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Learn Languages While Watching Netflix (Films & Series)

teacher avatar Learn French With Me, French Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Benefits of Using Netflix

    • 3. Step By Step Technique

    • 4. Films & Series Recommendations

    • 5. Tips & Tools (Google Extension)

    • 6. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class



In this course, we will have a look at how you can improve learning a language while watching series and films on Netflix. Here are the different topics of this class:

  • Introduction
  • The Benefits of Using Netflix as a Tool
  • How to Learn a Language on Netflix
  • Language Films & Series Recommendations
  • Tips & Extension Tools to Use
  • Class Project
  • Conclusion


I hope you will enjoy the course.

Feel free to leave any comment, question or suggestion for me to answer.

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1. Introduction: Hello everybody and welcome. Today we will have a look at how you could improve and practice your language skills while watching TV. In particular, while watching themes and series on Netflix, binge watching films and series has become so popular. We suddenly don't have time for other things. So why not use it? Our advantageous. For example, two GB h inside internal research found that the average Netflix customer spend two hours a day on the platform. Could you imagine what we could do with this two hours a day or even what we could learn if attack one language as an example, according to close master.com, it x between 575 to 600 hours to learn French, for example. Which means you could be fluent in French in ten months if you were to use these two hours a day. So today we will have a look at how we can use our time watching Netflix to improve our language skills. So let's have a look at today's different topics. We will look at the benefits of using Netflix as a language tool. Where you can learn a language while watching Netflix. There is a step-by-step technique. I will give you some femmes and series recommendation depending on different languages. And also, I will give you some tips and extension tools that you can use to help you learn a language while watching Netflix. You will have a class project at the end of the course to put in practice while we will be going to see today, this course is aimed at all levels as it can help someone who is just starting to learn a language. Someone like me who would be an advanced level in some languages. But I'm still looking for hearing or listening another language in the film or in a series. And that helps me build up a stronger vocabulary knowledge. So basically, if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced level, this course is for you. So let's get started. 2. The Benefits of Using Netflix: Watching Netflix in order to improve, to increase your language skills will bring you the following benefits or results. First, it will increase how many words you know. You will build up your vocabulary knowledge and recognizing the vocabulary you already know from what you are watching. It will also improve your pronunciation as you will be watching and hearing native speakers from the language you are learning. And it will also help you working on your accent. Having to read subtitles will increase your reading speed and listening comprehensions. It will help you improve word recognition and language grammar that would be put in different context. It will help you visualize a new language if you are learning a new language in that case. And finally, it is a different approach to learn a language. It might be easier than studio. And you can also watch fans and series with other people. It won't affect your social life while learning a language. In conclusion, the only benefits to it, as it is a passive learning process and it would give you a break from traditional ways of learning language. Now let's move on to the next video where we're going to look at how to put this into practice. 3. Step By Step Technique: Now I'm going to show you how you can improve your language skills or learning a language while watching Netflix. It is a step-by-step technique. So the first step would be to choose a film or series that you absolutely love. You know, the kind of series that you might know by heart, like friends, Gamow thrown or other series that most people have been watched. So you would rewatch that there's a different step there. Either. It is already a film in its original language that you know a lot. That would be for a more advanced level. If you are a beginner, maybe watch something in English just to remind you about that film or that episode. Step two would be to watch it in its original language with English subtitles. So if it's a film infringer watches in French with English subtitles or Spanish weaving the subtitle, depending on what you are learning. If it's something that you used to watch an English sometimes on Netflix, you can change the language and put it in a different language as well. So that depends if you've done the Step one or not. So this will help building up your knowledge of the vocabulary used in the film or in the episode. And I would take notes of this new vocabulary. When you are on this steps, you need to keep watching it like this. So original language plus subtitle until you are completely confident with the language subtitles. And then the new vocabulary makes sense. Step three, what should in the original language and in the original subtitle. So if it's French, French language and French subtitles. So then you are fully immersed in that language. So try to follow and repeat sentences to work on your pronunciation and your