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Learn Entity Framework Core 2.0 (EFC2) using ASP.Net Core

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (3h 52m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. What is Entity Core

    • 3. Development Approaches

    • 4. Setting up Environment for Entity Core

    • 5. Create First Model & Create Context

    • 6. Use Dependancy & Create DB

    • 7. Create - Insert Data into Database

    • 8. Read- Retrieve Data into Database

    • 9. Update - Update Record to Database

    • 10. Delete - Delete Record from Database

    • 11. Assignment

    • 12. Database First Approach

    • 13. Sort & Filter Data

    • 14. Attach & Entry

    • 15. Native SQL Statements

    • 16. Using Store Procedures

    • 17. Migration - 1

    • 18. Migration - 2

    • 19. Seed Data

    • 20. Data Annotation - 1

    • 21. Data Annotation - 2

    • 22. Modify Column name & type

    • 23. Modify Table Name

    • 24. ModelBuilder

    • 25. HasQueryFilter()

    • 26. EF.CompileQuery()

    • 27. EF.Function()

    • 28. String interpolation

    • 29. OwnOne()

    • 30. Concurrency

    • 31. Manage Transactions

    • 32. Manage Logs

    • 33. Conclusion

    • 34. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

The Entity Framework is a set of technologies that support the development of data-oriented applications to work with relational data. It is is an ORM.

The Entity Framework provides services like tracking, identity resolution, lazy loading, and query translation so that developers can focus on their application-specific business logic rather than the data access fundamentals. It  enables developers to work with data in the form of domain-specific objects and properties.

Entity Framework (EF) Core is a lightweight, extensible, and cross-platform version of the Entity Framework data access technology.Entity framework supports various database provider including Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL. We can use EFC2 in Full .Net Application, UWP, and .Net Core

Through this series we will learn how to handle CRUD operations, Code First & Data First Approaches, Migration & Seeding, and Advance Data, Entity, Model concepts.

Along with this we will also see how to send request from PCM & dotnet ef commands.

We will learn all above things through this video series. If you have any doubts then you can contact me via mail and Q & A.

