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Learn to Consistently Blog in 30 Minutes Per Day

teacher avatar Jr Haseloff, Autodidactism for the win!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction - Starting Blogging is EASY, we'll show you how!


    • 2.

      Getting Started, Formats, and Platforms


    • 3.

      Find your Evidence of Monetizable Interest


    • 4.

      Establish Medium, Home Base, Monetization


    • 5.

      Lead Generation, Funnels, and the 8 'Be's of Blogging,


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About This Class

What if you can learn a way to balance your time between blogging and any of the tasks that daily life throws at you?  

We all know millions of people are trying their luck in this business. Learning how to make it a consistent part of your routine is an effective skill.  And yet, many companies are willing to spend big time to run ads on blog because it’s one of the most effective ways to reach their ideal prospects.

Just think of the possibilities if you were able to build an established blog with thousands of readers...

However, when you get started, the most common obstacles you'd face is simply finding time.

Big Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Started…

What if you can get started today with only 30 minutes per day?

Consider the following:

  • Blogging is a brilliant way of bringing your brand to the people.
  • Boost your visibility on search engines by blogging.
  • Gain insights on your products through blogging.
  • Blogging keeps you focused on your business and marketing strategy
  • It is an affordable, inspirational and fun marketing investment

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Skillshare course:

  • Learn the Big Picture of Blogging that will give you a better understanding of important aspects of building a blog.
  • Discover niches and topics which are surrounded by those that crave more and more information about the topic.
  • How to create interesting content that will get a lot of shares on social media.
  • How to establish a home base for all of your contents, offers, and events.
  • Learn the smart way to earn from your content from scratch with various methods. (Hint: It’s not only ads and affiliate marketing)
  • Discover my secret personal method to grow email list from content I've made.
  • Find out The Eight Be’s of Blogging that will take your blogging to the next level..

And so many more...  Become a Student TODAY!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jr Haseloff

Autodidactism for the win!


