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Learn How to Create Your Own Chess in Fusion 360

teacher avatar Jakob Andersson, Learn CAD

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Peasant

    • 3. Runner

    • 4. Tower

    • 5. Horse

    • 6. Queen

    • 7. King

    • 8. Board

    • 9. Assembly

    • 10. Animation

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About This Class

You will learn how to do your own chess in Autodesk Fusion 360. This course is not for a totally beginner but it will not be an advanced course. If you own a 3d-printer you can create your own custom chess. Following steps will be included;

  • Solid modeling in the model workspace.
  • Learn sketching using symmetry.
  • Animation in the animation workspace
  • Learn how to master rendering in the render workspace.
  • You will learn how to create a basic assembly.

Hope you will enjoy this course. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jakob Andersson

Learn CAD


Mechanical engineer that loves work with CAD. I love to help other people to learn CAD. I have experience using SolidWorks, Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Pro/E, Ideas/NX and Autocad. -97 was the first time I used a CAD software and since then a lot of cool thing has happend. I think that educate other people is the best way to educate yourself.

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome. This is Jacob. I love Frida. Cut and I've used it for many years. Now, as a hobby, the schools, we will use fusion 3 60 of free three D count software that is free and very odd wars with a lot off futures. The schools is not so much engineering. This is much more fun and exciting. A practical way off. Learning fusion 3 60 and advanced counter software. This is a beginner course, but if you are total beginners, you may get some problems because I will not go through the most basic things. I hope you will enjoy the scores and see you soon. Bye bye. 2. Peasant: Hi, this is Jacob. Welcome to first lecture. This is the game piece we will do today is peace. And we will use, uh, cameras image and try to do the peace and baby producing symmetry and be really used for revolt. Future? Yeah, this is the finish product. It is not so very complicated. Yes. So why not start with a new design and do these game pieces game piece from scratch? We start a new the sign, Do it. Ah, Junik name. And we import the canvas image. This image file will be in the lecture attachment and we scale the cameras image. We scale it up and we make it transparent and we try to position the image campus. So we have the peace and figure in the middle current system. We want to use assume a treaty. So I move the camera cameras image. So we get the position that this good and we calibrate the image. We want peace and to be around 60 millimeters. This is not rocket science. It's just just look. So we have Yeah. So it is decent at least when we start with new Skitch and create Centrum line and we make that Centrum line our construction line you can use for expert on. That's for short cut for construction line. Then I add a circle, a two point circle. Then I use, ah, rectangle, a two point rectangle, two corners and I move it a bit up. So we got We don't want any empty spaces. We want it to be connected. And we had, uh, or three point orc when we are a spine. - I had, uh, to splints on Ben Connect. Connect him and one spine at the bottom. So it's three spines when we try to fit the spines to figure you can use the spine handle where you can add more splaying points and drag the points. Sorry, it fits the figure here. I'm experimenting with some different constrains out smooth or not at Muth and I use for supplying handles. - Then we have to create profile that is completed. Riyadh lying at the bottom and one line at Central and we will use symmetry. So we really only during the half off figure. So we had used Treem and dream lines. It's a short cut, his tea, but, um, just dream like this and then we have a complete profile that we can revolve. Just adding a feel it here, put me off. Donna were profile half profile. We really, uh revolve it. Close the sketch there will do one more thing for throughout a dimension that is 60 millimeters in height. Then we will use the command revolt shows the profile on the central line on three and 60 degrees and we will shake if you like the design. I'm not satisfied with the don't part, So I go back to the sketch Onda our smooth constrains but between two spines it's not perfect, but I think that more good looking when we have we really are a ring to his body design. So we add one more on design and use rectangle, a two point rectangle. We draw Centrum line, make it construction line a news cooling your with the two lines when we are three point Orc. Then we dream and we revolved Shoes. The axis of rotation on the profile reduce for commanded join and we have to show Prius body on joint when we one body and this is our result. I think it looked decent. This is first piece off the game off. She's game is peace and on we will appearance, texture. I think we will use wood. So you use for a But, um, this is a short cut for appearance and at some light Coloane, would you normally have black and white game pieces? So this is the light call or on Harris for rendering, and I think it looks It looks decent. Here is some configuration and set up when you rendering just shadows on reflection and you can cloud rendering this I will do that. I just used the same configuration and you have the's nice design. Hope you have a new in this lecture. The first lecture on and see you soon. Have a good day by 3. Runner: higher Welcome. This is Jacob. Today's lecture We will live a runner It