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Learn How to Make Beautiful Fabric Covered Plates & Bowls

teacher avatar Jennifer Klein, Live Your Dream

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools Needed For This Project


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      Prepare you plates, bowls & fabrics


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      It's Mod Podge Time


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      Class Project


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About This Class

Learn how to cover clear glass, plates and bowls in your favorite fabrics!  These beautiful serving pieces are perfect for gift giving or to spruce up your own home!  Get in on the fun and learn how to beautify your home with this colorful project!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jennifer Klein

Live Your Dream


I love all things creative.  I have a small photography business, but I am working on becoming a  surface pattern designer. Cooking and Baking are my hobby.  I started baking when I was a teenager and love trying new things!   I enjoy taking lots of different SkillShare classes, in hopes of creating a unique business model.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone, this is Jen Klein. I'm here to teach you a great D I Y project. How to cover glass bowls and plates with fabric. These will make great gifts or will be perfect to beautify your home. Thanks for joining me. And I hope you enjoy this class. 2. Tools Needed For This Project: First, you'll need an assortment of glass plates and goals. I chose serving pieces mainly because I want to give them as gifts. Then you'll need an assortment of fabrics. I chose bright, flowery colors, but you can choose anything you like. You also need mod podge. I used the glassy finish on iron scissors, a rotary cutter, a ruler and best press starch. You will also need an acrylic spray to seal the back side of the plates. 3. Prepare you plates, bowls & fabrics: Okay. The first thing you want to dio is get all the stickers, price tags or anything else that's on your plates off. Make sure they're really clean. You can use alcohol, or I think it's called goo off. Whatever you happen have on hand, you really could probably just use soap and water. Just make sure you get everything off, so there's no residue. It takes a little bit of work to get some of these stickers off, but they do come off. Luckily, it's glass, so it's easy to get off. It won't stick like it does to some plastics. E. If I didn't mention before, I purchased my plates at Target. And but that's beyond, I'm sure you could find in other places like Wall are making. Some of the dollar stores might even want to be able to find some at your local grocery stores. - Step two is to iron your fabric. I use best press starch. You don't have to use starch, but of your fabric has a lot of wrinkles, and you might want to do that. And there's Chanel running background, all right. It's pretty easy step, but make sure you do it well, next you want to trim your fabric, leave anywhere from 2 to 3 inches hanging off the edge. You don't want a bunch of excess fabric to get caught. Clue. So just make your life easier by trimming it. 4. It's Mod Podge Time: Okay. Now for the fun part, apply your Monge garage with the spook a sponge brush to inflatable. Try to get it as evenly as you can. It's okay if you have a few little bumps in there, because you can smooth it out once you put your fabric on. But make sure you get all around the edges where there's any angles. Make sure to cover those, but try not to get it around to the other side, the front side of the plate. Now that you haven't even Cota's hodgepodge, put your fabric on hopes. Look what I did. I put it on upside down. Make sure you put it the right side. Don't make stick like I did. It's okay if you did get glue on the outside Goats, you're gonna put some on there anyway. Smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth all the way around. You want to get all the bubbles out? Um, you can pull your fabric a little bit like I did there, but don't pull it, taunt or stretch it, and you just want to keep smoothing and smoothing and smoothing and get any bumps. Ridges bubbles. If you have a blob of glue, push it down real good and just keep going until your fabrics completely flat and stuck. Weld Wait. Next, do you want to trim the edges of your fabric with a pair of fabric scissors? Even if you don't get it perfect this time, you could go back and do somewhere trimming later, but trying to get us close to the edge as you can. I turned my sister's a little bit for slammed them a little bit to get the edges really close. Now you want to apply an even coat of hodgepodge to the outside of the fabric and the plate . Put it all the way around, be sure to get the edges and then let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to let it dry, even though applying the hodgepodge takes a little bit of time. I think this is such a fun idea, and I'm going to be giving him to a lot of people to share Christmas. I think they'll be perfect to deliver cookies to my neighbors on and make great gifts for any last minute gift giving than I need to dio. So take your time and enjoy the Peacefulness while you're applying hodgepodge. - It's been about an hour, and I'm ready to put a second coat on you. Apply it the exact same way. Let it dry for another 30 to 30 minutes to an hour and then apply 1/3 coat. After applying three coats of mod podge. Let your plates sit overnight to dry. After letting your plate dry overnight, spray on your acrylic spray. I apply three light coats of acrylic spray will not make your plate dishwasher safe, so do not put it in the dishwasher. 5. Class Project : Well, here's the final products for your class project. Make a fabric covered later ball, post pictures of it and explain what you're gonna do with it. Remember, you use any fabric could use Christmas fabric, birthday fabric, something that relates to a teacher. And given that as teachers gift getting in school year whatever you want. So create something beautiful today and post pictures and tell us all about it. Thank you for taking my skill share class. I'll be posting more skill share classes this fall, so watch for him.