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1. Introduction - Starting Blogging is EASY, we'll show you how!: Does the idea of blogging every day scare you to death? It's just enough to be this way. The fact is, blogging is one of the easiest and fastest things to begin from scratch. It's not difficult and it doesn't have to be time-consuming. What did you can spend only 30 minutes per day blogging. And if you do it every single day in just weeks from now, you'll be able to see positive results. I totally understand how you feel because I felt the same way before I finally cracked the code. And here's the good news. You can replicate this system endlessly in any niche market. 2. Getting Started, Formats, and Platforms: Alright, so let's talk about 30-minute blogging. And we want to dive into what you can do with blogging 00:00:17.760 --> 00:00:22.515 What you can do if you want to create a business just using blogging. And it's the principles that really matter when it comes to this. And that is what we want to discuss. What are the principles? So let's talk about what blogging is. And it's the regular creation of information and content delivered to a regular audience. I probably could have said targeted. Also, These people are looking for specific information. So they're not just looking for general information on a topic. You have narrowly defined a particular area. So a business blog is not necessarily a blog, right? It's a new site if you are talking about something specific about business, as much as you can nudge it down, you want to do that. That blogging is basically delivering something to an audience at once, something specific. That's why they come back to what is a blog. And I kind of get to that here in a minute. Blogging has traditionally meant that it, that it's written content, right? That's what a blog has traditionally been. It's typically done on WordPress or some kind of similar platforms and people use blogspot or other things like that. So the platform is not important, but what blogging has traditionally been, rates about 300 to 1000 words and people read it on a regular basis, they respond to it, they, they socialize it, they share it. And written content though. And this is really what's important about what we want to talk about here tonight is not the entire universe blogging anymore. So, so if you, if you wanted to find what delivering regular content is, it's not written content anymore. It doesn't have to be in backed. We've seen video blogs and YouTube channels, people who create content on a regular basis and they have a regular following, and they have a regular stream of people who looked forward to this content. They're producing. Whatever regular is. Regulars daily, if regulars weekly, regular, monthly that people look forward to it. And it functions like a blog at functions like the way written blog used to. We know that there are what I would call an audio blog. People who do weather called, what's called online radio and podcasting, right? So, so, so basically these are people who get on a platform and they will on a regular basis produce audio content or people who use blog talk radio. People use iTunes on a regular basis. Audio visual training. People who use sites like Facebook and they use the live feature, right? And again, this is regular. So we're talking about something that happens on a regular basis and that's something that when I call is episodic. So in other words, it doesn't just happen here and there is something that's pretty regularly, something that people expect that something that people look forward to is something that people schedule their time around. So audio visual training. Now when I use the term training, I really mean that. Opening up something live, basically what we're doing right here. You're going to be on live. You're gonna be taking questions, you're going to be working with people. You're going to be interacting with people so interactive. And of course, live in-person training, seminars and workshops. And you might say now how's that blogging? What does it have to do with anything? Well, if you're doing a regular training and you were doing it on a regular basis, and you're delivering this content fairly so that people schedule their time around. It is going to be almost the same as blogging. Because again, you have an audience of people who know what to expect and they're coming back to the very same thing every single time. So what do you need before you decide on which platform you're gonna do? So maybe you're deciding, I'm going to do audio blogging. I'm gonna do Facebook Live, I'm going to do YouTube lab. I'm going to continue to write, well, what are you going to do first? You have to decide on a platform before you decide on that, what do you got a need? And this is probably going to be the, probably the most important part of what you're gonna do before you decide on the platform, you need a subject or a topic or a niche that you are knowledgeable about, or one that you can become knowledgeable about. You really do have to be able to tell people something. Otherwise, we're not going to come back a blog or a pie Cass wherever the case is, it really depends on UB and knowledgeable enough for people to, to invite people back to what you're talking about. You do need to have some affinity toward it. You do need to like what you're talking about. And I'm not saying that you have to be in love with her. You have to have a passion about and all the other stuff. When I am saying though, you need to know what you're talking about. And it can't be drudgery to you because you've got to produce this content on a pretty regular basis. And I use the phrase that you gotta have the ability to take in a massive amount of content and give the Odyssey overflow. And this is really probably the most important thing. I mean, if you're going to be involved in internet marketing or some branch internet marketing, you have to be willing to take in a massive amount of content and you're gonna give people back a little piece of it where it's of whatever you're taking in on a regular basis. That is really what you should be blogging about nav, you're not taken in content on a regular basis. Whatever your topic's going to be, this is probably going to be the starting point, right? You need a steady diet of whatever it is you're going to be