looked like this So let's get started. We create new design. Name it Runner. We will use the same tactic as before. Symmetry We a touch comments image. Use the same chemist image as before. We use it transparent around 50% because look it through and we scale it up Then we calibrate it to around 70 millimeters. Then we position the runner and symmetry with Rego It just drag a ruse. We want the image to be in the middle. Yeah, something like that. Then we draw a line from the Rego straight up Make it construction line and we add a circle at the top When then we add a spine and try to fit the cameras Image Just drag the point Onda Try to fit the image. Yeah, that that looks okay When then we are another Explain something like this. Then we drag crisp line using explained points and tried to fit the cameras Image? Yeah, I think that's good. When we add another spying at the bottom and use the splint Handle fit image Then just straight line from Rego two left and then another straight line straight a port when we use the Treem command on dream some lines. Yeah, I think that looks good on me. Close the sketch and use the revolve Command Pique our profile and the access off rotation . And there we have it. Or the body men. Then we add another sketch to do the rings. We start to create Centrum line. Then we use rectangle and try to fit the image in the background. Unjust Use the two point rectangle and another two point rectangle. Then we add three point Orc and make sure that we fit background image. When then we use the trim command. And after that, we use revolt Future shows the profile on Duh Oh, I picked wrong issued chose join. We have to do it once more. Pick the profiles and ah, revolve future. I'm access off rotation join and then we have to show the previous body. Yeah, there we have body with the combined future. No, we do cut out at the upper part. We create the new sketch, draw a Centrum line on a line We'd angel and we try to fit the background image. Then we add a dimension is to fix the angle on the shortcut for dimension is deep autumn Then we use the slot futuro with two points Centrum slot future and try to fit the background image on Then we are happy with the the gym a tree we will dio cat out Then we were happy we closed the sketch and we used extrude command on Duh It's just pick the profile we just created on uh do ah cut out through all And then we just approved that on there we have it. We're running. We add a nice appearance with a button on uh, us before the oak We want to light color the men to go to render set up a new rendering with environmental reflection Shadows on the correct reach you for the booth And there we have it Our runner I hope you and your lecture See you soon. Bye bye 4. Tower: Piau, welcome to a second lecture today we would do the tower. This is similar to the first lecture. We really use symmetry but let's gets going. We start to create the new design We touch the same cameras image We really We will made it transparent around 50% and we scale the image we flipped front page and calibrate We want the tower to be around, uh, 70 millimeters when we edit the attached canvas and, uh, try to position with our we got symmetry. This is not rocket science. It's just so it looks like we got the tower in the middle and we got Reger at the bottom. When we create a new sketch, draw a line that would be our center line on me. He's expected to make it to construction line. - We draw a line at the top, Then we use the spine command on the try to get this blinds. So this blinds fit the Comus image. It came a good on spines a little bit before he meets design starts. So we get the correct shape and we draw a line. And when we are not a spine and when we do this. It doesn't matter. That line is is crossing over each other out of this fusion 3 60 He's pretty clever. So it understand that we want Jim a tree inside of the aria inside the lines. And we had another explain. I tried to fit the commas image you can position Explain points. Let me draw a line to put um and we drew a line in the middle. And now we have ah, closed. I really this close to area will be revolt. So be close Skitch on, uh, create a revolution future shows the profile on the access on fuel 60 degrees. Here we have our shape. We will create another sketch and try to earned the rings. We create Centrum line and make it construction. Then I will use ah, two point rectangle and we only do half side. We use symmetry and use recall so he only had to do half off shape. And we add our three point orc connected to a rectangle you've stream and that is the profile for first wing. Let me go to the bottom at a two point rectangle and try to fit the shape off commas Image three points. Orc use dream is the T bottom is for short cut for dream when we already too use the revolt Future Exit Skitch and create a revolt. Future Show's over two profiles on the axis of revolution and we use join. And now we have our basic shape with rings, too. No, we will try to do the cat out at the top. Off the tower, we hide the body, Andi, create the new sketch and try to fit the cameras. Image restored with Centrum line It's the normal line. Then we use the expert, um, to do it to construction line. I draw the left side shape week lines we used to constrain equal that the line should be equal And we aren't, uh, angel to lines that it also should be the same angel for both lines. On the dimension is shortcut through dimension is pretty pattern. And be sure to add this line so the cat will go through the first shape when we are a line at the top. So we get a closed profile. I'm a short cut for line is the L button, isn't it? It doesn't matter that it it's, you know it doesn't feed to the camera's image, but