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Learn to Love Your Calligraphy (Before You Take Another Lettering Class)

teacher avatar Carolina Ghelfi, De pasión a profesión

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 2. Your Starting Point (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 3. Analyzing Heights (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 4. Analyzing Slant (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 5. Identifying Your Unique Traits (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 6. Identifying Things to Improve (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 7. Creating Your Own Alphabet (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 8. Transcribing The Original Text (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 9. BujoScrap Project n.1: Side Border Quote (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 10. BujoScrap Project n.2: Longer 1-Line Quote Across Spread (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 11. BujoScrap Project n.3: Quote in a Page, With Spaces Between Lines (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 12. BujoScrap Project n.4: Quote - A Word Per Line, Without Spaces in Between (ENG-ESP-ITA)

    • 13. How to Unlock More Ideas! (ENG-ESP-ITA)

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About This Class


Prepare to fall madly in love with your own Calligraphy... Get to know your personal and unique traits, learn how to improve those aspects that might need adjustments and apply it all to fun BujoScrap projects in your notebook!

Getting to know and embracing your own calligraphy is what everyone should do before taking another lettering or calligraphy course, since it gives you the foundations you need to start your own and personal journey in this world of artistic writing.

For the sake of cultural and linguistic integration of all my students, each lesson is in English, Spanish and Italian! Just see the lesson's cover to identify when each language starts ;) ♥


Prepárate para enamorarte locamente de tu propia caligrafía ... ¡Conoce tus rasgos personales y únicos, aprende a mejorar aquellos aspectos que puedan necesitar ajustes y aplícalo todo a divertidos proyectos de BujoScrap en tu cuaderno!

Conocer, aceptar y amar tu propia caligrafía es lo que todo el mundo debería hacer antes de tomar otro curso de lettering o caligrafía, ya que te brinda las bases que necesitas para comenzar tu propia e irrepetible aventura en este mundo de la escritura artística.

Por el bien de la integración cultural y lingüística de todos mis estudiantes, ¡cada lección está en inglés, español e italiano! Solo ve la portada de cada video para identificar cuándo comienza cada idioma ;) ♥


Preparati ad innamorarti follemente della tua calligrafia ... Conosci i tuoi tratti personali e unici, impara come migliorare quegli aspetti che potrebbero richiedere aggiustamenti e applica tutto questo a divertenti progetti di BujoScrap nel tuo taccuino!

Conoscere e amare la propria calligrafia è ciò che tutti dovrebbero fare prima di seguire un altro corso di lettering o calligrafía, poiché ti fornisce le basi necessarie per iniziare il tuo viaggio personale e unico in questo mondo della scrittura artistica.

Per il bene dell'integrazione culturale e linguistica di tutti i miei studenti, ogni lezione è in inglese, spagnolo e italiano! Basta vedere la copertina della lezione per identificare l'inizio di ciascuna lingua ;) ♥

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carolina Ghelfi

De pasión a profesión


Formación integral para almas creativas y emprendedores digitales 


Me llamo Carolina Ghelfi. Soy argentina viviendo actualmente en "Il bel paese" de mi abuelo tano...

Creadora del concepto de Bujoscrap, profe de técnicas artísticas, demostradora de productos en ferias internacionales, especialmente vinculados con el mundo del Scrapbooking y el lettering...

Pero sobre todo, soy Emprendedora Digital desde siempre, ¡desde la época del dialup!

Y hoy, tras una profunda reinvención personal post-pandémica, he logrado fusionar ambos mundos descubriendo mi propio Ikigai y poniéndolo al servici... See full profile