delivering inside of your niche. Or the Anna. And I knew, I realize I know this stuff, you know already. I'm not giving you anything new, but it bears saying that you and I really do before we can give out little bit information, we gotta be taken in a lot. The top of the funnel is always going to be wider than the bottom of the funnel. On the bottom of the funnel is always really thin. And that's what people are going to be getting from you. They're going to be getting a little bit of all of this stuff that you're putting in at the top and the stuff that you're putting in a top has got to be, it's got to be brought as God. You've got to be prolific in terms of what you're taking in. So in other words, you're reading sources, you're listening sources. And if you don't have a steady stream of whether it's, you know, blogs, books, newspapers, magazines. Everything there is in your niche, everything there is on your topic, everything that you can get your hands on, whatever your topic is. You've got to begin to take that in. And I've always said that information overload is basically a situation where you and I have not decided on what our niche is. We have not narrowed down yet because once you've narrowed down that there's no such thing as information overload. Because basically you're probably trying to chase information. When you decide on your topic area and you narrow it down, you will be chasing more information in the information chasing you because you will filter out everything else that isn't relevant to what you gotta take in and give out to people. So if you right now, you are, you are experiencing information, overload. It more than likely is the fact that you have not quite yet narrow down where you're gonna focus. And that is going to be that that is a key decision before you start on the platform, before you start, let's say you're going to start a blog talk radio show. Well, when are you going to focus on what you're going to give people, even if you're going to go and get guest all the time, those guests have to fall into a genre. They've gotta fall into a category. They've got to all its way topic area, they've got it all into a niche, whatever you wanna call it. And in order to know who to contact, you gotta be taken in a lot of information. And that information is gotta be focused in an area that you get what I'm saying. But the number one in the question box, it is, it is the, it is the thing that, that is the most difficult thing for us to do, because there is so much information is the most difficult thing to do because there are so many different things that we have to then rule out. And it's a discipline for us to be able to then start ruling things out so we can get focused on the thing. We're going to focus on. The focus on thing we're gonna major on. Now, this is also important. And this is one of the steps that you probably know a number of people who were doing podcasts. I know a number people who are doing YouTube. And here's the step that I think if you and I can help them with something, it would be this. You've gotta be able to see before you get started, some alternative ways to monetize, right? So don't start down in a niche and there's no way to monetize it. So again, I mean, it could be that, you know, again, you could love the subject. The people could love hearing from you. But if there's no way to monetize it, that you're not going to be doing it long because in order to put in the kind of time to generate fantastic content, you have to be able to monitor, right? So you've gotta be able to see alternative ways to minus i. You need to be able to see potential information products or information privacy environment created. You've got to be able to see it. Sponsorship. So in other words, will somebody with somebody even now I'm not saying that you have to have them lined up. I'm saying with the niche that you're choosing, with a topic you're choosing? Are there going to be companies that want to reach the audience that would be interested in what you're talking about. Sponsorship, advertising, right? Are they, are, they are going to be companies, are they going to be people who are there going to be, let's say solo business owners who would be willing to advertise based on the stuff you're going to be talking about. Again, this is, this is you do need to be able to see this part up front. And I'm not saying, you know, if you don't have all the money, right. If you haven't gotten paid, don't do yo don't start a blog. Where I am saying though, is you have to see these alternative ways of monetization. Information products, sponsorship, advertising and affiliate marketing are their products. You can sell. Their products that you can become an affiliate and you can sell where people come to your site, when they come to your, to your blog, when they come to your podcasts, when they come to your radio show, are there things that you can sell? Now again, I'm not a big fan of doing affiliate marketing if you don't have the other three things, right? If you don't have the other three things and you've got an audience than what you and I have to do is we've got to develop these other three areas. We've had developed information products before, affiliate marketing. We've got developed sponsorship before. Before affiliate marketing, we need to develop people who'd be willing to advertise with us before affiliate marketing. Again, I'm I'm all, I'm all about the wheat market, my butt. But again, there are three steps that will help you to control your destiny. And you'll want to put your, your, your, your, your, your monetization in the hands of somebody else. And that really is what affiliate marketing does, even though as a viable source. And most people just skip right straight through to affiliate marketing. And really, there's no way to control that income stream by even if your control, either if you're doing regular, you're building a ray of the audience. If you're relying on affiliate marketing, you have no control over what the other person does, take care of their customers. You have no control over whether or not the person keeps that product up. You have no control over how that person going to relate to their customers. And so affiliate marketing is fantastic. have to as much as we can try to control her income streams. So if you get that, put the number two in the question marks. You understand where I'm coming from. Okay? And then, and then you need what I call EMI, right? Or EMI by evidence a monetizable interests. Right? Now, evidence of monetizable interest in the subject need to have inch evidence of monetizable interests in the subject. 