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Learn SEO to Grow Your Website

teacher avatar Josh C.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Introduction - Why is SEO important?


    • 3.

      Understanding how search engines work


    • 4.

      Setup project website with weebly.com


    • 5.

      Setup google analytics


    • 6.

      Setup wemaster tools and review quick review of analytics


    • 7.

      Deciding what keywords to choose


    • 8.

      Keyword Selector


    • 9.

      Keyword Rankings


    • 10.

      Internal Linking Structure


    • 11.

      Content, title tags, and meta tags


    • 12.



    • 13.

      Link Breakdown


    • 14.

      Building Backlinks


    • 15.

      Tracking Backlinks


    • 16.

      Analyze SEO


    • 17.

      Analyzing SEO Example


    • 18.

      SEO HTML and Wordpress Website


    • 19.

      Tips, Tricks, Things not to do


    • 20.

      Words to know and class wrap up


    • 21.

      Backlink Update


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About This Class

Search engine optimization or SEO for short has been around for quite some time, but not till recently has the search engines really cracked down on how they rank websites. Ranking for keywords is one of the most important and basic steps to growing visitors to your website. 

Just for an example if you type in google "basketball shoes" - you will see that footlocker comes up number one in the organic search results. There are roughly 33,000 searches a month with this exact set of keywords. Can you imagine how many footlocker shoes are being sold because of this traffic?

Want some proof that my techniques work? Of course you do! My website learnseoclass is number one spot in google for "learn seo step by step" and "learn seo start to finish"

After this Skillshare class you will be able to SEO your website yourself, tell your web guy how to SEO the website, or keep track of your SEO company to make sure they are doing their job correctly. I have heard all the bad stories about people spending thousands of dollars and not seeing any results.

Goolge and other search engines are CONSTANTLY changing the way they rank websites, so I am going to keep this class updated with new videos on the changes. The biggest changes usually occur with how we build backlinks. 

This class will  take you through all the steps that a person should take to learn SEO correctly. Unlike other SEO tutorials,  we will apply each step we learn to our weebly project website. This will help you guys to really learn SEO techniques - hands on.

Here is a lesson breakdown

  • What is SEO and how do search engines rank websites
  • Setting up our project website
  • Measure Existing Traffic with Analytics
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Onsite SEO (Internal Linking, Content, Meta Tags...)
  • Offsite SEO (Link Breakdown, Building Backlinks...)
  • SEO Tools for keyword rankings and backlink checkers
  • Measure Traffic and Keyword Rankings
  • Do's and Do Not's, Tips and Tricks

Understanding the fundamentails of the way search engines rank is key. The best way to know if an SEO technique works is to try it out and measure results. This is how you will get better at learning what works and does not work. We will go over all the best tools to use. 

A friend of mine referred to Search Engine Ranking as the wild west. That is true to some extent. There are no rules, but some things will get you in trouble with the search engines. We go over "white hat" and "black hat" techniques to keep you out of the penalty box. 

This class will leave you ready and excited to increase your own rankings and start getting more visitors/customers to your website. Everything I know is revealed.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh C.


Josh Cavin is the founder of Dreaming Blue, a successful web design and online marketing company. In 2004 he began his career with a silicon valley online marketing agency. His passion for websites led him to developing as well as growth hacking, SEO and SEM. Josh has spoken at many industry events about Growth Hacking, Improving Conversion, Starting your business on Zero Marketing Budget. You can hear some sample tips on his youtube channel. He has been interviewed by Elance and 7figliving as well as published several online articles on Growth Hacking, SEO and Clean Web Design.  

