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Learn To Bake This Stunning Apple Tart Pastry

teacher avatar Marceau Dauboin, Artisan Baker/Owner at The Yeastie Bois

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Apple Tart Recipe Introduction

    • 3. Pâte Sablée Dough Mix

    • 4. Bake Your Pâte Sablée

    • 5. Peeling & Cutting your Apples

    • 6. Creating your Purée

    • 7. Preparing your Apple Slices

    • 8. Tart Assembly

    • 9. Bake Your Tart!

    • 10. Apple Tart Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want learn how to make an undeniably stunning & delicious Apple Tart? Then this is the perfect Beginner Class for you!

These lessons are designed to be as informative yet easy to digest as possible no matter your skill level. If you want to take your Tart to the next level then do know that in this recipe you can use your very own Sourdough Starter which adds a wonderfully unique, deep flavour that can be found nowhere else. It is 100% Optional.

Included in this class is also a free PDF guide containing all recipe Ingredients & Instructions for quick and easy reference.

All baking temperatures & measurements are also provided in both Metric & Imperial units for complete ease of use. Simply put, there is no better way to begin baking your very own Apple Tarts for all of your friends and family to enjoy!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marceau Dauboin

Artisan Baker/Owner at The Yeastie Bois


Hi there, I'm Marceau! I am a half French, half South African 22 year old based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been baking as a hobby from my teens up until 2019 when I opened my own Artisan Home Bakery called The Yeastie Bois.

Since then I have written 3 Cookbooks and have published over 16 classes on how to bake some of my favourite Breads, Meals & Desserts!

Doing this has allowed me to learn & share more about my passion for food that I could never have imagined possible and I am so incredibly humbled by the amazing support I have received over the years.

I truly cannot wait to embark with you on this amazing culinary journey together so I hope to be seeing you soon!