3. Find your Evidence of Monetizable Interest: What does evidence of monetizable interests? What is that? Have you seen Kindle books and topics and reviews? I'm talking specifically about about Kindles, because this is an information product. You need to be able to see some form that there's evidence that people are interested in and they'll buy the information on this. You need some evidence, need to be able to see it. Right again because of you, if you, if you don't see any evidence that people are going to buy some information, you gotta have a difficult time monetizing whatever the Azure blog, your pie cache, or Facebook Live, you YouTube Live, you need evidence, right? So are there existing information products if people that are being sold that you see generates sales? Are there existing information products? If there are no existing information products, again, you need to be skeptical about whether or not you're going to go into that niche and whether or not you're just gonna all of a sudden expand and starts selling information product when there are none being so right now, again, it doesn't mean you can't go into the niche. It does mean that you need to be sceptical if you see it and you don't see information products need to see some affiliates who already have some email marketing listing your niche, right? So what you need to see some affiliates that already have lists. This means that they are already emailing people, whether it's amount affiliate products or privacy their own and that they would be get to know them if they trusted you. I'm not saying that you approached them. I'm not saying that you go to them and say, hey, I've got this great product or want you to send it out to you, to your email marketing this I'm not saying that you're gonna posting, but would you need to see that at least there are some people that are already there who were doing it because you can partner with them on the same day. They're all going to be willing to part with you. I'm not saying that you're going to approach them even after the first five or six months. But if there are people who are there who have these lists and they're emailing them. That means then that there is some interest there. This is something that's kinda come about in the last few years. But they're out there. If you see your niche that people who are doing virtual summit and people are actually going to let virtual summit. That's evidence that you can monetize that debt list. That's evidence that you can monetize that niche. If you definitely, if you see in-person conferences, you can monetize that niche. If you see lots of magazines would readership. Right now you may or may not be able to monetize it online, but it is evidence that there are people who are interested in the subject, in the topic and the niche. If you see podcasts, blogs, and video channel and your see there being sponsor, that's evidence that you'll be able to monetize your whatever it is you're going to do. You need to find this evidence or in a niche right now and you don't see any evidence that's being monetized, you might need to slide over a little bit and you might need to adjust. This is something that again, is not said enough about starting, starting a project that you're, you're passionate about or starting something that you're interested in. Again, all of us are going to be interested in different things and guess what? People are going to come to you because you are so into it and it just does not necessarily mean it's going to be monetizable and recipe able to do it at a high-quality level over and over again. It doesn't need to be monetizable. All of us want to help people. But we don't have 24 hours a day, seven days a week to do nothing but help people. If you do that, you will, you will not eat, right? So we have to be able to not only help people, but at the same time, one of the ways that you can help people delivering a high-quality product, a high-quality experience, and you cannot do that if you're not monetizing. Now if you get that, put the number three in the question box, I need to say that. And I know that to some degree it doesn't doesn't sound very, I'd say that doesn't sound very helpful, but it is you really do have to understand that they're part of this, the whole game of creating content on a regular basis where you're teaching people something, you're helping people is, has to be monetizable. There, there's something called the help a reporter out. And they do a, they do a daily list of publicity opportunities. Now this is hidden. Need to go get on that list. It's called helper report out or hero. You're good on their list of publicity opportunities. Now why do I say that? Because these are the sizes are asking for experts in a certain area, it is evidence that there is a monetizable interests. So again, if you're not on that list, you need to get on that list and you can start to see the things that people are asking about. These have blogs are wanting people to talk about. Blogs were applauds where people are wanting experts, evidence of monetizable interests. Now let's go one step further. Now want to talk a little bit specifically now about the, about the business opportunity or make money online niche. And I want to break this down a little differently because it's a, it's a different ballgame. I'm in the business opportunity niche. First of all, you need a very niche down section with a problem to solve, right? So it's not enough to say that you're gonna do internet marketing. It's not enough to say that you're going to do, let's say video marketing. You really gotta niche this dao. And so if you're going to be starting some kind of new content, you've gotta have some kind of unique angle to it, that people are not getting the information that they need or that they want. Another, another place with evidence of monetizable interests. If your subject see your subject coming up and it's a heartily and a number of hats selling products on the warrior warrior four, I'm I'm aware, plus weight lifter. We're plus trying to figure out, well, what do people really