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2. Introduction - Why is SEO important?: - Hey, - guys, - As you know, - my name is Josh. - I'd like to personally thank you for joining my ASIO class. - I'm very excited to be teaching you this useful skill and have set up a comprehensive - course to do just that. - Let's talk briefly about why search engine optimization is so important. - Searching on the search engines is one of the most targeted ways people will use to find a - service, - information or product. - It really has changed the way people live their lives. - I also want to mention that people are buying online more and more each year. - Say someone is looking to buy Star Wars action figures they type in Google Star Wars action - figures. - How important do you think it is to rank on the first page? - What about the second page? - Do you think people even go to the third page? - The fact is that they're searching for exactly what they want means the chance of them - buying is pretty much as high as it's gonna be. - Traditional advertising, - like a TV commercial, - interrupts our lives. - I get annoyed when I'm watching something, - and an advertisement comes on and tries to implant a product into my memory. - I have launched many websites and often we have the misconception that will be seen after - the website goes live. - The truth is that quite the opposite happens and we're left with working on our search - engine rankings. 3. Understanding how search engines work: - to get good at SC, - you really have to start the beginning, - which is understanding how search engine rankings work. - I like to use this analogy of the yoga instructor because it helps people to wrap their - heads around this concept. - So you have a yoga instructor to left and out there there are a ton of yoga instructors. - So what makes this yoga instructor any better than any other of the yoga instructors? - And the difference is that this yoga instructor actually has many referrals. - Happy loot to the right being one of them. - And this is the basic concept that goes behind how the search engine rankings work. - You have the yoga instructor to the left once again, - which is your website selling yoga services and to the right, - you have a referral website who is referring the keywords yoga instructor to you. - Here are some of the major search engines out there and their rankings. - According to comScore 2000 and 13. - I want you guys to see this. - As you can see that Google makes up a huge percentage of the searches on the Web out there - . - At 66% I wouldn't overlook the other ones out there like being in Yahoo. - But definitely we are. - Efforts should be geared towards ranking high on Google. - I also noticed that there are some similarities in how the actual rankings, - um, - occur between Google and ask and being in Yahoo. - One of the questions you guys might have out there is How do search engines bring back the - information from your sight back to themselves, - and they use search engine bots or spiders? - No, - they're not bots or spiders. - There actually algorithmic programs that crawl from link to link and bring back the - information back to the search engines. - One thing to keep in mind about bots and spiders is they don't crawl websites at the same - frequency. - For example, - Facebook is constantly being updated with content, - so obviously the bots and spiders have to crawl their websites more frequently. 4. Setup project website with weebly.com: - let's begin to make our project website we're gonna be using a website called Weebly allows - us to create a website and manipulate it with no costs, - which is awesome. - It also has built in S CEO functions that we're gonna be using, - which is great for us. - Also, - I know you guys have your own websites out there for business or personal use and the goal - is to learn these s e o skills to s year those websites at some point. - But we'll use this project website toe, - learn the skills and tweak out and record the results. - So let's begin. - All you have to do is either type in weebly dot com or go to Google and type and weebly, - and you should be able find it. - Once you get to weebly dot com, - you can create your project website on the left hand side, - fill out your information and hit the sign up button. - You will prompt you to choose a theme. - Um, - I'm just going to go with the basic theme right now. - Great. - It will give us ah option says this address were Choose your website domain. - This address where people find your website online we want to select use a sub domain of - weekly and named the name the sub domain. - It continue and this video will come up. - You can watch this video gives you basic idea of, - ah, - all the functions in weebly. - But for right now, - I'm gonna skip it on the left hand side of the weebly dashboard. - You'll see that there are certain functions that you can add into the site we believe made - it really easy. - You actually can just drab dragon drop elements and then you can just click in them to name - them. - So this it this is a title and then you can click return and added each element - individually, - which makes it really easy at the top. - You have different design elements and you can create more pages, - which is great because we'll be adding those to our menus. - You can change the settings for right now. - All we want to is actually publish our our website to go to the top right where the yellow - button is and click publish and it will ask, - um, - you will ask for the Capture and t 966 three and say OK. - Published my site registered domain name Onda says website published That's awesome so we - can close this out and now our website is actually live. - So the next time we could publish it should just display the link to our website. - We click that will open up a new tab and you can see our site. 5. Setup google analytics: - let's set up Google analytics Having a rate analytics is really going to help us to be able - to understand how our S e o efforts are working or not working. - It has great reporting. - It's easy to install and it's free set up. - Google Analytics will need a Google account. - I'm sure that many of you already have one out there, - but for learning purposes, - I'll create one with you. - Let's create a new Google account. - Open a new tab or the google dot com Go to the top right to sign it. - Click add account. - Go to create an account and fill out the information. - Now that you have your Google account set up, - let's set up Google Analytics type in Google Analytics. - Click the first organic link Goto Access Google Analytics. - Click Sign up universally. - Alex, - this is fine for the account name. - We can just put our website name. - This is our weeps. - Weebly Website name Website. - Ural, - go back to your weebly website. - Go to settings. - The top This is the euro that we're gonna use, - which is the homepage. - Go back into analytics pasty. - You're all in there selecting the industry. - I'm going to arts and entertainment just for right now. - Here's a bunch of data sharing settings. - You can look through these. - I'm gonna leave them checked and say Get tracking. - I d read through this and accept and they'll give us our Google tracking code. - This is a piece of Java script on. - Important thing to know is that this is your actual tracking code right here. - Do you? - A. - So copy this over command. - See, - Go back to the Weebly website. - Go to the settings Tab Goto s CEO right here and in the footer, - Code paste or Google Analytics. - Click save to the right and then click publish. - Let's verify that. - Are Google tracking code got placed correctly. - Click this link to go to the site, - we're gonna have to view the pay source or right click Save you page source. - Here's all the code for the page. - Let's go back to Google Analytics to check out the tracking code. - So it starts with a script tag. - There's a function and ends with the script. - Let's go back to our Weebly website and you can see that got posted to our footer area. - The footer area refers to the bottom so in our code, - weaken scroll towards the bottom to find the script tag and there it is 6. Setup wemaster tools and review quick review of analytics: - Google Webmaster tools can be very helpful as well. - They offer a range of tools that help with improving and optimizing your website. - So let's sign up. - Vory kick created a Google account, - so all you have to do is use that account. - So let's go to Web master tools Google and click the first link. - It's going to prompt you to sign it. - And one sided. - It's gonna display this video. - You can watch it if you want. - We're gonna skip it and it wants you. - Teoh, - add the site that you want to use for Google Webmaster tools. - So if we open our tab with are really weebly website, - we can grab that you're all once again you click publish and there is no www in front of - this sub domain. - So you can just remove the h two b and leave it like that, - say, - at a site and it wants us to verify that we actually owned this domain name. - Um, - one of the first recommend methods is to upload a HTML file. - If you were optimizing or setting up Google Webmaster tools with a website that is for your - business or personal use you this would probably be the best version. - Uh, - are I should say method to do, - um and you would just upload the file to your server, - But for us, - we don't have access to or we believe free site server. - So we have to do alternative method. - And we're gonna add a h two mil attack and they give you a Met attack. - And you could just copy and paste this. - So come and see for coffee. - Let's go back toe weebly site, - close this out. - Go to settings s you and we believe, - made it really easy for us in the header code. - Uh, - it says Google Webmaster tools vacation meta tag. - That's where we're placing your click safe and then publish. - Great. - And