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Learn Everything about Camera Raw in Photoshop

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. 01. What you Learn from this Course

    • 2. 02. Adobe Camera Raw User Interface Explained

    • 3. 03. How to Control Exposure

    • 4. 04. What Makes Beautiful in Couple Photography

    • 5. 05. How to Change Color to another Color

    • 6. 06. How to Control White Balance

    • 7. 07. How to deal with Graduated Filter

    • 8. 08.How to make beautiful your Portrait Photography

    • 9. 09. Easy Steps to Skin Retouching

    • 10. 10. How to make your Own Presets in Camera Raw Filter

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About This Class


How to Master in Adobe Camera Raw Plugin Photoshop CC

If you are a Photographer, you need to work in Photoshop for color correction, enhancing your pictures, calibration your perspective, Retouching the Portraits, Landscape or any Photography.

Adobe Camera Raw Plugin is a very powerful thing to do these things.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in my home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from your career to your Personal Work or your business confidence.

I completed my Master in Multimedia Engineering and done my Master in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &nbs... See full profile

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1. 01. What you Learn from this Course: Hi. Hello, everyone. Welcome to our new class on. This is Mac Desmond. I am your host. My name is Solomon and Romania. On this course, I explained all about the things in adobe camera from zero Do Everything. So let's get structure. I just give you stocking majors for using this course. So these are all the stock images. What? I'm using this one. These are the landscapes, Andi. Name landscape photos on 11 people for this will wither once. Instructor, this course as a beginner, we thought knowing those things before means we are just looking like this. Only after that we just look like this. Discourse will be very much fun under a very interesting one. So let's get started with your 2. 02. Adobe Camera Raw User Interface Explained: okay. Lets just to be started with the first class in the adult camera. Just opened the photo shops Easy. I am using the photos up CC photos and 19 version. Whatever the majors just open in that it's not a problem. And this is the C R. Two means that it's camera. Her percent. That means Roy Majors shouldn't pay any DSLR. It's another ways J pig, R J P G. Whatever the majors just capture in your by, phones are three or smartphones. Are you three were digital cameras are your dear slots. Anything's so just open into that, I just click the Colbert. And now and you can import your picture for this example. I just import this image. Does it z it some camera or something? It will directly open into the camera. We because off this format, that means Darcy are so that this camera something to Russians. So these former files will be directly open into the camera route inside that for the shop . So this is my idol on my desk. So I showed with the can us some 100 D model. You can see this from here. Okay. What are the lens and about the frames about a years old on what is the A picture I am just using for to take the easy majors? These talks will be located from here. The frame stops on the years. Go on the reach ship type off lens kick When I'm using toe, take this picture. Everything will be locator from this side On the top one, these things will be the tool bus. So these are called the tool bus. Then you click on you can certain any tool bars and you can action on your pictures from here the right side, the total window having the bunch off options toe change colors exposes contrast like this So much off. Things will be that we can see everything detailed in this video upto the lessons. So this is the interface for the camera with you can see the one more thing with here there is importantly with before and after you can see you can cycle support it. So when you click from here, you can see the before and after. I suppose if I just increase my exposure are decrease Monex. Bullshit. You can watch the before and after now I click again, you can see the 50% off the picture will be, comes around from the left side to the before and after now again, I clicked the same thing. You can see the top on the bottom so way we cycle around these images. Means, if you are using the portrayed on the landscape, just means this will be useful for you when you got zoom like this, right? The boat pictures in the before and after simultaneously that will be shown to you once I gain I switch this. This is the half portion of the top of the apartment with Once I click in the previous state, that means that first initial statement becomes down. Usually, I like to work with type of purchase it like these one because people's are watching that what is going on on the screen? What is going on to change? What is the exact change for the before and after the press? The space bar that it's a sample will be that you can move your picture wherever you just need it. That is very much so far on another one. Now I just a little bit increase the exposures or some other. Any contrast means on this is the the left side. It comes out on the first initial state of the picture on the right side. After using the camera, some off the options and everything will be looks like. Then you click. The open image means it will open in new work for the shop as a background as the player we've been locker in the state after you switch toe that color variances liberated. This is so you can understand. This one's so this is the portal interface and everything. The shortcut keys on the views on that ho the importer into the photo shop see the next election. 3. 