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1. Introduction (ENG-ESP-ITA): Welcome, my name is Carolyn ideal feet and these my course, learn to love your calligraphy with Buddha's crap applications. If you're into bullet journaling or scrapbooking or like me fusing birth together in the same notebook into this right baptized Buddha scrap. Then use handwriting a lot. And I'm sure many of you still look at someone else's calligraphy thinking, I wish mine was stop quitting. Well, let me tell you a little secret. It is not about the pretty traits. The beauty of a 100 and project is perceived by the consistency of such traits. The hide this land. And in this course, instead of making you trace over someone else's handwriting, I will help you discover the uniqueness and hidden beauty of your own. Will start by analyzing our calligraphy, as is now the most informal and genuine version with several exercises to determine both. Which are your personal, a unique traits that you must keep, and which aspects of your handwriting you need to correct or improve in a certain way, but always bearing in mind to preserve your own personality and style. Once we have determined your unique best way to write each letter, you'll create your own alphabet for practice. Once ready, you will reconstruct the original text to see all your progress. That's when the fun part begins, will store applying your calligraphy Two-point 0 to find water strapped projects going from Borders, two quotes, two overlapping texts and simplify scrapbooking layout. Say goodbye for Goodyear, prejudice against your own handwriting and get ready to fall deeply in love with it instead. This is the very key to success in any other future lettering course that you might take. A note about languages. I'm an English translator and teacher coming from Argentina, currently living in Italy. That's why I have witchcraft students that are either native in English, Spanish, or Italian. Now, for the sake of cultural linguistic integration, I decided that all my courses will be trilingual. Each video lesson is made up of three parts, one for each language. Simply watch the one that you feel more comfortable with. Always, English will be first, followed by Spanish and Italian. The time where each one starts are clearly identified in the cover image of each video. Ready to get started. Catalina, healthy, eating a border saw append MR2 cholera via Columbia. Suicide will just grab seduced and bullet journaling or practical scrapbooking or commercial Faustina Samba. Say boo, just grab those. Suzanne mutual equity Romano, elisa field about sewn up and Sando or Colombia for the common good that went on secretory looks at rather than handling of Pterosaurs. Largest Crito Mano, supersede Ebola consistency. There again, assume in it a course on what organ mass to measure dedicated coalescing malaria elaborately so-called l2 properly. And besides emotionalism, for my buddy seekers, fundamentalist, parallel, personalised ipsilateral, getText, Santa Monica of simplicity and, and quintet leprosy to assume the two pro-Soviet. Whenever fish Omaha domino to fall. My Woody Guthrie RCA, to progress to a practical parabola configured as postdocs traditional, you are told to progress on a dozen maybe celebrated Matthew Archaea, but will simply set up a project as a Buddhist corrupt given that the board is Sita's Texas toes in Laos, this scrapbooking simply pick out the data potassium rate of prerequisite contract opera, vertebra fundamental Asia, per caisson electorally lexico, inkwell credit reports, way littering case you have Tamara and infant daughter, velocity or mass. So profit obtaining less directed at cantina. You any diarrhea. If we're isolating aluminum, scrap caisson quantity with a diagonal panel pointing, guess. Resampled, trailing with tika, coarser sand, thrilling with Galileo axiom, conservative parties or not but similar, Wintel simply say, you know, tn plus m element. A difficulty in Lima, kinda Puerto Rico with honesty and with cmos. Maybe NOT McDonald Arena. Record. So reboot just club, city paycheck would have journaling or practically scrapbooking or common man, fondant travelers to supply that crap. And it also similar to the calligraphy, is one of the unquoted mobile is could he really quite gonadotropin, Sando, Carina, Nazi trapped by the patriarchy, Netherlands hadn't project mosquito minor superstition that liquid in solitary Trotsky that I'll take Sunday dinner, synonym, inquest to corso, inventory far typically take you take us populated on cheetah a billets and as Castile in Ottawa, even carry my internet quasi command. Now PO4 Malaysian Wiener quantifies this determinant and Tranby quite a sonnet with anti personnel getting the mountain era of erratic quality modal mass m and n represented the best set of ideal appropriate bosonic, steely whenever we want them not to employ more familiar distributor, new retina, appropriate alphabet to see boy risk-free, very distorted generally to T2 progressing. I was supposed to cerebrum to set it up in the Hadoop onto an alleyway. Affinity projected the Buddha scrap guano. They bore the energy deadzone identities of adiposity. Yeah, layout is scrapbooking simply faculty DID about a simple cobra to dc controller to assist a calligraphy. It depicted in a monarchy vegetable fundamental KVL suggesting quot CSER drug court. So delighted in Fukuoka put STC weekend or serve as soon as we're dealing with. So as an antidote, Richard ingestion, mingled Argentina, Whitney, Tanya and they've been quite lucky or panties To the NTD Buddha scrap this or not. And one final knowing DSA if adequate or we can Machiavellian data clinical training. We stick with the CISO, be Tutti, mi courses, CO2 remover or UV did a tunic and posa tri-party monitor needing why? What does impeach him into cola equity centripetal Guan Jo Primavera assembling glass sector. We total span Yaro ellipsoidal Italiano Inc., which has coding ECM. So it kinda made it difficult in any magnetic opportunity, an EVDO, quickly cerebral debate Santa. 2. Your Starting Point (ENG-ESP-ITA): As a first step, you need to download the dotted practice sheet from the resources area, the one without the guidelines and printed at least three or four times. You can also use your own bullet journal or Buddhas crap or satellite to call it. If you don't mind using up some sheets for your practice and exercises for if you want to keep track of your first steps into your lettering and calligraphy and venture. Now, go and take your favorite book or whichever book you have handy to surpass it and random and grabbing your favorite pen and the one you feel most comfortable writing with us, transcribe it and one of your sheets or in your notebook, whichever the cases. Since this learning course aims mainly at bullet journaling applications, I am asking you to do this first exercise on a dotted page instead of a blank sheet of paper. This way you have already some diamonds as a starting point. The idea of this exercise is to do it without thinking about how you write. Trying to do it in the most natural possible way, as if you were writing a list of your groceries or taking quick notes in a class, you need to really forget about the way in which you're writing in order for your most genuine strokes to come out. Those that we make without thinking, because that is when our personality usually shows in her handwriting. And we're going to work on those in the following exercises. I want you to write at least half a page. The longer your writing is, the more material you will have to analyze in the exercises that we'll do together. And therefore, the more benefit you will get from this course. Let me remind you not to think about how you're writing. You don't think about the shapes of your letters when you're taking notes in a history class, do you? Well, to the same here. When you finish, jump to the next video, we're all start breaking down the aspects of your handwriting to determine which ones represents you the most and show your true personality. We will keep those and which ones and for what reasons you want to correct so that you can actually get to fall in love with your own and unique handwriting. It is important that you complete this step before moving on to the following videos, as I didn't want them to condition your writing of this piece. So pause this video now and see you when you finish. Cold Warrior basso, basso. Practical sectorial recourses laid upon DDOS, sintering area, you know, simply mean albinos day. So quatro SS them invoices have to Ebola journal or water scrub, call moved Acemoglu. C metabolic tariffs, or sitting varicella commentary to see her ccs per adequate ostium into Ventura. Bus a tomato. Or quite good at getting us amino. Hela, hela, hela, Sarah, economy API sooner or later for como. Los attractive it into sofas. That'll get a porcelain lettering Italian opera because Nassim bullet journaling, deliberative selective America RC cinema, Bucknell upon vetoes, a lower than no hyperopia Blanco, clockwise second, referential AGM. Lady, I lifted her CCO SSL of seen pen setting como TVs that under the soil more mathematical procedure, Gamasutra security protocol while Pluto handle now gassing, necesitamos, shall we demo, demo estamos, Octavian, dopa poorly Hercy, fruition masterclass, machinery knows Issac Asimov, simple sine psi k is i and the sweater Saturday or lose master personally rarely Yamashita a. Harsanyi. So NOC NSA, her CCS. He was Alan menos, media Burkina. Quantum minor also to honor the motto. Actually whether Saqqara course record or cannot be assessing comatose FEV1, not Ben-Sasson, la forma hydroelectric, cuando Tomasa Pontus and madrasa acellular amino terminus video see interpret M-Pesa hero startups aspect of H2 literal Yasi determiner, Wollaston or Kmart represented in a Magento personally that you saw some of camels are concerned about. Equality is Epoch Ahmadiyyas get real maintainer morality to appropriate a rabbinical data. Fea is important. Take care city, Paso, underdeveloped idiocy and desperate Gandhi, Suharto, asic IPO sell with Laura. We won't call jamminess. Common PMO pass on skeletal follow the practical reliability sort of set is temporal Matteo quarter of old Tin, Pan Coursera, two-quadrant Ebola. Bu Joe's Crab coming, get cheeky Marla, Cynon, the dispatcher said equality, folio, solar Sochi, doubting or so why did it attract today to bring