we can verify that this is set up as well. - Just like we did for the rule analytics tracking cup. - So we can go to the site and right click. - Have you paid source and in the header area, - remember, - the footer is that the bottom of the site and the header is in is in the top part of the - site in between the two head tags. - This is ahead tag and there should be a closing head tag right here, - and we're looking for our meta tag. - And there it is. - After you verified the meta tag on our weekly site, - go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click Verify. - It should bring you to a congratulations. - You have successfully verified your ownership. - Awesome. - Our website is set up with Google Webmaster Tools. - Now, - after signing up for Google Webmaster tools, - you guys won't have a data, - but I want I want to show you a brief example of what data will start to look like once it - starts registering and you have visitors and stuff going to your site. - Ah, - left inside. - There's all these different options, - but one of the most like useful tools that I like to use is the search search traffic area - , - and it right now we're in the search queries. - What it's showing here is really cool stuff. - It's showing what people are typing in for keyword wise. - How many impressions? - So how many times it's actually being been seen and how many clicks there are going and - average position on Google search rankings that it actually appears so it's really fun. - You should poke around with all this stuff. - The next area I want to show you guys twos, - links to your site. - This is really useful because it shows how many links come from what kind of sites. - And like I mentioned before in the introduction, - referral links are huge in assisting your rankings to go up. - So knowing what websites are sending, - what links Teoh yours is really important. - Internal linking structure is something we're gonna touch a little bit later. - But it's great toe. - Look over using my site as an example, - you can see that the most targeted pages, - the home page as it should be. - And this also allows you to break down internal linking structure. - Another useful tool that I always actually have problems finding it in the Google Webmaster - Tools dashboard is the Google disavow. - Uh, - this this tool allows us to let Google know that we want to discredit particular links - coming from a website that is hurting our rankings. - If you created these links on your own, - they then you can try to remove them. - But if they're out of your control, - this tool can be used and an easy way to find it is if you just open up a new tab in Google - and say, - Google disavow. - It's actually the second organic link that comes up. - So it's this one. - Webmaster tools Google, - and you can follow the procedure on how to disavow. - You guys won't have any data in your goal and Alex, - until you start seeing traffic, - so want to give you a quick look at what it would look like a left side. - There's a breakdown of what kind of reporting you can view for. - S CEO were most interested in the acquisition tab. - If we click over you, - we can see what types of traffic and how much we're getting of it. - Organic traffic First of people who come to our website through search engine searches on - search engines, - you will notice that their organic listings and they're paid listings. - If you click the words keywords than organic, - you can see the keywords that people typed in the search engines to get our to our website - . - Keep in mind that people are coming in to all different pages of our website and not just - the home page 7. Deciding what keywords to choose: - keywords air individual or combined words that represent content of a page in terms of - search engines like Google, - for example, - keywords help with finding content that we're in search for a quick example of keywords - would be a search in Google for hot yoga classes. - Thes search engines have rankings for individual words and the whole combined set as well. - Don't forget that the ad listings are on the right, - and in the yellowish box, - a website could be about anything like a product service information, - anything right? - Let's keep things simple for now and say we're selling a service like hot yoga classes. - Keywords. - Selection has a few elements going on. - I thought it would be easier to understand if I bowled. - Point them out for you. - What is our service about? - Well, - you guys should know this. - Who are the people searching for my service? - What keywords do people type in to search for that service? - How much do those keywords get searched in the search engines? - How many websites are competing to rank for those keywords and how targeted are the key - words? - Will they create conversion? - An example of conversion would be 10 people visit and five people bought memberships. - That's a 50% conversion for the 1st 3 bullet points that we wrote out in the last section. - We can answer those with our marking minds for the last three. - We will use tools to help. - What is our service about? - Well, - that's easy. - Our services about yoga classes, - specifically hot yoga. - Who are the people searching for my service? - People who are into yoga or just in the fitness in general? - What keywords they type in search for that service. - Hot yoga classes, - Bikram yoga, - yoga classes, - hot room. 8. Keyword Selector: - Here's a quick review on the questions that we're going to answer with help from our - keyword planner tool. - How much do the keywords get searched? - How many websites are competing to rank for those keywords? - How targeted are the key words? - Will they convert? - The keyword planner tool is given by Google AdWords. - Since we already have signed up for a Google account when we signed up for analytics, - we can just go to Google AdWords and follow the set up process. - So open a tab with Google type in Google AdWords. - Click the first organic link and it'll prompt you to sign in after signing in. - Fill out your time zone quick, - continue and your AdWords count has been created. - Click sign into your AdWords account. - This is what AdWords dashboard looks like in case you were wondering, - but we're not gonna be using. - AdWords actually has nothing to do with search engine optimization, - so we're actually going to use the tools to go to tools and go to keyword planner. - Here's the keyword planner tool. - It's really useful and easy to use. - Click search for new keyword to start. - Add your keyword in the box and you can filter by targeting or customizing your search. - For right now we're just gonna click, - get ideas now, - display ad group ideas. - But this mostly pertains the AdWords. - So we're just going to say, - get keyword ideas right here Should give relevant keywords the ones that we entered. - And it'll give you very useful information like the average monthly searches and the - competition for that keyword. - Now this competition pertains to AdWords, - but AdWords competition correlates very highly with Google Organic search as well. - You should have a golden key word in mind before looking at the results. - This should be the key word that you think for sure. - If someone was typing and they would be the most likely to buy on the website, - select three keywords that you feel fit the best criteria and write them down. - Well, - you should be trying to do when selecting is choosing the keywords with the least amount of - competition, - the highest amount of searches and the closest to what you think someone would type in to - create a sale. - I am going to choose become yoga classes, - Hot yoga studio in hot yoga. - San Clemente. - You noticed I chose a cure that was not on the list. - My service website happens. - Be location reliant, - meaning I require clients who are close to my proximity. - So be advantageous to me to rank high for hot yoga San Clemente even though the searches - would be small. 9. Keyword Rankings: - tracking rankings is a no brainer. - It is important for us to see what our rankings are for all the major search engines. - Instead of typing the keywords in the search engines themselves and trying to find our - website page, - you can use a program to help. - I recommend checking your cured rankings at least once a day. - That way, - you can stay on top of how your S E O is affecting the rankings. - Advance Web marketing is a great tool. - They charge a one time fee. - The program has a bunch of cool features, - and they offer free 30 day trial. - I am placing a link in. - The additional resource is area of the project guide. - Let's take a look at advanced Web ranking together. - You have to download the program before we can use it. - Click Download. - Choose whether Windows, - Mac OS or Linux. - I'm Mac OS. - So click download after you downloaded and set up the application. - It's time to open it. - In my case, - got downloaded my applications folder on Go applications in double click advanced Web - ranking. - I close this window gas for the website. - I'm gonna pretend on twitter dot com. - Click next I want to see our rankings for the words tweets next by default has thes three - being Yahoo and Google. - You want to add more search engines, - you can buy this button click next. - The project name will keep as twitter dot com Click finish left hand side. - If we want to see our rankings, - we can click at the top here. - Just say yes. - There's gonna ask if we want to update our project by myself. - I must say yes. - And our project was updated when we added it. - If you want to update again, - you can click this update button here. - Right now we went. - We rank first on being Google and Yahoo. - So we want to add more keywords to this to see where we rank at. - Could go up to keywords up here. - Click add keywords. - I want to see if we rank Justus Good for the singular word tweet. - Add the project assets if we want