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Learn German Fast From English: Easy German For Beginners - Lesson 1

teacher avatar Steffen Schönherr, German language teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Kurs-Präsentation: Learn German fast from English

    • 2. Pronunciation audio file: Instant vocabulary (Full Cognates)

    • 3. Pronunciation audio file: Neue Wörter (new words)

    • 4. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 1 c k

    • 5. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 2 sh sch

    • 6. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 3 ph f

    • 7. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 4 add an -e

    • 8. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1B

    • 9. Pronunciation audio file: Übung 1C Übersetze auf Englisch

    • 10. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1D

    • 11. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1f

    • 12. Practice speaking German video 1

    • 13. Practice speaking German video 2

    • 14. Practice speaking German video 3

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About This Class


Activate Your German You Already Know

Is it possible to learn German fast online? The answer is: yes! Simply because German and English are not so different from each other. In fact, you know a lot of German already! Both languages share thousands of similar words and have similar sentence structures. This is how anyone who knows English can actually pick up basic German easily - and speak it right away! And the best thing is that you don't need to study a lot of grammar or words. It just needs an innovative German learning method to point out the similarities and some practice...


Der Lerneffekt (The Learning Effect) In 10 Lessons + Bonus Material

✓ Learn 4314 German words similar to English

✓ Learn the 100 most frequently used German words (with an easy to remember learning technique)

✓ German language system to create more than 80.000 German phrases

✓ Proven language learning method

✓ No complicated German grammar

✓ Faster learning with German-English similarities

✓ Hear and pronounce German the native way correctly 

✓ Start talking in German right away with what you already know from English

✓ Speak useful German for everyday life within a few days


The Easiest Way To Learn German You Will Find On The Internet

⇒ You already tried to learn German "the normal way" (on your own or with a teacher) but it was just too complicated, not useful enough and demotivating for you?

⇒ Or you are an absolute beginner who has never spoken a word of German and you would like to learn the language but you just don't know where to start?

⇒ You are looking for a quick and easy shortcut to German to be able to say the most important things right away to use in real life situations?

 You don't want to spend endless hours learning German and you want to get straight to the point and speak?

⇒ You want to discover and activate the German you already know from English with thousands of words to build thousands of sentences for easy communication?

⇒ You want to speak useful German and not spend much time on difficult, boring grammar theory?

⇒ You would like to be able to talk to locals on a trip to Germany, Austria or Switzerland and talk to your German-speaking friends?

Then this is the right German course for you!

Self-study the German language with professional lesson material, videos and audio files. Get started now and speak German!


Lesson 1: Arrival - Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland

Situation: Arrival at a German, Swiss or Austrian airport, transfer to the hotel

What you learn: Say what you need, what you look for and what (public transportation) you
take, the German “Akkusativ” (accusative), more Top 100 Words (most frequent German

187 new words


How To Learn: Three Simple Steps

1. Download and work through the PDF document (resources)

2. Practice your pronunciation with the audio files

3. Practice speaking with the videos for this lesson

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Steffen Schönherr

German language teacher


Mein Name ist Steffen (My name is Steven) and I create lessons to Learn German Fast From English - Easy German For Beginners. I grew up in Northwest Germany, right next to Netherlands. After I graduated from university and once I started to teach German I realized how similar English and German are. This is when I came up with the idea to create a method which takes advantage of what English speakers already know about German to make learning as easy and natural as possible.