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1. Welcome!: Welcome to this class on how to make your very own apple tart. My name is muscle the war and I run the artisan home bakery, the EC boys in Cape Town, South Africa. I am also the author of two cookbooks, which is allow me to express and share my passion of delicious baked goods with the world. Now at this class, I will be sharing with you how to make one of my favorite desserts with concise yet in-depth lessons, which I'll make this recipe a breeze to learn through while low in sugar, this taught store remains delicious. Lee suite with the help of lightly caramelized apple slices and a gentle puree filling to hold all of these elements together. You will also learn how to make a path subway crust, which will serve as the perfect base for your taught. Traditionally possibly is made without any rising agents. But I have found that adding a small amount of sourdough starter helps develop this incredibly delicious and fermented flavor in an otherwise perfected tart. It is an optional ingredient, but if you'd like to try it in your tart, then do take a look at my dedicated sourdough starter class, which you can find on my teacher profile all through the search tab above. This apple tart is a classic pastry recipe and for very good reason, it is incredibly simple to make while producing a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed by an entire group of friends or family. With that said, this class is the second of a six part series designed to help complete beginners and even intermediate bakers take their first steps in the wonderful world of pastries and desserts. With that in mind, do be sure to click on the Follow button above to not miss out on any upcoming recipes, such as this amazing chocolate glazed doughnut and this delicious Lee caramelized dot data. Both that other way, let's jump straight into the following lesson where we shall begin making our apple tart. 2. Apple Tart Recipe Introduction: Welcome to the introductory lesson on making your very own delightful Apple taught. For this recipe, we are only going to be making one large taught using a possibly as a base. A pet Sibley is essentially a butter rich short crust that goes perfectly with all sorts of thoughts and is what we will be making for this recipe. So with this in mind, your pace tree-based, we'll need 220 grams of KCl wheat flour, a 125 grams of unsalted butter, 55 grams of water, five grams of salt, an optional 50 grams of sugar, if you would like, you're taught to be sweetened. A rising agent is not necessary for this recipe, but if you enjoy the flavor developed by a natural yeast, you may prepare 50 grams of 50% hydration sourdough starter in a separate container the night before. I'd recommend mixing in 13 grams and mature starter, 25 grams of KCl wheat flour and 12 grams of water. Mix that in using your fingers into a bowl and then cover it for tomorrow. For the rest of the talk, you will need one lemon, 20 grams of water, 30 grams of unsalted butter, ten large red apples, five of which will be used to create your puree filling with the remaining five to be sliced as your main topping. For this recipe, you will also be needing a circular 30 centimeter taught pan. It doesn't need to be that exact size, but do keep in mind that a minor effect, the thickness of your top crust. Apple thoughts are so incredibly delicious and sweet while still being low in sugar. That is one of the many reasons why it is one of my personal favorite desserts. So at that said, I cannot wait to share with you in the following lessons. 3. Pâte Sablée Dough Mix: Let's begin by preparing the dough fall possibly. So take out a bowl, as well as just scale 0 that out and then add 220 grams of KCl wheat flour. If you add too much, simply remove some from your bowl before continuing. You may now add the 55 grams of water and then take out another smaller bowl, placing it on your scale and zeroing it out. Again. Take out your block of unsalted butter and cut off a 125 grams to help the bottom mouth more evenly. You may also Cube your block using a knife. You may now generally melted on a stove top, or more simply using a microwave on no heat for 20 seconds at a time. Ideally, your budget should be extremely soft but not entirely liquid. Quickly clean up any accidental spills. And then Agile button to your mixing bowl. From there at five grams of salt. And if you wish your dough to be sweetened, 50 grams of grain landed sugar. I opted to keep this taught sugar-free, but it is completely up to you. Finally, if you prepared yours the night before at the 50 grams of dry sourdough starter to your mixture. If you did not prepare any, it is perfectly fine to not use a rising agent for this recipe. I simply really enjoy the flavor brought by the sourdough starter in the dough. So spread that out across your mixture. And then usual clean hand to mix in all ingredients. I'd recommend only mixing with one hand while keeping your other one free at all times. Just makes sure that it isn't covered in Saudi Stata. Or you may have to pull a risky maneuver like this one. Continue mixing until all ingredients are completely incorporated. And once that is done, you may also scrape off any excess dough stuck to your fingers using a spoon. You may pull the corners of the DOE over itself a few times and then shape a journey into a round bool from their place of back into your bowl and covered with a damp cloth so that it does not lose any moisture. Fold over the side so that it does not jump any water and then place it in your fridge for 15 minutes to let your door rest. At this point, you may also preheat the oven to a 180 degrees Celsius or 356 degrees Fahrenheit. To prepare for the following lesson. 4. Bake Your Pâte Sablée: Before you can use your pet stably in your Apple, taught you first need to bake it beforehand. So with that said, when the 15 minute rest is almost over, take out a circular top tray. I would recommend would be around 30 centimeters in diameter for this recipe. And that is always an advantage if it has the removable floor. Once you've had your fun, place it back down on your work surface and lightly flowery or trade to prevent the DOI from sticking. You may now take out your rest of door from the French and place it at the center of your tray. Begin pressing it down using your fingers, rotating as needed to push the dough towards the edges. If you are struggling to flatten altro, DO take the base out of your tray and then using a lightly flowered rolling pin, begin rolling the dough. If you do not have a splitting tray, you're more than welcome to roll the die out using append beforehand, or simply keep pushing the dough using your fingers until it reaches the room. With that said, if you do have one, continue rotating the tray while rolling to keep the dough as circular as possible. When it begins to reach the end of the base, place it back in the room, and begin pushing up the sides all around the tray. This will help prevent your apple puree from spilling out of your target. If your oven has yet to fully preheat a damp cloth over your baking tray, and then attempt to be as patient as possible. When your oven has come to temperature, remove the damp cloth from your top base and place it on a medium rack of your oven at a 180 degrees Celsius or 356 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Be sure to check on it every ten minutes or so to cut open any bubbles that form due to your sourdough starter. But while you wait for that to bake, Be sure to begin on the following lesson, where we will be preparing our apples to puree. 