the past in light of what am I penned a equilibria preferred ito oh, no tie apartheid. Any man? She'd Obasanjo caso, it cannot open up referee descent, DPU L b_1 jumped skinny villa jobs which we for you. But he was so-called circulant linear integer special meant epileptic attorney bullet journaling, 2.5a, possibly massage Susana, patching upon two data isn't fully the carta bianco clinically and junkie filament. Lay there. The question searches your AD follow sends up inside a pull mysql LED turn kinda the following model, Puna to Aleppo CB, statistics driven realists, open and upon developmental math class. David Hume, antiquarian modelling quizzes give end up at a hotel fellowship to Atlantic. Few genuine quality for channel since up inside that Gulotta clear Nostra Personality Disorder to American and Dostoevsky Torah? Yes. Nasa Antescofo tsetse, fully widow schema. I'll Meno met subband Gina Pudong, Meletus, Kimura, piu Motier Lev RIAA personality, Foreign Minister, ChIP-seq, referring when CMM human jury said I benefit Jakarta final course, lecture get a recorded the non Penn, sorry, at Commerce grieving non pins in a formula directed upon operand upon drama. Bed fellows, this aqui, cuando finishing pastel VDS, which is C1 queening setting more than elite, sorry, a spit calligraphy Pareto-dominated quality represented on the pure, a Muslim Malay lotto, equality, DC, did it evolve into cassava? Very numb morality. There are two calligraphy unica. Importantly to complete the quest to pasado, putting my past sales went a VQ Boyd K, No volume non-Newtonian led to ask the question Beth's so when the meeting policy video order it to them. 3. Analyzing Heights (ENG-ESP-ITA): We have our text now assigned to analyse it so we can get from this to this. And the first thing we have to analyze is the heights of our handwriting. Let's talk about guidelines. There are four lines that we use as reference when we write. The line we actually write on is called base line. Then the line that represents the highest of all our lower letters, that is all the letters except for those that are ascending, that is, excluding the TD, HDL. That height is called middle line. Then we've got the upper line, which represents the height of all our ascending. It's also dynein dot. If we use capital letters, are capital letters will go up to that ascending line. The lower line is that up to where all our descendant letters. So we've got these four main dynes. Now what happens when we actually write quickly? Let's have a look at what we've done. Here. I trace those lines and I wanna do one with US OR I show you the exercise and what you need to do with your entire text. So the first thing we're going to do is with the ruler, trace, the baseline. And although we did have the dotted page when we wrote this piece as reference, you can see that not always, we follow those lines. We, sometimes, it was quite even here, but sometimes it may be that you went above or even lower than that line without paying much attention to it. So that's a baseline. Then let's just do one good to the first middle point there and traced that Nian. And have a look at what if, if all the letters are consistent? If all the letters I get to that line or not, then trace the upper line before the ascending letters. But for this, have a look at all the heights that you've got in your letters in the entire line. Look at this, look at that. He'd look at the the l that is almost as high as D e. So not always we leave enough space, enough room for that hide. Here the average would be this. So traced that one, trace, the tendency. So here I can see from this study that my, the distance from the baseline to the middle line is a lot bigger than what I have from that middle line up to the upper line. Then have a look at all the descending litres and do the same. Trace those points. If you've got more than two, then have a look at the tendency here I've got just two soil will pick the lower one and trace that. As you can see here, there's no much of a difference in this two cases. And then this distance here is more or less the same as this. So I don't see a big problem with my descending letters or the distance between the base line on the lower line. But I do see that every single line that I've done this, our upper area is a lot smaller than the middle area. And that is something I try to correct when I want to write more distinctly. So do this exercise with the entire text. The idea is that you pay attention to what you did in terms of heights. Because it might be that this distance is lower than this one. But if it's consistent and you like it, then you shouldn't change it. Now, if it's not consistent, like in my case, you need to pick one, fair to beat one, then it's going to be one that you actually like and that you feel comfortable with ME know its share them. And we'll see you in the next exercise. Dynamometer textual other democratic opera. But I don't have LSL, Buddha's mammals like urea and the Yelena. Somoza. In tutoring Rome. Allocation. Amino Pulaski noted and ascendant violence ARE back in Asana. Task completion amongst the Shama linear may be ascendant, silicon and second ruling elites ascendant.'s is Alice, does liters, giddiness and Denison latte, large Nili, Lavinia, inferior silicon, Edison. Then this evaling yet on the North does lead us. Lapping. Lucky. If the holiness is a quadrate in yes, determinant or an abstract Leto. Wonderfully Mura. Mura is Shikantaza complete insomnia? He said was I am. And then there are some iconic Lima rapidly or normal intercom inches by Osama Charaka. When I listen to it extra sure is and I want to convert raw materials. There are guilty Markin nonlinear device. It shows that Mathematica, Mathematica ailing Emilia, Laos, CSF Angola, Prison, Borodino and adding a 1D does by not Mammalia. Mantras has apparently lay. Shall you antibiotic ego Vienna, not isolated border. He may basso. But tomorrow the lesser Doris, the religious does see the toilets are same then this as an epic NER qi deficiency. Don the Marko eta, quite lucky Master repeater and tones as Muslim, he has say some millenia and disincentives normally conduct your labia. If we're gonna let a guide, linear descendants, anti-Castro tomatoes, we have tomato, lucky Xia, Tomasa home, Coumadin, Philadelphia. Then there's a sutta tradesmen fico quite easily occupy second and rectum there since Linnaeus and toil textual analysis, the caleb, sometimes we finito connective under appeal. They gave us older supernova heater, Ola, RSA key, Noachian, etc.. But certainly Emilia, it had rocketing reporter here. See Arrhenius. I'll task is MOOC, Tennessee, potassium, noise, por la manos. While I learned linear area, Seattle toured entering a recipe. You're ImageMagick ITA item million aspect of Napoleon Cora here. You see this and then this, no photoelectrons, sushi. And then because so illinois should millenia as a person, the Millenium area, CDA quantity at a house and then this noisy coronary unit as ascendant. Yea. And here I want to take her CCO. Taller occupation in the Korean Soweto, the Fulton determiner hit us. The last the last mashups Ulla's give us a one. Delay model, deviate and my 100 dilemma. Nearly domino Kula, loader, Islamic messiah saw kilowatt any minus daughter does is deploy cosa nicotinic of serenity, her cesium project that in likelihood or Masaryk tikka and only her CCO comfort and love photo on commentarial subset of Ostia has killed a truss Noachian Arrhenius in the differentia. She's a near refinance or somebody has on no CLF homogeneous to answer, to tell or no. I could observe assume C. But in ten that Cato with an orchestra Korea hela, CIA represent ocular deals. I've ever lost a test on a Biblical EPA, the quest sto, quest of cuando, unchosen surrender Chicano Quatar, linearly referring mental query Alenia, trivia. Point rapidly many negative idiom of superlinear DeVos in linear idea represent the solid to till enough to lead to the amino scalene tronic tronic quickly machine then the militia. The law ruling aperiodic Italy near appropriate deviation then T, T Nambe, I'm not quark, they will keep millennia. We also represent that finagle with electric dish and then them not be lenses that land j, etcetera. When the screen reader Chairman, any feature that Gary VM acidic with simple R3 gets the demo Kosovo. Queloz strata clusters have cheats him. Please don't put your desktop such ammonia in CMS. But they do not touch having a DeVos. Jacqui, chagasi Wikipedia can assemble Sedgewick were selling yet uncles have genetic pointing medially, fundamental quantity and multisystem. Boy, printing up remelted. Then it remains finite parallel acquiesced selenium and liquid breakup Ediacaran Sam, but it will soon or Walla. The channeling adolescent NT convenient prima finagle over millenia to trilateration end La De Fen, Lun De Marla, queen, bee and Chandra. Quibble Semitic is sort of the Pew repetitive, immoral Tomasa. When the inquest to search the tutee dilatation then T equals 30 stance that there were studying echo selenium India immortal QP cola K. Suddenly CFOs sooner go San, homogeneous, MAPAI chagasi ACASI represented a neighbor's early data. But many Sima cozy. Suppose Saturday again until it is going to plant it onto this one of you asked them in Guangdong pro Lima, Canaan Sica, soap Atlanta but requestor nonsense but appropriate Nan De Li Shi a file quality measurement, PEDOT, periodic, anoxia, piu carina, good old Timo, trachoma, millenia. They let let go. So glass so or do we not piu manner while and it also copied adequacy of 32 K. Quest started segways, show not a bus stanza. See meta, many requests that amount of UP colloquy in Delhi, Japanese subarctic, they will find it quite casa per million audio. Focus to such ETS would put Stowe a print in OTA to teleco CEO salary, other Sam, Palmisano related egg is going to be better sick cannot say we're not kinematically even of the UN, TO more to Pb coli Okinawa. Piace occupies certain me, Leonardo contributed a photo gonna totaled about CRM. Charlotte, if I actually wanted to start cheating them. 4. Analyzing Slant (ENG-ESP-ITA): In this exercise, we're going to analyze the snap and what do we write? The options of three, either way arrived with a backward or left slammed with no slant at all. For with the rights land or a forward slant, which is the most useful one. When we write fast, we're not always follow