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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction To Learn To Lucid Dream: 201

    • 2. How To Stay Lucid Once You Get There

    • 3. Use Your Hands

    • 4. Respect The Space

    • 5. Things To Try When Lucid

    • 6. Personal Reality Checks

    • 7. Class project

    • 8. Quick Recap & Resources

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About This Class

Explore Your Subconscious Mind Through Lucid Dreaming!

This course is a follow up to my previous course, Learn To Lucid Dream: 101

It is designed for people who have watched that course, and have experienced at least one lucid dream (although people new to lucid dreaming will of course benefit from watching).

You will learn:
- How to stay lucid once you become lucid.
- A great reality check that you can do every night before bed.
- The importance of discovering your own ‘personal’ reality checks.
- Why you should respect the dream space and the people in it.
- Unique things to try when lucid.

Contact Me:
Website: zachary-phillips.com | Social @zacpphillips

Further resources
'Meditate' - ch:1.9 of How To Get Your Sh!t Together - Zachary Phillips 

Mindfulness In Plain English - Bhante Gunaratana (book)
The Mind Illuminated - John Yates (book)


Video 5 'Things To Try' was accidentally cut off in editing. It would end with 'try taking those substances/trying those things in the lucid space, the results will be stronger, and will not have the negative side effects'.

Meet Your Teacher

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Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of nine books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together and Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, and the creator of the Depresso Espresso web comic.

He is also an instructor on Skillshare and Insight Timer, teaching mindfulness meditation, personal development, and creative writing.

