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Leather Craft: Recycle Your Rubbish and Turn It into a Luxury Bracelet

teacher avatar Karolina Fomiciova, Ethical and eco jewellery designer.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Choosing Leather

    • 5. Templates

    • 6. Cutting Leather

    • 7. Gluing Ribbons

    • 8. Folding Technique

    • 9. Adding Clasp

    • 10. Punching Holes

    • 11. Setting Rivets

    • 12. Congratulations

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About This Class


        In this class you will:

  • Learn to create a luxury looking unisex bracelet from upcycled leather using basic tools.
  • Learn simple but effective folding technique which could be later applied to any type of materials such as leather, cotton, faux leather, ribbons etc.
  • Find out my simple trick of neatly finishing the leather piece.
  • No prior experience is required, the class is for beginners as well as advanced students.
  • Create three bracelets in same technique but different widths and colors.
  • Develop a creative and attentive eye and soon you will start noticing useful and inspiring ‘rubbish’ that could be recycled for creative purposes.
  • Get the list of my favorite destinations for sourcing materials.

By the end of this class, I will complete three bracelets made in the same technique.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karolina Fomiciova

Ethical and eco jewellery designer.



Karolina Fomiciova is a founder and designer of sustainable jewellery brand Fomi. Born in Lithuania, studying and maturing her style in London and now living and creating in Spain, Karolina has developed a conscious and ethical  approach towards accessory design.

‘My sustainable fashion journey began when I received an old leather biker jacket that belonged to my aunt in the 80s. She wanted to get rid of the jacket so I thought I could use my previously gained knowledge of working with leather which finally developed into continues collection of upcycled leather jewellery.’