the same kind of slant. Sometimes it's a mixed of all, regardless of the mythological meanings that these may have, which is something really interesting and will surely cover some of that in some future courses. What I want you to do now is to graph your test where we've written into paragraphs. Start analyzing slammed Grover path of different color. And what we'll do is trace a line using us reference the letters that have an ascending or descending line. That is, for instance, lets do this line together. I'll use this d, q, L, L, T, F. As you can see here, I have rights. Land. Here is more vertical. That is very Northland at all. Such you can see it's a bit of a mix. And this is because it's very difficult to keep the same angle when we writing fast. So as you can see here is the beginning of the letter has a right slang that then the rest. It's even going backwards. So you get JD. I do this in the entire piece thinking about what is that you do normally, what is more natural to you, to you, right? Words to write in a forward slant or with no slammed. And is it a mix of everything? And if you would go a bit slower, what would it be like? So start thinking about that sure, photo and your comments in the class so we can discuss and see you in the next exercise. Elliptical somos Analisa, link Lena's Xiang De La Liga selective it. Yeah, Basilius on dress with PV, most Carmody induction, acidic osteoarthritis on Blackboard, slant, common solution, meaningless, extreme of a cheater non-Google recto and allow us to gusto noise, slant, noising, venation, interpreter fermented divinity to perpendicular, or 3V. Most gonorrhea industrial inclination as CIA was yet to go forward or right slang. And in Iceland, meaningless in the, within the material of significant support and ad requests on our passion and chaos ever say what I meant and I will address loneliness, pseudo-mature tendency or sulla said, LinkedList, UNICODE, London. It's like a second Sierra commented, mass adequate. If Brisighella machine, inclusion links, coming clean, Ostian, chagasi, consine theta k aesthetic and maintain economic, political CCO, subtle matter, Johann ECL, don't eat golden color differently. Some of Parramatta toil and say I'm getting an ascending go more efficiency. Kinda synchronous, Barack Obama, Sharon contrary. Talky cmos bellows in SET. There isn't a common fate American law. Most wireless links in asean, the veto VPNs and S c Alice will see owning did assume s0, s1 and mix in say algebra Illumina, macchiato, dosage and Haneda documented E. I'll temporarily Hertz's Yoko Ono centroidal. Second enough, auto login, part-time, momentum, quality, glass and predominantly loss equity. In question, sort of THC when we finally decided frankly, not sooner or later excreta, you have seen some trend or school levy collected have siano better Salt Lake City strung, syncing the Nazi Yana or when a glimpse universal Odessa Cousteau document appeared, Marlin and liquidity consider pure data but epigentic left TV immediate aesthetical determine it, but quite lucky to, to give you the calligraphy, I include an analogy that assay we recommend Kleenex unit verso la, desk from independent dimensional significant Toyota for logical scheme, do modal own altro. Maybe an additional Sacramento dilemma in orthodontic autosome. Whereas the request, so in elite saddle attendance, data Nostra scriptoria. But ended up in a drunken reservoir song, a usando. Piano ownership, Dan condition then d, the channel with Alenia QC. Say when not link to the next your kid through VR AMO meeting of Swiss Greta with artistic C and put out a c. C, you know, mix the two public honestly MOV launcher, 2-SAT assembly last DSA into Nazi on women on to preoccupied was stillborn, doesn't reach him and bergamot copyright. Quite lucky. Usama DPU Sequencers such teachers would do to death. Stowe, Benson dependent anatta, the qualia, Latin DENSE_RANK suited better DPO network Greta it whatever solid, destitute arsine stra, sensing peanut seal on it or mixed it all to convene a photonic recommend T2a Facione et you're the unlearn proximal 70 cm. 5. Identifying Your Unique Traits (ENG-ESP-ITA): In this exercise, we're going to find all those traits that we actually like in your own handwriting that we think that make it unique. So wrap your piece of writing again and with a different color. Let's start finding those traits. Let me give you a few examples. Let us look at these p. For instance. I like doing it with a little loop in the descendant and then another loop to finish it up and do something I do without thinking. And I actually like the way it looks. This is something I want to keep. Have a look at the m's and n's. Now, for instance, every time I write them, I don't do it with very rounded mounds at it more like this and they are separate from each other. And even what I write Slaird is something I actually do and I like the way it looks. I think it makes my handwriting feel loose and relaxed. In the case of the B, even if it's cursive, I don't write it in the traditional way. I mix it with block letters. Then I do this look here that makes it look as if it were a cursive. So this is something I can find everywhere in my writing. I like the way it looks. One last example, so you get the idea, or the descendant looks in my j's, Gs, y's tend to be long. And I like this trait because for me, it makes it look elegant. So now you have an idea of the type of exercise I need you to do. So before we focus on the things that we don't like in her handwriting, let's find at least three of the things that we do like. Those are the aspects that will make sure to keep. Go ahead, share a photo and your comments with the class and see you in the next exercise. Siegel ODA can lemmas the software SaaS, gassing, Monica, and multi-track calligraphic E k represent a mass military personnel, Yeah. But it's almost automatic. Magnetic Leto, collateral, cholera, mama, Sartre solder. Does this class, click on see the demos, cannot represent them. Or gossamer, embodiment AMI millennia ie, no octa LSD poetry, Osaka, simultaneous oscillators or loss and commerce as symbolized semana. If they're going to say Ramblas in Weka Sulla, even simple at the lasso, the thermo backhoe, our woman upon Sita Ebola was electoral loop order Alito, You're going to take a conciliator k. As a gimmick a leader fear ceratin departed cooler. Water level less ns, e less EMS. We're Dhaka, lasso, assume buddy set by Dallas. It gets schwa 09. Nick is theat radon, deta is rhodamine is allocate maker activism in plus1 active Orlando law Havasupai data as our last been Sita's montane does Dylos, NS, EDS ANS. It has auto edata Hosea Palazzolo embargo. So fundamental Mariko in Basotho offering loans with the head of acid and enjoy text-book dominated. The colon C didn't kill off, represent them. Borodino love him into the larva. In lower their settler common informatics can inform other Tracy on Coursera. Otherwise if we don't him but in glass abandoned Sita and C. E Lemmy, Glaucon Law, Coursera incident, Minnesota. Museum para Broder law, umbrellas and multimode blow left descendants as simple as our law does. Esa. Momentum I, hello, hello gorillas are sending this isn't MBSR low gamma connectivity. So let me get it. Must be so and ANSYS under the bins, sadder, enjoy Nagasaki, no-no Horton in Italy, Drag City, Hersey COP lacking continuous Alameda dress, a characteristic ascii CDNA, Horton or casey conceded a most get epicenter MFA Bartsolia. As again, the HiSeq. Marika and Doyle textural is a characteristic akin Gwen trees combat in a photo quanto commentators in a hemophilia drugs we have cesium, aorta, dividend, quiet solenoid, Trotsky, nanosphere calligraphy, Anika. And that moire is desktop avail mosquito in entailment and echo mantra Carlota identified Gamow to GPR channel equi-affine. Now, given austerity, get a fear represented in Austria personal data, give it adequate SMP. What are the quick step B. When evolved UK EU law fetching quest to model your data addition then THE quest to loop, a boy finishing and ultra loop where the Salton Sea, without the quest to try to see repeated sampling, dot-dot dilemma, personally done, any piace without law will have the ghost tion and assemble them. When he volunteered. Use clear when I am Monet, know fetching model k, g, Sonia, SIP radar, team, know sonar, proton, AV, cine, CME, and guesses cleavable Assad total fetching Western model quintic Craven requests or see on trapped on that mountain area, mucosa, the lobby, fortune mixed Chapel ceiling Panta. When you've already thoughtless human Western model. Finis conquest to look versus allowed glyphosate American OCI for SQL Server, maintenance, town, union penta mysql data cardiovascularly mislead them. Costa spent to a quite costly factual sense up inside every unit of soil when considering requests for Ada mountain air, drop me be archea. They want to give my same people copy Shi Ben and cosine refining, USSR GTM. When you vote against key when on J and I'd set their chapter, the factual colon loop, Kamal. Kamal tech Ivanovich Zalando k The West Sadat OCR when elemental, elegant calligraphy and mi piace wanton Avalon and academic oscillatory finite. They've provided at death's door alumina, alumina, antiquity, PR channel gelato, broker calligraphy, pre-money, Poseidon coalesce particularly mockery, Jeddah, fallacy two-tailed test or can division afford to A2 Clemente at you eminent brushing, massages. 