to update it. - Yes, - I dio As you guys can see, - we actually dropped one ranking in being for the word tweet and for Google and Yahoo was - stayed. - And number one if you guys want add, - say another website to the project. - You can go to this drop down menu right here, - goto websites instead of keywords and say add website when we add Facebook's website. - There's also different views for your rankings, - but you can see if you click rankings the left here saying maybe keyword rankings. - You'll see there will be a nice graph and you can adjust the date and time here. - There's all kinds of cool features in this. - I really recommend that you guys spend some time with this and get comfortable because - measuring your keyword rankings, - like I said, - is extremely important for your SCL. 10. Internal Linking Structure: - now for the fun stuff we're going to be doing on site s CEO. - This refers to anything that we can do on our own website. - Help with our rankings. - There used to be a lot more weight in rankings with how you tweet out your website. - But with the years of abuse like keyword stuffing, - the value is not as great. - Here are the sections that we are going to go over internal linking content title meta tags - and indexing. - Let's start with the internal linking first we need to change the way we think about a - website. - A website is a collection of pages and each page should be thought as as its own existing - well, - well, - page. - Each page has potential to be ranked in the search engines. - Choose the page you want to S e O for our website. - I like to send people to my home page because it is a good starting point. - If you're trying to capture him, - information from a user than a landing page might be a good choice. - Landing pages or squeeze pages is just a page that does not distract users from doing - anything else but exactly what you want them to do these air, - usually used for collecting emails for products or services. - Basically, - every website has a navigation that stays the same with linking structure. - Usually it's the header and a footer. - These links never change and pointed the same pages. - An example would be home about us contact. - Thes links appear on every single page. - So what does that mean? - That means we're telling the search engines that these pages are the most important pages - on your website because we have more links going to them than any of our other pages. - Remember that thes navigation links appear on every single page. - If it helps, - you can think about in terms of percentages about us. - Link appears on 100% of your website pages and makes up 30% of the total links displayed on - all the pages. - The home page of the website most likely have the most links to it. - You'll notice that the link is called home. - We call the text of the link hypertext the hyper Texas what the search engine bots read to - help understand what the content is about going back to our home page. - We're telling the search engines that are most important Page on our website is about home - . - Yeah, - we run to this bad s CEO practice because we also have to consider the user interaction. - We can't have our HomeLink be called hot Yoga. - San Clemente. - It would confuse people. - We can fix this by making the logo link to our home page instead of the words home. - Here's example of code for link They a treff is pointing to the destination Ural and the - words hypertext example is the hypertext that set apart header navigation on a weebly - website. - We're going to keep it really simple for right now and use home about services and contact - in our dashboard. - Go to page is at the top and click Add page and click. - Add standard page. - Title it about click saving Edit. - All we do is repeat the process pages add page, - standard page services, - save and edit. - Go to page is add page standard page contact. - Saving at it, - you noticed that the pages that we just created got automatically added to our top header - navigation. - So if you don't want to compromise the users experience with our top navigation link with - our keywords hot yoga studio. - We can place the link somewhere That won't bother people nearly as much. - I usually place it in the footer naff of the website. - Many users will not notice the link and it serves our internal linking s CEO purpose are - free. - Weebly website unfortunately does not allow us to edit the footer of the website. - So we're gonna place the link in the top navigation. - Anyways, - this website is for learning purposes and it's important that we understand linking - structure. - This link is going to be linked to my home page to give it the most value for the keywords - Hot yoga studio Go to page is add page instead of standard page. - This time you're going to say external link and we're gonna actually we're gonna place our - home. - You are l in there. - So it sends people to the home page, - an external site and the page name is gonna be I thought yoga studio published the results - and visit the site and check it out. - Remember how I said that having the home button named home doesn't really help us with - ranking? - Because the keyword home had nothing to do with the key words we chose. - Let's remove it and place the logo there instead with the logo linking to the home page we - believe will automatically link our logo to our home page for us. - When we upload the image, - go to pages first. - We're going to remove the home page. - Click delete page. - Say yes. - Delete page. - Great. - Go back to build, - have over my site. - Goto logo. - Upload photos from computer and choose your logo. - There it is. - Click publish and check out the site. 11. Content, title tags, and meta tags: - Let's discuss content on our website. - We chose the home page for Rs Seo. - Keywords become yoga classes Hot yoga studio in hot yoga San Clemente. - Our home page will be filled with content talking about our yoga surfaces, - about a personal experiences about our classes, - etcetera. - It's our job to make sure that there are plenty of our keywords placed in the home page. - We call this method keyword density. - It refers to the Mount. - Each keyword gets displayed on the page. - For example, - we should be having the word yoga be the highest percentage. - The bots and spiders will crawl the page and know that our home page mostly talking about - yoga because it appears more than any other word. - I like to stay around 4% density for my S seo keywords. - Here's the link to a great tool that is free to use, - and displays are key word density. - Let's take a quick look at who Liu, - who is a TV show video website. - Let's type in who lose your Earl in the box click submit. - Their top keyword is watch with movie and shows close behind their top two word phrase is - watch TV at 4.8%. - Their their top three word phrase is online stream episodes at 4.8%. - A quick note I want to add about content is images. - They cannot be read like words to the bots, - so we have to let the bots know what the images are about. - In the image tack. - There's an all tag that can be used to place your keywords inside to help with your S E O. - Another side note is that flash websites can't be read very well by the search engines. - I would not recommend his design a website in flash unless you're okay with it. - Not competing for keyword ranking keyword densities one of those parts of S E O. - That can change a little and test the results. - It is on a bell curve Result base, - meaning you will get better and better than past a certain point. - You will get worse and worse. - Other than keyword density, - we should be thinking about placing our keywords in the head tags. - The head tax could be visually recognized on the page as a heading, - since headings are usually titles or subjects of what the content is about. - The search engines give more value to them. - Placing our key words in them will help boost the ranking. - Let's go to our Weebly website and make some head tags with content underneath it. - In our we believe dashboard, - you can add ahead. - Tagged by choosing the title element on the left hand side, - remember to place our keywords in the head tag. - I'm gonna add some Texas well underneath the head tag. - I prepared some Texan pages document, - and let's add an image to our weebly site. - Also, - after adding in the element, - just click the element and upload the file from your computer. - Once uploaded, - click the image again, - Go to advanced, - and if you remember, - we need to add all text toe. - Let the search engines know what the images click this little arrow, - the left back and there you go. - Let's publish to the Web site we've Lee automatically generates HTML code for us. - We can expect the code through the source code to make sure our head tag an image tag were - correctly created. - Right? - Click and view paid source like always. - Instead of sifting through all this code to find our head tag, - an image Tech can actually just hit command. - F and place are keywords that are head tag hat. - You can hit these up and down arrow keys to find. - And there you see, - there's our head tag and there's our content right below it. - And if you look a little bit further, - you'll see our image tack, - and you'll see the all with hot yoga and attacks. - Tell the search engines what the particular page is about. - You should be unique for every single page of your website. - Do not have these duplicated across your website, - which occurs more than you would think. - The title tag has the most value in helping your ranking. - Make sure that use your keywords as the first words of your title. - Let's set up our title Mida tags for our website. - We really allows us to update our home page title Med attacks as well as individual pages - really easily. - But before we get into that, - I want to bring your attention that after we deleted the home page from the main navigation - , - it actually reassigned the about page to be the homepage. - And that's because we, - we believe, - demands that the first link be the home page, - So let's turn it back into the home page so that we don't get confused. - But this obviously would not occur with any other website. - To edit the page title and met attacks, - go two pages and select the page you want to edit, - Then go to advanced settings and you'll see page, - title page description and meta keywords for my page title. - I'm gonna use my key words as the first word hot yoga studio in the born county area, - offering the best yoga classes in town for the page description. - I'm also gonna add my keywords in, - but it doesn't need to be the first words. - We offer great great classes, - yoga with hot rooms and beat groom yoga glasses as well. - Medic E words. - So we use hot yoga studio beat groom, - Hot yoga, - San Clemente Hot yoga all right yoga classes, - yoga classes in hot From that looks good. - Add up to eight in here and click saving at it and publish title Met Attacks cannot be seen - visually on the page. - You'll have to view the page source like we did for the Google Analytics script tag, - right click and view paid source you'll see the 1st 3 tags right? - There are title meta description and meta keywords noticed. - I use yoga twice in the title tag to give it a higher keyword density. - I recommend checking out the highest ranking website for your keyword and see what their - title is. - The description should have your keyword in there, - but be more human sounding. - Keep this short 1 to 2 sentences you should place around eight meta keywords. - Of course, - you should have your seo keywords in there, - along with variations of it. 12. Indexing: - index refers. - The bots bring information back to the search engines when you create a brand new website. - None of the pages have been index yet, - meaning the search engines need to send bots to crawl the content. - Then decide what pages to rank for what keywords botched travel through links. - If your websites brand new, - there will be no links to your website. - You will have to submit your site the search engines to get index for the first time. - I have placed links to submit your website for indexing the major search engines in the - resource area of the show. - Notes are Weebly websites brand new, - but it is on a sub domain of we please, - so we don't have to submit it for indexing. - Let's go over submitting anyways. - In case you guys create a website with the new domain name, - open a new tab. - Go to google dot com. - Type in Google. - Submit website. - Click the first organic Link Click website owner Click. - Add your euro and submit your brand new Ural here felt the capture and click submit - requests, - and that's it. - Now that the search engines have index or website, - what if we make a change to some of the pages or create a brand new page altogether. - They have to send bots Karl back over our website to re index the updated content. - If we are going the website frequently, - we need the bots to crawl or website at a faster pace. - You don't wanna have to wait too long to be able to view results of your changes. - There are a few ways that we can increase the speed of indexing. - You can go to Google, - went Webmaster tools and tell Google to increase the call right. - We can ping any page that has changes on it or has been newly created. - I like to use Ping Dramatic. - We can post the page on websites that get crawled frequently so they will follow. - Linked to the updated pages. - Weaken blawg on the website to increase the demand of Google. - Indexing. - Original content is good as you practice in general, - so I highly recommend it. - Let me show you guys had adjust your crawl rate through your Google Webmaster tools. - Go to Google type in Google Webmaster tools. - Click the first organic link. - I'm already signed in, - so I'll click my website link There's no data because our sights brand new in the top right - there looks like a gear click that click site settings and you can see it says crawl right - right here. - Just let Google optimized for my site. - Limit Google's maximum crawl, - right? - You can click this. - You can actually adjust the rate that Google crawls, - moving this up and down and then click safe. - I'm gonna leave it at the recommended right now. - Say, - we just made a change to our home page to benefit our S E O and want to expedient the - indexing. - We can ping the search engines, - which is another way of notifying them that a change was made and they should send bots to - update. - I like to use Ping o Matic. - You can type in Google Ping o Matic Choose the first organic link and all you do is go to - the page You want to ping, - which in this case would be our home page. - Copy the URL, - paste it in the blawg home page, - and you can title it if you want. - It really doesn't matter. - Say check all and send pinks. - Another technique that will help with getting index faster is posting to all our social - networks Facebook, - Twitter, - Google plus lengthen right, - a quick comment or status update and place linked to our newly update page. - I would also use social book marking websites to help. - You can post a link to stumble upon delicious and read it. - If you have other websites out there, - it would also help the post of them as well. - There's a website called devo dot com that is similar to Krebs Craigslist. - You can place a classified and place your Lincoln there to help get index. - Don't get carried away with spamming the 13. Link Breakdown: - offsite Seo is what is really going to increase your rankings on site. - S CEO is limited to how much we can optimize our website in back link building. - There's no limitations on how many links you can get. - The more you get of the targeted keyword, - the higher your rankings will grow is very important for us to know what kinds of back - links to get. - There is a good segue way to understanding links. - Better. - As you know, - the link looks like this in HTML. - Here's a year, - all destination. - And here's the anchor text or hypertext. - The H ref is the location that users get sent when clicking the Link Banker text of the - text that is visible on the page and gets clicked upon search engines. - Read the anchor texts and use this to increase rankings toward those keywords. - It's even better if the page that linked to us has matching key words in it. - This brings us to an important segment of link breakdown. - We want links that do not have the no follow attributes. - It'll be attached. - A link with REL equals no follow. - This is telling the search engines not to follow the link. - We will not get credit for the link. - It also will not help you. - If you were using a link to, - say, - get Index because the baht would not follow it. - Let me show you useful way to use your browser to see if there is a no follow attributes on - a link. - If you make a post on Craigslist, - it automatically adds the no follow attribute to the link. - Craigslist also does not even allow anchor text with their links. - Here's the link on one of the posts you can right click to view paid source, - and we can use the fine function Internet job with command F Inter that All right, - there it is with no follow attributes on it. - Ah, - faster way to even find it. - I'm using Google Chrome. - You can do command option I. - Here's a spyglass icon. - Click that hover over the link and click down, - and you can see it highlighted the code and you'll see the rail equals no follow right here 14. Building Backlinks: - Now that you have a good understanding of links, - let's talk about back links. - Here's an overview of what will be learning. - What is the back link Pay drank positive versus negative back link rules for back links and - building back links. - Back links refer to any length as placed on another website that points back to yours like - we discussed earlier. - Back links should have the exact keywords that you want to rank higher for in the anchor - text and point to the page that you want to increase in ranking. - You really see your rankings go up and down through back linking, - and we'll need to keep track of your keyword ranking results. - I recommend doing this on a daily basis, - especially if the keyword is competitive through many, - many hours of trial and error. - I have discovered that different websites refer different amounts of value to increasing - your rankings. - One way of ranking website value that you may have heard of his pay drink pay drink is an - algorithm used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. - Pay drink works by counting the number of quality links to a page to determine a rough - estimate of how important the website is. - It is on a scale from 0 to 10. - We can use pay drink to estimate the value that are back. - Link will give us from a particular website. - For example, - back link from a website like New York Times with pay drink nine out of 10 is much better - than no back link from a website like daily puppies. - They're paid. - Drink is six out of 10. - Let's quickly check page rank together s CEO Centre as a great free patron checker Open in - new tab Going to Google Type in S E o centro. - Click the first organic link on the left hand side Click page rank check and, - for example, - will just do New York Times. - I felt the capture and click submit back links can bring you positive results and they can - also bring you negative results. - If you build back wings from websites that do not fall under certain criteria, - then the effects can be negative. - It is important for you to realize when you create a bad back link to go back and break the - link. - Take note of what you did, - so you don't repeat it a bad back link usually is due to the page or website not falling - under certain rules that the search engines have to rank quality. - Here are the rules I have found to be