interested in if you see a hard sell in product? And that's, that's evidence. Folks. It's evidence that people are interested in the topic area. I've selling products from JV zoo. Now you might wonder why, why, why does he say Zach Sarah clickbait? Because these marketplaces are wide open and be able to look at sales information. And for you to be able to tell what's happening, What's happening with the upsell, what's happening with the front-end offer? How is it converting? So in other words, you can then put 22 together based on what you look at where you're pleasant JV zoo because the marketplaces a wide opening with all the statistics right there. Right, so you can get that, put the number four in the question box. So again, what are we looking for? We're looking for evidence in the business opportunity in it's the weekend monetize a subject. So you might say what? I'm going to talk about this specific way of being able to do something with a blog. Well, is do you have any evidence that this is going to sell by do you have any evidence that that that this is in general going to sell based on what you've seen selling a warrior pleasant JV zoo. If you see stuff that's coming up on Munshi and some of the ability of platforms, right? If you see stuff coming up there, you see products being launched. It doesn't necessarily mean because of Prague is being launched, that it's going to be a hot seller for you and that's a good niche. But if you see lots of products in a specific area and people continue to launch prize if it's properly evidence that they're making money someplace. And then somebody sees that this is going to be a viable topics again, looked a Munshi. All of us are involved in social media probably too much. So some of the discussions and again, I've said this before and I really do mean it when you get on social media, you need to have a period of time where you're saying nothing. You're not scrolling around, but you were specifically looking for what people are saying about your niche. Where I do a search in your niche, do a search with some of your keywords inside of Facebook. See who's talking about it in your network. See who's talking about outside your network, see what they're saying. Again, this is, this is not, this is not going to be something that is out of reach for anyone. Anyone can go to Facebook and do a search. And anyone can go to YouTube and do a search. Again, used YouTube suggest to try to figure out what are people searching for it. This is going to help you to determine what people actually do want to know. And again, it is evidence that you can monetize a niche Instagram, right? So now, well, one thing that I do want to say, and this is I don't I don't know where the right places to put this question, but I am going to say this. You have to try to figure out, especially if you're in a business opportunity niche, if you're going to be talking to people who are looking for in career enhancement. Or if you talk to them for people who are looking for business opportunity, those are two different people, even though they're interested in Internet marketing. Very, very, very, very important. You have to do. You have to figure out who you're talking to? Are you are you looking for somebody who's and basically trying to take to get a little leveraging their career. They're, they're, they're, they're a little more corporate. They're a little more employee oriented. Might They're going to have a totally different vibe than somebody who's looking for a business opportunity and trying to use it to generate income. Even though they're both could be interested in, let's say Facebook. They're interested in it in a certain, in a certain way and are interested in it in a certain, I'd say in a, in a different kind of a level where they're actually going to be doing something with it. 4. Establish Medium, Home Base, Monetization: So the first thing going to have to do is you're gonna have to establish the best medium for you before you start blogging, right? So let me ask you something. How can you create the most interesting content? He's isn't audio. So if you, if you, if you can't write and write something interesting that people are interested in, they listen, don't do written content, right? Don't, don't, don't, don't try to commit to being this super-duper writer. If you, if you can't create interesting content, how can you be the most consistent? Those are almost the same two questions. Because if, if the, if the topic doesn't interest you, if it doesn't, if it doesn't give you energy, then you're probably not going to be very consistent, right? You're probably not going to be when it comes to audio, right? If, if audios the best of the production value, are you going to be best live? Why are you going to be rest recorded? Gotta think about that. How are you going to do this? Would you be more comfortable doing it by yourself? Or would you be more comfortable interviewing people again, is a different way of delivering content that people who want it. But the make the decision upfront and you already know. But if I were to sit down with you, we will look at your paths. We will look at the stuff you're doing online. You already know if you're going to give you an audio woman, if your audio guy, you already know that training, right? So so again, I mean, are you going to be the kind of person who does training? I like to do training. Right. I mean, I don't I know I like to do interviews and I like to do I can be online, but I like you buy a training video. And now here's the issue with video. And I want to, I want to tell you this. You decide you're gonna do video. You're gonna do a video blog that the issue's going to be editing. And so you can do, and you can do video blogging as long as you're not going to be worried about production value and you're going to post stuff up when you get it done. By editing is a step that takes time, right? Reshoot the video doesn't take any time I'm loading. It doesn't take any time, even, even if all you're doing is you are, let's say, optimizing it. That doesn't take very long, takes the longest time editing. And so view, if you know the ending is going to be a problem. But you want to do video blog. He might need to find somebody to help you to do it. But the editing is something you gotta saw. If you're going to do, if you're going to be, the