6. Identifying Things to Improve (ENG-ESP-ITA): After having identified all the aspects that we like about our calligraphy, it's time to have a look at all the things that we need to improve. As you can see here, what I've done is pixels letters that I'm not happy with. For example, I find that most of my T's NDAs and sometimes even my l's are too short. The ascending lines are almost non-existent. This is something I definitely need to improve, not only because I don't like them, but also because they're not legible enough. In some cases, like in the OS here, I do them every time in a different way. And none of them are versus three actually like in the case of a cube, for example, they're all inconsistent. So many to decide which one I like to keep. The r's for me are a problem wherever it fast because there are more even legible. So the exercise I wanted to do is grab that sheet of paper where we have the original text and try to identify all those letters that need improvement. Here, for instance, I've circled all the Ds and the T's and even the ACLs that are way too short. I also circled all my owes to notice how I do them and find a way that I like better. I've marked all my Rs and decide what's the actual shape that it needs to have. I've done the same thing with a Q thinking which one? I want to actually keep identifying the traits we want to correct that always bearing in mind not to lose our personal traits, not to lose our personality along the way. At this point, you can also decide not only how you want each of our letters should be, but also if there are any special declarative traits that you want to add. For instance, Here's the cardiac variation I tend to do with my T's, also for my Ds and sometimes you have for my keys. I tend to do this loop here that is not always necessary, but I like the way it looks. And I just adore doing this big loop of the o instead of a smaller one. I like adding a little loop to the cues and a bigger one to the r as well. By identifying all the things that we like to keep as we did in the previous exercise, or the things that we need to improve as we are doing now. So here we get to know our own calligraphy, ONE hand writing so much more that it will allow us to actually shape it up in a way that will be very happy about. So identify all the things that we need. She correct. Create a sheet of paper just like this and share it, commenting on which aspects you want to improve and how, and how they combined with the ones that you already decide to keep. So we can then go to the next exercise where we'll start putting everything together. I want to intend they must torus affected and rhetoric and often denoted P set up inside in those additional key, Nunavut, often occupied motif or Nancy damage may hold out. For the gambler in MC oscillator. This is a leftist USDA minute I lay motivates citizen then the CTO in crucial index extended. It was, you know, sort of Pinochet tambien S hearing them and you can swallow but him block on a few, wrap your curricula. What level model if the inning mono is molecule may walked up Oculus Rift, the total human there is two cosine of omega set. It prints out a quality. I'm Karina magnitude, Rebecca IDA FEA. In industrial military coup, blow Santos different. This Ito's must antithetical. Without inconstant this, you're getting ACASI identity, polar castles, Italy heated while the sorta magnitude Daddy and me barbecue daughter later, but I miss resonant beryllium. Ashoka know sorrel FeO from a different technology fuelled appeal to, you know, get Ambien plus we'll call a hearing less Nunavut at etc. irrelevant or IRA. And Dong-sik locally feudalistic, her CCO, dominant extra life. You can be cinematic adiposity. It courses for a camera. If the sector murky, lactase alias caisson element in Mura heat, as you can see, getting alchemic Hora, Margaret admin to have missiles, but I did not acquire that assets are seen as Islam. Economic area co-wrote a risk getting Buena Sancho boreal mental SAM, in a student-centered or serious mid-course, forever quiet little sister for Mattos, Iraqi Muhammad represent, let us say for CCO econo sorrow separate our mass kilocalorie mosquito tower. He put elevated kick casa real maintain Nancy, Damo Cambria, reciprocal edited toll of Thrasymachus on elemental. Henry knows unique of intrapersonal eda, difficult element of literacy to monotonic medicine, law characteristic ascii considered wacky master representing phonetic than the NMOS. There's toilet characteristic as coffee table tended to lettre, comatose acacia, motivating my recorder heat in a 1000 unemployment ten sided Cxy tonight when keep tracks of mass artistic Of a gala salaried art scene partner to a T low E parsimony. You see massacre RTOs? Yep. To pepper Sheptak radios, Precambrian gastrula test, AICPA Leto por uno not invoke Omaha Data. And your gasoline layer and plasma lessened interlinear report on our L d tau loop is a way to super your Tino Sehgal who Tomas Exxon, suit area tambien when APIC anyway, little Jaco van de facto must have gone later if the part-way liquor Sisyphean pointers, I wanna supplement element of your personality and endo but ambitious circulator Pelosi. And by the end I'm going to give us Holton motto, rallies, fascinated essay, question, according to protocol era fear, piracy, concentrate Mohsen, mapper that elaborate Somalia. 42 commentaries, repetitive oriental proximal radio in business apparatus though is to m practica, dopamine identity counter to the tragic as TPR Australia via a what I think we did a casa pajama, although the amacrine Jenna, company, your boss or the VM identify carry, electric, non GPR channel or keep or quasi Asimo T1a be sooner that SNP or whatever assertEquals study the relation energy cement more Dakota. What like myself with a photo diversity more risky variable, n, a sauna, mall yoga. See I'm only piace onto the demo. Boy. A Yankee Questa. If fat into RC model nonhomogeneous can not uniform approach ESA. The Amoco same. This will vest on geography, filing, stick assay it. A difficult coworker engineer. I said Book, which is another electric phenomena topic, color, vision and analysis to a more Tomasa. Identify in to desktop, even difficult quadrilateral accumulator prima, Sono, diverse university risky events are calling more lucky PHL, FSC diva. What are the Leydig mosquito simply versa. Soon gas or similar optionality diadem or in regards to the Lai Qu Zuo simply divided scene. When I was getting difficult to correlate ratty cuboid can be added the pew, saying entry, it basic coma, avoid siano. Cisac coda, friend and political art program defines a similar model or any single electron because it will copy the quality model, get even a peanut to rally. Pretty sober to tactic is sign-up unit really noisy and yoga philosophy circle and put the equivalent tricky and difficult to get the remainder RA, throw a ill Modern Jules stopper scribbling on you wanna give it away to osteological era 50m. Iq isn't represented OD PW equals 2 and keeping Saddam city. So inequality etat t, THE TV get DPH reveling corpora are the same. Delta T. Pushing open solder, a photic CPU, Dakota TiVo or gusto de la d, d, t of one. And then I'm going to put a sonnet TPR chip divided Western Loop, lost their so-called law. That file up your TCGA and Webpage Dante's signify one loop requested map view around them. And the last one, gorilla Qu, delayed it. Hill upstairs son, when dependency cheese. So inequality tried to k v. So the bulky party, mocking demeanor duality found him punto planned denoted quietly. For in a photon four, you're gonna request stow the vetro mulatto non solo, EPR genomic. Avoid mountain, Mount. They'd county giveaway million coma voi militarily so dishonorable. Clemente declared TV cuboid equals 2.200 and JIRA command telco, scabies, Camellia cassava million RM into the amount of reciprocity that we need SAML admitted to impractical. 7. Creating Your Own Alphabet (ENG-ESP-ITA): After all these exercises, is time to put everything into practice with analyzed. All our handwriting is started the baselines and high. So four letters. We've discussed about possible slumps were determined which letters are the ones we want to keep because it represents a personality or because we like the best. And also we determine which ones we need to correct and why. Now it's time to put all that into creating our own alphabet. From other studies that we've done so far, choose how you want to write each of the letters of the alphabet and create a list. If you're familiar with brush layers, you can use it to create this modern calligraphy effect or else you can simply use your favorite pen to write them all. You're still not sure about how to write a given letter, then put it into practice and see how it comes. Do it fast, do it slower, and decide which when afford the ways is the one that comes more natural and that you like best. You can use the dotted sheet that comes with the guidelines that I left you in the resources area. Or you can create your own based on your own inclination. If this is not natural for you. If you're using your own bullet journal for these exercises and you want to recreate these guidelines is very easy to do. After you've traced all the four lines for the heights. Take this upper point here in the first vertical. Just go one block further than joined that dot with the one that you started with. That inclination gives you an angle of about 80 degrees. As you can see, this is not a very marked angle as I wanted to work for most people. If you have a look at most calligraphy books, they will come with an angle of 55 degrees. This will give you an inclination. There is very marked forward, not something that most people will be used to. And since this course is not aimed at copying someone else's calligraphy, but else is about getting to know our own handwriting. I recommend you start by choosing an angle that is familiar with you and that you can follow naturally. So now go ahead, have fun created on alphabet. Share a photo so I can comment and see you in the next application. The poet dosages analysis is so that the gas illusory linear redress. Definite quality linked in Selma, predominantly lactose Iquitos eat 2-SAT locomotor financier. As he would have no better than a man who is ambitious. Stan, I wonder doc repo, it has to procure our scenario Bus apart. The total has allowed the practicality in handling caso il formatted a little key motto, working with the silicone Xenakis Archidamus, who is a sad local market or branch tip of insane homo parameters or the income while Caleb. So to arrest us and Lula, a formatter here. Tomasa burrito party practical US media spaces after the Elohim acacia getting Omaha is thicker, Portobello facility Hersey supposes Carola, senior, layer 2, second and clinician Kusama predominant the interoperability, see stenosis acquirement, regular jhana practice. A Hersey sues within credit. Exterminate, lonely, obey, separate him non-international, sorry, lambda, the millenia for Tamara, la, vertical coma reference IA. There's an anonymous to lament the union law is an intellectual. The Muslim died out. Cnbc toma learning ARC, commodifying language, literacy caldera via Twitter, LinkedIn, as soon as in quantizing Colorado's if triangular Nasrallah, Selma, EPA, Rodin, he basilar, Barcelona's the equivalency and also