true. - A website cannot be brand new. - It has to be aged a few months. - A trick that used to be used was to create a new website yourself in place, - back links on it. - This can still be done, - but you must wait a long time until you can place them. - Is also important to view the next rule, - which is a website cannot share. - I p addresses with other websites. - Many websites on a shared hosting plan. - They'll be on the same I P address and you can get credit for one of the sites. - But that is all. - I ran into this by thinking I could create many websites on a shared plan and fire a bunch - of back clings to it. - It worked for a while till the search engines come on back. - Links from article pages of duplicate content don't have much value. - A press release takes an article in places on many websites. - You think that this would be one of the best ways to get back links. - It turns out that since the article is duplicated on many websites, - the credit is not given back links that have the no follow attributes don't help. - Well, - you guys already know this back links on pages that have a very high amount of links don't - help much either. - I've noticed that some S E O companies send out spam bots that search for insecurities and - blogged websites. - They post comments on blog's with back links in them. - The search engines did not like this and decide not to give back link value. - Building back links. - Take some creativity. - After all, - you have to find websites that are willing to place links back to your website with the key - words that you desire. - Like I stayed before. - Back linking is one of the most powerful ways to increase in rankings, - so it is essential to get good at this. - Here's a list of places to get started getting back Lings, - your own friends, - colleagues, - anyone you know who has a website, - social networks, - directories, - press releases and buying back links. - Remember how I had you guys choose from three sets of keywords my keywords were hot Yoga - Studio, - Bikram Yoga Classes and Hot Yoga. - San Clemente. - The reason why I had you guys do this is that we can alternate with building back links. - Search engines do not like it. - If you only receive back wings from a specific set of keywords, - let's start with the easiest places to build back wings First. - If we have websites out there, - we should place back links on them. - If your buddies have websites acid in place, - back links on them, - remember that the website should not be the same. - I p address as each other and not brand new. - What about clubs or associations? - You're a member of? - Dig deep and think about anyone who has a website out there. - You have control over your social networks. - Place back links on them. - Many of the social networks have a no follow on the attributes, - but for some strange reason, - I still see some results. - Your friends can place back links on their social networks to your website. - I've found that sending a really kind message to each friend individually works wonders, - compared to creating a status update asking for back links. - Another place to start placing back links are local directories. - If you are business like a yoga studio, - then you want as much opportunity to be discovered as possible. - I would sign for Google places, - Yelp, - Yahoo, - local and being local. - I've read a lot about getting in lots of other directories, - but has never help me that much. - It was a lot of effort, - but not that much payout and a lot of spam to my email. - Press releases help with gaining exposure, - and they do provide back links on other websites. - Although I talked about the duplicate content effect, - it is important to run a press release, - engage the ranking increase from it. - Some press release companies let you place the article on their website. - Make sure that the no follow attribute is not there. - I did not check PR logs back links before I did the press release and was a little bum that - their website links are no follows. - Another technique to creating back links is generating a great article yourself. - I've seen a common practice of people creating a very useful article like a tutorial. - This will hopefully get read by others out there and they will link to your article. - The one problem about this is that you don't have any control about the keywords they used - to link to you. - Also, - they will be sending the link to your article page, - not the targeted ehskyoo page. - Make sure that the article is at least 500 words and has your focus keyword density. - You can also allow commenting on the article, - which will help generate more original content but do not allow people to place any other - own links and also only allow registered users to post comments. - I recommend Discuss commenting, - is a great third party commenting system. - Paying for links can be a really useful technique if done right. - I'm not talking about hiring a link company to spam all the blogging or foreign websites or - sell you a bunch of no followed links. - This happens lot if you want increase in rankings. - You have to put a little work into getting the right links. - I would not go quantity over quality. - Also, - do not build links to quickly or raise caution to the search engines, - and you could end up hurting your rankings. - A few a day looks natural. - A few 1000 cause a problem. - There are companies that place publisher websites with advertisers in the network of link - buying, - but I have not gotten into this too much. - I've tried freelances on eLance and Guru Room. - Many of my experiences have been negative. - Thankfully, - I kept a sharp eye on the links that were being created and the results made so I could - quickly discontinue their efforts. - So with that, - all that said, - I might recommend finding a high page rank website by just sharing similar keywords as the - one you're targeting. - One example. - Be going into Google and typing in Hot Yoga Studio. - The last organic listing I found was so cal hot yoga there in Malibu, - which is far enough away from San Clemente me that we don't compete for business. - I would then offer them, - say, - $50 to place a back link on their website. - Perhaps you could even write an article for them so they could just post the article on - their website forms. - And blog's could be another place to build back links, - but you have to make sure that the links do not have no follow on them. - Most forms are hip to S E o and place it on all the back lines. - I would search hard and find form that has followed back links, - then sign up for it every time that someone has a relevant question. - Say, - what is the best hot yoga studio in San Clemente? - I would answer in place my back, - linking their with keywords. - Of course, - commenting on blog's might be more trouble than it is worth, - but I don't like to count the mouth completely. - You may be able to find that one relevant BLAWG post that has no comment yet allows you to - place anchor text in it, - and the links are all followings. 15. Tracking Backlinks: - keeping track of back links is extremely important. - We need to know what links are helping us and what links are hurting us. - This, - not Onley will help you gain rankings for your targeted keywords, - but help you understand how the search engine rankings work. - In general, - search engines are always updating, - especially Google. - A technique that worked before could have all the sudden hurt your rankings. - If you build back links at a reasonable pace and keep track of them, - you can pinpoint the change in the search engines and write it down. - A really amazing tool that I recently discovered was a draft site. - Explore. - Not only does this tool tell you what back links you have gained or lost to any page, - it also tells you when you got them and from whom. - It also keeps track of your data and displays it on an easy to understand graph. - Believe it or not, - I'm not a spokesperson for these guys or in any way benefit from recommending them. - They just really impressed me. - This tool is very useful to examine your competitors as well. - S CEO is about understanding what your competitors are doing, - as well as your own website. - It also allows you to see what the most recent place back, - Ling seven competitors were placed. - If my competitors constantly out ranking me, - I want to see what kind of back links he or she is placing. - Let's take a look together at age graft site explore. - A free plan is limited only 10 page views and will display only three back links. - Check out the pricing, - the unlocked, - more options. - Let's pretend that we're going after the keywords, - best running shoes and we're the website Ari I opening new tapping Google type in best - running shoes. - You'll see the 123 4/5 1 Down is our guy and let's copy the targeted euro Go back in age, - ref, - Let's sign in first and now we can paste Ari I You're out. - Remember, - we're pretending that we're this website Great, - so you can see there's a graph of the total referring pages. - Looks like they had a major drop on September 1st. - Now one really useful tool is on the left hand side. - It actually show us the new back links. - Click New, - and it will give us a calendar view of our new back links, - we can actually select the date that we want to target down to. - Let's take a look at some of our competitors Back links Go back to listing when we choose - the 1st 1 Runner's World Top shoes of 2013. - Let's grab this. - You're all copy it. - Command C. - Go back into our site, - explore tool and paste it and say, - search links. - You can see a graph of their back links. - They've been growing. - Obviously, - let's go to the new Let's check one of their back links out runners runner dot com blawg - And you can see it also gives us the anchor text, - which in this case, - is a link meaning most likely this wasn't placed with S e o in mind. - Other, - other