5. Peeling & Cutting your Apples: We are now going to prepare I'll apple puree, which will act as a delicious filling between our top base, an apple slices. So with that said, you will need one lemon to help prevent browning, as well as five large apples. I have found that most types of red apple seemed to work best for this taught. But Joe, welcome to use any other salt if you prefer. You may now begin peeling your apples using any technique or a tool that is available to you. I generally just use a very sharp knife with my thumb, bracing the apple and guiding the blade. I'd recommend starting slow and picking up the speed once you feel more comfortable so that you don't accidentally cut yourself. We are going to cube l apples to easily cook them. So once that is peeled, cut it in half, and begin removing the stem, as well as any excess skin on either side from their cut you off into a quarter and remove the coal. Repeating on the other piece. From there, divide both quarters into four cubes, and then place that in a small bowl. You may now cut the lemon in half and squeeze enough of the juice to cover your apples. The acid in the lemon will prevent your apples from Browning out while the juice will bring a nice contrast to the sweetness of the taught. From there. Continue the same cubing process with all remaining apples remembering to add some lemon juice once the cubes have been placed in the bowl. This can be a somewhat boring process, so feel free to have some music or podcasts playing in the background while you work through the apples. If you want to challenge yourself a little, a fun trick that my father taught me was to try and split the stem Inhofe when cutting through your Apple. Id should help keep you mildly entertained and hopefully alleviate some of that boredom. 6. Creating your Purée: Once all of your five apples have been cubed, the 30-minute bake time, and should have completed for your top space to be done. If it is, you may take that out of your oven and then let it rest while you prepare the remaining ingredients. So with that said, take out a large frying pan, placing it on medium heat on your stove top to that at 20 grams of unsalted butter and spread it across your pan. From there at all of your cubed apple pieces, as well as any lemon juice sitting at the bottom of your bowl. You may now start that journey to ensure that the heat distributes evenly. To make sure you do not lose too much moisture. Cover your apples with a large metal lid and let that cook for ten minutes. Halfway through B should have still your apples to prevent them from burning. And then let that continue for the remaining cooking time. When those ten minutes over removed the lid from your pan once again and drop the heat from there, take out a potato Mesha and begin crushing of softened apples until they form a puree. Once all of your apple cubes have been incorporated, take out a small ball and then scoop your pure a into it using a spoon. Place that ball to the side to let a cool off at room temperature while you prepare the final ingredient of this taught the apple slices. 7. Preparing your Apple Slices: To prepare the final ingredient of this recipe, you're going to need to take out your five remaining apples to be on the safe side and may be worth it to prepare an additional one is that you do not run on our slices, but it does depend on the size of your chosen apples. In any case appeal and call them like you did earlier. But once does slice into quarters instead of cubing, cut them twice more to form thin slices like these. Essentially going from a quarter of an Apple, two one-hundredths. And finally, 1 16th to produce the perfect size slices. Repeat this process with all of your apples, and remember to squeeze some lemon juice over your container every time an Apple has been sliced. Once that is all done, you may preach your oven once again to a 180 degrees Celsius or 356 degrees Fahrenheit. This time to bake. You're taught. From there, take out your frying pan once again to place it on your stove top at medium heat. When that is done at ten grams of unsalted butter, making sure at greases the entire surface. All of your apple slices into the pan and then pour in 20 grams of water, which will help soften out your apples. Generally stir that you distribute some of the heat, and then cover your pan with a heat resistant led like last time. Let that cook for 45 minutes. Or antonio slices are soft and easy to bend. When that is done, your apple slices should now be ready to use and you're taught. So stop the heat and then carefully transfer them into a bowl to be ready for the following lesson. 8. Tart Assembly: We are now finally going to be assembling our taught with all of our prepared ingredients. So to start, take out your prepared taught base, as well as your apple puree and begin spreading it evenly across the entire inner surface or your subway. When that is done, Take out your cooked apple slices and start placing them around the rim of the taught. We are going to be creating this beautiful floral pattern, which is incredibly easy to do when placing an apple wedge makes sure that one of its sides are lightly covers another slice. Repeat this for the entire circumference of the taught. For the first row around the taught, you generally want to make use of the thickest wedges that you have, and then make use of the smaller ones as you approach the center. Finish or taught off with a small slice in the middle and then very lightly press down on your apples so that they are evenly seated in the puree. With that done, you're taught is now ready to be baked in your oven, which will be going into more detail in the following lesson. 9. Bake Your Tart!: Now that you're taught has been fully assembled, you may place it in a medium rack in your oven at a 180 degrees Celsius or 356 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. When those 30 minutes or over, take your taught out and then set your oven to the grill setting. If your oven does not have this option, simply increase the temperature to the highest value. Let that pre-heat one final time for a quick five minutes. And when that is done, place her talk back in your oven at the highest rack for five more minutes or for up to ten if your oven does not. Girl option. This will delicious Lee Brown and caramelize the apples at the top of the taught. But I would recommend keeping a close eye on it or it could potentially burn due to the high heat. If you feel the taught has caramelized enough, your welcome to remove it at anytime. 10. Apple Tart Conclusion: Congratulations on reaching the final lesson of this recipe. If you've made it this far, it likely means that you have a delicious and stunning Apple taught, just waiting to be enjoyed. So when you're taught has sufficiently caramelized ticket out of your oven and carefully remove the room from your talk tray. You may let it cool down for a few minutes. But unlike most other recipes, you're more than welcome to dig right in cutting the taut into delicious license. And would you look at that? This talk is as beautiful as it is a joy to eat. It might be a little tedious having to prepare all of those apples, but in my opinion, it is absolutely worth it. With that said, however, the magic of this recipe and method is that you can swap your apples out with any other fruit and still produce an amazing taught. Some of my personal recommendations would be to use strawberries or even delicious apricots, which make a wonderfully acidic puree to contrast with the sweetness. In any case, I hope that you and your loved ones enjoy this Apple taught as much as I did and look forward to the next recipe in this course. The artisan donut.