03. How to Control Exposure: in this lesson because you've seen about the exposure, brightness, contrast like these things. So I just opened this image from here Just making a little bit of zoom to make the canvas fit inside my photo shop on everything on just press the command J R control J to make the duplicate of this layer. When I go into the filter middle, you can see the camera film dead from here or other ways. The shot cookies control shifted. Yea, practice the shark in case to make a recency and speed up your work control shift the at once the camera plug in is going to be a starter. So once you click the photo shop camera Now, I just tell you, this is the very most powerful plug in inside inbuilt plug ins off the adobe. So I just take this class in Teoh funny or entertainment of some of the things I just brought about knowing the knowledge is inside of me. I just expose here, So try to learn these things. Thank you for that. So from these ones, you can vote for the profile Foster dating, profile color are with the monochrome. What it mean by the monochrome. The black and white monochrome model means single. So the single coolest, the black under the way to everything that so only one could be choosing from that. So perfect means I just go into the colorful asked the weight balance, the shot, the shot want taken by the photograph for its remaining, as in the state. So now, as a user on as a viewer, you just need to make this one has a great photograph. So how to do that? You can be watched like this, that beyond things exposure, contrast highlights shadows, weights and blacks and everything in these things you can maybe you can know about this shadows, whites, blacks, highlights or something. But everyone no support the exposure of the contrast because we are watching TV as bail in this. For any TV, it will be available as the middle things some other. But it's exporter brightness, like this one, the same thing. So if I do expose it like this, see the magic what that's happening? So I just go for it again and said that Q has the Cuban to make the shark turkey to activate the cycle before the afternoon images. So the before image on their after image you can watch this. The explosion like it when you fix the explosion. Also, it will comes like this are otherwise I just going toe again. Zero. The shadows will be that right? So now I just bring the shadows. So what would be happening? The sea that the more blacks it's comes around in tow something wherever the shares will be , the the shadows will be high later by that once. So that is very good under the highlights where the wait waits inside the picture that behind it, so that all this Kalyani everything is to be violated. The compressed has already you know, that the blacks battle the blacks. It's the it's going to be white or something. So see this. The weights becomes more waiter on the blacks comes in tow, somewhat weight. Mix it with the great or some other things. So I just want to reason everything If you change any other values from here, if you want to need to change, uh, recent everything, just hold this. This button on comes toe camera defaults, right? No. Everything going in tow set into the position off destructing state. I would just increase the exposure as much as I needed for this picture. This illness Very good. I I assumed just, uh whatever up to you, then the d hiss. I just decreased. The DS means the weight smashing toe looks like snow spreader of some of the fog. Like that. So in this one, I just push the be his. But why you can see this from here these clubs, areas Looks like a sharp when things have some of the things. So, Preston, come troller command zero toe again fit in the window. That's also used for the shortcut. Now, I just degree stage closure as some other things than the highlight. Okay, now I bring up the shadow from here. That's good. No, we bring the lights off us. Really as much this image wanted. Now bring up the black's being down the blacks. I just need to bring up the Black Square because that was impotent is going to be very dark and just give the some look into the picture. So as the distinct the 1st 1 this is the basic off color correction making the camera love pictures. This is the basic one frustrating. You can understand very much everything. As you don't forget to give the review of this lessons. See the next one. Once you've done this, you can bring okay, Like it. Now the picture is coming into from the bag. Grow under the second layer. Astor camera raw process it. It picture very well before and after is looking great. 4. 04. What Makes Beautiful in Couple Photography: I just import the image into the photo shop. I just pressed their controller command j to make the duplicate layer. Then I press control shift yea, or command shift here to activate the camera blocking. Once you open the plugging in for this picture, I just proceed every steps till the end so you can understand how it is going on before and after on hold, the processing images will be taken. So in this image, the sunset, uh, something I think the sunset is that so The light little orange and the blue Make sure the water reflections the couples is very thing SAB's um So whoever like this picture also please come in me. So this one, I just increase the temperature toe. The brighter side noted the cool one No, 11 So I just click into the warm side till 18 are 17 to 18 hours. Um, other things and that the exposure I just kill it, kill exposure. I do one. Now you can see the shadows off the couples on the behind the sun rays. Is everything very cool. Now I just past the queue so you can easily see what happenings in there the before and after things for the highlights. I just increase the highlights way because off the light I do improves the white light beyond the beyond the sun on from the light falls from the