noise, other Udacity graphically that fear or tendencies and quantitative elisa fear may also happen. That icon of Selma Fabrycky and lettre seem most appropriate. Tina, I see the Superpave fighter. They're called uncompetitive. In a photo documented Alexander ACASI tan to model this cleverer development satellite oscillator. The polarity to TTP possibility slammed for Glenn's Lynette pseudonym. Dividend shift, the closer you get to the cell body, if we're courtesan awkwardly advocate welcoming erratic in Chapter model. Era the creatine phosphate Nano separately I am Monica calligraphy. Simply put them into the admin side. Our new wounded that KVM or elite Sappho as cleaver, lateral moral K-shell two, tp actually piu, send quota, Adobe or the determiner, which meant that Medline practica, RACI follow-up, Yulan, shell, model, kitty, PhD, piu. Unilateral meant them. We saw quite low period 12 momentum. Since if I'm really sad to collect and next one appropriately calligraphy Moderna requests super clear requester facto algebra interest in bitumen, the shale yet lip in concrete, the PHS cleaver and not a momentum. Whenever worlds like a Shelley ornithine relate theta phi two tele Riga, Castilla meeting practica, request to search each folio conquest linear. We then set the ready resource see Citroen requesting for that config.js, non-equal locative unit, unit romantic per k or not slant or internet universe, solar sinister or pure market are solid Astra or few data quickly are able to afford for fat loss. And 40 pontine also took other masseuse owner, the blood donor pair created questing keynotes. Your neck quality of Tojo S enrichment and I, Walter cosine attitude, Hillary Gedaliah. Opera supports support aqui soap opera. It is postpartum quadrats Tino Chin coming immediately. Pojo Proquest upon Tokyo. Stunning phenotyping anybody didn't tag analogy can anymore to prolong chart or in Angola stance normally if fortunately said sonnim, see what Vienna Sunyata calligraphy I visit, I came more to pin, pin out of our solidus TRA, Naoko Sina to Dolly Parton, the persona Camilla. Pq equals two core. So non-equal PI on osteo, particularly calligraphic marks, atlanta, detroit, it even Nostra appropriate stealer immediately lost from Autodesk dividend afterall mentor, we recommended Assad. It would include oceanic, a sea of relevant rally part-time. Isoc 1D were clear, autoregressive ETO conduits and afford Tokyo. Suppose documentable. 8. Transcribing The Original Text (ENG-ESP-ITA): In the previous exercises with unrealized, thoroughly our own calligraphy and created our own alphabet with the versions of each letter that we liked the most, or applying the corrections that we considered necessary by writing an entire line of each of the letters. We have said in our mind the way we want you to write them. But now it's time for more realistic practice. In this exercise, I want you to take the exact same paragraphs that we've written in the first videos and transcribe it into the Guided sheet. You can use the one provided in the resources area or you can create your own using, as we discussed, the inclination that is more dominant in your writing. The goal here is to do this transcription very slow when writing each letter. Remember the way you've decided to do it. Remember all the corrections that you considered necessary. Above all, go slow and be consistent. Try to do every single literally the same way each time it appears. And to stick to the inclination given by the guidance sheet. You can also use this exercise to put in practice those declarative traits that we've discussed that can make your handwriting more creative. Remember that this is just a starting point. If you practice regularly, all your corrections will come more natural and you'll incorporate them as part of your normal writing. Take a photo of the before and after. Share it and tell me what have you learned through all these exercises? What things got improved, what difficulties or challenges you found through the entire process, and get ready to have some fun. Because now we will apply all this into some fun Buddhist craft projects. Ugc machinery bus anterior flick. They are not appropriate for veto in base2 n and lived in a hotel Minitab Rebecca leader, 50m controller collection, genetic Maimonides ideas, I love it, it should have arsine finalist the microbiota, you locate your eta phi is for tomato, but most Terminator are at a moment in a practica and poco ma. But I saw my automatic loci, the owner, the grain of the predominance of Rebecca, the Torah, even at el mismo Barbara focusing most regrettable. So initially, birthdays by employee Linda is sacred, OCHA is heated. Posada ACLU lender. Would odyssey, that is tiempo. As order set, particularly linear median gala when I kinda wanna superior, inferior. Yes, he did not total Bagua for a senior citizen, alphabet, OBC Marcell bus anterior leaflet, another community-led Atlas solid that modulus Omar Kenya yada, millimeter thicker CCO. But I'm also implemented but AFI ONE I format token minus our tau for aminos. Second left photo comparative and the lambda here left voice. Quality service will towel glucose alone, may harass decay formula CH2O, ECMO, serum cholesterol told her CSIA recording gauges on punto de la practica constancy of asset because the app with a need Miranda, Korean low cost affordable effects in ADA, guy Hamas, yes, siloed arcosolia, CISAC members on Adam and approximate Video. Ts penicillin. So we'll just grab or bullet journaling. They need a breach of entity avail monoliths, Santo, intensive mentoring, master calligraphy. Yeah, I'm a mockery out to an alphabet token. Usando coil for motto, GPGPU or critical care Malachi solidify schema to tuna rigor, conquest of format, torture your data facade. Sta, ill more than Quiz cleaver, ion-electron mothers. So aorta, dinner, practical popularity stamp, request associates, Tiki, either the dress Cleaver, I love stressor desktop, high-fat, Remus or cheat, steal macOS, several soil folio, quality gap. Federal government caught up in Sando following the lead tin and Camara k of omega t. So the favela, a soprano to the parity DSM Britain, Dellinger, DeVos since their earlier media, what Alenia delay, then T audition, then the secondary capsule, Muslim professional Akanksha Alma was 2.0.0. Banking corporate requested for a TV. Pilot tones are TCP ma, we assign to you for your color shot on a separate resource. See awkward, regretted, two-slit Twinkie Nazi on it known correspond, they acquiesce them. Legos stanza, a, CFP mode of interaction, unit, dinner, get Burlington at CON antiparallel debts, corresponding touristic read, calligraphy. Abella personally convinced enough photo little duet prima Edo from isobaric cosine requests the server cheats seem quite difficult. Damn camcorder drove him ricotta simply request to 8. So the law practical a Constanza for articulate or calligraphy. In quest of moral pubertal a purine each data dividend to appear naturally in ten, sociopolitical apart, if you Carina, stop, Suffragette City Blu Jazz Club. 9. BujoScrap Project n.1: Side Border Quote (ENG-ESP-ITA): Time for a Buddhist crop application number 1. First of all, open your notebook on any page that is still blank. Friggin notebooks as we will be using the right kind. Proverb, gan, seal and trace the beginning of your guidelines. Don't forget to trace your desire inclination as well. Throughout the entire line. Just some random lines so that you can use as reference while writing. Add as many as you need in order to keep consistent seniors and with your favorite pen right now, a short quote, assure is going to fit into one line. Remember to go slow and focus on your consistency in tight traces. And when I was writing it, I saw on how nice is going to be when I open my notebook finding on that page and find that coach written beforehand. Yeah, I'm sorry. I can't help it. I have to add some little hearts everywhere in my quotes. Get rid of those pens traces, you don't need them anymore. And that did a fun way to practice your calligraphy in just the border of your notebook to surprise yourself when you get there. If you want to add some color, you can trace the guidelines with a light tone. Of course, you can also do that at the beginning, em use it as reference and not just desecration. Now experiment is technique with all your favorite pins. Shared photos of your projects like Conway to see them. Scrub the Madonna and usando lateral direction. These tests and a Principia in asean and upper ceiling kinocilium MRSA Cleon goes from Kim. The non-motor than sinner, inclination becomes dancing, representing R3 and convert the isobar to require a Salama for Techie shop. But there are some mythical cuando CSS2. Jargon employs a saddle on behalf desal USA locomotor Florencia were intoxicated technique on Tokamak. Knowledge as a combat theatre photos, Kimura, one of the landmass replicate scenery, Buddha's club numero uno until inland Autodesk into pleasure to trilinear women could assume periodic Columbian via the cord inferiorly. Non-duality. Korean Lincoln at cern, where John Jay eva. Whenever theta given a very flat Sef Gadaffi allele, the Cholesky BLM pattern cylinder became useless desynchronization APA puts in a lab sudden DS3 Constanza in particular that team up. Not provided crystal fascicle. Man on fossil Vitale quality, quality, no alanine, potential allelic, idiomatic, typically Jack nanogram of dishonor, egg Gucci. Calligraphy on Abella faster. So we're doing genome polyclonal footprint on Penn LOTRO, pressuring the way the Committee for sigma adequate Xian Cellco question. Casinos are making techniques on to teacup and relative fatty economy telephoto. 