Leaves and Berries Illustration- Ink Pen Sketching (Stippling and much more...) | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Leaves and Berries Illustration- Ink Pen Sketching (Stippling and much more...)

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction1

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Let's Practice Stippling ;)

    • 4. Basic Sketch

    • 5. Drawing the Outline and the Main Veins

    • 6. Adding Details (Part 1)

    • 7. Adding Details (Part 2)

    • 8. Adding Details (Part 3)

    • 9. Class Project

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About This Class

In this short 20-mins class, I will teach you to get started with Ink Pen Illustration. No prior knowledge is required. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. I will teach you right from the basics-

  • What Pens to use
  • How to get started
  • To add details and few tips to enhance the beauty of your work
  • And STIPPLING !!!!


  • Ink Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 02, 01, 005)[Make sure you use good quality pens, because its gonna have an impact on your work]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook

I have attached a FREE WORKSHEET. So, you can make use of that and practice stippling :)



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction1: if you have always wanted to learn to draw a grid subject to start with Since we are small and are natively glad we are to sketch Hello, Meenakshi on Um, an artist and illustrator work a lot on actually on instead sketching. I love to draw flowers and I have created laws to help you get started with kitchen. So in this log, you load the sketch on Berries. I'll be teaching radius tips and techniques to enhance the debt dimension on you in your work. This class is designed for big nose, so you'll be learning right from the basics and then be learning with these techniques to do the three days like deflating. I have included a worksheet to help you get started absolutely upon relaxing on a meditating class. If you want to get started with pence catching, then dislodged for you see in the class by 2. Requirements: Hi. Welcome back. Now that's discuss about sub life. You need to get started. First of four. Grab your sketchbook. I'm using a regular emphasize sketch back that I used to do. Lunch is on my work, so grab your sketch pad on your next trip environment of your friends are beings in just three friends for Then Die Project that screwed up my door. Do you use good brother defense because it's gonna give an impact on your work. Then comes a pencil on any grace or to help you draw. I'll be using. Finally, you seems to get fired. So that's all about the environment, problems of life. Let's get started. 3. Let's Practice Stippling ;): in this lesson, I'll teach you the basics off stippling. This is just for practice, so you can grab any off your pens. Stippling is nothing but using tiny little doors to give Diamond Shinto our work, adding highlights and shadows. If you are going to place the dogs randomly, you're not gonna get proper dimensions like this. So when it comes to stippling value, place your dogs. It's very important. For example, let's say you want to shade a very using, stripping technique. I'll be adding more dolls to the ages to get off that, And I'm also adding more dogs to the top portion off my berry. So that's it. It's very simple, but all you need to do this, it's patients. Another example. We understanding, but this time three overlapping Berries. So, first of all, a mining more doors to indicate the dog portion of the baby. After that, a nodding dimensions by adding thoughts to the edges so they just have more dots because they're gonna have shadows. The basic idea behind this is that more dogs, shadows and less thoughts highlights the last Berries behind two other babies, so this is going to have more shadows. Usually I do still dealing with the smallest when I have 005 off Sakura, my grown. So that's all about Stippling. I'll see in the next lesson, but we will start with our project by. 4. Basic Sketch: So let us start off the project by drawing the basic sketch and for this amusing to be pencils. But you can use any pencil, but make sure dislike because we will have to erase it later. Start off adroit. Stand on. I personally like it to be a little bit after that. Go to the leaf. I am drawing over leaves with a pointed tip. I don't think you'll have probed. And drawing believes way are very easy to draw, and also they are kind of relaxing. I go down on drawing many lives in many directions on I'm also slipping off the branches. I'm not very much God about the shapes of the trees. It is just a basic catch on. Real planets later draw overlapping leaves because that will also give you a realistic look . Joya Basic sketch asked Light as possible. Just for illustration. Purpose time. Making it a little difficult when it comes to the stem, has a broad on a white and that as we move up, it's gonna narrow down. I'll be finishing off by adding fuel leads to the other side. On one dining novelists draw the baby's I'm adding to Berries overlapping each other on one behind these I'm drawing libraries, but you can also draw over ones. I'm gonna make three bodies here. This is just the basic sketch. In the next session. I'll teach you depended down, but by 5. Drawing the Outline and the Main Veins: Let's start to paint our work. And for this do you think, Mom, my content from Korea and the size of using is zero to first out to find the Berries? Because that's right, make mistakes for the first very have let's face for leaves before inking, make sure which is gonna go behind way with very smooth. I usually like to give pick outline, and for the details I'll go to my pains. It lasts coming to the leaves. As for the leaves are giving little curves to give a realistic look. You don't have to be perfect because beliefs are never perfect. One leave. You are perfectly in perfect. The other make just the same way in call your leaves. You can also make you outline a little bit more thicker than this. This off your choice. You have to be more careful in this step because the line even a small