accent. Keep doing this step until you are completely confident that while there is no point missing a step because you will find it too difficult, you need to be sure you are completely confident with the audio and with the subtitle in the language that you are learning. Step for. Master the language. Watch it in the learning language with no subtitle, atom. Watch it until you're confident enough and you understand everything. And finally, step five is basically to find another film will continue the same series that you were watching. So to summarize, Step one is basically depending on your level. If you are a beginner, I would use a series of a film that you already know in English. If English is your main language, because then you could change it to French or Spanish or whatever language you are learning. But you would start with something in English that you can just remind you of what they're saying. If you are be more confident, you can start with step two, which is to watch something in its original language straightaway. And it follows on step three, the original language with original subtitles, so no more English subtitle. Step four, you must know the language. You don't have any subtitles at all. Step five, you choose another film and other series to continue building up your knowledge in that language. Really the idea here, for example, if you learning French, watching English with friendship title, too easy, move on to the next step. Watch it something in French. We friendship title, too easy. Watch it in French. Only if you think you are struggling, go back a step. So now let's move on to the next video where I will give you some film and series recommendation to watch. Thank you. 4. Films & Series Recommendations: Now we'll give you some film and series recommendation that you can watch. If you want to recommend a femoral series they haven't mentioned. Feel free to start the discussion below so we can all help each other in finding language film to watch. So first of all, I'm gonna talk about French films and series because I'm French. So that's the main thing that we'll be watching and dove watch on Netflix. The first one is cool, my agent, which is infringed depot song. It's a series, it's a comedy. It's about actors, agents in Paris fighting each other to get the best deal with actors. It's very funny. There are four season to watch. Really recommend this one. It's one of my favorite series in a French to watch. The next one is a film. It's called a mighty team. And it's about a professional footballer who comes back to his village and it's going to have the local football team. It's committed, it's really good. Even has your eyes is a film as well. It's the committee about adoption. Nothing to hide is also a committee. It's a film. It's about a group of friends during dinner who will put their phone on the table and will basically show any message or n equal day's coming during the dinner gates. Very funny. Another thing is blind date. It's a romantic committee. You can watch la mode, which is a thriller about a serial killer who is in prison. But then suddenly there is a copycat 0 kilo during the same murders as the previous serial killer. A new series that has been released on Netflix last month is Luba, which is based about us and it's based from a book. Luca is a famous fifth, is a gentleman is a fifth. It's really good. It's with Omah. See if some of you know the sector has been in different English pain as well. Digital owner is another family to committee drama, which is quite interesting because the main actor is someone who usually do proper committee, not drama committee. So it's quite good to see him in this kind of film. And finally, it is criminal France. It's a series that was been released for different countries. It's about people being in custody and being interrogated so we know the truth about different cases. Now in Italian, you can watch it processor, which is the trial in English, it's a crime series. I think it's been on Netflix for Weibo recently watched it because I learn Italian and it has helped my Italian learning so much. A ys, absolutely brilliant, really recommend this one. And then you can watch callow and Malik, which is a crime drama series. One of the most famous series in Spanish is money Heist, which is a thriller series. And then you have criminal again, which is the Spain version of that crime series. In German, you can watch criminal again, which is criminal Germany, and also dark, which is more of a drama series. So if you have any other recommendations, you're free to talk in the discussion section, I think it's a good opportunity for everybody to participate so we can share what we watch and help everybody learning different languages. So also another benefits of Netflix is that you could also help your children to discover languages at a young age. So children they learn so quickly. So why not let them watch French or Spanish Gaussians once in a while? It would build up their knowledge of another language and maybe develop an understanding or an interest for languages in the future. After a couple of example of cartoons of themes that you can actually watch in different languages. You have the adventures of tin tin, which is a Fin when French, My Little Pony is a series. You can actually watch it in English, French, Arabic, Hindi, and polish. Pgm mask, which is another series, can be watching English, French, Mandarin, Hindi and polish. Flip at peak is in English, French Mender in Arabic and polish. Pow patrol is also in English, French politician, Arabic. And as the film despicable Me, that you can watch in five languages. In English, Arabic, French, Hindi, interpolation. Now so many different Feynman series that you can show to children and it's a good way to kind of show them and let them discover language is rather than just watching something in the mother tongue, it can just make them interested in language in the future, you never know. So now we're gonna move on to the next video where we will look at different tips and tools that you can actually use to help you learn the language on Netflix. 