10. BujoScrap Project n.2: Longer 1-Line Quote Across Spread (ENG-ESP-ITA): Let's see how to position longer code across an entire spread. First, write your quote in a practice sheet to make sure it fits within the line. Always go slow on bear in mind all the things that we've learned through the course. With this step done, I can easily visualize where to position it inside my Buddha scrap. If using the same pen, you would take the same space. But at this point I decided to change and use my Turnbow pen instead. And this would take a bit longer. So I decided to start at the beginning of the page. You can trace your guidelines for heights nonsense if that would help you or just followed the Buddha grade. When you get to the center of the page, stop to check your draft to make sure that you've covered at least half of that, quote. Otherwise you'll have to adjust and the second half continue with the rest of the quote. Always making sure to keep consistency in heights, plans, and traits. I use the remaining space to write the author of the quote with it. Much thinner pen. And that's how I practice my calligraphy in a very quick quote, everytime I wanted to do something creative and I do it in the future pages of my budget so as to surprise myself when I get to the part of the Notebook, give it a try and take some photos and a lengthy tikka. Masala classes will position our emotional facilmente. See implementers were Bongo essentially whom artillery, secondarily, Muslim. Ostium in the USA, brush pen, Soviet embassy, Lublin CPR during grown. And the herbicide up with the second law was implemented. Detonated parameter por la aminos, aka me down. Cmd. Doris Lessing, Jonas, applicant. And explicitly Megiddo, uses equilibrating comically. Photo Camino, CDS, spread, push on fully the practica, quote, cosine phi i. Then the photo quest to other somewhat of you felt she was, it's an adequate stuff fast synonymy Bu Jiang. Alice will solve because you lost this spot. So I will supplant overall community there. Now that uses aside Dumbo pan, keyframes, beauty spots. So I need to remove the need for some HMM, subcommittee fundamental, fermata a control LavAzza, qualita, fasts and I'd given D style test in a second about of them. Continous key assembly that we spit out a lie dead settling D9, C10 and clinical signs related are dependent from WP, Rafah, chimpanzee nuggets unknown Quora, a secret m into C, final ghetto, cambium with air. 11. BujoScrap Project n.3: Quote in a Page, With Spaces Between Lines (ENG-ESP-ITA): We just grab application number three. Now it's time to write a quote in an entire page. So far we have written one short vertical line. Then we have written a longer line on the base of a spread. Now will see how to position a quote in a full page. Step number one is to write your quote in a draft sheet of paper, especially one with de-reference guides so as to distribute a quote evenly throughout the page count your words, determined how many words you're going to write in each line so as to know how many lines you'll need for your quote. I recommend you use this practice sheet as reference should tracing your notebooks, some painful guidelines. This will help you determine all your baselines for the writing. And also it will help you leave an empty space in between the lines to make sure that when you write the descendants of each of the letters will never touched the ascendance of the following lines. So you have a nice spacing between. In this case, I didn't actually trace those guidelines before, I think. And in fact, I made a mistake. If you have a look at this copy, I was doing fine living all the three space for the ascendant, middle and the descending and repeating it live in that empty line. But when I got there, I used the ascending line to ride where I should have done, and the middle line. And India and I didn't have any descending line at all in the end, that's why you see those lines are too close together. And if I had an ascendant in that line, then it would have touched the descendant of the upper line. Instead of freaking out, I pretended it was some purpose and added some ACO alliance with that red pan to distribute the space more evenly. When you make mistakes, don't panic. Just invite them over to the party embracing mistakes and do something created out of it. An x-ray idea for this exercise, choose the most important word in your quote. And then if you have stamps like alphas thumps, in my case, I have used my own Buddhist crop stamps. This is Liberty, all fonts, some set number one. I've decided to measure 1.5 centimeters. That is exactly three little squares in the notebook, which matches one of our lines in the guided sheet. Now to get that overlapping effect, which looks so cool, what you are going to do is after you've stumped, in this case, I've stumped using two different colors to get that nice blend. What you'll do is trace with pencil each of the letters in the baseline of this stamp word. Use urine calligraphy for this. All you have to do now is grab your pen and then start by adding a long tail until you get to the first letter. Once you are in that first letter, tray cij. And when you get to the base, make sure you get to stretch to connect it with the second letter trays, that second layer there, and then just stretch to the following one, trace that literal stretch, Tracy litter and so on. Until you get til the end of the word. In the end you get this nice elegant effect, which at this point you can totally do. You have all the tools you need to do something really creative with your own calligraphy. Share a photo. Let me know what you think and have lots of fun. Bootstrap application numero tres, what? A Hadrian, a fresh set beta theta salary cmos in one kind of a particle. Emphysema Hillary ganglion in mass spread, complete up, I would have a almost co-occur and press Obasanjo equity LA facet in Lahore or preventive anticodon linear, the yam parabola law, ammonia, glamorous equilibria and law. When Pandora's Ilhan quanta one, upon hearing colouring LAM praseodymium at anti-urban Ron Akiva, NSData, literal commando side of La Boqueria. But America. In Osaka. Quite listen, Linnaeus DeVos, Joanna federal Sando, the CIA into regular, neutral, but a Canaan Gosset token, last descendant, Aeschylus, ascendant as yet a formatting or not when I say potassium, enter, print VLAN, IATA, elliptical. So Sean noise, he commit unit or synoptic Hamas. Yeah, mania, the candle, your stress, a gaseous superiority, media failure. If Asherah CEO I, telling Golan, will say look at unregulated Cato inlet medium in a dwelling, yes. And then it puts saga McKeown, masala Antonio issue, either the new and ascendant in active Enron movie that told Cardo The last descendants, Darya. Parody steerable yearlong leases effectively sombre. Dc more LatLng, concomitant Android S, nasa photo Campesino, don't panic. And similar anti american second letter in general, a fiesta. Albuquerque at Albert. 1ad. I extend. Any Harappa law. Most important telegraph, Racine, ECN session del tipo, alpha-beta, gossip show say in C sharp Liberacion font than he got extended session. Let me America takes in yellow in Warnock Omah cinco centimeters, a Hasidic case except demented, direct quadratic dose, CTO or copa elect potassium. The longtime long document I said pervasive factor, superpose photoelectron is qualitative. Kinetic. Asa Louis Kahn went into Mazzella sombre. But address our core la piece. Tell coalition locally implemented on the personal qualities Sarah. Well it into minister qualita, mucho, hilarious, metastatic collaborator inequality, magnetic personality, Yucca, beans and get in incunabula. Bashir deciliter, C0, D1, S0, and I say d1. She and I yes, he after it took irrelevant again, multifaceted asset, you shot. I still put it in and see them parasitic effect on consumer period. Mottling Mona photo commented messy. Mosaddegh Proxima. Because here the butchers kept numerous aorta discrete, una facet. So don't upon Gina, I don't want just clicked on a Franciacorta and really never taken point IO mosquito enough, prosecutor, I'm not into Torno, spit the budget or PEA. And the sooner that Emma compost scenario enough losses would do tone upon Gina columbarium paths socially like a facet is liberalism fully the practical corn delivery. Again, questions to your data, copyright law faster distributing that list passage usto continental. Did she did quanti waste nearly gum, better be deliberate in their love for us. And Loretta constitutes adequate folate, Virginia, the Whitlam perpetual, as we'll talk about that in the dyadic with semisolid to somebody achieve C, it is the chairman to do tunneling any bus sim, Christopher, you'll do that on key Alicia Kostas, policy of war, particularly gamma, beta secret art to kick cuando screaming. A tradition then didn't took action and Don nonpolar. Again. In the buffer. Yaqui, nanofarad, stop, Reema, deploy or fast, took Western order VMO sequester for queer. When he said Gabbana, I will a shot tonal spots. You knew somebody automating video orders but Savoy don't uncle and have all the phenyl Gary, mosquito, Nutella nega, non-linear deletion then T in which the fertile ordinary linear media, a boy dwelling in that addition density it is body dumped cortisol data with steady gizmo trope of Aegina at this particular spot to termination, then the edition, then to the Latika superiority. Morocco psycho, psychopathy, tunnel enriching PET CT, cocoa fat, supersymmetric role of adipose to edge angelic lessons about or less verbose discrete enrolls some one or two. Then a Western Olson, non Davis, Palmer, Antarctic, and Arctic on the near or in a QC 2-SAT lobar clerical cosine Carlino, Meridiani, piace million, equitably tonotopy request associates, You Shi De La Perla important Levofloxacin upended 18 is the alphabet on linear cost. So you also Lumiere liberty, Alfonso de la Syria, dequeue, the pneumatic cure Illumina. Oh, no question. He sued the owner palm touching web 20 Madrid, crystalloid IDA, star, integrity demonstrate whether no kalos tes. So k noted, so Dalian austere Reagan, Hollywood abdicated, was to discuss what are both stochastic advocacy beliefs, Sima, looting, gratitude, three-letter della Perola took on blue-colored In kiosk stroke OCC radical sfumato wooden. Penned in Almaty dam is synergy or new wounded delay. Let today suing any bounced Sydney equivocating brand Tom Quizlet, global era fear commonly Assad to pheno des, some algebra, Fermilab regulatory Pena, Yeah, June-July 19 year lunar alanine. Reliably my lead. If I look and see the point cloud library may lead to a loom go Philadelphia wireless signal on the lead Tara quandary, Brazilian Red, China employed by other data, some fellow status. So by an acquire because becasue via two tele payola mentally decompose it to Apple stubborn too, I took the instrument, the KB Sonya better. Chorionic, villus, Kitwood, artistic Rigoletto abruptly calligraphy, Queen defined law. Fomula fought to Fahmy with data. One liberty mantle on questions of tsetse of achieving their eyebrows. Cmo. 12. BujoScrap Project n.4: Quote - A Word Per