mistake with junior dos kitsch, so don't mean Ahadi. Take a time on innovation. Once you're done, erase off the pencil marks using a needed, but before the step, make sure your ink is completely dry. E. I think I'm done racing off the indictments is Now let's draw the main vein. And for this amusing the same pain that I used to draw the outline. Big Mom, I groans. You don't do make the end to be brought on, not over the tip off. Similarly, draw the main green for the leaves way in the next lesson by 6. Adding Details (Part 1): the next step will be to draw the side reins for the lease and defend I'm using for this is Big Mama, my grand size 01 off Sakura drawing the side rings are very easy and simple, and it's also meditating on relaxing. So I used to draw leaves when I'm stressed out. As you can see, I'm drawing many Palin lines. It's nor the straight lines I'm drawing, but I'm adding a few absent downs and curves to my lines. I am doing this to give a realistic catch. I'm making the range as dense as possible again. You don't have to be perfect because the leaves are never perfect. There are so many ways to paint the least. This is just one among them. And I chose this technique because I want to make this class of bigness loss to make you comfortable to take your pen. So really draw the rains for the rest of the needs on once you're done will go to the next step and in the next step we're going to add a realistic touch to on these and for this unusual of pen off size leader, do on what I'm going to do is I'm going to add a little car to the lower part of the leaf and cholera. It It's very simple, and this will give you a four leaf effect. Rideable. You have clubs do this and I'm doing this one. Be on the lower part of the leaves and northern up a pot. I think it is very easy to follow. In case if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me. So I'm doing this for all the leaves. Here it is a close up shot, and I think the technical here now just draw a knock and call it it. So I'll see in the next lesson what we'll start with stippling the by. 7. Adding Details (Part 2): before going to stippling. That's are few details to the stem part, and for this amusing a pen off size zero tree among feeling the light is coming from the left hand side. So, um, adding shadows to guard aside, I'm adding shadows, just being pleasing the identity. Once you have done this, we get started with stippling for this. Amusing the smallest. Ben, I have 005 off Sakura. Let's start with Berries. We have already discussed the basics off stippling. In case you have Mr license to playing us nothing bad CDs off tiny dots. I'm randomly placing dots ID rather well. You think you need shadows. Add more dogs in this A V. I'm adding dogs to give a shadow effect because this Berries behind another one, and so it would definitely have shadows. So the basic idea behind Stippling is that the shadow part will have more dot on highlights will have less dogs. Stippling definitely takes a lot of time, so you need patience and control and raise. We are not going to stick with the whole work, just the Berries on some 80 yards off the leaves. So be patient on your time. In fact, the plainest meditating on it is a stress buster. So here is a close up shot to give you a better understanding or four times with Berries. Let's down. Step on the stem on using the same fan. I'm stippling exactly on the part where the shadows with four don't do too much. That's just enough way. Have almost got the design. You can stop the work with this, or you can still continue. It is up to you. By the way, in the next lesson, we will step with the leaves. So I see that by 8. Adding Details (Part 3): in the next tablets are beauty to believe. And for this I'm using a pen off size 01 What? I'm doing your ISS. I'm increasing the intensity off the ends off the reins. This helps to add depth on UT to our work. This is indeed a time consuming crosses. It took me a lot of time to do this even when compared to stippling. But this is not a campus. Every step you can skip the step if you want. If you have started it once, don't stop it half way through completed. I like to do it because it has a huge impact on my work. Basic idea behind this is that when you greased a density, you are adding more diamond. Shinto, your work Similarly, give the details to all beliefs. Once you're done with, that will go to the next step to stiffer the lease. For this, I'm using the same pain that I used to stiffen my Berries. Pig Mom, My grand sakura. 00 run. As I mentioned in the previous lesson to the strata shadows. Are we adding more dots in this case, the leaf which arms to play right now it's behind another one so that it's gonna have shadows on as I moved towards the centre under using the number off thoughts, let's do a little leaf here arm adding dogs to the top on very few on the way. Each and every single dog will give its contribution. So so make sure. But you are placing your thoughts. I am sliding doors to the top and parts of the lease. As I mentioned earlier, you have to be really patient when it comes to Stippling. Brought you are watching on the stream is no other real speed. I made a video fast because I don't want to make this class boarding in this part. Have not made any anything to my cause. This is the street I am working on. It is just for your understanding just to give you an idea. How long will it take to staple, but go for it? Because it was it on the shadows on the body has afforded leave back. So in the same manner, staple all the least way have most completed our work. I'll see the next listen, but we will discuss about the class project by 9. Class Project: we have come to the end and I hope you enjoy the class. Your plus projects will be to practise the techniques learned in the last come up with your own idea, using the techniques we learned instead, off overland pointed leaves. We've worked in the class. Catch a different kind of or you can represent Ali fact I've done in the center. One day when you take your pain and starts catching, you are going to be a better artist. Do post your projects in the class project gave. Yeah, I would love to see them go by.