Unisex style bracelets and eye-catching chokers are signature pieces from her ‘Upcycled leather project’ Which is a continuous creative project dedicated to ex... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, guys. My name Mr In a father of a sustainable access Early for me with spells. Oh, I working with leather for more than three years. Forensic needs acting and coming back to the very basic report I finally decided to share bracelet. So worried one of these exactly. Have ready for my friend. So I was raised to anyone under perfect presence your family, your friends, and give to yourself as well. I'm really passionate about citing various things on the same old So you can see that percent something open. 2% blended together. Have a look based on what you could find to perfect for on Just start beautiful journey up sustainable living and see you next video. 2. Class Overview: hello again on sharing the plan for a class, so we'll be making a free in a sec style bracelets in the different colors in different sizes, but the same technique. And I'm waiting for a step by step process from just crash. Still the final piece, including my tricks and tips on top to finish your piece that looks super professional. So we'll go through all the possible places where you can get your material on. Let's have included a list of all the necessary tools and even legs. The best thing about this project and you believe any culture machinery, just the basic and generic tools to create beautiful jewelry. Once you have your braces that I can assure you, Father will never want to take it off because it's extremely comfortable matches with any of your outfits. So I hope to see you next. Video 3. Tools: in this life, you will see all the necessary tools for this project. To start with, you would need fabric scissors. They're perfect for cutting leather and small craft systems or finishings irritating punch holes, cotton and masking tape for creating a template all purpose or a fabric, glue and a medium brush. A lighter tape measure. Crueler Ben and Pencil. They're 10 to 20 metal frames. If you're making one bracelet loads of different ribbons, they would have some choice of colors that you could play around with your design. And my favorites are cotton herringbone Peter Sham grows green or bias binding ribbons, various sizes of rivets. For one race with, you need four units, lobster clasp and Deering's. I had pressed bunch machines is a professional one, and they use it at home. But to start that, you can get basic rivet setting, too, and this, too, requires a some kind of a hammer for a mallet. 4. Choosing Leather: for this project can use basically any type leathery want us faras. It doesn't reach more than two millimeter thickness, and for one bracelet, we would need approximately for tea for 26 centimeter long little piece, Let me show you my collection of leather. Here. I have my favorite type of leather called nappa leather, which is very soft and with quality. And I wouldn't choose pick skin as it is not durable. This black leather once used to be a biker jacket, and you can see that from the sleeve shaped bathroom and a part of the bodies. One of my top destinations. Air secondhand shops, elective shoppers because they're cheap and you always will find a good quality leather garment, I said, just going straight the way to the outer clothing section, where you definitely will find the leather jacket, coat or even trousers. Important thing is to see the composition label and make sure it is 100% genuine. The smaller and more interesting bits off leather I usually find advantage and flea markets look for seller, who has a box full of fabric and other interesting scraps. If you dig into it, you might also find some unique leather bits and pieces. Another suggestion. When you were at the market, pay attention to leather goods and accessories. Most of these whole finished grabs used to be leather bags or even boots. This collection of sparkly textures I gathered in about three years time, and they have it on Lee in the very limited the mountains. This threat, very soft and pleasant. Leather once used to be a leather jacket to and was donated to me by our family. Friends always make sure, but all my family members, my friends and their friends are informed about my recycling activities. So once in a while, I received very useful stuff from people and, of course, my favorite destinations. My grandparent's home. Not only because my grandma is an amazing cook, but because we have this closet were the store stuff since the seventies. So my latest finding was this piece of caramel color leather kept there for more than 30 years. It is quite stiff piece of leather, but I have tested it out and looks good, does the jewelry. And to those who don't have time, I suggest sticking in online platforms like he be at sea wall. A pop wanted use keywords like vintage leather jacket or secondhand leather 5. Templates: in this video will be creating cartoon templates, So first we measure your rest with measuring tape. Hold the tide, but don't squeeze it the multiplier measurement by two and add four centimeters. So let's do the counting. My measurement is 16 centimeters by two plus four equals for 26 So that's the length for my template. Another measurement. Who will take from the freight measure? The with inside the frame, not the outside, and here I have 3.2 millimeters. Let's write it up. The 2nd 1 is 2.2, and the smallest one is 1.7 millimeters. Now it can create rectangle blocks based on the measurement. My piece of cartoon is not long enough, so I had to extend it and attach another piece using the masking tape. - Cut all the pieces out and they're templates are now ready 6. Cutting Leather: we now have our templates ready, and we can see which bits of leather are long enough and suitable for us. Flip your leather. Place a template firmly holding it with your fingers and trace it off with defense. Cut it out with fabric scissors precisely on the fence line, Then slide it through your brain and see if everything is okay with the site on the red leather. I'm using my smallest template and tracing enough with the Ben as the surface is too soft to use. A pencil then usually creates a very big one million her line, so make sure you cut precisely inside the outline or even on top of it, as we don't need any extra millimeters. When you cut an important piece, whether this fabric, leather or paper said comfortably hold your peace in front of you and support your hands by resting it on table. Never do the cutting holding your piece of the air. The table is your support for accuracy. My blue colored leather is shorter than the template are created, but it is not the problem. I will show you a trick of how to extend it in the later video, so I just trace it off and cut what I've got 7. Gluing Ribbons: Now it is time to choose the ribbons. Those ribbons will serve as a decoration as well as a support interfacing. Firstly, decided based on the right with the ribbon, should be at least one millimeter or even thinner than your leather strap. Secondly, chooser color to match with your leather. I usually try to choose the contrast ribbons to make my bracelets look more special, and it also gives an option toward from both sides. Cut your ribbon exactly the same length as your leathers. Drop now you can start gluing. Always keep my glue on a little paper. To keep my workspace clean, squeeze a little bit of glue on your brush and applied on the leather. Carry on