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1. Kurs-Präsentation: Learn German fast from English: Hello. My number is Stephan. Each present era in L A and e d for your George You d is thumper. So it ties them for absolute Semper he bothers is English. What on structure? Alice A dentist. Thus concept is noi on in over. Chief Emma told a is effective on eh Fitzsimmons into the sense was in into the sun. Tsu lien on part fish feel commonly cut soon that's this team is finished complete. See it It's tussle the infinity If yaar trust in your and gorgeous English if you could understand most of what you have just heard and seen, you have already picked up German without much effort. I have come up with this new idea where I can teach English speakers to learn German in a few days and you don't need to study a lot off words or grammar. There are hundreds and even thousands off similar words in English and German, and I have combined them with the top 100 most frequently used words and German, a powerful combination that enables you to say the most important things right away. These similarities, due to the same dramatic language foods make it easy for English speakers to speak German. The only trick is to excavate this knowledge, which traditional normal teaching methods don't do at the German and English teacher. I've tested this idea with some international friends, and they've learned very quickly. Let's see what you think about my new method. Alice, Club villain and George. 2. Pronunciation audio file: Instant vocabulary (Full Cognates): electoral Numa lines Lesson number one Instant for kept for Larry Full coordinates I for bit out to Oh, both Coffee Computer club. Oh, you're cool. First food festival Gates Hospital I who Tay Haas to kiosk Leapt up lounge Numb Pass Soon put in C I is too long. Faith Service, Supermarche Ticket term and J. Otto come transport to tour then. 3. Pronunciation audio file: Neue Wörter (new words): Neue Vota. New words, if see is pro, huh? See? Broken a suit. The's oof! In his name. Seeing name and I'm, I know, fun owned. Feel coach in Morgan Putin talk. Got a knob and good enough. Hello, truth. 4. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 1 c k: coordinates category eines c car. I'm Eric. Are I should detect Atlantic. I'm boycott I in Cocteau's I'm come here I become of ah, I know. Combi. Not soon, decadent. Find the elect defect. I'm doctor. I'm document. I'm effect exact. I'm fucked. I'm fucked or find full course. I'm helicopter incompetent. I'm instinct. Look, I I in a logic, I'm a mosaic. I nectar, I object I Nippon Nick Perfect. I Nope. Aspect, Eva, I never act soon. I'm scum die. I know tons act soon. I'm Varco. Um, I'm think 5. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 2 sh sch: cock Neitz category. It's by it's uh yes, it's a huh? Bangladesh? I in bush English. I'm English. I'm fear. Tish, Finish! I am finish. I'm fish Huff. You have? I'm evil ish. I know. Marsh, find Shima. Fine shock. Sure Bonnet. I'm Spanish. I'm stock fish. 6. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 3 ph f: coordinates category. Try P. Huh? If I'm food tool until a fund 7. Pronunciation audio file: Cognates Kategorie 4 add an -e: coordinates category. Feel at any? I'm on Guida. I know, Asher. I know, Tuck. I never Lada eine bod. Uh, best I know. Bomba. Uh, I am Bhola. I'm candy ball. Uh, I in a cut it all eine shahm i in the classic. I know component. I know Constanta. I knew Khoussa Ionikos toe China Deokman Allah, I end. Uh, I know a polka. China s court. I an expert toe. I know Khullar. I know how toe I know whom I ne e kuna in other i in a lump. I know Ehrlich, and, uh I know Lister I no longer I know length. I know mask er I am the Massa I in a maximum. I am a loner. I am the matured Uh, I in a time, uh I know a pair Your the I in a picture. I in a pillar. I know Priest Uhler. I know oppressor. I know. Prove Amita, I know some toe I never avoid. Toe I nas and, uh I believe Allah. I know. Hola. I know. You know China's on dollar I nas sector China's arena I, nas aka I know resort to I No speak of our, uh I know one. Ah, in Vandalia I ne v Alina I m Vila 8. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1B: wrong kind spay exercise one B. I'm Becca. I in a Becca High. Eine bet I never will shoot for I in a cantina. I intend to um I'm a claim. I'm Costa. I informed I'm house. I know who toe i n elects you on. I finally met her. I am a ta tsa. My name is I'm Pa's Ocio. I am Puss. I'm fart. I'm FIFA. I'm perfume. I in a vice China. Shula China's a Kanda. I'm sure I'm starting on. I'm soca. I negative. Uhse. I envy xylem. I n Vesa I in vine. 9. Pronunciation audio file: Übung 1C Übersetze auf Englisch: boom boom. I'm see because that off English exercise one c translate into English. Its power envies um, its name I newcomer va Putin talk. It's super in hotel in Belene. Its name I know bon. It's so her. I'm starting on in hum book sie zu in china. Becca, I a super einen point Peter is probably on a lump of fuel. Gonna come over, Sue her in and fish its name on In both truth CPL. Finighan and Zupan locked, See Name and I'm hasta go to not see Zulu Niner Cut it, Allah in Berlin Putin Morgan The Super I in a bunk for a Natanz act Soon Bishop Alkaline and pass in George Lund. It's so kind Doctor Off on a pillar. Gutin Arvind. His name is Ryan Toxie. Few in hotel Hello. If super unrest all your fast food c zero in on the bank fury Natanz Act soon a super an impasse Nausea Nama I take my, uh, Guttentag its name on the claim I am perfume on nine Vasa. Just Hello Supercopa nine Emma thats a few einhaus. If so. Commish soca fifth uh, Christ fish. When I finally met a few in a cantina 10. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1D: wrong kind. Stay exercise. One D is Paul her kind V's? Um, its name a kind Akama uh, gutin talk. They saw her kind hotel in Berlin Dish Name a kind of bon. It's so her kind star Yuan in hum book seaso hand kinda. Becca High. It's super kind and point Ishmael. Her kind of lump of your own a camera if sue her kind and fish ish nemec einen both truce z vehicle, hand kind and super marked See name and kind hasta Could you not? The's Will can kind of cut it harder. It's so her kind of bunk for your kind of tons act soon is pro her kind and pass in Deutschland issue her kind and doctor. If you're kind of pillar dish, name a kind Toxie for your kind hotel. It's so her kind Agresto off your fast food. The's Okun kind of bunk, your kind of tons act. Soon it's super kind and possess Jye Putin talk its name a kind of claim kind perfume. What kind of Uhse truce? Hello, The problem kind of matar TSA. If you're kind house, it's so her mish soca sefer. Hi Fish onto kindly meta feel kinda cantina 11. Pronunciation audio file: Antworten zu Übung 1f: aren't important to Google Lines. F Answers to exercise one. F It's broker I know come ever its name on Hoster. Good enough, CPL. From Kind V's. Um Quinton Talk. If so. Hernanes Supermarche The New Mankind Hotel Zizou Conine Perfume I'm Vasa on China Claim Putin, Arvind Hp, Alfa in taxi for an hotel and hum book. See Broken Kind and Dr Furin A Pillar Issues Through Her on and Took Hello is Proper I in a bunk through Chinatown. Zach Tune in Deutschland. Putin Morgan. It's brought her I Nima Tots, If you're Einhaus Z Vulcan Soca, Miss Sefer Fish Highs on Dinah Lee Meta. If you're in a cantina, See Zukin and PAHs are Shia Nama. Klaus Schmidt. It's super. I undercut it. Harlan. The problem Kind Auto in 1,000,000,000. It's Super Island boasts feline festival. It's probably on Is a condom. Sees a woman kind of Becca High. Hello is probably I'm ticket for anti Arte. Seen him and I know Tom felines starting on kind and so truth 12. Practice speaking German video 1: Lex your own lines Practice speaking with the video for this lesson The German pronunciation off taxi is Toxie se Toxie The German word for a for masculine neutral knowns is I am se I'm the German words for I need are issue well huh se the German word for hello If Hello se Hello and I'll say in German Hello I need a taxi Hello is pro fine Toxie, say hello is pro fine Toxie The German pronunciation off Berlin is baleen se baleen. The German pronunciation off in is the same as in English. In se in the German word for friend is coins se point The German word for a for masculine expletive announce is I know se einen The German word for four is true se through Nel say in German for a friend in Berlin through an informed in Belene se feline informed in Berlin And I'll say in German Hello. I need a taxi for friends in Berlin. - Hello . It's 12 on taxi for uninformed in Berlin. Say hello. It's probably a in taxi for uninformed In Berlin, the German pronunciation off trend is come se come the German word for for female announces I know Say , I know the German wards for I take our ish Nema se ish Nema The German words for good Morning are who John Morgan say Putin, Morgan Nel say in German Good morning. I take a tramp Kujan Morgan dish Name on it. Tom Se Hui, Jin Morgan Its name. I need Tom. The German word for transaction is contact Soon se times like soon say hi. Natanz locks you on, say, fewer Chinatowns. Actually, the German pronunciation off bank is bunk, Say funk say in a bunk. The German words for I search I look for are a su her say to her the German words for good day are wouldn't talk, say Putin talk and I'll say in German. Good day, my search. Look for a bank for transaction. Quit and talk. It's super I in a bunk through China transact soon se wouldn't talk the super on a bank for on a transaction on who? Yeah, Katula Soon you are already speaking German. You have finished the first part off the video lesson. Take a short break, have a coffee, okay. Or take some fresh air and continue with the second part of this video lesson 13. Practice speaking German video 2: the German pronunciation off person ISS has on say, pass on, say in a Pez on say if you're in a pairs on the German pronunciation off ticket it's the same mess in English tickets se ticket say I'm ticket the German roads for you need are