that the shape we're doing now is cut out. And we use the mirror command in the sketch options on the shows, the Centrum line at at mirror access. And we have to performance. And we closed this sketch. I know. We use the extrude command we cut out, shows our two profiles and symmetry and Kath out on cruel. I made sure that you have turn on first body and here we have it. We haven't made the cat out. No, we have just one future to add on. We need our cattle that a top. So we create a sketch that took and draw a circle, use the extra command we'd cut out and shows you profiled our circle and we would use capped out to you. Click at arrow and then the but on the face. No, we have it. Our tower used a bottom and add wood texture who, as we call it, the infusion 3 60 appearances. So here is our tubal in. Would we will go to render and set up rendering set up. We'd environment the correct way to reflection and shadows and it looks really good under possible for this lecture. Thank you very much for listening on Hope. You and your intellectual. Thank you. Bye bye. 5. Horse: Hi, this is Jacob. Today we will do the holes. It looked like this so let's get started. Create the new design, save it and name it to a proper name, horse or whatever. We will start a touch. Cameras shows the same image as before. Click so you can look through it and transplants around 50% them. We will do us before we really calibrate Onda position the cameras image. We want the horse to be at the Rico. On this time we will use symmetry for but on part and the upper part. We will use extrude. So try position the horse image with the rigor at the bottom. Onda it should be symmetry. Yeah, I think that's quite good. Then we open a new sketch on the front plane, draw a Centrum line and make it construction line. When we start with two point rectangle at the top, then add the three point arc. Then I use a spine Onda try to feet the cameras image. Then you can use the points and try to fit the image. Just correct the point so it look looks nice and we add another supplying at the bottom. Try to use the same point. Us I Then we have to trade, uh, complete profile. We are a line at the bottom. Um, in the middle, let me use for treatment command on a dream. Unnecessary lines. But we can keep the spine lines if you should edit it should be good to have those lines lift. So we have his profile. I mean, you certified. Then we shoes the profile and use the command revolved. Pick the profile. It's to profile this time on the axis off revolution. And there we have the bottom part. This is the first body the second part apart be relieves extrude. So we create a new sketch on the front. It's a plane. Start with the line, something like this. The federal line at the bottom. Make it horizontal. Then we will add spines. We start read this left spine, Try to feet, shape off horse on this points and use Yeah, click on the points and try to fit the shape. And we add more explains and just us before we try to fit image and we add another Splain. I think this are good exercise too. Get good to use, explains and we try to fit displacements to correct Splain points on to connect the two spines at right We use three point Orc here at the top. Here, use a straight line friend then Riyadh, another Splain So it's the same thing again. Use ESP line move. Explain points to fit the image. Yeah, something like that. I think that's good. And we have the nose for the month and we had a explain something like this. This is not drug in science. It's just It should get something that looks try to get it good Us You can't. And there we have it. Profile. Don't worry show Oy, choose the profile. Andi extrude it. We Jews symmetry, I think for me limited cities Quite good. And we use join and you have to show the previous body. So if you down everything correct, you would have your horse a new trail. Look, something like this really is a pattern to add appearance we will use Okay, It's a wood texture. So, uh, thank you for listening on. Duh! Hope you see you soon. Bye bye 6. Queen: Hi and welcome to today's lecture. Today we will do the queen and we start a new design on We save it can name it Queen and we attach a camera's image. Make it transparent on we add it to the front plane, Choose the standard image, scale it up Then we choose calibrate on calibrate the queen image and then we have to position the queen. So we have symmetry around the Rico. We have rego at the bottom and we have symmetry off Queen I think that's good. Then we create a new sketch on the front plane a central line from a Rego aboard and make it construction line. Then we start from the upper part at a circle. I try to fit image off Queen Benry heard splints to fit the image of the queen. Try to use the same points and we are another Splain Onda Pick these points Onda at just the Splain points So it fit the image off the queen. Then we are not explain and use the's points Then we just point So this plying will fit the image off the queen. Then we add another spine at the bottom unused explain handle to adjust the core Sure on drag a point So it fit the image off green , we add, uh, work and I just it so it looks good. Then we draw a straight line to connect a circle with the rest off the part. Then we draw a line to the Rego and then a straight line to the left. So it got closed, profiled the meat juice, dream and dream. So we have the hearth off image off the queen. We won't have the the Hoff. So we have a symmetry and then we will revolt. - No , the tree or satisfied we real use the command revolt peak The profile on the axis off revolution. Here we have the body. I asked Schick, Jim a tree, and it's it's okay. We will be sad if I win this design. And it looked like