or a possibility could be that they they weren't allowed to actually place anchor - text on it. - When we take a look at it now, - you can visually see the page that they're back. - Link is on and there's a link right there. - Sometimes you will go to inspect someone else's back link won't be able to find it on the - page. - It is there just hidden from view. - This is back link hiding in part of S E O that people refer to his black at Black Hat s U - refers to practicing techniques that give you gain but run the risk of being penalized by - search engines. - There are a number of reasons why someone would hide their back links by believe it has to - do with someone wanting The website owner did not know that the keywords are hidden in - there. - For example, - if a hacker one increase s CEO, - you getting your website and place a hint link, - you would not notice it was there and he would get s CEO back link value. - I have seen people mostly s C O companies hide keywords by changing the link color to be - the same as the background or adding a CSS style display. - None on the tag itself. - Get comfortable with checking back links and use it to your advantage. - If you notice increases or decreases in rankings, - check out which back links were responsible 16. Analyze SEO: - Now that you guys have all your analytics set up and all the tools you need, - you should start to analyze your results after changes to your on site and off site s CEO. - If you want to interpret results better, - I would limit changes toe one or the other. - For example, - I would change my title. - Meta tags index the page, - then analyze the results. - I would not change title and meta tags, - change internal linking structure and create some back links. - You would be making it more difficult to distinguish what S CEO technique helped or Horcher - . - Try to be patient and make sure your results are index before moving into the next face. - Use a combination of all three tools to get the full story of your S e o change. - They're very much connected. - For example, - if you see a big spike in traffic, - you may also see a big increase in keyword ranking. - I have seen big increase in back links, - but large decreases in rankings as well. - Don't worry. - It takes practice like everything else 17. Analyzing SEO Example: - I want to give you guys an example one way I would go about analysing my s CEO for this - example. - I'm going to use my Weebly website that we have built together. - Most likely there won't be any stats a show, - so we'll create imaginary scenario to help build straight. - The flow would be me checking my search rankings. - Checking my back links and checking my Google Analytics thing we're gonna want to do is - check our search engine rankings. - Open up the program Advanced Web ranking. - You see our key words here? - We're gonna want to update with the latest search under ranking. - So click update say yes. - It can take some time to update this. - So I'm going to speed up the video now that rankings are updated. - Let's pretend that we had a big jump in rankings for the keywords hot yoga studio in being - Google and Yahoo. - Next we want check are back links. - Let's open up, - H refs back link tool. - We'll close this out. - Let's go get our weebly website Your l Copy it, - paste it and try it free. - Let's check out new back links. - Go to new on left hand side Let's pretend again. - Then we noticed that we received three back links. - I would then proceed to inspect the back links and where they're from. - I might take a look at the page rank of the referring website to see which back link really - helped. - Sometimes a back link appears that is actually hurting your rankings. - I have noticed that sometimes these pages look way too spammy with links all over the place - and content that does not really make any sense. - In any case, - view the referring page and they expect the quality. - Let's check out our website traffic with Google Analytics. - I'm ready signed in. - Go to all website data Close the audience Tab Goto acquisition overview. - This displays the different types of traffic that you received were missing organic search - , - paid search and social. - Because our weekly website has not gotten any yet, - I would then click all traffic and inspect the sources. - Let's pretend that one of our back links was not only helping our rankings, - but also bringing in traffic through the back link itself also were missing Google Organic - , - which you would most likely see an increase in if your rankings were higher next I would go - to keywords and then organic. - This area shows the keywords that people typed in the search engines. - If our keyword ranking was higher, - then we should see more visits from this keyword here. 18. SEO HTML and Wordpress Website: - I know that I showed you on site s seo techniques that were applied to your project Weebly - website Also want to show you how to edit a website that is on your own server. - Let's start with downloading an FTP program called Fall zilla. - FTP stands for file transfer protocol. - It helps us to take files from our computer place on your server or vice versa. - Opening your tapping Google type in file zilla click the first organic link going to - download files ill A client and you can download if you have Mac right here or if you need - more options, - show additional download options here, - download the program and set it up. - After downloading and setting up the program, - we're ready to use it. - You'll need your FTP log in info before you can connect to the server. - FTP log in info can be created through your hosting account. - Say you have hosting with Go Daddy, - you can log into your account and create after p user There Right down that information, - I'm gonna open up files illah and you'll see some information that needs to be updated in - order to access our server versus the host name in this case, - I'm using one of my domain names that I that I own that's that's linked to the server. - Here's my FTP user name and here's the password. - All you have to do is say Quick Connect. - It's gonna say it's asking me to abort because I was already connected. - I uploaded a like a very basic website. - Teoh my server right now. - What I would recommend doing first is downloading all the files onto your local server. - This is my local computer here and here's the remote server. - You can see that here's my desktop. - I can just drag and drop all the files to my desktop. - Now that all the files are on my local machine here, - I can drag the index file, - which would be the home page right on top of sublime text and open it up. - This should be looked very familiar to the source code that we're looking at in previous - lessons. - We are looking for title met attacks to change out, - used the title tag and here the med attacks Anything inside of the parentheses is what I - want to change to say I change it from hot yoga studio to hot yoga classes. - All I do is clicks. - Click safe. - I'll save, - go back into the FTP program and grab the file that we just updated and place it right on - top. - Let's go ask if I want to override it. - I say OK, - and that's it. - So you guys have a WORDPRESS website? - Well, - it's even gonna be easier to edit this. - Let's log in. - First, - I recommend getting a plug in called on one s CEO. - It will allow us to do title and meta tags easily throughout the pages. - Once you activated this plug in, - go to settings all in one seo, - and you can fill out the basic information. - I'll let you fill out the home page title, - home description and keywords. - I would also remove Blawg title from all of these in your title tags. - You actually don't want the blog's title to follow all of them, - lead all those and scroll to the bottom and click safe or update options that should stay. - Update the title. - Meta tags of pages go to the page. - You want to update, - click it, - and if you scroll down, - you'll see the option for title description and keyword met attacks. - Say you want to add the Google tracking code. - Remember, - that has to be on every single page right before the ending head tack so we can actually go - to appearance editor. - What? - What this area does is allows us to actually edit files directly without having the ftp the - file on your local server, - edit it, - save it and then re uploaded. - So go toe header dot PHP and you'll see our opening head tag right here. - When you find the closing head tag, - you could pay start Google tracking code in there. 