skies. So I improve the pilots. Then I shadows at the sensate. So I kill the shadows. A very lord, much very, very Lord much Nearly two miners 15. That's very absent. We can say this upto left once So from the behind side that sundries are from here it is very little bit only. But from here it is very high later under the clouds and everything turns in tow a little more darker. So So when you print this image, it is kills you are album So there weights on their blacks are are also I just improve the whites nearly to the 30 That's good on kill the blacks nearly to the minus 30. So the riverside Okay, this is not your not does I hope to say that this is not a rule. So it's actually practicing when you are practicing this camera blocking by using these numbers and little random numbers, you got so many, many, many things off these things. It will be very useful for your pictures and everything. So, like with the D. Hayes, you just learn about one little thing only. What, this later going to be working on this one's. So when you touch the d hazing sliders, what will be happening on the picture? You understand that thing? Only then I increased a little bit off vibrance. Nearly the saturation. Very little. Only Let's fire. So this is the But what We have got it like this from before to after I got in the 50%. So this green bluish sky totally blue sky is turning Do L o under the bluish light limit with the average in the water. And everything looks very, very fabulous for this once. I love it. Okay. And now I just jump into the next to tab. Don't cope. So what is our What are all the things in the turncoat again? The same thing. Highlights and a light to dark side. Give me that for the highlights. The same thing, but effectively improvement in the light sections. So you just degrees thes highlights are otherwise you can improve the highlights. I already improved the highlights and everything. So when I touched the lights, this is the light source applied to the image So you can see this from the top off the beginning. So the blue ish kind of your crimson blue are some of the things. So the light is going into like a brilliant So the start meant that So I just increase the lights when the fall off to the image. So this image is going to be beyond the sunrise and the sunset. It will looks like very support things under dogs. If I improve the darks that are no much more that blacks will be washed over. So don't do we do that? I just a little bit only not much more than the shadows. If I improve the shadows, you can see the Southern more short off the a little bit of a dog, Grace. And so this one is very good. Not out venue is using the Parametric. Success will be going that are you can using. The point means you can put down the coins like this. You can manage. You were things like this, so I just didn't do that. Then I come into the sharpening the picture. If you need the sharpening, the picture amount off home won't up the sharpening you can you rise to from here? How much radius off the picture that toe to be sharpening on the detail homage to be there then the chisel to saturation eliminates. So I just improve into the second thing to the picture of this one. So you can understand these things means finally I just hit the work in Britain. So this is the before and this is the after transposing for this image in the camera. Pregnant, Not much more touching to any other slider. Sorry anymore on different layers. Nothing. Maybe that one Lee, with that camera plug in just two things only only playing with the lights on. But the basic sex since the remaining parts and everything will be followed by the next lessons 5. 05. How to Change Color to another Color: and this doesn't be helpful. Sinop, with the hue saturation on ruminants on how to change the from one collector and the color How toe we control these to your beauty so that start that. So I just make a duplicate layer and they press activate their camera filter by pressing the control shift year. No, From here, I don't touch any other things. The basic things. So this is the basic panel draw from here. I don't disturb any other things. I simply changed the color off the grass you can see from here where the most. I'm moving that one. The concert, the pale green like that means it's look like mixed with a low under the green like that little. So I jumped into the catcher's cell adjustments. The faster dab hue saturation. Luminous. So what do you mean made a hue? Hue means changing. The I oppose it class from red tow. The opposite one over the orange to the opposite one loaf means it comes toe green. So watch this. I pull up the zeros to here. Could you see that this one's so, uh, I just come to like this one? Okay, this'll now I just pull over to this, decide prostitute side. So what will be happening? You can see this. See the half TV and 1/2 before. So this is the word vehicles and this is the one. So when I pull back into the minus one, you can see the some four boom like colors will be changed out on to the neck, plus a positive side. All the colors will becomes into your dream so you can change one color to one color. Also inside camera filters and everything No, we just jump into their I bring back into the what isn't state saturation for they Look, if in this one I just control the in laws on Okay, I changed their losing Greenwood. If you jump into the saturation, you just hit. The saturation of the green means these trees on from the mounting greens on way, it will be changed up. Now. I just keep the look like this. See this black and white off the greenish magical things. Like if you are new to these ones, you feel very much better for this kind of photographs. When you're taking the photograph off kids from your garden or any birthday parties like that. It will be very useful for that. So kindly remember this once on