this. Then we add another sketch. Another sketch, two front plane and we need to do the rings. We create the new sketch, draw a centrum line, make it construction nine. I mean, juice a two point rectangle and trying to fit image, I mean at another two point rectangle and try to fit the image. I would use the three point arc something like this then between And then reduce the command. Prove allude, Revolve. Sorry. And pick the access off rotation and show old solely and shows join. And there we have our queen. Just a small adjustment. We remove this line and replace it. We had to an ark. You don't need to do this, but I think it looks better. So you see, you can edit sketches and Yeste, everything will be update. Yeah, here is our queen. I hope you have a new in this lecture, Onda. Thank you for listening. Bye bye. 7. King: higher. Welcome. This is shakeup. Today we will do the king. We create a new design. Name it King, and we attach a camera's image, just the imagery used before on we scale of image and we calibrate the image. And then we try to position the king at the RICO at the bottom off, the king on position with King. So we have symmetry. We will use the same tactic as before. We really sketch half off a king and then revolve it. So we create a new sketch at the front plane. We draw a symmetry line. It's just normal line that we switch to construction line to start with a straight line to the left, continue and try to fit the image off the king. We'd lines and we draw a line here Angel line on the line. Don't. And we had a work to connect the lines. I mean, you said two point rectangle and try to fit image off the king and we are free point arc and we dream lines that we don't need. Then we continue to great explains and try to do supply and suey fit the king, try to you thes points then we position explain points so it fit King And then we are satisfied. We, uh, continue and add also a spine at the bottom and use displaying handle too Get correct twist Then we are just straight line at the bottom on a straight line in the middle On between that line Here we are or first line then we use Orc. This is maybe not the best solution but I would just show that you can do it. It will work for these sketch but this is not very recommended to split spines. We will dream away and its sensory lines. And there we have our profile that we will revolt. Go Teoh revolved Future Chiuso profiled on shriveled access. Okay, that we have it When Then we add another sketch and create a circle that we extrude It will be used for cross at the top of the king You symmetry. Then we add another sketch at the front plane and withdraw. We have to connect the upper part with the lower part. We draw us symmetry line just straight line at middle Choose construction line when we use a two point rectangle and we hide the bodies is that we can pick our rectangle and we use the ruble future and Jews join and turn so leads back and there we hope the upper and lower part connected. No, we have to do the cat out for cross. We create a new sketch on the face off circle we create a symmetry line is a straight line in the middle and we do it to construction line. I'm a draw horizontal line in the middle off a circle. Um, use a lips read to try to fit the cutout part. I think that's pretty good. And then we make another line that is angled. So we can, uh, uh, angle. We need the angle so we can do, ah, circle a pattern. We create the line from the middle on out on dimension it to foot If I degree and then we connect the middle line conscience with angle line that we have it No, we use cat out extrude cat out through all. Yeah, we have Ah, cut out Now. I try to do a circular pattern, but I have no centrum access, so it will not work at this time. So we had have to at access in the middle off circle at the top and just choose access from Selena. Or And there we are access. No. We can create a circular pattern. Yes, I do like this. And there we have it. I were king and we are appearance Used a button and that are light, crude and texture. Yeah, 30. So working we can go to render on had some shadows and reflections, but Ah, yeah. Thank you for watching this lecture. And I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. See you soon. Bye bye. 8. Board: hi and welcome. This is shake up again today we would do the board ships board and that it's, uh yeah, it's pretty straightforward. You won't aboard to put our she's pieces on. We create a new design name it board. We create a new sketch. Use a rectangle with a central point. Then we are equation. We want two millimeters Etch on. We want 40 millimeters for each square and we have eight squares and we have ah, small space with one millimeters between the squares. So it will be for you know, 31 I guess. And you can use the deep button for Dimension If you I didn't put the correct dimension from the beginning. I will use d bottom on Dimension it the same free 131 millimeters. But we use his equation to add to 40 times eight plus seven. Enter that we have our mean German tree and we extrude this square two millimeters. Then we add another sketch on that face and that would be a square 40 times 14. We want scraps like that. We want black and white. We re use a pattern this dimension 8 40 times 40 and from H two millimeters from each. It's just let me go to sketch on, use the command a pattern, rectangular pattern and shoes, a peak, the different lines. It be four lines and we won't eight in both direction. I'm be minus because it's about the direction 41 41. And then we have our main board when we accept it and then we extrude every single square. We have to pick them one by one. Sadly so we just pick 64 squares and then we will extrude, um, a little bit. I