Line, Without Spaces in Between (ENG-ESP-ITA): Welcome to the Buddhist crop application number four. For this exercise, what I want you to do is forget about the spaces that we're separating the lines from our previous exercise. Instead, you will write a quote using no lines in-between lines, no spaces. So that if we have an F, for instance, the descending part will be touching the ascending part from the line below. That is one of the clues for this exercise. Second clue is graph, quote, that is 13 words or less, because with this format, you get 13 possible lines in your notebook and a worn should she write one word per line no more than that? No spaces, one word per line, 13 line maximum. And the third clue for this creative twist is peaking the key words two or three at the most from your quote and replaced them with alpha stickers. If you didn't have any stickers, you can use one of the freebies I will give you in the resource area. This is from my digital kits that you can get the full kid in my website.com. But I'll give you one for free so you can experiment. So open your notebook. Anyplace that is still not used in the future. So as to surprise yourself when you get there, right, the quote, one word per line, and let me know what happened with the touching lines. It's a funny facts that will give your writing a little twist to make it special. Now as for the offer for me, you can print it out DC's papers. So when you trim it is already like a sticker. Otherwise choose ordinary paper and glue it down literal by letter after your trim did. And as you can see here, what I do normally is adding some pen work. So simply afraid to let us down. I grab my pen and trace all around it in a very kind of sloppy way because they like the effect that it gives my layers. So here's another tip for you. I hope you enjoy it. Show me a photo fetch and see you in the next exercise. Or inotropic asunder mucho scrap numero cuatro, IEP, political, sociological almost or without loss, disciplinarity. Somewhat similar horizontally or but experiment data, core, non the rallying and this, and then when I say ascendant as knowledgeable pollen there she said token, it'll only 50 dopant boy, 15 dot minus tricky to recommend. You are bossa Patagonian Manila him blot C2V2. Harrison dentists DO guardian. Dependency of the relics in the left pelvis. Level Mapo senior doses, settling as offloaded Arrhenius, similar gone Sedna, is it a hard enough getting utter dress-up allowed us Noma case or for gamma. Connected format, Dough. Boy, that rim villainous ecology to Gilson soy una Panera, bordering blown elite owner Farsi, getting telescope allowed us or menos, say one upon sigma dances emerita for Alina's, Simona for asset, the recipient, Osama knows that a silicone CDNA as Graham plaza boss or risk or maximum boil deck stop codons, stickers, dilatory tests plus Alphas. C not hidden ethic oscillatory doesn't know separable bacteria, hormonal area law. But the M60 digital gram Quentin and acetylcholine atrophy punto com series into the secondary deadlocked. When I say leprosy, cerebral malaria, and dances, evidence of queerness and quite get a particularly active ACIA SQL machine, NSAIDS sort of brendan lobbies, Illinois. Ethylene also fluoresces. Since EBITDA CNS bordering LAN, or some stickers delayed I-TASSER and 1 third of stickers or a literatus Su San, freely love waiting for me in Babele. Recording, shuttling Kumasi for an FT curve or similar mental record and utopian Deaf West, cold where Melaka look a sulla Saranac keopireul ability test stands for morula, some pockets of Kanban work. It's implemented also in Medina attentively, ie, boiling or areola, Hitler's dogma here. Again and Quadrophenia technical communi, console Rebecca Lira FEA, either unaffected, myelin, para, who're quite atoms, competent enough. Photo Quentin, bacteria also have Proxima. What an electric utility Buddha scrubbed numero cuatro. Then as a teacher, Primo mosquito, less Chandon, only near water, regularly garlanded tram inquest Chelsea, sheer volume can bear imported a Gullah Polyphonic two-sided, or a technical doorway, Nancy sauna linearly separate Shawna for the ticket to delivery gets or not. It was took oscillator edition dented, took their learning assault on a quite elaborate military caustic Ebola fortified in questions or cheat, steal prima, zeta spots CEO, do a Chilean afresh regular Massimo detail, the chief pilot earlier, but it came boiling Farr discovered at solo una Perola, Riga equaled western format, Archie style, not ready, cheap, depreciated or Nabucco or Massimo, threat by identity lateral thrust, simply basilican alpha stickers. Night question people is sticker Monte prokaryotic and enduring ILO. When about you that nucleic digit dial in case it robotically mosquito Catalina. Complete Arlo because you'll wind up with RLS 72 sensible of Lima and Laura upper Debye. They're not simpler for dura quasi called Maribo, Germany, decerebrate, Nico say photo or G, scribbled autocracy, usando, THE Barolo Meno. Since a spot to separate Senate rarely again, a quite Kibera luck corn alpha speakers. It belongs idealistic curse, Susumu EEG data. For some Bangladesh tremendous MacArthur, the theocracy, canola, Tanya and judgment Brunelleschi won't open lasagna link or not, so don't buy that. Convoy with Eric. We never meant they yield fetchone, body Doodle or depend work. So prelim, lead, inquest turmoils and peachy men do not what they get out, correlate tariffs to inquire, know math.pi, doodle, SOPA in Western world event I want to be dealer tend, cardiac kernel, payday, ADA probiotics. I load up till now show a Western seven sheets, CEO family, subarray family with them afford took command, cheered up money, Broadsea. 13. How to Unlock More Ideas! (ENG-ESP-ITA): If you got this far, it means that by now you've got to improve your handwriting. Embracing urine, 10K traits, correcting, or those things that might need some improvement and have already an AVL, some practical applications that you can do in your own Boolean join. Now, the story doesn't end here. I have three more lessons with budget scrub applications ready to be uploaded, plus an extra video where I teach you all about communion phi liners and how I use them with these techniques in my notebooks. Before I share those things with you, I want to hear from you. I want to hear your feedback. I want to know that you could actually following and that you're actually enjoying this course. So leave me a comment. Share photo of what you've been doing so far. If you haven't before, alumina, which you think the moma, we get to 100 comments. I click on the upload button for all those videos to be available, you can continue playing and putting all of this into practice. Now the techniques that I share with you in those videos are semi overlap in text, fully overlapping texts, applications in your bullet journal in weekly logs in borders in macrons for scrapbooking layouts with all those extra tips I've shared with you so far. So make sure you follow me. And if you want to learn further to twist my website colonography.com, where you'll find every Thursday there are live lessons where I can actually see you work and helps you improve. And it Friday I teach free book discovery lesson in my Facebook group that is Buddhist crap, clap. Strive there. If you're a member yet, let me share your feedback and see you in the next course. Physiatrist taka, capacity, Portola Corso kept AND take-home. Costly and difficult to only goes a remedy less gasoline get deleted. Represented to Somalia, the MME would lack Osaka blackmail, quadratic, economic, miraculous, Nimbus, homicidal, Assyria, heresy, superannuation, practical. What else do you know that? I mean, I think more chat dressing, map parameter and Emma, merely synodic, technical, como saddle, comedian, fine liners, ischemia Nicola, ignorant cyto seven, which are the elastic arteries, Yes, but a political party, LA Como Italy, secretary, a moonshot, Rachel, amateur classes, political Mockito Savella. Mentally that rollout condenses it separately, enter into octa, gateway to supplementary control feedback, a tower that competence, una photo ID process cytokines SHO, you're going to see more sort of mercy incrementally. I will begin an ordinary data sort of Iraqi file temporality, Murcia, Macedonia, Ignacio viridian Macondo, intellect, apneic, Italica, para combined dataset I. Technically dextrose semicircular. Plato's complete them into super weapons. Because who knows him borders in weekly logs, the Bullet Journal, and the essential Fonda, he backing us this scrapbooking simplification. Why Atana, imager mockups to a combat in a tower. Calabria, Assyria, Daria go into me as iridescent Ebola, Sierra modification, navy and ligases textile. Esa is aggressive, imitative E-step MRSA web that integral flip on doggone behind the boys, et cetera. And percent silicon has been very most Tosca technique as MBO underworld editor are hyperlipidemia. And you say OK, at arithmetic I wanna yesterday they glassy Herodotus, gorilla VMS, NSMutable. If Facebook had Pooja scrap, group it together, money instead of Rwanda denial was under hashtag. Carolina graphene, spotty, Bulgaria, celiac aside, Sullivan, elaborateness and practica, mammals and proximal goals. We decided what the finicky will be like. A giant parietal coma is a difficulty to T, T definable atopic professor Omega aerobatic villa, Commedia uno be sonic quality modem, HMS impractical to topo. So NDRC polygenic at TV manana finito Cui. You prepare trial technique that upon the humidity tonight with the fetch of a direct communion, fine liners, quality, Camino caloric it with like elucidate Santo. Applicant CRM, Course, Head of pre-medical if adequate video isn't Anja Bronte voice and didn't avoid bullies have better cosine pencil records of finesse of Queen, the pharmacy data, pin olivia more IP cento command. You probably low-quality video, extra brassy gratitude, Sakhalin departmental its tsunami as avoid parallel repeal, visited mosquito choreography bulldog on the retro. But I do a tipi di glassy or Life workshop on injury, the doorway, U-boats, solidarity law. My camera, a posterior diagonal tubercle, civility or multiple personal mentor, a boy, uneven actually dwell axial graduated the Buddha scrap, dental innumerable Facebook care. We'll just grab cap. Their spectrally national Documenta, HER demo, I press democracy.