He is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to cond... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Learn To Lucid Dream: 201: welcome to the course. Learn to lose her dream to a one. This is a follow up to my private course, led to Lucid Dream What I want. So if you have a check that one out already, do so first and then head back over here. This course will be a deep dive. It will take you deep. It'll be a bit more complex, and as such, I'm sort of expecting that you'll have a little bit of prior knowledge. You'll have done the previous course. You'll have done the Dream Journal, and you're wanting a little bit more information, a little bit more specifics. This is the course for you. If you're an semi experienced, lucid dreamer, this will hopefully take off those boxes. I'll go in depth on particular topics. Look a little bit more reality checks a little bit more with what a dream world actually feels like. Sort of talk about my experiences, which will help you to sort of shape your own dreaming experience and sort of give you a deeper insight into the lucid dreaming universe. This will be a little bit more esoteric, a little bit more personal, but it will definitely help you up your ability to lucid dream so that further ado, let's head in 2. How To Stay Lucid Once You Get There: One of the main questions I get when talking about lucid dreaming is I've become lucid but assume that became lucid I freaked out and then the dream ended. What can I do to stay lucid dreaming? There's a couple of things you can do The 1st 1 is to when you become aware of a lucid dream Spin on the spot Sounds we'd but she doesn't become away If I find that the dreams gonna ended you should get a fuel for when it's gonna end Start spinning Just literally spin in circles in your drink Start running really fast Love your hands together, right? Feel something in the dream You want to try and ground yourself back into the reality off the lucid dream Does that make sense? So you become lucid and then in your excitement, freak out. No. And then the dream ends. You wake up and you go, Oh, my God, I almost will have a lucid dream, but I work up every time That happens. Soon as you realize you're dreaming, becomes stable by spinning by moving that some stuff. Not sure why it works. It's just how it works. The second way is to do something in a dream that you can't do in real life. So I like hovering. If I'm hovering and I'm saying to myself over and over again, I'm hovering right now I'm dreaming. I'm flying right now. I'm dreaming. I'm breathing underwater. Now I'm dreaming and I just keep repeating that and keep doing that. It could help to stabilize the dream because I'm sort of granting myself into the reality of the dream. They are a couple things that you can do in Dream World outside of dreamworld. I strongly advised that you develop a month for his meditation practice. I've got a series of courses and I'm gonna keep adding all courses on the benefits off mountains. Meditation for you, mental health. But the practice applies to lucid Dreaming, basically involves you repeatedly drawing your attention back to the breath, increasing your ability to focus, he says. Obvious benefits to lucid dreaming. The more focused you are, the less likely you are to lose track that looks likely. You are to lose lucidity on the easier. It is sustained a lucid dream, So check out my other courses. Do the meditation for mindfulness meditation for lucid dreaming. Excuse me. Meditation for mental health courses and will help you to lose your drink. And inside note. If you get good at meditation, you can actually do it in a lucid dream. Now, this is a story for another time. But there is a deep level insights that you can get from meditating inside a lucid dream. But you first have to get your lucid dreaming stable. And you have to develop a practice in the real world. So hit over. Check that out and your lucid dreaming levels will skyrocket. I guarantee it. 3. Use Your Hands: in the first course, I recommended Lucid Dreaming by Robert Wagner. In this book, he discusses a simple reality check that he got from another book that really help you to loosen drink. The idea is is that you stop looking at your hands before bed. You know, a couple of minutes and you said yourself to Not when I'm dreaming. I will see my hands and I realize I'm dreaming and you very mindfully Look at your hands as you do it. So try this. Now put your hands up in front of you and say out loud or in your head to Not when I'm dreaming I will see my hands and realize I'm dreaming Now do this before bed do before bed every night for like a month. There will be a lag from when you started to win. It starts working, but the idea is that in a dream randomly, the hands will pop up. And that's your reality check, right? So during the course of waking life, if you see your hands am I dreaming? You reality check. You look around you look at the words you look at the the images you try and That's one of the reality checks out for you. Hands up. Am I dreaming? So every night, ask yourself not. Ask yourself. Look at your hands inside yourself to not what I'm dreaming. We'll see my hands and realize I'm dreaming. And then from there, hopefully in your next train, your hands will pop up. That will cause you to reality check, and hopefully you'll be able to use that reality check to instill dilution. Dream to stop. 4. Respect The Space: make sure to respect the dreamscape and the people you made in the dream. This sounds like a weird one, because there's this sort of naive feeling when you start losing, dreaming that you are God and everything here is in me and it's I'm in control now. I don't know exactly what's happening when Alicia dreaming, but what I do know is that, ah, lot of the time when I interact with people in the dream, the act in ways that are really weird and I respond to respect when I've tried to force someone injuring to do something, or I've done something to them against their will by aqap, they get snarky, I get aggressive. But when I asked them permission when I talk to them and respect, um, like real people like I would engage with people in real life, the dream becomes most stable. It becomes more pleasant. They help me out. It's a weird thing, and it doesn't sort of mycological sense until your inner dream. So what I would suggest that you do is is when you start lucid dreaming, don't get all excited and start imposing yourself upon other people. I have a dream figures the people in the drink instead treated with a bit of respect. Talk to them like they're real people and listen to the responses. You will discover a deeper level of lucid dreaming and subsequently get far more control. If you go down this path. If you don't respect the spatial Rin and the people urine and that sort of stuff there you will start getting some antagonism back, and that will help you out of Alicia Dream. And you'll find. At least I found that I'm not able to get back into the wizard dreaming space anywhere near as often as if I respect, Um, it's like it's like the dream space will the people inside are welcoming me back now. I don't fully know the exact mechanisms behind what's happening here or why. I just know that if I respect the dream and the people in the dream, I get to lucid dream or full longer, and it's far more pleasant. So I would suggest that when you start lucid dreaming, start respecting the place at least initially, until you get a grounding and you understand what's happening in this space 5. Things To Try When Lucid: So let's talk about what you can do in a lucid dream. Once you're able to consistently lucid dream, you've gotten it stable and, you know, just getting bumped out of the dream randomly. Some of the things that I've had a lot of I would say fun, but a lot of sort of awesome experiences with are the following one. I asked the dream, the dream it lodge. Just have yelled it out. Show me something important just sort of screamed it to the dream universe. And the resulting experience was probably the longest, most stable, lucid dream that I've ever experienced. And what what it was was I was placed into a school and the school was teaching me via the dream has a lucid dream about. So the dream world sort of showed me and taught me how evolution during better Walsall's in the dream, obviously very useful again. And that's something that I strongly suggest you try, and the next time I lose the dreaming, I'm going to say, Hey, show me something important. Every time I've done that, it's showing me different things. The 1st 1 was, it taught me how to lose a dream back and then showing me insights into myself into my past . Now I'm saying it's because the lucid dream itself it's sort of like you're engaging with this entity. What? You get