think serial 0.2 is enough. So your peak each square and make sure it is 64 on extrude it. Okay, then we have our main main ships board. Then we pick the space between the square house and extrude. It's so it would look nicer just a little bit around cerro 0.4 or something like that. Then we use the A button Andi unwto appearances and Jews from wood texture or appearances and just drag it on the solely on. There you have it. Then you switch from bodies too face and drag a door texture on. Uh, we want not every just Yeah, you Jews, The dork. Only the dork. And add the texture too. Like this pattern. You see, I do. So we just take appearances for dark bamboo on drug it like this pattern. So we will create our own Just born to put the she's pieces on. This is not a very hard tosses, just common sense. And there we have it. The complete chessboard. No, we can do. Ah, nice rendering. You can save it. First shoes, Uh, sittings like environmental reflections. Shadows. I'm correct, Ray, too. And it will look something like this. I hope you have a new of a lecture, Onda. Uh see you soon. Bye bye. 9. Assembly: hi and welcome to trace Lecture able to complete assembly for chess game. Start a new the sign name it shifts or assembly or maybe shifts assembly. Then we go to the death of panel and import the board, inserting to current the sign and we place it just full. OK, here's our board and we make it ground. So it fixed ground. Then we will start adding the game pieces. Just go to protect folder on, import the different game pieces and then move them. Dragged him with the arrows to a correct position and you can use view kuhb different views to see that everything is OK. You can use the snap, but it's sometimes hard to find right point. But yes, if you you can use the M bottom to go to enter the move, command shoes components and just drag the competent to the correct position. There we have our king. Then we take the next pieces, take the queen on, drag her up a little and then use the top U two precision har at correct position at the chessboard. Then we have to came pieces. Then we import of the horse and try to position the horse on the correct position on the chessboard and use that took you to position divorce at correct position and twist it. Use the manipulator and there we have our horse. Then we add another horse. Use the arrow on the top view to position the horse so it looks good on. Then twist it, I may say Rotate it. Then we add the runner is the top. Do you? On the arrow to position the runner. Then we add another runner. And with the exactly same thing use the top view and a rose and a side of you on drug. It's a little bit. Don't. Then we have a tower import tower. Use the top view and position the tower using the arrow manipulators. I'm beside you. Then we go to pro. Sir Andi imports another tower. This time I make remove it and I make a couple off the tower. Then I just have to position it using the top view. More clever way off, doing it doing it. Then we have the p sent. We import the peace and into the sign on position it using the top view. I'm a side view. Ana other piece and we will use a pattern. A linear, a rectangular pattern in Wonder Direction Shoes continents and choose the be sent and pick the direction on. Drag the distance and choose the number off peace. And you want ad. We want tohave eat. Just enter eight in the day lore books we'll use the I mean a roof and Norway have it. One side, the white side is finished. We don't need to do the exact same thing again. We can use mirror components. He chews, mirror and choose competence. Let me just choose all the competence and yes, mirror plane. And there we have all the game pieces. Then we use appearances. I'm drag the torque bamboo to every dork side game pieces. Yes, there we have it. Our complete she's game I think it into ah rendering choose rendering workspace. And we got reflection and shadows And it looks really nice. I hope you have a new during the lecture. Andi, I hope to see you in the next lecture. Thank you. Bye bye. 10. Animation: I am Welcome this, Jacob. Today we will do animation off chess game be switched to the animation workspace. And here we have a time line at the bottom. And here we can do Ah, dimension off shifts game we drag the core sore Onda, Uh, we have different command we can do on it will be recorded in the timeline. First add a transform and move the peace end And we see at the time line we have icon, uh, transformation. I'm in a position, the peace and on this new position, Then we add, of course or some seconds ceiling Onda rotate view to the dark side. And we had a transformation to the peace and dork peace and a movie to a new position. And we have a new i cone in our timeline and we I don't want them to transform the same. So we change the position in the timeline. So at first light on the dork peace and then we add some more seconds forward in the timeline, um, rotate to the dark side. M irritate. I mean, are some seconds. I'm rotate back to the light side. Every move the runner to a new position when we preview the animation, then we add some seconds and rotate to the dark side. And we had a transformation to the horse. The Dark course, a movie, Teoh. New position. You can any time change order in the timeline on the different positions we review the animation. Then we had some seconds in the timeline forwarding and remove the runner and take the horse. Remove the runner to new position, then we select the horse. Andi, make it visible. So it looked like the runner has taken a horse. No, no, we have Ah, complete automation off Just came. We preview it, Onda. And I hope you have annoying hiss Lecture on the thanks for listening. I hope you see you soon. Bye bye.