video's going to be your media. You can also interview people using video. Now again, that's a totally different thing. You could use Google Hangouts if you're going to be one place of birth, is going to be in another place. Or you get, you're going to have to be able to do some cameras shooting. If you wanna do in-person interviews. Again, add that kind of person is going to be rare. But again, because it's rare means then that they're not a whole lot of people doing it. And it's a great way for you to, to, to differentiate yourself. You know, are you just going to kind of be on the video kinda gone for, right? You're going to be doing training in the video. And then of course, now again, I love written content. I love reading blogs, but I need you and I both know this and this is the elephant in the middle of the middle of the room. And we are less literate society these days, right? So it isn't that your content is an interesting, it's just we're a little less literate and we have a little less patients and we used to have when it comes to reading stuff. And now there's so much knowledge on video and audio static. And again, please don't hear me. They say, And because I'm not saying this, that audio is better or videos better than writing a blog post because I'm not saying that. When I am saying is that we are a less literate society and we used to be and people who are more dependent now on audio and visual. And so you have to understand that. You have to be willing to accept that if you decide that you are going to be due to do a written blog has going to be, you're going to base your site or you have to establish a home base from the start. Now again, even if you choose not to do writing, you need a, you need a homebase, right? You've heard me say this over and number of periods of time you gotta have a homebase, gotta have a blogger website. And this is, this is going to be the hold everything. You need a symbol to use, but professional WordPress blog and I know there's Wix and are the kind of stuff out there, I'm going to suggest that if you want to have something that's going to be easy to use UB grow, you can grow with it. Write a very simple to use but professional WordPress blog. You should be posting your content on a regular basis on this site. You might say Now, you just told me I don't have to write. True. When I am saying is if your podcast or you should be posted to your blog, give you deliver your content through email. You should be posting your emails to your blog. And again, this is something that it takes a disciplined to do. If you are a video creator, you should be posting your video, your videos to your blog on a regular basis. Again, this is something that people do, but just don't talk about the back they're doing it. And then, and then what you should be sharing across the Internet should be your blog, where you should be sharing your blog. So in other words, you're gonna do a podcast on blogs, OK, where are you going to do it on iTunes? Wonderful. Put that on your blogs, are sharing your blog. Put it on your websites, are sharing your website. Don't just share the platform linked. Don't just share the YouTube link. Don't just share the Blanca radio links or just share the iTunes, like share them once they're on your blog, right? So as again, you and I regards what kind of content we choose to produce. We need to have a home base. By their home base is going to be your website, your blog. And these would be some you can update on a regular basis. And these would be something you can access to easily. Have a designed if you can't wait, pay, just outsource having a desired. Don't try it, please do not try to design your own website. And you'll have to do that anymore. And again, I mean, if you just maybe you just pressed for time and money than yeah. I mean, you could do a few things, but I'm going to suggest, I mean, you can get people on fiery little things you could build a little bit at a time. Please do not try to be a designer because if you decide to become a designer and you're not, it's going to look like it, right? I mean. So again, get out of the design business, get out of it. Let somebody else do it. You can find people on fiber, the warriors for higher section Upwork. Now again, they're going to rage and praise, but you can find a designer at your price level. Whenever you replace overlays, you can find a designer. And so, and so what I'm going to suggest you and again, I know that they're very cool apps where they're wonderful and I think they're fantastic. Get out of the design business, please, right, get out of it. Where you have your job is to produce high-quality and irresistible content that would you gotta focus on. You have to focus on keeping people interested, not what creating a, a, a a mediocre design. Because if you are designer, you and I are both mediocre designers. So please do not try to be a designer. I don't care, I don't listen. So yeah, they've got great templates. I don't care about that stuff. Focus on your content. Focused on having awesome content, focus on finding super-duper guest, get out of the design business. And now we'll say a little bit about brand when you start talking about your website, brand is not only what you say about yourself. So again, people start talking about their brain about yourself is not just what when you, when I see about ourselves, It's what we're doing every day and repeat it. So in other words, it's, it's with the perception we're creating every day with our actions. So again, if you're producing, let's say one blog post on a regular basis and that whatever, whatever you're doing in your subject matter in those posts, that will become your brand because that's what's, that's how you're going to establish what's going on in the client's head about you right now again, right alongside of this establishment monetization from the start, please do not start a blog, or a podcast or a video blog with no way mind's eyes, right? Your job is not going to be the cell against always going to be produced contact, but you don't want to wait. The hardest thing in the world is gonna do. You start getting traffic use. I get people to watch your, watch your videos are used to identify the region. And then you wait because you don't want to offend them. You don't want them to think, you don't want them to stop reading because