the luminous luminous means hope amount off light It will positive from the cliff through the color on the goods like this you can see it. Moreover, if I said that you can see it means you can understand that one c late nous See this? Yeah, No, I just hit the nice John Good one because moreover, the those trees also very hard colors off the green metal so it will very much useful toe make such color Something in the had just still adjustment layers toe change the colors off So this is the before and this is the after If you need toe again change the shirt off This guy I jump into the just Is the blues tonight knowing to change even the blue Oh, thank you. Genes also change And using this it can wash up the shirt color or you can more saturated thes things. Okay, just make wash wash told guts. I like martial art class some the blues change these things. Okay, so not know luminous to be needed But I do this once. So if I turn like this before and after, you can change any colors to any colors in the photographs and everything using the one. Leave one side of the Duchess of Assessments, so keep watching. 6. 06. How to Control White Balance: in this lesson, we have seen a boat hope to control their weight balance for your picture. So I just important image inside the photo shop, then making the duplicate layer on and activate the camera Blufgan. Then you can. The shot gives the eye for the For this sampler with balance sampler. You can click it wherever on the picture and take the sample one. So the more brake dust thing, what is the thing on the shirt that the weight color under the beyond the grass learned some other that degree content double. So is there, but maximum weight? Is that so very click that you can see the weight balance that means control off the weight , and then they just sporting, do some surplus look things. So when I click into the green color, say this it's totally converting to some other lamb. Finished. Some purplish color will be that when I click into the way to learn should the total picture will be transforming your nice things. Cities before and after the grass gets more saturate er on the face, get more orange. Look on the amber love that blacks shadows and everything will be completely changed from here to here one lead by clicking on the pictures where you I like that color is also if you click on the red, then again wait that face that lips killers that number, law it on the black like this wants some like aged it. Photos like that, someone that the sixties to eighties for those like that. So when I click into the this one is white. I love this one because the face on everything looks remains the same under the colors. Bush up into your saturated one. Now one more thing will be that again. You can't tell it from here. I just zoom face like this. So what will be happening from here? It's once so according Toa Value Selector, this book pixels. Those color will be controlled by this one's. So I just click onto the face on the shoot. No way just to jump into the saturation chisel that panel in tow that luminous the orange org. When I just hit it, see that the face on Lee gets more greater. The face only gets more darker while this is chocolate content. So I just improved a little bit, only not much more. Only 10 points nearly to the aid to the fighter. 10 points Only Then I click. OK to finish this one on before and after. What's this? The grass gets more saturated, the face get more brighter on the remaining collapse will pop up inside. Image really definitely will be like this. See on the next list. 7. 07. How to deal with Graduated Filter: it's in this class we heard toe seen about greedy int filter inside the camera filter. So how to use? So before this picture will be looked like this one So after converting that process, it image it's looked like this one. The more bluish and greenish water water bush. So how could do these ones? So I just just chalk this one I didn't want So make a duplicate layer. Activate the camera off. Plug in. You have to see this tool G shocker toe that is graduated filter graduated filter like looks like grading filter. It's about one look like the same things only. So when I click this you got cross had marked like that one. So once you click inside the picture and you can pull a work like this Okay, you can do whatever you were size needs on the picture. So what is the correct meaning off this warden? The one color started from here, and it's going to be yet to hear the amount of feather will be applied to these area. So I started from here on, come to here on these area is going to be fit. So when I just moved to the same color it will be comes over through. So it could be. See this Jordan Lee, I just making to some other temperature. You can see this on the water. And so okay to come to here and it will be going to be feathered and it comes in tow. 0%. So when you could doom this for that Okay, you could see this. The hard area, the position. Right. You can make like this. Are you can come to from here you can rotate The graduated foot also can look like this can do any part of that if you don't need simply selected that one on hit. Deal it. That's it. Now you comes from here Receptor locations, everything again. I keep the graduated filter. I just stopped her from here to here. Okay? Upto dizzy area behind the water. And that became the mountains areas only. I just hit the bluish to make the sky on the clouds. Make little bit bluish one then no, I didn't get that Shadows you can see in save it trees here inside the trees those shadows will be appeared Superb. No, I hate the exposure on make the explosion down. So if I hit that forced a little bit on a blind 10 Okay, then the clarity. If he increased the clarity, you can see some mother like Hachiya images. If you kill the clarity, you can see the smooth image. Okay. If