close. What do you think? Is there any difference? I hope there is. So go to class Project section at post your results as well as your comments like, What did it feel like? What was your weakest point? Maybe some particular advice made all the difference. Or there's anything you still don't get any more explanation. I'm here, so share your experience and help. Other left is feel not so belong in their struggles by