5. Tips & Tools (Google Extension): Now we're going to look at three tips or tools that you can use to help to learn a language while watching Netflix. So I will show you the different tips first and then we actually go on Netflix and put them in practice. The first thing is to use the playback speed setting. So if you need to slow down the way people speak, it is maybe too fast. You can always reduce the speed with the setting. Now I am going to show you if you want to use the playback speed setting, you just need to go on Netflix and then select a series or a film that you watching. And if you click on this symbol, you will get the playback speed. And you have different choices. You can watch it at normal speed or you can reduce it to 0.5 or 0.75, which will make it a lot slower, which is good issue. Struggling to understand a language where they would speak very fast, you could reduce the speed on the video. Another tip would be to create a profile for the language that you are learning. Because if you change the audio and subtitle setting on Netflix, they will stay as they are, which could be annoying if you share your profile or if you don't want a certain language for all the series and films. So you create a profile that you can call maybe French learning or French or whatever language you learning, which will be completely dedicated to learning that language. Another good thing about this as well is you can create a list with only French or Spanish spam or any language that you want and have a proper list of famous dedicated to the language learning. Now the second tip was to create a profile dedicated to languages. So if you click on the profile, you can just then other professions and select a different type of language would learn. So if we wanted to learn French, we can just call it French or French learning and then continue. Then you have your new profile. So you can even select which language you would prefer watching series of films. So let's say we wanted to learn French. We put it in French. And finally, if you watch Netflix on your computer or on a laptop, you can download a Google Chrome extension that is cooled language learning with Netflix. It gives you the possibility to watch with subtitles in English and in French funds type you want to learn French or any other original languages. And you can also save sentences as favorite or bookmark them. That will help you save a vocabulary, for instance, that you didn't know. So you can learn later or you can come back to it. You can actually make your list of vocabulary that you will be learning from a film. I think that is one of the best tool that you can use, the actually saving the vocabulary. I think this is absolutely brilliant. And the last step was to download a Google extension, which is language learning with Netflix. So you can go on Google and look for the extension. And you will need to add it to Chrome, like this. So now as you can see, once you click and setup the extension, you have different thing. You have the translation in French, so I've put in French and you have under the translation in English, you can actually compare both languages. And also you can see all the dialogue there on the side and you can save it. So for instance, if I wanted to say that sentence, I could save it. And then you get a dictionary with all the words that you would have selected. So that's why it's really useful because you can really work on a female series and actually work on the vocabulary. And you get time to take notes if you pose. And you can actually select the subtitles and understand more vocabulary. So that's it for the tips and tools. Let's move on to the next video. Thank you. 6. Class Project & Conclusion: So well done everybody, it's your turn to practice. So for your class project, don't forget to download the PDF linked in the project section for you to have all the information. What you need to do is to choose two firms or two episode of a series. One would be in English and one would be in its original language. So the language you would be currently learning, why would like you to do is to write down how much time you spend on each step. What did you learn? The new vocabulary, the sentences, pronunciation, et cetera. What you think about the process, did they help you? And also write a summary of the family or the series and what you've thought about this film or series in the language that you're learning to practice a little bit of written form. We are now at the end of the course. In the end, we will always watch TV film series on Netflix. So why not use it to improve your language skills? And also using subtitles and language audio settings on Netflix gives you the opportunity to do so, which is absolutely brilliant. Lets summarize what we've learned today. We've learned the benefits of using Netflix as a tool, how to learn a language on Netflix. You've got some different fenders and series to watch in different languages. You know what tools you could be using to help you learn a language. And again, I'm saying that if you are watching any series O theme that you want to recommend, feel free to start a discussion below. It is a great way to expand our knowledge and get to know each other and also what language that you are currently learning. So thank you for watching this course. See you soon. Bye.