deeper and judicial stop feeling it. You'll start understanding what I'm saying here. The second thing that you can try is meditation. So if you are meditating, trying in the dream, okay, stop focusing and really ground yourself from the present. One of these videos over got up is called present State Awareness that involves you sort of drawing attention to what you can physically feel right now, really becoming mindful on it. What's that video? And then apply that same method in a dream. Really become present to the dream. Look at the fabric off the dream. Hold in your mind. I'm dreaming and I'm gonna look at this dream object. What is it if you pick up a dream rough right, it feels really it feels heavy. It might smell right. What do you actually doing? You can sort of step back from that and really get sort of tricked out at what you're doing . Something to try Another thing that I've liked to experiment with was changing myself into something that I'm no. In the sense off, you can experiment with changing genders, changing races and changing sort of ages and heights and less of the stuff. That's one path. And it's fun to try a more interesting path or a different path, and you require a lot of stability. No drain is, too. Turn yourself, for example, into a fish. What does it feel like to become a fish? Physically exist as a fish toe? Have fish thoughts? After I it's it's on, it's an extract undescribable, Right? Then I took it a step further. I'm like, for whatever reason, the thought popped into my mind. What would it be like to be a character so you might lose a dream? I e became a cat, So there's a part of my existence now that has the experience off a subjective carrot nous sounds all it definitely is, but you can't replicate that in any other sphere other than lucid dreaming if you drink or take drugs or experiment down any of that sort of path 6. Personal Reality Checks: It's very useful to have a wide variety off reality checks at your disposal. That you could be thinking about that will help you to trigger lucid dream to come in. So I've mentioned them in the previous video, but I just want to highlight the fact that the idea of reality checking is asking yourself and I dreaming and all these little tips and tricks and ideas will help you. And I'm going to release a video specifically on reality checking. So I'm not gonna cover in death here. What I'm gonna suggest to you is that you stop noting down in your dream journal looking over your dream journal that you are going to be doing four trends. I A What are your specific reality checks? What constantly happens in a dream. Now, this isn't the idea of a typical reality check like tuning Balad on a Ronaldo breathing because they're sort of like proactive you're trying to force it. What I'm or more and more saying is you may find that all of your dreams involve a dead relative. All of your dreams involve you having in my case, head right or a different skin or something. it might involve a particular place. Look for the trends and when. If you have become aware of those trends, you will see them and be more aware of them when you're dreaming and I don't call the reality check toe happen, does that make sense? So work out what happens. Your dreams often become aware of that and then look out for. And then I suppose, as a little addition to this, as previously discussed, there are certain things that will happen for you personally. I have that sort of feeling of bodily weakness, and this comes from past. That's traumatic little issues in my past, right? I know I can sort of draw back to why I feel weak in my dreams, because internally a part of me feels weak. So I'm gonna use that as a trigger to know. OK, when I'm grappling with someone when I'm trying to lift something and I feel weaker than my body physical years, that's probably a sign. Same thing with mess. I'm pretty good on the spot with maths in a dream I'm not. There was a little triggers that happened for me personally, there will be different ones for you. And if you couldn't become aware of that every time you wake up you go. Oh, my God. That thing was happening again. I had the same dream, this recurring thoughts, thes actions that I could or couldn't do or was always doing or this person was there or it felt this way. Write that down. Noted down and think about it. One more thing that I want to address is that feeling off a dream Dreams feel different to reality is just a overlying dreaminess to the dream state. Now I can't explain that to you with words. It's just a feeling. But when you get that feeling for yourself and you've had that every time you've got slightly lucid or when you get vivid clarity off a dream, even if you won't lose it, he will have a dream. Nous to it. Really start to think about that and meditate on that and start looking for that in waking life. And ideally, you'll start looking for that in the real world. Like I said, to start engaging with people, talk to me about it, comment to may engage with me and to everyone else about losing dreaming animal op. Your chances the next video will be the class project. I encourage you to participate and connect and communicate with everyone else, participating on it as a way to boost your lucidity. 7. Class project: the class project is a very simple project off noting down what your specific reality checks are. What happens for you in a dream that allows you to know that you're dreaming or what always happens in your dreams. Upon wretched reflecting upon your journal I want you to do is john it down, explain it a little bit and then start engaging with other people that have done the same. Look at their projects. Look what triggers them because by writing yours down by looking at other people's and by engaging your engaging with the concept of lucid dreaming more, and it will help you to lucid dream deeper and more clear and more often give it a try and side note. If you've got any questions, troubleshooting issues or anything like that, that's the place to say, Hey, I'm struggling with this thing. Will keep provides and clarity, Put it that all answered. I'll engage and we can talk about it more 8. Quick Recap & Resources: So I want to give you some further resources that will boost your ability to lucid dream. Check out the ones from the previous course because they certainly apply if you haven't check them out, do so. Also check out my other courses on lucid dreaming as well as the ones on meditation. And that's really what I want to drive down on. Mindfulness meditation will boost your ability to lucid dream beyond measure. So with that in mind, I've got a bunch of courses on that. There's a chapter of one of my books called How to get your **** together. The meditation chapter, I've put a link there. You can access it free, listen to it or write it. I also want to encourage you to check out two different books. They both on the topics of mindfulness, but they sort of come from it in a different perspective. This first one is more for your sort of creative right brain thinkers. This one is more for your left-brain, logical and analytical. They both going to get you to the same place. And I put the links down below, including to the other ones that I've mentioned as well. But both of these books will teach you how to meditate. And that ability to meditate will help you lucid dreaming because you'll be able to focus, stay in the dream, and just be clarity that you might be struggling to get with your lucid dreaming. I know before I started meditating my lucid dreams were they were lucid but I wasn't deep. Now, when I get lucid on calm, controlled and I can just observe and play fun, check them out. Thanks for watching. I really hope that this video has helped go a bit deeper into the world of lucid dreaming. Like I said, I'm going to be releasing a how to reality check lucid dreaming video in depth. So it would just be specifically focused on reality checks. And I'm going to consider releasing another video called lucid dreaming that basically answers your questions. If you have a bunch of questions, please ask them, please connect with me and I'll do a video just Q and a. Learned to lucid dream three, a woman. And we'll just go in depth on answering the questions that have popped up. Please, please, please. I want you to click that box. It says will you review this click Show, chuck, a review, right thing there. I looked at him, I engage with them. I love it makes me feel very, very happy. It sort of helps to raise the awareness of this channel and all that sort of stuff on that topic. Please follow me on Skillshare. If you want to check out my other stuff, you can hit my website at www dot Zachary hyphen Phillips.com or connect with me on social. It can be found everywhere at Zach Phillips. Catch up.