19. Tips, Tricks, Things not to do: - Here are some tips and tricks I picked up along the way. - Offer to write original content for someone in exchange for back links. - Many websites want bloggers to write for them. - Like I mentioned before, - Original content is great. - To keep pots coming to your website, - opportunity to rank and providing current information. - Offer to write for articles for back links. - Place the back links in the articles that you write and you'll see your rankings grow. - I showed you how to see the no followed links using your browser developer tools. - But there's a great extension you can get for chrome that will highlight all the no follow - links on the page for you. - You can turn it on and off. - It highlights the no follow links with the dotted red outline, - which really makes them stand out. - Inspect the best people at s CIA. - The keywords s CEO company brings up 60 million results. - Those keywords are hyper competitive. - And bring out the best seo companies. - Check out what the guy on top is doing. - I like to inspect their back links with a draft stool. - I also like to see what they're doing with their on tied s you there? - Keyword density percentage And their title meant attacks. - Another trick is to create your own websites and place back Ling selling them. - Remember that they have to be aged quite a bit and need to be on their own I p address. - I would also keep them pumped with fresh content. - Grow and nurture them till the time is right to place back Lings Here are some things I - want you guys to know not to do in s e l I know that I've said before, - but had to mention once more do not create back links on a website that is on the same i p - address as your website. - I learned this one on accident due to a spam bots, - I create a website a long time ago that was on the same shared hosting plan and placed the - back link in the footer. - Since the footers displayed on every page, - a back link appeared on every paint as well a span dot got into my website and create a - bunch of accounts and started creating profiles for users. - Each profile had a back link to my target s yo website and killed my rankings completely - for those keywords do not do link exchange is this was a popular technique to build back - links. - Back in the day, - someone would offer to place a back link on their website. - If you do the same, - this doesn't work anymore, - Unfortunately, - so don't waste your time trying. - Do not build back links to fast. - It might sound like a good idea, - but resist building too many back links to quickly grow gradually. - This shouldn't be a problem unless use a program to build back links, - which I do not recommend. - Please don't spam back links. - Put some time and effort into them. - It'll pay off much Maurin Long run. - Do not lose track of your rankings. - Check them every day because if you see a sudden drop, - you need to stop your efforts immediately before you cause too much damage. 20. Words to know and class wrap up: - I want to end our class with giving you some s e o keywords to know, - Hear the words that you already know. - Back link pay drink. - No follow title tag meta tags, - organic search keyword density duplicate content, - internal linking structure, - bots or spiders Indexing location. - Reliant Conversion Being an anchor text Here are the words that you don't know yet. - Alexa. - Another way to rank websites, - Go to Alexa dot com to check it out. - Redirect when users taken automatically to another Web page address without clicking - anything. - Ah, - 301 Redirect is the proper way in S e o toe. - Let's search engines. - Know that your website has been moved SCN Search engine marketing S E R P or CERP Search - engine results page and track back when a blawg links to another blawg and notifies you - below the fold. - Anything below the computer screen when the page loads usually refers to laptop dimensions - as the standard links there above the fold are seen as more valuable because they get seen - first, - drip feed is gradually creating back links to your website. - Link Bait is a piece of Web content on the website that is so intriguing that people create - back links to it. - Sandbox. - There's a theory that Google basically has a separate index. - The sandbox where places all newly discovered websites. - When websites air on the sandbox, - they won't appear in the search results for normal search queries. - I've also heard this term used to describe someone who has been penalized. - This is the end of the class, - and I hope you guys learned a lot from this. - Business has moved in the virtual Web space. - It has become so difficult to rank normally that knowing this skill could be seen as - essential for the success of your website. - I would suggest going after less competitive keywords to start. - If you plan on getting really good at S e O. - I would also recommend learning a little more about how websites work in general. - W three schools dot com is a great resource for learning the basics of HTML five. - If you plan on using a content management system, - CMS for short, - I would go with WordPress. - The framework is very easy to use and there are plug ins for virtually anything you want to - do. - I encourage you guys to leave me positive and negative feedback. - This has been such a positive experience for me, - and I greatly appreciate all of you for being my students. - Please do not hesitate to let me know any questions you may have. - I also plan on holding a live YouTube stream for questions and answers. - Josh's office hours kind of thing. - I'll post on skill share announcements. - Thanks. - Can guys. 21. Backlink Update: - Here's a back link building update. - I want to provide you guys with an update that'll be very helpful with your S e O and - increasing rankings as I stayed in the past five years, - back link building is the bread and butter of having rankings go up and down for your - keywords. - Making these back links as natural as possible has become essential to increase rankings. - I've created a website learn s CEO class dot com have been implying that seo techniques - that I have been teaching you guys through trial and air I have picked up some very - important updates that search engines air using Let's stay focused on ah Google of - algorithm for ranking, - Google has placed a super high importance on natural back link building. - Natural link building has to do exactly how it sounds. - The process of websites that naturally build links websites that are not using S e O and - gain back links naturally follow specific patterns. - Google as identified these patterns and built them into how they rank websites. - If you do not build back links by these patterns, - you will actually end up hurting your rankings by building one back link at a time I was - able to watch ranking, - shift up and down. - Based on each test, - let me share my past two weeks of link building. - I want to remind you guys that building links to fast still stands and not to do it. - If you're just starting out, - I would build one per day ping your back link after you've made it and wait for the ranking - results so you can see what is working. - If you have your keywords in your actual domain name it, - it helps with rankings. - I chose learn s CEO class dot com because one of the sets of the keywords I'm going after - his learn s Yeah, - I own a few websites, - so I decided to put back wings on them. - The back links I placed were learning CEO Learning s CEO and learn how to S u I kept on - adding the sets of back links and kept increasing rankings will hit a point where my - rankings started to go down. - After a ton of hours of testing and measuring results, - I discovered that your back link building must be even more diverse than just applying - three sets of keywords. - You should be mixing back links that have the anchor text of your keywords. - Here's an example. - Instead of anchor text learn s CEO, - I began mixing sets that did not have the same keywords twice for website A, - the back link in context was learned s CEO to increase your rankings for website be I chose - search engine optimization class. - I also began building back links that have the keywords click here and the actual domain - name learned s e o class stock Come. - This is what natural link building looks like and we should follow it. - Also make sure that not all your back links are no follow. - Naturally ranked websites have lots of no follow back links. - I recommend getting some no follow back links from Twitter and Craigslist. - Aah! - Refs dot com has an excellent breakdown for the anchor text of your back wings by - percentages. - I like to take a look at the referring pages for anchor phrases. - It shows you the percentage of your anchor text for your back. - Ling's try not to have any of these above 30%. - Otherwise, - it seems to hurt your rankings for those keywords. - I also like to see the tag cloud, - which breaks this down by individual words. - Blog's have not been very successful for me, - and I recommend not to waste a lot of time trying to post on them, - even if you're trying to get no follow back links a lot of time. - Blawg Admin is Don't even approve your posts. - If it has a Lincoln, - it forms are still a good source to get back links. - If you find form that is using v Bolton platform, - don't waste time trying to get post there in the very bottom of the website you to see the - text powered by the Bolton. - That is how you identify it's powered by V bulletin. - I feel like Google has been trying to devalue forums and has identified the most popular - form platforms. - Try to find forms that are using a custom platform if you can also try to find a form that - is on a topic with what your keywords are. - For example, - I have been posting informs about SCM. - Make sure the links don't have the no follow attributes on the links. - Use your Google chrome no follow extension to quickly identify if the form places no follow - on the links of the posts, - Sign up for the form and make a relevant post. - Do not place links in it at all. - Your first post will be watched and will be removed if you put links in there for madman's - . - Get this all the time and can easily recognize a post that is trying to get back links. - Let a little time pass. - I recommend one or two days and go back and edit your post. - Place your back link in there when you edit posts, - the administrator does not get notified to moderate it. - And you just scored a great back link after you create a back link on your page. - Don't forget upping the page that you created the back link on using Ping O Matic. - Check your keyword rankings. - I've also include a star ticket of websites for you guys to build follow back links on - check. - The additional resource is section on skill share. - Okay, - guys, - here's the back. - Linking update wrap up. - Keep a natural looking back link building structure, - have your most desired keywords be a higher percentage in anchor tax, - but not too high. - Remember, - stay below 30%. - Contact me directly if you have questions and I'm sure you guys will to take advantage of - that. - Contact me at Josh at Learned s ceo class dot com If you're interested in seeing more video - , - resource is check out learn s CEO class dot com. - Thanks.