doing it bit by bit each time pressing and securing ribbon with your finger. I wouldn't try to glue the whole strap with one girl as his glue dry super quickly, so if you applied on the whole thing at once, you just waste your glue. Also, try to be a tent if in need, when going as you want to keep your leather clean 8. Folding Technique: Now, when you have your beautiful strips ready, we can start falling. Take two frames. We will call them. Bring one and frame to slide this trip with both frames till the end, leaving about four centimeters. Take their right hand end and slide it through the first frame. I'm gonna grab the same right and and slide through the second frame towards my right side , then grab referred frame and slide it till the end. Take the same right end and try to slide it through the second frame lit, lifting it a little bit and then towards the right side from the third grade. It all might look complicated at the beginning, but feel free to replace this video until you understand the move when you're almost finished and have left on the one frame to go slide it. But the metal gap with the outside This is the way to finish your falling neat and tidy. I will repeat the exactly same moves with my other straps till the end, making sure that falling is firm and doesn't leave any space gaps. Usually, you won't have this problem with Finn leather, but the figure one might be more challenging. For example, I'd be more attention to this red leather strap and pull it to each direction when they make a move. 9. Adding Clasp: in this video will be adding or bracelet closings. Firstly, we want to prepare a bracelet before going any detail inside the deering making sure, but it fits in terms off with in London. If everything looks good, see if your lobster clasp it's a swell. Here I have an extra long bit, which I will trim, leaving about forcing to me through and which is enough to insert the class. But, uh, vendor bracelet, you would need to leave about one centimeter less. Then here is a little leather finish trip. Using my tiny cracked scissors and lighter, I slightly trim off the corners, which were quite rough and sharp at the moment. I want to make their mom round and smooth. I suggest practicing this little maneuver on the piece of leftover leather. Then take your lighter and quick to go for the corners. No more than one second. As you know, that genuine leather doesn't burn their mouth. But they have discovered that the quit claim does help to prove that surface and the corners. So, using this domestic trick, you can easily make your crap look more needs and tidy. Now, when everything is prepared, apply a layer of glue on the back side, starting from one corn into another. Stick it together with your clasp inside and press firmly with your fingers. - I repeat exactly the same with my red bracelet, and here I have to trim off a little bit on each side as it have stretched during the folding process. I'm playing very carefully with my flame this time because the soft turned brighter color tends to turn black on flame. So I moved my light treatment quicker than before, as I don't want to cause any damage and just want to have my corner smooth. Finally, with this blue bracelet, which came up too short, I will show how to finish it up using extension. So grab a piece of your leftovers, and basically we just need to cut out the long rectangle and exactly same with as a bracelet and about five centimeters length, which will be enough to finish one. And the measurement I'm using now is according to my wrist when you have one extension but ready double check. If it's beds with your bracelet as it might need some trimming, then you can trace it off and create the second extension, I'm applying exactly the same trick to prepare those bits nicely, so trim off the rough corners and smoothing using the flame. This is quite a thicker leathers, so I need to repeat the same move quite a few times when you're happy with your extensions . You can grew them on your bracelet extension, but should cover all the surface and reach the metal frame. Even try to lift it up from the metal frame that you could push the extension slightly under and in this way, to cover the same and your other end will look slightly different as it is impossible to cover it with frame. But it is not a problem at all when you're both friends, air ready just in certain glue your closings, as I should before this extension technique. It's useful if you're short of leather or if you're making a long piece or have big size bracelet I like to use. It is a conscious colored extension just to spice up mine design 10. Punching Holes: this video will be using a bundle to keep You never used this to before. Commend to practice on a scrap to get really comfortable before doing anything on your actual bracelet has all the marks to make on a piece or permanent. So grab a little piece of leftovers. A marked a spot in place, the bunch on top and squeeze filled handles. Sometimes you need both hands to do it. You can also swept the bunch size by rotating the circle and test out all the sizes you've got here on your scrap leather. - Now you can choose your rivets for my wine bracelet. I have UNAIDS millimeter size of it. Take your rivet, Captain. Places where he wanted to be in your bracelet. The best is to place it that the corner that it could hold your corners nicely insecure, so oppressed the river it a little bit. Let it leave a mark and emphasizes mark with the plant. Set your bunch all on the right size and simply present the mart spot. Place the river fart in the hole, the cap part on top and river tail goes underneath. And if it looks at this factor decide the placement for a second rivet market on bunch. The whole for me to embrace leather. Want to use the seven millimeter rivets. So I said my punch to on the right size and repeat exactly same steps for the Final Defenders bracelet that had the choice between four and five millimeter Sizer of its and I decided to go for five. 11. Setting Rivets: so basically what you do is just place your whole piece onto the bottom dye. The river would sit nicely and securely and just press down your handle. I'm using two different types of river, so later have to swap the bottom die on my machine. To match those rivets, I will demonstrate how to set reverts, using my professional machine by two guys who are free to use a simple hand sitting tool. As this machine costs about 90 rose and might be a bit expensive for beginners unless replying toe work with leather in the future, land would be definitely a recommendation to purchase one of these machines. It requires a different guy sets depending on what type of rivets you planning to use. I bought all of my die sets at the specialized sewing store and just asked or advised the sales assistant. I showed her my rivets. Manship picked the right guy set for my machine 12. Congratulations: Congratulations, guys. Completely of bracelets. And given a try to this wonderful falling take me at some point, you can see that you can apply exactly the same, but one creating other accessories, for example. Bouts, jumpers, necklaces He changed. And perhaps some of you have been trying to recycle repurpose euro second hand stuff. I guess I'm dying to see those images so close to the community gallery. The process of making the front is a fall in your a piece of leather and ready again you share with us Final Jeweler. Thank you so much for watching this class on. I hope you really enjoy it.