Z broken se z volen say Viva El Conine ticket The German words for good evening are Gutin are binge. Say Putin Arvind and I'll say in German Good evening. You need a ticket for a person coach in Ah Bint Zebra Wholphin on ticket for your own a pair zone se Gutin Arvind. Well, when I'm ticket for, you're gonna pay zone the German pronunciation off festival iss festival se festive er say I'm festival se fluorine festive er the German pronunciation off bus iss Both se both say ayn both the German words for you take our see name and se z Nayman Say the name and einen boasts the German word for good bye iss truth se truce and I'll say in German Goodbye. You take a bus for a festival Truth The name and an in both feline festival se truce the name and and both fluorine festival The German pronunciation off restaurant ISS Just too long, say rest of all say I'm dressed a hall, the German word for end ISS owned say on the German pronunciation off super marked ISS Super marked se super marked se eines Obama. The German words for you Search. Look for our the zoo, hon, say the zoo in se, Zizou, quinine and super marked. And I'll say in German you search. Look for a supermarket in the restaurant, the zoo in line and super marked on gun arrests Hall se Zizou and onions super marked on an arrest to all the German word for Germany is deutschland say, George Lund, the German pronunciation off hotel ISS. What a se ho tae say I'm hotter The German negation opposite off line for mescal and neutral announces kind se kind, Stay in German. Good day. Good and talk se Gutin talk, say in German. I need Ishbo. Huh? Se say in German Goodbye. Juice se truce and I'll say in German. Good day, uneaten. No hotel in Germany. Goodbye. Question. Talk is powerful kind hotel in George Lund Truce se Guttentag its power kind hotel in Deutschland juice the German pronunciation off computer is almost the same s in English Computer Say I in computer say in German Good evening, Putin, Arvind, say Putin. Ah Bint say in German I take its name se ish Nema say in German I take a come shooter its name I didn't come Shooter se ish name on income Shooter I'll say in German. Good evening. I take a come shooter Goten Arvind its name on in computer se krutonog vant its name on income shooter extra lend You have successfully completed the second part off the video lesson. Doesn't it feel great to be speaking in German that easily? You have already learned many German words. That's seven small Powell za and then continue with part three. 14. Practice speaking German video 3: say in German in Berlin in gasoline, say in Belene, the German word for cathedral lists. Cut it, Voller. Say Cut it dollar say I'm a cut it Voller the German negation opposite off China for feminine. And Prue announces kind of se kinda se kind of cut it a dollar. The German pronunciation off cafe iss coffee se I'm coffee se kind coffee say in German I search Look for if sue her se if sue her say in German Good day Gutin Talk se gutin talk now say in German Good day, I search. Look for a cafe at No Cathedral in Berlin, which in talk it's super on Cafe on Kinda cut it of Allah in Berlin, Se Gordon Talk Ishizuka and Cafe on Kinda cut it. The value in 1,000,000,000 the German pronunciation off the city off Hamburg iss hum book se hum book The German pronunciation off hostile is Hoster say I'm hasta the German word for document is no comment. Say I'm document se kind document say in German you need leave dolphin se ze Paul Flynn Miles say in German. Good evening. You need no document for hostile in Berlin. Putin, Arvind, People often kind document from and hostile in Belene Se Gutin, Arvind People Alvin Kind document for On Hostile in Belene Nelson and German Good evening. You need a document for hostile in Berlin? Krutonog Bend Zeppetella Benign document Fear and hostile in Belene Se Putin Arvind Zebra Falcon. I'm document for on Hostile in Berlin. The German word for photo is photo. Say I'm photo se kind photo The German would for camera is coming over. Say, I know, Come over. Say kind of Come on, huh? Say in German for fuel se fuel say, in German, you would take see Nayman se z Neiman Nelson in German. You take a camera for photo, see name in China camera off you and foretell se the name and China come of a few and photo the German word for the city off Hanover is Anno fa se han ofa The German word for a day is talk, Say I'm talk se kind, talk, say in German for a day Fuel line and talk se fuel line and talk the German word for auto car This true? Say I'm total say in German I need Ishbo. Huh? Se ish parole, huh? Say in German. Hello. Hello. Say hello, Elsa. In German. Hello. I need an auto A car for a day and hand over. Hello is power. And now trophy on and talk in Han Ufa Se. Hello! Is power an auto fear on and talk in Hanno Fa. Fantastic! Super good. That was a great start. You have just finished part three and the whole first lesson one like two nines. Now you have the vocabulary off more than 200 German words. You are already communicating in German. Congratulations.