you need much their images, you can fit the clarity on the positive side. If you need the clarity smooth, you can hit the negative side. Negative values from the D. Here's on. So it's looking more for G. It's look more clear. Okay? No, I just make zero for these things. If you need to brush on, those layers can hit and you can brush. That lesson will becomes for the next one. I just promised that new of this monthly. I hit the new one once I hit this. Just make from here, okay? For those, just like the temperature looks like distinct. Then I make rotation on this once, Okay? No, If you needed a mascot, bad those. It would be bad. The mask applied. Those areas will be changed to this graduated filter. If I rotate this completely like turn from here, Okay. When lead these pants Alfieri only will be affected. What's your change of these things? Ok, now I just kept it. I just hide in a mask. No hit Bluish So the cloud on the water reflection matches both on the same things. No, I hit Come Tinto Basic panel jump into the hue saturation areas taking to the low to the these like greens when I come into eliminates for those in those areas make you cry per se because the lights will be fall down from the left The corner side and I come into saturation kids Some centralism is very good. Nice! Okay. No, I hate talking. Come into this one. I don't need it this secondary If you make like this once very, very, very small You can really get it until you've done click Ok, No, I click. Ok, watch this. This is previous This is happening Fully processed imaged off the clouds under the water Having the natural Same Collette's I hope you like this Thank you for this lesson. See on the next one 8. 08.How to make beautiful your Portrait Photography: and this doesn't become a green toe. Make processing there, portrayed for the graffiti for male are anything so I just dropped it into the photo shop. 1st 1 Then I make duplicate layer. Then zoom it by pressing the ze King. Then I pressed the Jakey. So what is the Jakey you can sweet spot? Healing brush is so once I Until you do that, just make someone something drop very slowly and you can make it a zit. Would I just jumped this, but okay. What do these things just activated? Camera not filtered. And it comes into. And breacher because of the shirt that blue one I just returned into the bush. The background, that slot the mag grown means that's the backdrop that is also very blumen. Wetlands. Then increase a little bit off here, it's for sure very nice. Once you can watch this the active before the highlights where the lights fall on the fees off the Morton, that wouldn't make highlights the contrast. If you do that, this king, it's going to be somebody changed. So I don't catch that contrast things. I just increase the little bit of blacks very much. Very little bit in the weights. The same amount. Okay. No, I just planning to from here. See this, Glady? I just don't see the magic. What happening on with green skin gets its moved right? No, I decrease the shadows. Just England. Seven. So I just degrees the shadows. What amount off? Clarity. I just done the same amount. No, I just kept command. Zero make fit inside the canvas. That is very cool. So if you need that temperature Cool carrier for under the same thing that but it's a long , hard look. Pretty cool. Just like movies. Then come to the epistle assessment. Dick, don't Don't zoom off the feast. A little bit of orange on the face. Not much more things. When I control the blues for the that is waiting which cool ones they hit down. What's this? This is before this is after and simply kind of religion within the minutes. Andi skin don't. I love it. I think so. See you in the next one. 9. 09. Easy Steps to Skin Retouching: in this video. I just explain you there skin retouching by very quick method inside the for the shop, using the camera profit only just you Look at this. This is the original for graph. Then I make this one on die Just color character using the two adjustment layers off. Bright contrast under goes. So we just do this how to do this Once I just make a duplicate mayor. I bring it upon all to the layers from here. Then I make controlled shifty A to activate the camera clicking. Then I comes in tow. You can see this. The skin. I just observed this only the skin. I can only say the photograph, so I just preferred. Do this one's masterful Decrease the clarity. See the magic. See these one? Okay, a little bit. Where you just need this photograph for your photograph. Any 48 hours? Is it good? Means just stopped that area. Then it come in tow much SL adjustments panel in that aluminum's will wither once you reach the dominance. Press the orange. I just assure you what happenings in here posted decreased orange cities. This is the word journals King off batches as red from the So I just increased that orange layer to bring the brightness inside the skin off the face for the look off anything. Then you come back to the dawn Coe inside that light will be is the so I just increased one or two points only, Not much more than for increasing the lights instead off in greeting the highlights weight because off highlights on show that wait layers into bump to your photographs One leader weight areas But in the lights you can increase the total light content off your photograph . Then I increase the dark a little bit. If you reduce the dark, you can see there areas affected entire the DZ areas off hair and everything. So once I increase, these wants a little make much, then begin the shadows from here, then come to click. OK, so this is that three. And after off this layers from from here, once a gain, I just spit you there, Cameron are filter on. Bring the brush to paint the lips. If you need that, you can do it. Otherwise you just leave it. I just assured that so from the mask just being onto