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1. Promo Video: Hello guys myself, Millimeter. And I'm going to teach you into different Goto Point or in the cities. What is entity Framework? Odo. Goingto Any flavor go to is Ah, water imprint. Back which a lower stupor form the year or present without much programming. It is open source framework by Microsoft. It was a hosted on the A get up. So if you found any Sudan, you can push it on, get help and it from local order. Wilberto work with the guy in the from of the Roman specific object and a property such as a book and the water without having themselves with the underlying database table name and the column where the data is already in a store and the flame will go to support the almost database, such as Thomas Oscar. Sure what? My school and as we're light, there are various development approach for the Andy from, but that is 1/4 push motor for three debates. First, how our motor forces and are supported by the anti different core. This course will provide a lowly one rationing from creating a new leader biz to the once entity concept course outline include introduction to the entity framework to point all using the Accord First approach Crudo prison for Arab Rate and the little person leader for suppose Everyone's did a or person migration and sitting up. The editor had once more than listening. New features added into the anti from a court 2.0, and at once entity concept, political side for this course include the air Basic. Yes, we don't end elopement and the SEC concept and the signal is off. The escalation work at the end. Of course, you will be confidently able to wonder. Surely Entity Framework or 2.0, and able to use it in your own years. We don't not. Embassy applique is in. Join me for these courts. Thank you. 2. What is Entity Core: Calloway's welcome to the Air Force is an idea. Entity Framework Co. Two point or to 20 years. The first person arises. What is the entity framework? 90 different work is a set up technology that support the A elopement. Off the data would ended applicants and to work with the rest later. 90. Framework provides services like tracking, identity resolution, lazy loading and acquitted. France. Listen so that Della became focused on their application specific business logic rather than the aid access Fundamental. The entity framework enabled Alberto work with the data in the form of the Roman specific object and the property, and the framework is a watch him what I'm stands for. Object listener Mapping What I am is a tool. That stroll deviated from the room in object to the area is noted. That is, like the Ama's. Ask your server in an automatically way, without much for drumming. What am allures to keep? The data is the same separate from the ward. Roaming class design reach makeup, Liggett's and more maintainable and the extendable, or typical RM cools and read the classes for the AWS to interact with the our application, any framework or is there light with Extensible and across spread from person off the anti framework. But I access technology entry framework or 1.0 was released alongside with DEA. Yes, we don't need or one point all on 27 July 2016 on at the time Off according to Citi's Entity Framework or two point Always in Development Branch, My dear time off you're watching. It was a public agrees poor. This is I'm going to use anti different were co 2.0 Prevue one, however reviewed, was already released. But I am using review one just because it is a more stable and really frameworks ability of various databases for weather, which include the Microsoft. Ask Oshawa Ask rely pros gets a school, my school maybe two bay What we support the oracle and in memory, which is commonly used for the attesting. We can use the entity framework or in the full dot net application which include the console wptf win form. And yes, we don't net for you knew was serving those platform application that run on the any windows 20 ways. He s p dot net core and ah dot net corrupt, which can run on the Windows OS X and the clinics. I know it's a very boring to run. Some clearly concept up the any programming language or their technology. We were started working with the history of From the Air Forces and thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 3. Development Approaches: hell always reckoned with the second says a knob. The entity framework or 2.2 years. Indecision. We will learn about the various developmental processes using TNT. Different work. There are three development approaches for the anti different work reaching group core, First Motor Force and the date of its first for core first approach. We will using the year Poko, which stands for plain old seize up object for more than four. Suppose we really used the urgent database divvies up whatever by the entity Flambeau in database first approach. We really it's entered the DMX file for the entity from the existing databases. Let's understood those in the every day in court. First approach. We will not using the Medium X Files, which stands for 90 de de dum Mortal X amount, which is a generated by the identity framework. Reveal using the poco pushing dirty A databases and for performing the oppressed. And we will use those poco and contacts classes. Court martial closes a suggestion when the year domain classes for your application is already exists, and er databases to be generated. We'll all figure so that the local class are used by the anti different and opera where access to the year database in mortar for suppose we were using the DMX Fire Port is real using the 100 databases are provided by the entity Flipper Picture Lords to create anti residency up and inheritance mortar First approaches the suggest. Eight. When the year domain class and database both had not exist, we'll all figure so there to reach under the BMX file using the A wizard, which really used by the and the different work which created the glasses and which provide access to the databases. Indeed, of his first approach, we really used the existing databases for these approach of rebuild gender, the E DMX contacts and the entity classes for our did agrees, went agencies Come India Database schema. Those changes will reflect to the HMX file and the classes tool. These approaches a suggested aligned year or databases already exists. We'll often go so that the entity framework were using the AWS 200 the year classes. In any framework core. The concept of the idiom expire is removed. You showed up this we can use the A package manager concert comment for database first approach, and we cannot use the mortar, for sure, pros in the entity framework or India delivers fresh approaches in shadow for using the reserve. We need to use the Pakistan Minister Command or any different welcome online interface. And the motor first approach was removed from the 90 different back. Or, if you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 4. Setting up Environment for Entity Core: Hello, guys. Welcome to the process in off the entity framework 2.2 years, indecision. We were setting up the environment in a what application for the entity flame for core First, a phone. We need to create a new project of the anti PSP dot net co two point. Or for that we need to use theories a Studio 2070 preview and also new to download their support for the is we don't net goto 20700.0, from the opposite side Links for the airboat is already available India districts in or the attachment I am already downloaded both of them after the insuring both from the start Please click on the create new project from that list leg the A s p dot net core We were pledges in Norton yet and a given name. I'm going to use core flush Select the locus and very want to store and click on the OK button from this window. Make sure you are selected the is we don't Net Co 2.0, I'm going to use the every replication throughout this series. Click on the Okay, this is a blank is we don't net core project. We need worthy your support for the entity framework Oto Point Or in that project there are basically two were for that the first trees by using the Internet package manager and another years used the package manager console in this lesson, I will. So both of them for so far I'm going to use the Google package manager for that, likely calling the A project. And it's like the ammunition will get. Refugees opened the year, bro. Step, search the micro slow not entity framework core toward the city's. I'm going to use the deep framework or two point open review one at that time. While for recalling and reliving work or two point always they're not in the air. Publicly is therefore I need to select the include pre release Celebi entry from work or from that policed from the drop down slightly Wasn't that you want to use? I'm going to use the a preview one. Thank you. Go on the angel You can see that the story is a complete in the other state is about and also cross sec By expanding the dependency nor get you can see that the here is the Microsoft entity framework called 2.0 point. Oh, preview one final like this. We also need to install the tools for that surge of the year tools selected on slightly a preview, one click on the Angel. You can see that the Atos is now under the dependency throughout the city is I'm going to use the aspirational. So we need to install the epic. It is for the escrow. Sure, but as well as the Esquire, sir will resign. Just like the tools that we are to instruct those practices, I'm going to use the package manager console instead of the and we get package manager. The package manager consider, is the rock at the bottom? If it was not available, then you can starting the quick lunch on open it to ensure the A package we need to use the packets command and the name of the packet that we need to ensure right, the stool breakage and the name of the A picket that is a Microsoft door on duty cream watch cause dot. As square several and, uh, use the awards and flag, download the different wars and pull 0.10 How your fun. I believe you one hyphen final and used the pre flag because we are going to install the pre release and he didn't doubled in. You can see that the square show was added in the nougat under dependency, just like please, we also need to install the year the schools there were design on and good idea design. And he dear Interpreter Onda. The design is also useful, however, the year designed back it is and not to use by the equity for so close. But I am sure because in the future and simple, I'm going to use the same project. Let's see what we are learning this season we can setting up the entity framework in the year two away first is used. The you know, get practice Minister in which revealed serves for the A packet and click on the age tool button. And second is used the package manager Consul in which we are going to use the instrument package command and the name of the application. We are going to insure not that I am used the year probably resource and just because off the anti playing work or he's not publicly release It was in the preview when you were watching you to me arrival. So you may not need to use the uprooted trees absent. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. How a nice day. 5. Create First Model & Create Context: Hello, guys. Welcome to the Air Forces and all of the entity Framework Goto Point or two door years in Texas, and we will create a model of the year below databases, which include the Year two table book and author Portable contender property like I d Tighter the scripts and authority and a price and what are they will contain the authority name and May Lady. There is a one to many reasons between the author and book here ordering the yearbook class and the yearbook Indio attack Less are known as the interrogations property. Maybe learn about these later in Texas. And let's wish to with just real is the SMEs. We don't narco project that were created in a previous isn't and setting up the and woman for the anti different record, directly calling the immortal slick ad new glass named Water and create a property for the each feel that we are seeing the pop one slight. Start with the authority, which will be your table friend, easier name of type thing and Milady, also by a machine and a creator navigation property in a mook off I collects in off book named books. Be aware of selecting the property type and name because the entity plane, but will use those teams chosen for the databases. However, we can send those using the A model builder. Previously, it later how to change here. The books is, Ah, navigation property, which is a type off by collection off a book which were attending all of the books written by the year Specific water. It is just like the reference to the other entity for interrogation. Property Entity Framework does not create any food in the year table within the leader. Is it this use like as a foreign key for the just reference between those two tables? Here I am used the I collection over. You can also use the English or has said without action from it. Let also create a bull class not represented Yearbook entity Click on the Emoto Feared Class book and the Creator properties fall. But class start with the I d off type int dider off type string. This kimpson also offer type free What ready off type end and the price off double And the creator never gets, um, property or third off type water year. The I D will become the primary key for that table by the fourth entity Framework Interpret Deal Property with the name I D or the A classy Mighty as a primary key means that for this class, society will become the year primary key. And for the were order class, authority will become the primary key because it is last name Bridey. So so that entity playbook were treated to as our primary key in this primary key filled out or to incriminate bite before in a book class here. The auto properties. That type of interrogation property, which contend the a reference to the authors who write that book. After creating the motor, we need to create a context which will quote in India Paternity given by the Tomato I am user list for India Context with India for the name data. So let's create the new folder. Did er retain good? Create a new class name, but I've really and the excellent from the DB context, which was a present in the different name space. So we need toe important the Microsoft brought and a different course, so we need to using the Microsoft dot and the different work or name space and to create a constructor of within that class. Richard to take the baby context. Hobson as a perimeter off type library, contacts Hobson's and we need a positives to the its base constructor. So right base and passed the absence and really to create the baby said that they find here table with India databases. For that, we need to create dear properties. So I d approach, Baby said with her name. Walter, your order is the present in different names with, so we need to import it. And similarly, we need to also create a property for the book, Bebe said. Opt iBook name book. He had to be said Property represent the entire table, yet I am clear that we set for the A bottle for motor. However, it is in order. Complicity was the reference to each other and every framework. We automatically take care about the money, Fulvia reference it and not right here. So if we cleared the book wantonly 20 different but we automatically load the yearbook and a different world. Words and read the yearly be named from the early beset property typically were used the popular name poor, the property you rather year database administrator, not success. To use the a popular name for the table, we will see how to use the A different name for the table in the later citizen. Indecision were created the mortar class and the context class for the entity framework. We will continue in an excess in. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 6. Use Dependancy & Create DB: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year for obsessing off the entire different world Court will point or 2 to 4 years in a previous isn't We are created a model and the context class it decision. We will create a controller and make period of is as per the alarm order by using the dependence in Jackson Yes. We don't net core automatically implement their dependency. We just need to register out the or dependency for the anti different book for these Open the years tried abroad CS fighter and with India Confused reasons always met her. We need to write, dear. So we see this door Ah db on books off type library context that present in the difference ways So we need to work using it And right the Lambrecks wasn orp son such a dad or Hobson door use. Ask your Sirois again. This matter is representing the different names will. So we need to import it. And within the perimeter of meaning to write the configuration door kids connects um Shing off name library, Obama won and a semi colon. Yeah, we are specifying that we need to wear the context off the type library. Windex within that we need to use the Oscar. Sure were and passed the year. Name of the connection String. That is a library day moment. It was we had just passed the year connects finishing name within that matter. We need toe specified that connect something in the upsetting Georgie s file. Open the upsetting doors. Isn't fire within their creator New block name connects and shrink, which included the library demo one and the it's and we need to paste year the connection shrink for that database. I am already career No. One blank databases. I am already created over one blank empty databases with the name tutorial stream. And that is the connection. Shrink without databases. And now I'm going to modify the year controller for that Opened the year controller directly opened your home controller. Remove the all of the A matter within that controller and creating instance off the library context. My weight like bravery. Underst on importantly, in injuries name. On this quarter context create a constructor which will take the context as a perimeter about really contact's name untouched on said this contacts with the our private connection and agreed and you matter that fruit and you're seeing name index throughout. This is and I am returning only the assuring messages. However, you can also return the complex type two, such as the accent reserved and attitude Be response written this matter just really to write the year context Door Data Biz dor INSURE Could hear did and Britain Baby Good for you dude message As a successful this insert create matter when, so that the award databases created before performing the following statement. So the changes and running with the IAEA's express you can see that the we go dont be created a message. Let's reach to the management studio, refers the year or did Abi's open the table? Sexton. You can see that that are now deliver Water and D a book Multiple name I created. As for the war Baby said name, Let's Sex won the uh, with her column, you can see that the authority meal idea and name here, the effort name Andya Taipa Asper, the property type and name that we are using the or moral class. This is the Accord Force approach. Let's see what we are learning these citizen to create a table linen to create the model that represent a year first within that table here, the entire additional properties, such as author and the books are specify the presidency. Between those two tables I D and a class name I. D. Frida uses a primary key for that table and which will be a year or two increment. Then we are created the contexts which has the constructor, which will take the baby context option as a perimeter and pass it through the it's apparent constructor, and they create the beset property for the both hope table. Then we are created the controller in which we are created, the apply ratings, Consob, the library context, and we will assign the contacts that we will resume in the constructor, put that private property and create a new axle name. The index, which will return the year. Frink everything that we call the context door databases God in so created on Friday in the big reader message their suit. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day 7. Create - Insert Data into Database: Hello guys. Welcome to the success and up the ante framework or two point or to your ears in the sex. And we will perform the crudo person using the Entity Framework Court in This isn't I am going toe perform the clear door person for adding the every day into the editor is less risk through the Air Reserve Studio. I'm going to create a new action for that Do within the year. Were contra named Create Water. I'm not going to use the other one sees we don't need them with the concept. I'm going to focus on the entity framework concept. So I will pass the evolution of the perimeter by using the equity sharing and really get those will lose simply and our into the year did. It is by using the and two different Makoto and Fritton the all the messages in the form of the year shing for the success and ear failures. These excellent will take the distance off the author as a perimeter for so for creativity a try kids block. If the exception occur, then we're going to return the extort message. India Triblocal! We need to perform the Validus in in this case, I'm just going to check all the properties off that Asians are exist or not For the tour idea. Ive a thought name nor tickle toe No on you door to me, lady. My record or no used the context Lord. I heard and passed the operations That is a and quality is huge in this matter. Off the context and the return success message it is headed successfully s really do it done missing from for all parties This is the year accent to create the water. Similarly, I'm going to create except for creating the book to then we really check payable Top them public strained three years woke which will take the would be as a perimeter butor click It's block within the year Kids broke it on the X Door message and everything Triblocal opinion to check for Be the title Nautical toe No And be door rice Knotty called tau zero on be the description, not Dick orto no and be Dordt porker. I d nautical zero burn used the Context Door Book Board and my third. And because the herbal be instance and called the context doored CEO changes matter. I'm done book details? Yeah, I did Says fully is you need to Dayton. We're seeing some properties hopes Here I am writing a book Today's added Insured Off the or Third Dido's If you observe the You both met her India Arthur I am idea context bought at a matter and the years invalid pas the ancients were indicates off the a book. I'm right here. Context Door Baby said him That is the book and the past. The instance in the atom at her. We can have you detain them both off. It began simply at the dyinto the context. Or we can also add the editor into the baby set off that context. And in the autumn matter I am used the sink matter where in the case off the book I am used The only search INGE's This is a sink matter Very performed. The operation are sent erroneously. Read the surgeons is mental report from the or pressure it's in crony asl e. This is ing matter are usually preferable. Indicates off the year there. Stop! We are working with the year. Yes, we don't. Every replica isn't so. I am going to use the surgeons is matter, Sylvia. Fire on drowned the project. Open the door controller, That is Ah, Could a Yate author You can see that it displayed the M missing properties. But the name record Danila and Milady World to mail a time later, call. You can see that it truth and the altered it is added successfully. Let's switch to the M management studio and exhibit that slick queries here is the editor that we are added. You can see that the book they were contends, you know, entreat, you know, call the create book matter this really missing some property and now let as the some bitter and here is the success message exited the acidic quality year. Regard the book later that we are edited. Now let's see you what we are learning this season. First we I created the matter for the author in which we are added the issuance or directly to the year contacts and call the surgeon is a sink matter off the contacts which will save those changes to the year database. Not that the when we are calling the other matter, it will not immediately at the every day into the year did Abbas. It will only see when we are calling the sale changes or surgeon is a sink matter. If you are forget to call, it does my head. Then your accent will be And the thing it does not perform the any inside or update or prison on your leader is pressing Matter will perform the operation as in continuously, which is a preferable to the extra public. Isn't not India baby application? So I am only used the surgeons is because we are using the A s p dot Net applique isn't 12 . Disagrees Then were created the create book Excellent which will take the book be as a perimeter and we are added this book into the TV set instead of the context entity Plane work is a smarting upto identify idea book type on dad into the appropriate to be said. But here we are specified that the we need toe at that data and do the Abou the B side and we are called the civil Chances to prove to perform the operation on the year data, please. Those are the U S. For the over except that we're created. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day 8. Read- Retrieve Data into Database: Hello, guys. Welcome to the USA One session on the entire different Makoto point or two door years. Indecision revealed through the data from the database By using the entity framework orto let's wish to resist video, create a new waxen within the your controller. That river is on the scene off name buried book toe through the yearbooks went in to right the Context Door books which were written the all of the books. In this example we were also display the or 30 days along with the book. For that I'm going to use the include matter which is the present in the different names, please Here using it along with the book we are going toe true the or 30 day it will return the all of the details off the year Look to the books variable If you are between the details for just display portables and not for the mot Ferguson Then I recommitted to use to the year as no tracking met her Richard improve the year performance and every framework will automatically track all of the entities where that it was I did a play did Billy Day. In the context when we are through those data as no pranking matter. It will not like the those entities after the editor during all of the yearbook items are I'm going to look through the each of the item and a pencils book gets 40 years Singh, Builder for the Create the Influence Up the year scene moochers and its name stories as be equal to new sing builders before the Yellow proved We need to check that we got the any books or not for that read books equally cool and no. And then we need to return, not found. Then he books. There's we need toe I looked through It's within the books and right Teoh past Be door friend i d Book door that I D and a brandy Yes. Lets us listen for the proper display Corporately your line, um, used the different property both tyto book door description, But I water I d oh, her name or third the name and or third or middle 80 after it is, I'm going to where the years some kind of the separatist. So we can uniquely identified each book and it done has me door to sing, Sir. The fire and around the A project. Let's open the date book. Excellent. Here you can see that it returned the three eBook readers in a previous is and we are added . The only one book did this within the time when I am really a tow More book. Tedious. He also we need toe add these lessons. Listen, I am pocketed in the sex. Um, we are through the Abou Peters off the all of the books. Let's create any Woodson in which reveal past the book I D. And it will display the editors off the only datable. So stop it and the ISS lets us listen first. Then could you, uh, new X son name litters, which were big the label in teaser book idea as a perimeter. And we reject that. If you book Heidi equal equal, no, then really, truly done And, uh, book how you d But there ways when you do it through the year reserve from the air on text door book, dork, singer or first before did I think I'm going to use the as ingenious matter for that example everything that we need toe But as the Lambrecks person well, that I am right. The be such a dead. We don't. I d equal. Equal book I d that we are pursuing the perimeter again. We are going to open all the editor into the thing builders. So we're going to create the entrance off the sing builder because of this is Theus ingrown ius matter. It will not written the book instances where it and the task. So if you want to read through the result off, that does, then we need to write the reserve door property. This property will hold the original result off that matter. In our case, it with all the book did is so right toe. Where book Equal toe visit our present after two India booked it is we're going to check. We got the book details or not. If booking quake or no, then we need to return. Boom. Not found more grit. You won. I d girls. And to copy the those of pen lines from the previous matter and paste it here elsewhere. Really do really done the SB door to think That's it, Siri on run the project record the error. One more question. Let's first replace these base now it will present the year Data India Proper manner and let's call the Home slash details. It's so the other elements of the under the yearbook i D. And let us book idee Kordell one. You can see that interest in the normal reference exception because we are only through the book details. But we are here displaying the water didn't store, so we needed toe include the or 30 days. So what idea? Include what her see your fire and from again early First. He's excellent. You can see that it returned here. Details off the vegetable. And now I'm going to see the editors for the booklet which was not exist and displayed here . Not found a book with the Given 90. Let's see what we're learning this season. True to the unity is so we can directly to write the context are to be set name in a workers. It was a book toe attests the any other entity DDO Along with that entity, we can use the include and as the enemy of the entity as a street. In our case, we are retrieving the our 30 day along with the book entity as a no trekking matter We're not right. The entity that we are to true which will improve the performance. After retrieving the all of the above give Israel looked through and upended toe the string builder and the edit and that Shane to read through the years with three book details. We are used the year single oil. Before that, I think my problem which take the Alhambra X person for doing that book, which were it. And the air tires from Victoria Open the desert that is booking our case and a pen all booked their into the singular and return it as a sink. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 9. Update - Update Record to Database: Hello Raise. Welcome to the excess in all of the different Makoto Point ordered Urias in this lesson, we will update the existing book detail for the specific book I d. Let's switch to the resistor you and they create a new way Jackson Name Update Book, which will take the Ato parameter that is in Asia. Book Heidi and book New book as a Pedometer. The first parameter is a big idea which contained the idea of the book that we are going to update. And the second Pyramid A is a book that will specify that the new property for that book Let's create the A trike as block accepts and eggs return ex dot a message. First of all, we need to check the headgear book Irene had first parameter and the idea property in the book instance are same. Well, that right eve Well, I d not a cool toe new book nort i d Then we need to return in related data. IHS Now we need to check for the each property off the new book Instances exist Quarter between into right Eve new book Lord, I don't know Dick or don't know Onda New book door prizes not Accord Zero and your book door description. And no, they called toe No and new book. Walter I d. No, Auntie called zero. Then we need to use the context door update matter which will take the entity as a parameter in a workers. It is a new book, Andi. All the sale changes matter. Kind of done. Did A is updated successfully? Yes. When you to return missing some properties on the project. Let's first see what data exists in the databases. Eggs are good ideas. Like Query. You can see that theater book in the book table contained the description. Bye, dear. Popular with her. Now I'm going to call the a bit book Dixon and passed the yearbook i d quarto one and I d. He called toe three. Tighter accord to update dude di dio impression The scripts, son he called of Do dude the scripts in the Amber Son Price he called toe 1 20 on and or two I li quarter to and had the interpreter. You can see that it's entered the invalid data error just because off the we are specified , Bokhari topped, it will be a one and new book I Leave Your details will be a three, which was invalid as for the very first condition. So we need to write the three year and praised the enter. You can see that d a book did is averages successfully. Let's fire the acidic already again. And here is the detail that we are now updated. Which authority become Theodore on and discuss and become updated description. Prize will be a 1 20 the title is a better title and now lead to remove their any of those property. You can see that it's under the amazing some property message toe. This was the fresh matter for operating the data, using the entity framework less common toes and used the year. Another matter in this matter, we are used the update matter and passed the new book It is, which condemned the new property values India second might have. We were rich through the year existing book detail first, then update the year each property value manually. But with the new book deals Property, let's true the book Push maybe be book. He called to context Dordt, nor singer or Default sync and bus book, says the dead dot dot Heidi equals equals Booker t There and said The debatable Door result Boat title record to new book door. Tighter The People Nor Result. Dordt This trip. Symbicort on new boot door description Baby Book nor Visit Door for I Sick or don't New book nor Price Levi Book the Freezer Door Water I. D. E. Quarto New Root dot or third Heidi Again We need to call the context dot Save Changes matter and every turn of Do dude successfully, my sis, let's run it and let's switch to the euro step in which we are arteries idea. Some perimeter. Um, now replace the year. Um, they did do it second matter in the title and he d and doubled in regard the abbot successfully message. Let's fire ideas liquidy on here Is the book tighter? Become the updated with the year second Met her. Let's see what we are learning the session. The first way to update the data is used. The update matter rob the context in which we need to pass the new instance off the entity . India. Second Way. We need to read it through the existing book today from the database and, the mentalist said, was property with the new property. Here are the sum you error to the over Reckson if you needed. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 10. Delete - Delete Record from Database: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year nine cents a nom de and to refrain for co two point or 22 years Intercessor River. See how to delete the entity from the database by using the entity framework. Or let's reach to the reserves trio. Create a new Wesson within the hour Controller was written on the scene off name billet book. Richard will take the in teaser book idea As a perimeter cleared a trike, it's Look, if the exception occur, then ready to it in the extort message. You know, try block really room. Take whether visual sue, the yearbook or not One type of meaning to right here. Book I d Equally cool zero And the book Heidi Message So society on and will be yes, more yes. First off, we need to check that the book with the A G. When ideas representing the databases or not for the do we need to retreat? Good idea. Where a cool toe context door taboo dark singer or deferred a sink? Yeah, your idea. Lambrecks person. That is a be such a dad be dot Heidi quick or book I d and open the A book from the result who are bookie quarto result art result and no take over the bookie quality corner. Then we need to return work with deer. Do you want I d does not exist? IHS, we need to use the context bought door to remove matter within that we need hope as the entity That is, uh look and they called the CEO changes matter and it is done. Book de littered successfully. So you, Theophile and Randy A project now on the excellent Ordered through the book Details Dear Book I 83 You can see that there is details for the abogado tree is a present now copy and called the Village Book May 3rd and you can see that book the leader Successful limits is and now again repress these book details matter You can see that not found the yearbook with DEA given 80 Miss that dear. We already related the a book from the database and now again reflects these speech You can see that the book with the unity does not exist because we are already deleted this book Let's see what we are learning this essence to relieve the entity from the one takes first before We need to reach through the year entity from the databases. And then we need to call the Remo mental. Obviously be set which we retake the ideas a perimeter and passed the entity that you want to relate. If you have any note, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 11. Assignment: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year tenses and off the entity Framework Oto point or two door years in a previous six And we are all on how to perform the accrued or person by using the entity framework orto I am created the creator prison for the book as well as the order. But in the case off the update delete and the real person I am creative for book only. I hope you want a short while and you will try to perform the agro prison on the old her toe. And we also try all of the example toward the cities because no one can learn by just watching the over here. You also need to perform the S um quoting and try all of the example and contact me if you are struck anywhere. Thanks for watching. Haven't aged a day 12. Database First Approach: and always in a previous some session we asked me how to use the accord for shop approach. In this example, we will see how to use the data for suppose the editor for suppose reality gentry. Dearly diabetes first. Then we are created. The mortars from that existed there is. Let's first through the resist Rio. I'm going to create a new project within the hour. So listen, like leak on at the new project. No tear die. Norton quote name data, first rebate application on. Okay, here is our newly created project. For so far, we need to add the packages for the injury playbook for that. Open the package manager and, uh, busy. A slow packers treatment pentiti framework. Waas added now are the different work door tools on now where the screw settlers and now at Askar subtle words, not design that really used to generate the mortar classes from the existing database design. There are basically two were for scaffolding the existing database into the our mortar glasses. I'm going to use the assembly. Eight of is that we are created using the accord first, but in this s and I'm going to gentrify the and water from that existing databases. The first option is I can use the package manager Scare Ford Bebe Context Onda Praise to your connections. Shrink and ride the package Name that is Microsoft Door Ah, and Didi three. Work core door to ask you a Sirois the specified the output a direct free. Why did the all the motors will be year generated? I'm going to generate within the models directory, which was existing You can see that it's under the error because I am selected the quarter first project in which those classes already exists. I need to select the AWS first, clearly a console on select the previous common and hit the enter. You can see that it created the order book and the total extreme context. The context name is automatically be from the date of his name. That is a total restroom. Let open the water. You're going to see that it has the authority me, lady and the name and opened the yearbook which condemned the A i D authority description, price trader and the author And the context contains the to baby said property and the ah, some overrated methods lesson really all three engendered wide the year's second way. For the second way, I am going to close the reserve studio itself and open your Lucas and where we are created the project and open its CS pros. Fire right click on and select the creativity and one point or not plus plus, which was available with India and the item. Group up the darkness. Feel a difference? Heard the year reference to the entity framework or tools. And so the flying Um, let's open the our project. Open the package manager console. All right, the Lord Net year, baby context scare forward and pause. The connections shrink, and I'm going to copy a connection string open the baptism in Is there the street Andre removed the year once less and also passed the name or dear DWP's. There is a Microsoft door on duty Play work Course daughter Sqs Sure watch the specified the output directory. We need to use the hyphen. Oh, and write the name within the year. Single clothes there is mortars and praised the interpretation. It was it entered idea not found the Lord Nettie of Common because we are run that Commander D s a listen leeward. How worried was installed the You have common at the project level, however, because manager using now working at the So listen labor really to switch to that project, react free for that right city first on and for the same. Come on, you can see that DEA orthe herbal and totally ashamed. Contact Sarge and read it again. Let's open it. Let's open their home controller and a copy of the yearbook Xon Onda Basically to it in the home Control a Rob the data. First you should apply very one Next here we got the people Totori esteem context. So we need to include it. Context, recall toe No. And they create a constructor Rich really dig the year Totori esteem context as a perimeter and said this context to the private context and change The X and named to the index included the year missing name spaces. Now we need to wear the dependency in the tutorials team context. Were you taken sector that big tear baby context. Hobson Off type library hopes for years team context as a perimeter and pass it to the base constructor and open the estate of door CS fire with India configuration So Louise could hear toe sing, connects and seen the cool toe and a core pretty a connection. Shing from the year Upsetting and blistered All right services daughter head db Corn picks off couturiers team context no up. Soon such a day draw Robson nor to use I ask you a settler and positive year connects and she on semicolon or renamed with the year absence. See your fire and let's deal with this project. Here we go, dear to book it is we are used the data first approach. Let's see what really on into citizen. Little first approach is the use of Wendy here. We already have the yearly diabetes, but so far moving into setting up the environment for the entity framework. For this, we are insured the four packages. Not that the Scotia would not designed packages compulsory require. When you were performing the data first approach Holloway it was not using the quarter force approach to scare fourth year database. We can use you to different command. The first is scare for DB context, which is appropriated by the A package manager and we can also use Theodore Gnant year for TB contacts Careful, which is a provided by the dot net core In both we need Opus, the Connection String and there is back his name that we are using as well as the Output Directory where Polly a model so And the context will be a school just like the court push approach within the leader for suppose we also need to setting up the dependency for that I am creating the sing with him and initialize it with the connection she and pass it to the USA's Crucial were met her in 1/4 for suppose we a retreat from the upsetting zord Js file within the air home controller Create the instance off the total restaurant context and the accepted in the parameter Copy the data meta from the work or for suppose and a street here . If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day 13. Sort & Filter Data: Hello guys. Welcome Pretty at world's arsenal of the Entity Framework or 2.22 years in. This isn't the villain how to perform the a sorting and filtering operation wide retrieving the data. I am using the equality for support that we are created in the previous seasons, and I am already ready or some of the mediator into the year table so we can easily observe the agencies. I am addressing the script for these. If you need to, you can download it. Let's switch to the Reason studio before creating the years. Sort. Exe and I'm going to create a new matter name printed as a sing, which will take the A book instance as a perimeter and returned the fring and corporate those lines Onda Prince Street created. Seeing before has be quarto. New sing breeders on changing him to the yearbook now create a new Excel name. Sort book details public seem sort book details, which will take the A column name as a perimeter creator. Try catch block, return the, uh, ex door message. First of all, every village of the all of the yearbooks for that right to read books, quarto Context door book Lord include North as a nor tracking Richard and the all of the yearbooks. No, we really check whether the column name is exist or not. If it does exist, then we will perform the sorting or prison bees Only a column name for that clearly s rich kids block switch on the column. Unnamed door to lower, right? The case on I d mooks quarto books Door ordered by Be such a dad to be daughter I D and Click Akopian, please that case and replace it with the price Hold third name and tie to off the A book After these create a scene builder later Accord toe new sing builder on and looked through the each item within the books The door append preened as a shing and a positive the year your book instance And at the end of it and I did as a sheen Save it on her friend Let's open the soar Dixon homes Last so short look details. You can see that it resent the all of the books to Dio. The first is the book Friday. One second is a book ready to more gaiety file See one on to continue. If we're not specifying the A sort order, you do well to Drew. As for the ubiquity by before, let's start with the column in Name Prize. The forcible prices to 42nd book is 3 60 36 046 40 it for it, Unless it would be highest. 1704 Let's sort those by the Tyto. The fourth book is the head first. Second book is also started de ahead for Bush. Third always also started the Ahead First Fourth with the hype of Homans Fit for DEA Jake Ready six with the professional on See when also with dear Professional or are sorted as per the alphabetical order. And now we will create a matter for the Your freedom. Create X and name Public shame. The book details restrict here to better. The first will be Solomon Name and the second will be year, Will you? Let's create a try catch, block return, extort message writin and Trey if column one name. Not cool to know and, well, you no article toe. No. Then, first of all, we need to read through the list. A book for that right toe Books Akure toe context toward books door include all the food note has nor tracking beauteous reach Kiss bloke on the column unnamed or to lower Could you take ease? Poor the year i d as per two year did Abbas idea will be numeric. And as for the a parameter toe, that accent it will be a numeric So when don't I pass it right the in teaser I'd be equal toe one word door just dough into 32 a buzz The value books, equal toe books Dordt We're be such a dad to be Daut I d equals equals I d that were type custard and a corporate that case No, we will clear for the price again prices and numeric So we need to bypass it. What do we needed? A question to the double Prisa Quarto the place for good. What a resisting. So we does not need to depressed it all Ready to write the with her door name equal Require value. Oh yeah. Title is sing Sore idea Be door title Equally cool. Well, you and really took on wood. The study a double and copy The look from the air ball sort matter on the priest. It let's run the project. If both of parameters and not exist, then we're going to return the at her message, missing all of my name or the value less fun it. Let's open the our freedom Reckson homes, Less free details. You consider that he'd written the whole message now where the Coleman name they called Toe Ivy and, well, Lou equal to the year one. So it shouldn't be a fashionable today. Only let copy the any data from the database. Let big the head for fresco and change column name to the tighter. And when you do the air for Ceska, you can see that it returned the only here for such girl. Now, let go BDO at the name and change column into the water and over Ludo. The You can see that one, too. We have 24 that daughter. So it written in the year two books. Let's see what we are learning this season. First off over year created a matter name printed as a shrink, which Woodridge and the yearbook data as a shrink from the yearbook object, and we are created the sort book detail except which take the column name as a perimeter. And based on that column, we are short the year over data before Dear Leader, we are used the order by Metta Rob The link you and we are created the affordable details sex and which take the value along with the Kuala me. Based on that, we are doing the data to fit. A year later, we have used the year over matter Rob the link you And here are the years some of the U error to the other sort and the every direction. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 14. Attach & Entry: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 13 Sassen. All of the and the reef Lember core 2.0, Tutorials in this s and we will learn about the year Anti state and the attach entity to the database object context internally track all of the entity which was either loaded by the context at a or attached by the That's why when we are doing the data for on ladies free propose we are used the as nor breaking those all injury will be modifying to the database when we will call the year surgeons is matter Those all entries will be a mortifying to the database when we will call the changes matter of the year context Each entity has the object straight entity in the object Straight manager object straight entity Specify the year straight off the entity Entity Street has the following will use be touched believed Modify andan change When the entities alluded from the AWS, it is in the unchanged state and when we are proving the entity by using the as nor breaking, it will create a copy of the entity and change its did to the detach anybody you're tracking for that entity we need to change its state to the attach. Let's wish through the year, visit Sharia and create a new Exxon name and three straight in which we were creating instance off the yearbook Mortal Bird Book Accord to new book Which idea will be, uh, you know, one title record toe new headed book. The scripts in Accord Toe Long description about new book price. A quarto 3 20 Onda Water I. D. Equal to one and now at these entity into the other contexts. So the idea Context Daughter book bought, heard and passed the or Book and Return the Year Context Board. And three, which take the our book instance that is entity and Open the state from that other than as a shrink. Here we are created the intuitions off the A book I did at his book into the database by using the entry functional. We were through the entity entry really dope as the entity in the perimeter. By using the estate property, we were through the entity state. Let's run it. Onda opened. The oh are excellent, that is, And to do straight, you can see there to treat, and the added means that the order entities and now in the other Street, Let's stop it on a comment. His lane, All right to you, context, Dordt and creepy off the book No State, a quarto interest rate daughter added on all the context door save changes on the return Herbert Let's switch to the Esquire Server and five year was still equerry. You can see that it condemned the eight books on Now I'm going to run that So listen and open the homes less. And did he state xon? You can see that it's returned. The yearbook added message on Let's Here is the yearbook that we are added. Now we're not called er function here. We had just Cynthia straight off the entity to the added. Now we will create any waxen for touching a new and existing entity in the under different work for their creator, New in public friend. That's and TT in this matter. We receive an agency off the book as a perimeter so right the yearbook walk. If d Bugattis the present within that insurance, we will perform the upgrade or person. Otherwise we will perform the year inside or person, so we need to write the IV book door Heidi. Greater than zero. Then we need to use the context door book door Attach met her and passed the entity that we are going toe touch. It will be, ah, book and cheese the, uh and tender yesterday by using the entry for this book through the year. Modified Emma's She Equal toe sing dot Empty for now. If Book I d exist, then room We change. Mlg toe Updated Girls Context Note. Book Got hurt Book on and Emma's she quarto Ah, it At the end, we are going to return gamma Z book details massive that can be updated or added success fully. We also need to call the search engines matter to reflect the changes, say the changes. So file of Randy A project. It's less home slurs create I am using. Use the perimeter from the air Clear Book on Just changes the year name to the Year Entity and hit the enter button. You can see that you treat India Book two days added successfully. Well, that's for sure. Management Studio on Executive Query Here is the popular book by D, a popular water that were now added. Let air the i d e cool toe. Let's see the idea of the a popular book that is a 13. So let I d off 13 take photo. So the idea at the I d. Who are 2:30 a.m. person enter You can see that book details waas updated successfully Let fire the Cilic query you considered here We were dear, very popular book. We used the same metaphor they are and update. The difference is that if we want to wear the year booted er than we does not need a pass, the i d indicates off update Do we need to pass the I d. As a previously said, all the changes will be stored in the database after calling the insurgencies method do that time and it is all data and the Innu data are stored within that entity. Let's understood it by the example for that, I'm going to create a new Wesson public sharing entity state in which I am tutoring the yearbook from the databases. We're book record toe on text door woke Lord, find and pause the numeric really one. Is there any property of that entity? I'm going to change the book title Still the year first book To read through the object state and leave. We need to use the antimatter off the contacts and passed the entity right? The Aware and tree The cool too Context Door and three and pas Theo Entity, that is a book. Now I am creating the yes string builder data a quarto, new sing builders and a friend and the d Stoute. All right, here on free nort state GOP and boost entity name for that right idea and tree dort anti d door that I no full name. And now I'm going to print the original value up the tighter for that tried to year. Oh, DJ no, I do into t door original values and everything That was the animal of the year property that is a Tyto. Same for the year current or will you was the tighter and change the liberal 20 year current Or will you? And written it does a scene. We already have a matter numa into the streets. So I'm going to change to the increased it Syria on and Children opened the homes less and three State Nixon You're going to see that the interest rate is the emotive five. This was for the entities Theokoles Force Dot Mortars Door book, Regionally Lou for that and three title is the year hit first and the current value is the year. Facebook. Let's see what we are learning this season. Here is a day marked the entity state To read through the interest rate we need to use the entry motor we need to use the entry matter and a positive year in two D interdistrict can be at a attach detached mortar fire and the unmodified. When we had a true the entity as no tracking it was in the year dead straight. Four are dead. That entity with the irritable is we need to use the touch matter in process and we followed the inside a bit better in which we are used. The ASEM metaphor inside and the A Brady entity entry flame work under the all the dirty details into the object straight entry we can treat through its state current Well, you and the original value the original value are showing the form of the A property value . However, we can fit through it to by using the relics in text. Here are the U error to the year. What accent that were created in that season. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching how Wednesday. 15. Native SQL Statements: Hello Raise Welcome to the year 14 7 Off the anti different for co two point altered Urias Indecision. We will see how to execute the unity Wesco a shipment by using the entry from the court. Let's switch to the reserve Studio cleared on your Axon Public shing Net Do State man's in this matter related to the booked. It is by using the NNT or their West Coast treatment to execute D and interested when we need to use the from Esquire matter off the baby set and passed the At Square Sherman in the a parameter word books. Cool toe on text door books and the idea from SQL Matter. And because the sq A should win in the perimeter, I'm going to do it through all the books whose prices a greater than 200 converted to the A list for that idea. Select Stir from book. We're prize greater than the 200 all the to list I met her and create a scene Builders data quarto New sing minute of group through It's book in books did the door a pen. I'm just going to bring the book title and the place for that idea. Tyto. Both thought I do pipes aim for the prison and a prize that will be here Price and a semi colon and returned it as she on the So listen and open the our accent. That is negative statement. You can see that. Really true. The of some data. Howard, those are in the assembly instead. Off using the a pen. We need to use the up in line or used. Yes, lets us listen. I imported it. You can see that the possible prizes at 6 40 and last book prices through 20. All of the book price will be a great ident. Wondered because we are I desperate the equerry in this example we are used the SLX treatment. However, we can use the another and US question went to now I will use theory less treatment before that. Let commenters link for that. I'm going to use the exit door. SQL command matter of the edit of its idea context door to dwp's dot execute Ask your command within the perimeter will write dear quality I'm going to, like, delete from a book. We're I d quarto one and situated on the numerical value which the Clippers and the affected room so storied into the result and B is on the result really a certainty of value . Deleted successfully. IHS Every time North phoned book Quit You want I D villages. Czech Wars is greater than equal to zero. Let's run it. I think I am miss. Barely a deal it stop on and hurt any digging and reward the nether statement. Dixon. You can see that it returned the edited successful message alerts for a selects treatment. You can see that now bookies that started with the i. D To put it through the leader, we can use Theobald method, but for the oedema shipment late, like the agility and the update do we cannot use Theobald matter In that situation, we need to use the exit Good Esseker command. We can also perform the unity. Wesker should win similarly way to the video partner by using the different Makoto. Let again corporate is sex and to to retrieve the year connection from the context we need to use the year context door database door, get db connects and matter. Richard returned the A d. B connects in let used to your corn name the We Conexant is that if I India differences So when it what it and opened the Nixon and opt in the year Come on from the connection and said to year Goemon text Let's select only deer or turn name. So I am going to write select name from what? And said to you. Come on, Type two the year Come on by through the year, Becks, and open to year Daddy does baby Did I read over the accord toe Mondor, execute what he does Shane Bill does data equal to new Shing builders while the door treed We need a tow a pen to the data You're Z up in line on deposit a year The door get Shing and Bosnian is that he's a zero at the end every time the year indeed our door to seen See you and fun refresh this space You can see that we are through the 500 years He had the space come because of biting sending three years Biswas added in the some data So it was s but the databases let's see what we are learning this season First mentor for using the no other state twenties used the from ESCWA matter of the yet to be set in which we up as the SQL Query second method is used. The Execute SQL Command method off the editor Ways in which really was a passing the school state win execute SQL Command is a suitable for the TMS treatments such as the update and the deal It in 30 ways True, The baby connects him from the Editor Ways and the Creator command from that and said the ESC work already onda quality appropriate matter. In our case, I am called the Execute Reader. You can also perform the any other person on it, just like the normal video connection tense for watching. Have a nice day. 16. Using Store Procedures: Welcome to the year for Princess. In all of the end of different Makoto point or two door years in This isn't we will see how to execute the escrow preserved with the entity framework or two. I am already returned. He asked for the year to four. Consider I am already executed. It descript is honorable India description. If you need it, you can download it. Get crucial will take the orginal ideas a perimeter. If the idea is the present, any two were returned. The yearbook club that only 80 Otherwise it weird and the all of their books and delete book Still crucial will take the orginal ideas a perimeter. If idea is a greater than zero, then it too will believe the woke up that idea and also written the number off a factor. Rose. Let's switch to the Reserve studio and to create a new Ericsson name. SP Demo create a trike as block exception. X return ex door The message but idea We're books called Toe Context Door Book door from my school. Andy of right D. Any mob the years told President that is get books and it's a perimeter. That is, I D from Oscar Mata. Take the EPA Rams area of the A perimeter so we can pass the ask your perimeter here. The year or Parramatta name is Thea I d. Right the I d been converted to the least so we can look through it. Create a scene builder Data equal to new sing builder Forage Book in the Who looks liter daughter append offline Book door I do And the return data door Washing se and build The project opened the SP demo. Excellent. Here we go. The yearbook tied up the all of the book that existing the our database Here we are used here from SQL Not every breeze used the A t or dot net Like Syntex. Let's come in this foot Sh Now we will call the our delete book accent. For that we must require the i d. So I am taking for the if ideal is then equal toe the zero times written and, uh, book idee. Ah hopped India connects in for the right idea Context door databases door Get the Nixon We need to open the connection and open the command from Could you command and sent the command text according toe. Our stroke was the name that is the deal. It books. Remove that unnecessary words, Onda said. The year come on, type multiyear still, consider, and we also need to wear the parameters letter you and you are SQL. Hi Be and positivity. It's of alluded anxiety and call the Commander execute known, Gritty Richard and the number off Effective for that, right? Do you reserved it quarto things and said that the Desert little India zero then return beleagured successfully. There's what it done. Do you want I d Does more exist Syria it and run and reloaded the space. You can see that eggs ended the other and a book i d. Because it was a complicity I d call to. For one. You can see that dear book with the everyone does not exist because we are already deleted . Is India or previous examples? Next, Civility. A popular book. 14. So our idea of 14 you can say that it was a deleted successfully and let's again execute now that, uh, no book with the I d 40 let's see what we are learning this season. First recall the esto across today's used the from a school of the A D B. Said in which we are passing the animosity a predator and we can also pass the Orphan Askar parameters through the year. It's bad. I'm sorry. And another ways used the A deodorant Dental X index in which we are obtaining the Conexant . Could you two come on? I said, Do you go in text type and the A perimeter and the call? It's exude non query matter. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. How a nice day. 17. Migration - 1: hello ways. Welcome to the A six incessant off the entity framework. Go to point out of your ears in Texas and we will see how to perform their migrants on using the entity from Makoto. When we are developing the public isn't our data mortgage and frequently do to reach. We also need to make the agency's India databases. Normally in delivery work will create a new one that makes with the or data model, which would not happen otherwise. We have the ISM data in the old table and some data in the table instead of these it's will change the years came out. The existing people and preserve the editor entity framework include your tool that automatically update the year. Did obits come on? When the armada chains without dear, losing the any leader or object, there are two way for the immigration automated migration Anti accord with my Grayson to setting up the migration into different work or two. We need to wear the decency later in the hour project file. So put the project fire rightly corn on solar and here, the new line for the Gordon etc l a reference to the Microsoft ordinary Framework Court Lord tools through a darknet We're used the same lane in the leader first approach, save it on the clothes on and closed the year soldiers and two and opened here. So listen again. We are used The independent Seeing Jackson for the year connection which will not work, indicates up the My Grissom because we performed the migration from the year package manager console to specify the year connects and string we need toe arrived The own configure matter for that open the year library context reading that at the end you matter . Oh right on configuring on changes to the IV not off Sunbury did. No, it is configure then off. Send builder door to use. Ask you, sir where in positive You can extension for that Open do you upsetting file and a copy D a connection? Sing and paste it Here Here we are taking that If Deacon extension years they configure in the office and builder Then we performed uniting If it was and not configure then we have specified that to use that connection Shing for the s schools or work After this we also need to update the air programs or CS five opened the everyone Garcia's friend insured off using his core block. We need to use this bloke. Oh, I was already copy this code from the Microsoft Office here and re framework Support Base in pretty a specified that the 40 my prison in court point over. We need to use the statements. I am also a testing thes fight. If you are needed and you are unable to find it, there's it. We're setting up the environment for the migrants and in assessing we will see the automated migration in the in excess. And we will perform the Yemen your migration by using the year. Pakistan is a consul, four or familiar migrants and let's create a new X and named The migration for that opened the your home controller and public freeing. My great and the simple legal context bought DWS Door my great and it's done. Bebe migrated. I am already created the 01 additional excellent name drop in which we are dilating the existing table. For that I am right. The context or data biz dot inserted later, let's settle in the project and when it is no, break it. Here we go DEA. Well, you cannot be an Alexa person. Ah, look pretty tame or one. We have the same name. I don't know what happening with that. Instead, Off for planning the connection shrink from the upsetting Now I impersonated. Did it. Well, that's right. And now let's open the our migrant Dixon homes less my great. Here we go dear to be migrated Message. Let's switch to the Yemeni Salmon studio reflects the year tables explained. You can see that here is one notable Neymar underscore E of migrants and history. Let's see award detergent in it. It does not condemn the any. Don't know, but it has to, for that is a migrants and I D and ear products and goes in Now I'm going to read it dear One Mortar for the stop t A project in the hour. Author. I'm going toe the mobile number for that Right dear prop off type sheen. Name more by number, Seaweed on run in order to switch to management studio. Your friends, it's a column. You can see that it does not include the mobile number. Didn't know and let's open the year. My great X in Let's was True management studio and the friends. The tables explained it. I explained to the water column Here we go. The, um Well, um, but that will be added for the automated Hopeless. And we need to call that my great mentor from the estate of Brosius Fire. Let's switch to the residual and make it automated because it is meant is exhibited when we open Indian my great Dixon within the start up board CS file air the toward is no perimeter . Along with this I longer Fred Berry name longer Factory library context name index I love affected is the defending their different in first? So we need to using it and at the end, read the context toward greater base. No, my great met her between the automatically performed the Omega person. Now I'm going to delete the mobile in the mother. Were added Syria it on fundi a solution on open Deer Management studio. Rephrase the year author table and expand The column's here. You can see that eating road only three feels it does not contain the mobile number, even CD and manure my prison by using the common lane Indian excess and thanks for watching we have in HD 18. Migration - 2: Hello, guys. Welcome to the years Haven't incessant Abdi and to do framework go to point or tutorial in every recess, and we see what is a migration and how to do war dominated my Grayson. In this season, we will see how to perform the Emanuel migration by using the package manager console. Let's wish to theories of studio to perform the Emanuel migrants, and we need to use the package manager Consul if it wasn not available than you can. Searching to the quick launch, you need to select the A project in which you are going to perform the operation. We will perform the awe present India Core First project, so remain it. And we also need to switch to the year that directory by using the SED command for that ride the city core. First, I think after selecting the project, it's sort automatically change to that directory, but it does not change. So we mandolin into into directory before starting the year, My Grace and I am going to make the age and is in the water mortar. This time I am having the year i e S B. A number in the yearbook, so open the yearbook. Ah, off type Shing I is being save it. Thought for him for poor from India. My prison We need toe right. Dear Lord Net Yes. My goodness, sons. Ah, and the name that you want to give that my prison. I'm going to write the initial and we also need to specify the context name. If there are multiple contacts exist in our gaze, there is only write very context. So our idea library context and you d in Dublin. You can see that we received the other no parameter. Let's consider wars are found in the library context, so we need to create it. So when the library context and a clear, uh, empty constrictors on less again clear the console and five GSM commander gain here you can see that the very city year my said that Is that done, miss? It was a successful And you can also notice that the full the name magazine comes here That's explained it. It contained the some data value and the name of the magazine that we are assigned In my case, I was used the any Salem So it wasa any fear. This class continued to mentor a pendulum. When we have ready in my prison, it will execute the metal object. My prison and when we are doing great will automatically fire the down matter of that class . Let's was through the management studio and who defends the book. They were expand the Parliament's. You can see that it does. Noting lutely I ESPN number till now it because off we have just created the migration were not a bride the year did a visit with that migrants in for that we need to switch to the studio and execute dia not Net Yes, data bees A bit which will update to the large migration that we created. It entered the adult idea what anybody is already existed. This is the first time we of my hurting so winning toe start with the empty database. So we need to drop the all of the data from the database. So and so restore here on delivery, a book table and also relieved the altar table Andy and migrants on his treatable. And now use the dot net. Yeah, I did a bit. Is abduct command. You can see that it was been that's where studio management studio and refers the tables and now explained the Parliament sub d a book. You can see that eating really? I s B A number. And let's elect bearded up from the migrants in history. Here we go, dear Some detained EEA migrants in table and now I'm going to read even more property in that. And now I'm going to wear the publicist Did it Well, they tried the year prob Oh, good time Published date Syria It open the M manager Clearly a console. Good idea dot Net Yeah, my good reasons. Good. And now we need to specify the name of that medicine I am using the, uh, probably a bit on hit the enter because we have the only one contact. So we can all media context name every good Dearden success message on here is Thea Our added published Did Texan run Open it. You can see that India It was our The new column with the end name published it in the table book which was not available. We're during the year known It will drop the A column name problems date from the table book lead up to the over databases for that right dot net yes, I did. Up is and update hit. Enter here. You can see that it was done. Let's with strong management studio Andi checked here Migrants in history You can see that it include the 20 The first is innocent and then it is our public stated that really added we can also door bagged the migration to see the list of the M I reason we can use the year Norton it my goodness and least sorry forgot dia e f Here you can see that it returned the two names. The first is the minister and the another is the added publish date during Moody and my Grace. And we need to use the remote command off the dot net. If for that right here dot net Yes, my goodness, son. Every moon and he d n doubled in Not that it generally the other message that the migration waas already applied to the year did a bit, so it cannot remove it. You ve come on like Theodore, 90 year from my Grayson and the adult 90 year for databases which are provided by the year dot net co along with those command. We can also use the command which are provided by the package manager, such as Add My Grayson India pas de a name for the Oman Grayson. Let's use removed. I Yes, being and he d ender, you can see that it included the Aaron. Why is being Dorsey s file in which we are dropping the column in the up matter and we are adding the column. India, Don't let's switch to the management studio. And But if there's the A book table explained the columns, you can see that the lesbian is a still available because of we are notable today. The database two of the directive is ruining to use the update high phone data base command and the specified e anymore. Dear my Grayson, to which we are going to update anymore. Ah yes, being and he d Endo, you will see that it was a done. Let's switch to the management studio and said, Dear, today India migrants in history you can see that dear movement reason was added. And let's sort of friends. The requirement on diets being easy retrieval. Let's see what we learn in this two season. You see what is the medicine and to type of diem. Anderson, meaning to specify the year connects vanishing in the on conferring matter of the context. And we also need to update the program. Garcia's five, with the some new method call to prove my Grace, and we need to call the migrants and matter of the date of its property of that context to make it automated. We need to call it form the configure matter Rob the startup Dorsey s fire and a list of common provided by the dark net core and the package Meza Quenzel for the migrants in Where do you my Grissom? We need to use the air, adorn ADF migrants on air Command and the specified the name to see the list off my Grace. And we need to use the A list command to the movie last my Grissom, we need to use the remote common to update the database we need to use Theodore. Dinner TF native is Ablett command, probably a database. We need to use the drop common along with those command. We can also use the command of each supported by the package manager consul for the immigration which include the at my Grayson, a breaded of his Andy. A drop did Abi's. Not that we need to specify the context name if there are the in multiple contexts are exist in the project. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching her when he's do. 19. Seed Data: Hello, guys in process and we will see how to see the database With the ism data, we will dump some dummy data into the or database. Let's reach through the visit studio. I'm going to create a new class named here to be niece ELISA within the data folder, Baby initial ELISA within that, create a new and create a new public static award. Initialize I met her here. The name of the class India mentor Actuals by me. You can choose the any other name. It is not compulsory to use that this mental will perform the or pressure in India database is created. So when you to ride the this matter were received the context in the perimeters. All right, the library context going back. This went available from workers on leave for the deliveries is the critics over NATO. But the context door database door in Seo created. We need to inside the EU today into the day. Well, if dear table is empty, If they were already held the editor, then we does not need to add the arena. So I'm going toe idea Eve Context Door author Lord any and use the and operator we need to check that deal. What? Everybody is not going to India. Any data that we are going toe create the list? I am already created the A list of the author. When you doing 40 Your name space and we need toe Airtours leased to the O. R. Water for that. Right, dear drains matter and because of the year, lift off the orders. And also we need to see the changes. Like the author, we also need to perform the or prison for the yearbook. So when you do check that ive context door book, any bruh is the A list of deer book and creating a context Lord book door drains and deposit The year Hey, that is the books on and called the See You changes. Met her. We need to go do these, mentor or dramatically Avandia replicas and start. Therefore, I am going to call these metal from the configure matter of the startup. So open the start of Dorsey s file and comment is and my grace and Lane right, the baby initialize er door in his allies and passed the conduct that we got in the a perimeter and a semicolon it, see you all fire. And now let's see the Richard it I contend India. Or did the rest for ideas? Illiquidity. You can see that they are. Database does not contain India. Any day in the boat, they were her and the project lessons to the studio and fire these look ready again. You can see that it includes year three or 32 the A three book did is that we are created in the list. Let's see what we're learning this season, Really To call the year to be in its allies er from the start of Dorsey s file and passed the year context for performing the over is in on it. India to be niece ELISA react clear of the one ST ick method named the any slice which take the context as a perimeter that is, we will perform the operas and FDA table are created, and also we expect that the table are empty. Then we are created the list and add the A list of the entity into the war context and the sale goes changes. This technique is a known as the exiting the editor of is yeah. When he don't feel free to contact me. Things for watching Erin is the 20. Data Annotation - 1: Hello guys. Welcome to the urinate Incessant on the entry from Makoto going door to door years in this lesson will be learnt about the authorities did and what is employed by the Darknet for the any different Makoto we can use those Did I notice and 40 a valid reason or changing the Eskimo off the table Didn't know destinies Adjuster attributes I didn't know when the A property or the class level in this isn't reveal city is free England to require the Girl X Person and the arrange we will start with the England If you notice that when we are using the extreme type for the any property in the immortal, it will create a filled off the air time and worker off the Amec's, such as in the title on the description. However, in the case, old dear, they dio 20 getting days is sufficient and in the case off the this wasn't frumpy collectible beer sufficient. By using the US England head tribute, we're gonna sign the limit to the size. Let's wish to the studio open the mortal and used to year seeing Leah England, which was the presenting their different interest so we need toe import it with India Bracket renewed to Swissinfo idea Maximum length for the year. Dado I'm going to use the 20 we can also specified err message. It will be helpful if we are using the embassy pros and displayed this error message on the year Roger of You Let also said the 54 the description used the years she England maximum land to the FFT and specify the error message. We need to specify that these values for the other Mrs Seal file and Randy A project I'm going to drop the table for that opened the year Homes Last drop Accent What it is is a drop and no called the Indexes and for Korea did it again. And let's search for the Management studio on and refers to the table and ex Wendy Akula. You can see that the A title sizes Now and Worker 20 and The Description Sizes and Worker 50 Let's open the Air X and for the Our book. So call the home slash s create book in reach. I'm going to wear the ELISA book Taito for their 0123456789 and corporate is to four time. So we'd become the A 40 character and hit the enter button and at Erica while orbiting the entity. This is a girl because off the year size up, the A title is a rather than the food in the year did Elvis. Now we will see the required tribute, if you're not, is that they're here excluding the year. Those cookies, all of the Phil society in the liberal. But what if you want to make it noncallable? What is willing to use the require that we would on a property? Let's stop read first, I'm going to make the autumn me ready requires Before that tried to you. It requires and air the new mistress Syrian or run it again reflects the year. Or drop Dixon and rephrased the year. Create excellent switch to the management studio and refresh the water table expanded. So column here you can see that the military's and now not know we see the years for England and the require attribute, which I reflect on the year database schema. Now we will see the year a good or experts in and range. Both of them are only for the abilities and propose there does not change the any scheme in the year table there for the year. Religious and only entity frameworks about the abilities and already attribute but entirely from record, does not support the relatives in ways on that, however, I am suing it out to place it. Let's switch to the resist. Orio opened the yearbook mortar India title We want all over the years they're doing, said the any alphanumeric value and the underscore and not the other symbol for that. We will use the irregular experts in for right the year regular experts and attribute with India Parentis is we need to specify idea Britain here. The Britain will be the year small potatoes there, capitally toe capitals there 0 to 9 and the under school and let also said the error message for that. So the idea Adam assays equal toe. By using these regular Expressen, we will restrict one Lee enter the are funny America, will you, which may also include the underscored Now I'm going to use the year range attribute, let me use it on the air price property or write the range. Everything the apparent is, is we need to specify the A minimum and maximum will it that it can hold? Let right the 100 Goma 400 miss that were Price cannot be year exit than the A foreigner and cannot be a list and 300. Let's see what we Ellen Indecision first ofall CDO What is the Dannatt reason and then use the A string gland had tribute to change the Atlanta top gear thing. Property then used the year. Require tribute using which we can create the year non a level field and see the good or X person and the range attribute for the melodies and propose, which is not supported by the entire framework. Or how are you can use it in the year Your embassy phone Validus in. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 21. Data Annotation - 2: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year 27 of the entity from Makoto 270.0 days, every business and we are city A four different. Did I notice an attribute in This isn't really continue to tease, and I see three more that that little toe which include the databases Senator Key, Andy of Foreign Key. Let's start with the aid of is under there. I'm already deleted the attendees off. The previous isn't so. You can easily focus on the new attributes. We know that the entity framework were automatically assigned here primary key and identity to the column. Which name is I D and the A Class name I D. However, in a certain case, you don't want to use the identity for that column. In that situation, data vision really at a beauty is useful. Let's open the book table. Onda used the year de de is renovated, and already it's a new squeeze within the perimeter, winning to select from the new person in which I'm going to remove the had in today too. So we need to select the unknown. We also need to command the in its allies er that we are already in the start of broad CS file was in which we are not passing the I d. So it will gender the error. So let's run it. Let's drop the table homes less on drugs. How did it raises the leader and refresh the A career? Dixon. Let's switch to the A management studio directly. Call India Book Table, and it's like the addict Top 200. You can see that we wear now able to read it the i D. Previously we are unable to it because it was Identity Column. If you want to generate de aqui for the any feeling the a table, then we can also do it in the under different work for these women to use. The key attribute in this is, and I'm going to create a new I SBM property for the book and assigned the key for that. So your idea prop up type the A string name. I yes, be in Onda used a year key. Attribute Syria it. Let's run dropping to your table and recreate it again. Let's switch to the management studio and your friends. Theo Book table explained the A column in six, and you can see that the lesbian is a now become the primary key. However, I differently is also available in the A table, which waas and not a primary key. Let's stop it. In a bowl class, we hear the A property named the Authority, and the never gives him property. Name the water from which and the different work were. Identify the real essence it between those two tables. But what if we want to assign the a different name here for the authority in the yearbook table, for example, insured off using the authority you want to use the all tied in TT What had column It sounds funny what these name comes in the in my mind, So I am use it. Let's see the air fire. And from it it's under the error because off the home controller contains the various reference to it. I'm going toe comment all of them now on. Let's from it. Also common from the six in and return it dropped. Here they were on and recreate again on Let's Switch to the A Management Studio and refreshed the book table and explained your column six in You're not, is that it? Include the authority as well as or tied entity food. So listen to these problem is used the foreign key attribute on the interrogation of property, less risk to the Astrea and use it opened the Year book motto on the terrorism property. Winning to write Dear Foreign Key within the apparent is is winning to specify the name of their property in that class here, the diesel or threat entry. So Corbett, CNN's Randi, a project Pleasure to your table and created again and open the eminence menstrual. You reflects the columns you can see there. Now there is only or tied NTD food, which is a foreign key. Now let's see what we Ellen in this season. The division returned Attribute can be used to disable the additive for primarily in a table. We need to select the unknown from the enumeration key Attribute. Easy used to tendered the key on that they will foreign your lowers to use the A different name from the panicky that exist in the year reference table, reading the addresses in which we need toe right. The name of the column. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching have energy 22. Modify Column name & type: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year 21st s and up the ante Chamber Co 2.0, Warriors in this is and we will see how to use the a different name and did it for the column in India. They were by using the entity framework for this, I'm going to use the attributes. Second, we need to use the column in. And he added, I bet tribute. Let's switch to the reserve studio. I am adding the A one more property India book model name published on Well, which is a type off the time and probably Sohn Syria it and let's right, let's drop to your table and create do it again on Sweet Strong Management Studio reflects the columns. You can see that it included the public's on and ritually that I visited Time to, however, he had just interested to store the only date we are not interested toes toward the time. Instead, off using the effortless on name, I'm going to use the published date me for that column, so lessors to the studio struck the project and used the core Lemann attribute and its name space within the apparent his is specified the name here. I'm going toe use thier published debt. So our idea published bit and for changing the editor if we need to use the did. A type attribute within, the apparent is is we need to select from that in numerous in from these animals, and we can choose the any value. But I'm going to select the date Syria and let's friend again drop the table and recreate them again and reflects the columns. Here you can see that the new full name is published. Date in showed up the police on, However, the it said it, I visited timeto instead of the date. I don't know what happening here, but it's sort of be a date only because we have selected the date from the numerous in. Maybe it was the bugging. The co 2.0 preview. Let's see what we are learning this season. To use the A different column name from the Immortals property. We can use the column in a tribute and pause the game that we want to use to use the different data die for that column. We need to use the data type attribute and select the tribute from the available in immigration. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 23. Modify Table Name: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 20 seconds is an ob the entity Framework Court opened or tutorials. In this lesson, we will see how to use the A different name for the table. Let's wish for the resist radio. There are some situations in which you want to use a different name for the table from the baby said name, for example. There a prefer to use the A pure learning. Where did we suggest to use non pure names to solve these? We can use the table attribute in this example. I'm going to change the year book table name into the old books. We need to use the tables, attribute at the class liver, right the table and passed the name for a table I'm worried about Is the order books not dead here were placed the attributed DEA class level of the immortal. Not on the a property of deity. Be said Su Theophile Andrew India Project. Let's drop the tables first on, then recreated again Open the M management studio and refresh the tables. You can see that eating gluten here today was the first with the anymore books and the another video time, you know we have the edible with the name book, which Wasson now changed to the old books. This was the first burrito used, a different name, that is, by using the attribute under the before that is using the mortar builder for that, we need to open the context last, and we need to over ride on more than creating matter within that, we need to write the year more than builders, Lord and D D. If we are performing or present on the or told so winning toes past the or her mortal and use the table matter within that we need to specify the name that we are one to use here. I'm going to use the probably serves Mr Job the author. Let's say Theophile and Randy a project trump the table and recreate those again transfers from management studio. Rephrase the table. You can see it in should up the autres. Now we have the A public service name table. Let's see what we are learning. This lesson. The first way to use the A different name for that table is by using the everywhere attribute, which was a police on the class level of deer. Our model class and within the apparent his is willing to specify the new name. Second Way for it is using the air to table mental of the A mortar builder. Many door right, the own mother creating matter on open the entity first and used the table matter on it. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 24. ModelBuilder: Hello, guys. Welcome to the 23rd season on the Entity Framework or 2.0, Dorial lss. And we see how to use the different name for the table by using the attributes as well as the immortal breeder intersex. And we will see how to use the model builder for there to be sure, which include the required it represenative string land. Solomon did it. I bet Sacra This concept is unknown as using the flu ndp a provided by the entity framework or 2.0, let's switch to the reserve studio. I'm already deleted. The all of the attribute that we are added in the previous essence really started with the key. It was an inky we need to first off or write the a mortar builder door and free. Now I'm going to assign key on the bow Katie as well as the authority So littering the book . More do and Olivia has g function within. The apparent is I'm going to write the elaborate expression. You know, Reese was you fly the year properties on which I'm going to wear de aqui. I'm going to wear on the I d as well, lest the authority to the somebody orders. Interesting. We need to read through the property first. For that, we need already a model builder door Antley off a book door. Property within that we need toe was the 11 x person and read through the year Food Be door . I d to disobey the orders in here. Well, you we need to call the lose generate neural function. Now I'm going to make the book title noncallable for that through the entity up India property, That is Ah, do and oh is required matter for the book. I am also going to side, dear. It's a maximum Saiz. Well, that I'm going to write the model builder door entry off book and literally a property between the posy be door Tyto and cool has Mex land. And we think parentis is when you do bars the maximum late. Now I'm going to use the year 40 as excellent. Now I'm going to change the call on the name authority to the a publicity riding in the our book table for that motivator daughter ended off bull and up in the It's a property that is me says she had to be daughter my daughter I d north has calling my name in Pasay and name . I'm going to use publisher her I d Now I'm going to use the India. Did I pour that right? The more they build a door and three off book nor property and open dear be such a dad to be door publisher I am removing a publicity it so I'm going to wear it again. Throw for D Bond washing for police bone on right there. Publicis on Lord A has column type within that we need to pass the year. Did it in the single court. Not that here we are not used any numerous. And we need to buzz the data type s 40 year war native is I'm going to use the year date time to insert of the A three. Well, let's see it. Grandier project. He rather comes Last seat. So many character. Okay. He had been in to use the edible court from it. Job their tables on earth. The creative again. Let's open the A management studio and repress the tables. You can see that the name of the author Tiberi's a publisher because we are not removed his lame form, the one more degrading matter, explained the column's Rob Deer books. You can see that the idea and the society both are the primary key instead of the authority , it used the published variety as a name. Onda size off the a title reason now and work at 40. And they did it. I Bob the public's on is Ah, they came to instead of the in Burkett and the book that there is also no, no, let's see what we are learning this season in process and we are used If we one day be a provided by the end of the flame. Makoto here we are used. The has key function in which we are specified. The Olympics Russian for the setting. The index 20 a two column from the old prison or idea column Liver. We need Oh, for sure, if ordered through the property, and then call the your function. Here we are used. The evolution Richard never function to disabling the identity on the column. Cold is required function to make the inordinate level and usually has an excellent function to specify. The MX homeland for the and Workers and Jozy has common name that specify the A new name for the column. Andi has column type toe changes The column. Data type Thanks for watching. Have a nice day for making use of the key. We need to use the Heskey function for the present. For so far. We need to recruit the property and call it to create a keep. We need to use the Heskey function and passed the lumber expression to specify the anymore that keys here we have provided key on the I. D and the authority to perform the from the prison on the Solomon Level for so forming you to read through the property. And I'm quality of Johnson. We are used. The evolution treat never function to disability year at entity on the A column is required to make. The not know has Micke Slim to specify the maximum lined up that will you maximum length job. The 25. HasQueryFilter(): Hello is welcome to the 24 7 All of the entity framework Goto point or 2 to 4 years in the sex unviable city and your future added into the entity from Makoto into six. And we will use the has query Frieder as filled and, if not property function. Some situation. We wanted it through the AWS on the years. Some freedom toward the entire application. For example, when we are performing, Theus sobbed a little present in this case, we does not need toe protruding e any record where the addicted flag is the true. In the end, I replication instead off upending things, conditioning into the year. All of the equerry we can use the has query freedom. Let's wish truly a reserve for you. I am already a new the All the gingers off the previous season. Let's open your book Mortal and the Creator New property for bullion. Name is deleted, which will content a year. Truitt dear with the leader. Otherwise, it will continue your false see the A file and Randy A project, probably your table and the Creator people as a new schemer opened the management studio and reflects the tables Oh explained the elements of the book they were. You can see that it to include the is the leader. And here is the sum of the mediator for that in which to have these leader flag on. Let's executed. Let's fire this liquidity. You can see that Who has his duty plague on? Let's open to you. Read a book. Xon. Here you can see that. 1234 and five Winner Sudi a book. Dress up the air. Five books. How would pull up the frame are deleted. If the above deters wasa deleted, then Greece would not able to see read it was a sublet or the our deal it in that situation we can use the has quite a freedom matter in on Ma degree is an obvious context. Let's with should he resist video and opened the contexts he have. We need to write the mortar builder Lord and to t Wolf Book Lord has very fritter within their winning Topaz The alarm Lex person here we wanted really? All of the books was his delivery flag is false. For that, we need already be such that be dart is deleted and using a Norden operator City Fire and Run the A Project and Let's Refresh is now a real book kicks in. Here is a book with the everyone I detour on 94. We can see the only three book details. Now I'm going to open the yearbook details in which I am Pazzi Book 83 which was nor prison in the Red Book. It's so that the not found a book with the egg, you and I. D. However, it was a prison in the database. It was so the hunters because off it is deleted. Flag is on here we added to the air the definite in the date book accent as well as the ability Lexan. However, we have read the Lambrecks person at the year on more degrees and by using the has query Frida, it will apply to the all of the equerry. Do you know were created properties for the each freely in a table but of India entity framework called to it is impossible to create a variable instead of the property. You know, sir, tenses reason we are doing it for just a accessibility or beautiful. Now I'm going to create a one private She which continua is being for the yearbook. So create the year shrinking in the score I s being and the film book will not automatically create a fruitful that very well we need to specified it in the one more degrees and matter. So 12 year index, let's comment is and right Mordor, Breeder door entity off boo door property or screen reading the parent is is we need to specify the name of their property. Here I am using the IAEA's BN in the capital insured off the underscore ESPN that is their variable name Andi used Theodore. It has fitted matter. It will contain the name of the very well that is underscored. I yes, being left foot on leaders because I ISBN is the one to treat toward the application for that winning to use the has query filter. So I'm going to write the year mortar builder door entity off a book Lord has a query fielder be such it had to be doored. You can see that I s bien ese and not a cutting the year or does seducing because it was not accessible. We are created it as a poet to accept this field. We need to use the year for your property function so right. D e f drawer property Johnson off upstream with India parent it is we need to pass the year Our book insurance that is a B onda as the name of the field. As for the database, here we are used the I is being India capital. So I am copied and write it again here You to visit India value from the database and now we need to compare that value is equal to the year 123 So it will only include the book details. I ISBN number is 123 Let's sue it and we'll run the year project. I'm going to drop to your table. Onda recreated. Let fire the reliquary It does not going to India Any data on fire that Ask your statement and let again five. The SLX treatment Here I am under the again five book today, from which to book has the lesbian 123 on Let's Surround the Year relatable kicks in Holmes Lear's Read a Book one and two incident on Leo to book Did this book with the I D one and four. Let's seem to the database or late to book has the year I went to three a ISBN number. So attrition only that let's see what we're learning. This is it. In this example, we will see how toe under the air. So, Bill it however we are not. So how to set the years off the little wheel You into the database fit out the leader toward the entire application we need to use the has query freedom function we does not need to right into the role of the equity, and every framework will take care off it. We can also create a variable instead of the property India or model to represent the effort in the air table. It is a musically it for the sensitive data, but which was important in the American distance. For that, we need to use the has Phil fronts and and a specified the anymore of the available because off field accessibility is a prime wait, so we are unable to access it. Therefore, we need to use the e F door property Fenson, in which we need to pass the immortal instance and the name of the afraid that you want to excess. If you have any doubt for your freedom going, take me. Thanks for watching. How a nice day. 26. EF.CompileQuery(): hello ways. Welcome to the 25th season off the energy from record 2.0, tutorials in this s and revealing about decomp equerry. Sometimes we need to use Theis inquiry again and again. In that sense, us and entered different work will be like very again for us if there are 1000 record than we need to generate the same credit for However, we only changed the perimeter, which will impact on the performance and every framework Oto point Oprah wide away. For that, we can use the combined queries. Let's reach for the reserves for Leo I am already removed The all the chances off the A previous isn't an uncommon deity being is a laser. So when we are creating the year did a visit with our dear summed immediate I need We will create a new waxen in which we will use the A normal queries and then we will convert it to the year comeback query. Well, let's created public seeing a normal ready in which I'm going to create Indies already off book ID's 1/4 or new in door who want two and three and the creators sing Builder, in which we are going to store the hour or leader and creator for each group. Well, uh, book idee in book ID's And now we're Drew the yearbook from the database for that right? The Yearbook book, Equal Toe on Next Door Book Lord Single or D Ford. And what was the intimate X Person? Be sensitive to be daughter i d. Equally cool book I D and opt in the air book data and appended to the Russian border for that radiator door, a pen line and as the book door tighter. And at the end, just under a year leader is a stream seaweed and let certain it. Now I'm going to open the year homes less, more, more ready. You can see there to treat in the affordable second book and her book, as part of the World did. That is here we are used in or mark already. And now I'm going to call pretty anti Reckson and converted to the company query already to create the compare query. We need to use the door company query and passes the yelling two X person for it. So I'm going to write where cool, Very cool toe e F door compared equity and within the perimeter. We need to pass the equity X person here. I'm going toe past the library contacts, name, context and the visa idee and pass it to context Lord Book Boat single or before everything . That was the lambrecks person. Be such a dead bee door, Heidi. Equally cool. The idea that we got in the perimeter You should off littering the air today from the context we just need to call the our caretti function within the perimeter when it opens the door Contacts and the book I d That suit here is the other compare query And here we are Call it from the for each loop. Let's sit down, eat and now opened the year Umpire Query. Excellent release, Oudea. Same output. Let's see what we Ellen Poor disagrees. Here is a normal query in which we are creating the surgery and looked through each area. And by using the single matter, we are ruing the specific book and upended Spider. Here is a compact query. Instead, off calling the single matter every time India for its roof were created outside the U Loop to create the example query, we need to use the Lord compare query and has the X person here in the X Person. I am passing the context and the i d that we are want to recruit and by using it to really true the yearbook to use the example query. We just need toe right, the name of the available here It is a quality and passed the require perimeter there. Thanks for watching her one is due. 27. EF.Function(): Hello, guys. Welcome to the 20 Success and Abdi Entity Framework or 2.0, In this isn't diversity of functions for water by the F Lord function, you have got function contain the least off aggregator function that supported by the all of database at the time off recording its support on Lydia like function me and the function will be added in the final release. Let's restrict visit studio and implementing a new except for the light Clinton Public Sing search book. These Exxon will pursue the things right as a perimeter. We returned the yearly stop book which contend the year special Victim in anywhere. Previously we are used The irrefutable reelection in reach were performed the exactly equal . And now in this case, we are real performed the like, oh person so created a string builder. Did I quarto new sing builder and career dio suitor A book called Toe on Text Door Book Lord Read be such a head The F Lord function Lord lie It takes the job Alameda the first trees mind checks person Andy another is a return So we need to pass the oversight India first parameter. I'm going to write the for Sunday's tight of seeing percent age. We also need to include the author. Abbott is We need to Look Through the H Up D, a book so used here for it book book in fitter book, and we need to use it. It ought upend line and right to you putting Does Sheen grandpas Dror book that really soon and at the end, But they done date our door to sing Let's Run it, let open the search, Look Exxon and passed the tighter equal toe The Air Book, which were it, and the three book that exist in the database. Because all book title contender Vietnam Book. Now I'm Going toe Select the Year one Lee first book, which will it in the only book which tighter contend the Air Force. Let's see what we Ellen in this is in here is X and that recruited to use the aggregate function that supported by the all of the databases. But we need to use the year dot functions. Now it's support the only like function rich. Take Theodore parameters that flushes the property and another is X Person that we are going to match things for watching. Have a nice day 28. String interpolation: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year 27 says Noor Abdi, and a different would go to a point or 2 20 years in. This isn't we will see the a string interpolation in the anti from Makoto. Many off you know it. Even we already using the old last season screening the partisan means the year writing the Elbe River India string, just like the quince adore Fright Ling. But in short, off using the a placeholder, we are writing the A variable name like this. It is a basically sees a concept, not a part of the A and E framework but as Pretty and Microsoft Document is, and sharing in double isn't is a new concept in the entity framework or two. Maybe it wasn't or supported in the 1.0 in This is and I will create a new works in Individual will perform. The A similar functionality as a previous season means it will return the list of the book whose title contend The Year Text that via passing the equity sharing Let delegate on right Dear public stream intercooled listen damn well and because the machine dado as epitome dio could he it does seem militar NATO record on human sing builder on and create a variable name filter books, a little context door books. Not any previous ism. We are used the year for Lord functions. Now I am going to use the from Esseker and passed zero query So or selectee from SQL and a zero query for the A String Interpol. Listen, we need to read the a dollar sign before the arrival court and right the Equity Select stare from book, where they feel like buzz for delay. Percent is person days on the right, the enemy deal variable. That is the title we need to use the ECA. Liberace is to escape that variable and semicolon it and creator Luke in which we were is a the A book book from the Filter books, and we need to appended to the A data. A pen lane. I'm going to just display the year book titles, So I'm going to ride the yearbook. No, I do. And at the end of return indeed, uh, not to sing on, Let's run it. Yeah, and the core pretty exciting and open the our X in. I am past. Nothing's waited in the all of the leader. Now I'm going above the year Push. Okay. Uh, I do It returned The only first group. If I am going to write their something that does not exist, then it written in the year blank. Let's see what we're learning this season. Obviously it is anything new to make the F ring in the palace in. We need to use the collaborates is and use the dollar sign before the edible courts. It's a nothing new, but I think you need to know about it. So I am. Take it in the series. That's it. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 29. OwnOne(): Hello, guys. Welcome to the 20 it says. And on the entry to framework or two point or total years in Texas and we will see the over 11 method was added into the 100 of timber quarto. Do you now for this book we have only one order entry and which was a showing the different table. In short of these, now we want where the toward her entries and the both of them will be a straw into the book table itself. How are we want to use the A different mortar for the water and the book? India's is upside In that case, on when my 30 is a useful let's switch to the visit for you I am making the air some changes in the air both half mortar after this is in every land with your syringes, pressure for switch to the water and we want the, uh, book reference and open the in, which removed the authority and a career dear to coffee off. The year never gets no property one and two. We was off for years. Remove the authority it which ended the year some matter, so we need to comment in the home controller Sandro Casey, also commending the We sell a Zero and Frontiere solution going to drub Dear people's and again create Let's switch to the Management studio and really flows three year table here. You can see that the gender of the year two tables Let's idiot parliaments off the author hitting Lord the three feels and let's see the columns of the book reaching Glued. The Year six. It has the author one authority and ordered water I D. How well we are interested to store the everything into the HS one table. For that, we need to use the 11 matter. Let's switch to the estudio Stop the A project opened The context in the own model creates and matter. We need to write the immortal builder door entity off Book 11 Be such a debt me dot Aurthur one. And we also need to specify for the order to Let's run it. And now I'm going to drop the existing table. People are the leader and re cleared those tables. Let's wish through the air management studio really first year tables it was generated. Three Table, quarter one and orderto Let's see the parliaments book they were contends only four fields . Let's open the water. One columns. It contained the three food. Now it include the book I D. And same for the order tour. Yes, but the Microsoft documented and the columns will be India One day were I don't know what happening here. Okay, I will submit these. You want to get up and update the a video? If I go DNE So listen, let's see what we are learning to citizen only one property large to use the different mortar for the same table. Here we are making some changes in the war classes from both hope dear Classes were removed the authority and in the case off the water. We are also remove the and navigation property and India Book We yard at the tour 30 day. So create here. You'll never gets known property in the own mortar creating matter We need to write the born When my and Ravinia do Pozzi Lambrecks was interpreting it. Thanks for watching 30. Concurrency: Hello, guys. Welcome to the year 20. An incessant off the end of time work or 2.0 Doria Indecision. We will learn how to under the A concurrency is in the end of the from Makoto concurrency conflict a girl when one uses in the value of the entity before receiving meet another use awas modified and the GSM entity. If you are not, enable you Dixon on this as a complete than the data visible contend the only or write it will you entity framework support the optimistic concurrency by the fold in the optimistic concurrency entry from books of the year. If the editor with India redoubles has a Norton since the entity was loaded, If it did remind that the data has ashamed indeed be concurrency. Exception is the throne and you must need toe handle it before bottoming toe. Save it again. Let's switch to the resist area and and assured the concept of deacon currency. I'm going to create a new X in public's freeing. Perform, conquer and see and the creator Fry, catch block X Well done. Yes, door message Really quiet to different contexts Fords and reading the again currency. The first will be a global context that was available, and we need to create the end of the context for that. We require the option for perimeter. So I'm opening the option. We're hopes and the acquittal. New baby context Robson Wilder Door Use sq Sudden was go Wolfson Within that might have we need to Bosnia Connection String for that opening The upsetting Jordan Chase and Fight and Corporate EEA connects and free and I'm positing through the year matter after seeing the ups and green integrator context for that Tried the library Contexts Contacts New It called Toe New Lavery Contexts which dig de Upson So Buzz Theo Person appropriating gate I'm going to rip through the year book. Be one quartile context. Dordt moved or find Idea 81 and make the Agent is in the any property. I'm going toe under the title tighter using context to one, and I walked in the book we to from the context New Nordwall door fine and other through the same book. So I am passing the year one and did to you tighter for that book toe right there using the context or and now I'm going to change the context. North Sea changes and then I'm good was in the context. New Lord suit tinges and does it done? Sayings of the boat here is a rather coming here when you trespass. If idea or context type, that is, Ah, library context. Syria it and on the project, let's switch to the A management studio on the truth. The data Lydia DWS Andr three Equity Here Book with the idea. One contend year tied her first book, and now we will opened the from concurrency. Excellent for that Freud Holmes lists for form concurrency record the A Change Boat and no again for ideas. Liquidy. You can see that it returned the title with dear context tool. However, by using the context one of the year, change it to the year after losing the EC Want X one. After those sending were changed, the yearbook toe state was a success, and it does not generate the any exception. This is known as the concurrency. Here. It's sort of 100. The accepts and however it does not generate so anybody concurrency When you do perform dear some changes. We need to wear the tracking parliament here table which is a used to determine when the Arroyo is a change. Any different will use this column in the over close to perform the village and the update command. If the value in the year dragging column is a different than original, will you? Then the bread and the little present will not perform because anti different work will be unable to find the road, which has the argument writing, Will you? Let's switch to the book Mortal Heard of the Year Property Off by Eddie the D A name Brutal wasn and he used the year time stem had rebuilt. This time, Stember Traverse was right that the idea that I poured that food will be year time stream After creating the A pro body, we need to tell the entity playbook that used this column for the year. Fracking. For this, we need to open the context within the own water creating matter when you do right. Mortar builder Dort Entity off book Lord Property. Be such a dad to be Daut rule worsen Thought is a concurrency token. Now in two different work will handle the year concurrency. Let's see wheat and run the project. I'm going to drop to your table forms less sure Onda created again. Unless reflects the tables and explain the book columns, you can see that it include the new column. Rewards in time stream, anti over Table does not condemn the any data, so I'm going to wear the some deter Select the Territory Esteem as a database and for the execute on again for the Selectmen now read include the ISM data. Um no. Open the performer Concurrency. Excellent. You can see that it returned the A message did always office and expected to effect the A one dro but actually affected. The zero reader may have been modified detectors since, and it is well lower. This was the experts and message. Let's fire the s a liquid again. You can see that dear book title is And now that they're losing the context one. This exception is a generator. When we called the context new door searching this method because in the over condition it will include the aero worsen because off this, searching this matter it's really was a chance. And it does not effect be any rules. So we are handled the air concurrency by using the entry from book Let's see what we're learning decision for so far we need to create a tracking column top tier type by dairy which represent the year time stamping the rate of is and in from the entry from but that the these columns would be used as the concurrency tool. For this we need to use the is concurrency talk and matter for making the concurrency. We need to use the two different context to create a new contacts that we need the option appropriating their contacts when you drew the true any book detail. Here I am used to define matter and passed the I D to read through the air book after retrieving book changed the any property. Here I am changed the book data and operate. I am retrieving the same book with the different context and again changed the same property and called the issue Changes met her if he had removed the hero was, um from the mortar and is concurrency talking from the context than any framework will not handle the currency and does not gender the any exception it will override with the last value. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day 31. Manage Transactions: colorize. Welcome to the attorney says on off the end of different Makoto Ono tutorials in this s and we will see how to handle year transits and manually in and the different Makoto. Any different work by default support their transits and all the changes will sail and we are calling the sl changes And the surgeons is, I think, made her it will already all of the changes in the AWS or make it unchained if any era car before behavior is a sufficient for most of the scenario. But if you still want to implement, then you can use the contextual data. Busy pay for that. Let's reshoot resist radio and create a new waxen for that oblique strain a form Times six and created Frank Edge Look X Is it done next door a message and the creator using block using and oh too true the Trans Acheson from the year on Text door databases not begin clans Dixon, I'm going to add new booted in India Databases for that context door boo door air Create a new book with the year tighter Franz One 0 34 to 1 This CRIF son you call it for a fool using Klein, Isaacson and the price will be 20. And so those changes by CEO changes made her call people. It'll flame, and she's the data as well as authority and the description tool and also prize for move and now commit those changes by calling her transit signed or commitment her. What we've done Franz six on concluded a year ago because off we are used the or turning set up the authority, they're sending the wood. So fire and Runde of a project, Let's Studio and a poor deity burger before that, in the second book on the corporate E X and name on opening, you can see that the Facebook did there, Waas added, and 10 via city, our contacts so it would be added into the databases. Let's switch to the management studio and the fire is reliquary. You can see that it does not include any book to tentatively. Now you Andrea quality assailed. Changes matter. It is because off were created, the year transits in here it is on the air. Continue on and fire India's liquidy. You can see that both walk two years are entered into the database. Those did our store when we are called the year transits and dot commitment her, like coming to. We can also use the matter of deer transits into such as a rollback and any other. Well, I see what we're learning this season. To distribute transition, we need to call the year, begin forensics and matter off the d. W P A. And for committed, willing to use the commit matter. I don't prefer to use the year Transit ST is very used. The report behavior that provided by the entity symbol. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. 32. Manage Logs: Hello guys working with the A 31 says a knob, the entry from Morocco to point out to 20 years in the sense and we will see how to log P SQL Query that executed Abidi and it, if limber, kowtow and the different liquids and 20 IQ ready or the common for each reader bizarre person using the alone we can see Vigia Square Query is originally file on. The rate of is, after all, all the data is well understood. The SQL Queries. In development, you can use the Esseker profiler to CD a particular query. But what if you want to reflect the all of the equerry after the year development? Then we need to use the year longer that provided by the entity from Makoto that's rich to reserve todo and open the start of Garcia's file. If you see out Daddy configure matter very. Take the year four parameters. Initially it has theater parameter, and then we added two more Karam attainable previous season. We're used the context but not used. The log affect a deal no to anybody lock future. We need to setting up the air longer factory before these we need to create a new class that inherit from the eye longer provider. I will not create it. Plus, my Lord, er Freud of that will implement the I bugger provider and implement its both matter creator . One more play with grass within debt. All right, us. My longer that will inherit from the year Hi longer and implement. It's all matter Make it prior eight. In easy animal matter, we need to read under your true in begin scope Really to read And do you know in creative argument, Rob Dear Milo provider. We need toe return. New instance off the year. My longer let's remove the atrocious treatment from the goddess pose. These log batteries are one of the most important matter for that. No, maybe logged year did into the A file or on a console for testing. I am so India, both of them for five minutes or idea fly and important news is that is a system Not I'll fire dog, upend all lanes and cause the fire, but very want to store. I'm going to store it on Ah bro with dear name logged or txt and it's content will be come from the for mater and it take the open Almeida. The first will be estate. And yes, I gonna be to be the exception here. The formularies a come from the Obama job, the lock list as well as the estate and the exception are also coming from the pyramidal deal. Augment her. Let's write on the console for that. We need to use the year consular Dordt right lane in the same used the for motor function and pause the year state and the exception That's it. A procreating thes for water. We need to bind it with the year longer factory. For that open dear configure met her and right logger factory Daut for a wider and as the Houston solved the year new, my longer breuder door and semi colon tear those changes and to run the A project in ST or be using the IAEA's experts, I'm going to use the year your first form. That problem. If you don't buy the idea, yes, then it does not. So the quants, or when we're select the project him from that problem list, then it will open the consul so we can see the what we are right on the council and let's run it here. You can see that the cancer was open and of a page was also I'm going to retrieve the early stop books for that used the available kicks in here. We got there to book their on and let City Council you're are the laws that region by 80 hour longer. And here is equity that we are used. Let's open the my computer open the clo on the open the log dot txt You can see that it contained the same data that we are right on the year concert. Let's see what we're learning This is in here is a longer provided that were created in the create longer. We need to return the year longer class that were created in this force matter. We are doing nothing and to create a new class direction from the eye longer in easy neighbor might have. We are returning the rule in the begins cope matter. We are returning the another law that is a one of the most important matter in which we years say the log data in the file by using the Fire Lord Open lane and it's played on a council by using the concert or red line he have former state and accepts in All of them are coming as a perimeter for the A log made her after creating the a custom local. Whether we need to tell the I longer factory that we are created the log a provider and use it for that, we need to use the provider method and past the eastern solve the provided that were created. Thanks for watching how Wednesday. 33. Conclusion: Okay, So Congress, on making end up courts, I hope you are able to fall along with the all of the examples and yes, s. And and now you will be able to use the entity from Makoto Point or in your applications. I will upload the entire So listen, which we are created for the city's own get up. So if you are struck anywhere and unable to solve it, then it will be helpful to you. You can revise what we are learning toward the cities in the a few minute in the cities, I was cover all of the concept of the anti flame record 2.0, that required by the end you is. And through all of this is I am just used the simple way to perform the year or person. I hope you will be used the entry framework or two point through concept with the your application with the S um everyone's future Saab. The yes, we don't need embassy and I am also covered only useful. Did entities in India fluent g p A. You can also try the other available matters and the attributes. You can also visit the Microsoft's officer document is, and for the entity framework or 2.0 think is already are touching the description. I just one last opportunity you to say that if you have any question and feedback regarding Toby Accords, what if you want to go, that's with me. Why male? Or you can also post your query in a question as a sex and audio comments. So thanks again for taking the course and Bishop, look for using the added if you Makoto point over tea or replication. 34. Bonus Lecture: hello ways. This is a bonus lecture here. I will provide the SM discount open for the my courses. I am already created three cities on the U To me, one of them is on the Jason, in which you can learn about the descended. I planned the edges and schemer. Another courses on the Yes. We don't have a baby p a two in which you can learn how to create the baby Bs by using the adult, not from book another courses on the code A world in which you can learn about the Apache Cordova or for creating the hybrid mobile application that confront on the android windows and the IOS. All three courses are available for such kind dollar. You just need to use the bonus Copan. You can also follow a water channel on the you do in which we are applauded The one course that is on the rise or we went ing which is used to create the every pisses in the s. We don't not embassy application. That is absolutely plea. You can also read in my blood which cover the years some technical push and also follow on Facebook to get the new copans about the year my new courses Thank you