you're going to ask for money. Folks that people don't care by, people who care about themselves. By with you're taking care of them, re helping them take care of themselves. They don't care if you ask for money, if they wanna via the world, they won't, they don't, but, But do not. Write started to beginning not asking for money. Use the feedback that you're getting on your blog that tended to determine what you should be selling. And if possible, you should have something that you can sell at all levels and all praise levels. I didn't put it operates levels, bananas when I met developed something's really high price. Develop your stuff all the way down the line. Whenever it's high praise to you, drop something at that level, then come all the way down right in place so that people can buy something from you at every single level. And then now this is going to be toward monetization. Never, ever fully depend on ad revenue made. So it's again, we side think something was caught, add apocalypse. People who were dependent on that ad revenue nets. All they did, they saw substantial drop in their, in their, their revenue. And here's what's interesting. It was a ripple effect that happened here in the United States, but it was felt worldwide. Ad revenue was down. And so you can never really depend on ad revenue if that's how you are making your money, that's how you're making your bread never fully depend on sponsorship, right? And again, I'm not saying don't go after sponsors. You should get sponsors. If you're creating content on a regular basis, do not depend on it, right? Because you have no control over someone tells a sponsor, Hey, do you know what these people are saying? Then they're going to come back to the spontaneous saying, well, we're not going to buy from you. If you continues onto this, again, under your control, you have no control over sponsorship. So again, don't rely on it, but have it affiliate marketing do not. We talked about this way. Don't depend on it, right? Use it. Go for it, but don't depend on anything that depends on somebody else should supplement your income. Supplement it may not make it you don't want the makeup of your income from your regular blogging, you will get a pi catch regular video channel revenues you're doing. Please do not make those things. You are the foci, of your, of your, of your strategy. And here's what I want to see about any of this rates. Have you found a revenue source and it was easy to get is just the loose, right? So don't feel like, well, you know, it's taken a long time for me to build up the income for this thing. Don't worry about that because again, more than likely you have, you can, you can get really fast. You can lose it really fast too. So don't, don't necessarily fully depend on fast trapping and Fast Money. One thing that countless sounds a little obscure, it's counting in a different, kind of, in a different area that I will say for you in terms of monetization and do something that we're going to basically do read at merchandise. You just have to make sure that you make sure it's there, maybe the on-demand. So don't, you know, don't do t-shirts and then get a box full of tissue or it's Enter hours, you're trying to get rid of it. Don't do that. Make sure whatever you get, it's going to be on-demand, gets add new merchandise with your brand on it. And then, you know, you're selling information products and make sure that you consider Kuhn Aki to sell physical information products. 5. Lead Generation, Funnels, and the 8 'Be's of Blogging, : This is going to be this is going to be important. And I know you already know this folks, but I do need to say this. Start generating leads from the very beginning. We ask for people to aren't the end user reliable auto responder. Don't get anything cheap, right? Get it, get a brand name so that you depend on some there's going to be there and something that when your client gets it, they're not going to be revolted or they're not going to be there. Because listen, if you have service generics are either responder and people don't trust into not gonna open your emails. So again, user reliable, I responded Dr. individuals, after every piece of content you get or you do, send them to your opt-in page. Everything, right? If you want more information and to get more information, go here to find out more about this. Go here to hear more about this. Go here. Everything you're doing in terms of creating content, you and I must send people to opt into our email marketing lists. I have to get a best content. Now, you want to give, give away your best content. People need to opt in for it, right? Don't give away your best content to people if they're just going to kind of come to use I give what your best content when they asked him for it. Once you start developing and building your list, you use the list developed relationships with the audience, right? So you should be writing on an everyday basis. You should be sharing a little bit about you and you should be asking for them for feedback and ask them to find out who they are, right, usually listed Drive content to every new content piece. So in other words, inside your emails, when things are going to be doing is you're gonna be TOM people. We have some new, just did a new podcast about just where a new blog post hears about, just create a new video. Here's where they have had a training last night. Here's with about whatever's in your, whatever you're doing to create content. Make sure that you use your e-mail marketing list to tell people about that content. Make sure your lead generation opportunities are prominent on your site. Don't hide them. You gotta help homepage. It should be easy to find your apt in easy rates. If somebody comes to your site, makes sure you should be able to do the blurred tests. In other words, if you squint your eyes and you make it look really blurry, the most prominent thing, the most easy, the easiest thing to do should be to opt into your leash. You should be able to see that. Also when it comes to lead generation developed kind of giveaway that attracts the kind of person you want, repels the kind of person you don't want that. Men. So in other words, don't put something generic in your, in your, in your attend just because it works. Because most of the people who are going to end up on your listeners resulted that you're not