the lips only. Okay, a little bit. Not much more. Mm. You can take attention to the area where it is going to be effective. Then I switched back there. A mask made from Hugh. See the neck, the color off the pitch, whatever. Just needed. Okay. Here. I just believe the rules. Birds. Then I Blake much density. Then I bearing the saturation off days a little bit. It's totally vanished. How much is saturating you just needed before the picture is going to be correctly matched to the thing before that one click. Ok, now it's good. Then I come into your brightness and contrast this once. I just did reduce the little bit of breaking us up from here, and they're add a little bit compressed to make a reality. Then I come in tow levels or Khost part the exposure. I just do the exposure level from here. See this nice exporter? The gamma correction. Okay, that's very clear on clarity from here. Don't take down the three layers and make it a group control G and make a control j toe the duplicate that group and press control he to make that finishing layer that is very good. So it's chopped everything on this. Is there? Original one? This is the final 11 leave. We have to control toe take. Their cameras are filled wrongly, Not much more. Be touching works. Any brushes, nothing more works from here on. This is the specifically I learned throughout the using the photo shop and everything. So you love this one's? I believe that. So don't forget to do me a review off these lessons from here. Thank you for that seat. On the next lesson photo create. They were wound presets in the camera off it. 10. 10. How to make your Own Presets in Camera Raw Filter: in this lesson, You are going to be learned how to create your one presets inside the camera, Blufgan. So let's get structured. Ho, To create this one straight to the point, I just make duplicate layer by pressing the control G on command. Shifty a or controlled shifty A to activate the camera. Blufgan, just come here to the basic panels. If you need any good exposure, our contract highlights like those means You just do that. So, for the exposure, I didn't touch any other things for the preset. Because off maximum exposures will comes, are owned. I use off 400 rs off and making the arto Yes, Waas. I just needed some shadows. Okay, So make you a little bit fine things from here. You can understand from here only. So I just create waits. Whatever in its latest, you can do it and you can do it moved. So I just create, like this ones making the good clarity This picture, uh, maybe kind of look, maybe kind of look off. Some catchy are pictures like those once, right? I just make you a good day. Behave. So what would be happening from men? Be is it right? A little bit. Only minus 12 to kick off that So good vibrance and a nice saturation effect. Now you see this before and after. That's look among to this now coming to the sharp Because off I looking for the greed, the smart, catchy our picture Only for a little bit of sharpening. Making five I don't know the pixels off. There really is one on the detailing 25 out of 100 by quiet That means 100 by full Do you met 25 and just eliminates for the noise reduction? Five pixels amount off in the detail off of 2% age Onda Luminous Contrast the same fight Pickles. Only then I come back to feel so the saturation from that I pushed the green like this a little bit only not much more. Only fire or something. Then the blue seen a little bit to the fight on the loose. Same everything I kick I push into a little bit off. Okay, So what will be happening? Come in here. See this? That those trees on the grass and everything will be look very much superb in everything. So no way Jump into these things. Thes triple blade from here, right? It's a create Click it. These camera defaults on settings and Lord sitting save settings Everything I want to clicking the same settings. Everybody settings will be the breaking all settings and everything. I just click the same It will ask you vary will be going to save on everything. So this is us just me make Desmond blue color on the green Collaborate be G B. Bush. I just put the collection so I just say like this. Okay, so that it will be going into inside the applications under the settings under the camera 50 in the settings it will be going into dark ex MP file will be saved. So how to use that click deal? Those presets under these user presets will be here. You can find out this thing wants, like, cancel thing they come back toe again. Activate the camera off filter Coming to this this bush click one li bun Click to activate those settings in one second for any off your pictures, you can do your match. Anything on you can do 100 Cell phone. It's off. Pictures also can do union. Just one click off seconds will be there. It is going to be very happy to use these things under those things. I just keep the brighter more Some of those things will be there. Want to come back to here? Okay, this portrait, I just make your control J duplicate. Once it comes to the pretty sets. See this for door for the portrait picture. Andi, I make to this natural we just So the idea looks like it's more question here. This is before and this is after. Let's look great for me. If you love these pictures, also, you can get create on this is the matter how to create the presets inside the camera Everything. So thank you for watching this video places I just being you Whatever I just learned into these classes mainly focused the arm photograph e off your studio things on the every picnics, and you can learn the color things. Also, the next lesson will be going into be some other other publications will be there, So please kindly follow me on. Let's give me a positive review off you classes. What you feedback that it needs. So that's very important for me to thank you for them by sea on the next classes