going to want to have, you're going to want to be bothered with him anyway. What you want are people who are interested in your subject matter, right? So you have to do the kind of give away that's going to attract those kinds of people. Whereas if you're with me so far, I put the number five in the question box, re-established lead generation from the start. Now finally, I want to close with this and I want to talk about the eight lac Hall. The eight B's a blogging, right? What are the eight B's of blogging? Eight B's? Number one, be consistent. So in other words, you're going to have blogposts. It comes out at nine o'clock every Tuesday. Gotta do a video channel comes out 70-30 every Wednesday. Whatever the case is, be consistent, develop a time and a place, deliver your content. And again, this is so that people can depend on you. And I'm saying this, even if you already have people that like you may develop a time and a place, Some people just really need to be able to find and put your content on a scheduled. You put it on the schedule people or put it on there's does everybody get that? So I want you to hear that. You put in an unscheduled people to put it on their schedule. If you don't put it on their schedule, on your skin on a schedule, people will put it on their schedule. And you and I want people putting, putting our content on their schedule. But if you get what I mean by that, put the number six and the question marks. In other words, you put it on a schedule, they put it on their schedule. Right now, be relevant, right. Develop a calendar and plan around events, special occasions, right? So don't miss, don't miss little holidays, don't miss seasons, don't miss, you know, whatever, you know, somebody's birthday or it's, it's Thanksgiving, these things will sneak up on you. And before you know it, what will happen is it'll be, it'll be Thanksgiving and you won't, and you'll be writing a regular email and everybody else is writing a thank you email that you want to be. You don't wanna be that person, right? Don't be that guy, don't be that guy. Makes sure that you're the person that is relevant in all times and be prolific, narrow down your niche, right? But then, but then we talked about this before, but make sure you talk to my everything. But your niche should be small enough. Where your topic area should be small enough that you know everything that everybody writes a if you, if you can't get to know everything and everybody about your niche, it's probably too big. Probably too big. Or you don't have you don't have a, An angle that you can take it. And nobody else has been radical opposition, right? So in other words, don't be afraid to take a position, right? If your if your urine, urine, CP marketing or let's say that you were talking about about about Facebook and you're talking about the drop in organic traffic, your position could be a good thing, right? So in other words, just be willing to explain it. And you're going to, you're going to turn some people off. But just as many people as you turn off, you're going to turn some people want. So again, be willing to be radical, be collaborative. Don't compete with people partner with them. Every time you see somebody who niche and they're doing, they're doing extremely well to try to find a way to partner. Don't, don't feel the need to dugata addressed to them. And you gotta do everything they're not going to do. And you gotta compete. Don't compete, right? Don't compete partner and create the collaborative, collaborative. Create and test different kinds of monetization for whatever it is you're doing. By test out affiliate offers, test out information products, tests out memberships, right? Create and test different levels of monetization. In other words, your job is to make your blog profitable. By yes, I realize you're going to, you're going to have a mission statement. You're going to deliver great content, wonderful. But you're not gonna do it very long if it doesn't make any money. So again, make sure it's profitable, right? Make sure you ask in some way, you ask him for the sale every day. You and I have to ask for the sale every day, every single day. And then finally be protective. Now here's the most important thing about one of them. One of the cool things about blogging, podcasting, they are channels. Guess what? You can create all of the content on one day and schedule it way would that would set me what that means then that you will have gained all the time bat for a specific day because you're doing all your content. A one-day price, again, be productive, right? You'd be productive, be, be, be looking for ways to increase the workflow. And finally, this is kind of a principle. Be intense. And what do I mean by that? Let's say that you're not getting any traction. Nigeria point in your decides or people who are reading or getting access your stuff. It's, it's, it's it's slowing down or it's it's leveling off. Well, one of the ways that you can ramp it up is you can consider a short period of increased activity in intensity, right? So in other words, I'm going to now do a 30-day challenge on my topic area. And basically what you're trying to do is you're trying to gin up some excitement. You're trying to give people hyped up. You're trying to get people used to what it is you're delivering. You can do that. If you have a period of intensity now nobody can go at a 100 miles an hour, 365 days, you'll kill yourself, right? That's not what the idea I'm saying that for a little period of time. Right? Let's say you decide you're gonna do 30 days of just flat out content in a particular area, something like that. Then what you're doing is only doing it for a month, right? And what this does is it generates buzz, engineers excitement. It will always be the way in which you're going to get the most. Let's say you're going to get the biggest jump in your, in your, in your income, the biggest jump in your audience that you're getting the other way, right? When you just pick a period of intensity, you can do a seven day challenge, whatever you do, just kinda figure out how you're going to do it. But that period of intensity is what you need. Sometimes a prime the pump. Sometimes you need that period of intention to get people excited. Even you're not gonna do that all year long. Which you want to do is get people into what you're doing.